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Batman V Superman Decoded

Batman V Superman

Notice its not written Batman VERSUS Superman because V is 22 the Master Builder number. So they purposely put 22 between them. (22 days between them as WELL.) Batman is 33 in numerology, so tied to the Masons. BAT’s digital root is 5 and SUPER’s digital root is 7. Five is the number of the Pentagram- the five elements. Seven is the divine number the Heaven (3) and Earth (4) connection. Batman is BAD man, Baphomet Man. A bat sucks blood. He is a vampire. He represents matter and man. Superman represents the HU-Man connection. Our connection with source. Our divine connection. One is ascending and one is descending. One we follow up the ladder. One we follow down the ladder.

DAWN of JUSTICE is 6, 66 and 6….. a new day a new dawn and I’m feeling good…. Six Feet Under…. giving energy to Lucifer, heading down the ladder.

And “Justice” as opposed to “Mercy“, the two pillars…. Boaz as opposed to Jachin… Boaz~ AB OZ…left hand pillar… Severity… Boaz- Batman….

Notice in the picture too that Batman sees with his left eye and Superman sees with his right. Batman is in Black and White (masonic colors) while Superman is in color (like the rainbow).


Notice Warner Brothers has a logo with autumn leaves falling…. the fallen ones… fall…. in the fall….


As does DC Comics….DC is District of Colombia… and Colombia is another name for Isis… or Lilith. The District of Colombia, separate from the US, just like The City of London is separate from the UK and just like Vatican City is separate from Italy. Temporal, Financial and Spiritual power, controlled by the three sovereign States.


“There was a time ABOVE. The time before. There were PERFECT things. DIAMOND absolutes. Things FALL. Things on Earth. And the FALLS. Has FALLEN.” ~ Batman

Lucifer was perfect. He was God’s archangel in Heaven, in the Above, in the time Before. He is represented by the Diamond, the jewel (Jew-El), falling from the sky. The “stars” in Hollywood represent his minions, “falling” with him. Things FALL, the Fallen Ones Fall. And when do they fall? In the Fall of course.

Notice the two diamonds on the back of the coffin.


They are being taken to the Crypt. Krypton. One Crypt on the Earth. One “Krypt on” the Sky.


Excaliber, the sword of King Arthur. He who draws the sword is the legitimate heir of the realm. Notice the N above it in lights. N is five in numerology. Five is associated with Batman. They are giving energy to Batman to become this heir over Superman. N surrounded by lights that look like diamonds….and in a square…the square represents Man or Earth. There is a G on the street pole- representing the Mason’s.


The Sword in the Stone. S- word versus S-tone….The Sword is Superman. If we look to John 1:1,  “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God“. The phrase “the Word” is widely interpreted as referring to Jesus, as indicated in other verses later in the same chapter.

Jesus is King Arthur is Superman.


And the S-tone is Batman, the Tower of Babel, the Tower of Baal, the Tower of Baalman, Batman… “La Tour de Babel” it says…


Here they make a point of showing Bruce Wayne falling down. Showing us he is the Fallen One- Lucifer. He FALLS down in the leaves in the FALL.


And then the world turns UPSIDE DOWN. An inverse world. Just like Crowley taught. To do everything in the opposite to God- in opposition to Him. Like a BAT hangs…upside down.


A popular series came out recently on Netflix called Stranger Things, and in it, the Upside Down. The world was the same but inverted.


Are we in Hell? Or are they making our world “Hell on Earth”? Bruce Wayne said, “THINGS fall. THINGS on Earth.” Stranger Things?


To make sure we see the connection they even have Bruce fall into a pit. He FALLS into the ABYSS. Notice his hands. He is doing the Baphomet- as above, so below.


A robber approaches his family and kills Bruce’s parents. The pearls Fall… the Pearl of Great Price….


Gotham City and the gutter below… Gotham~ Goat Hamlet…. where the goats live… sheep go to Heaven and goats go to Hell…


Notice Bruce’s right eye is darkened… foreshadowing his path… following the moon eye…


In the pit, the bats pick up Bruce. He rises from the pit. “In the dream they took me to the light, a beautiful lie.” ~ says Bruce.


Metropolis- Mankind is introduced to the Superman. Notice the writing is over a WHITE background, symbolizing day time- sun time, as opposed to night time- moon time.


We meet Superman flying in the sky saving humanity against an evil doer, General Zod.

Notice the phallic symbols of the I and O. Their “G” or generative principle.


Dr. Pepper is 777 code. Each P represents 7 in numerology. The Process Church worships Jehovah, Satan and above all Lucifer. Crowley used the 777 code. And it’s encoded in Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Pepper as opposed to Salt. Batman would be “Pepper”- black and Superman would be “Salt”- white.


The buildings being hit and coming down remind me of the 9/11 event. Like they want us to associate 9/11 here. Remember that 9/11 is the number for Earth. The war going on right now is over the Earth. 9 = I and 11= K, IK~KI, Ki is the Sumerian word for Earth. Notice the attack is coming from the Left.


Batman shares his displeasure with Alfred. “We were always criminals. Nothing’s changed.”

Alfred retorts, “No sir. Everything’s changed. A man FALLS from the sky and GODS wield thunderbolts. Innocence dies. That’s how it starts. The feeling. The rage. The feeling of powerlessness. It turns good men CRUEL.”


Notice we now go to 18 months later. Eighteen is code for 666.


The Kryptonian ship crashed into the Indian Ocean. India is an anagram for Diana. In it, they find the one thing that can harm Superman- kryptonite.


Lois Lane follows a story that leads her to the desert where she gets into some trouble. She represents the divine feminine energy- the loving, caring, mothering energy. The good feminine energy that is being taken over by the negative feminine represented by Lilith.


And is rescued by Superman. Superman is the Protector. Superman is the Alpha male- the divine masculine energy. Which is being usurped as well. Men are being feminized. Then there is no one to protect the family.


“No MERCY in the villages. He won’t answer to you. He answers to no one. I think even to GOD.” But is that the truth? Or is she getting paid to act out a story. Like we see so much being played out today.


Metropolis again blowing out Gotham City, but not for long. Notice the Masonic black and white checkerboard.


GCPD is 777 code; just like we saw in the Dr. Pepper billboard. And 224… this is a combination of 22 for Master Builder and 24 for Jupiter, the energy they are trying to usurp. Also you have 44 as in Colt 44, a favorite weapon of the Satanists. Twenty-two caliber slugs used in Colt 44’s. Look at the guns used in the Son of Sam killings, also look to the bullets used in most of the so called “serial” killings. Gun of choice, bullet of choice of the Satanists.


“The End is Nigh” it says on the billboard. With the one eye symbolism. Showing the left eye, the moon eye. Ace… as in Ace of Spades, death suit. The end is NIGHT.


“It saved us”, says the girl. “A DEVIL.” – referring to Batman.


Batman like on a cross. Police shoots by him says, “Christ!” But Batman is in the dark, in black, in the corner, so an inversion of Christ.


Then he says, “Jesus Christ, he branded him.”

So he bares the MARK. The MARK of Batman of Baphomet. Revelation 13:17 “So that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.”


Notice Anatoli has the 224 code, that we mentioned on the cop car, in his birthday. And the MM is code for 33.


Red Tulip (similar to the Red Rose) she is holding in her RIGHT hand. She is “of the right”, like Superman. She has RED hair- RED is of the right.  Lois LANE has the same last name as the actress playing Superman’s mom, Diane LANE. So it shows the connection between Superman’s mom and his girlfriend. They are both of the right.

“I don’t know if it’s possible for you to love me and be you.” ~ says Lois Lane


Notice that Bruce Wayne is from money. Moon Eye. He owns Wayne Industries- a billionaire with opulent wealth. His family made their fortune through Railroad, Real Estate and Oil. Similar to the ROCKefellars.  (He is of matter).

Superman on the other hand is raised on a farm. He is a farmer- like Cain. Cain is an anagram for Anci or Enki. Abel is an anagram for Bael or Baal which is Enlil. Enki is Ki, the Christ energy, whereas Enlil is Lil as in Lilith or the Lucifer energy. Superman is a humble reporter, he has no wealth.  (He is of spirit).


Lex Luthor- The LL equals 33 code. And notice it is written Upside Down on the court or inverted. Lex is wearing a Monkey (moon key) on his shirt.


Notice his hand in the Masonic “M” position. The Moonkey is pushing a detonator- foreshadowing the event at the Capitol.


So the junior senator from Kentucky, June Finch, pays a visit to Lex Luthor. Notice how her name is similar to the lawyer in To Kill a Mockingbird.


Atticus Finch served as a moral hero for many readers and as a model of integrity for lawyers. So she is of upstanding character. We will see where that leads her soon. A warning to other members of Congress not to take the moral ground perhaps?

To Kill a Mockingbird (1962). Courtroom drama film in which Atticus Finch, a lawyer in the Depression-era South, defends a black man against an undeserved rape charge. Stars: Gregory Peck. (Photo by: Universal History Archive/UIG via Getty images)

She asks Lex if this is regarding homeland security, where he replies, “Um no, planetary security.” Homeland security was first thought up by the Nazis. And the Nazis are tied to Project Paperclip where they came over and were given jobs with NASA. So now they are pushing “planetary security”. A natural extension. They go big. Notice NASA’s symbol is an anagram for Satan. NASA with the T (or tongue of the snake, going through it.)


Lex mentions, “Emerald City lying on the bottom of the Indian Ocean. Rocky is radioactive.”

Emerald City refers to the Wizard of Oz- him being the Wizard, the Witch. And Wizard of Oz was a type of programming done in the MK Ultra project.

And we can’t fail to notice that the “city” looks similar to the hexagonal shaped fibers in the Devil’s Tower from the No Forests on Flat Earth video that came out lately.

“Rocky is radioactive” is in reference to Stone. As in the Sword versus the Stone. The Stone is against the Sword and so it is radioactive. RADIO active- radio as in S-tone.


He also mentions the Metahuman movement (which is just code for Transhumanist movement) and says, “Don’t have to FORCE kindness from Monsters.” Notice that “monsters” is the word for man. So he is telling us that he is one of the “chosen ones” and we are the Goyim- the monsters.

FORCE of WILL is a theme we will see repeated in a moment.

Notice Lex is doing another M hand sign, in case you missed the previous one.


Here we have our Shady politician making back door deals with the enemy of the people. Notice the same colors and pattern in the Senator’s shirt and tie as the LexCorp logo behind him. Lex puts a sweet in his mouth. The Senator doesn’t want to take it, but he does. This “mouth” symbolism is code for sodomy. He’ll “take it” to get ahead.


The news comes on telling us, “Is this the end of the love affair with the man in sky?” Because that is exactly what THEY want. They want us to turn away from God. Turns towards base matter. Forsake Him.


A second meeting with Lex, where he points out, “That should be UPSIDE DOWN but we know better don’t we? Devils don’t come from Hell beneath us. They come from the sky.”

Well, that would be Lex’s point of view right? A complete inversion. THEY come from below.


Bruce Wayne gets invited to a party at Lex Luthor’s mansion. Notice the Parthanon in the background- the temple associated with the Goddess Athena in Greek, that later was also associated with the Roman Goddess Diana- Isis. Notice the Roman laurel leaves around the same building in the logo. Diana is associated with the Moon. And the Roman Empire is still in charge.


Luthor makes a speech saying, “War between God and Man. Prometheus went with us and he ruined Zeus’ plan to destroy mankind. And with that he was given a thunderbolt. That seems unfair!” Prometheus would be Lucifer here. Again showing Luthor’s allegiance.

Notice Lu-thor is similar to Lu-ci-for.

“Having knowledge and no power that is paradoxical.” Because they have the hidden knowledge, but they want the supreme power to go with it. Notice Lex is doing the “hidden hand”.


“I’ve seen it Mr. Wayne. He thinks he’s ABOVE THE LAW.” ~says Clark Kent.

Like in the Kingsman, where this secret group see themselves above and outside of the law. They take the law into their own hands. So a form of Moral Relativism, which is the philosophy of the  the Kingsman. It is also the philosophy of the Satanists. Look to Michael Aquino’s book MindWars for more on this.


“We have a bad history of freaks dressed like clowns.” ~ retorts Bruce Wayne So this is a tarot card reference. Jesus is the Fool in the Tarot deck. He is both the 22 card and the 0. It is his journey that is being portrayed. He completes his journey and then starts it all over.


So the news comes on and a girl is trapped in a burning building. Clark changes into Superman and rescues her.

A commentator says, “Ninety percent of people believe in a higher power on this planet. Have been looking for a savior. And every religion believes in some sort of messiah figure.”  And that’s exactly what the Luciferians want to destroy. People having hope. People having faith. Believing in God.


They try to make him an ordinary guy. The commentator continues, “Maybe he’s not  a devil or Jesus character but just a guy trying to do the right thing.”

Now we get the Masonic spokesperson, Neil De Grasse Tyson, giving his opinion, “A being whose existence challenges our own sense of priority in the universe. You go back to Copernicus where he restored the Sun in the center of the known universe displacing Earth. And you get to Darwin evolution and realize we’re not special- just one among other life forms. And now we find out we’re not special in the entire universe because there is SUPERMAN. He is an ALIEN among us.”

Which is all lies. Alien- A LIE IN. The Earth IS in the center of our universe. Just as the Heart~Earth is in the center of our chests. We are NOT evolved from Moon keys. We ARE special. We are sparks off of the Divine spark- off of the Prime Creator. Superman is the SON/SUN of God. He is HU-MAN, the divine-earth connection.

Notice Tyson is sitting on the left. On the side of the left hand path.


So we go from Superman rescuing people to Batman branding people and throwing them in jail.

“Perhaps most disturbing is that many of the victims receive their brands before even facing trial for their alleged crimes. Batman is acting as judge, jury and executioner and the GCPD seems to be complicit. If the Police, police equals 33, endorse masked vigilantes as our city’s WATCHMEN who watches the watchmen?” So the Watchmen are the Watchers. Notice they are connected to TIME. A watch you wear on your wrist, going round and round- a time loop. A crazy eight- an infinity sign.


Notice this guy who was branded by Batman, sees with his “right” eye. Meaning he could possibly be innocent. But because of the “mark” he is targeted and is stabbed to death.


Lois tries to get the President’s aide to understand what’s really going on. The aide replies, “Don’t invent a conspiracy theory to put back his halo or yours.” So associating Lois with the divine as well.


Batman has a dream where the Nazi’s are attacking him. Not knowing he is being MK’ed to do their bidding. Notice the winged demons.


“Jesus Alfred, count the dead! Even if there is a one percent that he is as an enemy we have to take it as an absolute certainty. He has the power to wipe out the entire human race and we have to destroy him.”

“But he is not our enemy. Not today.” ~ said Alfred.

But the seed has been planted.


Notice the 204 or 24 on the car behind the girl. The 24 is for Jupiter, Zeus, associated with Superman.


“Next time they shine a light in the sky don’t go to it. The Bat is dead. Bury it. Consider this MERCY.” ~ says Superman.

Mercy, as opposed to Justice. Mercy the right hand pillar of the Masonic lodge.

“Tell me, do you bleed?”  “You WILL.” ~ says Batman. This is foreshadowing of Batman’s FORCE of WILL.


Instead of Moses parting the seas, during the day, in Sun light, we have the waters parting and Batman going DOWN. To the Abyss. Notice the Moon light.


“They see you as a threat? I never wanted this world to have you. Be their hero, be their monument, be their angel, be everything they need. Or be none of it. You don’t owe this world a thing. You never did.” ~ cries Martha Kent.

Notice MArtha Kent, MArtha Wayne, Aunt MAy for Spiderman… the MA…. the divine feminine- the divine mother.


The Mind Kontrol of the masses is working. Kind of like now isn’t it? Turning people into Satanists without them even knowing. They get everything but the label, the actual awareness. We are IN World War 3. They do everything by the numbers. They especially like three- the holy trinity. So they always planned WW3 or 333. The big war, the war for our minds. To have us turn away from God.


Senator Finch realizes too late that Lex was playing them. Granny’s peach tea- she mentioned turning it to piss. So he did. Pissing on her.


“You flew too close to the sun!” ~ says Lex Luthor about General Zod. Or General Zed- Z the last letter in the alphabet. The Omega from the Alpha.


This is a reference to Icarus, who’s father was a Master Craftsman (or Master Mason = MM = 33) Who flew too close to the sun because of overconfidence.


It is also the tale of Lucifer, the Fallen One.


People believe the Tel-LIE-vision when it insinuates that Superman was involved in the Capitol bombing. He is exasperated.


He climbs the tallest mountain- Mount Meru- in the center of the world.


“Coming from Kansas, living on a pancake. So we come to a mountain, all downhill from here. Down to the flood plain. Down to the bottom of the world.” ~ says Father Kent.

Sounds like a Flat Earth to me.

The spirit of his father convinces Clark that because of love, the Heart, he needs to go back and fight.


“Criminals are like weeds- pull one up and another one takes its place. This is about the future of the world. It’s my legacy,” says Batman.

“So FALLS the house of Wayne,” says Alfred.


“Boy do we have problems up here. The problem of evil in the world. The problem of absolute virtue. The problem of YOU above all. Because that’s what GOD is. Horus, Apollo, Kal-El, Clark Joseph Kent. See what we call God depends upon our tribe Clark Joe. God is tribal. God takes sides. If God is all powerful than he cannot be all good. And if he is all good, then he cannot be all powerful.” ~says Lex Luthor.

So what tribe is Luthor from?

“God versus Man, Day versus Night, Son of Krypton versus Bat of Gotham.” he says. Notice Lex doing the 666 hand sign with the thumb and index finger together representing the Omega.


“The mother of a flying demon must be a witch. Punishment for witches, death by fire. Now GOD bends to MY will.” Some more inversion here. Luthor mentioned earlier Icarus, whose father was a Master CRAFTSman or a witch.

Also notice Luthor mentioning his FORCE of WILL.


“No one stays good in this world.” ~ Superman tells Lois. He must save his mother. He is being MANipulated to do harm.


He goes to fight the Bat. He tries to reason with him and explain what Luthor is making him do. But Batman won’t listen. (First through Mind.)


“Breathe it in. You are not brave. Men are brave.” ~says Batman.


“The world only makes sense if you FORCE it to.” ~says Batman. Forcing his WILL upon it. “Do as thou WILL is the whole of the law, ” as Crowley would say. Notice Superman laying like upon a cross.


Batman slashes Superman across the left cheek. This is symbolic of the Nazi’s and their ceremony of allegiance. Joseph Mengele, Otto Skorzeny and Alfred Bonner share this mark. They are putting THEIR mark on Superman through Batman.

The radioactive green is also associated with Dr. Green, the alias of Mengele. Mengele~ Mangler.

“Save MArtha!”


This is the key to break Batman out of his programming. He won’t let another MArtha die. He saves Superman’s mom. He realizes Superman is like him. He loves his mother. (Then through Heart.)


“If Man won’t kill God the Devil will do it.! ~cries Lu-thor.

A despicable criminal always has a Plan B.

“Blood of my blood. Your Dooms Day.” ~ he says, “Now God is Good as Dead.”

Dooms day ~ Moons day


Superman gets help from Batman and Wonder Woman. Notice Wonder Woman is WW or turn it once to the left and we get 33. She is an Amazon fighter. So a very masculine character. Not the divine feminine, the nurturer. They want the masculine female to rule. Notice Wonder Woman has her own movie coming out.


Superman knows he will die. He is a martyr. M-Arthur. Like King Arthur. He will sacrifice himself for humanity. Like Jesus on the cross.


He gets “speared” in the Heart.


He lies in the Hangman position of the Tarot cards.



Notice the 33 over the door…. and Harry’s Sandwich Shop, as we see it written backwards…backwards, the way of the Satanists… Sandwich Shop… SS…. Harry’s or Hitler’s SS… super soldiers, secret service, ISIS…


Connected to the Mason’s…nice checkerboard floor….


Kennedy is dead…. Killing of the King ritual…. Superman is dead…another Killing of the King ritual…


Back at Martha’s house, Lois lies in Clark’s bedroom and looks up. Jupiter is in the top center…. connecting her to Jupiter as well.


“I failed him in life. I won’t fail him in death.” ~says Batman. They want us to think that Lucifer is good now. That he saw his ways and is really here for us now. Don’t buy the lie. Along with Wonder Woman or the feminine negative the Lilith.


They show the real funeral. At the farm, with Martha and Lois, comforting each other; two that truly loved Clark.


And the fake one, for public consumption, for a world that is still in THE SYSTEM, their system. They ride between the two pillars of Freemasonry.


“Men are still good. We fight. We kill. We BETRAY one another. But we can rebuild. We can do better. We WILL.” ~ remarks Batman.

There’s that crafty word “will” again. Their system perpetuated. Did they convince you that out of the CHAOS they created that the ORDER is now better in some way? ORDO AB CHAO. Even though the same system is still in place? Well they hope they did. The audacity of hope- hope and change.

Lois places soil on Clark’s casket. The Heaven-Earth connection.


He will RISE again. The Fool coming back each time until humanity gets it RIGHT.

In dedication to my dear friend Max Spiers, who passed away July 16 of this year. May he rest in peace. Forever and Always ~ Loads of Love, Rosette


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6 responses on “Batman V Superman Decoded

  1. laura

    I’m not sure if you write like you speak, or speak like you write, but as I read your works, I hear your intonations.. it’s very pleasant. Once again, another superb go, I only hope you make tons of money for these pieces, you truly deserve it, you can see the time devoted to these are clearly exponential. You have a wonderful way of connecting the dots. I just recently watched this movie, and always loved SuperMan best, I yelled at the screen that he needs to go, that we do not deserve him, and I still feel that, we need him but we can never understand to what level and how to appropriately love him, same as our devotion to our God. I saw much symbolism in the movie, (as most anymore) and yet you were able to shine the light even brighter, Bravo Rosette.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Awe thank you Laura! I really appreciate your thoughts. I don’t make any money here. I do it to do my part in helping to wake up humanity. I’m going to do the YouTube presentation here shortly. Funny I get so many critics there. Par for the course I guess. I say “um” too much. I pause too much. They can’t understand my accent. It’s too quiet. It’s too long. Rosicrucian! ha. They tell me, “I can just fast forward it!” What the hay? Just go away then. Too funny. Anyway, I appreciate your interest and your kind words gives me encouragement to do more. <3

  2. Lidy

    Dear Rosette, I totally agree with Laura. I am learning here. Thank you for that. It is clearly that you put much effort in making your knowledge accessible in a very thorough and practicle way by decoding the story or a film. It makes your lectures very balanced.

    The people that criticize you in how you present your knowledge of the matter don’t want to make any effort or are not used anymore to put their brain to work, in fact to study. I also have to take time to comprehend what you are telling us, but that is common to the learning process. It has nothing to do with your skills or presentation, but with the complexity of the matter. Again, what I see is that you make a huge effort in explaining the symbolistic language in such a way that we can start to understand what is going on.

    So I think that you are doing a fine job. I appreciate it very much!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Thank you so much Lidy! I appreciate you taking the time to write me and share your thoughts. Yes, a lot of the info I explain in earlier decodings, so if someone went through them they would eventually get everything. People complain that my vids are too long. So imagine if I took the time to explain thoroughly each hidden image. I would be talking for hours on each movie. Instead I try to give as much as I can so people can figure it out without losing people’s interest due to the time element. I am always willing to answer questions people have if they do it in a sincere manner. I can’t handle the haters. So if you have any specific ones by all means drop me a line.
      With love, Rosette

  3. lidy

    Well Rosette, I know it’s hard. It’s my experience that you can never please the haters unless you go down down down and if that happens they look for the next victim. I suppose you can handle them by simply removing or blocking them from your youtubechannel. You really wouldn’t be the first one to do so. I know that in order to make such a presentation it requires the highest concentration.

    It’s all about motivation. I am motivated to learn. It was two years ago that I became aware of this phenomenon, but I didn’t think much about it. Then I saw a video of a man on youtube Chatzefratz, and another one 818encino, that made me think.

    Suddenly I remembered some observations that I had put aside, not knowing what to think of it. With his story I could connect some dots. And I started to look on the internet for more information. I must say one gets very dizzy with all the contradictions in the explanations. But I found several very interesting websites and youtubechannels that I appreciate because of the way the knowledge of that person is presented and shared; with integrity. I was looking for the right words. It is knowledge and integrity that I’m looking for. And I think that you have both, like the ones that I’ve mentioned above.

    So Rosette, keep your spirit high, so do I
    Lidy 🙂

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      You are so kind. Thank you Lidy.
      Yes I agree on Chatzefratz. I am familiar with his work in exposing the Knights Templar in Switzerland and their connection to the Nazi’s. He does a great job.
      I’ll be adding another article and youtube presentation soon. This one on Donnie Darko. Funny how each one I do has connections to the previous one. I feel like I am being guided to watch them in this particular order.
      Take care, Rosette <3

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