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Wayward Pines Decoded

For starters this show is brought to us by the FOX Network. They are the epitome of the left hand path. FOX in numerology is 666. The main director of this show is M. Night Shyamalan. His name is encoded as well. M stands for the 13 bloodline families. Night is for Luna, the left hand path, and Shyamalan has Shaman in it. So we have a Night Shaman or a Dark Magician. He’s telling us right in his name.


We have some other interesting director’s for some of the episodes as well. I’ll bring them up as we go along.

Let’s look at the meaning behind the title of the show. Wayward means difficult to control or predict; also willful, head strong, unmanageable, wild. Then we have Pines. Pines is an anagram for Penis. So the wayward one is male. Pines is also an anagram of Spine. In WayWard we have WW. This is code for 33. When you lay the two w’s on their side they look like 3’s. There are 33 vertebrae in the human spine. Through enlightenment one achieve’s the spirit energy up through the spine. Jesus was said to have completed the serpentine spiral up to the 33rd. So 33 “spine” would mean enlightenment attained. Pines is also in reference to the Pine cone, which is a symbol of the Pineal gland. This gland is thought of as a third eye and for ones that can access theirs they have heightened perception. So if we have someone who is “aware”, who taps into their extra senses and is difficult to control, we have the main character of Wayward Pines, Ethan Burke, the “Savior” of humanity. Now Ethan is a Hebrew name which means firm, strong and long-lived. We’ll get into the meaning of his last name in a bit too.

Before we move on notice the picture in the circle on the sign. Then also notice what’s in the background of the town. We’ll discuss this symbolism as we go along as well.

Episode One is called, “Where Paradise is Home.”

They want us to associate this town with Paradise, a biblical place on Earth. Special people in a special place.


The scene starts with a shot of Ethan’s right eye. It is bloodied, like he’s been through some trauma. So we have the one-eyed symbolism but he is showing the “right” eye. He follows the right hand path- right hand of God.


So Ethan stumbles up from laying down next to a creek bed in the woods. He keeps walking until he gets to the town and walks down the main street disoriented, not knowing where he is.


He knows he was in some kind of accident due to his injuries. He walks into a local coffee shop and asks the clerk where he is. She tells him, “Wayward Pines, Idaho.”


We find out that Ethan is in the Secret Service. The initials SS are associated with several intelligence agencies, all connected. We have Hitler’s Schutzstaffel (protection squadron), the British Security Service (MI5) and the MK Ultra “Super Soldier” program.


Ethan is looking for two missing agents. Bill Evans, and his partner and former lover, Kate M. Hewson. Looking at the etymology of her name we have Kate meaning “pure” and Hew meaning “heart or spirit” in Old German. So we have man, or woman in this case, of a pure heart.


Ethan flashes back to a memory at his Seattle office where he speaks to a therapist about how the Easter bombings affected him. He had the perpetrator in custody but let him go on the command of his boss. So we have “Easter” another association with Christ.


He knows there is something wrong with the town that he’s in but not sure what it is yet. He befriends the bartender at a bar he walks into. She gives him his first clue. “There are no crickets in Wayward Pines.” He looks into a bush where he hears crickets and finds the listening devices.


The bartender, named Beverly Brown (BB = 22), tells him that if he needs a place to stay he can stay at her place. She writes the address on the opposite side of the card she gives him. When he gets there he realizes it is not the address to her house.


When he goes inside he discovers Bill Evans deceased and obviously tortured.


Ethan goes to the local sheriff’s office to report the crime. Here we meet Sheriff Pope. Sheriff is “of the law” and a Pope is the highest religious authority between man and God in the Catholic church. So Sheriff Pope holds both the “temple” and “spiritual” keys. Pope doesn’t seem too concerned about what Ethan’s telling him but says he will check it out.


Episode 2 is called “Do Not Discuss Your Life Before.”

Ethan is wandering through the town looking for clues. He comes across Kate Hewson at an outdoor function. She sees him and grabs her husband telling him it’s time to go home. Ethan follows Kate to her house where they have words.


He is surprised that she appears to have aged when he only just saw her five weeks prior. She tells him it has actually been 12 years since she saw Ethan last. He is perplexed at this. She tells him to be careful about what he says because they are being watched.(Notice that Kate is wearing red and has red hair.)


So Ethan decides to try and get out of the town. He passes the sign again. Notice in the circle on the sign that the town is flat with a great wall next to it. Now notice behind the town. There is a great wall of rock and snow.


When Ethan reaches the wall there is a sign that says, “Risk of Death, Return to Wayward Pines, Beyond This Point You Will Die.” (That’s pretty direct!) However, the sign doesn’t scare Ethan.


He climbs the wall.


When he gets to the top he notices a wall encircling the town. The wall is actually an electrified fence. So the question is, is the fence to keep something out or keep something in?


And here is the view from Ethan’s vantage point. The town is flat, encircled by forest and then encircled by a great wall. Now I’m sure I’m not the only one who has the wall from Game of Thrones in their mind. That wall is supposedly to keep the night walkers out. Is there something to this or is it just a tool in the elite’s basket of fear?

game of thrones

Flat Earth symbolism seems to be coming up a lot lately. (See my articles on The Giver and Earth Decoded for more on this topic.)


So he sees he is trapped. He goes back to the bar to get the help of Beverly. They discuss how they both arrived there. Beverly says, “It didn’t take me too long to realize that FEAR keeps everyone in line here.” Beverly tells Ethan it was Sheriff Pope who killed Bill Evans.


They meet up with Kate and her husband in the street and arrange a dinner date at Kate’s.


When they walk off we get this interesting shot of the town sign. It is reflected in the water. So the sign is inverted. The blue is the water which should be above, the pine trees are upside down pyramids pointing down (so below). We have the fire above that should be under the earth and where the “earth” is we have “bines”. I see that as BINDS. The town is being bound by radiation (the green), represented by the electrified fence.

So by this point, Ethan is aware that he is trapped, surrounded by an electrified wall, monitored, and there is something weird going on with “time”.


Before they meet Kate for dinner, Beverly takes Ethan to a mausoleum in the cemetery where she helps him remove a microchip in his leg. He learns that everyone is chipped in the town to track their every move. Now we might not have microchips under OUR skin, yet we do already have them in cell phones and credit cards. It is rare to find a person that doesn’t have one or both on them at most times. So we are just as tracked as the people of Wayward Pines.

At the dinner Beverly slips up and mentions her daughter back home. One of the main rules (laws) of Wayward Pines is never to discuss your past. Since they are being monitored Beverly will be reckoned for disobeying the law. All the phones in the town ring, for the people to gather for the Reckoning.


The Reckoning is carried out by Sheriff Pope who slits Beverly’s throat.


We are then shown the “Pines” sign again. This time it is dark, reflecting the ritual blood sacrifice.

Episode 3 is called, “Our Town, Our Law.”

This next episode is directed by Zal Batmanglij. How interesting that he has BATMAN in his name. Batman has been coming up a lot. The Paris attacks happened at the BATACLAN theater. Batmanglij’s brother is in a band called Vampire Weekend. (Another bat association- vampire bats that suck blood.) And Batmanglij just recently won the GOTHAM award for break out artist at the IFP’s 22nd Annual Event for “Beasts of the Southern Winds.”


So Ethan has been trying to contact his wife Teresa and son Ben but to no avail. They were informed by Ethan’s boss that he is missing and so they decide to go looking for him.


They go to the Idaho field office where Kate was last known to work since Teresa knew that Ethan was having an affair with his partner. She looks at Ethan’s location summary while the secretary leaves her desk to ask an agent a question on her behalf.


She follows the log’s trail and learns in a convenient store that there was a recent accident close by just outside of the small town called Wayward Pines.


In the meantime, Ethan went to Beverly’s house to look for clues. He runs into a realtor getting it ready for the next occupants. The realtor tells Ethan that “every house in Wayward Pines has a state-of-the-art security system.” He then runs into Dr. Jenkins, the town psychiatrist. They strike up a conversation. Jenkins remarks, “We need someone like you in Wayward. Someone GOOD.” Ethan replies, “I can’t stay.” “Why?” says Jenkins. “Because I don’t LIVE here,” says Ethan.

Episode 4 is called “One of Our Senior Realtors Has Chosen to Retire.”

So Teresa is pulled over by Sheriff Pope while she is on her way to Wayward Pines. He cuts her brake line so she ends up crashing the car. Her and Ben next wake up in Wayward Pines Hospital. Ethan is notified and meets them.


So they end up moving into Beverly Brown’s former home since it is now vacant.


This is the painting over the bed that becomes Ben’s room. Notice the pyramid shapes of the mountain peaks and the transparent moon with the golden light. Is this an actual view from “the wall”?


Ethan and Teresa are notified that Ben is to attend the local Wayward Pines Academy. Notice the patch for the school. It is shaped in an Octagon. The octagon is the symbol used by  the authority, by such groups as the Templars, law enforcement agencies, G8 group etc. The gold and red represent the royal bloodline. The alpha and omega symbol combined, represents the G as used by the Freemasons, or the Generative Principal. Three leaves left and three leaves right, 33 and they look like sperm swimming upwards. The AB Origine is very interesting as well. (Origine is the French spelling of Origin.) Now this can either represent groups A and B that were “brought” to Wayward Pines, or it could represent blood groups A and B and AB or just the rare blood group AB. Notice too that there are two red pillars, one left and one right, or an 11. And the rim of gold could be representative also of the great wall that is enclosing their town.


Ethan goes to the sheriff’s station to talk to Sheriff Pope. Notice the checkerboard floor of the sheriff’s station. He then goes to find Kate. Ben snuck out and was following his dad and sees him talking to Kate in the woods. He goes and tells his mother who is distressed and decides to leave. Pope follows them and tries to stop them. A struggle ensues but Ethan gets there just in time to stop Pope. Ben hits Pope with the car before Pope can hurt his father. Pope is dead and dragged off by some “creature” through the fence.


Later we find out the realtor has been arrested for “insurgency”. He has written subversive graffiti on a building on the main street. It says, “In a Time of Universal Deceit, Telling The Truth is a Revolutionary Act.” This is actually a quote from George Orwell. Also, notice the black and white striped awning, representative of prison bars. Notice too the barber pole. The origin of the red and white barber pole is associated with the service of bloodletting. Notice also the ice wall in the background.


Teresa notices Kate across the street.


She crosses the street and enters the toy store to confront Kate. Kate tells her that a lot has changed, she just doesn’t know it yet. Notice Kate is wearing red again. Red is the color of the right.


Now we have Ben’s teacher Megan Fisher. We find out she was a Hypnotherapist. We learn her job is to “shape the minds” of the children. Since they are the first generation of Wayward Pines. She teaches them to set clear boundaries and that there are consequences for their behavior. Later she uses the phrase, “clear and severe” to program this into them.


Ethan in the mean time has words with Pam, who seems to play many roles in this small town. She wants Peter to be “reckoned” for his insubordination. She says they have a “three strikes” law. (Just like in California) Ethan, who was just promoted to Sheriff since Pope’s demise, insists there will be no more reckonings under his watch. (So now we find out the significance of Ethan’s last name here. Burke is synonymous with Bishop. Bishop’s are also leaders of the church. So Ethan takes over the same role as Pope had. He has the keys now.) He takes Peter to the fence in hopes of letting him escape.


Peter already knows that he can’t escape.So he sacrifices himself for Ethan. Before he runs into the fence and electrocute’s himself, he asks Ethan if he knows these words: “Before I built a wall, I’d have to know what I was walling in and walling out.” A line from a famous poem by Robert Frost.


Later Ethan climbs the rock wall to escape to Boise to get help. He uses the map that he found on Agent Evan’s body. He reaches a spot that should have a church. But when he gets there all he sees is the remains of an ancient church in the overgrowth.


Ethan realizes something is wrong. He gets his answer when he gets to the rise of the hill. Boise has been destroyed. All that remain are the ruins of the city that once was.


Episode 5 is called, “The Truth”. 

In the mean time,  from the Wiki, “Ben learns some of the truth about Wayward Pines: humans have evolved into “abbies” (aberrations), the result of a series of genetic mutations, and are now vicious carnivores who dominate a wasted Earth in the year 4028. The citizen-abductees of Wayward Pines were kept in hibernation chambers for over two thousand years before being awakened in the town, which is essentially an ark to re-introduce and protect the human race to ensure its future. Principal Fisher tells the students they cannot reveal this truth to their parents.” Notice Abbies is an anagram for Babies. So whose “babies” were these? Notice we have the opposite scenario in The Giver, where Jonas takes the baby (abby) to the wall with him to free humanity.


Megan shows the class a photo taken of an Abby. She tells them that they always travel in herds and that if you come across them, survival is impossible. That their sense of smell is one hundred times stronger than ours. That their hearing has an extended range and that they have hook like talons to tear at their prey. That their DNA is only a half a percent different from our own.


So, do we have any evidence of genetic mutation at present? Is this what they are working towards by having us ingest genetically modified food? Does it change our cell structure? Mutate us? They are mentioning like these creatures are BEYOND the wall. Is this to scare us from going TO the wall? If we look to Game of Thrones we can see they are scaring us from the wall as well. But how about in The Giver? In The Giver, going to the wall actually FREES humanity. So which is it? FEAR keeps us from the wall. Manipulation through FEAR would be the work of the left hand path. In The Giver LOVE motivates Jonas to go to the wall. LOVE is what sets humanity free. FEAR is what BINDS us.

Back to the story, Ethan gets attacked by the abbies, but he DOES survive. So Megan was wrong in saying the survivability rate is zero.


“A helicopter arrives with Dr. Jenkins, who introduces himself as David Pilcher, creator of Wayward Pines. He explains that the town is humanity’s only sanctuary.” So we have a MAN putting himself in the role of God. Saying he created this ARK and if it wasn’t for him humanity would be doomed. So who really is Pilcher? The scientist’s destroy humanity by genetic testing gone wrong, and then another scientist is said to be it’s Savior? Without the manipulation humanity would have been fine. This seems to be the ideals of the left handers- the scientific path. Man playing god in lieu of god.


Back in the classroom Megan continues with her lesson. She tells the class that they were CHOSEN to assure the survival of the human race. That a GREAT SCIENTIST foresaw the coming of the abberations and so created the ARK. His name was David Pilcher. Megan’s worship of Pilcher reminds me of Mason in the movie Snowpiercer. Mason’s dedication and devotion to Wilford, who foresaw the coming of the destruction and built the ARK called the great train. Wilford and Pilcher are the same character as is Mason and Megan. Megan tells the students, “he is always watching over you and he is your protector.”

Episode 6 is called, “Choices”. 


The Wiki summary is very succinct here so I will quote from it, “Dr. Pilcher takes Ethan to the town’s secret control center and tells him the history of Wayward Pines. In the 1990’s, Pilcher discovered the mutant gene and predicted the coming of the abbies, but the scientific community shunned him. While he was able to recruit a number of volunteers for his project, the bulk of participants were abducted. Keeping everyone in cryochambers for over 2000 years, Pilcher and his closest associates (including Pam) awakened in 4014 to find that they were the last remaining humans. The initial townspeople awakened—”Group A”—were told the truth about the world outside Wayward Pines. Unable to handle the truth, they all perished, either by suicide, violent anarchy or by escaping and falling victim to the abbies. The adults of the current “Group B” have not been told the truth, but Pilcher is aware that a secret faction are disaffected, and planning to breach the wall. Pilcher awakened Ethan to impose order on Wayward Pines. Ethan is willing, but only on his terms. Meanwhile the Ballingers are building a bomb as part of their plan to finally escape.”

“Unable to handle the truth” sounds like predictive programming to me. Didn’t we hear that line in A Few Good Men? Is humanity really that fragile? What makes some men capable of “handling it” while others will perish? “Violent anarchy” sounds like what they are setting up for us right now. With their Hegelian dialectic working on so many fronts. The more they can divide us the easier it will be to get us fighting one another and fighting our government. We see it right now with the Paris attacks, blaming it on the Muslims. We see it with the incompetence of our US government. They WANT people to be so disgusted with it that they feel they have NO OTHER CHOICE but to become anarchists. The elite are carefully STEERING humanity to exactly where they want it to go.

So we get this propaganda about a Group A who couldn’t handle the truth. We need to give our power over to the ones that can “protect” us. The ones that know what our best interests are. But do they really care about OUR best interests? When you rule through FEAR and CONTROL whose best interests are they really serving? Remember that the left hand path, the path of Crowley is love UNDER will. It is the path of ultimate control. The correct path is through love OVER will. Where truth prevails. The path of ultimate FREEDOM.


So Ethan is taken high atop the mountain to a facility within. This facility reminds me of Cheyenne Mountain, a NORAD facility. We were shown this same facility in the movie Interstellar as well. So we can see that this facility plays an active role in our current situation.


So Ben goes home from school and Teresa wants to know his thoughts. He is not supposed to tell her “the truth”. He does share some thoughts though. He says, “Remember the poster above my bed? Of the Earth. We were told there are billions and billions of people; more every day. That made me feel really small.” But it’s really NOT like that. “What we do actually DOES matter. It means something.” I think the population is much smaller then we are lead to believe. That our time here in the present really is a PRESENT. They don’t want us to know our true potential. Our potential to change this home into the paradise it should be.


Ethan remarks to Pilcher, “You really expect people to grow and thrive in a world ruled by FEAR?” Pilcher replies, “Others have always made choices for us. That’s why I woke you. They need someone GOOD. Someone to look up to. Someone that will make things better.” Ethan counters that “secrecy, public executions have to stop.” But Pilcher is concerned that if they stop he will have no means of control.


Pilcher mentions Plato’s Cave in his analogy of the weakness he sees in humanity. “They emerge from Plato’s cave into the light and it blinds them. They were too fragile.” They can only accept change gradually. These are the DARK AGES but enlightenment is coming.” 

Episode 7 is called, “Betrayal.”

(Note that is episode is directed by  Steve SHILL.)

Megan starts her next lesson with the kids. She actually encourages them to have premarital sex.  She tells them that they have the honor of parenting the first 100% originals. Notice her hand sign as she is discussing this. Whose agenda is she serving? (the 666)


Before we move on if you are not sure of whose agenda she is serving, take a look at this next shot. What do you see?


Notice the “shadow” on the steps. The lines are actually the number 777. Crowley did a whole book on this number called 777 and other Qabalistic Writings. The 7’s are in the exact style as on his book. Here’s a picture of the cover so you can decide for yourself.


Back at the toy shop Kate is talking to her husband Harold. She tells him she thinks they have some way of brainwashing people in the mountain facility.  Notice the word “aole” in the background. This is Hawaiian for “stop”. Next to it is a palm frond.


Ethan finds out about their plan to bomb their way through the gate. He confronts Kate, “I trusted you. You need to end this insanity.” She replies, “it’s not going to stop.It just begun.” She explains that their boss Agent Hassler told her that she was entering a government experiment and may be severely tested by another agent.


Episode 8 is called, “The Friendliest Place on Earth.” 

(Note that episodes 8 and 10 are directed by Tim HUNTER.)

Notice how this title is very similar to Disneyland’s motto which is, “The Happiest Place on Earth.” Notice the similarity. Same people involved?


Is this an Orwellian slip? Where peace is war and friendly is really  deadly? Well let’s take a look at how Kate is treated when she first arrives. She is locked up in an asylum setting (reprogramming center) until she “comes around” and goes with Pilcher’s program.


She doesn’t believe Pilcher when he says the town is “just a town.” “Is this social or medical? Who is behind it CIA? or government experiment?” Kate asks. She continues, “Just a town with an electrified fence? and a microchip in my leg?” Nurse Pam comes in and gives her a shot in the neck.


While Ethan has stopped Kate and company’s bomb attempt, Megan visits Ben in the hospital to do some brainwashing as well. (Ben and his girlfriend Amy were accidentally hurt when a bomb meant for the wall went off in a delivery truck that they snuck into.)

She tells Ben her mantra “clear and severe”. That letting Kate go was wrong. Look what happened because of it. Ethan needs to follow the law, clearly and severely. She tries to convince Ben of this so he will tell the other kids.


Kate now realizes the only way out is to pretend to follow Pilcher’s program. She convinces him that she sees things his way now. He seems impressed and tells her she would make a great mother. These are all flashbacks to earlier. As Pilcher stands outside her jail cell reflecting as well. She says, “What would you say? Forget the truth?” He retorts, “only a fanatic can be so callous.” She says, ” and who is the fanatic here?” He says, “We’re entering a time of war, where new rules need to be applied.” 


Episode 9 is called, “A Reckoning.”

(Note this episode is directed by NIMROD Antal.)

While Ethan works to track down the other members of Kate’s team, he has her and the others locked up at the sheriff’s office. Jason, of the first generation comes in to make sure they get reckoned.


He is completely brainwashed by his teacher Megan to follow the “clear and severe” course of action. He pulls Kate and the other members of her group from their cells and proceeds to execute them. He shoots and kills Harold. Harold mouths to Kate that he loves her in his last seconds.


A loud ringing is heard after he kills them all except for Kate. He is stopped at the last second by Ethan who shoots him in the side. The silence is deafening.


Ethan visits with Pilcher and tells him that he has now seen the light. That the only way to fix the situation is to reckon Kate. Pilcher agrees. Pilcher calls the town for the event.


Ethan pretends like he is going to cut Kate’s throat. He then stops and tells the town the real reason he called them together. He is there to tell them the TRUTH. “You’ve been lied to. About this place and how you got here. There is one man behind it all, Dr. Jenkins. His real name is David Pilcher. He created this prison you live in. He tells you what job you can do and who to marry. He uses fear and violence to control you. Because he’s afraid if you know the truth you will self destruct. You’ll turn on each other. Can’t you see that’s what already happened? The world we knew is gone. It no longer exists. You don’t have to like it but you have to accept it. This town is all that’s left.”


Episode 10 is called, “Cycle.”

Pilcher is watching and with that he turns off the power to the whole town. He turns off the power to the fence.


You can see on the monitor that the “aberrations” already know and are making a run for the town.


Pretty soon the whole town will be overrun with them. So much for the great protector. From the jail cell Jason says, “Pilcher warned us there would be a DAY of RECKONING.”


Predictive programming for a coming zombie apocalypse?


This one reminds me of Gollum in Lord of the Rings.


Ethan says, “You said this town is an ARK, one crack and we all drown. He is drowning us.”


Jason gets to the school with the other kids. He unlocks the supply area provided by Pilcher for them. “Pilcher planned for a flood like this. He left us everything we will need.”


Pilcher sees Ethan in the elevator, he tells him, “I warned you revealing the TRUTH would be the death of Wayward Pines.” (Yeah, death by Pilcher’s hand.)


So Ethan rallies the people and takes them to “plot 33”. An underground bunker with a tunnel that leads to an elevator that will take them up into the mountain. The abbies are close at their heels though and the only way to stop them and get everyone safely inside (or so Ethan thinks) is to light the bomb that he got from Kate’s members. So he sacrifices himself to save humanity.


Back inside the mountain Pam has shot and killed her brother David. She talks with Kate and they resolve to tell each other the truth from there out and to start anew. She gives Kate a tour of the cryochambers. Kate wants to know everything so she can help make it right.


Although we are not shown Jason and company breaking in, somehow they do because in the next scene we have Ben waking up 3 years and 4 months later. (34 is Christ’s number- see my Snowpiercer article for more on this.) Amy fills Ben in when he wakes up.That things are just like they were before. The adutls were put in cryo sleep. And they are being monitored again. (Notice Ben Burke, BB =22)


So who is the new Sheriff in town? It’s Jason of the first generation. Notice that he is eating an ice cream cone. Just like Sheriff Pope…


Ben is in disbelief. He walks out into the town where he sees Jason. He keeps going to the park. The innocent kids merry-go-round is juxtaposed next to the statue of David Pilcher.


Which is next to the latest victim’s of the reckonings.


“David Pilcher, our Town Visionary”, says the plaque.


And the reckonings have resumed…”do not try to leave.”

So this last episode is called “Cycle”. Are they trying to have us think that this event is one of many? That there is a constant attempt at freeing humanity but alas to no avail? This series ends with FEAR back in control, but is that really how it ends? Remember who produced this show. It was brought to us by the FOX (666) Network and directed by a dark magician. What are the chances that Ethan (long-lived) actually survives. He actually makes it up the elevator in time. That the group of adults end up rebuilding the town? That they even find a way to “cure” the abbies? If the abbies are cured there would be no need for the fence. He would FREE HUMANITY. Love would rule instead of fear. I believe this is the TRUE outcome.

Love over Will is the Whole of the Law.

With love, Rosette Delacroix


P.S. YouTube Version Attached Below.




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  1. Luke Aspen

    There’s an interesting article in USA Today covering the 2nd season of Wayward Pines. It gives a complete rundown of all the new key players since the show has already exhausted the Blake Crouch novels that inspired the 1st season. I’ve never watched this show but I do like to read about it as a way to at least stay informed. I love your decoding here and the recurring use of numbers like 33 and 34 that keep appearing in this and other shows etc.
    Also fascinating how you’re able to catch things like Dark Magician and the Pines that Binds, that’s very revealing! I’m still mulling over the other stuff we have discussed and uncovering more there so I hope to continue to share as I go, so I appreciate the connection made here!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Awesome you are checking this one out Luke!
      So much in this one. Yes I am looking forward to watching this Season and see where they go with it. I’ll have to take a look at that article and see who the new “players” are. Thanks for the heads up. Keep me posted if you find anything more interesting to share or have any questions, things to mull over. Much appreciated, Rosette.

  2. Switters

    I just finished watching season one. The feel the show had a promising start, but seemed to taper off into cliche towards the end. I will give season two a shot, perhaps it can rekindle some of the early episodes creatiVito.

    I really enjoyed your article decoding the show, and hope to read more of your work in the near future. Symbols & underlying form run deep, and you clearly are extremely knowledgeable in these fascinating areas.

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