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KFC Zinger Decoded and other Hot Potatoes

I haven’t done a commercial decoding in awhile and was thinking how I wanted to do one when, lo and behold, what pops up on my YouTube channel. A KFC commercial where they launch a Zinger in space! Ha ha. Now this relates on so many levels with my previous decodes, as well as awake topics, such as the satellite hoax, ball earth, and the Nas-hole agenda of space. It also reminded me of a particular somebody that has been the topic of discussion lately in the Flat Earth community.

Now I wouldn’t necessarily suspect any connections here between the outfit Patricia Steere picks to use as her icon picture and the one being used by KFC, if they weren’t so gosh darn similar. And if we do a look up on Patricia’s last name we get, Steer- “to guide or control the movement of.” Control the movement of. Is Patricia “steering” Flat Earth away from the truth?



And we can’t forget that a Steer is a Bull. Hats off to the Bull sings Chevelle. In homage to their god- Apis, the Bull. Notice the horns make the crescent moon and the ball is Venus. So the Steer is Lucifer.

And could KFC be a part of it? “Steering” the Flat Earth community? Well sure they can. The corporation’s are run by the elite. They see NASA needs a little help so they send in people like Steere and even a fast food franchise to help.

Notice Colonel Sanders here has his tie on. What does his tie look like? Well Pi of course. The irrational number 3.14 that the Mason’s love to use.

They say it is a number that goes to infinity.  Infinite numbers reminds me of their infinite space or how about infinite plane?

Infinite Plane Society? How about that? Could they be connected as well?

Here’s Prince William (Will I Am) with his Pi patch on. His son, Prince George, was born on Pi day, July 22 or 7/22 the closest to Pi in fractional form. Prince William was born on the Summer Solstice, by design too of course.

At the beginning of the commercial they show us what amazingly looks like Devil’s Tower. A tree- cut. But they tell us this is Northern Arizona or arZIONa.

Here the same tree, Devil’s Tower, used in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, with a UFO that looks like a giant blade sawing the tree. Is this predictive programming? Space launch and Devil’s Tower in the same commercial?

But then they show the launch is actually a balloon launch, NOT a rocket launch. They show us but don’t tell us this.

Looks like a huge light saber. Connecting KFC with Star Wars. And notice the light saber looks like it wacked the top of the tree off?

Here’s the “Zinger” getting ready for its launch. In a bucket designed eerily similar to…

R2D2 from Star Wars. And since we have at least two generations growing up on Star Wars, it enforces the “Space is Real” programming. May the Force Be with You- is what Witches say to each other. Amazing they use this same phrase in Star Wars.

Can KFC really send their Zinger Chicken Sandwich to Space? Sure. As long as they define space to be a few hundred feet into our atmosphere.

Nice pyramid shape. Why is that even necessary if a balloon will be lifting the KFC bucket? Oh we know why. Got to get a pyramid in there somewhere.

Told you so. Just did.” the commercial tells us. Really? Look at the pyramid on the left with the solar panels above it. Remember this has the balloon attached. Now look at the KFC bucket on the right. How did that bucket get free from that pyramid, with solar panels intact and “float” up there? And how is it being filmed?

Here’s the pyramid pic again. See the bucket to the right by the blue arm? None of it makes any sense.

And of course they use a nice CGI pic to enforce the Ball Earth programming.

An actor walking up to the podium about to give his speech. Just like the President, an actor walking up to the podium about to give his speech. Same roles, just different costumes.

He’s giving a Presidential speech. Here the Colonel is giving the Kennedy Speech on going into space. He says, “Not because they are easy but because they are hard.”

The space center was named after Kennedy. Kennedy is 33 in numerology.

Check out their patch here. Looks like the Space Shuttle Patch only inverted. Same coloring, same nonsense.

Here we have a gal acting like the guy in The Truman Show when Truman escapes the Stage that was his prison.

So is this a prison to them? Do they think they will succeed in escaping it?

Why is the child sad that this is happening? Oh but wait, the child is weeping from the RIGHT eye, the eye opposed to the workings of the Left Hand Path. Is she crying because Satan is victorious?

Bob Barker is on board.

Everyone is celebrating, even George Hamilton…

They have even duped down home America. The way of the gun…

NASA with the Snake Tongue, the T in Tongue is the coded letter. So we really have NASAT, which if we scramble those letters around we get Satan. And in place of the snake tongue on the KFC version we have a rocket. A rocket is an obelisk which is also symbolic of a penis. And if we scramble KFC‘s letters around we get FCK or F-ck. Notice too KFC‘s colors are Red and Black, the colors of Satan. So they are also on Team Satan.

Now notice how the KFC rocket is positioned just like Mad Mike Hughes rocket. A flying dildo in space? He is being sponsored by IPS, Jeranism and Globebusters. It just amazes me people CAN see that the KFC rocket and satellite launch is a farce, that NASA rocket launches are a farce, but CAN’T see that this rocket is a farce too? Rocket man. Ha ha. About as silly as man in a rocket. Tell me, where is this guy going to sit? With his face in the wind like on a roller coaster ride? And where does that parachute deploy from?

NASA promotes infinite space and does fake rocket launches. Are we seeing the connections yet? IPS promotes infinite plane and does fake rocket launches.

Math Powerland was a NASA employee and HE promotes infinite plane. Here’s Math doing all his masonic hand signs.


IPS used Math’s name on that Billboard news coverage. IPS promotes infinite plane, JUST LIKE MATH.

And we know the media is 100% controlled, so if IPS got on the news they WANTED him on the news.

Come on people don’t be duped by these charlatans. Why would people be donating 33 and 66 dollars towards a fake rocket launch? We know 33 is the number of the Master Mason and 66 is the Sovereign Commander. But this has nothing to do with Mason’s right?

This is from the actual GoFundMe site on the internet. Go look for yourself.

And he mentions, with pride, that he has 303 people in the chat. Well 303 is 33 again. A creative way to give a shout out to his handlers, the Masons. 303, like the room in The Matrix.

And the number IPS has people call in on has 666 in it. Now if you knew the significance of 666, which most awake people do, would you carelessly use it in your call in number?

And Penguins is an anagram for Penis Guns. Here he has two penguins with guns.

Like Girl is a Gun, Steere’s clothing store. What is Gun? An anagram for G-nu, G for the Masonic god also known as Anu. So G-nu is Anu. Add and “S” and you have? Anus. Anu is the god of the Anus. Which is Satan’s realm. And Miss Steere is wearing red and black here, as is her logo, as is Jackie O, Kennedy’s wife. “Not because they are easy but because they are hard.” So Miss Steere has  Masonic symbolism on her wall.

Just like she does here. With The Smith’s behind her. The Smith’s are the Blacksmith’s like Tubal Cain. The one worshiped by the Masons. Stone Masons and Blacksmiths.

Like the Agent Smith’s in The Matrix.

Zinger One Space Mission.

If we look up Zinger, as in KFC‘s new sandwich, we find in the Urban Dictionary that it means “to make love to an electrical outlet.” Which is a symbolic way of saying sodomy. Since this area is where you activate the pineal gland through shock. Anu, anus…

Now KFC is synonymous with Colonel Sanders of course. Ever wonder why a Colonel sells chicken? Me too. Colon El would be another name for Anu(s) He is the god of the Colon. And who are other famous Colon-els?

Well we have Charles Manson’s dad who his mother referred to him as Colonel Scott. Manson and his father were both born in Kentucky, KFC… (Albert) Pike County…

and Kay Grigg’s husband, whom she said did vile things with his fellow soldiers. Which reminds me of Colonel Oliver North who was Grigg’s boss for a time.

We also have the infamous serial killer named John Wayne Gacy who had his friends call him The Colonel.

And lastly we have the founder and leader of the Temple of Set (Set of course is the Egyptian name for Satan), Colonel Michael Aquino. Here he is with his wife Lilith. Lilith is the feminine name for Lucifer.

So can we see now the connection between KFC, Patricia Steere, IPS, Jeranism, Mad Mike Hughes, Math Powerland, NASA, Kennedy, Zingers, Colonels, the Media and the Elite? That they are ALL part of the same team, Team Satan. And trying hard to dupe us. They think they are close to victory! That is why they are so overt now. But they will NOT win. Their time is short. Satan was allowed to rule “for a time”. His time is coming to an end.

My YouTube presentation can be watched here:

And here are the KFC commercials related to this article:

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6 responses on “KFC Zinger Decoded and other Hot Potatoes

  1. lidy

    Goodday to you Rosette, as always a very interesting decoding.

    I’m also dealing with a hot patatoe and that has to do with two figures on a bookshelve in the corner of a room. I read something about a panda bear in an article here, but I cannot remember where. So I would be very happy to hear from you the significance of the two toys on that book shelve.
    I hope you can see the picture. I used tiny pic to upload it.

        1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

          Hi Lidy,
          I wasn’t able to open it but in case anyone else can I’ll put my comment here too.

          PANda and a version of PAN, the goat god. Do a Google search under “pan goat god” and you will see the similarities. Remember PAN is the devil. Remember the Devil Tarot card? It is Pan in it. So PANda and PAN. Those two figures are for Lucifer.

          Can I ask the background of this pic? Who the toys belong to?

  2. luke aspen

    I still have anagram fever! Here’s some perfect ones:
    Patricia Steere = A Steep Criteria. With all the deep BS she puts out!
    Patricia Steere = A Precise Attire. Yes! Just look at her black dress with white polka dots accented with the red scarf. That was a well planned photo op & quite precise!
    For Math Powerland = New Drama Plot. Almost perfect with the letter H left over. But you’ve also said to consider the phonetics as well.
    So if I put the letter H in with the anagram, to make it New (H) Drama Plot. Phonetically, it’s close to sounding like New Age Drama Plot.
    Well is that fair enough? Or am I over reaching?

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      New Age Drama Plot! Love it! Totally Luke! ha ha. You are the King of Anagrams my friend! One thing I forgot to mention in that article is that Steer is a NEUTERED Bull! Miss Steer~ Mister. She was a He that got her bits removed! And yes, A Precise Attire! She carefully “crafts” her look and her background to fit with masonic symbology for sure!

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