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The Truth is in the Code.

Bill Nye Saves the World Decoded (Part 3)

Let’s continue where we left off…

Episode 7- Cheat Codes for Reality

Which is code for Getting you to Live in the Virtual World instead of the Real World.

So Bill starts off this episode sitting around with two Gamers discussing Bill’s video game from the ’90’s. Notice the beer placed just so, so you can read the label- Blind Fox. Fox of course is 666 in numerology. So that’s one way to pay homage to their god in symbols. Its a sly way, sly like the fox, crafty like the fox.

From the Wiki, “The game casts you in the role of a new science researcher at Nye Labs, Bill Nye’s fictional science complex, located somewhere in Southern California.

Almost immediately upon arrival, you’re thrust into saving the world from the killer asteroid Impending Dumé by solving the riddles posed by the now-sentient, human-despising AI controlling MAAX, the Meteoroid And Asteroid eXploder.”

So a few things to mention here. First we get our mandatory FEAR PORN that they make sure to put in each episode.  An asteroid will hit Earth and we will all die! Impending Dume, D-U-M-E, which is Impending Doom, D-O-O-M. Gloom and Doom. At any moment we can be taken out! Reminds me of them pushing the same fear porn with Solar Flares. That the sun can give one off at any moment that is big enough to wipe out our Earth. Well once we know that the Earth is flat and it is covered, space is taken out of the equation and so is the “big bad sun”.

Secondly, we see the name of Bill’s Lab is called “NYE LABS”. Which sounds very close to MILABS. MILAB is an acronym which stands for Military Abductions. These abductions are very closely related to MK Ultra programming which is also run by our military. So if Bill is associating HIMSELF with these types of labs you can see Bill is not our friend.

In these labs, the military puts cover memories on many of the abductees, of being taken by aliens. The things that are done to these victims are very similar to what victim’s of satanic abuse relay. Since we know there is no outer space, then we can postulate that there are no aliens from outer space as well. But to put these screen memories into people perpetuates the alien story that they so strongly desire and at the same time hide the fact that they were actually in satanic rituals. In addition, the alien theory aids in their propaganda of infinite space, the heliocentric model and even with their evolution theory. These aliens are always sold to us as “advanced” creatures from another galaxy light years away. So they are more “evolved”.

The Pope adds to this story by saying he would bless any aliens that came down! In May of 2014, Pope Francis had said that he would be willing to baptise aliens if they came to the Vatican, asking “who are we to close doors” to anyone – even Martians.” Remember Bill pushing Panspermia? Devil’s sperm coming from Mars? from Martians?

ALIEN is an anagram for NEIL A

Neil A as in Neil A. Armstrong- Astro-NOT.

And Bill Nye’s great buddies with another Astro-Not, Buzz Aldren, who pushes the Mars meme. And of course Bill pushes the Saturn meme. See Saturn all over his jacket? Notice Nye doing the V for Vulcan hand sign while Aldren is flashing the M for Mason.

Buzz Aldren aka Buzz Lightyear aka Bud Light Beer. Product subliminal to get kids to drink beer? I would say, most definitely.

And thirdly, from the game we have “now-sentient, human-despising AI controlling MAAX”. This goes along with the room you enter which is called NYE NET. Which sounds very close to SKYNET.

Remember SkyNet is from The Terminator. SkyNet made out-of-control AI’s that want to kill humanity. So again, if Bill is NYE NET, is he our friend?

His Bill character in the game says, “Sue Nami I’m relying on you to tell us what’s happening down there.” Bill watching remarks, “I used to be a kid show host- not anymore bitches.” So implying that his remark was sexual when speaking to Sue Nami. Not sure that he is a lech yet?

Well just after returning to the set Bill says, “I’m Bill Nye or as you might know me from thousands of leader boards as A-S-S I mean B-S-N.” A-S-S? Really Bill? What does that have to do with Science Bill?

He then goes over to his panel of experts that are of course heavily biased towards their agenda. Bill reads off his card, “Video Games are a 100 Billion dollar industry- that’s more than Hollywood makes at the Box Office. Half are girls and women. More than a third are over 35 years old.” So they tell you facts yes, but the opposite of the alarming fact. Getting you to look over there when you should be looking over here. The fact they don’t want you to look at is that two-thirds of gamers are UNDER 35. In fact, MOST GAMERS started playing in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. Now THAT should be alarming! Addictions such as drugs and alcohol usually start in late teens to early twenties and THOSE people have a hard time breaking their addictions, but what about people that start their addiction in their most formative years? What are the chances they can break theirs?

And the question most thrown up is “do video games cause people to become more violent?” That is a diversionary question, just like throwing up the fact about one-third of gamers are over 35. Because the real question that should be asked is, “can people break their addictions from these games?”

Who is the Prince of the Air? The Prince of the Air Waves? Well Lucifer of course. He already has people watching the Tel-Lie-Vision and the daily programming there. If he can suck people into living in this virtual world, this gaming world, he gets them out of God’s creation, out of the real world. I grew up when kids actually played outside. Rode bikes, roller skated, played hide-n-seek, drank from the garden hose. Our kids these days come home and go straight to a dark room, plop down on their butts and pick up a gaming device.

So no, they might not be more violent, but they are less active all together.

This guy actually says to Bill, “There is a part of my life I don’t what I did because I played so many video games.” Wow. You see that? That is exactly what they want. For us to drop out. The hippies did it in the ’60’s with drugs, the gamers are doing it in the 2010’s with Call of Duty and Battlefield.

Remember FOX on Bill’s beer at the beginning of the episode? And now he shows this segment with Echo Fox. Now Echo Fox, what does that remind you of? How about Echo Foxtrot? Like a name for an Army battalion? Alpha Company, Charlie Company, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot… What are those names used in?

Well it’s the language of NATO. What a surprise! So we have a military connection with this gaming company. Here is the list of their symbolic alphabet. Notice NATO is a pyramid with an all seeing eye on top. A radar tower, how communications really work on our flat earth. So NATO is the force behind the United Nations and we know that the U-N is the Un, the One, another name for Lucifer. So NATO is the military arm of the Un, the One World government.

Echo Fox has live gaming events. Notice the use of the red and blue for duality world. Remember this is a multi-billion dollar business. They take in more than Hollywood.

And we get to meet two of the stars. Notice the one guy’s shirt. It says, “we are.” We are what? Well, it’s the plural of I AM. I AM is another name for Lucifer. Yes it was originally said by Jesus in John 14:16 – “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” But Lucifer usurps. Lucifer took Jesus’s saying and made it his own. And so when they say, “we are” on their shirts they are saying “we are” like Lucifer. We follow the Left Hand path. Notice the orange coloring as well and the trickster, like the devil, the use of the sly fox.

So what are these guys “training” for? Connected to NATO so, future drone operators? LIKE in Terminator?

Like the drone operators that released bombs on innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan? And more recently in Syria?

Nye ends the show with this guy showing some new gaming technology. This one lets you “virtual paint.”

The guy says, “I like to call this one “debating a Creationist.”

Bill replies, “Oh, because of the tiny brain in there.”

Can we see how much disdain they have for the Creator? In an earlier episode Bill roughly tossed Noah’s Ark away and now this. It should be apparent that the whole basis for this show is to eliminate God.

Episode 8- “This Diet is Bananas.”

Which is code for “this diet is for monkeys.” Of course, because Bill wants us to think we came FROM monkeys. Monkeys and cavemen.

A calorie is chemistry. This is the only “science” Bill mentions in this episode. Trying to imply that diet is all about calories and nothing to do with nutrition.

Remember in the Panspermia episode Bill said we started out as chemicals. And now he talks about chemistry. Chem, C-H-E-M is Khem, K-H-E-M. The land of Khem is the ancient name for Egypt. The ruler of Khem was Nimrod, the first Master Mason.  Khem means black. The Black nobility are the kings and queens of Europe- the descendants of Nimrod and are the rulers.

“Khem was an ancient name for the land of Egypt; and both the words alchemy and chemistry are a perpetual reminder of the priority of Egypt’s scientific knowledge.” ~ Manly P. Hall.

Bill has his usual panel of “experts” a comedian, the winner of The Biggest Loser, and a psychiatrist. NOT a nutritionist in sight. Isn’t that strange? Shouldn’t one of the panel be an actual nutritionist who is an expert on food health? Wouldn’t that make the most sense?

“How about the Paleo Diet where you eat only what cavemen eat?” says Bill. Because of course he has to push the evolution theory, and the caveman myth. “Because they were known to be so healthy. They lived to like 17,” he snorts.

Bill talks to a cave person about the Paleo Diet. (Notice the pitchfork. Praising Lucifer.)

Paleo is an anagram for “a pole”. A Pole Diet. A diet of the people of the Pole- the north pole. North – Norse. They eat meats (fish) fruits and nuts.

Notice Bill uses “cave person” instead of “cave man”. Because they don’t want us thinking of people as male and female anymore. So subtle programming here.

So the cave person tells us, “Eating Paleo means giving up pasta, bread, sacrificing carbs. Our sacrifice was our daughter Karen to the sun. Spoiler alert- it didn’t work. It still got cold that winter. We still had a few casualties.”

Bill replies, “Some people in my time think eating only protein is inherently healthy.”

The caveman rebuts, “I’m not healthy. I’m 17. Does that surprise you? It should because I’m really 13. Turned 13 last night. Hid in a cave because there was a solar eclipse and we didn’t know what was going on.”

So we have a mixture of Fear Porn talking about the solar eclipse, fear of the sun, and disinfo, saying that somehow on a Paleo diet you will look unhealthy and die young. That we shouldn’t “sacrifice” our carbs.

And Bill shows no scientific evidence of WHY Paleo would be bad. And he’s supposed to be the science guy right? And there is ample evidence as to why it is actually GOOD. It is the natural food of the land, the whole foods that God provided for us.

Walter Veith does a great presentation on what foods we should and shouldn’t eat based on biological and physiological truths. What is fascinating is by comparing these truths with the Bible they match up! One example explained is an animal’s toxicity load. Animals such as cats and dogs would make us sick because they can’t sweat. So they have a higher toxicity load. Also animals that eat other animals do as well. Sharks shed urea throughout their system, so “delicacies” like Shark’s fin soup is actually very toxic for humans.

The shark says, “I have to change my diet. I’m retaining too much urea.” Urea of course is like Urine to us.

I will leave a link here for those interested to learn more.

Then Bill has a little kiddy skit performed with dancing bread and veggies. The Processed Bread says, “people think I make ’em fat.” Which they actually do. But they want you to scoff at this.

Then the singing Kale says, “Don’t spit. Swallow me immediately.” Does that sound sexual to you? You might brush it off until you hear the Eggplant…

“I’m eggplant. You might have heard of me. I’m a lot more useful than a sex emoji.” Okay, so they are trying to instill sex on the brain. And these dancing foods are geared towards kids. Not cool Bill.

Notice too the eggplant is pointing up- praising the “I am”- Lucifer. And he’s in royal purple, the color of the Abyss.

The foods end their song with, “Detox is fake. That’s just the science.” No proof. Just a statement that we are supposed to take as fact because “its science.”

Notice there was no mention of cutting out refined carbs in the form of sugar, like in soda, candy, cakes, donuts etc. that are the main culprits. And who makes most of the high fructose CORN syrup used in these products? Well Monsanto of course. Could that be why they weren’t mentioned? I would say… yes.

Episode 9- The Sexual Spectrum

Which is code for Satan’s sex spectrum. God created Man and Woman, Satan is doing everything he can to corrupt God’s creation.

“Females “generally” have 2 X chromosomes and males “generally” have an X and a Y chromosome. It turns out that 1 in every 400 births have 1 sex chromosome and some have 3, 4, or 5 sex chromosomes.” “For me I feel like I have a lot. heh heh.” And WHERE is the evidence for this Bill? Not true!!!

A chromosome is a strand of DNA that is encoded with genes. In most cells, humans have 22 pairs of these chromosomes plus the two sex chromosomes (XX in females and XY in males) for a total of 46.

And if you Google, “Can people have MORE than 46 chromosomes?” you get this answer: Extra or missing autosomal chromosomes usually result in miscarriage of the embryo. One exception to this is having an extra chromosome 21, known as trisomy 21. Although fetuses with trisomy 21 are often miscarried, a number survive, and they have the condition known as Down’s syndrome.

So there is no “generally” like in his statement. Both male and female have a total of 46. One pair is the sex chromosome. It is either XX or XY. That’s it! Bill is making stuff up here.

“The world is a wonderfully diverse place. The study of human sexuality by biologists, sociologists and anthropologists are trying to figure it all out. It appears human sexuality is on a spectrum. We USED to think there were just two settings, male and female, but its actually a lot sexier than that,” remarks Bill. Who is the Master of Lies? Satan of course, and his minions. Bill is definitely one of his minions. “It appears human sexuality is on a spectrum.” How is that scientific? It appears? Where’s the proof Bill. No proof.

Bill says, “Gender is how you identify yourself and your experience”. No Bill. Gender is determined by your DNA, by your chromosomes- either XX or XY. Your sex is determined by your genitals. Its that simple. He goes on to say, “Expression is how you present yourself. Women usually wear make up. Men don’t (although I have quite a bit on now.)” Yes Bill, male actors have always worn make up. Now they want the rest of the men to follow suit.

Its all about turning society into androgynous beings. Into Baphomets, like their idol Lucifer. They have the agenda going full force in Seoul, Korea with the K-Pop craze. Seoul- S-E-O-U-L is a combination of Soul and Sell. Selling their Souls for fame to Lucifer.

They highlight Amber-the androgynous singer. And they tell us how MALE cosmetics sell four times as much as anywhere else in the world.

They show us an actual K-Pop concert and notice what is being bounced around in the crowd. Smiley faces. Do you know what smiley faces actually symbolize? They symbolize the philosophy of “Do as thou will shall be the whole of the law.” Crowley’s philosophy.

If you do a Google search on the Smiley Face Killers you will see how a string of murders were and still are, being committed where they leave a smiley face behind. These smiley face killers are also linked to the Process Church, which is a Luciferian church. Notice Alan Moore here, high level occultist and Crowley follower. He uses the smiley face in his comic books.

And we know The Simpson’s are part of the Cabal. Look who was featured on an episode? Yes that’s Alan Moore. Look at the girl in the painting behind him. What is pointing at her? Do WE get the point?

Here is an image from Alan Moore’s comic series The Watchers. Notice anything? And the eye that is “slashed” is the right eye. The smiley face sees with his left eye. He is of the Left Hand path.

Zechariah 11:17- “Woe to the worthless shepherd, who deserts the flock! May the sword strike his arm and his right eye!”

We also saw it in the previous episode on Karly’s necklace. See there? The smiley face? No coincidences.

So the smiley face balls at the K-Pop concert is saying be androgynous like Amber, wear make up, do what FEELS good.

Bill asks a member of the panel when the category of homosexuality came about. Only in the last 100 years was the response. But wait Bill, wasn’t Sodom and Gomorrah all about unnatural sex acts? So it has been around for a very long time and done by those against God. Bill is trying to imply that homosexuality is here now, only recently, through evolution. That we are evolving and so becoming blended. Don’t believe me?

Bill says he’s excited by his next guest, Rachel Bloom from Crazy Ex-girlfriend. She comes out and sings, “It’s evolution. ain’t nothing new. There’s nothing taboo about a sex stew.” Oh really Rachel? It’s evolution? Because you sing it? Why must we choose between John or Joyce? The dark haired dancer is transgender- the third choice.

“Hard or moist? Just do what FEELS right.” Trying to persuade us here to go against God. Go against what is morally right. Do as thou will shall be the whole of the law.

Can you see that Bill and company are pushing Satanism on the public? They are pushing this agenda without telling people what it REALLY is. It’s Satanism. Satanism and Scientism go hand-in-hand.

After the sex song, Bill shows these lit up mannequins. Mannequin by the way is 33 in numerology. So another way to give a shout out to the Masons. So these mannequins are lit up. Bill says, “We were taught to see these as binary, now we see its more like a kaleidoscope.” Well we weren’t TAUGHT to see as male and female. We knew this in our hearts. Just like we knew our parents are our mother and father. This kaleidoscope thing, THAT is what they are trying to teach us, brainwash us with.

He then makes the most abhorrent statement of all. He say, “By age three or four most kids identify with a gender and not in all cases is it the sex assigned.” Leave our children alone! Let them be kids!!! They shouldn’t be thinking about their sex at this age anyway. To me it is sheer CHILD ABUSE to dress up girls as boys and boys as girls and some even given estrogen or testosterone hormones to CHANGE them. This is criminal!

Notice the poor boy is wearing Hello Kitty. Hel-LOKI-tty. Loki is in the middle of Hello Kitty. Loki is another name for…. Lucifer of course.

Now if Bill really cared about the science he would look at HOW people can become homosexual. It has to do with the amount of estrogen or testosterone that is ingested by the mother during pregnancy. This affects a developing fetus. Dr. Curtis Duncan has studied this extensively. He has done many presentations on the hidden dangers of endocrine disrupting chemicals, how human beings are being genetically modified by them to be sick and infertile. How they are found throughout the entire world, and why their effects will be felt for generations to come. How men are being feminized, emasculated, and sterilized in the womb.

I will leave a link to his website here for more on this:

Bill ends by saying, “People. We have to listen to science. And the science says we’re all on a spectrum. More complicated but a lot more honest. And more interesting.” So he’s really saying, People. You worship Scientism and we are your priests. What we say is to be taken as scripture. End of story.

The YouTube presentation can be watched here:

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