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Adidas Originals Decoded

“People doubted me. Didn’t think I would succeed. There were times when it looked like I wouldn’t. But with renewed determination (force of will) I pushed on and now the time has come for my hard work to come to fruition, ” said the ‘Original’ – the original fallen angel, otherwise known as Lucifer. And the work is the ‘Great Work’, which started after his fall in 4000 B.C., the year of light, Anno Lucis, and ending in the near future. Where the world is being turned upside down.

Frank Sinatra- the OG, Original gangster…

A did as… myyyyyyyy wayyyyyyyyyyy…..

ADIDAS- All day I dream about Satan..gangsta style..

Notice the three leaves make a torch and is illuminated… three leaves, three stripes… 33 the number of the Mason’s.

A did as…my wayyyyy….

With the help of my mindless minions…notice the masonic black and white of duality. Five to make a coven… five to cast spells…they hang like bats…

like a Batman… Bruce Wayne as a little boy…. falls down in the leaves… he is the Fallen one…


Next shot he is upside down… hanging like a bat…batman, badman, Baphomet man…


The upside down…like in Stranger Things…


Bringing hell to Earth instead of heaven…


The upside down…where the Shade are located. Or so Hector tells us in Westworld. “This is a Shade. There were sent from Hell to oversee our world.” Notice his mask…


At the end of Men in Rubber Masks the man in a rubber mask who goes by Sherry tells us, “Suddenly the world changing on you UPSIDE DOWN. It’s exciting.” Yes, exciting if you are a follower of the Left Hand Path. If you are one that wears a mask…

Bats thrive in the night… like vampires…

Making a one eye… again in the black and white duality…

Kareem Abdul Jabber is a player…he is tall and dark… hooded like the Grim Reaper…

Purple. The color of the abyss. Of zombie land. World War Z. World War Zombie. And who are the Zombies? Remember they want us to use “ze” as a pronoun instead of he or she. World War Ze is against US.

Left eye. She sees with her left. Her moon eye, the eye of Lucifer. And wears a mask…

Like the shade…notice the Moon. The shade… the shadows, dark, produced by the moon light.


And wearing masks like the Men in Rubber Masks…

Duality mirrors… the shattering of the mind. Notice which path he takes. He is walking the Left Hand Path. Literally.

I did

The scarlet woman. The whore… Beta programming…Boticelli’s Birth of Venus. Remember Venus and the Moon are symbols of Lilith, of Lucifer. Her chest is flat- androgenous.

what I had to do

Swinging a bat like in Clockwork Orange, out with her team causing destruction.

But in Clockwork Orange the team are males. Notice the shift to the female negative energy. The transition made in one generation.  And don’t forget Orange is 33 in numerology and both “teams” are in masonic black and white again.

and saw

Black and white…

it through

Everything upside down. Everything opposite the Prime Creator. Your feet where your head should be. Praying to the below-Abyss, instead of praying to the above-Heaven.

without exemption

Everyone has to pick a path. No one can “opt out”.

I planned

Man in a dog mask… running from the dog catcher.

each chartered course

Demonically possessed, zombie in the as below.

Open legs, submissive, vulnerable.

each careful step

Notice the purple hue…

ritual dance…

reminds me of the Hopi rain dance…same colors, rain, water, the element of the left…

upside down, in defiance…

what’s more than this

I did it my way

Venus, combination of vagina and penis…the he/she, Baphomet.  Venus,Venice, Venicians, Phoenicians… the color purple.

Yes there were times

Crossing the arms…

like King Tut, the Phoenicians are the Egyptians, land of Khem…land of Nimrod…the Original Master Mason…the Original Gangster, follower of Lucifer.

I’m sure you knew

Doing everything “my way” opposite of God. Even riding a skateboard, ride on his butt instead of his feet.

In the dark, in the bat cave.

Part of the machine…

like in the Matrix. Transhumanism…

when I bit off

Another mask…in front of the brick in the wall…

more than I could chew

but through

Diving into water. Water is the element of the moon, of the left, of Lucifer.

it all

Satanic philosophy, the religion of violence.

when there was doubt

Raining black balls, doubt, being given a black ball in Masonry.

I ate it up and spit it out

Doggy style. Base, animal nature.

I faced it all

Always a replacement, passing the torch…

and stood tall

Snoop Dogg, notice his aggressive stance.

Original is never finished, until the Great Work is completed. The one shoe symbolism…man in the machine…

and did it my way

The Origin-Al. Al, another word for god. Lucifer the original- Origin-Al. The fallen one. With his team of mindless minions- zombies- doing his bidding.

This ad is basically a celebration to where he is at at this point. Ready to come out. They are going from covert to overt. Coming out party.

Here’s  a link to my YouTube vid:

And here’s a link to the original commercial:

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21 responses on “Adidas Originals Decoded

  1. Lola

    Hello Dear Rosie!
    I hope you are well and in good spirits! Also let me say hello to all the other fine people; Lidy, Nathalie Guiraudet, Itchy Lizardflanks, Downtown Julie Brown and Mr. Luke Aspen. Warmest greetings to you all!
    I want everyone to know just how much I have enjoyed the articles Rosie has posted along with all the comments added.
    I do pay very close attention to those comments! My goodness! Such wonderfully enlightened friends that contribute here to give us all a better understanding of the world. You all have given this old Jamaican lady one very great education! I am learning things here that I could never learn anywhere else in the world and of that you can be sure!
    I was wondering Rosie when you mentioned in this article the name Frank Sinatra. I did see some of his films when I was a young girl. Well I do recall a friend telling me years ago that Sinatra was involved with the mafia. Do you know anything about that Rosie? I also believe that he may have somehow been involved with Marilyn Monroe? And if so he was most likely very cruel to her? So when he sang his famous song about doing it his own way it seems to have a darker tone! I do fear he was up to no good!
    And the symbol for Adidas was most informative! I had no idea! My sister Carmella is still visiting in the US and she sent me a package last week filled with more gifts of books, videos etc. Well she also included with it an Adidas shirt! Oh Rosie my child. I nearly went berserk! I immediately sent her an email letting her know the meaning of it all. I told her to look at your website here for further proof and she has read some of your other articles. She felt so bad about it and did apologise to me so I can not be angry with her. I did tell her though it would be wise to keep reading ALL of your articles on a regular basis!
    And you now have an incredible collection of decodings! Such an eclectic array of things to ponder! That makes me think of what Nathalie said recently, pondering, pondering always something to ponder! Oh absolutely! I am the same way! So Rosie I’m also pondering right now just what your next article might be? You always surprise me with such delight when I see your latest decoding of something new! Something to enlighten me with such great pleasure and of that you can be sure!
    Please take care and stay well,
    Love, Lola <3

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Aloha dear Lola!
      I’m so glad you still visit this site! So great to keep in contact with you. You have very good motherly energy! A good representation of the Divine Feminine. How the female should be. <3
      As for "old blue eyes", Luke was talking about him and how violent he was. Not sure which article he wrote it under? Luke? But yeah, Frank was NOT a good man. And as you can see Frank was NOT Jewish, the Hollywood Jews are the front men for the Mafia who are connected to the Vatican. Marilyn was one of the first MK Beta slaves and was used by Frank along with many other influential Luciferians. Yes, "doing it his way", a violent way, an immoral way, the way of the left hand path for sure.
      It is hard to be "symbol free" Lola. Don't worry about that! I have items that are "of them". It's about as hard as a Vegan not eating animal, not wearing animal (leather) etc. The stuff is just SO PERVASIVE. What is important is knowing what the meaning is behind the symbols and sharing with people and waking them up to them so they don't give them their energy.
      My next article was the Flat Earth one with the connection to Wizard of Oz! I found that one to be a doozey! I must say, it's my favorite subject of late. Not sure what the next one will be on, we'll see what pops up. 🙂
      Well take care lovely, always nice to chat with you!

  2. Luke Aspen

    Hello Lola!
    It’s great to see you back here again! I can tell you tons of stuff on Sinatra! To my recollection I didn’t post anything before about him on Rosette’s blog. But YES he was one of the very worst of all! With deep ties to the mafia. In fact Mario Puzo, who wrote The Godfather, based the following story:
    In the book/movie Godfather, a film producer is casting for a key role to be filled by a well known Hollywood actor. The mafia tells the producer to hire singer Frank Fontaine for the role. But the producer says no he does not want singer Fontaine with no acting experience. He wants an established actor that everyone will recognize for his acting talent. Not Fontaine. The mafia then has to resort to their “make the producer an offer he can not resist”. So the very next morning when the producer wakes-up in his bed he finds to his own horror the severed head of his beloved pet horse lying next to him! So he immediately understands that the mafia is trying to tell him he has to give the film role to Frank Fontaine or else his own head will be the next to go!
    Well Puzo wrote that with really Frank Sinatra as Frank Fontaine. And that did happen only the horse’s head was totally contrived. Sinatra did get the role in the film From Here to Eternity. He had never acted in a film before & of course the producer did not want Sinatra, saying he was a singer & not an actor. The mafia made their offer for the producer not to refuse Sinatra. And the irony is Sinatra walked off with the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor that year. And Mario Puzo knew tons of stuff about Hollywood etc. Many secrets he took to his grave. More stuff for you as I have time to post.

  3. Luke Aspen

    So Sinatra went on to make really good movies. The Man with the Golden Arm about a man’s struggling with shooting up heroin in his veins. Some Came Running with Shirley MacLaine. And his best film that today is a bona fide classic The Manchurian Candidate. That film should be seen by anyone wanting to understand MK Ultra. Sinatra is a victim in the film but in his real life he was a handler. He also owned the rights to the film & when Kennedy was killed, Sinatra immediately withdrew the film from all theatres. And it was banned from being shown for 15 yrs.
    He was part of the infamous Rat Pack & they ALL did some of the most horrible stuff. They did it all their way! I always had wondered why the all 5 member Rat Pack group allowed the one woman into their tight male bonding group – Shirley MacLaine. She was just another MK Ultra slave too!
    In fact I have a HUGH back story on her that is most telling. I will have to save that for another time, much too detailed but quite interesting!
    In the early 60’s Sinatra married Mia Farrow. She was much younger than him & she got involved with Roman Polanski thru Laurel Canyon. He cast her in his film Rosemary’s Baby. Sinatra thought it was a terrible idea for Farrow to play the role of the woman chosen to bear the Devil’s child. He said most people don’t believe in Lucifer so it would be best to keep it that way & not make a movie about it. Farrow too was at that time an abused Beta sex kitten. In fact I just found a photo of her on the net where she is wearing a polka dot dress & holding a small kitten. That was popular back in the very early 60’s before the leopard animal print took over. Elizabeth Taylor & Dolly Parton also shown in photos wearing the polka dot dress & holding a kitten. And Lola, the polka dot = poke-a-dot=the anus=sodomy. Just so you know.
    Thank you Dear Lola for always coming here to share your thoughts!

  4. Lola

    Hello again Rosie and Luke!
    Thank you both so much for all the information shared!
    So Rosie I see now that it’s perfectly ok for me to wear the Adidas t-shirt after all! But I will wear it with the full knowledge of what that symbol means!
    And Luke you are so keen and always full of knowledge! I do love all the things you shared about Frank Sinatra. Especially how the mafia had their own way of forcing him into being cast in his very first film role. Most revealing!

  5. Lola

    I entered the first portion too soon!
    I meant to add that how the mafia can operate and kill with such a cold heart!
    Also Rosie I did read your newest decoding with the Wizard of Oz. And once again I marvel at your God’s gift of decoding such things! I will look forward to more articles and comments shared!
    Love, Lola

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Lola I watched this presentation today. Talk about a mind blower! The Masons really ARE builders and deceivers, so both real AND speculative Masons. BOTH for sure! I believe it is to hide the true location of Eden – as well as Jerusalem and the Promised Land. If you were a very poor country that had no natural resources to make an income from, might you “let” masons come in and make a “theme park” basically which guarantees a flow of tourists for decades to come? I would like to travel their myself to verify this. But can you imagine if this is true? Who was it, Hitler’s propaganda minister Goebbels who said, make the lie big enough and it will be so preposterous that people couldn’t believe that it is NOT the truth!

    2. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Aloha Lola,
      I just wanted to share a profound quote from two of my favorite researchers, Phillip and Paul Collins, from their book The Ascendancy of the Scientific Dictatorship. They say, “Before the birth of the Technocracy, the Illuminati’s primary combatants in its epistemological war against humanity were priests and PHILOSOPHERS….There always seemed to be a remnant of independent thinkers who would stir up dissent within the population. Even the polemical trickery of sophists could not delay the inevitable dissolution of the elite’s illusion.” See how special we are? I’ll leave a couple of links to their talks. They are spot on these two brothers!


  6. Nathalie guiraudet

    Hello Rosette, I agree with Lola, your last decoding was great. Again might I say having been an art major, wow what I could have created if I only had a brain……oops no sorry I ment to say if I only had
    mountains of insider information:)

    And Luke tell me that mark Walberg and Matt Damon are not related. Google says no but I don’t believe it. EVERYTHING is a lie and inverted. They look the same, they both come from the Boston area, they both play the sensitive guy roles mostly and they look like brothers. You the expert on these things:)

    Rosette do you believe the evil scum of the world are actually being puppeted/controled by reptilian looking entities? Heck sometimes I just don’t know what to believe. It’s easier for me to have compassion for them if I think they are being manipulated but on the other hand it seems like a great story to make up so you don’t have to be responsible for your own actions. My best to all!

    By the way it was 10 below this weekend in northern new england. ……what the hey is going on

    1. Itchy Lizardflanks

      David Icke wasn’t the first to talk about the reps (“Bringers of the Dawn” [1992] mentions them, for example). but he has done more research on this taboo topic than anyone else. Having read “The Biggest Secret” (1999) & “Children of the Matrix” (2001), I think David makes a solid case for the ongoing interaction of humanity with a reptilian, probably extradimensional, race. Understandably, it’s hard to “go there” for most folks. Unless, I guess, one has had firsthand experience of such things. Otherwise it’s just like reading people’s accounts of being abducted by aliens (or faeries): intriguing but ultimately unprovable.
      And now, the weather. In my part of the world, where it should still be on the chilly side, we have been getting record high temps. The other day a record that had stood for 45 years got smashed by 7 degrees! So I can answer your question of “What the hey?” in one word: chemtrails. With a heavy heart I’ve been watching the modification of our atmosphere since it started in the late ’90s. The climate where I live is hardly recognizable anymore. Whereas we used to get weeks in a row of cloudless blue skies, now we only get a day or two here and there if we’re lucky. And I can tell when we’re going to get “weather” because of the increase in chemtrail activity.
      There you go, Nathalie, my two cents on reptilians and chemtrails.
      Itchy Lizardflanks

  7. Luke Aspen

    Hi Nathalie,
    Good questioning on Matt Damon & Mark Wahlberg! Yes, they do look alike, both from Boston etc. In fact they have been hounded much over how they do resemble each other. I found a pic on the net of a fan standing with her arm around Wahlberg. She actually posted the photo saying that it was Matt Damon! And Wahlberg as a joke never bothered to correct her. I can’t confirm they are related. So then much is still question for sure. They did appear together in the film The Departed.
    But they are not equal in Hollywood status. Most important! Damon is the A-lister with an Oscar & multiple noms. Not Wahlberg. He started out as rapper Marky Mark & is now considered a “serious actor”. But not an A-lister. So the focus really should be on Matt Damon & Ben Affleck. They came from out of nowhere with their screenplay for Good Will Hunting. That put them on the Hollywood map & won them both the Oscar. Or I should say Osiris! That movie also starred Robin Williams & his death has been so covered up! So Damon & Affleck are both so hot right now. They have so much clout & both can write their own ticket. Seriously! They are also “bonded together”. Meaning they have done the sodomy ritual. And with each other!! Not kidding! And Affleck will be reprising his role in The Batrman. Much like saying The Badman or The Baphomet. You get the picture. Also Affleck is signed under Warner Bros. studios. Very dark! All 5 Warner Bros were Masons! So Damon & Affleck have tons of movie projects filled in their pipelines. They are going to be around for a very long time!

  8. Joanna

    Luke, what a great insights you write about here! Rosette, thank you for allowing those elaborated discussions here and for your fantastic decodings!
    Luke, do you happen to have a blog or some articles you could share?
    About Damon, his surname is almost devilish, like demon. And other thing: I always had this strange feeling about his energy, he is said to be handsome but his eyes express a very soft feminine energy…any thoughts on that? BTW, the same applies to Affleck, strange confusing energy about him.

  9. Luke Aspen

    Hello Joanna!
    Sorry I don’t have a blog or articles to share BUT if you want to get a load of other info first check out Rosette’s Serial Killers Decoded where I’ve left a ton of comments! And if you have the time you can peruse through Rosette’s other decodings where most of them again I’ve shared lots of cool stuff.. And Rosette was gracious enough to offer me the opportunity to write & post my very first article here for sometime In the future! So I’m still laboring over that to get it just right!
    As for Damon-Demon, yes you’re right! He does have the female energy! In The Good Shepherd he dresses in full female drag & in Behind the Candlelabra he plays Scott Thorsen who was Liberace’s long time lover. In the film Damon is seen sodomizing him in bed. So Hollywood is using him to full advantage! And Affleck is as you say with a confusing energy! He is very much into the sodomy thing with younger boys but he does that mostly outside of the US. He did come here to Atlanta last year to film The Accountant & the buzz about town was he was quite the party goer after hours. Very much a part of the gay scene & Atlanta is infamous for all that!
    Well if I did have my own blog the things I could tell! But then I would most likely get blasted for saying such “crazy things!”
    Anyway, thanks Joanna for your interest!

    1. Joanna

      Thanks Luke, appreciate your reply!
      The “crazy things” are only crazy for people who are unaware…however it does seem unbelievable. They all seem so “normal” and cool and funny when starring in talk-shows and press conferences…Affleck however has always this sort of guilt around him, as if a boy caught red handed on doing smth he was not supposed to…can you see it in his eyes?
      Sometimes it so hard to believe in the lack of humane feelings in them…
      Looking forward to another live feed Rosette and I will surely go and read comments sections under all the articles then;)

    2. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Looking forward to Luke’s article! I know it will be a mindblower for everyone. Luke has shared glimpses of it with me already and I can tell you this will be the first place you will come across this info. Luke is a trailblazer!

      1. Downtown Julie Brown

        Well count me in for luke’s article! I can only imagine what Mr. Aspen has uncovered now! I swear Rosette you have the best blog ever!!
        And you did a mighty fine job with the podcast too!

        1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

          Well thank you Julie! It’s because I have the best readers! Like kind attracted to like kind. We all flock together and compliment each other and learn from each other. I am grateful for your connection.
          Thank you on the podcast, although I was totally UNPREPARED! Talk about fly by the seat of my pants! I was just testing it since I just got it working and didn’t expect people to come on. Ha!
          Yes Luke’s article will be an eye popper to say the least! You will see he has a great way of “connecting the dots”. I’m hoping this will get his feet wet and he will write more articles in the future. He’s already picked up quite a few fans of his work.

  10. Joanna

    Dears, I don’t seem to be able to find “Serial Killers Decoded” article in written form. I have listened to YT video, however cannot find the article of it. Rosette, I would appreciate a link please;) Thank you!

  11. Allen Metzger

    The devil is in the detail I never realize how much I don’t know when you get time to sleep but I sure appreciate all of the information Awesome!
    Thank you!
    Love to you and yours

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