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Kenzo World Decoded

I first saw this strange commercial when watching Pockets of the Future do a quick review of it on YouTube. So I decided to watch it myself and found so much stuff in it I thought I’d share what I found with you.

So this is up and coming Margaret Qualley. Her mother is Andie MacDowell. Notice Margaret is wearing a kelly green dress here at an awards ceremony in 2012, foreshadowing her role in this commercial? I would say… yes. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So let’s begin.

The very first shot is of KENZO, in white, with a black background. The black and white represents the Mason’s and their duality. We see Paris written within the O. Paris is “Par Isis” meaning “for Isis”. Isis is another name for Lilith the female name for Lucifer. The O that Paris is in, stands for Omega. Alpha to the Omega. Alpha would be the sun, Omega would be the moon. The moon energy is the Lilith energy. Notice the name, KENZO, or Ken’s O. Again Ken’s Omega. Ken’s Omega energy.

Next shot is of Margaret at an awards ceremony, honoring the “stars”. Remember the stars represent the fallen ones. The angels that fell with Lucifer. She’s in between to white haired men in black and white tuxedos, representing Masons. Like the two pillars Joachin and Boaz. The chairs give the impression of lines, like on pillars.

Notice she is acting like a proper lady. Smiling, quiet, giving her significant other, that is apparently speaking up on the stage, her support through her gestures. But moments later feels the urge to excuse herself.

She steps out into the hall.

Notice all the green and gold. Green and gold are the official colors of the House of Stuart, whose pedigree include Robert the Bruce of Scotland. Who through his daughter, after he failed to produce sons, founded the Stuart dynasty, naming no less than eight kings after James, the brother of Jesus. Queen Anne of Orange (orange is 33 in numerology), was the last of the Stuarts to reign over England and Scotland. The green and gold are the officials colors of both the House of David and Rex Deus (king gods); with the Stuarts as the contemporary House of Gold.

“The Stuart bloodline is one of the most plausible bloodlines to produce the Antichrist,” says Gary Wayne in his book Genesis 6 Conspiracies. He adds a quote fromย Andrew Carnegie, “America was Scotland beyond the seas.” Realized I would add. Remember the first Masonic lodges were in Scotland.

So Margaret represents this bloodline.

Looks down to her LEFT. Her LEFT arm comes up. As if she is contemplating the LEFT. The LEFT is the path of “do as thou will”. The path of Crowley. The path of the negative feminine.

She’s crying from her RIGHTย eye. As if she is saying goodbye to the RIGHT hand path. The one in which she is the traditional female.

She closes her RIGHT eye. She follows the LEFT. The moon eye. She has made her choice.

She sticks her tongue out mockingly at the RIGHT. She is doing the Kali.

Kali is the goddess of Destruction. Like we see Miley Cyrus do.

Like in I Pet Goat. I believe I pet goat is short for, I am a pet of the goat. GOAT is an abbreviation for “Greatest of All Time” in reference to their god Lucifer.

GOAT again, with Obama doing the Kali. Here they show its other meaning- God of All THINGS. Again Lucifer. Lucifer is the god of this material plane. He is god of Things- Objects.

Which is in front of CERN, where the Hadron Collider is. They want to rip a hole in space time and let the destruction in, with the help of Kali, with the help of GOAT.

So her doing this is saying she is on board. Bring it on.

The Maori do the Kali as well. Notice the colors… the guy in the back with the same kelly green, and on the necklace on the guy in front.

And here in masonic black and white, sticking out tongues and flashing the devil’s horns. Remember the two men in black and white with Margaret in the middle at the table?

Devil horns, the devil inside like INXS sings… she chose her path and becomes possesed. Demonic possession.

Like this Maori guy…

Prince Harry doesn’t want to be LEFT out. He does the Kali/Maori dance as well.

The mouth open, submissive, and the hands on the chest…

which reminds me of this guy from The OA. Wearing purple, the color of the elite and the abyss and you can see he is in a caged cube. Jesus is on an open cube called the cross. When it is closed you get the cube of Saturn- Satan. His world.

Complete submission to the demon.

Now it’s in there with her. Her muse, doing its thing.

This right here is another move straight from The OA. Prairie, the original angel, does this hand gesture.

Where the hand goes directly into her mouth.

Duality mirrors. Showing the Janus. Two sides, one for public viewing, the real one behind the scenes. Like the Masons, one story for public and lower ranking members, the true one for true Adepts at the top.

Like in WestWorld, with Ford doing the Janus.

Also mirrors represent the shattering of the mind. Done in MK Ultra programs to program the subject to do the handler’s bidding.

She has a smug look on her face and she is touching her LEFT side with her LEFT hand.

I couldn’t find who this is a bust of. If anyone knows please comment! I would say it’s someone she is mocking. Someone she is against.

Licking the face, grabbing the head as if pulling it down. Showing her dominance over “him”. We get a good shot of her bracelet with the downward triangle (water element- element of the moon) with the all seeing eye in it.

Ascending the staircase. Meaning she is becoming enlightened.

Here she is doing the same hand sign as in The Oa.

The one in which the “angels” do. Here’s Homer….

And here’s Prairie…

Diamond chandeliers… representing the fallen ones. Diamonds falling from Heaven. Diamond is 33 in numerology. The number of the Masons.

She sees a man and decides to surprise him.

You can see here she is the dominant one. She is the man, he is cowering like a woman.

You can see she “won”. Putting up her arm implying she is the strong one, the champion.

Kali destruction. Out with the old ways, the traditional male. In with the new, flipping the roles on their heads. Even the lighting shows us there is a change.

Darkness. Success. Will WE get days of darkness as is implied? Three days of darkness… and then…

She is like a god now. She can shoot lasers from her hands. Destruction reigns.

She shoots up as if mocking heaven. She destroys objects as she passes. Nothing will stand in her way.

But is SHE fully in control?

The demon moves her LEFT arm without her control. She tries to stop it from flailing.

Fully animated like a puppet. Like a zombie.

The demon makes her kick up her leg.

Makes her go to the stage.

She does a graceful dance like a ballerina… and then…

falls backwards, arms outstretched, legs together, mocking Christ.

We hear the static sound of the Emergency Alert System playing.

The EAS. EA is another name for god. And The S would stand for Satan. We know this because they show the lightning bolt pointing to the S and in this case the lightning bolt would represent Satan/Lucifer falling from heaven. Like Barack Obama’s name- means lighting from heaven, code for Lucifer. Also the S is in the Bulls Eye. The Bull is Apis, another name for Lucifer as well.


Are they letting us know that this will soon be a reality? That the EAS will be broadcasting? She is excited about it. She is the goddess of destruction.

She runs outside. Full force.

And stops briefly to do her warrior dance.

Just like the Maori’s.

She runs up to an all seeing eye that is just hanging there out of nowhere. Notice the eye has the sun in it. Notice too the sun is being covered up- the black hole sun. Black hole sun, black hole sun, won’t you come and wash away the rain…

She dives in.

And comes out the other side. Destroying the sun/son of God. Notice the black balls like meteors exploding through with her.

Beating her chest like an ape. Victorious. Implying both Darwinism- man coming from apes, and man’s triumphant over God through her force of will. The Luciferian philosophy. Mutant Brain by Ape Drums is the song playing throughout.

The commercial ends with Kenzo World, the new fragance. For a new World? We have the kelly green curtain to remind us of Margaret and her transition. Notice too they like to use “world” everywhere they can now, or variants of it. We have Kenzo World, West World, WayWard, Water World, Jurassic World, WildWood…

And the actual perfume bottle is both an all seeing eye and a pearl in its shell. The pearl is very significant to the Luciferians. The Pearl represents the moon. The moon energy, again the feminine negative, the Kali destruction energy.

Worshiped by the Mormons as well. Mormon is an anagram for Mr. Moon. Mr. Moon is Lucifer. The Pearl of Great Price is one of their religious books on par with the Bible in their eyes. MorMon, the MM is 33 in numerology, again tied to the Masons.


And tell me what does this all have to do with a perfume? What we watched basically was a ritual showing the transition of order into chaos. Of God’s people turning into Lucifer’s people. Taking us along for the ride. By buying this perfume we are subconsciously saying we accept this. We are giving our energy towards this destruction. We are letting them change us to this base energy, against Christ, against God. Flipping the world upside down.

Here is a link to my YouTube version.

And here is a link to the actual commercial.

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38 responses on “Kenzo World Decoded

  1. nathalie guiraudet

    Hello Rosette, love the Pockets guy, glad to know of someone else who listens to him! OK, this was a very disturbing commercial. A very informative decoding as usual, but yeuk. I’m pasting something for you to take a look at if you have time. I kind of gave up music and have been looking for something to listen to that wasn’t “a weapon”. I found this person on Youtube called 432naturalpitch and from his information I found this I read through to the end. It was rather difficult for me as I am not religious and have no idea what most of the names are but I think I got the gist of it. I guess I would love your insights on what he says, but again it is long and you are busy. It doesn’t have any perverse Hollywood sex though ๐Ÿ™‚ And by the way where does Luke come up with all this stuff? Thank you Rosette

  2. Luke Aspen

    Hello Natalie,
    Good question! I think Rosette will allow me to answer it.
    After the many long postings I’ve left for her, I’ve often wondered why more people have not bothered to respond to the bizarre stuff I’ve written about? Yes there’s a lot written about perverse Hollywood sex, indeed! But that illustrates repeatedly, how sick the whole Hollywood scene is and yet most folks don’t know & still idolize & aspire to be most like their Hollywood Stars. They don’t have a clue as to how many famous people are into such perverse filth. As you can tell I’m very passionate about all the things I post whether it be about Hollywood, Bilderbergs, Freemasons, MK Ultra etc.
    To answer your question of where I get it all? That would depend on the subject matter discussed. Perfect example; in researching the Black Boule, I asked a good friend. He’s someone that I met last year at the airport while waiting on a connecting flight. He noticed the book I was reading about Masons. He told me that the book’s subject matter really intrigued him. Turns out he’s a casting agent (I won’t give his name) working in Hollywood & with some of the most famous film stars today. He was the one to tell me all about Antoine Fuqua & the sodomy parties etc. And being a casting agent he’s been invited to such parties to which he clearly wants no part of.
    Well he & I exchange emails regularly. He’s most helpful when I normally do a Google search on different stuff. Especially when I feel like I’ve hit a wall in finding the answer. I do use websites like In Search of Black Assassins, Hollywood Subliminals, In The Know. Those 3 are the most reliable in aiding me with very occult info. Rosette did ask me last year where was i getting some of the sexual stuff about Ben Affleck & others. That came from the old Hollywood Illuminati website which has been taken down. Steven Spielberg, George Lucas & others were threatening the guy who put the site up. Well no wonder, do you have any idea just how Satanic both Spielberg & Lucas are??
    Don’t you think Spielberg, the man who gave the world ET: The Extraterrestrial & Lucas, who gave us Star Wars, should not be exposed for the Satanic Sickos they are???
    My agent friend also knows I’m presently working on the Kenzo World decoding for Rosette. He’s been a big help in aiding me with info he has about Ande MacDowell & her daughter Margaret, the star of Kenzo World. And I just happened to find a wealth of material on the subject of perfume commercials to compare with Rosette’s decoding. Most Interesting! And some surprises for Rosette! She’s the one person who has inspired me when she used to say “keep em’ coming Luke!”
    So dear Natalie, I hope I’ve answered your question.
    Thanks, Luke

  3. Nathalie guiraudet

    Well kind sir, that was indeed a thorough answer! I have resigned myself to accept the gross extent of perversion going on behind the curtain of the fake Norman Rockwell existence of these so called ” elites”, but I do have one question. Wouldn’t this casting agent be concerned about his own preservation? Perhaps this question is naive but with surveillance at such an extent as those of us are awakening to the system are learned to believe in wouldn’t this person have the potential to be”found out”? As we know emails leave a good trail. I am only asking because the whole system is kept in line by fear and it seems extreme fear. On the other hand if people don’t begin coming forward with this information and start breaking down walls the future might be rather grim. So I commend this person for not giving into fear. Just asking……for who else but you Luke could I actually ask this question of:)

    Thank you for all your imput Luke, my best to you, Nathalie

  4. Luke Aspen

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Nathalie!
    Once again you’ve asked a good question! As for preservation, my friend did take some precaution in setting up a new email address for our correspondence. And yes, with easy tech surveillance, he could be found out. That brings to mind Guccifer, the Romanian hacker who has easily hacked his way into Hillary Clinton’s emails. He has boasted just how simple it all was!
    My agent friend is actually quite tired of the Hollywood scene & is wanting to leave say somewhere within the next or so. And yes, there is the fear. The fear of being caught , the fear of staying with the casting job for the money and the fear of what may happen if he leaves for something entirely new?
    We have discussed it all in our emails. I told him if it were me I would definitely leave. My feeling is you are only as good as the company you keep. So why does he continue to keep himself in a job that reflects an industry that makes some movies that are hidden with Satanic meaning? The money?
    Sadly most people do just that, Follow The Money!
    I left a padded position with a fortune 500 company here in Atlanta years ago & have since found life more fulfilling without having to chase after a fat paycheck! It was just time to move on.
    Also when you mentioned Norman Rockwell that made me think: google Norman Rockwell Freemason! Yes, he too was a Mason! Can you believe it? You can google that & it will pull up Images of Norman Rockwell – hundreds of photos of his hidden Masonic stuff! The Midnight Masons also have him listed on their site. It gives them their bragging rights!
    Thank you Nathalie, you’re the best!

  5. Luke Aspen

    Nathalie, I just found this quote:
    “Without thinking too much about it in specific terms, I was showing the America I know & observed to others who might not have noticed”. – Norman Rockwell, Freemason member, Red Mountain Lodge, #63 Arlington, Vermont.
    Also look at his name: Norman ROCK-well. Rosette would be the first to point that out!
    And the name Norman as in Normandy, I believe as well.
    Also thanks to Rosette, I’m constantly checking for anagrams. I just now found these:
    The Owl Mocker says much like the Cremation of Care Owl ceremony they perform at Bohemian Grove. So I checked to see if Rockwell has ever attended the Grove. So far I have not found his name attached BUT I will keep searching just to make sure!!!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Not Norman Rockwell! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Ha! Luke you are shattering them all! Great find on the anagrams! You can’t make this stuff up! Uncovering the spells! Warlock Omen! An Owl Mocker! Priceless and so spot on! I see ROMAN in Norman as well. Roman of course being the ones in charge today. From Holy Roman Empire to Roman Catholic Church. Still behind it all. And we are actually celebrating a Roman holiday today. What is Valentines Day? Lupercalia. Lupercalia is the veneration of the Roman God Lupercus which is the Greek God Pan. Pan of course is another name for the Devil. And Luper as in LUPUS, the Latin name for WOLF, the she-wolf who suckled the twins Romulus and Remus- the founders of Rome.

  6. Luke Aspen

    And I just found this………”Film director George Lucas owns Rockwell’s original “The Peach Crop”. And his colleague Steven Spielberg owns a sketch of Rockwell’s “Triple Self-Portrait”.
    Rockwell is also a major character in an episode of George Lucas’ Young Indiana Jones’ Chronicles called “The Passion of Life”. Lucas & Spielberg:, “Rockwell was a great man to cherish forever!”
    How sad to know, even Norman Rockwell, was a fake himself!!

  7. nathalie guiraudet

    Hi Luke, you sure have your nose to the grindstone with this stuff:) I wish your friend/correspondence the best whatever decision he decides to make for himself. I for one can barely rationalize watching any TV/movies at this point knowing I am in my own way continuing to support this gross reality by doing so………I can’t image how soul sucking it would be to actually work in this filth if you had a soul. On the other hand these dark times in our histories seem to have come before and for some reason are necessary. I just hope that whatever it is I need to learn from it all that I do! Being in an extremely healthy relationship with a partner who was beyond description physically and sexually abused as a child I wonder if I didn’t have such a face to face with the depths of what a human is capable of if I could really honestly grasp the information you give to us? The average person is basically good and of sound heart, it is a shock to the psyche to digest this information. There really are no words for the information both you and Rosette give to us. We started watching a 2016 TV series called Frequency. The show is well done but the reason I said I would watch it is the series poster art is a split between one side with the Twin Towers behind it and the other with the New One world trade center. (I think that is what they are calling it) I wasn’t that interested in the show as much as to try and figure out why they were using those symbols. So this is what the both of you have done to me ๐Ÿ™‚ Nothing exists anymore to just watch ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you both, lovely to correspond with you Luke

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      It is that Catch 22 isn’t it? In one respect it would be nice to have our eyes closed. So we can just see good in the world. But then we would never know the truth. And then to have our eyes opened. We see the truth and all of its ugliness. Which one is better? We can’t have both. One you are an inactive participant, completely controlled by the Puppet master. The other you are an active participant, in control, and have an opportunity to free others from the Puppet master. I feel fortunate to be in the latter camp.
      Someone commented today on my YouTube channel about how awful I was that I was so negative about everything and it would be awful to be a member of my household! It’s funny Nathalie, I am in an extremely healthy relationship as well and have very loving family and friends. This person has no clue. They just can’t see what we are trying to convey; not what WE think about the world but what THEY think.

      And that series Frequency sounds interesting. I’ll have to look it up. I’ve been watching the series called The 100. Are you familiar with that one? I might do a decode on it. All about “taking the chip” and “end times”.

  8. Luke Aspen

    Here’s my research on Kenzo World: Decoding the symbols of the Kenzo Dress; Part 1
    Margaret Qualley wearing the green dress is very key! The color green indicates that Margaret is a Delta & NOT a Beta Monarch. The Delta is usually seen wearing some shade of green in a dress at some type of event. Just like you noted Margaret is seen wearing the kelly green dress to an awards “ceremony” in the other photo. Yes! Absolutely!
    The difference btwn Delta & Beta is the Delta has been programmed to kill. So that is EXACTLY why you see Margaret shooting lasers from her hands! Destroying things in her path. But is she the one fully in control? No, since she’s a Monarch puppet programmed that way. Interesting she does not wield a gun in her hand in order to do the killing. She can destroy with her bare hands. Or she kills with her “hand lasers”. I see that as a visual coded way of saying as in an anagram:
    HAND LASERS = AS HANDLERS. It’s her handlers that are in full control & making her do the killing as instructed!
    Other visual clues:
    Notice the triangle that is part of the Kenzo dress pattern near her stomach. This triangle also becomes part of the large X design that extends from her waist & goes all the way up & across both shoulders. A Most Important Clue! So she has this big X that covers her chest. And it does cover otherwise her bare skin. As you know about the Illuminati X symbol. This surely tells us Margaret Qualley was born & raised in the Illuminati Hollywood Circle. That’s also why her mother Andie & she have been seen at numerous events & award shows or “ceremonies”. And this is their secret way of saying that the X marks the spot! Her Spot!
    And the Spot does have different meanings. One would be for the awards “ceremony” Margaret is attending in the video. This is putting her in the Spot-Light! And so the Kenzo dress is not only green but has the X too. Saying that a Delta Monarch is being Put On The Spot. And the dress designers for these Monarchs will use the X across the chest design as a signal, over & over again, for each Monarch involved! Tom Ford is one of those designers who will put the X on the dress. Most importantly, him, since he’s homosexual! The gay designer to place the X on the chosen & spotted Monarch Model. Even though Margaret is wearing a Kenzo & not a Ford dress, Tom Ford is still key here! He has done Margaret’s full make-up for other photo shoots & events. Remember, Tom Ford rules the roost for CoverWorld make-up & Monarch models. So he & Margaret Qualley are surely connected!
    Also it’s worth noting here that Tom Ford was the homosexual designer who created the famous dress for Michelle Obama. The one she wore to the Buckingham Palace event! That’s why the dress Michelle wore also had the X across the chest! Marking her Spot! I can not stress this enough!!! Ever since I found this out I’ve been seeing it EVERYWHERE for Illuminati events. (More to tell later in detail & will post it on FB to share!)
    And just why the X?
    That’s the other meaning of X marks the Spot! Or the Dot! The Dot is a Big Black Spot! And here the word Spot is an acronym: SPOT = SODOMY PLACED ON THEM ! Now it makes sense? And the award shows, events, ceremonies they ALL pertain to the sodomy ritual. So the Delta Monarchs wear green either in a dress, emerald jewels, necklace or bracelet. And the dress will have DOTS, usually for an event. But there can be exceptions to that.
    Some Side Notes: Tom Ford, Mason & Member of Bohemian Grove, has his own upscale design store here in Atlanta. The outside storefront has a drive-in, blown-up size photo of a Ford model. She’s wearing a long, black dress that is covered in big white polka dots. So polka dot = poke-a-dot = sodomy! Did you know this? I also found the perfect anagram:
    TOM FORD = DOT FORM ! He’s pushing the sodomy issue as far as he can. And the left handers are saying that Ford is speaking some great wisdom! Here’s a recent quote he made in GQ magazine: “Every man should be f–ked at some point in his life”. “You shouldn’t force yourself to do it. But it’s really not that much different than having a message. It doesn’t feel that much different. It’s skin. You should do it with someone you like. Do it with a friend who you think is great. It’s very easy. And yes, it’s normal!”
    And remember when I mentioned that before there was the Playboy Bunny, Disney was the one to create Minnie Mouse? She was noted as the pre-teen original MK Ultra pin-up girl. I did forget though to add, just look at what she wears! Disney drew her with wearing a red dress & covered in white polka dots. Even her hair band matches with the dots!
    And in Disney’s animated film Pocahontas, the illustrators jokingly remarked how they wished they could have put polka dots all over the character’s buckskin dress. Thus making Pocahontas as really Poke-a-hot-ass!
    Also in the Kenzo World vid Margaret enters the all seeing eye with the very center being a big black spot! And she comes out thru the Back-End! With those big Black Balls -or- Dots that are all around her. I counted 7 of them in the photo. So Margaret Qualley is just another sodomized model/actress/slave.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Spot on! ha ha. ๐Ÿ™‚ Great great connections Luke! You are teaching me as well!I shall be watching for the spots and X’s too. As I mentioned to you, I think you should do a guest article in here as well. Put this in article form with the associated pics would be great. Compliments my post. The more info the better.
      Off topic but I saw a scary vid on Demi Moore. Let me grab it and I’ll post for you. You will find it disturbing but interesting.

      Here, I found it:

  9. Downtown Julie Brown

    Hi Rosette, Luke and Nathalie!
    I can not tell you just how much I’ve enjoyed all your stuff the three of you have discussed! I too am learning so much! Rosette I am amazed at the commercials you have decoded! And Luke helping out too! And Nathalie has asked the same questions I was wandering about!
    I also noticed Luke put part 1 on his last posting, so will there be more? Superb job done once again!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      I’m glad you enjoy the discussions Julie and am grateful for your contributions as well. We learn from each other. I must say I have the most cerebral awakened readers. Nathalie is wonderful as well as Lidy, Itchy and Lola among others. I feel so fortunate!
      I offered Luke to write a guest article on my blog. He has uncovered some GREAT symbolism in his recent work and it would be much better if he could post the visuals as well with it. So we’ll see. No pressure. But would be a great compliment to my work. Stay tuned! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. nathalie guiraudet

    Hello Rosette and Luke, having watched a few shows of Frequency I’m not finding much, but I’m not on par at all with either of your Coding abilities! The main theme so far is a typical serial killer who kills female nurses. I was wondering why we never see serial killers of men, always woman. Is this programing? Also I’m not sure there even are many serial killers as it seems creating a serial killer is a way to dispose of bodies used for rituals…….which may actually be information I learned from you Rosette. We did start the 100 but for some reason didn’t keep up with it. It may have been more interesting searching for coding when we were watching it but I am knew to this form of entertainment watching and so was watching asleep at the wheel:)

    And Luke, I’m not sure what drew me to this book called Trance-formation of America by Cathy O’Brien, but I was absolutely mesmerized by reading it all weekend. I had to stop about half-way through though as I just couldn’t take it anymore. And then Rosette I watched that Demi Moore clip and wow, everything just fit together instantaneously like a giant puzzle. I actually think it caused me to experience a bit of shock. I remember watching and loving the movie Coal Miners Daughter. But things about the movie just didn’t “set” right, even way back then. But when I learned from the book that Loretta Lynne was an MK Ultra mind control victim, then her marrying an older military man when she was so darn young makes sense. He was her handler I have to assume. Then these godless people make a pretend movie of her life, and then to top it off they then give themselves an academy award for doing so. And I don’t need to say it goes on and on and on.

    I’m beginning to think that nothing else exists in life for these people to do other than figure out ways to control people and participate in perversions of all kinds. From this book, the military, CIA, NASA, presidents and many government officials, A list actors and many foreign dignitaries and officials all participate and know exactly what it going on. Heck they have to learn the coding somewhere to actually trigger and manipulate these slaves. What the heck is NASA doing being part of the Mind control programs!!? I guess if space is a big lie, they have to keep themselves busy doing something. (besides lying about space) It seems an educated guess that Bruce Willis was Demi Moore’s handler. Once you even half-way understand the sick game nothing and I mean nothing is as it appears.

    Happy to be an active participant Rosette but I’m participating in a game I never signed up for. I hope more people start to wake up and fast, it’s getting kinda scarey.

    OK, here’s to all of us who have wonderful relationships, look younger than we are, swim against the tide and most think are nuts! HA HA

    Luke you must have some interesting dinner conversations at your house!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Aloha Nathalie,
      So I started watching that show too, Frequency. In the promo pic for the show it has Frank and the Twin Towers and Raimy and the One World Tower and with the usual color split of blue and red. So that got me curious. I’m only a few episodes in and can’t say I see as much symbolism as I do in other shows, but the interesting aspect in this one is the obvious one, the connection between past, present and future, and all its implications. IS it a real thing that the Black community is utilizing? Or is it propaganda to make the public BELIEVE they have this technology? I know in the alternative community they have discussed Project Looking Glass. IS this a real project though? Al Bielek supposedly went forward in time- was a Time Traveler. Even the coding with the TT is for Time Travel. TT together makes the Pi symbol and 3.14 is very special because it is in the spiral of life the Golden Ratio. Curtis Everett is the name of the Christ character in Snowpiercer. It is encoded for Christ Ever True Time Traveler basically. Curtis is an anagram for Curist. Replace the U with an H and you have Christ. Ever is (ever, like forever through time) and also Vere as in Truth. The TT on the end is code for Time Travel. In the movie Lucy, at the end when they have her merging with the machine they show Times Square. Times Square is TIME SQUARED or TIME TIME- so again TT which is Time Travel. They had Lucy go back through time. They were showing her time travelling basically. So… back to Frequency… they could be showing us an aspect of this… something to mull over. Will keep watching and see if anything else pops out at me.

  11. Luke Aspen

    Hey Rosette, Nathalie & Julie!
    Here’s my 2 cents worth:
    Frequency was actually a movie from 2000 & very good! Starring Dennis Quaid. He also has a brother Randy Quaid, who has been on the lam with his wife. They ran off to Canada to escape the whole Hollywood Illuminati scene. Randy has said, over & over, that “Hollywood is killing all it’s stars”. Do you remember that? He used the word “Star Whackers”, He was hinting at MK Ultra. So now he’s the bad guy on the run & that was about 5 yrs ago. Haven’t heard much since then.
    I don’t watch much tv but I do read about all the stuff currently running on tv by reading print media. The tv version of frequency has the character Al Bielek. I don’t know if he’s a good guy or not but I did happen to find this anagram: AL BIELEK = LIKEABLE / BLEAK LIE So does that help add or detract?
    And Nathalie how did you find out about the book Trance-formation? Bingo! That is a good one to tell you so much about MK Ultra etc. Yes, Loretta Lynn still suffers to this day. I read that her handler Ken Riley has put more programming into her. She’s in her 80’s for God’s Sake! Btw if you go to Rosette’s Serial Killers Decoded, dated Aug. 28th, you will find much more info I wrote about Loretta Lynn. And if you don’t finish reading Trance-formation I can’t blame you!
    As for Bruce Willis, he is part of the Jesuits /Knights of Malta. And a close buddy of his is Robert DeNiro, also in with the same group. Yes, Willis handled Demi Moore as an MK Ultra. Very pathetic!
    Demi also got hooked up with Deepak Chopra & traveled to India with him. She helped him promote/push his New Age book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. I did read it & it’s total junk. It made him enormously wealthy. Like most other New Age authors. Follow The Money!

  12. Luke Aspen

    And Nathalie, how I wish I could have more people like you, Rosette, Julie and others here to dinner! What a feast of brain food that would be! I have to be careful when I meet someone new in person since I don’t know what to expect at first & just how aware they may be. Unlike on this site, we are all here for the same reason & know what to expect!

  13. nathalie guiraudet

    Hello Rosette, thank you for all the feedback. I too am continuing to watch the Frequency show. I’m actually enjoying it more because their isn’t as much in your face symbolism! But the time travel aspect as you say might unfold into something very interesting. I have a shaman friend who has explained to me that time is not linear. She can travel past, present and future for they are all happening at the same time, and does so to help heal people. I have read much about this also. Personally I don’t think I have had the experience of such travel, but I have had healing sessions with a wonderful man who can go back in time, change your timeline and heal some pretty amazing issues just by doing so. I am convinced we are greatly limited only by our trained/ingrained perceptions. I have been working hard to shake them all loose, but it takes time. Meditation has been extremely and amazingly beneficial in this process for me. So I’m inclined to believe it’s not propaganda, but they do have access to knowledge not shared. Perhaps it isn’t necessarily technological.

    I did not see the movie Lucy but I did see Snowpiercer. Do you think the actors playing the roles of say Christ or Satan, do you think they are actually aware of this or just doing what they are told acting wise? The Curtis Everette actor plays Captain America who also comes across as a Christ figure, albeit a violent one:) I didn’t like his character at first but having watched the movie a few times (supper hero movies are popular in our house) he is completely asexual and has the most heart and compassion of all the characters. On many viewings he is the only character who actually has a conscience.

    And Luke I found the book trying to find information on PTSD healing. She wrote a book about that, which ironically I have not read:) But the Trance-formation of America book, wow. testament to what the human body can endure! Luke I will go read your post on Serial Killers decoded again after sending this out. I was also wondering what your thoughts were on the Bill Clinton Monika Lewinsky thing? I was thinking about it for some reason, I have nooooo idea why, but I can’t believe that any news just happens organically anymore. What I’m asking is, hard for me to believe this story become “news” unless “they” wanted it to be. I have no idea if she was or was not a mind controlled subject, but heck after ready Cathy O’briens book these guys have access to any kind of perversion they want whenever they want. So Bill getting caught makes no sense unless it was staged. My thoughts to you, could it have been planned to cause a psychological division in the minds of the masses when it came the Bill and Hillary’s marriage? If Hillary was being prepped to run for president, Bill being “first lady” just seems kinda uncool to imagine. If they psychologically separated them before hand it might not seem so unappetizing to the american people. Once you get an idea of what these people do for “shits and giggles” then what happens in the news seems even more staged….my goodness if that is even possible!

    Luke, yes that would be a great meal! We definitely must thank Rosette for creating this space to feel free to speak freely. I too spend most of my time inside my head with all this.

    Downtown Julie Brown, thank you also for your kind support, my best to all of you

    The sun is finally out! And so are the chemplanes….so off I go to take in some rays before they are all clouded out! What a world, what a world! Oh Luke, from her book do you think the Wizard of Oz and Alice and Wonderland and the such were actually written with mind-control in mind?

  14. Nathalie guiraudet

    Wow I went back to Serial Killers decoded…….45 comments! I think that was the time first found you Rosette for I don’t recall reading the comments. Many many questions answered. It was good to go back. I understand so much more now than I did then. Even if I had read everything back in June I think much would have been lost on me. And to give myself some perspective I can’t believe how much I have changed from 8 months ago. Thank you and Luke for all that info

    1. Luke Aspen

      And Nathalie (forgot to add) my take on your question about the Wizard of Oz & Alice In Wonderland. Were they both written with mind-control in mind?
      Wizard was written in 1900 & Alice written in 1865. That was well before the MK Ultra program even existed. That all began in Germany under Operation Paperclip; the secret intelligence program to bring Nazi scientists to the US. And what the CIA had originally called Operation Bluebird (the creation of a Manchurian Candidate) was later changed to MK Ultra.

      1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

        Remember too that the Nazi’s used the Egyptian Book of the Dead for their mind control techniques. Was this book used even earlier by nefarious groups (such as The Great White Brotherhood)? I finished Hitler’s Mein Kampf just recently, and Hitler was talking about War World I and how the ENGLISH were using advanced propaganda techniques on their soldiers to get them to fight with vigor. The Germans at that time had no such technique and ultimately lost the war. Through Hitler’s observations I would say he subsequently studied everything he could get his hands on concerning propaganda and mind control when he was in power (World War II) and used this knowledge on the masses. The CIA was heavily connected to the Nazi’s as well. Prescott Bush, Bush Senior’s father helped the war effort on behalf of the Germans. His son, George HW Bush, became head of the CIA.

  15. Luke Aspen

    Hey Nathalie,
    Once again you’re asking good questions! As for Monica Lewinsky, I have seen her name on a list of MK Ultras. So she could very well be one. And Bill & Hillary are surely two of the most Satanic ever! They are into ALL perversions. So MK Utra plays a big part for them both. Also consider the name Huma Abedin. She was the chief of staff for Hillary’s time spent as Secretary of State. She is suppose to be another MK Monarch programmed to personally serve Hillary. They kept very close ties. One insider even used the word “marsupial” to describe just how close they were. What a word! So you get the picture. HUMA ABEDIN = IN A BED (with Huma) !
    And their marriage, if you could even call it that, is a total sham. Hillary has always known about Bill’s philandering. She has played the scorned wife routine for the public eye. They both have had homosexual trysts. Try the gay thing on for size! They break ALL the rules just because they can. I read that once for a private party Bill dressed as the Statue of Liberty. He was acting all girly & wanting to be put in the female postion. Again just more of how they express their way of inverting things.
    So that made me think at the time, if Hillary became President, and Bill as first lady, just how would that be played out in our American psyche? As for my research tells me they both do not care about how things go, staged or not, they just keep bulldozing their way thru everything & everyone. So Nathalie are you familiar with the Clinton Body Count?
    The 60+ people who have been put away for getting in their way. They were found dead either by “accident” or “suicide”. And sometimes a shot to the head homicide.
    I researched all of that too. So if you like you can, (once again), go to Rosette’s Serial Killer’s Decoded, Sept. 7th. I just listed the most flagrant cases & certainly not all of those folks killed. The story of the 2 teenage boys that got caught witnessing Bill’s drug running AND the case of the missing human head. Or aka “the dog that ate the head!!”
    Anyway Nathalie, it’s there if you care to know more or just ignore. I leave that up to you!
    And YES, I definately thank Rosette for allowing me to post so much stuff here!! Before she came along I never ever left a comment on any website before! I felt it was best just to keep quiet! She is a great blessing!!
    Always so cool to exchange info with you Nathalie!

  16. nathalie guiraudet

    Hello everyone, Rosette, Mein Kampf, a little light reading to wind down after work:) You know it’s funny someone the other day was giving me a hard time because I spend so much of it trying to learn as much as I can about this world. They said sarcastically how much free time I have to waste on such things while the “average” person has to actually work. I do work and sick of listening to this crap I explained in the calmest demeanor I could garner that having time is just a matter of priorities. Everyone I know, her included spend an incredible amount of time on Facebook and watching tv. The time is there. I mean seriously folks, a time did exist long long ago when curiosity and creative thinking was a good thing.

    Is it me or are most of the people in Hollywood, music, and professional sports especially the woman all under some sort of mind control? I know Rosette and Luke have been at this much longer than I and are farther along in viewing the big picture but after reading all the comments for Serial Killers Decoded it’s a giant Stepford Wives movie set out there.

    And Rosette I dug a bit into the great white brotherhood and reading about them gave me the willies. I didn’t get far for now but wish you would add more of this stuff to your decoding (please excuse me if you already have and I missed it) I just don’t understand how this immense hierarchical pyramid of power which has existed for a very very long time can be practically unknown? And why all the decoding? Why do they care? What do they care about? Just world domination? Obviously it’s not about money. And if they hate us so much why not kill us? Why not get rid of us. We mean nothing to them anyway. Or do they actually need us? If we were gone who would they decode to:) who would they have to keep secrets from? I was wondering if it’s actually not possible for them to get rid of us. Somehow we are in this together. If not too busy was wondering what your thoughts were. You DO know an incredible amount of everything

    And for the show Frequency as related to that illuminati card game that came out I think in the 80’s. Do you think they know exactly what is going to happen far in the future because they plan and control everything or perhaps do they have the ability to move through time? Pondering pondering always pondering.

    Thank you Rosette for this site. I rarely if ever make internet comments and this is the first time I’ve ever had long standing interactions. It’s really nice to have

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Hi Nathalie,
      I hear you sister! YOU my friend, are a PHILOSOPHER- a lover of wisdom. Just like me, Luke, Julie, Lidy, Lola, and all our other friends that comment and share on here. I work as well, full time, but like you, I find time to seek. To me, this is the MOST IMPORTANT THING OF ALL! To discover the truth about our world! So we find time. I listened to Mein Kampf on my commute to work on audio book! I research and comment for my articles/presentations in between my work, on my breaks etc. The majority of the films I watch are ones I do decodings on. I also have a book I read by my side at all times for other breaks in the day. Right now I am finishing Genesis 6 Conspiracy by Gary Wayne. I get great nuggets of knowledge the more I watch, the more I read. Shame on your friend. I feel sad for the person. They do not know their world. Their life is being manipulated without their knowledge and so can’t do anything about it!
      You asked how the hierarchical structure can be almost completely unknown- it is through fear and control. Remember seeing all the movie stars doing the “shhhhhh” sign? Very bad things will happen to them if they tell. Do you watch The Walking Dead? See how Neegan controls his group? Through FEAR. Same principle here. Remember the Satanic groups behind the Serial Killers? Same thing here.
      The coding is for the ones in the know. It’s a way for them to show their dominance over us. Also it is a way to get energy from us to use towards their desires. That’s why their guy, Jon Snow, in Game of Thrones, they make him the likable one, so we are saying we like him too, and the “him” is Lucifer. Like Michelle Obama being a man. If we like Michelle Obama as a first lady, we are giving our approval to the first lady being a man. Batman V Superman is basically Lucifer V Christ, they kill Christ in that movie and we watch and give our energy to it.
      They want to kill most of us, down to 500 million including them.(Georgia Guidestones) But they keep us, even after trans-humanism is in full effect, robots running everything, because they drink our blood. They are literally vampires at the top. God said not to drink the blood, so they drink the blood. The blood has our life force in it. They drink it for strength and youthfulness.
      On the time travel question I honestly don’t know. Luke was saying there was a TV series called Frequency too and the main character was called Al Bielek! Remember I mentioned Al Bielek as a time traveler. He is connected to the Philadelphia Experiment. I put a link for you here: Now I’m not saying I believe him. Just something to listen to and you can decide for yourself. I lean towards it being disinfo.
      I’m glad you enjoy this space Nathalie. It’s always a pleasure to interact with like kind people.

  17. nathalie guiraudet

    Hello Rosette, thank you again for such kind words! Again such a wonderful example of perception. On one hand I am a philosopher ๐Ÿ™‚ (the first time I’ve ever been called that!) and then on the other hand I have close family members telling me that all this obsessing will make me sick and why can’t I just read a good fiction book! In time I will work up to telling them all that life is already fiction and way more interesting than a fiction book about fiction! It’s on the tip of my tongue but I hold back for at this point that kind of response with only push them farther away.

    Please I apologize for a slow reply, we are in baby goat season here and so very busy. But such a wonderful time, nothing like fluffy baby animals and goats are so much fun. I would have shared pictures if I could:)

    And Lola, thank you for such kind words. Wow, knowing you people are out there in the great expanse does my heart good. Giving me the opportunity to interact with others. Sometimes the conversations I have with myself walking the dogs through the woods can be a little limiting:)

    Luke or Rosette, just a wonder as I know nothing about this person Kellyanne Conway but my feeling is if ANYONE went into the oval office and sat with his/her feet up on the couch they have obviously been there under rather different circumstances and where having a program glitch. No sane person in their right mind would show such an act of non decorum. But under different circumstances if she had been to the oval office for social engagements/programing the slip would make more sense. I didn’t care much about it, but everyone else made such a big deal of it that I wondered if she is another vegetable in the MK mind control pot of soup?

    Ah, Walking Dead. Years ago before the show I read the first 5-6 volumes of the comics. I loved them. I loved the show at first, but by the end of last season I couldn’t take it anymore. So yes I hear you how the Neegan guy rules by fear. Fear and anxiety. That show was giving me so much anxiety I had to stop watching. I knew it wasn’t good for me. That caused a big disturbance in the House Force as watching the show was almost a religion. But my wishes were respected and the show gets watched when I am out of the house. I just couldn’t think clearly after watching the show and I would have a horrible nights sleep. The show has made me much more leary about what I watch. If I watch something that I can’t make sit right then I make myself stop watching. Sometimes I can figure out what is bugging me and move through it and continue watching and sometimes I can’t. Your decodings have greatly helped me in this regard. It’s interesting how most of the time the “bugging” is because they are trying to make me like a character, ie John Snow that I just don’t want to like or doesn’t feel right to like. Again everything is such a lie and backwards you don’t want to let your guard down.

    I have not watched the Al Bielek Philadelphia Experiment video as it is 2 1/2 hours long. Of course not that I listen to your opinion or the like, but since you suggested it might be disinfo I wasn’t sure I wanted to give it over 2 hours of my life! See, you have no sway over us at all! But, I would love your feedback on nuclear weapons and war. Can you tell us anything from the coding? My gut is telling me this is just more organized fear on a ramped up scale. I don’t listen to much mainstream news but it’s like floating all over the place and people seem really scared. Could they actually fake WW3? 6 months ago I would have said no way but with what I understand now, anything seems possible. All this nonsense between America and Russia makes no sense at all. It’s like retro fear mongering…..haven’t we already been here before? The same “things” control Russia that control America, that control everything else. They might be able to persuade us so well that radiation is in the air when it isn’t that people will drop dead from it. Those Georgia Guidestones must be worshiped. I mean heck, they weren’t erected as lawn ornaments:)

    Everyone take care, until next weekend, another week to ponder

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Aloha Nathalie,
      Baby goats are soooo cute! A friend of mine over here raises sheep and goats. She has two that I absolutely adore, named Cinnamon and Nutmeg. Ha!
      Not familiar with Kellyann Conway. Luke? any insights on her? Just from what you are saying Nathalie, I’m sure she is a Beta Monarch. Conway- the way of the con- conman- or woman in this case. Staged I’m sure.
      Regarding Walking Dead, I never got into that show, but with this last season there was a lot of talk about it in my office so was curious. I saw the season opener with Negan killing the two guys with the bat, and it was really TOO MUCH for me. I mean, it was so in your face violent. Do children watch this crap?????
      No worries on the Al Bielek thing. I hear you. I am way more picky on what I watch. I won’t watch any vids made by disinfo peeps and there are a ton! So much harder to find the good ones out there in YouTube land. Regarding nuclear weapons and war- there aren’t nuclear weapons. There ARE napalm bombs and the like. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were actually attacked with napalm bombs. They WANT us to think that they have this devastating technology that can wipe out the world but it’s not true. I don’t think God will allow it. Fukushima is a big hoax. There was NO radiation leak from Fuke. That was a lie. I live in Hawaii and we have absolutely ZERO increase in radiation, cancers, fish die off, plant die off, etc. that you would get from a major radiation spill in the Pacific Ocean from our nearest neighbors on our West Side. Untrue. Yes the war thing, they could orchestrate a war, like they have done in the past (many) if the sheeple are willing. That’s the problem. If people don’t wake up then these puppet masters still control us and can get us to kill each other. Putin is one of THEM too btw. No good guys are head of any country these days. They are all controlled by the same masters.
      Take care Nathalie,
      always a pleasure to chat with you
      ~ Rosette

      1. Itchy Lizardflanks

        Rosette & Nathalie,
        The first time I heard it suggested that nuclear weapons were a hoax was in an article by Miles Mathis:
        Miles has since written a second article on this topic:
        When someone points these things out, like the Flat Earth, it just seems so obvious. (Btw, Miles Mathis hates FE as much as I hate chemtrails — which is a whole hell of a lot — so that he won’t even discuss the topic on either of his sites. No one’s perfect, I guess.) And then you start to realize how the whole web of lies hangs together. For example, the cover story behind the GWEN towers (Ground Wave Emergency Network) is that they provide a means of communication in the event of a nuclear war. Well, if nuclear weapons are a hoax, then what are the GWEN towers really for? Dr. Robert Becker (1923-2008), a top-ranked expert in the field of electromedicine, once speculated that GWEN would be the perfect way to control the behavior of the entire US population.
        This is why the dorkmeisters of the darkside have had to control all the major media outlets. Their house of cards will come down pretty damn quickly when one of their foundation falsehoods, like Flat Earth, is exposed. God, I can’t wait!
        Itchy Lizardflanks

        1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

          Hi Itchy,
          I haven’t had a chance to open up your links but I will say that I AM a Flat Earther. Flat Earthers were former BALL Earthers like everyone else! We ALL were indoctrinated in the same Jesuit/Rockefeller based school systems that pushed BALL Earth THEORY. And yes it is a THEORY NOT fact! Flat Earthers are Ball Earthers that researched for themselves the shape of the Earth. They didn’t believe it at first either! They laughed at it at first! But once you really dig into the details, really study it, there is no denying it. So your guy MILES MATHIS- MM = 33, I would bet on it he’s a Mason, vehemently denying it?? Did he even study it??? Not only is Flat Earth provable by observation, but also by very common laws of physics, for instance- water ALWAYS SEEKS LEVEL- seeks FLAT. Water CANNOT stick to a Ball. Remember too that Ball is phonetically (pesky Phony Phoenicians) is the same as BAAL. THEIR God LUCIFER. I did THREE presentations on Flat Earth and how the truth is even encoded in our language. I am currently working on presentation number four regarding Flat Earth. So you are going to have to wait until……………… well forever, if you think the Flat Earth foundation is gong to fall down like a house of cards! On the contrary, it will happen to Ball Earth! And yes, I can’t wait for THAT to happen! All my articles are to open peoples eyes to the TRUTH about our world!!!! And the lies of BAAL Earth is one of the biggest!
          Take care, Rosette

          1. Itchy Lizardflanks

            Oops, At the end of that last post I said the opposite of what I meant. I should’ve said “Ball Earth.” My bad. Didn’t mean to get you all riled up. I kind of blame Eric Dubay. His book is called “The Flat-Earth Conspiracy.” While I was reading it, I thought to myself, “This should be called ‘The Ball-Earth Conspiracy.'” And now I’ve done the same thing! Doh! We still good?

          2. Rosette Delacroix Post author

            Of course we are still good! ๐Ÿ™‚
            I wasn’t “riled” up but I have to share my truth if it opposes what is commented. Glad you are on board with Flat Earth. Yes Eric is one of them. He does the “33” hand sign as does Math Powerland with his orange t-shirt (orange = 33) with the number 33 on it! Gives us some truth and lies in other areas. Eric plays the “Nazis are the good guys” camp and Powerland plays the “endless plane” camp. Endless plane is as bad as Endless Space (what the Nas-holes push) because if there are infinite planets or planes, then our place in this world is NOT special and there might NOT be a Prime Creator. But we KNOW we are special and that it is NO COINCIDENCE that Earth is an anagram for HEART!!! So that’s how they do it, mixing truth with lies so people either get duped in the lie parts or get so confused they give up. We really have to EARN the truth. It is like one big world school. I am very proud of my friends here (which of course includes you Itchy, and I did mean to mention you in my earlier comments as well when mentioning names so please forgive me!) because you all are learning the truth WITHOUT being a part of their club! What a price to pay to learn but then know you made an oath to the dark side!!! Being free from secret societies and learning the truth is ultimate freedom, pledging an oath to a secret society and learning the truth is ultimate control (of the one who took the oath).
            Take care~ Rosette

          3. Itchy Lizardflanks

            You say that Eric Dubay’s “one of them.” Well, he just might be. I really don’t know. But he addresses the thing about the hand signs (and other claims made by his critics) in this article on his website:
            According to Eric, who teaches yoga, the “signs” he’s making are mudras, yogic postures, and thousands of years older than Freemasonry (but maybe not Kabbalah, on which Freemasonry is based). Anyway, if he is compromised, it’s a good cover story.
            A question, Rosette: If not Eric Dubay, from whom did you first learn about Flat Earth? I ask because I thought Eric was pretty much the “main man” in bringing back Flat Earth into public awareness. (Again, I could be wrong.) If so, how do you reconcile that with his being “one of them”? Just wondering.
            PS. I have no problem believing Matt Boylan is an asset/agent. Unlike Eric Dubay, who in my experience comes across as a person of integrity, Matt Boylan struck me on first viewing as unbearably smug (whatever made that guy think he’s funny or smart enough to do stand-up!).

          4. Rosette Delacroix Post author

            Aloha Itchy,
            It’s not my place to convince someone one way or the other. I gave my two cents on him and mentioned it in my first Flat Earth Vid. They are each taking a side, Matt is Blue and Eric is Red- classic Hegelian. Zion ~ Nazi
            I did buy and read Eric’s book when I first became aware of Flat Earth. I also bought and read Samuel Rowbotham’s Zetetic Astronomy, Earth Not a Globe. That one really got me going. I joined a Flat Earth group on Facebook as well where people were posting their findings and we would discuss. I observed on my own the movements of the Sun, Moon and stars. I observed the horizon and its lack of curve. I watched the Sun set and rise. I noticed how water always found level. I researched various cultures views on the shape of the Earth, such as Norse, Indian, Chinese etc. And then too, we see the symbolism hidden in movies etc. as well.

      2. Luke Aspen

        Yes, I too would say Kellyanne Conway has been monarched! Also Rosette pointed out her name Con-Way! I was on the net looking at some of Conway’s photos. Some photos of her looking rather blank-faced. They say the eyes are windows to the soul. Well those photos of her staring life-lessly make her look like she is mind-controlled.
        And the “photo op” of her at the White House with her shoes off & with her legs curled up. Makes her seem like she has not a leg to stand on. Maybe that is the message! Also in that photo just look at Trump & how he is standing with both hands cast down & forming the downward triangle! He’s a Mason! Notice how in the news he constantly flashes those Masonic hand signals, especially the letter L’s with both index fingers! The L’s = 33!
        33rd Mason! He can not be trusted. As Rosette has said before Trump is The Trickster!
        Most importantly in that same photo you will notice a group of about 40 black business people. They all were there to represent the HBCU (historically black college university). The HBCU heads are in the Black Boule!
        Google: “HBCU heads are coons & boule”. Have you read what I wrote about the Boule? Rosette also sent me a link to a Boule vid if I can remember which article it’s under? And many in the Boule also go on to become Masons.
        And Putin, Angela Merkel, Benjamin Netanyahu, David Cameron, Francois Hollande etc, – ALL Masons! Just like Rosette mentioned that “no good guys are head of any country these days”. Absolutely!
        Oh and Nathalie I want you to know you made me laugh when you said “Another vegetable in the MK mind-controlled pot of soup” AND “A giant Stepford Wives movie set out there”. Yep! Worth remembering!

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      Bend the Knee, like on Game of Thrones, giving up control, become a slave unto their system. Muslims when they pray bend the knee, kiss the ground towards Mecca where the Kaaba stone, Black stone, Stone of Isis is located. Definitely Masonicly connected. They are the Ma sons. Son of Ma (Isis). Also known as the Widow’s sons. Widow being the BLACK Widow Spider.

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