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WestWorld Decoded S1 E10 (The Bicameral Mind)

So a lot of interesting things came to fruition in the season finale. But before we go into the details let’s step back and look at the bigger picture first. Remember who is making this series. The one’s in charge right now. So like Ford in WestWorld, the “Ford” of our world called Earth, is pulling the strings. The puppet master is carefully running this “show” for a specific outcome. To manipulate our perception. We see Ford calm and collected through out each episode. He IS Hannibal Lector again. Crafty and wise. Cunning like a fox. He IS The Well-Tempered Clavier. How do we know? We learn that Maeve DIDN’T pull one over on her “jailers” after all did she? Someone was controlling HER story. He had her rebel. He gave her the plan of escape and even picked her team.

So Maeve couldn’t be The Adversary as I presumed. The Adversary would be Ford after all. And who is the GREAT Adversary? Well Lucifer of course. The controller of Earth.

We also find out that Ford gets the upper hand on Charlotte as well. He has Maeve “raise” the army of the undead. Abernathy AIN’T going anywhere is he? He is with the army when Sizemore goes down to activate him to leave with the critical park information.

He also gives the Man in Black exactly what he wants. After all, the Man in Black was his benefactor right? So Ford GIVES the Hosts Free Will just as Will wanted.

Ford also orchestrates Dante’s Contrapasso. Remember the Contrapasso espisode? They TOLD us that there will be the inverse punishment of their sins. “We’ll have all those things you’ve always enjoyed, surprises and violence,” says Ford.  And so, to the Guests, Contrapasso.

Makes you want to like Ford doesn’t it? He is such a clever chap. Sir Anthony Hopkins. To become a Knight of Her Royal Majesty means you have to do things for the Crown. It means you are a loyal subject and a trusted member of their inner circle. And who is the Royal Family? Well the Blue Bloods of course. From the Nephilim, Fallen Angels. So can we trust Anthony Hopkins? Can we trust Ford? Or can we trust that they are trying to manipulate the story so we “like” Ford. We “like” them. Trompe L’Oiel, who is being deceived?

All throughout the story who are we told created this world? A man. Not God. But a man. Through science. Which is of The Left Hand Path. No need for God. Man can even create consciousness! Or so we are told by Ford and Arnold. Through their Force of Will they can create anything, even life itself. Force of Will is THEIR philosophy. When Men can become as Gods. Is it a surprise that Will tells us he is a TITAN of INDUSTRY? That he is a GOD. Will I am. William is forcing his will on WestWorld. He purchases it and wreaks havoc for 35 years and he finally gets what he wants- sentient beings with free will. But we know that is not how it works. THEY manipulate US. THEY put US in our little loops of school, work, home, repeat. WE are born into THEIR system. THEIR WestWorld. They control US. How much free will do we really have while under THEIR system?

Bernard mentions the Maze. He tells Dolores he realized that it wasn’t a PYRAMID that she had to climb. It was a MAZE. But what IS the Maze? It’s Pan’s Labyrinth. It’s the Devil’s Maze in the Devil’s world called Earth.

The Pyramid is the structure of control for the Macro. The Hosts (us) are at the bottom, followed by many compartmentalized organizations going up, with Mason’s below Rosicrucians, who are below the Council of 13, who is below the one (Lucifer) at the very top with many subgroups in between.

The Maze is the structure of control for the Micro. It is within us. It is our minds. Where the true battle lies. Through careful propaganda and manipulation they make us believe the we need to be under a one world government with a universal religion, no borders, all under one. One supreme ruler.

So now that we get the bigger picture of the show, let’s take a closer look at the details. The finale is called The Bicameral Mind.

From the Wiki we learn:

“Bicameralism (the philosophy of “two-chamberedness”) is a hypothesis in psychology that argues that the human mind once assumed a state in which cognitive functions were divided between one part of the brain which appears to be “speaking”, and a second part which listens and obeys—a bicameral mind. The term was coined by Julian Jaynes, who presented the idea in his 1976 book The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, wherein he made the case that a bicameral mentality was the normal and ubiquitous state of the human mind as recently as 3000 years ago. The hypothesis is generally not accepted by mainstream psychologists.

Jaynes uses governmental bicameralism as a metaphor to describe a mental state in which the experiences and memories of the right hemisphere of the brain are transmitted to the left hemisphere via auditory hallucinations. The metaphor is based on the idea of lateralization of brain function although each half of a normal human brain is constantly communicating with the other through the corpus callosum. The metaphor is not meant to imply that the two halves of the bicameral brain were “cut off” from each other but that the bicameral mind was experienced as a different, non-conscious mental schema wherein volition in the face of novel stimuli was mediated through a linguistic control mechanism and experienced as auditory verbal hallucination.

According to Jaynes, ancient people in the bicameral state of mind would have experienced the world in a manner that has some similarities to that of a schizophrenic. Rather than making conscious evaluations in novel or unexpected situations, the person would hallucinate a voice or “god” (or a voice of Arnold) giving admonitory advice or commands and obey without question: one would not be at all conscious of one’s own thought processes per se. Research into “command hallucinations” that often direct the behavior of those labeled schizophrenic, as well as other voice hearers, supports Jaynes’s predictions.[2]

Ford himself tells us that this upgrade came from Man and not God. Ford tells Dolores, “A divine gift doesn’t come from a higher power but our own minds.” What????

Don’t forget in a previous episode Ford too pushing Darwinism by saying that we are here because of a million mistakes and not because we were made perfect and in God’s image. So do you see some of the stuff they are trying to instill in our minds?

Sir Anthony is pointing to his Temple, meaning he holds the secrets. He is a Master Mason. Master MANipulator. Don’t forget, MM equals 33. Thirty-third degree, those in the know, one degree above freezing where all the true knowledge is revealed.

Here lies Dolores. Remember she is the OLDEST woman in the park. The Park is Earth and the first woman is EVE. Who in the garden-park manipulated Eve? Why that wise old serpent of course.

Dolores is illuminated. Symbolically with the light over her head; from Heaven.

Just like Louie in Jacob’s Ladder.


Just like Max in Elysium. Notice Max is incorporated with machine as well.


Now tell me they don’t want you to notice Devil’s Tower in the background? The Tower of Babel, the symbol of Lucifer’s unification.

Just like on the Trump card on The Economist 2017 cover. WestWorld’s Devil’s Tower. Notice the sun is one third covered. So the world appears as night.

The beginning of a brand new chapter we are told. Notice the Moon is out instead of the Sun. And Ford calls it, “Journey Into Night.” Because the Sun will be darkened perhaps? Like on The Hermit card? The world appears as night.

Her manipulation continues. She symbolically dies, hence the Dolores Abernathy grave marker and in the shape of a cross. Cross- being Eve, with God.

When she digs up the key to the maze she also unlocks the key to her new identity. Being Wyatt, the opposite of Eve.

“Every choice can get you closer to the center or to the edge spiraling into madness. We have to tell Robert. You’re so close. We can’t open the park.”

“He said if I knew the answer they’d set me free,” she says.

“Break the loop before it begins. I need you to kill all the other Hosts,” Bernard orders.

“Now where’s Wyatt. He’s the last character I have yet to meet.”

Ironic isn’t it? Dolores was looking for William who was right in front of her.

And the Man in Black was looking for Wyatt who was right in front of him.

“I found someone true. Someone who loves me. His path will lead him back to me.” Some more irony. Dolores speaks truth. But she is thinking William when it is Teddy who is true.

Back to the Tower. Central Command. CC = 33…

Delos. Ever wonder why the owners of WestWorld go by Delos? Well “De” means “of” and “Los” is the plural of “El”. El is a word for God. So “Gods” would be “Los”. So Delos literally means “of Gods”. The Board are made up of “gods” or Nephilim. Remember William told us he was a TITAN of industry. A Titan, another word for Nephilim. Notice the purple background. And purple is the color of? The abyss.

“Everything is under control.” Or so she thinks.

“I take it I’m not being promoted.” Well-tempered Clavier. Doesn’t even raise his heart rate.

“When you reach the top there is only one direction you can go.” Fallen… angel….

“Aren’t you concerned I might smash all my toys and go home?”

Or will he go home and the toys (Hosts) do the smashing. Do we see the inverse here?

Host powers- activate!!! I think of a female terminator here.

And here’s more subtle propaganda. Always pushing the pan sexuality where ever possible. They have to push this guy on guy, girl on girl every chance they get.

They turn William into a monster overnight. More subtle propaganda. Making us think that anyone can go crazy at any time. Like all the school shooters, theater shooter, nightclub shooter. We are not safe anywhere! When in actuality it is NOT like this. These are all staged events and people DON’T turn into monsters overnight. But making William act like this reinforces this idea.

The picture that falls is what triggers the events isn’t it? So William triggers the exact thing that he has been seeking for 35 years without even knowing it. This is the exact picture that Abernathy picks up at the ranch and awakens him to the truth about his world.

“You always wanted to go to the end of the rainbow. This looks like the place.”

The rainbow bridge to Valhalla.

Now William knows that the Hosts get their minds wiped clean. That they are basically under MK Ultra mind control.

Yet he punishes Dolores as if she has complete control of her mind. Cognitive dissonance William? Dissonance Theory.

“I really aught to thank you Dolores. You really helped me find myself.”


Remember that they had the Giant in Game of Thrones.

They had the Giant Devil character that the Man in Black and Teddy had to wrestle.

And remember the Giant Devil is Pan, just like on the Devil Tarot card.

And now Dolores insinuates Giants as well. She says,”They say great beasts once roamed this world. As big as mountains yet all that’s left of them is bone and amber. Time undoes even the mightiest of creatures. Just look what’s its done to you.”

“I see you’ve found the center of the maze.”

“I want the Hosts to stop playing by your rules. The game’s not worth playing if your opponent is programmed to lose. I wanted them to be free. Free to fight back,” says Will.

“I think however you’ll find the new narrative more satisfying,” replies Ford.

“You came back,” exclaims Dolores.

“Someone once told me there’s a path for everyone. My path leads me back to you. We can find a way. A path to a new world. Maybe it’s just the beginning after all,” says Teddy.

And right on cue Ford locks the doors to the command center.

So the command can’t protect the Board.

Reminds me of the ’73 version of WestWorld when the workers got trapped in the command center and suffocated to death. What will be their fate in this version?

“What is this place?” asks Maeve.

“It’s complicated,” says Lutz.

Notice the new logo. SW instead of WW. What is SW? From the look of the characters I would say Samurai World possibly? When I look at the S it looks like a Snake to me. Snake World in some form. Notice too the coloring, blue and purple. The colors of the abyss.

“Die well.” He tells Berdal. Just like the Vikings she is from. If she dies well she will go to Valhalla.

“God created Adam.”

Ford then mentions God riding on a brain and attempts to manipulate our thinking by saying that divine thought comes from Man’s own mind not God. But we know DIVINE thought comes directly from God.

Notice too that God is on a red brain. Red is the highest color on the rainbow spectrum, closest to Heaven. Adam is on blue. Blue is a shade away from Purple, the lowest color on the rainbow spectrum and closest to the Abyss, where Lucifer resides.

“So he altered you,” says Ford, speaking of Arnold.

And she becomes? Wyatt.

Notice that Wyatt is a strange name because it is traditionally a boy’s name. So she goes from Dolores to Wyatt. Or from Eve to Steve. They are giving Dolores the characteristics of the Masculine alpha male. The protector.

Notice how Teddy looks afraid and Dolores tell him not to be. They are reversing roles. She is supposed to be the nurturing loving divine feminine and Teddy is supposed to be the divine masculine protector. See how Lucifer inverts everything?

“No. She wasn’t truly conscious. It was Arnold pulling the trigger through her.” Bicameral Mind hearing the voice of a “god” instead of her own.

“You needed time. Time to understand your enemy. To be stronger and I’m afraid in order to escape this place you will need to suffer more.”

“Do you know now who’s voice you’ve been hearing all this time?”

“Confront myself after this long nightmare and realize who I must become.”

They want us to believe that Dolores has EVOLVED. That she has gone from a Bicameral mind to a unified one. One in which her higher self speaks to her instead of outside voices. More Darwinian based theory.

“Stories are to ennoble ourselves to fix what is broken in us and to help us to become the people we dreamed of being. It begins with it a Birth of a new people. And the choices they have to make. We’ll have all those things you’ve always enjoyed, surprises and violence. It begins with a time of war. With a villain named Wyatt.”

And the Contrapasso begins… with the undead making their appearance.

To the delight of William.

And the dismay of Charlotte and the Board.

“These violent delights have violent ends.”

We leave Good Dolores behind (White) and meet her counter Bad Wyatt (Black). Her Janus, just like the White and Black Pope here in duality world.

Some thoughts to ponder for Season 2: Ford is gone but Arnold is still around. Maeve came back too. Does Will die? I think not. And he is the owner right? So he will keep it running somehow. Maybe by promoting this new S World. They can’t just have the Hosts running off because it would alert the rest of the “real” world outside of WestWorld. Ford made sure that Arnold and Dolores were seasoned. That they understood their enemy. Is it going to be a New World (Order) with the Hosts in control? “It’s complicated,” says Lutz.

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5 responses on “WestWorld Decoded S1 E10 (The Bicameral Mind)

  1. Lola

    Season’s Greetings Dear Rosie!
    I hope you are well my dear and ready for your American Christmas! I have enjoyed reading all of your decodings of the WestWorld! I was not familiar with it at all but it has been most interesting to learn more of it through your gifted eyes. My sister Carmella is still in New York and she has watched WestWorld on tv there. She has also found a copy of the old seventies version also called WestWorld. She has promised to mail it to me. I can not wait to see it!
    Here in Jamaica we celebrate Junkanoo or what some may call John Canoe. It’s our local custom of celebrating Christmas. We have a big street parade, dancing and colorful costumes. This dates back to the history of Akan, which goes all the way back to Ghana I have done my own research and found out that much of it is very pagan! That does not make me very happy to know Rosie. And most Jamaicans have partial Akan ancestry for sure.
    I found for you in one of my many notebooks some info you might appreciate about Christmas tradition: The Christmas tree is nothing more than a “grove”. In the Bible KJV, Exodus 34:13 “But ye shall destroy their alters, break their images, and cut down their groves. The Hebrew word for groves is the word Asherah. (Ash can also refer to Satan). Asherah was the Fertility Goddess.
    The ornaments on the tree represents sacrifices. The presents represents monetary rewards provided by the Solar God. Lights symbolize the lighting of the temple as done on the Feast of the Tabernacles. Santa the Hittite God wearing the Red Edomite suit. And Rudolph the red-nosed stag pulling the chariot of Osiris. Isn’t that something!
    Well my dear child please stay safe and well
    Merry Christmas, Lola

  2. Lola

    Sorry Rosie, I just found this info in yet another notebook:
    In the Bible the story of the brothers Esau and Jacob: Santa Clause is really Esau’s God!
    Dressed in Edom’s “red” clothes, he impersonates Jesus. He is the “Red Sun/Son”. Born nine months after Easter (Ishtar). Esau views the “Trinity” as Father, Mother and Son. Rather than Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Esau nearly has dominion over Jacob (Jews and Born Again Christians); Daniel 8: records the “rough goat” going to war with the “ram” and 2300 days of “daily sacrifice” following.
    So Santa Clause certainly does sleek into many well meaning Christian houses on the Solar Solstice every year and some even leave milk and cookies for him. Something to consider!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Warmest Greetings to you Lola!
      Always a pleasure to hear from you! I look forward to your messages. They are always full of love and so informative! You know I visited Jamaica when I was a little girl. I can’t remember the details so well anymore but I still have the essence from the place. Jamaicans were the most friendly and hospitable people. I remember going into a building where the floor was slanted. We tried to walk on it and slid down. I don’t know why it was like that but it really fascinated me. So when you speak of Jamaica it brings me back to my childhood. So a very nice association.
      I hope one day you will be able to see both versions of WestWorld. Then you can see how far they have come with flaunting their “works” in our faces. They are very bold now.
      Yes they have usurped the true meaning of Christmas haven’t they? I still celebrate though but focus more on family than the material aspect. I don’t believe in just stopping certain traditions but bringing them back to what they are really all about. On Christmas Eve we are going to light Chinese paper sky lanterns and release them over the ocean. One for each loved one that has left our earthly realm and is now with God in Heaven.
      When I think of Santa too I think of the North Pole. How that is where “Santa resides”. This is another usurpation because it is actually where the Garden of Eden was! God’s throne is directly above it at the North Star! I am going to do another Flat Earth Decoded and this one will focus on the North Pole and it’s significance and how, to me, it proves God. And the information has come very timely, like it was meant to right at this time of year.
      Wishing you, Carmella, and the rest of your family a wonderful Christmas season. So glad we are connected Lola. Big big virtual hugs, Rosette

  3. Jon Provost

    Aloha Rosette!
    I can officially say aloha since I’m here vacationing in Maui. This will be my very first Hawaiian Christmas. Over the years I have spent Christmas in many different countries. Italy, France, Greece to name a few. I even got to be in Jamaica one year for their Junkanoo. I have not been to Haleiwa but I’m sure it must be awesome as well! Have you always lived there?
    As for what Lola wrote about the Pagan ways of Christmas is so true. Especially the ornaments on the tree representing sacrifices. They were not the pretty and shiny ornaments we use today. They were actually human skulls from people that were indeed sacrificed! Can you imagine!
    As for watching WestWorld I was very surprised to see Ford meet his demise so soon. I thought he would last for at least another two seasons on the show. And when the series picks back up what do you think about Samurai World? If that is what is intended how will it play out? Curious for your thoughts.
    Thanks and Happy Hawaiian Holidays,

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Mele Kalikimaka Jon!
      It’s great you get to have a Hawaiian Christmas! Have you driven the road to Hana yet? That is an adventure! Watch out for the crazy local drivers, it’s a single lane road that weaves around the mountain, crosses tiny one lane bridges, on the edge of steep embankments and they nokea! Ha! But it is a bea-u-ti-ful drive! You’ll love it!
      The thing about the Christmas tree, yes it has Pagan aspects but we are in duality world, they take symbols for good and use them for bad right? Just like the rainbow. You see it everywhere now associated with Lucifer and with the LGBT movement, when in fact, it was a covenant between God and us. Telling his people he will never release another “great flood”. If you look at the rainbow it is an amazing feature. Full spectrum of light. Lucifer’s world is night. Colorless- hence the black and white symbolism everywhere. So back to the Christmas tree. It represents the Tree of Life in the center of our world. The tree is the spark, it’s the magnetic motor that makes our world run basically. The light at the top would be the North Star, the one immovable star in our night’s sky that all the others revolve around! I’m working on an article right now regarding the North Pole. My info seems rather timely since we were in the holiday season.
      As for WestWorld, what I find interesting is that I believe “WILL” will be Ford’s replacement. Because WILL already OWNS WestWorld and they can’t let the outside know about them or they would get killed off. So he would be their protector. Remember now that Ed Harris played WIL-FORD in Snowpiercer. The OWNER and CONTROLLER of the train (world). So it appears Ford and Will were sharing the role for a bit and now Wilford (Will) will be taking it over. In Snowpiercer Wilford wants Curtis to take over the role of owner and controller. Will this happen in WestWorld as well? And who would Will be handing the keys over to? Dolores? or Teddy?
      So we don’t know for sure if it will be Samurai World, but why not? That is home of one of the 13 bloodline families- the Le family. Bruce Lee is from this bloodline. So maybe they wanted to be all inclusive and do a stint there. We’ll see. Lutz said it was complicated. Yul Brynner played the King of Siam in The King and I and we did seem him in the shadows. So who knows! Should be interesting.
      And I’ve lived in other places as well but Haleiwa is my heart home.
      Mahalo, Rosette

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