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WestWorld Decoded S1 E9 (The Well-Tempered Clavier)

Every title they give us is well thought out. There is a reason behind each one. So for this episode they give us the “Well-Tempered Clavier”. We see the Temperance card in the title. Temperance is another word for patience. Maintaining a great sense of calm in situations of great stress and anxiety. At peace with what you are doing and seeing it all coming together. Your inner voice is guiding you gently to the right outcome and you are patiently listening and following. You have a very balanced perspective on the situation at this time and you are in a very good position to make the right choices.


This card is very fitting for Will. We see a change in Will in this episode. He remained calm after Dolores escaped. He trusted his inner voice and let it guide him. He knows what he has to do. He says he had an epiphany in the night and now everything makes perfect sense.

And we also have WELL Tempered. Is WELL a reference to WILL? Remember in THIS episode he tells Logan NOT to call him Billy anymore. So now he goes by WILL/WELL.

Clavier, from Latin clavis meaning “key”.  So if WILL is being reflected in Well-Tempered then he is the KEY.

Clavier is also a keyboard and Well-Tempered Clavier is a reference to a title from Johann Sebastian Bach, circa 1685. Bach’s title suggests that he had written for a (12-note) well-tempered tuning system in which all keys sounded in tune (also known as “circular temperament”). Twelve in a circle. What does that remind you of? 12 disciples of Christ. 12 knights of Arthur. 12 signs of the Zodiac. All circular. Evenly tuned. Working together. So we’ll see if “twelve in a circle” pans out.


Another thing I noticed was regarding Maeve and her moment of being “fully human” as the Man in Black put it. This is where she lashes out at him and slices his throat.


Now remember we see her do this also with the lab tech named Sylvester.


and then with the Clementine replacement. So this is the THIRD time she does this and remember that anything shown to us in three’s would be important. I would say it’s to show us that since she is the Adversary of Ford, that Ford will meet his end by Maeve slashing his throat.


 “A keen sense of irony our jailer. It takes a thief to catch one,” says Maeve.
Ford is the THIEF of their Free Will. So Maeve has to be a THIEF of HIS Free Will to CATCH one- HIM.
Poetic justice.


“If you look for truth get the whole thing. It’s like a good fuck, half is like none at all,” Maeve advises Bernard.


“C’est la Guerre!” exclaims Logan. Long live war! Notice his Omega hand sign as he is saying this. Follower of the Left Hand path. For who enjoys war? Surely not the troops that would rather be home with their families. Only the ones pulling the strings care for war.


Ford goes downstairs to meet Bernard. An army of the undead? Predictive zombie apocalypse programming? Will a zombie army eventually attack the workers and Guests?


And when we think of the title we can’t forget the even-tempered (well-tempered) Ford. When Clementine is pointing the gun at him he doesn’t change a beat. He is the anti-hero to Will’s hero character Or is it just a matter of perspective? The followers of the Left Hand Path would say Ford is the hero. And then again, we know Will is a Guest, so he is from the same ilk as Ford! So that would mean there has to be another, a hero among the Hosts.


Well Miss Maeve is a very even-tempered lass. Like I said, she is the Adversary of Ford. She stays calm and has a plan. Is Maeve the well-tempered clavier?


“Send me back. A little trauma can be illuminating,” says Bernard. Trauma based mind control MK Ultra programming. They are programming into US that it is not so bad. That there is a benefit to it. Cui Bono? WHO BENEFITS is the question. Certainly not the victim.


“Keep it. You need the reminder,” says Logan.


Now remember this is the EXACT picture that set off Abernathy. That made him wake up and fear for Dolores. This image was PLACED at Abernathy’s ranch. This was meant to trigger him. To start these chain of events. What made the first domino fall.

And this proves that we ARE seeing two separate time lines playing out.


And then he cuts open Dolores stomach and shows machinery. But when she runs away and looks down there is NO WOUND. There is no machinery. So what is real? We do know too that they have taken technology and put it into humans. That is what trans-humanism is all about. Experimenting on soldiers that lose limbs in wars like Desert Storm. They attach metal to bone, replace hearts with pace makers, bionic eyes, who knows what else.


“Now the proposition. I want you to break into HELL with me and rob the place blind,” says Maeve. To ROB implies she is the ROBBER or the THIEF. It takes a thief to catch one she told us.

And they are letting us know that the workers are from HELL- from the Abyss. They are breaking into the PIT.


“What happens here stays here,” replies Logan.

Reminds me of the slogan for Sin City, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

Sin City- West World


Notice the girl is doing the “shhhhhhhh” hand sign that is programmed into the MK Ultra mind control victims.


LIKE Bieber …


LIKE Rhianna….


LIKE Jennifer Anniston…..


LIKE Bill and Hillary…


LIKE Obama…


LIKE Trump L’Oiel….


“LIKE the Devil himself to control me,” says Teddy.



Dolores is drawn to the church.


But notice when she gets into the confessional she goes down… down down down….the elevator… below the church. Below the Vatican. Where the workers reside. In Hell…


“The Cornerstone- the thing my whole identity revolves around.” Bernard. Notice this blatant masonic reference. From the Wiki-The cornerstone (or foundation stone) concept is derived from the first stone set in the construction of a masonry foundation, important since all other stones will be set in reference to this stone, thus determining the position of the entire structure.


Bernard goes all the way. He followed the advice of Maeve. And discovered who he really is- ARNOLD.


Dolores has an epiphany of her own. She discovers the key to ARNOLD as well. “Because you’re dead. Because you’re just a memory. Because I killed you,” she forlornly replies.


“We ate the Neanderthals. We destroyed and subjugated our world,” Ford tells Bernard.

So yes, WE being the workers and Guests, the ones that reside in Hell. The ones related to the Fallen Angels are cannibals, are blood drinkers, are vampires, have subjugated US.


“Pull the trigger Clementine.” says Bernard.

“Piano doesn’t murder the player if it doesn’t like the music,” retorts Ford.


And ends by telling Bernard that he told him never to trust a human. I would change that to never trust a Nephilim.

“Good bye my friend.”

But is that the last we see of Bernard? Remember Maeve survived death many times over. Bernard can too.




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55 responses on “WestWorld Decoded S1 E9 (The Well-Tempered Clavier)

  1. Luke Aspen

    While still in the process of researching & connecting, I came across by accident, the name Tom Hanks…..Freemason. Never thought he could be one???
    By digging around further, I came across an article by your good friend Isaac Weishaupt (whom I really admire) & he wrote that Hanks is an “Orthodox Christian & a nice guy too”. So Isaac says no, Hanks can’t be a Mason.
    Well funny thing, when I went to a real Masonic website, the Gladstone Masonic Lodge #396 F&AM, it shows Hanks’ photo & verifies him as a member! They actually use him as a celebrity Mason for their own bragging rights. Further, that photo shows him making the Masonic hand gesture over the heart. And he is wearing a white suit coat with black pants. I do remember that attire. He wore that years ago to the Golden Globes when he won his 2nd Globe for Forrest Gump. I recall that since he was the ONLY man there that night wearing a white jacket. All the other men wore matching dark suits. Even film critic Gene Siskel commented on Hanks standing out in the crowd with the white coat.
    So I found another website, Masons Live Better, and they too list Hanks. They said that several years ago Hanks bought the rights to the book 12 Mighty Orphans. It’s tells the story of a Texas Masonic Home & School football program. And Hanks wants to play the coach in the film. And yet another film project he wants to do is based on the 60’s Mattel toy action figure Major Matt Mason. (pretty obvious!)
    He also has the movie Sully currently in theaters about Air Captain Chesley Sullenberger & the flight crash over the Hudson River. Directed by Clint Eastwood. The movie poster has Hanks holding his left hand up to his throat.
    Also Hanks just finished his 3rd Dan Brown book-to-movie Dante’s Inferno. The other 2 films were The DaVinci Code and Angels & Demons. All 3 films were directed by Hanks’ good pal Ron Howard. And I said before Howard most certainly is a 33rd Mason. Do you remember that Hanks got his acting start on tv in Bosom Buddies? He & Peter Scolari were always dressed in female drag. And in Philadelphia he played the dying homosexual. Now Hanks is the A-list actor with his 2 Oscars. With that in mind he could now easily qualify to become Sir Tom Hanks!
    So what is your take?

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      My take is that you are exactly right! He most definitely is a high ranking member in their club. Hanks obviously embraces Freemasonry to the core and everything that goes with it. Notice how Ron Howard’s daughter Bryce is making a big name for herself in Hollywood as well, all in the family.
      Isaac is my friend but I don’t agree on his comment. Did he make that recently? I will post your research on Facebook and see how he replies. I will post his reply here for you as well.
      You and I know that they would NEVER let anyone into the A-lister club that is NOT a member. Period. So if these people espouse to be “Orthodox Christian” or any other religion, they really are fronts to who they truly worship behind the scenes. Classic JANUS. One face for public, real one for private. Hanks and Howard most definitely worship Lucifer.

  2. luke Aspen

    When I did a google search; Tom Hanks Illuminati, it pulled up an older posting by Isaac on March 18, 2015. His heading was: Illuminati Roundup: Big Sean, Tom Hanks, Eliie Goulding, Pee Wee Herman, iZombie & more.
    Isaac had posted a photo of Tom Hanks with both his hands held up in front of his face with the right eye closed & the left eye open. The palms facing forward & all 8 fingers were erect with the thumbs almost touching. Hence he was flashing 2 letter L’s. Isaac in response to the photo wrote: “I’ve heard that Tom Hanks is an Orthodox Christian (and nice guy), so I think we can probably guess that the eye symbol was just a coincidence”.
    I, like Isaac, would have assumed the very same thing about Hanks. BUT as I’ve since learned my lesson, not to blindly trust public perception. Just like I assumed Disney’s Ed Wynn, “America’s Sweetheart” Doris Day, Bohemian Grover’s Clint Eastwood & Charlton Heston were “nice people” too.
    I repeated that info here for others that might read this post & will too benefit from what you & I Rosette have already have discussed.
    So yes, please post this on FB so more will know about what some call Tom Hanks, “lovely & down-to -earth”
    As for Isaac, I was not trying to bust his chops. He just did not know. But that’s what we all want isn’t it, The Truth?!
    Thank You, Rosette!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      I know you didn’t mean to bust his chops but he should reply so people get that from him too. Like you said it’s all a learning curve. We learn as we go, we make corrections where needed and move forward. No one has all the answers. That’s why it’s great that we collaborate. Great to know you Luke. And FYI he hasn’t commented yet. Once he does I’ll copy and paste here for you to read. 🙂

    2. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Hey Luke,
      So here is Isaac’s reply: Yea- the more time I spend on this whole thing, the more I question if anything is “real.” All news sources and Snopes straight lie about Pizzagate so I’m leaning towards some new attitudes on life. I feel like “news” is now something for people obsessed with finding “order” in this world and unfortunately the big MSM machine is more than happy to provide that “order.” I’m not advocating chaos or anarchy; but I’m now super leery about anything with a profit motive. I’m slowly becoming the standard tinfoil variety theorist lol

  3. Luke Aspen

    Here’s something else you will appreciate knowing:
    In USA Today there’s a big article about the new Spiderman movie reboot. It’s scheduled for release on 7-7-17. The DATE says all, doesn’t it? Most interesting is it was filmed here in Atlanta. The movie is Spiderman Homecoming & it’s all about his high school exploits. And the high school in the film is suppose to be in NY but it’s really the one here in Atlanta, Henry W. Grady high school. Which is just 2 blocks down from where I live! They filmed it here this past June. (Many movies are being filmed here since they get a hugh tax break. Captain America: Civil War was also filmed here).
    I just happened to be walking past the school as the crew was setting up the next shot. They had some down time, so I asked a crew member who filled me in. Her name was Michelle, the head production assistant & she talked to me for about 30 mins. She told me many cool things about making the movie. But what really caught my interest was that she was on the local set for the filming of the movie Mena with Tom Cruise. That was shot in Ballground, GA in June 2014.
    Michelle said Tom was extremely kind to everyone BUT he does have an ulterior motive. He said to her he just happened to have a Scientology pamphlet in his back pocket & that she must take it.
    She flat out told him NO THANKS, she’s a Christian. That only got him more excited by saying, “Didn’t you know, Jesus Christ was an alien!” But Michelle held her ground & told him to just keep his pamphlet. Only a few days later she caught him saying the very same thing to another crew member. He just happened to have the last pamphlet in the back pocket routine..

  4. Luke Aspen

    Also the star of Spiderman is Tom Holland. He was in the film In the Heart of the Sea. Directed by Ron Howard. And Holland said what a great guy Howard happens to be. I saw pictures of Holland on the net & in each picture he’s wearing a different T-shirt with a Satanic image. Guess he too is destined to be part of the dark Hollywood system.
    And the most telling thing I did find at Grady High School was imbedded in the outside school building. This marker at the lower foundation:
    Laid By

    James D. Hamrick
    Grand Master
    (Mason’s Logo)
    F. AND AM.
    A.D. 1923 A.L. 5922
    The F and AM is for Free and Accepted Mason. I googled his name & he was a real Mason & architect! He built other city buildings in Georgia. So I googled Henry Woodfin Grady. He too was a Mason. And there’s a hugh monument in downtown Atlanta of Grady. In his bio it mentions he was also quite a racist but nobody ever mentions that. So Spiderman the movie with it’s 7-7-17 premiere was filmed inside a real Mason’s school. Isn’t that something!!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Happy Holidays Luke!
      You know Atlanta is probably the most revered name to them and so that area is very very special where you are. No wonder they do a lot of filming there! To me, Tom is one of the worst. He is so gung ho about worshipping Lucifer. It’s like some are in because of the bene’s such as wealth and fame, but Tom, he relishes this dark energy. Tom is in it for the power. What vile things has he done? A ton I’m sure. Poor Katie Holmes. Had to marry him. Arranged by the Church of Scientology.
      You bringing up the foundation stone reminded my of something I wanted to ask you, notice how the Freemason’s use the A.L. for Anno Lucis, Year of Light and add 4000 years to the current date? I have tried and failed to find what is significant in 4000 B.C. that would compel them to use that date. It is obviously tied to Lucifer but how exactly? It that the date that he fell from Heaven? The Great Flood was around 3000 B.C. so one thousand years before that. Was that when Atlantis was established? And your stone inscription has A.D. 1923 A.L. 5922, is that correct? If so that is odd because usually it is exactly 4000 years difference. Something to look into!
      And lucky you, ha! Two blocks away from these cretins! You know, here in Haleiwa they do a lot of filming as well. Right across the street at my beach park and harbor. Just recently they filmed a scene for Hawaii Five-O. I can’t get away from them either!

  5. Luke Aspen

    Glad to get your feedback since dear ol’ Tom Cruise as you say, has done vile things. Katie Holmes is from Dayton, Ohio & her parents helped rescue her from his clutches when daughter Suri was being primed for Scientology. Her father is a lawyer & threatened Cruise to back off.
    Curiously after Tom met Katie & announced their marriage, she went “missing” for 16 days. Was she being “programmed” during that time?? When she was back on the scene she was told by the church to drop some of her friends from Ohio AND keep a distance from her parents. She insisted when she was a teenager she had dreams of marrying Tom Cruise. She even had written his name in her diary. Well that was a LIE. When it was verified she did write down the name Tom but not the last name Cruise. Instead she had written the last name of HANKS!!
    And the foundation stone dates are correct. I will do more checking on that & the 4ooo B.C. too. May take me a while but I will get it done! Also checking on James D. Hamrick & other stuff he built here. I have a feeling he may be a connecter to other important stuff.
    And yes Hollywood movies galore being filmed here. Every time I see the overlong trailer trucks marked Lightnin’ Productions parked on the streets tells me so. Ben Affleck & Anna Kendrick were here to film The Accountant. It’s a good film! Affleck is doing one more Batman movie here too. And Kendrick, not surprised, is yet another MK’d Beta Kitten. So many photos of her on the net with the left eye, leopard print, etc. She did Up in the Air with George Clooney & Into the Woods with Meryl Streep.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Tom Cruise reminds me of Rock Hudson if you catch my drift. He “performs” in that respect with relish. I heard of poor boys auditioning and him being a prominent part in that. I can’t recall where I read it but I’m sure you all of people can dig it up! Around the time he was making “Magnolia”. Egads! Poor Katie wrote down Tom Hanks! That is just as bad! I’m sure she was programmed from a little girl along with Michelle Williams during their stint on Dawson’s Creek. Did you know Katie was the one picked for Tom Cruise to marry? They did an internal vote in the Church of Scientology and it was between Katie and some other girl. Can’t remember the other gals name, but Katie was runner up but the heads decided she was a better fit. So maybe she knew she would be in an arranged marriage since she was a little girl. I haven’t checked to see if Tom Hanks was also a member? Or Michelle Williams for that matter.

      1. Luke Aspen

        I did dig up Cruise & auditioning the boys! According to the Diary of a Hollywood Street King by Ben Fellows. At the age of 14 he & some other boys were given cocaine & alcohol. And then they were made to “perform” for Cruise. Today Fellows remains in hiding while Cruise continues to deny all allegations.
        And yes I did know that Katie was chosen by the church to marry Tom. You are spot on about that! As for it being between Katie & another girl, I was not so sure so I dug that up too. It seems there were actually 4 others total: Jessica Alba, Kate Bosworth, Lindsay Lohan & Jennifer Garner. I don’t know who was the final girl chosen against Katie. And Garner, as you know, divorced Ben Affleck, but he’s been trying to woo her back. He too is just like Tom Cruise AND Rock Hudson!
        As for it being all arranged since Katie was a little girl, that would mean her parents were a part of that, right? Her father Martin J. Holmes is a lawyer now with a law firm in Toledo, Ohio. He was the one to rescue Katie from Tom when she wanted out. But that could just be more false perception. More of the Janus effect. Truth is her parents are in fact strict Catholics & Katie went to Jesuit schools. Later she attended Colombia University which has listed as having enrolled at least 5,000 Freemasons over the years!
        As for Tom Hanks being a Scientologist? According to Paul Haggis who won the Oscar for Crash said his wife Rita Wilson is a member. Haggis was a member himself for nearly 30 years when he finally had enough & left. And Rita is good friends with Kelly Preston who is married to John Travolta. Yet another arranged marriage by the church.

        1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

          Yep. Spot on. That is the guy Ben Fellows and that is the story. See what a sick person Tom is? I watched The Outsiders lately and there is a scene where Tom is in Ponyboy’s house sitting in a chair eating cake. With relish. Bleh. He is soooooo gross! Ha.
          Yeah Colombia University says a ton. I agree on everything.

          I hope you do find the AL origins still? I tried and couldn’t. I know if anyone can it’s you Luke. I have a feeling it is somehow tied to Lucifer’s descent from Heaven? Could it be the year of his Fall? Or is that too soon? 4000 B.C. It was a thousand years before the Flood. Was that when Atlantis was founded? Something very very special about 4000 B.C.

          Great research as always Luke! ( I was about to put “Great Work” instead of “Great research”. Ha! But would say we do the demolition of the Great Work not the building up of it.)

          1. Luke Aspen

            There’s also Going Clear: Scientology & the Prison of Belief. An excellent doc film. I thought it would win the Oscar but was not even nominated. But it did win the BAFTA, the British Oscar instead. You can see it online, google: Documentary Addict.
            It highlights both Travolta & Cruise with all their phony crap.
            The film also reminds me of the story of Karen Presley. She was a member of the Scientology Church for over 20 years. She & her husband Peter co-wrote the song On the Wings of Love, which was recorded by Jeffrey Osborne. Just that one song made them all very wealthy. Sad thing though, Karen & Peter gave nearly every penny they ever got from it to the church. How stupid!
            In the early 90’s when Karen had had enough, she too blew. That’s what they call it when you leave the church for good. While she was still a member, the church would not allow her & Peter to have a tv, radio or internet access. A prison for sure!
            The day she blew she had just 2 hours of her own private time. During that time she told the church officials she was going to do her wash at a local Laundromat. That was just a lie for her to make her escape. She loaded up her car with just her clothes only & drove from LA all the way here to Atlanta.
            She came by herself since her husband was too afraid to leave. They blackmail you if you ever leave. So he is still there today & so afraid to leave..
            And I promise you Rosette I will finish the research for the A.L. origins. That’s very important!

          2. Rosette Delacroix Post author

            Well you know what is next on my list to watch! Documentary Addict? Will watch this weekend. Interesting! Yeah it’s a form of cult isn’t it? And SCIENCE in the name says tons. What about CLEARWATER Florida? They have a whole town for themselves! I have neighbors with the last name of Clearwater and I want to ask them their affiliation but I don’t dare! And WATER is their element. They do some sort of testing their with dolphins. Something not good. Can’t quite recall.
            And I know you will! I have total confidence in you! I so appreciate your input Luke! You are the best!

  6. nathalie guiraudet

    Hello Rosette, I have a question unrelated to Westworld. I have not been watching the show but have been reading the postings. It’s very interesting to try and figure out what you are taking about when you have no idea what you are talking about:)

    You are one of the few people I know whom I could ask this question of. I have been reading about Gnosticism. No interest in joining just to understand. Firstly to me it seems like very clever thought out metophors but I have a few issues and wondered what you thought? I have learned much from your insights and the anagram of earth being heart is one that really sticks with me. How could earth possibly be hell? How would a fake creator create love? It sure feels like hell and hell is being pushed but shoot the intricate workings of nature, the potential kindness and love of people, the wonders of taking a breath, this couldn’t possibly be hell and we just don’t know it?

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Hello Nathalie,
      Ha! You should watch WestWorld if you can! I think you will find it a very interesting show indeed. They basically, in a cleverly disguised way, are showing US and THEM and how everything is being played out. They even have “clues” in real time. For example they had one episode air at the same time as the Dia Delos Muerte celebration that happens in Mexico November 1. DELOS is the name of the company that OWN (NWO) Westworld. De Los- Of Gods- Of Nephilim. Them. And they showed a Day of the Dead celebration IN the episode. (They celebrate death. God celebrates life.) Then two episodes later they have an episode titled Trompe L’Oiel which means Deceived Eye in French. If you look on the Time magazine cover, Trump is sitting in a chair with the French Merovingian symbol on the back. Trump won the election at the same time this episode aired! Now tell me they didn’t know he was the one that was going to be picked? Of course they knew.
      Now regarding this world and hell and love. God made it for us to be Heaven on Earth. But he gave us Free Will to choose for ourselves to keep Heaven here or to make Hell here. Lucifer is tricking as many people as possibly to pick the path of Hell basically.
      Gnosticism teaches us that since we are in a duality we need to embrace both the good side and the bad side of our beings. But this is NOT true. We can pick only the good side. That doesn’t mean we avoid bad. It just means that we follow our hearts. So many people follow their base emotions instead- short term self gratification. Love of matter. Service to self instead of service to others. We still need to defend our loved ones. We still need to fight to protect. We still need to have laws. What we don’t need is to just follow our desires without thinking about the repercussions on others. Like money. We should only have what we need. Not excess. The Vatican is the worst example on how we should live. They are the richest acquirers of wealth on Earth. If they really cared about people they would give up their wealth and give it to the poor. And we know the Vatican worships Lucifer.
      If they can get people to think that BAD is necessary (embrace both good and bad) they are half way there right? And then they take baby steps in morality to get us to slowly keep going down the left hand path until its too late. Making hell on Earth. They are tricking people to be Luciferians in everything but in name and one day everyone will see that they are Luciferians in name as well. I think this is what they do to the Mason’s as well. They don’t know until the 32nd degree that their true master is Lucifer. But by that time it is too late.

  7. Nathalie guiraudet

    Hello Rosette, thank you for the lovely informative response. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond back. I would watch Westworld but I only watch at the most 1/2 -1 hour of tv in evening and since I have come to care very little for the medium I usually defer to family members that do. It’s interesting as I used to love Game of Thrones, watched 3-4 seasons then I began to feeling really disinclined to watch it and stopped. It wasn’t until I read your breakdown of the show that I realized what was bothering me. I am just tired of right being left, up being down and watching a show where a king sacrifices his daughter for power…..even if it is really well done. Perhaps in time when my perceptions are more finely tuned and I can see all the charades and manipulations without working so hard I might be able to watch it again. But for now if tv weren’t a bit of family time I wouldn’t watch it at all.

    I was wondering what your take is on JRR Tolkien, JRR Martin and JR Rowlings? Ok I can see perhaps two authors with the same first name, but two authors who write in a similar genre. What’s with all the JR’s? I was an art major and LOVED JRR Tolkien. I used to dream of being that talented, but now I feel that the faces we see and know are just a figure head. My gut tells me one person couldn’t write like that, that they each have a team doing the work. I mean seriously we are given this story of Rowling being a single mother and writing her books in a coffee shop in Edinburgh. …..yeah right she kept flow charts all over the shop walls to keep track of all those intricate and complicated story lines. I don’t know it’s just a feeling, but then again everything might feel this way when you don’t trust the main narrative anymore!

    Thank you for listening and allowing me to vent a bit. Thank you for teaching me and thank you for being a kind person on the other end of cyberspace, Nathalie

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      No worries Nathalie. It is always lovely to hear from you. You are very observant because I had similar thoughts on Tolkien, Martin and Rowling. If you read my Kingsman Decoded it is when I first discovered the significance of the RR in J RR Martin and J RR Tolkien. Did you know that it is required reading for children of witches to read Tolkien and C.S. Lewis? So just from that we know those books are highly occultic. So I figured out by the date that was given in The Kingsman that it was tied to the author of Crime and Punishment. And the main character in that book has the initials RR. Rodion Raskolnikov. Well Rodion believed that killing was okay if it was done for a higher purpose. So basically moral relativism So for Tolkien and Martin to use the SAME RR coding means they subscribe to this (satanic) philosophy. That essentially they are in the same killing club. In my Serial Killers Decoded I write about others who I believe are in this club. But Rowling is actually JK Rowling. And her name is coded too. K-rowling is for Crowley, as in Aleister Crowley. So I’m sure she is a high up witch. And yes, I one hundred percent agree that there was a TEAM of people writing the Harry Potter books. Just like the Shakespeare plays had a team. Even George RR Martin’s books were written by a team in my opinion.

      I agree with you on the TV watching. I don’t have cable but we do watch programs on Netflix or on the web. I like to watch the ones I can do a decoding on and there seems to be a bunch. And you can see how morality is getting more and more base through them. Do you remember when it was taboo to show a child killed? They NEVER showed children being killed. They could imply but never show. Now they show all the time!!!! And no one says anything about this. It all gets to me too. And then I reflect back through my life and think how much TIME I wasted in front of the TV. What I could have done with that time? They keep us so busy that we only have “family” time in front of it for the most part. TV is the worst invention against humanity. We all relate through it. And it’s all propaganda. So good that you barely watch. We need some event to break everyone from it. THEN maybe everyone will wake up.

      Always nice to correspond with you. Take care and Merry Christmas

      1. nathalie guiraudet

        Hello Rosette, thank you again for the informative reply, and your latest posting, Flat Earth part 2 was beyond informative. I will have to reread many times over to get all of it. I should reread all your postings to be honest, as my perspective has altered greatly since I first found you. I will start with the Kingsman:)

        I agree we need something to “break everyone from it”, (TV that is) I can’t see large groups of people voluntarily giving up their addiction to electronics, but a giant EMP would force the issue. Unfortunately many people would suffer from such an event, so the by-product of turning off all electronics sounds good in theory but in actual execution not so much.

        Your mind is wonderfully creative. Your last posting really pushes the mind farther into that uncomfortable “oh my god what the heck is this place?” zone. Of course being pushed is a good thing and so it made me wonder. If the knowledge known to the few and kept from the many throughout time is this profound and I allow myself for just an instant to think like someone who came from the lineage of such knowledge, I can only imagine what they would do to maintain the status quo. Since we can only imagine what exactly Cern is for example. And let’s say we might accept that the internet was created to move data around the world from Cern. That nothing exists that the masses might benefit from unless it benefits the very few. That an annoying consequence of creating an internet has allowed people from all over the world to connect creatively and push each other into that “uncomfortable place” I mentioned above. Don’t you think they would pull the plug if they actually thought they couldn’t control us and felt their power structure threatened? And heck, on that lovely note I shall wish you a Happy New Year and a wonderful end to this one. My family is coming from France for the first time to spend the Holidays with me! I told them no gifts! They must be wondering just what kind of American am I 🙂 My best to you, Nathalie

        1. Nathalie guiraudet

          Hello Rosette, I think my reply got lost in cyber hell:) anyway wishing you a Happy New Year even if it really isn’t the actually beginning of a year:)…….who knows what any of these dates mean anymore!

          1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

            Ha! Probably. Seems to be a lot of shenanigans going on in the cyber world. I’ve had it up to here (holding hand horizontally above head) with internet, computer issues!!!!! Ugh!! Having more problems AGAIN, trying to work on my next article. Always a struggle.
            Wishing you all the best as well Nathalia. Great to connect with you!!!
            Ha and yes, March should be the beginning. Forward! March! October (octo- 8) November (novem- 9) and December (decem- 10), January should be 11th month and February 12th (which makes sense about the leap year thing would be at the END of the year no? 😉

  8. Downtown Julie Brown

    Hello Rosette & Luke!
    I gotta say you two are slammin’ it here! All the cool stuff you two are posting is so interesting!
    I always get something profound from your way of decoding Rosette. And Luke has that crazy thing with connecting! About three years ago I visited my brother in Atlanta and we went to see a show at the fabulous Fox. It freaked me out when Luke wrote about there being tunnels underneath the theater!! I told my brother David and he insisted that it must be some wild rumor. I tend to stick with Luke as it being true since he seems to know his stuff quite well! So let me ask you Luke if you know any more about them??
    Also my father was a hugh Paul Newman fan when I was growing up and he made sure both David and I saw all of his really good movies. I was wondering if Luke can tell me what he knows of Paul Newman? He did a damn good film in the 60’s called Cool Hand Luke. Loved it!
    Anyway you two keep rockin’ the boat and continue telling us all more great stuff!
    Thanks, Julie

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Aloha Julie!
      Thank you so much for your kind words! It is great to know there are people reading what we are putting down, so much appreciated! Yes, I value Luke as well! He is a pure gem! Please Luke input away. If you have anything to share with your fellow Atlantean! And Julie I most definitely concur with Luke that there are tunnels. There are tunnels under prominent places all over the world. They perform rituals underground. They want to be closer to their god.

  9. Luke Aspen

    Hey Rosette & Julie!
    Posting separately at a time here due to my first long post not going through:
    I have much to share in response to your wanting to know more about those Scientology dolphins Rosette. And just when I thought I had heard it all about those silly Scientologists! Yet more to unveil!
    And the A.L. origins which has been a hard nut to crack! Right now I’m still putting all the pieces together, so give me till the end of the week.
    And Julie, welcome aboard! Please join Rosette & me as we tear through all the crap to get to the truth! So I had to laugh when you wrote that Rosette & I are “slammin’ & rockin’ the boat! Yes that what we do here to get to that elusive truth, exposing those “nice & kind” Hollywood celebs!
    And to answer your questions Julie about the Fox Tunnels. YES, there are tunnels! Last night as I walked past the Fox I saw an usher standing outside (who’s been with the Fox for yrs.) so I stopped to ask him, are there tunnels? He just laughed it off as one big joke. Telling me beneath the Fox stage are 3 separate levels. The 3rd level would be considered the basement. On all 3 levels are nothing more than Hallways. And no tunnels, he claims.
    Well as I posted before the NY Opera came to the Fox years ago & they kept much of their costumes, etc. in those hallways. One Opera cast member was wandering around those halls and got lost! He could not find his way back & was left down there for several hours. When he did make his way back he told the mgmt. he saw many locked doors along the way. The mgr. told him to keep quiet about that.

  10. Luke Aspen

    So when I related all that to the Fox usher he just laughed again & said the cast member who got lost never made his way out & is still down there. Not a funny guy! When I insisted that the hallways lead to other areas with locked doors he bristled & told me he had to leave. Guess so!
    I just found this today on the net in an old Fox archive: “A Fox employee during the late 40’s thru the 50’s used to tell about the SECRET PASSAGES there. In the basement area near a door that blocks off an old decrepit TUNNEL that was utilized during the Civil War. Somehow these TUNNELS have become associated with the storage of ammunitions during the Civil War”.
    Just like there are tunnels thru out Disneyland & they are properly called “utilidors”. Disney has a fit when people say the word tunnels. The Fox was built in 1929 & back then people were not calling them tunnels but using the word “catacombs” to describe what they saw.
    So YES, there are tunnels. The question we have to now ask ourselves is WHAT goes on in them??
    I read that in the 70’s (before I had moved here) that they were going to actually tear down the Fox & build a parking lot. That is when the “Save the Fox” campaign kicked in. Different Celebrities came in order to help save the theater including Liberace, Cloris Leachman, Linda Ronstadt. It was Liberace that freaked when he saw the basement where he stored all his furs, pianos etc. He too was told not to ask about where all those hallways lead to. And did you know that Prince, the night before he died, held his last performance at the Fox??

  11. Luke Aspen

    Prince’s real name was Rogers Nelson & was a Jehovah Witness, offshoot of the Mormons. He was also another MK Ultra victim. He wrote some songs about having incest with his sister. He masturbated on records. And loved cursing God. But I never hear people talk about that but only how great an artist he was. I’ve seen photos of him at that Fox performance where he had all over the stage pictures of the 3rd Eye on faces etc.
    Jane Fonda also another MK victim, used to live here in Atlanta, since she did marry Ted Turner. And he’s another Bilderberg. When Jane divorced him she decided to stay here for a while longer & was seen everywhere at Borders bookstore, the grocery etc. She even came out of retirement to do more movies & did a film here with Jennifer Lopez. It was her comeback film Monster-in-Law. A very dumb popcorn movie. And since it was filmed here where did they have the movie premiere? Where else but the Fox. And Fonda has many connections with Masons. Many of them are black since her affiliation with the Black Panthers goes way back. She even said the Fox is a grand old place with such a dark mystery!
    And Wilhelm Fuchs, another Mason, who changed his name to William Fox bought the rights to the street block that starts at 660 & goes all the way to 666 Peachtree St. to build the theater under his name. Could all that be a coincidence??
    I will post the rest tomorrow with the info I have about Paul Newman. He was NOT a good guy at all!!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Not squeaky boy clean Paul Newman! I can’t wait to hear you bust that one’s story wide open Luke! Newman- NEW MAN of course. New man for a New world order.
      I figured out what Latter Day Saints is. Check this out. Lat Saints. What is that? Scramble the letters around and you have ATLANTIS. Yep. THAT’S why they go by Latter Day Saints. They have Atlantis encoded in their name. And we know Mormon is Mr. Moon. Moon worshipers. So Atlantean Moon Worshipers- Luciferians. And they use a pyramid scheme based on good works as well which is the Luciferian and Masonic philosophy- reach Godhood through good works, not through Jesus Christ. So you move up by the amount of people you bring to the church. If you recruit enough you might be able to do the work of the inner temple where they “save the souls of the dead.” When I first moved to Hawaii I lived in another part of the island, where a guy named Ken invited us to check out the Mormon Temple in Laie. He told us how he was doing the important work in the inner temple and that they recently saved the soul of Joan of Arc!

      1. Luke Aspen

        Lat Saints!! AND Mr. Moon!! YES, I Love It! Absolutely perfect!
        And Ken “saving the soul” of Joan of Arc? Did he tell you that Mormons do what is called praying for & saying the souls of dead ancestors? Donny & Marie are a good example of how they do just that. They pray for their own family members/ancestors so that their souls go to heaven.

      2. Luke Aspen

        I also have a cousin still living in Cincinnati that’s a Mormon. She drives everyone else in the family crazy! And the last name Aspen has the Asp. I’m sure you of all people have noticed that! I myself never did until I started reading all your stuff. So the Asp can be both good & bad. Good, as in wise like a serpent -or- Bad, as just another deadly snake.
        There are many Mormons/Masons in Ohio. Last visit there I noticed so many Masonic lodges that escaped my attention when I did live there. There’s even Mason, Ohio which is the entertainment capitol for King’s Island, the largest amusement park in the state. I’ve read that those parks are ideal for a hidden agenda much like Disneyland. They can’t be trusted.
        And O-HI-O has the O’s on both ends, what does that mean? And Cincinnati makes me think of Sin Sin Naughty. I say that because of some of the most infamous people from Cincinnati like: Doris Day, George Clooney, Tom Cruise, Steven Spielberg, Ted Turner, Neil Armstrong, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rod Serling (I love the Twilight Zone!) & worst person of all from there, Charles Manson!! They ALL have dark stuff they are hiding.
        And Paul Newman is actually from Shaker Heights, Ohio. Just as short drive from Cincinnati. I will post that soon. Thanks to Julie, I uncovered loads more on Newman.

        1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

          Good stuff Luke! Quick note, you asked about O-HI-O. The HI in the middle is 89. H= 8 and I = 9. Eighty-nine is code for Qi energy. Meaning Omega energy. Q= 8 and I= 9. They put this in The Minions movie. I mention it in my decode of it. So O is Omega, HI is Omega and O is Omega again. Omega Omega Omega. A trinity of Omega’s! You putting that made me think of Hawaii. It’s abbreviation is…. HI. So Omega as well. And remember that Hawaii is the location of the original Shaka hand sign, which is a Hail Satan using pinky and thumb fingers. How far down the rabbit hole do we want to go Luke? Ha ha.
          Aspen is also Penas or Penis. Sorry but it’s true! And the Penis is the Sword. The Sword is actually symbolic of Christ. The Stone is symbolic of Lucifer. So I see Aspen as a good symbol. Aspen is a tree as are Pines. Pines ~ Penis but also Pine as in Pineal Gland or Third Eye. So Aspen and Pines (since they represent the same things) are good symbols representing Third Eye enlightenment.
          So you have a very good name. 🙂

  12. Downtown Julie Brown

    Ok I’m even more convinced about the tunnels. I think I just might cut and paste Luke’s info and send it to my dopey headed brother since he keeps saying it’s all made-up. So what do you think happens in the basement area inside the tunnels? Plus I never was a Prince fan and I just believe it being his last show held there must say something? What do you think Rosette?

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Hi Julie,
      Yes I concur with Luke 100%. All the World is a Stage and we are merely Players. They DO love their stages don’t they? Jimmy Kimmel’s show is filmed at an old Masonic Temple in Hollywood. There is an old theater in Sacramento too that I can’t confirm, but have a strong suspicion, that they perform rituals there as well. As for the tunnels, there are tunnels everywhere. They try to keep it hush but if you look for the info you will find it. They used to have trapped doors in Seattle saloons where drunken sailors would fall and become “shanghai’ed”. Taken prisoner on put on ships becoming servants. In many old cities, (I know Sacramento has underground tunnels in the old part of town), Paris catacombs, Hellfire Club tunnels in England among others. If you read Dave McGowan’s book Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon, you will learn how many of the big stars who lived in that neighborhood had tunnels that connected their houses underground. The notorious McMartin preschool case in California in the ’80’s where the child victims recalled being taken into tunnels where they would perform rituals. So yes, I’m sure they performed rituals in the FOX 666 theater. Luke is showing the Luciferian/Satanic connections very well to establish this fact. What do they do? All kinds of perversions. Anything that would mock God basically. Dealing with sex, food, children, animals, you name it. I’m sure they film what goes on as well and share the tapes among the elite.

  13. Luke Aspen

    Merry Christmas Rosette & Julie!
    Still posting separately due to earlier difficulties.
    I can’t believe Julie asked me about of all people Paul Newman. A very sick & debauched man!
    I first found out about him thru my friend Jason, who actually met Newman, many years ago. And he said Newman was most charming. But Jason also got to meet some of Newman’s closest friends in Hollywood & they had told quite a different story altogether.
    Newman as I mentioned was born in Cleveland, Ohio, Shaker Heights, not far from Cincinnati. He started out rather humble & to make a living he went door-to-door selling encyclopedias. He was married to Jackie Witte & it was a struggle for them to make ends meet. When Jackie became pregnant with their son Scott, Newman went ballistic. He did not want kids & the third mouth to feed was just too much pressure. That’s when Newman went into a blind rage & started beating Jackie until she could barely walk. When Scott was born Newman hated the child & had barely much to do with him. The child would cry often which irritated Paul so much he would leave the house for hours at a time before returning.
    (All of that turmoil between father & child turned out to be rather a bad harbinger for what would eventually be the most sickening thing Newman could do). When Newman found a flair for acting in Ohio he eventually made his way to NY to study at the Actor’s Studio. There he met some of those that later would became quite famous: Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando, James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor. And he had sex with ALL of them.
    Later he left NY for Hollywood & made his way to Laurel Canyon. That is where he got even more of his sexual fill with many others.

  14. Luke Aspen

    In Laurel Canyon Newman met even more famous people. He got involved there with the “Young Turks” of Hollywood: Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper. The others from the Actor’s Studio also followed Newman to Laurel Canyon including James Dean, Brando & Monroe. And who ruled the roost in the Canyon over all of them? That was the man in charge, Terry Melcher.
    Rosette, as you mentioned to Julie, in an earlier post, yes there are tunnels all thru the Canyon. Some of the most vile debauchery has been experienced in them.
    By that time Paul Newman was making a name for himself in Hollywood. When his wife Jackie accused him of having sex with James Dean, he flew into a rage & beat her again. He denied having the sex although he did sodomize Dean on a regular basis. Newman then left Jackie & hooked up with Joanne Woodward & they later married & had a total of 4 daughters, with Scott as Joanne’s stepson. As Scott got older, in his 20’s, he also tried to follow in his father’s path as an actor. He made a few films that Newman helped him appear in like The Great Waldo Pepper. That was directed by Newman’s best buddy Robert Redford. Scott also had a part in Heartbreak Pass directed by Clint Eastwood. It was also at that time Scott was mixing drugs with alcohol & was very unhappy. He was trying hard to prove that he could act just as well as Paul. But he lacked the raw talent Newman always had. Scott took acting lessons & also did much stunt work on various other movies.
    The problem was that both Scott & Paul really hated each other. Many of the people in Hollywood that Jason talked to told him so. The rivalry between father & son was deeply intense & actually based on jealousy. Scott was envious of Paul’s great acting talent & Paul coveted Scott’s physical & sexual prowess.

  15. Luke Aspen

    So it was very bizarre that while Scott was lusting after Paul’s talent, Paul was simply sexually lusting after Scott! Can you imagine! Remember Newman became an A-lister with 2 Oscars. He did the sodomy ritual as well as other sick stuff to become famous. The price he paid to be Cool Hand Luke was never ending. He had what he called his 4-H movies: The Hustler, Hud, Harper & Hombre. On the set of all those films he was always sexually hungry, never satisfied. While making Hud he met Brandon De Wilde who played his nephew in the film. De Wilde was also a part of the Young Turks & while he was living in the Canyon he got sodomized by Kirk Douglas & Paul Newman.
    So it was during the filming of Hud that De Wilde fell deeply in love with Newman. That was something Newman could not stand. His policy was to lust em’ & leave em’. He was not looking for love. Hud, is much like Cool Hand Luke, a fine film. It won the top Oscars that year in 1963. Newman lost out winning best actor & was very pissed. He actually said after losing, just what “other sacrifices” would he have to make in order to win the damn award!
    He avoided De Wilde at all costs & had already move on to other sexual conquests. Jason also met De Wilde & he related all of this to Jason. Brandon joked & said he got “branded” by Paul. But De Wilde made the mistake of talking too much to everyone in Hollywood about it & it got back to Paul. So Newman kept insisting he wished De Wilde were dead & out of his way entirely. So a year later when Brandon De Wilde was driving his car in Denver he had a severe wreck & was killed. Some in Hollywood still believe that that was not an accident but was really a sacrifice made by Newman.

  16. Luke Aspen

    So at that time in Hollywood, in the 60’s, some were calling Newman the real Hud: the man with the barbed-wire soul. After De Wilde’s death Newman met Nick Adams, another actor from Laurel Canyon. They had a very short affair where they sodomized each other. But again when Newman got bored with Adams it was time to move on. The running joke was that Paul Newman was always on the make to find his next “new man”. And Nick Adams found an even bigger fish than Newman when he took up with the King of Rock n’ Roll, Elvis!!
    Nick Adams & Elvis Presley were a couple for several years & traveled all over the world. The entire time Elvis always pretended publicly to be so homophobic. I was quite surprised to find this out! It was Elvis though that got tired of Adams and eventually dumped him. Adams was not happy & told all this to his good friend Mae West. Remember her? Some say she was really a he. Who knows?
    She told Adams to keep a diary & the diary will keep him. So he wrote everything down in a diary about him & Elvis. He then took the diary to Elvis as blackmail saying he wanted to continue the relationship. Elvis in turn told Colonel Tom Parker that Adams was trying to blackmail him. When Adams found out that Parker knew about it he then went to his good friend Broderick Crawford for advice. Crawford was a great actor & won the Oscar for All the Kings Men.
    He basically told Adams that once Parker knew it was all over for Adams. He also told him if he did not leave Hollywood asap he was just a dead man walking. Adams refused to leave & just 1 month later he was found dead of a “suicide” from drugs in his own home.

  17. Luke Aspen

    Later in the 60’s Paul Newman met Steve McQueen the star of Bullitt & The Great Escape. They too became a couple in lust. And Scott Newman was spiraling out of control with the drugs. He was not “pulling his weight” as Paul demanded & he told Scott he could not ride on his coattails of success. Newman did put Scott in drug rehab for a short while but it did not last. And at the same time Newman broke off his involvement with McQueen (I know you notice the Mc & the Q!) Steve was devastated but he was at the same time hooked up with actress Ali McGraw. She later did the 70’s movie Love Story with Ryan O’neal. And when Ali McGraw was around 17 her parents also had her dumped off at Choate!! She could not deal with Steve’s bisexuality & became hooked on drugs & excessive sex with other men.
    Newman thought in order to save Scott he would introduce him to the outside world. So he got him to guest appear on the Merv Griffin Show. That was just a setup for Scott to be around Griffin & after the show Scott was to attend a party in his honor given by Griffin & all his homosexual friends.
    Paul told Scott that to make it in Hollywood you have to do things you might not like but it was all necessary in order to move up the ladder. He also told Scott if he could not make it as an actor or stuntman he could make it as a male escort. That was not was poor Scott desired at all.
    Newman then told him all about the sodomy ritual & that it was perfectly ok!

    Will conclude tomorrow

  18. Luke Aspen

    In 1977 Scott played a key character in the film Fraternity Row. A good movie! Weird thing though is when his character is accidentally killed in a bizarre college hazing. He got good reviews for his role & Newman told him that that could be his springboard to even bigger roles. With one major caveat: to advance in Hollywood Scott would have to “seal the deal” by way of the sodomy ritual.
    So Newman had made the arrangement for both him & Scott to be filmed doing the deed in a seedy motel In LA. The Father caught on film sodomizing his son. How sick is that?!
    Scott had nervously agreed to meet his father & a camera man in the motel. It was at the last minute that Scott got cold feet & refused to show. That only angered Newman & making it the last straw. He was finally finished with Scott & cutting him off for good. They never spoke again.
    Newman just kept himself busy moving himself up the Hollywood ladder with more movie roles.
    Scott’s life only became worse with more drugs & alcohol. He had very little money or work to support himself so he would stay with various friends sleeping either on their couch or on the floor.
    He was also going around Hollywood telling everyone he could that his famous father was nothing more than a lying sodomite. Of course that only got back to Newman & he was wishing to himself that Scott was no longer around.
    In 1978, just one year later, Scott Newman was found dead at the age of 28 of a drug overdose. Some said it was suicide, while others said an accident. And a few hinted it must have been a sacrifice.
    Either way Newman got his wish. So was the 1977 film that Scott made a harbinger for that later to come?

  19. Luke Aspen

    So I never believed Newman was so distraught over his son’s death. He appeared on Oprah’s show & others just being rather blasé, saying how upset he was. He couldn’t even feign a tear!
    He just kept on looking for his next great movie role. After Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid and The Sting he said he was running out of steam. Interesting thing here, I found something coded in the film The Sting: His character the Hustler, Henry Gondorf, responds to his friend, Johnny Hooker (Robert Redford) when Hooker says, “You Gondorf? Luther sent me to you, said you could teach me a few things about how to play the Big Con”.
    Gondorf = Gandalf, the wizard in Lord of the Rings. And Luther = Lucifer. Who sent him to be the “Big Con”. Later in the film Hooker says to Gondorf what a wizard he is in making it all happen in setting up The Sting.
    It was in the late 80’s that Newman made another comeback when Martin Scorsese directed him in The Color of Money. Co-starring Tom Cruise. That film finally won Newman his Oscar. By the late 90’s Newman was feeling again like he had nothing more left to offer in films He was sitting by the ocean feeling sorry for himself & had thoughts of ending his life. He considered just walking into the ocean water to drown himself.
    He sat there all day until his good friend Steve McQueen appeared. He said he had been looking for Newman everywhere & thought he would be there at the ocean. His favorite spot in the world. McQueen told him how much he still loved him & that they should settle down together for life. Newman balked at the idea & told McQueen he needed to go find himself another man.

  20. Luke Aspen

    I just realized that Newman & McQueen, together as lovers, would have been the original Hollywood Brokeback couple. Newman would be Heath Ledger & McQueen would be Jake Gyllenhaal. Don’t you think??
    In 2002 Newman made his last film for the big screen The Road to Perdition. Now isn’t that a prophetic title? A very good film. People did complain though about the movie title. They wanted to know what does perdition mean? Isn’t that ironic? The move appropriately co-starred someone Newman always admired as a great actor & all around good guy, Tom Hanks! Both together on the “road to perdition!” Newman’s last film for tv was HBO’s Empire Falls. I think of his own personal “film empire that falls”. That film co-starred Phillip Seymour Hoffman. As you know it has been suggested that Hoffman was sacrificed as well.
    Newman also created his own line of healthy food called Newman’s Own. And Rosette when you said Newman’s New World Order, you nailed it! Newman’s Own = Nwo !! How about that!
    Also Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward always lived in Westport, Connecticut. They never kept a permanent residence in Hollywood. And Westport is only 30 mins away from Sandy Hook. The Newman’s had many friends & connections in Sandy Hook. Some still continue with his surviving wife Joanne, Paul’s daughters got the shock of their life when Newman died & with the reading of his will. He stipulated that Newman’s Own would no longer be run by his daughter Nell, who actually helped him start it back in the 60’s.
    Today it is run by Newman’s friend Robert Forrester, made President & CEO. And all proceeds the food co gets are to be given over to charities. All 100% given. Now it’s all questionable just where all that money goes? And Bob Terry of Sandy Hook is in charge of Paul Newman’s CMAK, a charity for children right there in Sandy Hook. What does all that tell you???

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      I used to think Paul Newman was so handsome! All sodomites my goodness! Did Paul Newman and Robert Redford ever hook up Luke? Does Redford have such a debauched past as Newman? Great “Gandalf” and “Lucifer” connection Luke! You are getting really good at finding the symbolism! And yes, McQueen. Just so others can see too: Mc is code for 33. Turn the M one click to the right and its a 3 and the C is 3 in numerology, so you have 33. And then also M is 13 in numerology and the small “c” stands for Clan, so Mc means the 13 clans or 13 Illuminati Bloodlines. Queen of course is for the Queen energy or the Omega energy, the Lucifer/Lilith energy as opposed to the King or Christ energy. So McQueen is of the 13 families and worshipers of Lucifer.
      So well done my friend. Great info. I will never think of Paul Newman the same way again. ha.

      1. Luke Aspen

        Thanks to my past friend Jason, he met so many celebs that he told me all about. When he started to wake-up to the reality that Newman was so rotten, he finally but reluctantly saw the light! Newman & Redford never hooked up. But Newman certainly desired him, that’s for sure! Newman bought the rights to the 70’s gay love story The Front Runner. The dumb novel of a track runner falling in love with his male coach. Patricia Nell Warren wrote that I remember & pushed for it to be made into a movie.
        Newman wanted to play the runner & have Redford play the coach. Redford said no way!
        Redford is straight but he too is another A-lister with 2 Oscars. He did play a homosexual much earlier in his career in Inside Daisy Clover with Natalie Wood. In the movie he abandons Natalie on their honeymoon by running off with another man.
        In The Color of Money Newman certainly had the urge for Tom Cruise. But as we both know Cruise ONLY sodomizes young boys. The gay rumors about Cruise were swirling at the time he made that movie. And Newman helped him by lying to the press of how much in love Cruise was with Nicole Kidman.
        You asked about Redford’s past?? I will post something on him too. Not nearly as bad as Newman but he again being the A-lister, he does hide some stuff. And what do you think abut Elvis?? Such a false image!!

  21. Downtown Julie Brown

    Whoa Luke! I gotta say I was not prepared for all that! I had no idea Paul Newman was so messed up! Plus what he did to his son Scott! I do remember reading about his son’s death. How could a father want to do such things to his own flesh and blood? We live in such a sick world, don’t we??
    Also Rosette, thank you for explaining the symbolism hidden in McQueen. Most revealing for sure!
    I told my brother David about all of this and he was not happy! He loved Paul Newman and is still a big Elvis fan too. He says “Luke the kook” just loves to start trouble! Well Luke can say any damn thing he wants and I will defend his name till the very end!
    I have also bought some of Newman’s Own products. His popcorn, pasta and right now I do have a bottle of his salad dressing sitting in my refrigerator. The label on the bottle has a picture of Newman on it. After reading about him I decided to scrape off the label so I don’t have to see his face! I too am like Rosette, I always thought Newman was one handsome fellow. And Redford did that movie with Barbara Streisand, The Way We Were. He was also quite a blond hunk!

  22. Downtown Julie Brown

    I’m sitting here at work and sharing some of Luke’s stuff with co-workers. Some find it most too difficult to accept. They say Paul Newman, Elvis and others getting plowed is overblown gossip! Well I believe Luke has done his homework in finding out about the hidden dark side of Hollywood.
    Some have even said to me so what if all that sodomy does exist in Hollywood, it’s their private life. So that makes it ok and not my business! Plus I hear them say the LGBT folks have a right to their way of expressing their sexual needs just like anyone else.
    So Rosette and Luke, you both see what I see, it’s such a perversion gone wrong! I mean our loving God surely did not intend for all this to spread like wildfire. Do you two have a better way of explaining this without sounding like you’re on some high horse of moral judging?

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Your co-workers show how social engineering is working in the controller’s favor. If they only understood that the world is run by Satanists/Luciferians and that their main goal is to corrupt God’s creation in every way possible, then maybe they would see that we are being manipulated into divorce, sodomy, homosexuality etc. an “anything goes” world where rule of law is “Do What Thou Will”. Whatever is best for you, and who cares what happens to others. That the ones in Hollywood are the most debauched. That these are the ones assigned to promote Luciferianism in all of its aspects. They are the worst of the worst and people idolize them. American Idol.

  23. Luke Aspen

    Thank you Julie for sticking up for me! Much appreciated. I don’t mind being called a “kook”. I’ve been called much worse! And Rosette, you are so right, with the “social engineering” & “American Idol”!
    Btw I’m still working on the requested info you want to know about. As for Robert Redford he’s a tough one to pin down. I can’t find verification that he’s a Bilderberg, Mason, etc. His 1st wife was Lola Van Wagenen, a Mormon! And Redford himself is an atheist. They had a child they named Scott. The baby only lived for 10 weeks & then died from SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). And there is suggestion the child’s death was really a sacrifice. Interesting thing since Redford & Newman both always talked about Bohemian Grove’s sacrifice.
    They had some close buddies that attended: Clint Eastwood, Kirk Douglas, Francis Ford Coppola (who was reported to have given his own rousing speech at the Grove!) and Arnold Swarzenegger, (who’s hiding his Nazi past). He also did a film in ’94 called Junior about the 1st man to become pregnant. Swarzenegger even donned full female drag for the film.
    Guccifer, the Romanian hacker had hacked into Redford’s email & also got his cell phone. He strongly states that Redford did attend Bohemian Grove. And Redford Keeps very close ties with Jane Fonda, Ted Turner, Al Gore, George Soros & Bill Gates. That’s due to Global Warming & Agenda 21. Being the A-lister he can’t be trusted!

  24. Luke Aspen

    In Redford’s film Sneakers, these cast members are Masons:
    Sidney Poitier, who kept close ties with fellow Mason Bill Cosby.
    Dan Aykroyd, who kept close ties with John Bellushi, was he a sacrifice?
    Sir Ben Kingsley, still keeps close ties with Martin Scorsese. Starred in Shutter Island, More Masonry.
    Mary McDonnell, very close ties with Hillary Clinton. McDonnell is quite corrupt. She also co-starred with Kevin Costner in Dances with Wolves. And Costner too is a Mason!
    River Phoenix, who as you know later died, as another sacrifice?

    And recently in the news Princess Leia dies! Something NOT right there! Both the death of Carrie Fisher AND her mother Debbie Reynolds. I’m finding dark hidden connections. Were you aware?

  25. Downtown Julie Brown

    Ok Luke, I want to know more! Kevin Costner is one of my favorite actors and I have many of his dvds. So he’s a Mason too! What else has Costner done? And Arnold Swarzenegger was sexy in his younger days. Now they both disgust me!

  26. Luke Aspen

    Happy New Year Rosette & Julie!
    I never thought about Kevin Costner until I stumbled upon his hidden past. Yep he’s a Mason! But that only figures since he’s an A-lister with 2 Oscars. How many times have I repeated that? Always a telling sign! It was easy to verify since I found his name on a real Masonic website. They love to brag about big celebs as their fellow members. Interesting that he met his 1st wife Cindy Silva at Disney World. She performed there as the character Snow White. When she was asked about the underground tunnels or utilidors, she played dumb & said she didn’t know anything about them. But ALL Disney employees are required to use them in order to get around the park more easily.
    Costner is also good friends with Josh Whedon, who co-wrote the dystopian future film WaterWorld starring Costner. It was Itchy Lizardflanks that mentioned Whedon’s name here. Whedon did Dollhouse & Firefly, really obvious Satanic stuff.
    While probing more on Costner, I discovered he too attended Bohemian Grove. While there he was photographed skinny-dipping with Mikhail Gorbachev. And they both got real chummy with Bill Gates. Now help me out here Rosette with the name Gates. You said before the G + the eights? Please explain.
    Costner is also good friends with Oliver Stone, who directed him in the film JFK. There’s talk of them doing another film together based on Sandy Hook. Costner also keeps good company with Robert Redford, who last year’s Sundance Film Fest put out the “so-called documentary” Newtown all about Sandy Hook. I watched the trailer & it’s ridiculous when the Sandy Hook parents are being interviewed & crying on film. And Redford is using that to help push through gun control.
    As for Arnold Swarzenegger, he too is a Mason & member of Bohemian Grove. He’s willing to do anything to move up the ladder. Perfect example, in his earlier film Junior, as the Alpha musclehead, flexing his muscles in one scene while putting on the female dress in another. He & Donald Trump are close fellow Masons. I just read this morning a news article about him replacing Trump as the host on The Celebrity Apprentice.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Happy New Year Luke! (and to you as well Julie!)
      Yes the Gates thing, as in G-ate, G-eight meaning 8 Masonic connected leaders- each given a region to control. G8 Summit. The G-eight Keepers. Gate Keepers. Like the Parkers. Controllers of the Park. Our park called Earth.
      I was reading more in The Genesis 6 Conspiracy and I’m on the chapter about Nimrod. Now through Gary Wayne’s research he believes Nimrod was NOT Nephilim as the Mason’s imply. Remember the Mason’s believe Nimrod to be the first Grand Master of the Craft. Wayne says that Nimrod is from the line of Ham and not from the line of Cain. But Nimrod was a mighty warrior and wanted to emmulate the Nephilim. He was the first King to want to bring the world under one governement unfiied under him. This was two generations after the flood. He had the Tower of Babel built, but then God destroyed it and confounded the language and dispersed the people to protect them. Anyway, I got to thinking about Nimrod, you know me Luke, have to do the decoding ha!, and Nimrod is very close to Rodmin or Rodman as in Dennis Rodman (who they made Madonna marry or at least be with, can’t remember, need to look that one up) and Hilary RODHAM Clinton!!! RODHAM is a combination of Nimrod and the line of HAM!!! Hilary is a descendant of Nimrod!
      and egads on Schwarzenegger. He is definitely one that relishes his role in the Luciferian agenda. Stone is another one who relishes in it. So Costner being connected to him tells us a lot about Costner.
      Were you able to find anything on the AL Luke? I know that is a hard one.

  27. Luke Aspen

    Dennis Rodman is aka as Rodzilla or Dennis the Menace. Perfect names for him. He’s another Mason!
    Hence all the weird behavior. He famously wore a wedding dress to promote his ’96 autobiography Bad As I Wanna Be.
    No rules just does as he pleases. He’s done full female drag many different times. Also pursued a high-profile affair with Madonna. He was briefly married to actress Carmen Electra. She’s another sex Beta Kitten who is believed to have sacrificed both her mother & sister. They both died “mysteriously” within the same week, just a few days apart from each other. Much like Carrie Fisher & her mother Debbie Reynolds (still piecing that one together!).
    Rodman also keeps close ties with Donald Trump & appeared on Celebrity Apprentice twice. Other athletes such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’neal are ALL Masons. I’ve seen photos of Barkley & O’neal, both dressed in full female drag. And it’s NOT pretty!
    So Nimrod connects with Rodman! And Hillary RODHAM! Wow! Rosette you hit that one clear out of the park! Great Find! Yes, she would be a descendant of Nimrod! So very evil!
    Well here’s the perfect anagram: RODHAM = DO HARM !

    As for the other info you requested, Scientology & dolphins:
    They do some weird stuff to dolphins in Clearwater. Experimenting on them to find out odd things like “can dolphins really hear tumors?” If dogs can detect human cancer, they do so with their keen sense of smell. But dolphins have little or no ability to smell. … The ability of whales and dolphins to emit and receive high-frequency sounds, called echolocation, has long baffled and awed scientists. May 17, 2013.
    Scientologists will try to get dolphins to perform certain “hearing tricks” & if they don’t respond accordingly they will starve them until they do. They have also cut them open for full dissection while they are still alive. Go figure!
    Scientologist Dianne Robbins who offers “cetacean communications” as one of her services. Her website says that “her authentic work connects our hearts to the hearts of Beings in advanced civilizations, Whales, Dolphins, the Tree People, the Crystal Nation and Earth’s Elemental Kingdoms.” The site also includes a telepathic message from an orca (“We Cetaceans are here to bring forth all of Earth’s history to humans at this time”). Robbins also claims to be a channeler & insists that she’s in contact with the Ascended Master Adama. Robbins also is hiding the fact that she’s involved with some private stuff going on at Mt. Shasta. And what does that tell you??
    I did find this one great comment:
    “I applaud this attempt to corral Scientologists and other assorted goofballs into one specific website. Or I would if I wasn’t worried about them attempting to molest perfectly innocent dolphins!”

    As for the AL, I drove myself insane with the constant digging (I feared letting you down!) & then I got lucky & found this, so I hope it may suffice:
    From a Mason: “During my ascension through the ranks of Freemasonry (I will be exhalted in the Royal Arch in a few weeks), one of the things that I am researching vigorously is the origins of the Mason Calendar of Light, or “Anno Lucis” timetable.
    I came across an interesting book in the Masonic library last month, refuting the claim (often made by non-Masons or uninformed brethren) that the start of the AL dating, 4000 BC, is due to the Bishop Usher calculation of Genesis.
    Usher, you might know, counted backwards using the alleged ages of people in the Old Testament, and came up with the year 4004 BC for the date of creation. Just because the Usher date is close to the AL start date- 4004 instead of 4000 – many people just assume (due to Freemasonry’s connections to Christianity) that the Masonic calendar is based on Usher.
    However this old book, written in the 1700s, instead asserts that the A.L. date is based on a calendar created by an Isis cult from ancient Egypt. In the year 4000 the star Vela went supernova, and for months, if you were located near in the lattitudes of Egypt, you would have seen two suns.
    The Vela explosion effectively created a “year of Light” by blazing away and preventing any night for most of the year 4000. The Isis priests apparently took this as a sign for a new era being born and started their calendar accordingly.”

    This quote, from Bill Cooper’s writings on the subject, refers to this theory:
    “According to many, the great pyramids were built to commemorate and observe a supernova explosion that occurred in the year 4000 B.C. Dr. Anthony Hewish, 1974 Nobel Prize winner in physics, discovered a rhythmic series of radio pulses which he proved were emissions from a star that had exploded around 4000 B.C.
    The Freemasons begin their calendar from A.L., “In the Year of Light,” found by adding 4000 to the modern year. Thus 1990 + 4000 = 5990 A.L.
    George Michanowsky wrote in The Once and Future Star that:
    The ancient Sumerian cuneiform…described a giant star exploding within a triangle formed by…Zeta Puppis, Gamma Velorum, and Lambda Velorum…located in the southern sky….[An] accurate star catalogue now stated that the blazing star that had exploded within the triangle would again be seen by man in 6000 years.”
    According to the Freemason’s calendar it will occur in the year 2000 and indeed it will.”
    Cooper seems to be generally “right on”, however his last bit, claiming that the star would appear again, obviously turned out to not be true. I have looked (extensively) and not found anything in any official Masonic writings on the subject referring to this prophecy, or the Calendar supposedly being oriented to the year 2000 for this purpose, so maybe he made that up or got it from a spurious conspiracy source.
    What seems beyond question is that the Masonic calendar is in fact based on the Egyptian source, and not Usher. You just can’t explain away those missing four years, or the fact that both Egyptians and Masons call 4000 BC the “year of Light”, the capper being that it actually WAS a “year of Light” if you were in Egypt.
    Another website offers more on the Vela stellar explosion, and also contains stuff from Sitchin about how it impacted the Sumerian culture.
    “The Vela supernova most likely occurred 6,000 years ago (although estimates range from 5,000 to 11,000 years). At a distance of 1,300 light years from earth the Vela X pulsar is three to four times closer than the Crab Nebula. The supernova would have hung low on the horizon over the Mediterranean, a brilliant star shining as bright as the moon (-12.5 losing brightness at 4.5% per day). Due to defects in the cornea of the eye, a person viewing the supernova would see spikes a quarter to a third the diameter of the full moon (7.5 to 9 minutes of arc).
    It would appear as an endlessly dancing, varying mass of fire, shooting spears of intense color every way like a fountain. The landscape and the observer would be flooded with pulsing illumination. Tossed flocks of shadow bands would animate the landscape, moving eerily through forest and town.”

    What seems beyond question is that the Masonic calendar is in fact based on the Egyptian source, and not Usher. You just can’t explain away those missing four years, or the fact that both Egyptians and Masons call 4000 BC the “year of Light”, the capper being that it actually WAS a “year of Light” if you were in Egypt.

    What seems beyond question is that the Masonic calendar is in fact based on the Egyptian source, and not Usher. You just can’t explain away those missing four years, or the fact that both Egyptians and Masons call 4000 BC the “year of Light”, the capper being that it actually WAS a “year of Light” if you were in Egypt.

    What seems beyond question is that the Masonic calendar is in fact based on the Egyptian source, and not Usher. You just can’t explain away those missing four years, or the fact that both Egyptians and Masons call 4000 BC the “year of Light”, the capper being that it actually WAS a “year of Light” if you were in Egypt.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Brilliant researcher you are! “What seems beyond question is that the Masonic calendar is in fact based on the Egyptian source, and not Usher. You just can’t explain away those missing four years, or the fact that both Egyptians and Masons call 4000 BC the “year of Light”, the capper being that it actually WAS a “year of Light” if you were in Egypt.” Yes! I believe you’ve found the answer! That makes perfect sense! I did read on the Usher dating and that didn’t sit right. I would assume they wouldn’t go by anything Christian or else they would just use our current dating system. The YEAR OF LIGHT, when the night is LIGHT, to them that would be the most profound proof of their God. Moon and Venus light up the night sky. So a literal year of Light reigning in Lucifer the Light Bearer. If night can become day, then to them it proves Lucifer is an equal to God. And in present time we see much on the Black Hole Sun, the opposite. Like they now want to reign in the darkness. Change day to night. Put out the sun. This would be their ultimate proof of Lucifer over God.

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