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The Truth is in the Code.

WestWorld Decoded S1 E8 (Trace Decay )

So before we begin we need to look at this most intriguing title- TRACE DECAY.

Now what is happening to the Hosts is the OPPOSITE of TRACE DECAY. Over time, the HOSTS are REMEMBERING. This is significant. Everything is slowly coming back to them. So the HOSTS are experiencing TRACE GROWTH.

Which is exactly what many of US are going through right now. Breaking through our amnesia and REMEMBERING what OUR world is truly about.

We see TRACE GROWTH in the first scene with Bernard. He knows he is a Host. He knows his family is not real. He knows he has killed.


“I built you and together you and I captured that elusive thing HEART,” says Ford.

But has he? I would say that is the ONE thing that THEY have NOT captured- our Hearts. That is what truly makes us human. They need to kill the Heart to truly rule our world. A big part of all the MK Programming is to break the familial bonds. A big part of blending all the countries of the world together is to break the bonds of community identity. A big part of making us Pansexual is to break the bonds of relationships. All these bonds are tied to the HEART.

“One man’s life or death is but a small price to pay for the requirement of the knowledge for which I sought. For the DOMINION I shall acquire.” Dominion, doesn’t sound very Heart centered does it? Because Lucifer cares NOT for the Heart, he cares for ultimate control and the Heart just gets in the way.


The scene changes to Maeve, Ford’s true Adversary. In the background The House of the Rising Sun is playing on the piano.


We see TRACE GROWTH with Maeve. She remembers her daughter. She is getting vivid flashbacks of her.


“You see the game is rigged. You are always going to be the LOSER. The HOUSE always wins,” says the Man in Black. The HOUSE of the Rising Sun.


We see TRACE GROWTH with Teddy. He remembers the Man in Black.


Now this character shows up. Remember he was the one on the stage in the dark room with Elsie. It looks like someone activated him. Who is he? Well we can see he has DEVIL horns.


And that he is much taller than the Man in Black and Teddy. He is very strong as well and it takes the two of them to take him down. I would say this Devil is a Giant. And who are the giants related to? The Nephilim.


Notice this guy that is supposed to be Wyatt. He is a cannibal. He eats human flesh. They are putting this more and more in our faces aren’t they? It is to desensitize us to this depravity. Just like they are putting stories of pedophilia in our faces en mass.


Here is the DEVIL Giant in the background. Notice they have him associated with Charlotte. I wonder if this DEVIL will have a role in Charlotte’s demise? Sacrifice number two. Remember she had a blood spatter next to her as well as Theresa in the last episode.


Maeve remembering….


Trace Growth….


“State your business.”


Notice they show us again that MAYHEM is going to be connected to MUSLIM. They have the outlaws wearing shawls over their heads like burkas. Imprinting this into our subconscious. So when they have a False Flag involving Muslims we are more prone to believe it is real.


“What’s the difference between my pain and yours? You and me?”


“This was the very question that consumed Arnold. We can’t define consciousness because consciousness doesn’t exist. Humans fancy there is something special about how we see the world, but humans live in LOOPS. As tight and as closed as the Hosts do. Seldom questioning our choices and for the most part told what to do next. No my friend, you are not missing anything at all.”

Now this is the third time Ford mentions LOOPS. And what do we know about threes? That if we are told something THREE times it imprints into our brain. The message of the LOOPS is important. Don’t you yearn to break out of your LOOP? I think we all do. We all want to be free. I think they are counting on this. Feeding our urge.


“One last thing, have you ever made me hurt anyone like that before?”

“No Bernard. Of course not.”

Trace Growth– Bernard remembers.


Ford erases Bernard’s memory, but can he erase ALL of it? I think not. There will be a TRACE left.


Dolores is drawn to the outskirts of WestWorld. Notice how the outskirts is flanked by a high wall. Similar to Antarctica with the high wall of ice. They put the river abutting it so we pick up on this.


Trace Growth- Dolores remembers.


“Where are we?”

“We’re here together.”

“When are we? Is this NOW? Have I gone mad? Are you real?”

“Of course I’m real.”


Notice Logan meets up with them at night. He is “of the night”. Moon energy.


Teddy rescues this girl.


Who is this girl. She has Trace Growth as well.


“Wyatt said the world didn’t belong to the Old Settlers or the New. They belonged to something that had yet to come. They belong to HIM.”

This is the second time we’re hearing this. Will there be a third? HIM is referring to Lucifer.

“Wyatt is to claim this Earth or RAZE it to the ground.”

Which translates, FORD is to claim this DOMINION or RAZE it to the ground.


“You want to really know who I am? I’m a GOD. TITAN of industry.”

Right there the Man in Black is letting us know he is a TITAN. A Titan is the offspring of a Fallen Angel and a Human Woman, otherwise known as the Nephilim.

“My wife took the wrong pills. Fell asleep in the bath. Tragic accident. She was scared that any day I could blow up like some DARK STAR.” 

Dark Star, where did we hear that lately?


David Bowie’s Black Star. And the Black Star is?


The Black Hole Sun…. the House of the Rising Sun…


And then they come…. in the night… Rising…Sun.


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