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Elysium Decoded

By now the astute follower of my articles will see a pattern forming. There are magical workings going on. These workings are applied to movies. They are used to sway the audience to particular ideas. The ideas in the movies I decoded so far are about the coming of the New Age but are spun in a positive light. With the help of the Christ figure, humanity will survive and have a chance at governing themselves. There are other movies out there that have a different spin. One in which the elite survive. One in which the status quo stays in place. One in which the system lives on. These opposing forces are being fought through perception. How humanity perceives things is how the New Age will manifest. I will eventually post some of these anti-humanity movies. But for now, let us look at Elysium….

Elysium is another Armageddon movie. This one takes place in Los Angeles in the year 2154. The actual movie was filmed in a suburb of Mexico City. Is this what Los Angeles will look like by then?


Remember that the elite are working very hard on their Agenda 21; in which the majority of Earth’s population will be concentrated in the cities. The country side and federal lands will be off limits to all but a chosen few, the ones who are in control.


Through austerity measures (artificially manufactured), the cities become huge slums, with no basic services or upkeep.

space station

In the meantime, the elite have built themselves a sanctuary in Earth’s orbit. A five pointed inverted star called Elysium. (Is this a symbol of who is running things at the moment?) Now Elysium in classic literature was the resting place of the Gods and the chosen ones; the humans that died through noble causes. They were rewarded after death with residence in a place with green pastures, where it was eternally spring, and the finer things in life were afforded them. The only difference here is that in this Elysium those people have NOT died and are NOT noble. Through technology they live in Elysium forever.


How is this so? They are transhumanists who have found a way, through science, to keep their bodies young and rejuvenated, never to die. Look at the image on their rejuvenation machine. The head of Medusa. This same technology is not offered to the rest of humanity. They are made to toil and suffer down on Earth.


Now down on Earth we meet Max DaCosta (the rib). He is an orphan living with the nuns. One of the nuns let’s Max know how special he is.


“But I know one thing. I know you are special. You will do something very important one day. Something you were born for,” says the nun.


Max dreams of going to Elysium. He reads story books on the place; about how wonderful it is up there. He promises to take his friend Frey with him one day. (Freyja was the goddess associated with love, war, and death in Norse mythology. Elysium is synonymous with Folkvangr. Per the wiki, “Freyja rules over her heavenly afterlife field Fólkvangr and there receives half of those that die in battle, whereas the other half go to the god Odin‘s hall, Valhalla.”


We now see Max all grown up. He is on parole from committing grand theft auto. He has now gotten his act together and is working full time at a factory.


On his way to work we get more foreshadowing of Max’s role.


“Make the world a better place.” But can he? How? On the way he gets hassled by one of the Armadyne robots who run him through and find out he is a parolee. They break his arm when he “jokes” with them. He goes to the local hospital where he runs into his childhood friend Frey. She mends his arm. (*note, the joker is synonymous with The Fool card in the Tarot deck. The Fool card is number 22)


He then finally makes it to his job at Armadyne Corp. Now what is interesting about Armadyne Corp is that this name if very similar to CyberDyne, the name of the company in the Terminator movies that made the machines that destroyed the Earth.

dyne 2tem

But not only that, if you run a Google search you will also find DyneCorp, a private military company used by big corporations and governments. (Which might have worked in Viet Nam, among other places.)

dyne 1dyne


You will also find the Van Dyne family, who is one of the thirteen illuminati bloodline families. Here is a link on them:

Janet Van Dyne is one of the original characters in the Marvel comic book series. She is the Avenger called the WASP. WASP is an abbreviation for white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant. Wasp is also an insect associated with the Bee. The Bee is the symbol of the Merovingians, the bloodline that Christ is from. Here is a link to the wiki:


As he walks up notice the numbers on the building to the right. We have 11 and 33. We will see these again later and find out their meaning.


Now Max is working in Section K. K stands for “king”.


Armadyne’s CEO is named John Carlyle. He has a strange line down his forehead and an implant connected to a blue telecommunication device behind his right ear. (Check out the Carlyle Group- Global Alternative Asset Management. I think they are linked. Here’s the wiki:


While Max is working he accidentally gets fried by the radiation meant for the robots. You can see the red back ground and the letter K prominent.


Another clue to Max’s identity is K-34. Remember in SnowPiercer Curtis was 34 years old. This number shows us that Christ didn’t die at 33. He survived. As Max does here; king thirty-four. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


Max is given pills and sent home. He is told he has five days to live before his body will shut down. He meets up with his friend Julio and they decide to seek out the help of “Spider” to get Max to Elysium where he can use the rejuvenation machine to cure him from the radiation poisoning.


But before we meet with Spider in his lair, we get introduced to Spider’s nemesis Defense Secretary Delacort (of the law).


DelaCort is determined to keep humanity “at bay”. She vigilantly watches over the airspace to Elysium. She uses whatever means possible to keep it secure.


On the ground she has sleeper agent Kruger working for her. Krug or Krieg; which means war. So her “warrior”. We also have the infamous Kruger, named Freddy Kruger, who was a notorious killer from the Nightmare on Elm Street series. Notice too that this Kruger has black eyes. (Soulless?) He is also outfitted with a metal exoskeleton- transhumanist super soldier.


Now here we have Kruger entering his vehicle. We see on the door a black symbol that looks like two griffins with an “I” in the middle with a “ring” floating above it. Notice too that below “Elysium” appears to be inverted buildings. This looks very similar to the “Gotham” emblem from the TV series. The black emblem looks like a bat in both.


Similar also to the logo for the Dark Knight Rises.


Now this is an interesting shot of Spider’s lair. He is at the bottom of a circular hole- like a pit. The pit is similar to the one Bane and Batman have to climb out of in the Dark Knight Rises.


It is also similar to the pit that Thomas and his fellow immunes are dangled from in Maze Runner- The Scorch Trials.


The “pit” is symbolic of Christ’s transition. His rebirth. He comes out of the pit a new man.


Now on the walls in Spider’s lair are written the numbers 60:22. This is shown in several spots. Look… there on the right….


In red in the center….


y en espanol… sesenta veintidos…


So it must be important…. if we do a Google search on 60:22 we find, “Isaiah 60:22- The least of you will become a thousand, the smallest a mighty nation. I am the LORD. In its time I will do this swiftly.” This tells us Max only needs a handful of loyal people to accomplish his mission.

But to get to Elysium Spider tells Max he must do a mission for him first. This requires Max to wear an exoskeleton suit to give him strength. He must stop John Carlyle from leaving Earth and download the info from Carlyle’s implant to his suit’s neural implant.


Carlyle is protected by his elite robots (black and gold) who attack Max, Julio and their group.

Elysium Elite Robot- Black and Gold

Notice how these robots are similar to the ones used in Battlestar Galactica.

Battlestar Galactica Robot

And also the secret police from Flash Gordon.

General Klytus- Command of Ming Secret Police Flash Gordon

In the attempt Carlyle is fatally wounded and so is Max’s faithful companion Julio. Max successfully downloads the information however it is scrambled and Spider is unable to read it.

Max himself is wounded and seeks out Frey to attend to his wounds.She finds him in the alley and takes him to her house. Max meets Frey’s daughter, Matilda, who has leukemia.

While dressing Max’s wounds, Frey sees the tattoo Max got on his arm that is identical to the ink drawing he made for them as children. It has F + M with a circle over it. F stands for Frey and M for Max, but it also stands for divine Feminine and divine Masculine. The circle is the symbol for Heaven (Elysium), Max’s promise to Frey, to take her there.  F+ M represents balance and harmony for humanity. (There is an agenda at present to destroy the sacred masculine. To rule from the left.)


When the camera pans out we see some more interesting symbolism.


Right behind Max is the white horse, in the form of a unicorn, with a rainbow above it. Max is also “illuminated” by the light directly above his head. The unicorn will be “crossing the bridge” to Elysium to unite humanity.


Before Max goes, Matilda wants to tell him a story. She begins, “There was a meerkat who lived in the jungle. He was small and hungry. All the other big animals had all the fruit because they could reach all the fruits. So he made friends with the hippopotamus.” Max interrupts her, “Stop. It doesn’t end well for the meerkat.” Matilda responds, “Yes it does. Cause he can stand on the hippo’s back to get all the fruits that he wants.” Max says, “What’s in it for the hippo?” She replies, “The hippo wants a friend.”


Frey begs Max to take Matilda to Elysium to be cured, but Max refuses in order to protect them. Soon after Max leaves, Kruger arrives and takes Frey and Matilda prisoner aboard his ship, while his drones hunt for Max.


Now take a close look at Kruger’s ship. It as the numbers 303:11 on the left of the door. We also have a white goat. The goat is a symbol for the Luciferians. Remember we saw the numbers 11:33 earlier as well. Doing a Google search we find: Ezekial 33:11- “Say to them, as I live, declares the Lord God, I have no pleasure in the death of the Wicked, but that the Wicked turn from their way and live; turn back from your evils ways, for why will you die O house of Israel?” (Wicked (WCKD) is the name of the controlling group in Maze Runner as well.)



Delacourt orders an airspace lockdown over Los Angeles to buy enough time to recover Carlyle’s program.

From the wiki, “Max delivers the program to Spider, who discovers that the program can be used to make all Earth residents Elysian citizens. However, because the lockdown makes it impossible to leave Earth, Max bargains with Kruger to be taken to Elysium, not knowing that Kruger has already found out that Frey assisted Max and is holding her and Matilda hostage on the ship. As Kruger’s ship leaves Earth, Spider and his men take advantage of the lift of the lockdown and also board a ship towards Elysium.


Meanwhile, in Kruger’s ship, a fight ensues and Kruger is grievously wounded by a grenade blast, which also disables the ship’s engines. After Kruger’s ship crashes on Elysium, Max, Frey and Matilda are arrested and taken to Delacourt, who orders the download of the program, despite the fact that it will kill Max.


“After being restored in a Med-Bay by his lackeys Drake and Crowe (Crow in reference to Aleister Crowley), a defiant Kruger kills Delacourt after she chastises him for his recklessness. On Kruger’s orders, Drake and Crowe exterminate the Elysian political officers in order to seize control for themselves. Meanwhile, having escaped his confinement, Max, knowing that Med-Bays only work for Elysian citizens, resolves to use Carlyle’s program to give everyone on Earth Elysian citizenship. He rescues Frey and Matilda, killing Drake and Crowe on the way.”


Notice “chemrail” on the gun he is using. Although we didn’t see traces of chemtrails in the sky of Earth in the movie, they obviously want this term placed into people’s subconscious so they will get curious and look into what they are.

“He then meets Spider and heads for Elysium’s core but is ambushed by Kruger, now equipped with a military-grade exoskeleton far superior to Max’s. In the ensuing fight, Max manages to rip out Kruger’s neural implant, rendering his suit immobile. However, Kruger tethers himself to Max’s suit and arms a grenade with the intent of killing them both. Max rips off the tether and hurls Kruger over a ledge to his death.”


Spider and Max reach Elysium’s computer core, where Spider realizes that the program’s activation will kill Max. Max personally activates the program, having spoken a last time with Frey via radio. As Max dies, Elysium’s computer core reboots and registers every Earth resident as an Elysian citizen.


“One thing that they are destined to do.”

President Patel arrives with security guards but the robots refuse to arrest Spider, whom they now recognize as a citizen. Spider mocks Patel, saying that Elysium now belongs to everyone.


Matilda is cured by a Med-Bay and Elysium’s computer dispatches a huge fleet of medical ships to Earth to begin treatment of the new Elysian citizens, all people on Earth.


Before Max dies, he tells Frey, “Tell Matilda I really liked her story and I know why the hippo did it.”

(To help his friend.)

P.S. YouTube Vid Attached Below.



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  1. ALI

    Wow excellent , I’ve watched the movie and it isn’t as good as you show it to be,
    Strange times we live in, for people who are awakened exciting at the same time! Peace and love..Ali, North Wales, UK.

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