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WestWorld Decoded S1 E4 (Dissonance Theory)

Dissonance, disharmony, two worlds collide. Notice Dolores’ right eye is showing. Always zoomed in on the right eye. Lest we forget. Dolores is “of the right”, right hand of God. She is good. And they like to show a little bit of blood. She is RED blooded. As opposed to BLUE blooded.


“There is something wrong with the world or there is something wrong with me. I may be losing my mind.” Kind of like we all feel when we first wake up.


“The Maze- the goal is to find the center of it. If you can do that maybe you can be free.” So what’s in the center? Same as the center of OUR world? So if WE discover it can WE be free from OUR oppressors as well?


“I think. I think I want to be free.” Notice when she wakes up from her dream they show her looking up, at a huge tree- the Tree of Life. Is this what is at the center of the Maze? The center of OUR world as well?


Clementine bleeds RED. And bleeds from her RIGHT side.


Maeve can see.


She sees the men in the red and white suits coming.


Which reminds me of the ancient Mayan carvings that look similar. Notice how it looks like a mask and has two circles above on each side that could be lights.


She thinks its a dream and doesn’t want to forget so she draws a picture. Then goes to her hiding place and discovers this wasn’t the first time she did this.


Flashing back to Dolores and Will, notice the Big Tree again, a clue.


“I want to know how the story ends. I’ve read every page but the last one. I want to know what this all means.” Just like we do. Why are we here? What is our purpose? How does it end?


Snake or Serpent “eating” her right eye.


When they next go to Dolores they focus on the well in the middle of the little town. They pan around it. The well looks like a world, with high walls, (Ice Walls? Antarctic ring?) and “flooded” like the Great Flood.


“Where are you from?” asks Dolores.

“Same as you. Don’t you remember?” says the girl.

“REMEMBER,” the voice says.

Like all of us. Coming into this world with amnesia. Slowly waking up. Slowly remembering.


Somehow she knows, the little girl. First she tells the Man in Black how to get to the center of the Maze, and then she draws it for Dolores. Now remember the Guest has to coerce it from her. But the Host she voluntarily gives it to. One forces their will. One follows their true path. Force of Will is a Luciferian concept. Batman used Force of Will against Superman.


Dolores looks again at the well in the center as they are leaving the town. Because the well is important somehow.


While talking to Will, Dolores looks up at the moon. Then the moon changes into the lights of the operating area where the “aliens” are. Now the Moon is connected to Lucifer. So the “aliens” are connected to Lucifer too.


They show the moon behind them.


“I’m such an admirer of yours. Your foundation literally saved my sister’s life.”

Duality world- the Man in Black is GOOD outside of this world and BAD in this world. Or at least that is how they want us to believe it is. That we are all both good and bad, when we really can be just good.


“Say another word and I’ll cut your throat. This is my FUCKING VACATION.”


“A story with real stakes, real violence. I’m here to honor his story.” The ultimate game in the “park”. Real death.


“I believe only the truly BRAVE can look at the world and understand it. All of it. Gods, Men, everything else, will end badly. No one will be saved.” Because what is Bravery? Bravery is fighting the ones in front of you for the ones behind you, regardless of your fear. Sacrificing for others. Is Hector brave? Is the Man in Black? I would say not.


“Masked men in devil’s horns. He has many names. Most know him as Wyatt.” Wyatt is a Snake. Wyatt is a Serpent.


Maeve sees her man in the red and white suit again…


And runs to give it back to the little girl who dropped it.


“That’s just part of their so called religion,” says the soldier.


Here is another one…. from the Mayan (Indians)…their religion… a man in a suit.


And their leader being a tall white man… known as the Plumed Serpent, the Plumed Snake….or Quetzalcoatl…


“Ford is creating chaos in the park.” Order out of chaos? Like what’s happening in OUR world now?


Notice the Giant Quarry machines. Reminds me of the No Forests on Flat Earth video that just came out. Are they telling us something? DID this happen? Did the Nephilim have something to do with it?


Remember they showed us this scene in the first episode…done by Giant excavators as well?


This is how the “world” looks when we zoom out…. like OUR world?


The Man in Black comes across Teddy tied to a tree. Reminds me of Jesus tied to the cross. Suffering, bleeding. Left for dead.


Remember Teddy is Jesus in here.


Madame Butterfly is playing while they head to the Mariposa. Mariposa means butterfly. So playing Madame Butterfly while they go to the House of Butterflies run by a Madame.


“This is a Shade. There were sent from Hell to oversee our world.” So another connection to Lucifer. The men in red and white suits, worshiped by the Indians, connected to the Moon, and called Shade, as in Night. And Shade is “shed” in the Bible, another word for Devil.


And the bullet, covered by RED blood. Proof.


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4 responses on “WestWorld Decoded S1 E4 (Dissonance Theory)

  1. Nathalie guiraudet

    Hello Rosette, could you give me a little insight into some symbolism? Is the circle or the spiral the simplist symbol for god or is their something else? And does the pyramid shape represent evil or good? I know intention is very important but was curious if their was a shape or symbol that was representative of god/good that hasn’t been coopted or inverted into something perverse? Thank you Rosette

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Hi Nathalie,
      The Circle represents Heaven. Circ is Kirk or Kirche- church. It is represented by the number 3- the trinity- Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Square is traditionally the symbol for the Earth- the “four corners of the Earth and is the number 4. Together you have 7 which is the number for Jesus in the center- 6 disciples on his left and 6 disciples on his right. So if you count in order it would make Jesus number seven. And he is the combination of 3 (heaven) and 4 (earth) or HU (heaven) and Man (earth). HUMAN is spirit WITHIN matter. Us as well! That’s why Jesus is with us. He came down and took Hu-Man form. 34 is ALSO the number for Jesus. Which is 3 and 4 connected. Remember the Mason’s worship 33, but Jesus is always one ABOVE them, he is 34. So watch for this number and well. This number proves he is always with us. God will never forsake us.
      The Spiral is a good symbol for Jesus as well. Just like the Golden mean. The design of life. Showing we were not made from chaos but planned. Made perfect in HIS image and all the world was made by HIM for us. They do usurp the spiral as they also usurp the Rainbow which is another divine symbol. God gave us this tiny spectrum of light to live in because HE gave us the gift of COLOR. Lucifer’s world is the NIGHT, the world of Black and White, colorLESS, the colors of the Mason’s.
      The pyramid is really eight sided- the octogon. Eight is the number of the Templars, hence the Mason’s. OCTober is their month because October is 33 in numerology. They use eight sided stars for authority. Certain Police departments use this star. Police is 33 in numerology as well. And in many Police departments they use the Freemasonic symbols right on their official patches! G-ate, the controllers use the masonic G and eight` Gate- to control us as well. Bill Gates. Lucifer’s realm we are locked behind the gate. The pyramid also shows their control structure with the ultimate controller- Lucifer- at the top. In Jesus’s world we would NOT have a pyramid system. We would all be equal and help each other and live in peace and love. We would be in a circle (heaven) holding hands- all equal-all loved.
      ~ Love, Rosette

  2. Nathalie guiraudet

    Wow! Thank you so kindly Rosette. I want to make some structures for the garden, for the house, for the land and the sky and the pyramid shape didn’t feel right……but the circle does. Circle will also add interesting structural and design challenges. I will also keep in mind the positive numbers and find a way to incorporate them. Thank you so much for your time and wisdom. If you where closer and a meat eater I would drop off at your doorstep a big hunk of grown with love hand smoked bacon!

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