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9 responses on “Trump on Fallon~ Humiliation Ritual

  1. Nathalie guiraudet

    Hello Rosette, I have read/watched all you have offered up……some more than once. I have wanted to thank you for all the “illumination” you bring into my life for some time. At times when I feel a bit ungrounded by the immensity of all this nonsense I often ground myself by remembering that you said the earth is an anagram for heart. Thank you, Nathalie

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Thank you so much Nathalie! To know I’ve helped you means so much. It’s why I do this. Yes no matter what, the most important thing is just that- Earth is Heart. No matter what we will always be okay in the end. Guaranteed. Fear is a choice. Choose love. Choose heart.

  2. Razz Berry

    We don’t have a two party system. Just two sides of the same coin. I agree he is going thru the stages to be in the club. Thanks once more for your insight! I have been blocked on FB again, so I’m glad you have this site to keep up on your enlightening work. I won’t be getting another account there. I’m grateful for all the people you have connected me to & have connected other than FB with all of them. Blessings to you & your work Rosette!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Awe Razz! What a shame! I don’t see why FB can’t just let people go under aliases as long as they are not harming anyone. But then it makes them harder to find US I suppose. Well you can always find me here. So glad to connect with you.

  3. Luke Aspen

    I love your commentating! The more articles you add, the more add-ictive it becomes! Always hungering for more!
    As for Donald Trump, I’ve seen him do the downward triangle different times. I’ve read that his daughter Ivanka is an MK Ultra Monarch. There’s various pictures of her dressed in the leopard print dress & one disturbing photo of her as a grown woman sitting on his lap in a suggestive manner. So would he be her handler? And I just now discovered when Ivanka turned 15 she was forced by Donald to attend Choate!! Like I said before, that school is a real “dumping ground” for children of the elite! Many Mason & CIA connections there. Also the school address is located near Sandy Hook, at 333 Christian St., does that say something?
    And Ivanka later became a Playboy bunny & father Trump appeared on the 1990 cover issue of Playboy wearing black pants & white shirt. The whole Playboy thing started back in the 50’s with Hugh Hefner & the CIA funding it. So Playboy is known to those aware as a Beta alter institution. Much of the programming is done at the Sky Villas in Vegas. Many front cover models have been photographed with butterflies, showing the left eye only, wearing black/white dress, different masonic hand signals etc.
    The significance of the bunny logo in terms of symbolism, would be of Ishtar aka Easter or Esther and her position as “the Goddess”. Even Disney’s Miss Minnie Mouse was the original MK Ultra pinup girl – preteen to the Playboy bunny. And going down the rabbit hole is also referring to anal sex.
    Bugs Bunny is also a rabbit who exhibits differnet personalities. In some episodes he seems to be “triggered” into his different persona. Suddenly switching into someone else & then after his episodes – he simply carries on as if nothing strange has happened – a scenario often followed by a “wink” from Bugs to the watcher. Mel Blanc voiced the Bugs character & as a boy was in the DeMolay, the Masonic youth group. When he reached maturity, he joined the Masonic lodge. He was once quoted as saying: “I’ve been a member of DeMolay for 63 years. God bless the lodge for making me a better man!” And Bugs Bunny was a Warner Bros. creation.
    It was later that Mel Blanc met Walter Lantz who was employed by Carl Laemmle at Universal Studios. I mentioned before that Laemmle was a Mason but Lantz was a true Christian. Lantz was hired as a director for the cartoon series, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Laemmle had succeeded in snatching Oswald from the character’s creator & fellow Mason, Walt Disney. When Oswald became worn out he was morphed into Bugs Bunny & Lantz needed a new cartoon character. In 1940 Lantz married Grace Stafford & during their honeymoon they kept hearing a woodpecker incessantly pecking on their roof.
    And that became the inspiration for Woody Woodpecker!
    So it was Mel Blanc that supplied the voice. It was much later Blanc moved on to other character voices & so Grace Stafford supplied the voice for Woody. Mel Blanc became famous for voicing Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Tweety Bird, Sylvester the Cat & many others. He later left Universal to work for Hanna-Barbera Productions. They made the Flintstones & the Jetsons. And William Hanna & Joseph Barbera were both Masons. It was Alan Reed who voiced Fred Flintstone & Mel Blanc voiced Barny Ruble. The Flinstones has different Masonic references including the well known episode where Fred & Barney attend the Masonic Buffalo Lodge. And Hanna-Barbera were very close friends with Tony Curtis, so they had him voice his own character, Stoney Curtis on the Flintstones.

    As for Playboy bunnies, some famous ladies have become one: Sally Field, Joan Collins, Anna Nicole Smith, Jenny McCarthy, who later married & divorced Jim Carey. And Dolly Parton, who actually said, “You get more grain when you sell your soul to the devil”. She is also the Godmother to Miley Cyrus. Pamela Anderson appeared on the front cover wearing a two-piece bikini. The bottom half she was wearing was more like a g-string with a $ sign marked on the crotch of the bikini. That was an inside reference to those aware that she was “available”. Meaning that for $10,000 she could be anyone’s sex slave
    for a night. And she would for that amount “perform” any type of sex act including sodomy & also any scatological duty requested.
    Gloria STEINem was also a bunny. In 1963 she used her grandmother’s name Marie Ochs & allowed herself to be billed as “Marie the fun bunny”. To this day she likes to deny that ever happened but when someone showed her a vintage photo of her dressed in the bunny outfit, she laughed it off as being “research” to know the feeling of how it was to be so exploited. But she was a CIA recruit from the very beginning & having “dated” Henry Kissinger, was more like he was assigned to be her handler. And for many years he did handle her.
    Amy Schumer is a Hugh fan of Gloria Steinem. Schumer just put out a new book The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo. In it she quotes Steinem, who once said, “The Truth will set you free but first it will piss you off!” Pretty ironic thing for her to say! Schumer insists Steinem is so cool & a great role model. She even texts other quotes from Steinem to all her girlfriends, especially when she feels down, Gloria gives her such a boost!
    Schumer really wants to be an A-list actress after having such a hugh success with the film Trainwreck. She’s on location in Hawaii right now doing another movie. Guess she will be another one to fall for doing whatever it takes to get more fame & fortune.

    As for the Playboy Mansion, I’ve read it’s quite a filthy & trashy place. Back in the 70’s Ryan O’Neal attended along with Bill Cosby, who is reported to have raped 12 bunnies. Donald Trump & Neal (“kneel”) Diamond. Ryan had the nerve to bring his 8 year old daughter Tatum. She told of how she was given alcohol & “passed around” in the crowd.
    And she too is supposed to be a Monarch slave that Ryan sold for his own glory. Her story of child stardom is more disturbing than say Judy Garland or Lindsay Lohan. If you look at her history it is a very telling one. She’s still the youngest actor to have won an Oscar at age 10 for Paper Moon. In the movie she plays the assumed to be daughter of Ryan’s character.
    And for the Oscars she was dressed in a boy’s tuxedo with her hair cut so short. Ryan was quite pissed she even got the nomination, while he was totally ignored by the voting Academy. He also refused to accompany her to the show & he used the excuse he could not attend since he was in London filming Barry Lyndon for Stanley Kubrick.
    By age 12 she was hooked on quaaludes & cocaine. And It was later Tatum became linked to Michael Jackson for a brief dating period. She has 2 memoirs, A Paper Life & most recently Found. In 2011 Oprah Winfrey decided it would be most “helpful” to get involved with Ryan & Tatum. She had them both agree to appear together in some lame reality show on the Oprah Winfrey Network. It was really more a ploy for them to help Oprah boost her OWN sagging network ratings. Oprah was hoping to show a “healing” for them both -it turned out horribly wrong for Tatum.
    To this day she hates men & obviously so. The last I read about Tatum is she has hooked up with Rosie O’Donnell in hopes that a lesbian relationship will be the “healing” she needs. But O’Donnell has now gone thru 3 different female relationships, hoping the 4th with Tatum will last. And of course they both have Oprah’s blessing.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Ha! I love YOUR commentating Luke! Always interesting! I’m reading Brice Taylor’s “Thanks for the Memories” right now and what she says is spot on to what has happened to all the gals you have mentioned. Kissinger was Brice’s handler as well. Ryan and Tatum reminds me of Brice and her father. Ryan is one sick puppy. Similar to Mackenzie Philips and her father. It amazes me that all these pedos are free. That there are so many! And they are running amuck! There has to be a tipping point where all of this comes to an end. It is such an inversion of how the world was meant to be.

  4. Luke Aspen

    Also the White Rabbit in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland reinforces MK Ultra programming just as much as the Playboy bunny logo does. And I mentioned the rabbit hole. How far down the hole do you want to go? Again that reinforces the sodomy.
    The bunny logo was designed by Art Paul out of Chicago. Hugh Hefner originally wanted to call Playboy magazine The Stag Party. And the logo was to be a stag with hugh antlers & a full body with hoofs. Well isn’t that truly Satanic? But that was too masculine so they instead chose the bunny as the Easter/Esther Goddess thing.
    Art Paul does lots of face art. Some faces have an X covering the entire face. Reminds me of Madonna with an X over her face on the Rebel album. And Paul always said he too is a rebel. Many other of his faces look rather Satanic. And I just realized the Playboy bunny is always shown facing from the left side. With just one eye showing, which is a blank white circle. A white bunny on a black background also wearing a bow-tie. Hefner told Paul he wanted a butterfly and the bow-tie was the closest thing to that. The Playboy bunny too reminds me of the Donnie Darko rabbit with long ears!
    I’ve also uncovered much more of what I call the Hefner-Cosby-Trump connection, even darker stuff! I will post that soon.
    And Rosette I’m glad you’re reading Brice Taylor’s book I tend to confuse her with Cathy O’brien & her book The Trans-Formation of America. That deals with all the Masonic Presidents Bush, Reagan, Carter & Kissinger too. Is there anything in Taylor’s book that stands out that you could share? I would love to know!
    Thanks Rosette & Lidy too!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      If you look at the Darko bunny it looks like a Baphomet as well!
      Hmmm…. I just woke up and am having my morning coffee. When I get a chance I’ll go back and see if there is anything interesting in the book to share. I’m about 2/3rds through it.

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