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The Truth is in the Code.

There Are No Forests on Flat Earth Decoded

Let me start off by saying this video is a mind blower! Once you “see” you can never “unsee”. It’s that powerful. I will put a link for it at the end of this article.

So let me summarize for you since the guy who made it has a strong accent and so his English isn’t very clear. You might have to watch it a few times to pick up on everything. So I will give you the cliff notes here…

“Cliff” notes….takes on a whole new meaning! Ha! Cliff’s are formed by these massive earth machines! But hold on, I’m jumping ahead.

Now this information will mess with your PERCEPTION of the world. He gives us an example of a tree stump in grass. He tells you it is actually a rock formed from magma pushing up out of the ground. You listen. You laugh.

But you won’t be laughing by the end of his video.


Here he shows us a picture of how easily perception can be skewed. What do you see in it? Adults will usually say “two lovers” while children will say “seven dolphins”. Which do you see? Once you see both you will always see both.

8-5-16 248

The Russian guy figured out that the trees that we are familiar with DWARF in comparison to the trees of old; the trees of the Golden Age basically. The trees before the destruction caused by some event 200 years ago. (I tried to find something, anything, that would show evidence of this, but I couldn’t, so maybe it is a “lost in translation thing here.”)

He says that the biomass that should be the Giant trees, are displaced by huge blocks of fresh ice at the poles. These blocks of fresh ice have biomass in them, carbon. (Living cells are made up of hydrogen and carbon).  He mentions that 99% of the Earth’s biomass was destroyed or displaced. That only 1% is left on this plane. So we cannot possibly be in an overpopulation crisis as our controllers tell us.


He explains how some of the smaller Giant trees were cut down by loggers as evidenced in California. Some were left alive and these are on display in Redwoods National Park. Why did they leave some of these smaller ones alive? Because when we think of stories about Giant trees of old, they want us to think of THESE trees. Trees that are only 100 feet tall. They don’t want us to think of Giant trees as they really were- miles tall.

General Sherman, the largest living tree….. a baby compared to the trees of old.


Notice the name, General, as in war, war against the trees, and Sherman is a combination of “she” and “man”, a he/she, or a Baphomet.


He doesn’t blame the loggers. They are used in their spells to participate in these rituals. He calls them “satanic bacteria” leaning up against the beautiful tree that they felled.

8-5-16 220

Like the Redwoods National Park being an inversion of the true nature of the trees. It being a graveyard not a park. Like the Grand Canyon. This “national park” where we go in awe to see a …. quarry. One big waste pit, mined of all the precious materials. Again, we are participating in their spells, giving good energy to their rituals of death.

8-5-16 221

He shows us this one that they say is from a meteorite, when in actuality it is also just another rock quarry.

8-5-16 222

He then takes us to the Petrified Forest in Arizona. Arizona is code for Aryan Zone- the land of the Aryans. Nazi and Zion are both encoded in the name, because remember they are not really in opposition of each other, they are on the SAME team.

8-5-16 223

Now if we take a good look at these “trees” we will see that they are made of stones, precious gems; all different kinds, all different colors. Isn’t it amazing that wood can turn into precious gems?

8-5-16 225

And here, scattered on the desert floor, cut into neat little pieces. Quite amazing don’t you think?

8-5-16 224

Amazing that carbon based wood, that normally rots in our world, somehow turns into…

8-5-16 229

precious gems. Huh? If this was the case you would think there would be a business doing this today! They would make a fortune!

8-5-16 228

Look at how neat the “wood” is cut. How can this be? It can’t be, our Russian friend tells us. That carbon cannot become stone. It goes against all laws of physics, biology, chemistry and geology. What they CAN be are trees made out of SILICA. And these trees were ‘staged” here to fool us once again. What he believes they actually are, are branches, twigs really, of the trees of old.

8-5-16 230

Now he goes back to our tree stump in the grass. Look at it carefully. It IS a tree stump in grass.


But now look at THIS…

Doesn’t THIS look just like our tree stump but taller? But no, modern science says THIS is a ROCK formed by magma coming out of the ground! How can this be???

This is Devil’s Tower, Wyoming.  Notice the name- DEVIL’s Tower- BAAL’s Tower, Tower of Babel. And we go to this Tower, and we call it a National monument. We again participate in their rituals, rituals of destruction against our home.


Now he proves this is NOT magma by the hexagonal shapes running parallel up to the top portion. Living organisms use this shape as the most efficient for life and gives an example of the honeycomb produced by bees.


He also shows that the individual strands that are connected to each other have two parts, an inner and an outer shell. The outer shell is a fascia, similar to skin. Evidence of this skin sloughing off can be seen in this photo.

8-5-16 231

He mentions that our universe is FRACTAL. So the honeycomb shape is used in the micro as well as the macro. There is no difference in SCALE. The ratio’s are the same from the tiniest hexagon to the biggest.

8-5-16 232

Here is a side by side comparison of a tree and Devil’s Tower. You can see that the tree fans out at the base making way for the root system. You can see that Devil’s Tower is identical.

8-5-16 233

They love to flaunt their destruction in our faces don’t they? So not only do they have us worship these sites of death, but they put them in their movies and have US pay to see them! Devil’s Tower was used in the movie Close Encounters. It was the focal point of the movie. The “space ship” looks like a big rotary blade to me, the “aliens” are really the demons behind the destruction. And yes, we are giving our good energy to this… by unknowingly participating, by watching it.

8-5-16 234

He then shows us Giant’s Causeway in Ireland, which is almost identical! GIANTs cause way because the GIANTS came over from JOTUNHEIM perhaps and sawed them down? And “causeway” is another name for highway, as in HIGHWAY TO HELL. Why all these associations with the devil and his realm?

8-5-16 235

Here he shows us a side by side comparison of what the silica stumps look like and what actual lava looks like. You will see that silica is hexagonal in shape, just like cells, while lava flows out in streams and does not make geometric shapes.

8-5-16 236

Here is a close up. Looks pretty obvious doesn’t it? That the forms on the left can not possibly be made from lava? But that is exactly what mainstream science (pysi ence, as in pysops) tells us they are.

8-5-16 244

Here is a side by side comparison of the walls of the Giant’s Causeway and a lava flow. Not even close!!!!

8-5-16 246

And here is a side by side comparison of Giant’s Causeway and Devil’s Tower. Wow! Looks the same to me!

8-5-16 247

More truth in plain sight is given to us in the movie Wall-E. Showing us where our world is headed, complete depletion. One big graveyard. And again we participate in this ritual by going to these movies and giving them our good energy…. the devil is a tricky one isn’t he.

8-5-16 249

He then shows us some side by side comparisons of  tree stumps and these “rock monuments” around the world. Here is Uluru Rock (Ayers Rock), Australia! Mind blown!!!

8-5-16 250

A view from another angle.

8-5-16 251

In Canada, North America…

8-5-16 252

In Italy, Europe….

8-5-16 253

Namibia, Africa….

8-5-16 254

Argentina, South America…

8-5-16 255

In Utah, United States…

8-5-16 257


8-5-16 258


8-5-16 259

Venezuela, South America…

8-5-16 260

These are all called Mesas. Mesa means Table Top in Spanish. Table’s of the Giants perhaps?

8-5-16 261

This one in Cape Town, South Africa is three miles wide. If we do the math, that would make the actual tree 60 miles high! The tree would be so big it could house whole communities in it! But this wasn’t even the biggest.

8-5-16 256

The biggest, was called Mount Meru. The Tree of Life, located in the center of our world. Located at the north pole. And was probably 100 miles tall. And was cut down. This gives new life to the Norse Mythology doesn’t it? That Yggdrasil was an ACTUAL TREE, not just a symbolic tree, but a REAL LIVING TREE. Alas!

8-5-16 263

Our controllers replace this BEAUTIFUL TREE with this…disguised by the name Paramount… foremost mountain… foremost TREE…..


They cut it down… and they show us in film… Jack and the Beanstalk. But it is inverted… the GIANTS never lived ABOVE us…. but in the realm NEXT to us… Jotunheim.


They fooled us…

as we are fooled by using the death rune as well, called the PEACE symbol. We think it’s for peace when in actuality it is a symbol of death. It is the broken cross of Yggdrasil, the tree of life. It symbolizes the realm of Hel. The roots of the tree of Yggdrasil….


Now these trees of old were our HOMES. We were supposed to live in LIVE trees! What do we do in our world?  More participation in their spells, in Earth’s destruction. We cut down the trees. We build our homes with DEAD trees. This is an inversion of how we are supposed to live. We are supposed to live in the trees. Like they show us in the movie Avatar.

They fool us by telling us the world is overpopulated. But is it? We were meant to live UP. UP in the trees. UP in the sky. All that vacant space was our home.


In the Amazon the Indians were interviewed asking what they thought of a French garden. They said it was sad because trees don’t want to be cut. They are not supposed to be cut. Well we are doing MUCH more than just cutting them. We are killing them.

8-5-16 237

The Chief Elder said, “What you are doing to your plants is not healthy. We believe plants have a spirit and we don’t have the right to treat them like that. Trimming a tree makes it suffer.”

8-5-16 238

They were then shown footage of the Twin Towers falling on 9/11. The Elder remarked, “It’s like our bad sorcerers. These people don’t care about anybody. The people who did this have no HEART.”

What a wise elder!

8-5-16 241

So where are the rest of the silica trees? The ones that weren’t cut? Well as our Russian friend tells us, he believes there was some sort of event. The rest of the trees were basically knocked over by some force. Similar to this picture of carbon trees.

8-5-16 264

He shows us some side by side comparisons of stumps with the tree falling by force. He calls these stumps “mountains”!

8-5-16 266

And shows us examples from around the world…

8-5-16 267

The similarities are amazing! He tells us there is no such thing as “rocks”. Rocks are really pieces of broken stumps! “Stone is a bridge between silicon and carbon life forms.”

8-5-16 268

Mountains are actually piles of machine waste!

8-5-16 271

Some of these piles have chemical reactions in them and these are the ones called volcanoes. Sometimes they burn, and sometimes they explode. (So I don’t agree totally here that these are just piles of chemical waste though. I do think there is more to it than that. So this would be a good area to research more.)

8-5-16 272

He then mentions how not all the remains of silica cell structures are hexagonal. That some can be from mushrooms and other such vegetation.

8-5-16 273

Which makes perfect sense….

8-5-16 274

It reminds me of the ancient stone circle remains found in Africa. Notice how some are honeycombed shaped and some are flower shaped….




and here…


And I found these same structures on the island of Kauai, in the Hawaiian Island chain.

8-5-16 218

In the South African one, Michael Tellinger says he even found a Giant footprint! For some reason this feels fake to me, although I do believe Giants DID have something to do with these remains.


So if the Giants DID cut down the trees, then what did they cut them down with? Well Giant tools of course!

8-5-16 276

Giant rotor excavators….

8-5-16 277

that dig into the side of the trees and strip them…

8-5-16 278

leaving these concave walls known as cliffs…

8-5-16 279

They show us again in their movies that that is exactly what they are doing. From the movie Avatar we see their Giant excavating machines tearing down the Ancient trees.


other Giant tools were used to make bowls…

8-5-16 280

and obelisks… there is no way this obelisk could be made without a giant lathe.

8-5-16 281

and walls…. WALL-E…

8-5-16 282

and works of art… There is no way that someone could hand make this statue without ONE mistake! It is like they used a giant 3D printer for the template.

8-5-16 283

and these temples….

8-5-16 284

Now the Russian guy thinks there was a nuclear war sometime between 1780 and 1815. He says this resulted in a nuclear winter in 1816 where many people froze to death.

8-5-16 286

He shows evidence of this destruction in his local area of Crimea, located by the Black Sea.

8-5-16 288

Here is another one…

8-5-16 289

He shows how they cover up more evidence of destruction by saying they are ancient “cave” cities, when in fact they are remains of limestone quarry sites. Another tourist attraction, but are we surprised about this anymore?

8-5-16 293

Here he shows a side by side comparison of an ancient “cave” civilization and a modern quarry. Identical!

8-5-16 294

Here is evidence in an old photo from the 1800’s of a quarry site with right angles cut into the rock 100 meters wide by 80 meters high. You can even see the houses put into them. The debris dribbling down the hills are the limestone waste cut using these precision tools.

8-5-16 296

Another example of a quarry site, with limestone cliffs and waste.

8-5-16 297

These canyons are just huge quarry sites….

8-5-16 298

Here is a picture of one before the vegetation grew on it to cover it up.

8-5-16 299

And more from around the world…

8-5-16 300

and here, with the machines that do the cutting….

8-5-16 301

Excavation site in Antarctica…

8-5-16 302


8-5-16 303


8-5-16 304

United States….

8-5-16 306

Places that get a lot of rain they call these terraces and can grow vegetation on them, such as in India….

8-5-16 308

Some quarry sites are as big as whole countries. Countries such as Uzbekistan…Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan…

8-5-16 309


8-5-16 310

His conclusion is that deserts are 100% artificial, made from long term mining activities. That we need to change the names from rocks, canyons and mountains to quarries, mines and quarry waste.

8-5-16 312

Quarry waste…

8-5-16 313

Quarry waste….

8-5-16 314

Mount Vesuvius….pile of explosive waste…

8-5-16 315

With these realizations we see that the controllers are turning our Earth into one giant quarry.

8-5-16 319

He shows how the Bible warns of this.

In Isaiah 14:8 it says….

8-5-16 321

and in reference to us in Psalms 82 it says…

8-5-16 322

So with these revelations I was thinking just how SATANIC our world really is. Not only are the Satanists in control of our government, Hollywood etc., but our cars run on the EARTH”s blood. It’s called OIL. That’s what Black Goo really is, the Earth’s blood. Not this living alien crap we are fed that is alive and feeding off of us. They show this in so many movies as a psyop.

Like here in Star Trek….


And in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo…

maxresdefaultAnd in the X-Files…


And in Prometheus…


Again to give BAD energy to the Earth. To participate in their spells against her, To help in their destruction of her. Our home. (Notice the Oil machines, reminds me of the quarry machines as well)


Doesn’t our world seem UPSIDE DOWN? Like the Upside Down in the show Stranger Things? Now stay with me here. What if this IS the Upside Down? That we are all mind controlled to believe we are ON Earth when we really are UNDER Earth?

Notice how they make this show poster look just like the one for the Luciferian movie series called Star Wars.

red and blue

Star Wars, the Force Awakens… and Ray looks very similar to Eleven…an androgynous female, or a he/she… a Baphomet… General Sherman….


Would the Prime Creator really let the HEART of the universe become so desecrated?  Earth, Midgard, so soiled? it seems almost impossible to fix! Would God LET that happen?


Now remember how our guy mentions that our mind doesn’t go further than the Redwoods in California? That they “give” us these Giant trees so we don’t think in size beyond that? Well what if they “give” us this idea about the Giant trees so we DON”T GO BEYOND THAT?

If this world is all we’ve ever known how “could” we see beyond it?

Remember the little boy in the movie The Road? “Papa, we carry the fire right? We’re the good guys.” That little boy never knew the Earth BEFORE THE CATASTROPHE. He never knew the beautiful trees. The paradise that EARTH was. Do you see where I’m going? What if WE are that little boy. That since WE never have seen the Earth as it should be, then we would accept it for what they tell us.


There was a movie called The Descent. It was to scare us from looking WITHIN the Earth. All they do is try to get us to look up. Always look up; never look down. Aliens, spaceships, Nibiru, other Universes, other Galaxies far far away, they tell us…


So we don’t look down. Don’t look to our own. Don’t search the center. Don’t search the rim.


They even have Abyss imagery in it. Climbing out of the pit.


So I wonder… are we are really in the AS BELOW? In the UPSIDE DOWN? That we could possibly be in HELL. In the realm of the broken cross.  In the realm BELOW Mid-Gard. In the realm BELOW Earth. That EARTH is really fine. It is just in one realm over. Through the portals… through the Looking Glass… Alice’s wonderland.


That we were all MK’ed to “forget” who we are and where we came from. So we can work in HELL for them. Their realm- the realm of the Fallen Ones. In Stranger Things the girl is brought up in an MK program. She is put through Hell.

Eleven is the number that represents a Gate. Eleven is the two pillars, with the Gate in between. SHE is the Gate. The connection between the two realms- it’s just they invert things- “stranger” things.. so instead of being on Earth and going to Hell, we are in Hell and need to get to Earth.

Martyr’s go directly to Earth. They pass the test and move on. Illuminati members know they are stuck here and want to keep as many of us here with them as possible. So they entice us with Matter. “No thing else matters” as Metallica sings….

What if THIS is the biggest secret. NOT that the Earth is flat. Not that we are living in a big quarry; but that we are NOT on Earth. That we are UNDER Earth.

Mad Max FURY Road is Hell on Earth…..

Just a thought to ponder….


So remember this picture? Seems like a million years ago doesn’t it?

Now if I tell you that it is a giant rock made from magma pushing up from the ground will you laugh?


Here is my Youtube version…..

And here is the link to the Russian guys profound video….

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39 responses on “There Are No Forests on Flat Earth Decoded

  1. Doug

    Thanks for the post, Rosette, I am questioning myself about the flat earth and wondering why I am watching this stuff on youtube when I ran across the original version of no trees on flat earth. After reading Fritz Springmier’s “Undetectable mind control” things just have not been the same for me and all this awareness has entered my life since I started meditating. It is hard to look at anything now without identifying the Satanic elements of everything.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Because it’s true Doug and knowledge is power. The Satanists use trickery and deceit and worm their way into power and control of our lives. Notice how everyone uses the phrase “when they WOKE UP”. Because we are all under AMNESIA. And who are the masters at putting people under amnesia? The controllers through their MK programs. But once we are aware of this they don’t hold power over us anymore. So knowing is key, and helping to wake others when they are ready.

  2. Doug

    I found you by asking the Father for the unfettered truth in full context. Are you accustomed to answering prayers? He already told me that it was my decision to come here for the slave rebellion, so let the party begin! I pride myself on my ability to horrify people with this subject. I was carrying on about this subject before I was even able to put the Satanists label on it.

  3. Peter

    The Deep Links project team, a collaboration between Plymouth University, the University of Oxford, the Joint Nature Conservation Committee and the British Geological Survey, spent six weeks at sea onboard the RSS James Cook.
    Of the four underwater mountains they explored, the biggest – the Anton Dohrn – stands at 1,700m tall. It would dwarf Ben Nevis, which has a peak of 1,344m – yet it is totally submerged.
    The scientists say until now these unique habitats have been little explored.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Interesting yeah. Looks like a chopped tree stump! Interesting also that it’s the RSS JAMES COOK that sailed there. James Cook is the first European to discover the Hawaiian Islands where I am at. Lots of cover up over here as well. Did you notice the PURPLE algae in the footage? Purple is the color of the Luciferians. They made sure to put that in. The footage of the marine life looks like it was taken in an aquarium tank, not from the bottom of the sea floor either, btw.
      BBC is 223 in numerology. Reverse that 322 and you have the number for Skull and Bones.

      1. DB

        As a numbers guy, I’d like to add a numbers observation from the Stranger Things poster…..(Pythagorean numerology) on the left I see ABC =123 = 6
        then IK = 92 = 11 and RS = 91= 10 = 1.. So you have 6 111…reps 666. (6×111)
        A reach? I promise you those letters/numbers are meaningful to the bad guys in some fashion. They aren’t random. Add the individual values and you get another favorite = 27. reps (999/666). See the “27 Club”.

        1. baltazar

          it’s ABC, JK, RS cause it’s a crop from the wall in the movie, where the mother draws the abc onto the wall to communicate with her son in the upside down.

  4. S

    Watched the video yesterday. I’m more interested in the supposed nuclear war that happened, according to our russian-bro, between 1780 and 1815. I tried googling but nothing came up.

    So it must be a new conspiracy, but, beside holes on the ground and the connection with the Year without a Summer, are there any proofs of a nuclear war 200 years ago? I mean, we have historical records for that time, it’s absurd to think that civilization suddenly collapsed but managed to get on industrial levels in less than a century.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Yep I couldn’t find anything either. So what does that tell us? That they put truths in that vid but sprinkle it with possible BS? And there are no trees OLDER than 200 years old? Is that part even true? I do believe in the Giant Tree theory, I do believe they cut down the Tree of Life, notice how they will NOT let us go to the North Pole? What would we discover there? Proof of the Tree I’m sure.
      Have you looked into Zachariah Sitchin’s work? He is the one who writes on the Annunaki and Planet Nibiru. After researching him extensively I came to the conclusion that he is a disinfo agent. Well one area that he talks about is a nuclear war happening in ancient times. So it seems that they are perpetuating this myth, with Sitchin, and possibly this Ukranian guy.

      1. S

        So far i got these infos:

        -a nuclear war happened in ancient times, since there is still radiation and craters in India. I also know that Alexander the Great may have faced nuclear weaponry in India.

        -Thus, it’s probable that an advanced civilization existed before ours.

        -I don’t buy in all the Nibiru theories, but i do believe in some kind of Ancient Astronauts theory. Possibly, the ancient advanced civilization (antediluvian one) managed to conquer/colonize the world, which at the time was populated by primitives (relatively), which saw the conquerors as Gods. It was probably Atlantis, or Hyperborea, but we can’t really know.

        -as to “They”, i won’t say anything because i could find myself on a list for it. Just look for the Proto-Indo-Europeans and their world view. And the opposing world view.

        Anyway, i found something interesting here:

        I know it’s a right wing site, but the post i linked mentions our ukranian guy and how the info he provided on the video were leaked/translated.

        Also, flat earth is probably a psy-op. It appeared out of nowhere on the internet and in some months it gained prominence as the boogey man of conspiracy theories. My take is that they publicized this theory to make real conspiracy theorists look crazy.

        I think Earth is round, maybe hollow (look for operation highjump) or expanding, but definitely not flat (i know people irl that disproved it).

        Anyway, the big trees theory is plausible (but allowing some space to geo-sysmical factors, ignored by ukrbro)

      2. DB

        The Stitchen guy is one of them. There is an odd little bit of film out there of him in a masonic setting trying to hide from the camera, with a very guilty look. on his face. I say he is a typical mouthpiece = spead some truth and LIE about the real important (to them) stuff….100% a fraud and a BAD GUY.

        1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

          I totally agree on Sitchin DB. Sitchin, I see “Stitches” as in “the fixer”, a brain washer, and rhymes with “witches”…. Sitchin… Witchin… he pushes the Nibiru thing which is 100% disinfo. I did an article on it.

    1. Peter

      The scientists were able to control the ISIS.. Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) from the deck of the ship, to record video, take photos and scoop up samples as it explored the deep.

  5. D. Allen

    I just began to evaluate the Flat Earth information and then this “No Trees on Earth” comes out. Sheesh! Totally mind boggling to an old guy (68) like me. I’ve watched a few podcasts, both secular and religious, Of course they are at odds on the subject but having an open-mind, I will not discount either forum. I’ll make up my own mind, which now is leaning towards FLAT. I believe in the Creation, not evolution; therefore, my KJV is the authority on any subject.

      1. D. Allen

        Matthew, Thanks for the replying question. My comment wasn’t made to instigate a religion debate on the “No Trees on Earth” information. Personally, I don’t believe or follow any religion either. However, as a historical writing, the KJV provides as much background information as the “No Trees” theory. Still researching the subject.

        1. Fern

          Without getting into any religious argument or debate, it would make a lot of sense that the giant silicon trees were cut down from a Biblical point of view. If the idea, as expressed in the Bible of the Great Food was to destroy the humans along with the Nephilims, then making sure that nobody could climb those trees to save themselves from drowning would make a lot of sense by having them destroyed.
          Another point to ponder is the fact that many legends tell us that before the great flood it never rained, that there was only a mist all over but no rain at all which could not affect the silicon trees if my theory is correct. I ask myself if maybe those trees were alive by the action of salt within them and if by any chance rain has kept them from being regrown all over again because rain might be washing the salt away from them (just a thought). Contributing a bit more to this thought I also ask myself if the gigantic amount of salt that is in the oceans is related to the demise of these trees if they lived on this salt, containing plenty of it, and when they were destroyed (cut down or broken by being forcefully pushed to one side) and the rains started pouring in the desalinated trees could not regrow ever again – unless maybe they were (under controlled conditions) and be administered salt for regrowth (something to think about even if it is an extremely long shot). However I have not read of any other explanation regarding this coming from anybody else. I would love to read some theories about it, ever if they are or look far-fetched like mine 🙂

          1. Joe

            taking the biblical aspect is where the secular dating fails miserably. prior to the biblical flood the atmosphere had a higher proportion of oxygen which induced greater growth — thus, the larger dinosaurs, larger ‘prehistoric’ bison, etc. These are a few of the things our ‘controllers’ don’t want for us to accept or know. The mist was enough for a world with a small population of people and massive animal and plant life. furthermore, read the biblical account — the giants (nephilim) could no longer be satisfied with what the humans provided for their insatiable desires and appetites began to EAT the humans.
            People forget that their ‘beloved’ bibles have also been manipulated by the controllers. And before anyone gets upset — don’t forget the original bible had over 100 books and the ‘catholic’ broke it down to 66 — notice the number!!!
            There is more to everything than what you are told.

  6. Matthew

    Hi I watched your video twice. Some of it makes sense and I am very open to it.
    But what can we do about it? Maybe someone like you can give advice.

  7. Mike

    Well hers my lifetimes worth of praying and seeking truth and God giving it have produced. As of today this is what i know as truth. Jesus Christ words are 100% accurate to date as well i expect the future will be as He describes. Everything is a perversion of the truth. Our lives are a living perversion of the way God was hoping we would live. School, collage, science, biology all of it is bullshit at the very core. The earth is according to God a stationary flat plain enclosed by a dome like structure called the fermiment. Above the firmiment is water. Above it is Heaven where God the Father resides. There is No space stars other planets as that information would be impossable to know since No one has ever been beyond the Dome/firmiment. Hell or/sheol is inside under neith us where the demons and satan reside until The day Jesus destroys Him after 1000 yrs of peace. Heaven and Hell are real places where when our physical bodies die we will reside in 1 or the other for all eternity depending on how we conduct ourselves here on earth during our lifetime. A piece of God the Father is inside of each and every human, called soul, or spirit. This is what makes us very special. Everything really does revolve around us not the other way around. Ghosts, space people, aliens,polterguistes things of that nature are simply demons tricking/decieving you. Yes, this man is correct these mountains and masa,s are old tree stumps and the earth has been ground down to about 5% of its originallity in an effort to decieve us and withhold the truth. God is so much more greater then we are being allowed to remember. We/humans have been on earth for millions of years. Millions of years ago there was electricity and way more technology then we have today. There were and are still giants living on earth today. They are not related to humans other then a perversion of a human body. They contain no sould but a demon inside the giants bodily container. They are a perversion of the abgels/watchers leaveing there posts and mateing with human woman resulting in soulless babies bodies posessed by demons with witch the babies grew to gigantic purportions/Giants/Nephalim. Jesus Christ is truth. Jesus Christ is on His way. He is at the door. Space brothers dont exist, aliens are demons who fly ufos. RFID chip is the mark of the beast. If you take it willingly/except it you will go to hell. If you believe in Jesus Christ, as our only chance at salvation, believe that he came from Heaven was born to a human woman lived and died to save our eternal souls from eternal damnation, was crucified on a cross at calvery be a tree that produces good fruit you will make it to heaven where all suffering will be ended.The reptillian demonic gubment does poison our food, water, air.

  8. Patti Lindgren Gera

    Hi Rosette,
    Thanks so much for your work. I appreciate it and I trust you. Finding data that isn’t overtly dramatized with the legitimate anger and incredulity of waking up, sensationalized or over produced by the modern condition, or intentionally dis-informative is difficult, as you well know, I’m sure. I appreciate your calm, the curiosity that drives you, your breadth in your area of knowledge, your logic and your wonderings. You have earned my respect.

    I, too, had my mind blown by the No Forests video. I watched it shortly after it came out, and like for so many others, it has changed me in deep and lasting ways.

    In the fall of 2013, I attended my first African grief ritual facilitated by a shaman. I had been in the pit of what I then understood as depression for about 18 months. I was able to function alright for a few months, but shortly after December 21, 2012, it set in deep. When I men the shaman, it was a matter of life and death. I really didn’t think I was going to make it through. I broke open at that ritual with the sorrow and rage that is grief (formerly understood by me as depression) so large that I shocked everyone there, including myself.

    As I was releasing, I had visions of large equipment working a big mountain of brown and black dirt, with a group of middle aged evil men laughing, from an elevated position, over their conquest. I thought it was a vision from modern times, but I realize now that it was a vision that is near to timeless, and that it began very long ago. No Forests made this connection for me, and it has changed the way I go about trying to be a good human helping other humans remember.

    Also, as I watched this video I noticed the obvious connection to the awakening feminine experience, which collects itself around a unity with Earth, and Earth as a magical, mystical garden. If you hang around or are a woman having a distinctly feminine awakening experience, there’s a good chance you’ll notice that trees and women are connected by something like an umbilical cord. We paint them, we hug them, we talk to them, we consult with them, we plant them. We are near to obsessed with trees and most of us are full of grief we don’t understand, misdiagnose and turn on ourselves.

    So – you can understand easily now I noticed your connection to Yggdrasil, the cosmological tree of my own ancestral heritage. After I saw No Forests and then your decoded video, I went on an expedition into Canada’s north. I found Mount Asgard, Mount Baldr, Mount Loki, and Thor’s Peak in Baffin Island, quite near to the north pole. Perhaps you’ve already found this, but I thought I’d tell you, just in case. They are not silica, but they sure look like trees, and the area also looks a lot like mining waste piles in between.

    I think Asgard may have been in the Russian fellow’s video.

    Sorry so long. Hope it was at least interesting. Thanks again Rosette.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      What I love best about waking up is connecting to wonderful people like you Patti. Thank you so so much for sharing your story! It really touched me! I totally agree about the trees. I always felt sad at Christmas when we would buy a tree with no roots- a dying tree. I never could understand that. It is another ritual we are participating in. Is it from the time when Yggdrasil was cut? Is this some form of Luciferian celebration of it? I would say yes. Just like when we put oil in our car. We take Earth’s blood. Another ritual they have us unwittingly participate in. They try to make us Luciferians in everything but name only and then one day they will inform us of what we are- when it is too late. That’s why it’s so important to spread truth so this won’t come to fruition. I love that you found Asgard, Baldr, Loki and Thor! And just where they should be, in the North, just below the North Star- the one immovable star in the heavens, Odin’s seat, our Prime Creators seat, watching down on us. <3

  9. Celinka Serre

    About the Oil and Earth’s Blood… In teh video game, Dragon Age Inquisition, the Descent DLC, you learn about ancient dwarves living way under even the deepest dwarven cities. In the world of Thedas (where the game takes place), you have Lyrium, which is what helps Mages use magic, it’s what some people take, potions and such. The dwarves mine the raw lyrium because they are not affected by it,. Light blue in colour, it’s purely magical and in great demand. It is mined and sold all across the lands. In this particular game add-on, you discover a Titan, that the stone, the cave, what you are in IS a Titan. And the lyrium is in veins and it is the Titan’s blood. The Titans, are the Earth, and the Earths’s blood in this game is this lyrium., something that is mined, and wanted, and fought about because everyone wants it and wants more of it and wants it first. Reading your bit about oil being the Earth’S blood, made perfect sense to me. They are hinting clues to us, even in video games. Just another place where they say it without saying it, if you get my meaning. Amazing!

  10. Japan

    Sorry, I hardly know English. “Stone is a bridge between the silicon and carbon form of life!” This doesn’t make sense to me precisely, Stone is all debris of carbon life forms or silicons, and this is so useful to human kinds as building our houses and mansion that as a result causing destruction of the earth. Right?

    In General carbon tree is never not turned into the gem, but actually logs of tree as carbon turning into semi-gems, so we can know modern science is wrong, my understanding right?

    What’s the difference between carbon trees and silicon trees? Only silicon trees are able to turn into gem? I know myself is very idiot contradict and slow to understand the whole things, if you ok to my idiot question, please more precisely tell me, so that a child understands it.

  11. Daisy

    So the sand at beaches was made this way too then…I want to make sure I understood correctly, there are some carbon trees and some silica but the silica ones were destroyed? Do you think they made the beach sand on purpose out of these trees? All those huge trees held quartz which is a very important mineral but what else could they possibly need so much for? This sounds so sick. I’m disgusted. They raped and murdered the land. I can never see mountains the same again.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      I would say the sand is part of the dry ground. From Genesis it says, “And God said, “Let the water under the sky be gathered to one place, and let dry ground appear.” And it was so. 10 God called the dry ground “land,” and the gathered waters he called “seas.” And God saw that it was good.

      11 Then God said, “Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds.” And it was so. 12 The land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kinds and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good”

  12. Mihai MC

    Rosette, I’m not sure how much of the ‘atmosphere’ concept is understood in this situation. Or atmospheric pressure. Or temperature variation with height. For example, people need an oxygen tube on top of mt. Everest. How could they live in trees? In very cold conditions. Imagine even going higher than that what would happen. Or, you might say, the atmosphere was different, but then what do we do with the great atmospheric pressure? Again, no humans could survive. Please send me an email explaining this. Thanks.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      I don’t understand everything Mihai. I never claimed to. Regarding the trees, I would speculate that humans lived near the ground. Not way up high in the clouds. The trees could reach the clouds but the animals that would live so high in them would be the birds. And there wasn’t an abundance of these trees. If you look at my second presentation on the subject I show Punchbowl in Oahu, A few miles away is Diamond Head which I believe is the remains of an ancient tree as well. so for the whole island I believe there were only two of these trees. Where Devil’s Tower is, it appears it was the only giant tree for that area. So they were here and there, and the humans in the area would live on the ground and possibly in the lower branches.

      1. Mihai MC

        That seems believable, but let’s for example take mount Everest. It has been remeasured a few times (during our lifetimes) and its height increases in time, which proves it was raised by some tectonic movement. Also, there are mountain chains all around the planet, we cannot think that was a very very horizontally elongated tree that would look like a wall. I don’t know what you believe, but what about crystallization in case of Devil’s Tower? Could they just be naturally formed crystals, like seen in many caves?

        1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

          I don’t think all mountains were trees. If you look at Punchbowl and Diamond Head on Oahu THOSE were trees. There are mountain ranges on Oahu, the Waianae’s and the Ko’olau’s. I have never said they were old trees. So Oahu had TWO of these old trees. Places like Giant’s Causeway DOES look like remnants of an old tree and has that hexagon structure. Devil’s Tower again was an Old tree. NOT ALL mountains. That was the Russian guy’s hypothesis. Really study these sites with your eyes. What do your eyes tell you? They tell me these are tree stumps. The exact make-up I cannot say and can only speculate.

          Read or watch my No Forests Part 3. In that I explain WHY they were cut and WHAT they were used for, in my opinion.

          1. segoii

            Giants Causeway could be a new giant tree. It´s growing ! … You find the same on La Gomera on Canary Islands. It´s growing, too.

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