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8 responses on “The Luciferian Agenda in Entertainment with Rosette Delacroix (Jan 2016)

  1. Luke Aspen

    Hey Rosette,
    You and Isaac make a great duo! Amazing how you catch the subtleties of certain words. Your saying Gnosis = Know Isis, Exactly! When I read Elaine Pagel’s The Gnostic Gospels, I was thinking she may have discovered some great and hidden truth. Now I’m convinced otherwise, if only Pagels had a better grip on coded words! Somebody left a comment for Isaac that
    Genesis = Gene Isis, what’s your take?
    And I’m still researching all those shady characters with so much new info and trying to find time to connect it all. I can’t wait to finish so I can share it all!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Hey Luke,
      Can’t wait to read your new info. Looking forward to it.
      Yes Genesis is Gene Isis. Isis is the Divine feminine but has been usurped by the Luciferians. They invert don’t they? So they invert her as well. They want LILITH to rule. Her exact opposite. The feminine negative. Lilith is the whore, lustful, uncaring, unfeeling etc. She dominates through sex, base emotions, not through HEART as does the mother, lover, wife that the true divine feminine is found in. Look to Aquino’s wife Lilith. And her story.

  2. Lola

    Hello Dear Rosie,
    I loved listening to this audio. I could not believe my ears when you said George Lucas of Star Wars was part of some stabbing! I told some friends here in Kingston and they thought I was totally crazy! I played the audio once more to make sure I heard correctly and this means Lucas is a horrible man and everyone needs to know, don’t you believe so Rosie? Star Wars is a hugh part of American popular culture known world wide and people everywhere would be stunned to know the truth! It seems you have made a good friend with Isaac Weishaupt and he must be like you, so well informed.
    I also read your serial killers decoding but that was so difficult to grasp and I had to make many notes to help me get through it all. I have to tell you Rosie it was a few years ago I was in a severe accident that caused a serious head injury which has affected my memory. That is why I have to write most things down that I keep in notebooks. I thought you should know that so you won’t think I’m some dimwit. I found this info here in an old notebook if I may share it with you: George Lucas places Masonic symbols in his movies and Yoda is the name of a Masonic teacher. The djed-eye (Jedi) comes from Ancient Egyptian, Skywalker is the name of the 13th Tzolkien in the Mayan calendar. The symbol of which looks just like the top of Luke’s flight helmet. Anakin comes from Anakim or the Sons of Anak in the Bible. Darth Vader (dark father) no doubt comes from the Da’ath black sephiroth of the Jewish Kabbalah.
    And speaking of Luke, helps to remind me of your friend Luke Apens, he wrote about Marilyn Monroe, the very famous American movie star. Rosie I was so shocked, I thought she was so beautiful and always happy. It made me sad and I cried so hard when reading about her being a Monarch ultra victim. But I’m still glad to know the real truth about her life and all those who hurt her. The truth is the best thing we have! Your website is such a marvelous wonder and so are you my dear child!
    Love, Lola

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Aloha Dear Lola!
      Always so nice to hear from you. You are from the Heart.
      Yes George is NOT a good guy. Star Wars is one big occulted movie for those in the know. George made a comment that the public is too stupid to see. Put in George Lucas in the search field on the Russian Vids guy and you will find more info on him. I’ve been watching that guys vids lately. Really good stuff there. I think you would like his info too.
      Interesting that Skywalker is “the name of the 13th Tzolkien”. Do you see how similar Tzolkien is to Tolkien as in J RR Tolkien of Lord of the Rings????? So I will check that out! There is definitely some kind of connection there. Thank you so much Lola!
      Yeah Luke is a wealth of info on the occult isn’t he? I would say the best part of me making this blog is meeting the likes of you and Luke. Great connections and great sharing of info.
      Love, Rosie

  3. F. Shane Brislawn

    DELACROIX: I was amazed to hear and listen to You slid swiftly through each story and find the rhymes and homonyms, phononyms and numbers and help others like me see these clearly. In my work I find that there is pre-language that I called breath. We all know of it and you excel and breath easy. You mention what you call Tone. I think that can be part of our breath. While words in language are Mostly meaning one way as given to Us through a dictionary ( read script), Mostly spelling! Breath if properly written or talked about would be a system of choreography and music score and feeling, moves and sounds even hugs and breathless kisses and moans .. Now I see it your description of tone would fit right in. complete the possess or writing breath.
    I will enjoy reading all your writings and comments and fill in My views.

    Thanks so Much

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Well thank you Shane. I appreciate all your kind words. If you have any questions as you go through the info just let me know. We help each other uncover the truth. ~Rosette

  4. Tom

    Hi Rossette,
    Thanks for sharing your decodes and giving us your insights, these articles really broaden my point of view.
    Would you consider using your keen investigative interpretation on a film titled “Kubo and the Two Strings”?
    The film has veiled refernces to Dajjal, Horus, Heaven vs. Earth, Sun vs Moon, & connections to different ‘lore’ that would make further sense with your talent for decoding film and occult topics.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Hi Tom,
      We’ll see. People have asked me to decode a bunch of different movies. I’m going to do one of my favorites next, Donnie Darko. That one has a lot of interesting aspects I want to visit. I also want to start commentating on current events and give my take on what I see. Some good YouTubers out there but I see they are missing certain aspects that I find important.

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