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Nibiru Decoded

So there is a new video out (I’m sure there is probably more than one) that a friend of mine was all excited about and wanted me to watch. In it Marshall Masters is telling everyone that Nibiru has been spotted and is coming, so you better be prepared!!!

Well I’m not buying what they are selling. Let’s break it down….


So let’s look at Marshall first…we have the MM alliteration in his name. MM = 33 and stands for MASTER Mason, so Marshall MASTERS is a dead giveaway that he is a high level mason spreading bullshit.


Now let’s see what else we can find….

For starters, Nibiru is “hiding” behind our sun and only conveniently pops out once in awhile, sporadically, around our world for people to take pictures of it. You would think if it was real, an object that is supposedly FOUR times the size of our Sun (this is following the scientific heliocentric model of a sun, which is 100 times the size of our Earth and 93,000 miles away) that it would STAY in our view if it was coming this way. Being that big, it literally would have no where to hide.

Side note- if we were following the Flat Earth view, Nibs would be laughable as well, since the sun is only 32 miles across and the sky is protected with a dome. So there would be no “coming in from afar” and devastating us… but let’s look at more info before we make our conclusion.


It was first mentioned in 1995 by a channeler, named Nancy Lieder, who talks to Greys and has a regular show called Zeta Talk. So getting this information through a “channel” should be a red flag right there. First off, this lady could just have a wild imagination and be making the whole thing up. Now if we give her the benefit of the doubt and say she TRULY is getting info from another source channeled through her, our question should be then, WHO is this source and how can it be verified?

Also, “Zeta” would be similar to Zed, as in Alpha and Omega, or Alpha and Zed, A to Z… so Zeta would represent the Omega energy, otherwise known as the feminine negative, which is what the Luciferians worship.


We have many celebrities that “channel” demons after they sell their souls. They call them their MUSES. When the muse is working through them they go by different names, Marshall Mathers (so close to our Nibiru guy Marshall Masters) or Eminem (MM = 33) goes by Slim Shady,


Nice inversion of Superman as well here… Superman represents Christ…


Here is another example of a channeled celebrity. Beyonce has Sasha Fierce, her alter ego. Beyonce says when Sasha comes out its like a whole different person. Sasha is nothing like her.


Nikki Minaj has a voice called ROMAN inside her head (now don’t forget that the Romans are the ones in power STILL. The Roman Empire never went away, they just went covert.) …..


And we can’t forget the most notorious channeler of them all, Aleister Crowley. Crowley channeled an entity that he called Lam… which is very close to I AM, which is the motto of the Luciferians… notice how Crowley’s entity looks just like a GREY or a ZETA…. zeta talk!

Nice penis and balls in the A of his name by the way… and we can’t forget (orange is the new black).


So we have come full circle. And the circle isn’t one of good and truth is it? I would say its one of demons, deception and the left hand path… But we can’t stop there until we have brought up the most famous “Nibiru” researcher, the disinfo agent named Zachariah Sitchin. If we look at Zachariah’s last name Sitchin it’s an anagram for …. I SNITCH. A snitch is an “informer” but I would say he’s a “DIS informer”… otherwise known as a BULLSHITTER. There is a video you can watch on Youtube where Arizona Wilder shares her interactions with Sitchin at a Luciferian ceremony with the Queen of England and her relatives and other elites. And don’t forget that the Queen is a Master Mason as well.


Now Nibiru is an anagram of Bruin. I Bruin… like I Pod, I Phone, Will I AM.. AI Wass…. LAM… I AM… which we previously mentioned.

So Nibiru means Bear.

A Bruin is a Brown Bear… it reminds me of the Brown Bear in The Revenant that attacked Hugh Glass. Now if you remember from my Revenant Decoded presentation, we discovered that Hugh Glass was Christ. So we have the BEAR attacking Christ. So the BEAR would represent the Anti-Christ.


It is also the mascot for the University of California at Los Angeles…


Los Angeles is the City of Fallen Angels and UCLA is an anagram of… CAUL. A caul is a veil.. VEIL means hidden or occult… like Blavatsky’s book ISIS Unveiled…

(Notice Blavatsky doing the Masonic hand sign meaning your head will be cut off if you reveal the secrets of the order.) So she is a female mason just like Queen E-Lizard-beth.


Now some children are born with Cauls… which is a membrane that covers their face.. these people were thought of as special, given special powers of sight and were seen as witches….

(Here is a picture of our Satanic friend Mick Jagger with a Caul on his head on his album cover for Goat’s Head Soup. And of course the Goat is a symbol of Baphomet.)


UCLA’s colors from the Wiki are “true blue” and gold. “True Blue” as in “True Blood”…which are vampires… which are BLUE Bloods….

(Nice blue dresses ladies…..)


The Brown Bear is also the symbol of Russia. Now don’t forget that we had the imminent threat of nuclear war with Russia called the COLD WAR (cold is the energy from the MOON). It was the US against Russia. Now that that has died down we have another “Russian” threat in the “bear” called Nibiru.

(Hey, what’s up guys, says the bear.)


In addition to Russia, California also uses the brown bear as its mascot. KALI fornia… or as the Red Hot Chili Peppers like to say, Kali- Fornication… because its Hollywood, (made in a Hollywood basement) and would be the center of the base Kali energy.

(Here Miley makes sure we get this subconsciously.)


And one of the most famous bands that came out of Kali-fornia was… the Grateful Dead… (now why would anybody be grateful to be… dead? Inversion again) Notice their “bears” here. Using the rainBOW colors. Remember the Bow represents the Archer which is the symbol of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is represented by the planet Jupiter whose symbol is a 24, when you flip it you have 42, which is the degree of arc a rainBOW makes… so they are usurping the good energy here… like David BOWie did.


If you don’t believe they are taking good energy and using it for bad, maybe this image will help…here the bears are used with Lucifer’s lightning bolt and the death rune symbol…


Now back to the threat from outer space…we have other space anomalies that were supposed to wreak havoc on Earth. We have Comet Elenin… Elenin is an anagram for El NINE… this reminds me of Chris Farley and his El Nino skit…. El Nino stands for ….. The Nino!!!! (Nice devil horns Chris.) so… Spanish for….The NINE…..


And then there was Comet Ison. Ison is an anagram for… Sion or Zion…which is short for Zionists… who are a big part of our control structure… and don’t forget that Zion is an anagram for Nazi as well. Just switch out the “o” for an “a”.


We have one more that should be mentioned. There is Comet Encke that the Wiki tells us orbits our Sun once every 3.3 years, which is the quickest known orbit of any comet. There’s that pesky 33 again and notice Encke is phonetically the same as Enki… the Sumerian God for Earth Ruler.


Before we go let’s look at a few “commercial” representations of Nibs…

We have the Mini Cooper’s symbol….


Chrysler uses it….


And even a Hawaiian airline company…



So I hope I was able to convince you that Nibs is complete Bullshit. That it is a propaganda campaign promoted by the Left Handers to instill FEAR into the public. Fear is what keeps people in line. Fear is what keeps them in control. So with truth is empowerment. Truth turns us from Fear towards Love. Heart energy is what is going to fix our world. Look to HEART~ EARTH for the Key~KI to put us on the correct path.


P.S. YouTube Version Attached Below.


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14 responses on “Nibiru Decoded

  1. Lola

    Hello Rosie,
    You’ve added more info and I’m so glad to read all about Nibiru! I can not tell you just how much I’ve enjoyed reading through all your decodings. They’re quite addictive! Much like reading a beloved novel that is so enlightening and page turning. And you don’t want it all to come to an end! But as you said earlier, you have more coming, so Please Rosie, do not let my “continuing novel” come to an end!! I’m also keeping notes as I go, the numbers and symbols are sometimes difficult for me to retain. So I now have even more notebooks to add to my collection from over the years!
    My previous comment was all about that Evil Queen, as you call her
    E-lizard-beth, that’s perfect!
    Here’s an interesting followup: In 2013 The International Court in Brussels that found her guilty and had issued her a warrant for her arrest also included the arrest for 37 other people. Now the identity of those other people were not mentioned but with the exception of one other major person….Pope Benedict! Elizabeth is so tied into the Vatican and when the Pope received his own arrest warrant, what did he do? He resigned his position as Pope! And that is the real reason he left to cover-up all his evil doings along with the Queen! I’ve read that he was at the epicenter of the largest pedophile ring ever. A ring that connects all the Knights of Malta, secret orders and global secret societies, bloodlines and incriminates millions of Satan Worshippers around the globe! Were you aware of this Rosie? Now Elizabeth and Benedict could only use as their only protection against such legal action would be the “Roman Canon Law”. This so-called Law is a total sham and is in name only and yet they throw that name around whenever they get so close to being exposed to all their evil ways.
    It was on Dec. 22, 2010 (note the #22) that Benedict paid a visit to the Queen at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh. There is a picture of this event of him shaking her hand. You need to see it (if you want to google it) but I’ll try to describe here how important this was at the time: Benedict’s left hand is over the Queen’s right hand, signifying dominance; while he holds her same right hand with his right hand by the knuckles which is a Freemason’s secret handshake with the Rule of Canon Law hand over the Queen’s hand in order to “seal the deal”. Well that was with Pope Benedict then so I can only imagine what is going on with the present Pope and the Freemasonry involved! I was wondering Rosie do you believe that Elizabeth also had Princess Diana murdered and then posed as an “accident?” I believe so and the Queen is absolutely evil to the core! As always my dear, I wish you the very best.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Hello Dear Lola,
      Always great to hear from you! I agree with everything you wrote. It isn’t one Pope though, it’s the whole organization. And great catch on the Masonic hand sign. Yes the Masons permeate most everything- all major religions, Catholicism, Mormonism, Wiccan, Judaism, and Satanism, when they are really Luciferians at the core. They permeate government, majority of the members of Congress are Masons, the royal families, many Hollywood actors, directors, producers etc., sports team owners and players, NASA, the military, and on and on…
      Yes the system is completely rigged. They would never be arrested, spend time in jail under THEIR system. ROMAN canon law… they ARE the ROMANS. The court proceedings was just to give people a “little bit of hope”. To make them think they are making progress when they really are not. Remember President Snow spoke on this, “A little hope is effective, a lot of hope is dangerous.” So they give us just a little bit of hope. Just like in the rigged elections.
      Yes I do believe that Diana was a sacrifice because she represents Isis… so a tribute to her…. three black swans were released into the pond at her families estate… look up Carl Jung and the foreknowledge he had of events… three black swans will be the three signs of things to come.
      Yes I will do more articles… got several in mind. 🙂
      Love and Big Hugs,

  2. Marcella

    Do you have the link to what you mentioned above. Tried searching myself
    There is a video you can watch on Youtube where Arizona Wilder shares her interactions with Sitchin at a Luciferian ceremony with the Queen of England and her relatives and other elites.


  3. Luke Aspen

    Hey Rosette,
    I totally agree with all that you’ve uncovered here! The anagram for UCLA = caul. Now that is interesting! Did you know that UCLA is also a great site for MK Ultra programming? So yes, it does have a caul or veil that hides it all! I love the anagram factor involved here and that made me think of other places that have anagrams to cover-up their MK programs. I did some anagram searches that fit:
    Stanford = sad front
    Princeton = intern cop
    Cornell University = client overly ruins
    The Presidio = their ops die / to die perish
    Isn’t that amazing! Words really do have their own hidden meaning and all we have to do is pay attention. I also love that you decoded Martin Scorsese as Martin Sorcerer, that’s perfect! I think that guy is so wrapped-up in his own evil that there must be more in his name so I did an anagram search:
    Martin Scorsese = ie. crass monster / treasons crimes / most career sins /
    masonries crest. This can be addictive like working crossword puzzles!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Hey Luke!
      Ha! Great finds! You are definitely catching on! I especially like your uncovering of Martin Scorsese with your added meanings- all are fitting for him. “Most career sins” seems most appropriate for the former high Satanic priest of the City of “Fallen” Angels.
      And like you said, it IS addictive. Because once you know what to look for, answers pop out at you all over the place. But also look for other types of symbolism. Keep an eye out when you are out and about in Atlanta. I’m sure there are a ton of things you will pick up from there. Like here, if you look up Hawaii’s cable company, Oceanic Time Warner Cable, you will see it’s the All Seeing Eye. Our electric company, Hawaiian Electric, uses the Saturn ring symbolism, and our Department of Transportation uses the 666 in its logo. Let me know what you find!

  4. Luke Aspen

    Like you said, once you become aware you can’t turn it off. I just wish there was a Decoding Book for Dummies! I want you to know I’ve lived here in Atlanta for over 20 yrs. and been inside the Fox theatre and passed by it hundreds of times but never caught the name or Masonic symbols. With your help I’m now waking-up and on the alert, so let me shout out a Big Thank You!! I did a google search on your local Hawaiian company logos and yes I see what you mean! I’ll let you know what I find and I also uncovered more about Steinbeck/Freemasonry/King Arthur and will send your way.

  5. Lola

    Hello Dear Rosie,
    You are absolutely right about Diana and the Isis connection! From what I could learn it was a murder that had all the hallmarks of a Masonic ritual sacrifice. The fact that the car crash happened in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris and the car collided with the 13th pillar inside the tunnel. There is a replica of the Statue of Liberty flame placed on a black pentagram situated right above the tunnel under the 13th pillar. Princess Diana had made it clear that in the event of her death, she wished to be interned in the same small church as her Father, situated a short distance from Althorp, the Spencer Estate in North Hamptonshire. However, Diana’s brother who had refused to let her live in a cottage on the Estate when she was alive went against her wishes and had her buried on the Estate, on a tree grove island, on a lake.
    Following Diana’s burial, her brother Earl Spencer claims to have had a dream in which he was told to put 3 black swans on the lake. When he mentioned this dream to his head grounds man the next day, the grounds man told him that they had that very day, been given as a gift, 3 black swans. Of course Earl Spencer’s dream was a total lie! The black swan is one of the most powerful symbols of the Black Occult.
    I discovered your decoding for Gargantua and Pantagruel, simply amazing! I’ve also put together a notebook for each of your decodings and I review them often. Rosie I’m so determined to make all your info stick firmly in this old Jamaican mind one way or another! And I scanned through your newest work on serial killers and oh, my dear child, that looks to me to be quite an undertaking! I will take the extra time and go even slower on that one until I understand it all, of that you can be sure! Thanks again for keeping me so green!
    Lots of Love,
    Lola <3

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      You are lovely beyond words Lola. So great to be connected to you.
      Yes I agree with everything you said. Diana was a ritual sacrifice to kill the HEART. That is what they are attacking now. You know the Earth is an anagram for Heart right? And where is the Heart? In the CENTER of our chests. Our treasure chests. If they can kill the heart they win. Diana was a super big threat in this regard. Notice THREAT has heart in it too. I just watched this lovely speech by her yesterday. Try to watch without being moved. I don’t think you can. It shows how powerful she truly was.
      Love, Rosie

  6. Lola

    Dear Rosie,
    Thank you so much for that Diana video! I have watched it 4 times now and each time I just break down and cry, I’m just old softie at heart. My daughters love watching it with me but how they hate to see me cry. I love how Diana said it’s best to “rule from the heart than the head”, absolutely! My sister Carmella is visiting the US right now and she sends me American videos regularly, ones that are much too hard to get here in Jamaica. Well Rosie she sent me one called The Black Swan! Have you seen it? With Natalie Portman and she received the Academy Award for her role. It’s very dark and I believe it’s a reference to the MK Ultra mind operation thing. Her character is forced to “transform” into being the black swan of ballet. Perfect timing to get it along with your discussion here. Hope you’re staying happy and well and you have an audio added that I need to listen to, great! I also thank you dear for all the nice compliments you always give me, what a wonderful connection we have made here!
    Love, Lola

  7. Luke Aspen

    Today while walking downtown past the Americas Mart I noticed they’re filming outside for a new tv show called Daytime Divas. Scheduled for airing in 2017. The show is based on Star Jone’s book Satan’s Sisters. The Mart building was designed by John Portman. So then the name Natalie Portman popped into my head. I’ve read she too has been MK’d.
    There are many photos of her wearing the leopard print, left eye, overt sexual stuff etc. Her 2nd film was The Professional directed by Luc Besson. And you know about him!
    I could not remember exactly where I had read the comment left here about Natalie Portman. So I went combing thru all your decodings until I found it here. And it was left by your good friend Lola! What she wrote about Natalie is right on target! Did you see the movie The Black Swan? Absolutely dark film about her being programmed & as Lola said to “trance-form” into the ballet character the Black Swan.
    So I googled more info: Natalie Portman Kabbalistic Kitten. She is an expert in mind control: She contributed to a study on memory called Frontal Lobe Activation during Object Performance during her studies at Harvard. The following was written: “So why was Israeli born Jew Portman studying frontal lobe activation under her pro Zionist professor at Harvard?” Here’s why: “The area 46 frontal lobe judges the human actions. If that area is not working, the human will be vulnerable for the commands from outside. However, if the command is too harsh & serious like murder & suicide, the Amygdala will halt the command.
    So, the 1st barrier is at the 46 of the frontal lobe & the last barrier is the Amygdala. IF Both Systems DO NOT function to stop the command from the outside, it means that the individual is capable of becoming a killing machine or a suicide bomber.
    The key here is the word Amygdala: the almond-shaped set of neurons located deep in the brain’s medial temporal lobe”. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks! The connection with Natalie Portman AND George Lucas. He selected her over 200 different actresses to play the Star Wars Phantom Menace character he created: Princess Amidala -or- Amygdala!!! Is that not something!!!
    Not only that BUT Lucas has the character actually born under the name Padme Naberrie. So I see “pad me” -or- “program me”. And Naberrie -or- Nibiru ??? Can you believe that???
    Natalie did win the Oscar for The Black Swan & the dress she wore for the ceremony was a dark purple. She even wore long dangling tassels as earrings dyed purple to match. Tom Ford was originally meant to design her dress but declined & it was made by Rodarte who is connected to Vogue magazine & CoverWorld.
    Have you seen the 1973 movie WestWorld? Found a Great Connection!! Will need your help deciphering it when I finish researching.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Amazing research Luke! You are spot on on everything! Nothing to add. The Nibiru coding in her name is unbelievable!
      I did see the 1973 version of WestWorld. So yes, shoot me anything. Love the collaborating!

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