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The Truth is in the Code.

Serial Killers Decoded

So this is a big topic and a not so very nice subject, but I felt compelled to write on it because people should be aware of how things really work and how this dark sinister force controls us through a variety of fear based campaigns. My goal here is to show you who is behind these campaigns, how they are interlinked, what really is going on behind them and how they use the fear they generate to further their end game.

I will be quoting extensively from the work of Dave McGowan who wrote two exceptional books exposing this agenda; Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon, which goes into the military and its connection to Hollywood and Laurel Canyon, and Programmed to Kill, which delves into the Serial Killer phenomena and the people behind it. I will be focusing on Programmed to Kill for this article. Dave passed away just last year from an aggressive form of cancer and I wouldn’t say it’s a stretch to speculate that he was a target and they took him out precisely because of his work.

programmed to kill


So let’s start with a story that was just in the news lately; the Orlando night club shooting. We were told this was done by a LONE gunman. That he hated gays and decided to act out. “The LONE gunman” scenario, (or sometimes a duo, like at Columbine) has been very common in the past couple of decades.

We’ve had the Batman Theater shooter…James Holmes…


the Sandy Hook guy….Adam Lanza….


and the Virginia Tech shooter named Seung-Hui Cho not to mention a ton of lesser publicized shooters. Before them though was the Serial Killer phenomenon with the likes of John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy and Richard Ramirez. The ‘lone gunman’ is just a newer version of the fear program placed on the public.


So let’s look at a couple of clues in the Orlando shooting that will link this event to others. If we look at this picture of one of the “victims” we see a few things.

They place the photo in front of a WATER setting… water is the element of the LEFT. He is wearing a regular shirt and NOT hospital garb which would be common of someone in the hospital who has just been shot and operated on. He has a T-shirt laying on his chest that says “I AM OneBlood”….

angel colon


I AM is the phrase used by the Satanists, Aleister Crowley and the Masons. From the Mason’s book, Morals and Dogma, it says, “I AM the First, and I AM the Last; and besides Me there is no other God. I AM Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last. I AM Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, which IS and WAS, and IS to come; the Omnipotent.”

Crowley’s character LAM, is really code for I AM… HE is THE WAY, HE is THE PATH….


Remember that Billy Meier, the UFO experiencer in Switzerland, also had a visitor named PATH… he just had the letters switched around…. he called him PTAH….

“I AM” is also used by a member of the Black Eyed Peas; Will I AM…


and in movies…here in I AM Legend… or I AM Legion…..



“ONE” is in reference to their god “the ONE” and One Blood is like True Blood which are the Blue Bloods… the Vampires. The lines for the Blood Bank, OneBlood, were incredible. Blood is perishable. There is no way they could use all that blood before it goes bad… unless they use it for other purposes… like in rituals where they gather and drink it. Notice here in the show True Blood that the ladies are wearing BLUE dresses to represent the Blue Bloods- the vampiric rulers.


“ONE” is also shown by pointing up…used in the sports world… as Lebron James DEMONstrates for us here….


Now notice his name, Angel Colon. Angel as in “fallen angel” and Colon as in your colon, the organ that eliminates waste. The waste of which the Satanists use in their ceremonies and actually eat. Now Colon is going to come up associated with key individuals who you will see shortly.

angel colon


Now I AM and The ONE are two of many names for Lucifer. Another is Abraxas. From McGowan’s book Programmed to Kill he mentions a link to a pedophile ring with the name of Abraxas. From page 9 he writes- “Another lead (in the Dutroux case) that was never seriously investigated involved allegations of satanic cult involvement in the abductions. In 1996, police had found a note at Bernard Weinstein’s home that lead them to investigate the ABRAXAS organization and its high priestess, Dominique Kindermans. Some segments of the Belgian press speculated that the organization was a satanic cult that assisted in obtaining young girls for ritual sacrifice.” First off, notice the name KINDERmans or Children-man… or men that like children… or Pedophiles… so Dominque Pedophiles, what a lovely “coded” name.

Now Abraxas is associated with the Rooster. Notice the symbol for him has the head of a rooster.


And then notice this collage of signs a certain “ex NASA employee”, that I’m sure some of you are familiar with, is doing here, connecting him to Abraxas (rooster cup) and the Mason’s… 33 degree shirt on orange (orange is the new black- Halloween-tied to the Satanists), the ‘as below’ inverted pyramid, water sign, and the 666 and Omega hand sign. Mathew, Mathew, and you thought you were so sly.


Abraxas can also be written Abrasax and is coincidentally the name of the Vampire ruling family in Jupiter Ascending. Notice his black cape and alabaster skin, reminiscent of Dracula and the purple dress worn by his sister, which reminds us of the Royal Family.


Remember that the Windsors are directly related to Vlad the Impaler, more commonly known as Count Dracula. And that the Queen is the highest ranking female Mason holding court over the Order of the Garter.


Now we know that Crowley was a Mason too and he was also the head of the occult organization called Ordo Templi Orientis or OTO for short. Here is the symbol for the Grand Master of the OTO, which was Crowley at one point. Notice the Abraxas rooster, which is clearly telling us is another name for Baphomet, which brings us back to Lucifer. In one of their rituals they have to stand with their feet in a 90 degree angle to reflect the square of the Masonic “compass and square”. Once again associated with the Masons.



Notice the compass and square also comes up in a scene in the movie Jacob’s Ladder…. along with a PIE which represents PI, a mathematical constant approximated as 3.14159 in decimal form or 22/7 in fractional form. We will see more connections to PI shortly. They put this in their movie as a “shout out” because they think we are too stupid to pick up on it. Wrong!


So before we move on let’s do a quick review… we have the Orlando LONE GUNMAN shooting, which is the modern replacement of the SERIAL KILLER. We have the victim’s shirt that says I AM and ONE BLOOD on it. I AM is linked to Crowley, the Mason’s and Hollywood. ONE as in The ONE and ONE BLOOD or TRUE BLOOD/BLUE BLOOD is also linked to Hollywood, the Mason’s, the Royal Family and the Vampiric energy. Then we have Abraxas, the name of a child sex ring, that is also connected to the vampiric energy, the Mason’s, Crowley and even the OTO. And Abraxas is another name for Baphomet which is another name for… Lucifer. And there even is a show for that, in which I am told, they portray Lucifer as a poor misunderstood fellow, who really is a nice guy.



Another connection between the Satanists, Masons and Serial Killers is the LEFT breast. Notice here in a Masonic initiation ceremony the left breast is exposed. Notice also the checkerboard floor…


Then notice here the singer Pink on stage at a Hollywood awards performance going through her ritual initiation ceremony. Notice her LEFT breast is exposed and her checkerboard pant leg. Also notice she is wearing the Royal purple…


Then notice the singer Lil Kim and her LEFT breast exposed and she is wearing the color purple as well…. are we seeing a pattern yet?

lil kim

Now a more sinister aspect of this,from Programmed to Kill on page 208, Dave writes, “The next month a prostitute named Angel York was attacked and her left breast was brutally slashed, which was to become a distinguishing feature of the Ripper killings. It would later be revealed that the severed left breasts of the victims were utilized by the cult in rituals that involved cannibalism and necrophilia. This preoccupation with the left breast of victims is, perhaps significantly, shared by other serial killers. Included on that list are Richard Chase and the Boston Strangler, one of whose victims was found with eighteen stab wounds forming a ritual pattern on her left breast.”

And on page 230, the Night Stalker’s victim  “Maxine was hideously mutilated. Her eyes were gouged out and an inverted cross carved into her left breast.”

Now why would these Serial Killer’s slash the LEFT breast? Is it a calling card for the ones in the know? The ones in the know being the Mason’s, Satanists and Luciferians? I would say…. yes.


So we had the Left breast exposed in their initiation ceremony… are there other similarities in these ceremonies tying the Mason’s to the Luciferians? Well yes, yes there is… let’s look at some…

Watch at 16 minutes- where they explain the similarities between Freemasonry and Witchcraft (Luciferianism). Masons: 1) had to be recommended by a current Mason 2) Initiation- blindfolded, bound by a rope, and bare chest with a spear stressed upon it 3) rope around neck, lead to Eastern corner where the Worshipful Master was and you kneel down before him. 4) Told if you reveal any of the secrets you will know what to expect 5) Blindfold taken off they tell you you are coming from darkness into light. 6) Prayers are ended with “SO MOTE IT BE”.

Witches: 1) recommended by a current Witch 2) blindfolded, bound by a rope, naked (from John Todd testimony) and lead to the edge of a magic circle. There you are met by high priest or priestess who puts a sword to your chest. 3) with sword against chest take blood oath pledging to keep secrets of witchcraft 4) who goes there? one from the world of darkness. 5) End any spell or ritual where we released the powers with, “SO MOTE IT BE”.

So you can see they are almost exactly the same!

Another similarity but not shared in this video, is that both Luciferians and Masons call the completion of the ritual “being born again”. Just like a Christian is when he is baptized. This “born again”  symbolism is represented by the Phoenix rising; coming out of the ashes as a new man. We saw this in Game of Thrones recently, where Jon Snow, who represents Lucifer, comes back from the dead with the help of the red witch Melisandre, also known as the Whore of Babylon. She tells us that she does what the LORD OF LIGHT commands her… otherwise known as LUCIFER OUR LORD…. lol…


Now in Dave’s book he mentions another child sex ring, this one is called The Wonderland Club. From page 15, McGowan writes- “In September !998, another ring had been raided- one that the BBC described as ” a larger and more sinister pedophile network called Wonderland. The network was so named in honor of Lewis Carroll’s revered children’s book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Carroll, whose real name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, was widely known to have a predilection for underage girls and boys, and is now something of a patron saint of pedophiles around the globe.” Notice Alice is in a BLUE dress and the twins are in masonic stripes.


So this pedophile ring was based in the UK, a place where a series of unsolved murders have come up recently. In the town of Manchester, there have been a series of suspicious deaths by way of drowning in the local canal system. My friend Danny had been watching the deaths when he noticed an ongoing pattern over a three to five year period.The deaths were attributed to suicide or accidental drowning due to drinking too much and falling in. Not one criminal investigation was opened until recently. An alternative researcher named Thomas Sheridan began running with the story, but he tried to link the deaths to a LONE individual, otherwise known as a SERIAL KILLER. Well I believe this is a cover up for a coven working in the area. Trying to steer the story away from the true perpetrators. They might throw out a patsy to take the fall. We’ll have to wait and see.

So for another thing, they like to sacrifice to the water elemental… just as the Masons do… watch this clip by The Black Child on this…

Andre Morrison, father of Jayden: My heart kept leading back to the water elements. Not because of the water, because of the edges of the water… and he (Jayden) grabbed “the elements”… and then the elements made him go, “oh wow, a playground, MY toy.” My belief is he was over there playing with the elements and simply lost his footing…. The instincts of nature led me to the water. Not out of anger, sorrow, fright, horror, I headed towards the water. The spiritualities embraced me. Instead of looking at it like a dark place, I look at that as a holy ground- spiritual ground- in my heart.

There have been over 50 drownings in a 3 mile stretch of canal over an 8 year period. It accounts for 90% of all of UK canal deaths. Here is a link to the story.


So the UK is not the only place that has suspicious water deaths. In the United States there are a rash of water related killings as well. Some are attributed to the Smiley Face Killer (again they try to make it like a LONE individual instead of a satanic group) because a “smiley face” is left at the scene. Now the Smiley Face killings are linked to the Son of Sam killings and the Process Church. When the Process Church left town and started heading west, the killings followed in the same direction, west along the highway.

In this interview, researcher David Paulides talks about the rash of mysterious water deaths. If you listen at 11:20, listen to what the host Fabregas says, he says, “isn’t it ELEMENTAL? I mean elemental to the police?” Well that should tell you something about our host “Mel”, There is a good chance Mel is a …Mason.


Pop Quiz: What two groups, which are full of doctors, lawyers, businessmen, upper strata of our society, meet each month on the Thursday on or before the full moon? Well the Masons and the Satanists of course.

In Maury Terry’s book The Ultimate Evil, on the Son of Sam killings it was discovered that Berkowitz was part of a Satanic coven that was an offshoot of The Process Church. Their leader was a Real Estate tycoon and a Mason. The group was affiliated with the power elite in that area. They would meet on the Thursday of each month on or before the full moon. They would also meet on other Satanic holidays with Halloween, Hitler’s and Crowley’s birthdays being the most important to them.

And regarding the Son of Sam in particular, from page 80 of Programmed to Kill, Dave writes, “Berkowitz was essentially a patsy who took the fall to protect the rest of the cult, particularly those members who travel in the upper strata of society.” Which is what will probably happen in the Manchester Canal deaths.



Now remember how I mentioned the victim’s name in the Orlando shooting? His name being Angel COLON? Well I discovered an interesting connection with the word COLON. COLON is in the word COLONEL as in Colonel an officer rank in the military. Well we have some high level Satanists that use “The Colonel” as their moniker, both in and out of the service.

There is Colonel Michael Aquino implicated in the Des Moines Paper Boy kidnappings, the most famous victim named Johnny Gosch. Another Serial Killer named Bob Bordella, makes specific mention of Colonel Oliver North in one of his logs, where he kept meticulous notes of the comings and goings of people at his house and the tortures he committed. From page 253 of Dave’s book, “he explained away a specific reference in one of his logs to Lt. Col. Oliver North. His claim was as follows” “We just had the TV on, and apparently something about Ollie North came on.” There is no indication that Bordella felt compelled at any other time to dutifully record in his logs what was transpiring on the television.”

07 Jul 1987, Washington, DC, USA --- 7/7/1987 - Washington DC: Oliver North is sworn in on his first day of testimony at the Iran Contra hearings. UPI color slide of PH: L. Mark --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

Then Colonel Aquino goes on Geraldo regarding this same Bordella, denouncing the prosecution of satanic crimes as a “witch hunt”. To sway public opinion perhaps? Or at least to shed some doubt?

Now I was listening to a Kay Griggs’ interview and guess what? She mentioned her husband, COLONEL George Griggs, was COLONEL Oliver North’s HANDLER. Listen here regarding the satanic stuff these COLONEL’S do. And don’t forget that Colonel Michael Aquino was a Satanic priest in the Army!!!

Another Colonel connection, Hunter S. Thompson, who was purported to make snuff films in Omaha, mentioned by Paul Bonacci, called Johnny Depp- COLONEL Depp! (Notice Depp doing the sign of the Master Mason here, pointing to his temple meaning “he has the hidden knowledge.”)

Johnny Depp promoting The Corpse Bride at the Toronto Film Festival, Toronto. September 12, 2005. © Armando Gallo / Retna Ltd. *No Italy* *NO Tabloids / skin mags* *NO USA till December 12, 2005* * Positive Stories Only*

Now Colonel Depp is from Kentucky, the home of COLONEL Sanders of KFC fame. Is there a chance that COLONEL Sanders is part of this Satanic group? I would say… yes… and Kentucky was almost named Transylvania which ties us back to Vlad the Impaler and the Royal family!


Now Depp and Sanders are not the only famous COLONEL Kentuckians, we also have a Charles Manson connection. Manson’s father was known as…. COLONEL Scott.

But we aren’t done with the COLONEL connection yet because we have two more. We have John Wayne Gacy who was known locally as The Colonel as well. From Dave’s book, on page 177, “Gacy, whose fingerprint card on file with the local police carried the alias ‘Colonel Gacy’.” And on page 179, McGowan writes about Gacy’s Satanic coven connection where he states, “Henley had been convicted a few years earlier, in 1974, for his participation in what one of Gacy’s chroniclers described as “a homosexual torture ring that killed twenty-seven boys.” It’s amazing that this Colonel even had a high level security clearance and got to meet with the first lady at the time, Rosalynn Carter.


Now don’t forget that Johnny Depp’s mentor and buddy who called him Colonel Depp, was HUNTER S.Thompson, which is an appropriate name because that is exactly what Hunter liked to do. He told us so on the David Letterman show.

Letterman: What do you do for recreation?

Hunter: I like to, I like to kill people.

Letterman: When you say kill, what, you’re talking about neighbors?

Hunter: We don’t want to talk about shooting people do we?…. uh… yeah… I’m teasing. I used to like to kill people.

Letterman: So you tried to bring your gun on the plane?

Hunter: Guns are a killing machine.

Letterman: All right, enough of that.


Now the Pi connection that we spoke of earlier is connected to the Process Church. They also go by “the Four Pi’s”. The four Pi’s or four P’s stand for Lucifer, Satan and Jehovah, with the fourth PI or P representing Jesus, who they demote to Messenger status.

Manson was associated with the Process Church. So was the Zodiac killer. From Dave McGowan’s book, Programmed to Kill, “A decoding suggested that the crime scenes formed a pattern that centered on Mt. Diablo (the Devil’s Mountain) and that utilized an obscure unit of measurement known as the radian, which is a mathematical unit based on the number Pi.”

Remember also that Prince George was born on Pi day, 7/22. 7/22 is Pi in fractional form. Then we have Pi on William’s insignia on his arm on top of the Templar Cross. Note also that the Templar’s are the founding members of the OTO which Aleister Crowley became the head of, which we mentioned earlier.

Are the connections getting a little bit overwhelming? I would say so!


So the Satanic pedophile connection was not limited to small fringe groups but involved many individuals as well, some very prominent. On page 19, Dave writes, “Operation Ore launched in the UK to arrest over 7,000 subscribers to internet porn sites, one questioned was legendary guitarist Pete Townshend of the rock band The Who.” Notice his rainbow ribbon here, putting the Orlando event subconsciously into our minds.

Pete Townshend of The Who the 31st annual Kennedy Center Honors - arrivals at the Kennedy Centre Washington DC, USA - 07.12.08 Credit: (Mandatory): Carrie Devorah / WENN

Pete Townshend of The Who


From the Intro to Programmed to Kill, under Mind Control 101, on page xix, “Some of the available evidence suggests that an array of satanic groups have served as intelligence agency ‘fronts’ for mind control operations- which actually makes perfect sense, considering that if the goal is to severely traumatize children, then surely nothing compares to the seemingly outlandish stories told by those who have survived what has been dubbed Satanic Ritual Abuse: (SRA).”

So they don’t just program killers, they also program people to perform other job functions to push their agendas. Basically anyone in front of a camera is programmed as well. This would include politicians, journalists and people in the entertainment (entrainment) business.

Brittney Spears is one we have seen try to break from her programming when she went into a hair salon and shaved her head.


Also just recently Selma Blair had an episode, when coming back from a vacation with her family where she started to behave oddly.  She says, “He burns my private parts. He won’t let me eat or drink. He beats me. He is going to kill me.” Now even if you are drunk you are not going to be saying this stuff unless it was true. Sounds like an abusive handler to me. Here is a link to the story. Immediately after we have Selma apologizing for her actions. I’m sure her family was threatened if she didn’t recant.



To me, the most disturbing aspect of all of this is the making of Snuff films. I remember back in high school hanging out with a group of friends before going out for the evening. One of them put in a movie called “The Faces of Death”. Have you ever seen that? Apparently it was so popular they made a series of them. I didn’t know what I was watching until the film started and then I realized they were showing people being killed in real time. It was the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen. I had to leave the room. Others stayed there and watched it. They laughed. I was stunned that we could have such different reactions. Does this tell us something about society?

Per the Wiki, some of the footage was supposedly faked, but I don’t agree, or at least not the bits that I saw. I do believe this movie is used in programming so be very careful if you intend to watch it. I advise against it.


Well apparently there are many that like to watch this kind of stuff. They even get films MADE TO ORDER.

From Programmed to Kill, page 11, “And so it is that we first confront that most disturbing of topics- snuff films, which most people assume do not actually exist. As recently as February 1999, the New York Post assured readers that” “Snuff films are the stuff of urban legend… how did this legend get started? No one knows.” The unfortunate truth though is that snuff films do actually exist, and they likely have existed for as long as film has existed, though they were not always known by that name.”

Here’s Nicolas Cage in a movie about snuff films. They portray it as fictional but it is definitely NOT.


From page 37, “Paul Bonacci who was one of the most severely abused of the child victims. His abuse at the hands of King began when he was just six years old and included his forced collaboration in the production of child snuff films.”

On page 39- “One of the names that surfaced at the Bonacci trial was that of Michael Aquino, the ‘High Priest” and chief executive of the Temple of Set, an overtly satanic cult that split off from the Church of Satan in 1975. Besides tending to those duties, Aquino has also been known to occupy his time serving as a “Lieutenant Colonel, Military Intelligence, U.S. Army.”

“Aquino was identified in court, by the mother of a victim, as being a key player in a nationwide pedophile ring.  Paul Bonacci himself has also positively identified Aquino as an associate of King who was known to Bonacci and the rest of the children only as “the Colonel”. King’s former personal photographer has identified Aquino as the man to whom he saw King hand over a suitcase full of cash and bonds. The photographer, Rusty Nelson, has also said that he was told by King that Aquino was part of the Contra guns and cocaine trafficking operation run by George Bush and another notorious Lt. Col. named Oliver North. Aquino has also been linked to Offutt Air Force Base, a Strategic Air Command post near Omaha that was implicated in the investigation by the Franlin Committee (and that also, strangely enough, where George W. Bush opted to hide out on the afternoon of September 11, 2001). Aquino was also claimed to have ordered the abduction of a Des Moines, Iowa paperboy.”

So this guy is bad crackers… about as bad as you can get.


Another one I need to mention here is former head of the Los Angeles Branch of the FBI, Ted Gunderson. On the surface he seems to be a stand up guy. He involved himself in the McMartin Preschool case, the Franklin Coverup and even the Son of Sam case when the investigation lead to the West Coast. However, what people don’t understand is that he “helped” in all these investigations to make sure that particular very important persons don’t get discovered He was put into place to steer investigations away from the perpetrators at the top.

If you look into Phil Schneider’s death you will see some suspicious activity around it. Ted friended Phil and was with him when a Federal Agent shot at Phil and tried to kill him. Phil shot and killed the agent, but the crime never came to light! Why? Because they didn’t want it known that the government was trying to take out Phil. Ted was there to get Phil in a vulnerable place where he could be killed, but the plan backfired. Phil was later taken out in his apartment. They said it was a suicide, but if you look into it you will see it was not. No sign of forced entry, so Phil knew and trusted his killer.

ted gunderson

Another location where pedophile activity thrives is at Disneyland. Walt Disney, a Mason, even has a special club called Club 33, that goes below the resort.


An interesting fact about Walt from Dave’s book, on page 142, he says, “Walt Disney was a direct descendant, on his mother’s side, of George Burroughs- reportedly the ‘grand wizard’ of the witches executed in Salem in 1692.” So he is a Mason AND a Luciferian AND he owns a resort that caters to children AND he makes children’s films loaded with sexual subliminals.


Another interesting connection with Disney that came up recently is the story about a boy being eaten by an alligator at the Disney Resort, also in Orlando. Now who would have a lake accessible to children that is known to have alligators in it???? Doesn’t that seem a bit odd?

FILE PHOTO - Early morning view of the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa located in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World in Orlando, Florida on September 28, 2003, near where an alligator dragged a small boy into a lagoon. REUTERS/Charles W. Luzier/File Photo

Guess who else has an alligator pond (crocodile in this case) that is accessible to the public? Mass murderer Lt. COLONEL (yes another COLONEL connection) Bokassa. From Programmed to Kill, page 353,  Lt. Col. Bokassa assumed the presidency on January 1, 1966, four months before the reputed commencement of the ‘Age of Satan’. He redeclared himself Emperor Bokassa of the Central African Republic, a French satellite…. “Other evidence of atrocities included… a Dahmer-esque refigerator full of butchered human remains and a crocodile pond on the palace grounds that contained the partial remains of some forty additional bodies.”

Notice too the chair Bokassa is sitting in. It’s the Phoenix rising, the sign of Lucifer.



We can’t discuss the topic of serial killers without mentioning the Bush family connection. From McGowen’s book, on page 71, he writes, “On June 18,1998, just twelve days before Henry’s scheduled demise, Governor Bush made a special request that the Texas State Board of Pardon and Paroles, whose members were all Bush appointees, to review Henry’s case. Strangely enough, eight days later the Board uncharacteristically issued a recommendation that Henry’s execution not take place…There were various charges made at the time that Henry was being used by his escorts to clear troublesome, unsolved murders in places he had never even been.”

And, “the book, entitled, The Hand of Death: The Henry Lee Lucas Story, tells of Henry’s indoctrination into a nationwide satanic cult. Lucas claimed that he was trained by the cult in a mobile paramilitary training camp in the Florida Everglades. .. following his training, Henry claimed that he served the cult in various ways, including as a contract killer and as an abductor of children, whom he delivered to a ranch in Mexico near Juarez. Once there, they were used in the production of child pornography and ritual sacrifices.” In other words, they made snuff films.

Some of the murders were political hits, according to Henry, including assassinations of foreign dignitaries, local politicians and wealthy businessmen.”


Lucas’ partner Ottis Toole said he was forced to dress like a girl while growing up, as was Charles Manson. Just like Hollywood ritual of ALL “A” list actors having to dress like a girl at some time in their careers. Here’s a few examples….

Will Smith’s son Jaden….


Kanye West….


Jake Gyllenhaal….


And Jim Carrey… who as a side note, is the current head of the Los Angeles coven, which was formerly run by Martin Scorsese, aka Martin Sorcerer.


Another important point regarding the Bush connection, not only did he pardon a convicted murderer, but the family is involved in the drug trade as well.

From page 205 of Programmed to Kill, ” It may by now have occurred to readers that three states seem to play a particularly prominent role in the life stories of an overwhelming number of purported serial killers: California, Texas and Florida. These three states are, coincidentally or not, rife with satanic cult activity. They are also, coincidentally or not, the three points through which virtually all of the drugs trafficked through Mexico and Central and South America enter the United States. As was previously mentioned, two of these three points of entry, again coincidentally or not, have in recent years been under the political control of the Bush family. And as was also mentioned previously, law enforcement officials have spoken of an organized crime pipeline that moves many of the drugs entering Texas to the city of Chicago, Illinois- which could help explain the recurrent phenomenon of spree and serial killers stalking that city.”

Richard Ramirez (The Night Stalker) was born in Matamoros, Mexico, the location of a satanic cult just over the Texas border. Mata means BUSH and Moros means Moor. Matar means “to kill”. The Moors and Christians were enemies.

At his trial Ramirez made this candid remark, “Can I tell you who really I am, with all the secrecy that’s in the family? I only have one purpose in life, and that’s to express some of my views and some of the views that I have been instructed- anything that can put down Christianity, anything that can put down democracy, anything that can put down freedom.” MATA MOROS Richard?

Image #: 2625014 Former President George H.W. Bush, U.S. President George W. Bush, and Governor Jeb Bush, leave together after the christening ceremony of the USS George H.W. Bush at Northrop-Grumman's shipyard in Newport News, Virginia October 7, 2006. The Navy's Nimitz-class aircraft carrier is scheduled to enter service in late 2008. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque /Landov


Which takes us to the Phoenix program…on page 228 of Programmed to Kill, Dave mentions Richard Ramirez’ uncle, “In 1965, Mike was sent to Vietnam where he appears to have functioned as a Phoenix assassin.”

On page 78, Dave writes, “The intelligence community, it seemed, was recruiting from prisons to make use of the natural talents of convicted killers to produce the fabled ‘Manchurian Candidates’- otherwise known as mind controlled assassins. The operation described by Narut involved killers drawn from military prisons, though there is a good possibility that parallel programs were being conducted in civilian prisons as well.”

And on page 79, “The Phoenix Program was the CIA’s assassination, torture and terror program waged against the people of Vietnam. The Phoenix teams consisted of U.S. Navy SEALs working with “CT’s,” described by one participant as “a combination of ARVN deserters, VC turncoats, and bad motherfucker criminals the South Vietnamese couldn’t deal with in prison, so they turned them over to us.” So depraved were the agency recruits that some of them “would actually devour their enemies’ vital organs: All in a days work for America’s premier intelligence agency.”

And on page 211, he says, about Serial Killer Douglas Clark… “He had served in Vietnam in a Special Forces unit of the Australian Army. He claimed that he had served, specifically, as an undercover assassin for the CIA- in other words, as a Phoenix Operative.”


So the Phoenix Program brought home. Remember the Patty Hearst story? Well on page 172, Dave writes, “Contrary to conventional wisdom, the so-called Symbionese Liberation Army appears to have been an artificial creation of the Central Intelligence Agency. Its architect was a man named Colton Westbrook, who had previously served in Vietnam as a Phoenix Program operative. The supposed revolutionary group arose from an MK-ULTRA project run by Westbrook at, appropriately enough, California’s Vacaville facility.”


And on page 284,  “Arthur Shawcross was a brutally efficient assassin who accumulated a career total of 50 kills, although the first 39 were not considered crimes. And yet they were murders that were every bit as barbaric as those committed by any of the other “serial killers” discussed previously- complete with torture, mutilation, cannibalism and necrophilia…. It was the same job that everyone else involved in the Phoenix Program was engaged in.”

And lastly, page 137. “The years covered by the occult bloodbath in Northern California, 1967 through 1973, correspond precisely to the years that the Phoenix Program in Vietnam was in full operation (although similar programs, under different names, existed prior to 1967). In September 1973, the head of the Phoenix operation, William Colby, was appointed as the new Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Phoenix has officially come home.”


Jacob’s Ladder Connection

In the movie Jacob’s Ladder, Jacob and his friend try to investigate an event that happened to them where their fellow servicemen brutally attacked one another. And was believed, upon investigating, to be a part of a mind control operation carried out by the US Army on their own troops.

Now what is interesting about that is it is consistent with other vets testimonies of being in Vietnam and part of the MK Ultra program Operation Phoenix.

Here is a good link to find out more about it:


Here are a couple of patches from the actual CIA lead program.

operation phoenix

Notice how the Operation is named after the Phoenix. Phoenix rising…. Lucifer rising…

operation phoenix 2

In the late ’70’s, John Todd came out as an ex-wizard and Illuminati member who sat on the Council of 13. He spoke of his initiation into witchcraft basically from birth (his family were generational witches) and his joining the military at the age of 18 to promote these ideals within the army. He was deployed to Vietnam and was trained in Operation Phoenix. At the end of his tour he was transferred to Germany before being discharged. While there he got into a drunken brawl with an Officer and shot him. Instead of going to Fort Leavenworth for the remainder of his life, he was visited at his cell by two State Senators flanked by several Generals and Colonels.(Notice the COLONEL connection again.) These men gave him an honorable discharge and wiped his record clean.  He ended up going back to the US and heading a coven that covered 13 western states. So here too is an instance when personnel are being used for covert projects while their record is expunged of any evidence of them being there- just like what happened to Jacob and his friends.

Here is a link if you would like to find out more about John Todd:


Anton LaVey

Which brings us to Anton LaVey…on page 119 of Dave’s book, he tells us, “Anton LaVey had … established the Church of Satan and declared April 30, 1966 to be the first day of the Age of Satan.” Note that the 30th of April is known as Walpurgisnacht, one of the two highest Satanic holidays, the other being Halloween.

On page 124, “LaVey’s group included an inordinate number of police, military and intelligence personnel. One of these was Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, who left LaVey’s circle in 1975 to found his own overtly satanic order, the Temple of Set. Before his departure, Aquino had been the highest-ranking member of the Church of Satan other than LaVey. He had joined the Church of Satan upon his return from Vietnam, where he served as a psychological warfare specialist, which very likely means that he served as part of the Phoenix Program.”


On page 125- “Aquino has been known to claim that he is the son of an SS officer, although at other times he has claimed that he is a “homunculus” magically created by the “Babalon Working” performed by Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard.” Remember that Aleister Crowley hung with this crowd. Parsons became the head of Crowley’s OTO in Pasadena.


In the San Francisco area, where LaVey had his church, was also the area of the Zodiac killings.On page 80,”.. the Zodiac murders were not what they appeared to be. Rather than the random work of serial/mass murderers, many were actually contract hits carried out for specific purposes by an interlocking network of satanic cults.”


One of these satanic crimes happened at a church in the bay area. On page 137, Dave writes on the Arliss Perry killing…”her jeans had been neatly arranged in an inverted V-shape and placed across her splayed legs, forming the Masonic symbol of the compass and the square.” So we have another masonic connection here.


LaVey’s daughter is a chip off the old block as well. On page 235, we learn, “Among Richard’s visitors in jail… were Zeena LaVey and the earless Nikolas Schrek. Zeena told Richard that her father and the Church sent their blessings and were praying for him; she also informed him that he was being made an honorary member of the Church of Satan. Occupying the cell next to Richard, for a short time, was actor Sean Penn. Penn’s wife at the time, singer Madonna, reportedly tried to arrange a meeting with Ramirez.” Notice her resemblance to singer Taylor Swift. Either a DNA connection or cloning here.



The Luciferians didn’t want the state Capitol to be left out so the killings headed up that way. On page 137, “A few years after Perry’s murder, a new rash of “serial killings” began in nearby Sacramento, California. These were ultimately attributed to a man named Richard Chase, also known as the “Vampire of Sacramento”. He mentioned that the “Nazis made him do it.” But no one has investigated that angle. Remember our One Blood bank in Orlando, Florida?


And the Nazi’s were busy doing MK programming in US bases in Germany as well. On page 273, regarding two serial killers,  “Much of that seven-and-a-half year stretch was served in West Germany, where Gary Heidnik was subjected to MK-ULTRA experimentation not too many years later, and where Jeffery Dahmer later served as well.”

And on page 258, “Gary (Heidnik) was kept heavily does with Thorazine throughout the trial. He sat at the defense table staring straight ahead, saying nothing and, by all appearances hearing and seeing nothing.” Now does that sound familiar? Remember the Batman Theater Killer’s court appearance? It doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out Mr. Holmes was on Thorazine as well.


Page 263- Dahmer- He told authorities that he believed that by constructing the alter, and by consuming the flesh of his victims, he would be infused with “special powers and energies” that would help him to succeed socially and financially.” Sounds like what the Satanists believe.


Hell Fire Club

I’ve mentioned previously the Hell Fire Club connections with Ben Franklin, Aleister Crowley, David Icke and Russell Brand. So we need to insert the ’60’s in here and The Beach Boy connection. It appears the Hell Fire Clubs have been ongoing for several hundred years. On page 138, of Programmed to Kill, it says, Dennis “Wilson and Melcher reportedly created an L.A.- area “Hell Fire Club” known as the Golden Penetrators. Manson was likely a member.”


We can’t seem to get away from Charlie… on page 145, “Charlie himself once gave an indication of how he controlled his flock: “If you want to get to people and unlock their minds, the basic way you get to them is through fear.” That was a concept that borrowed from the teachings of the Process Church. In a summer 1969 interview, Beach Boy Dennis Wilson spoke of “getting the fear.” In the same interview, he referred to Charlie as ‘the Wizard.”


Another Charlie also liked to be called “the Wizard” or a Warlock, excuse me, is actor Charlie Sheen, who seems to be living a very dark life.


Another actor leading a very dark life is Colin Farrell. He was recently on Jimmy Fallon’s show where he, Vince Vaughn and Jimmy Fallon (Fallon or Fallen One) were playing a GAME where you had to guess if the event they described, actually happened to them. Well Colin Farrell’s “event” was that he was a suspect in an actual murder. The victim was beaten to death and his apartment lit on fire to hide the evidence. I do believe Colin did this crime and them discussing it on Jimmy Fallon’s show was to “praise” it. Here’s a link to the show. It’s called TRUE Confessions.

Notice Colin doing the classic “shhhhhh” hand sign that we see so many famous people doing these days. Notice both Vaughn and Fallon doing the MASONIC pyramid hands signs with their fingers folded as well as showing their submission with their mouths being open.

download (2)

In conclusion Dave writes, on page 306, that “With the possible exception of school and workplace shootings, nothing better serves to facilitate the promotion of a “law-and-order” agenda than the palpable fear aroused by the sociopathic killer- a fear that propels the population into an every-man-for-himself mentality. Anyone, after all, could be a serial killer, hiding behind a mask of civility: a co-worker, a friend, a neighbor… even a family member.”

And… “Phoenix was, by design, a psychological warfare operation. Its goal was, quite literally, to scare the hell out of the Vietnamese people- to such an extent that their will would be broken and they would accede to the demands of their would-be oppressors. The techniques employed were barbaric. Victims of the program were not merely assassinated; they were frequently raped, tortured, mutilated, dismembered and left posed in grotesque displays for their fellow villagers and family members to find. The crime scenes of the Phoenix Program were, in other words, indistinguishable from the crime scenes of America’s serial killers.”

Due to Dave’s brilliant work the Serial Killer myth has been busted wide open. I hope I helped to shed some light as well making connections to current events and current people. It is empowering to know what is being perpetrated on us. With our knowing, their spells are broken. Once enough of us have this understanding the tides will turn. We will not tolerate this abuse reaped upon us. We can stop this. We can cure this disease. We can stop their end game- the culmination of their Great Work- a world in which Lucifer is in charge.

Well not on my watch.


P.S. YouTube Version Attached Below.


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47 responses on “Serial Killers Decoded

  1. Vanessa Bates

    I just spent the last hour and a half reading this. Absolutely stunning piece! Separately these stories make shocking enough sense but you link them and how they weave their power. Colonel Tom Parker and Elvis came repeatedly to mind, that and much more.. You make it seem obvious yet although it’s in our faces we can miss it. Thank you for your work.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Yes! COLONEL Tom Parker! Great catch Vanessa! And how Priscilla dressed with the dark clothes and dark make-up. Wasn’t she underage as well when they met? Just like Jerry Lee Lewis, subconsciously promoting the pedophilic agenda even back then. And Elvis did his tour in Germany right? West Germany had (and probably still does) a programming center. I wonder if Elvis paid a visit there. Elvis~Evils…. 🙁

  2. Luke Aspen

    Outstanding Job Rosette!
    This is chock-full of so many great connections! Please help me understand when you pointed out the Orlando shooting which occured on June 12 had coincided with the Bilderberg meeting. You said the shooting happened to give the Bilderberg group energy. And you also thought the people did not die in the shooting, so this is just another Sandy Hoax. If they are alive how dId they go about covering it all up? I mean why the need to pull yet another hoax when it would be much easier for the Satanists involved to just go ahead and murder them all and make it a real sacrifice instead? See what I mean?So I’m not doubting you, I’m just trying to understand that entire shooting hoax paradigm.
    Btw, I’m still researching and piecing together so many different people, places etc. I keep finding new connections to add to what I already have and boy it gets crazy! Will update you soon and pick up where I left off.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Hey Luke!
      People don’t need to die to “give” energy. Where focus goes energy flows. It is easier to stage an event using crisis actors, families that are generational satanists, than to kill people because people don’t always cooperate in that regard. Some survive, and even ones that don’t there is an issue of the pesky loved ones that will investigate their deaths. Boston marathon was one big staged event. Stephen Spielberg was spotted in the crowd. I’m pretty sure it was “his” event.
      Then we have Sandy Hook. The town is a satanic town. The school was in an isolated area. So easy to have a set with only their people involved. Now don’t get me wrong they DO kill people. So some of the ones “killed” could be legit. Like with the Serial Killers, Henry Lee Lucas talked about this. He was hired to kill particular individuals. So some of his killings were targets to be taken out as hired hits and others were random to “hide” the hits. Like in the BTK killings. The killing of the family was the “hit”. The dad was an intelligence asset that said he felt his life was in danger. There was no way the whole family and their dog could have been taken out by one individual. The father knew how to fight and so did his wife. Then they had BTK do some random killings that were not similar to the killing of the family at all. Or were probably done by others, but lumped together and blamed on the BTK guy.
      So it’s a mixed bag. Some events are completely staged. Some events have some killings. Some events are completely real. We would have to look closely case by case. But the problem being, SHOULD we look closely case by case? Is that the best place to focus our energy?
      Another aspect that I find highly disturbing and brought up by The Black Child. (I’ll link the vid here- ) is that some of these COP killings ARE real and so we basically are watching someone die. We are basically watching a SNUFF film. Now remember in my article I talked about the making of snuff films. Son of Sam Berkowicz was told to film the shootings he participated in (so snuff film). And Hunter S. Thompson was allegedly the maker of snuff films. But these were for only a select few individuals. The difference now is that they are having US participate- the general public- by watching these! See how sinister they are!

      1. Luke Aspen

        Yes now it all makes more sense and it being a mixed bag. And I agree you’re right about not looking at each case by case, I tend to get hung up on that myself being too exact with almost every detail. The Boston Marathon’s Jeff Bauman becoming a “Hero”, was a hugh part of the hoax. Jake Gyllenhaal is set to play him in the upcoming film “Stronger”. They will milk that one to death! And Spielberg was involved too?!
        And the Sandy Hook school had absolutely no blood anywhere around outside or inside and did you know they tore the school down and are building a new one? That will stop all the questioning about the no blood.
        And here in Atlanta there is such a hugh gay community and several vigils have been held in support of Orlando. So you see there’s been this hugh push here to mourn and accept the poor gays etc. Just more programming?
        Thanks for the vid, you’re one cool lady!

        1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

          Notice one of the victims in Minnesota was named PHILANDO? To have us subconsciously associate it with the ORLANDO staged event.

          Put in Boston Bombing Spielberg and look at the images.

          And thank you for the kinds words Luke!

  3. Luke Aspen

    Wow! Spielberg is yet another one not to be trusted! I do know he was on the 1999 guest list for the Bilderbergs but did not attend. And Philando/Orlando, of course! That one went right over my head, sometimes I can be such a dupe!
    Here’s some other stuff pertaining to Serial Killers, I just found this: Pulse Massacre PsyOps: Tony Awards and Royalty Sacrifice. Please google it and let me know what you think!
    And the Disney 33 Club, are you aware of the Disney underground tunnels? They HATE that word! Instead they say “Utilidors”. You can google: TOP SECRET – Disney Tunnels Exposed by Shaun McLane. He used to work there and gives so many great insights in which Disney made him take an oath never to discuss! You can even youtube a private video that walks you everywhere underground.
    Also Colonel Sanders (chicken), Bob Evans (pork sausage), Dave Thomas, Wendy’s (hamburgers)- all 3 men were 33rd Masons. Don’t laugh but I actually keep a quick reference sheet of Masons listed by categories. Quite handy!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      I will do that Google search when time permits. Thank you Luke! Am also intrigued on the actual video that walks you everywhere underground Disney? Do you have a link? I really want to see that one!

  4. Luke Aspen

    You mentioned here the last name Melcher (Terry?), I’m very curious, what do you know about him? I have a Hugh Connection to share about Terry Melcher but tell me first what you know & I’ll follow-up. And are you familiar with Bill Clinton (when Gov.of Ark) & the cocaine drug running? They have filmed a movie here in GA all about it, many details to tell!

    Thanks, Luke

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Melcher… connected to Laurel Canyon crowd. I can’t quite recall. Would have to look at my notes on Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon.

      1. Luke Aspen

        It’s the same Terry Melcher/connected to Laurel Canyon. Quite a backstory! Will go thru all my stuff & post it when time permits. Will follow that one up w/the Clintons in Arkansas.
        The story of Barry Seal in Mena, Ark drug running for Bill & Hillary, Amazing details!

        1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

          Awesome! Looking forward to both! I do know of the remarkable list of deaths associated with the Clinton’s. Also that Clinton’s real birth name was William Blythe, not Clinton. Clinton is 33 in numerology. So “Will I Am 33” or Lucifer.

  5. Luke Aspen

    Hey Rosette,
    Whopper connections here:
    Terry Melcher was an important figure & had deep ties in Laurel Canyon. His name is connected to so many famous people, including Charles Manson. I happen to know much about Terry since his family history traces all the way back to Cincinnati! Terry’s Mother (born & raised in Cincy) was a singer & dancer, who later became a very famous actress. In fact, I used to see many of her movies at the downtown Cincinnati RKO Albee! She was born under the name Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff, which she hated. She thought Kappelhoff made her sound too Jewish, so she changed it & became Doris Day!
    It was much later when I moved from Cincy to Atlanta & eventually I met my friend Jason. He’s the one I mentioned who went to see Bill Cooper’s presentation about the JFK assassination. And it was thru Jason that I came to learn so much personal stuff about Doris & Terry. Jason knows most of their intimate details, as well he should, since he happens to be Doris Day’s 1st cousin!
    Very small world, isn’t it Rosette??
    And it was thru Doris & Terry that Jason was able to meet some of the most famous people in Hollywood.
    Jason told me the story of how Doris moved from Cincy to NYC & married trombonist Al Jorden. He was a very cruel man & beat her quite often, When he found out she was pregnant with his child Terry he went ballistic. Demanding she get an abortion, Doris refused, Jorden went to get a gun threatening to blow her brains out! She was able to calm him down & accept the fact she was going to have the baby. Doris was only 16 yrs old when pregnant and when she turned 17 she gave birth & Terry was born in NYC under the name Terrence P. Jorden.
    After the baby was born Al Jorden still continued to beat & abuse poor Doris. By the time Terry reached the age of 3 Jorden had started to slap & abuse him as well. That is when Doris had had enought & she left Jorden. He could not deal with her departure and then is when he committed suicide. From there Doris met & married her producer & manager Martin Melcher. And he adopted her son making him Terry Melcher. Doris was quite a singer before she turned to acting, singing with famous names from the Big Band Swing era. Names like Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey & associated with Louis Armstrong & Nat King Cole -and They ALL were Masons!! Being closely connected to such Masons proved to be quite a harbinger for Doris. One that she probably did not see coming her way much later in life.
    As for later, she then hooked up with one of the biggest Masons of Hollywood, Bob Hope! He was a pimp, pedophile. programmer & one of the most horrible handlers in show biz! He toured with the USO entertaining the troops around the world with his female entourage of Doris Day, Jane Russell, Barbara Eden & Judy Garland, all his MK Monarch slaves!
    Bob “Hope” was repeatedly one of the most deceptive & cruel handlers, keeping close ties with Henry Kissinger. They both met at Bohemian Grove, where Hope became a regular attendee many times over. As for Kissinger, I’ve read he’s one of the most evil & torturous handlers, being so rough with young boys & girls. One observer reported that Kissinger was so intense with the children that many towels were needed to “clean up the mess”.
    As Doris’ career began to climb & Terry was maturing, she had him placed in a private boarding school. Loomis Chaffee in Windsor, a small town in Hartford, CT. So close to Sandy Hook! And Terry’s situation there was just like the one with Glen Close. Remember, she too was placed or rather “dumped” off at Choate, so Loomis Chaffee is much the same just another “dumping ground” for children of the elite. Consider here some of the Loomis Chaffee alumni:
    Larry Collins, author of Is Paris Burning?
    Nancy W. Collins, Professor of Columbia University
    David Margolick, Editor of Vanity Fair magazine
    Arthur Ochs Sulzburger, Publisher of NY Times
    Henry R. Kravis, Billionaire
    Robert Winters, President & CEO of Prudential Insurance
    Jason Wu, Fashion Designer
    The names Larry & Nancy Collins, attending an elite school so close to Sandy Hook! And Margolick, Sulzburger & Kravis have all attended the Bilderbergs, all more than once.! And Jason Wu is the present & personal fashion designer to Michelle Obama! You can see how all this connects to the elite, indeed.
    While Terry was in the CT school, Doris went full Hollywood with her husband/manager Marty Melcher. And he too mistreated her with much violent abuse. She was busy making movies & becoming rather wealthy. But all the money she made was mishandled by Melcher. He embezzled over $20 million of her own & when she finally divorced him she was left flat broke. By then Terry was out of school & had started his own singing career. He was offered later a position as producer at Columbia Records. He quickly became very successful in the music industry producing records for Brian Wilson & the Beach Boys, the Byrds, the Mamas & the Papas, Glenn Campbell & many others.
    Terry at that point was able to financially save Doris by creating & becoming producer of her own tv series the Doris Day show. With Terry being so well connected with Columbia Records & so many musicians, he developed deep ties to the Laurel Canyon scene.
    It was Terry & Brian Wilson & few other men who dubbed themselves the “Golden Penetrators”, attempting to lay as many groupies as possible. And they together forged a close bond with another penetrator/prophet/musician Charles Manson.
    Terry allowed himself to become a good friend to Manson even letting him drive his jaguar many times. In 1966 Terry leased & moved into the soon-to-be infamous home at 10050 Cielo Drive in Benedict Canyon. And to Manson, any celebrity or their child was his prey. His biggest catch was Didi Lansbury, teenaged daughter to Angela Lansbury. Manson & his Family members would pick up Didi at her school after class was out & go stock up on clothes or car parts with out any concern for cost, since Didi paid for everything with her Mother’s credit cards.
    Brian Wilson expressed an interest in Manson’s music & even recorded 2 of Manson’s songs with the Beach Boys. For a time,Terry Melcher was interested in recording Manson’s music as well as making a movie about the Manson Family & their hippie commune existence. So Manson met Melcher at 10050 Cielo Drive, the home Terry was sharing with his girl friend Candace Bergen, who later in the early 90’s starred in her own tv sitcom Murphy Brown, which earned her 5 Emmys.
    It was in his home that Terry Melcher allowed Manson to audition for him. Terry told him he was quite goof & even considered signing Charles Manson a recording deal. But all that changed later & Terry abandoned the project after having witnessed Manson embroiled in a fight with a drunken stunt man at Melcher’s Spahn Ranch. Manson got extremely violent which scared Terry to no end. Both Brian Wilson & Terry Melcher severed their ties with Charles Manson and that move is what angered Manson to seek revenge or so it seemed….
    More to follow

  6. Luke Aspen

    ….Terry Melcher’s Spahn Ranch is a major key to understanding & revealing so much about Charles Manson. It also says some darker things about Terry too. It was the ranch where many of Manson’s marathon conversations were recorded along with his demo recordings. Melcher’s close friends alive today (including Doris) like to pretend that such recordings were “lost” or “stolen” or “never existed”. The Manson Family was filmed at Spahn Ranch by Melcher himself & Doris must surely know it. Family members also shot an extensive amount of film making “home movies”, which many witnesses have claimed included family orgies & ritualized snuff films. And I have to question if Terry Melcher participated in all of this as the Golden Penetrator?
    A vast amount of NBC camera equipment & film were found to be in the possession of Manson’s motley crew, all of which claimed to be stolen. It seemed likely, however, given the network’s known involvement with the Family, that the equipment was provided to them so that they could film their exploits. Not long after splitting from Manson, Melcher & girlfriend Bergen moved out of the Cielo Drive home. The house owner Rudi Altobelli, then leased it to Roman Polanski & his wife Sharon Tate. Manson later visited the house asking for Melcher & was upset to learn he had moved. And on August 9, 1969, the house was the site of the now famous murders.
    Everybody speculated that Manson sent his minions to the house to get rid of Melcher because Manson was angry about not getting his record deal. But Melcher talked about it later saying Manson knew Melcher had already moved out because someone from his organization left a note on Melcher’s porch in his new Malibu home. So Charles Manson knew exactly where Terry Melcher was living if really wanted to target him. It seems he was meant to kill Sharon Tate & company as part of the Roman Polanski Satanic sacrifice & then cover it all up as a payback for Terry Melcher?
    What I have found out recently (and not thru Jason) was Doris Day was not so honest or trustworthy about certain family matters. Some have said she was part of “Polanski’s coven”. I found a picture of her on the internet making a Satanic hand signal & also one of her showing the ascendant triangle. So who knows? I believe Jason remains totally unaware of all of this about Doris. He has since moved from Atlanta & now lives somewhere in California. I’ve lost touch with him & it was for the best since he, like Doris, carries much personal baggage that got in the way of having a healthy friendship. And I will leave it at that. But I’ve often wondered, if I were to see him today, how could I ever say or ask, is it true, that your cousin Doris Day is a Monarch sex slave & under Satanic control? And Terry Melcher was making snuff films? Now how strange & surreal would that be??
    Terry Melcher did attend Loomis Chaffee School & I forgot to add to the alumni list that most of the Rockefellers did attend there, very much like ALL of the Kennedys attended Choate. Terry did eventually become the CEO of Columbia Records, which in itself is quite Luciferian. The company logo is the Eye of Horus. And I’m sure Rosette, you know even more about that than I do.
    So Melcher, the Golden Penetrator, followed the money & got all the material comfort he ever wanted.
    And as for Jason, I can still recall back in the late 80’s, so many awesome anecdotes he used to tell me about Doris, Terry and Hollywood. Jason was at times allowed to be on some of Doris’ earlier movie sets while filming scenes from some of her most famous films. Such memories he shared with me! But it was later when Jason became so confused with Doris and her having “dark spells”, her moody moments when she would totally disconnect, keeping her distance from him. This would last for months & even years where he lost all contact & Doris would not answer her phone or respond to any of his greeting cards that he always sent her. So I wonder was all that kind of behavior due to her MK Ultra? I would imagine so. I also think of her 2 husbands cruel treatment of always abusing her. How sad!
    And Doris is still alive today at 92 & living in Carmel, California, right next door to her long time friend Clint Eastwood.
    As for Laurel Canyon, I’ve read there are tunnels underneath some homes and mansions. The foundation of one rather large mansion was honeycombed with tunnels, secret pathways and chambers. One tunnel even ran beneath what is now Laurel Canyon Road. It’s also been said that every person who has ever lived there was meant to, otherwise, they would never have been there at all.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Hey Luke,
      Give me a bit to read your latest update and comment. I’m in the middle of my next article. Should be done shortly. Looking forward to catching up on the “Melcher” connection.
      Take care ~ Rosette

    2. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Wow Luke! Just wow! I don’t know what to say! Amazing work as always! Yeah I would say Doris was part of a coven for sure. All Luciferians and she does appear to be a Beta Sex Slave. And yes, I’m sure NBS gave Manson the equipment and they did film sex orgies and snuff films and probably got paid decently for them. I wonder if Al Jorden really did commit suicide though? Or was he a sacrifice? The Golden Penetrator’s would be a reference to Osiris. I watched a Russian Vids youtube vid on Zot zot zot… which is Oz Oz Oz recently. Let me grab it so you can see. The whole thing is good but the Oz reference is at 7 minutes 30 to 10 minutes 30. Here it is: . And you know, I can’t feel sad for Doris because I’m sure there are things she has done that are very bad or she wouldn’t have been an A lister. She wouldn’t be living next to Clint if she didn’t participate- if she wasn’t part of the gang.
      Great job- looking forward to your next installation Luke! I do appreciate it! Very interesting connections!

  7. Luke Aspen

    I skipped the Olympics so thanks for the Semenya vid, quite interesting! Finally had time to read your newest articles, simply more Great Stuff! And thanks again for appreciating all my posts, I’m most grateful!!
    I’ll send the Clinton-Mena drug connection post soon but first here’s a recap on Doris & with some new connections I think you might find interesting:
    Let me say I have to feel a little empathy for Doris when she was only 16 & pregnant & constantly being beaten & abused. BUT as for today, that is where the empathy train comes to a Full Stop. Doris & Son, followed the money, all the way to the dark side, end of story. As for Al Jorden, I never thought of his suicide as being a possible sacrifice? Interesting you say that, with him being a trombonist, surrounded like Doris, with all those Masonic musicians of the Big Band Swing era. Could be he was a handler? I tried researching more of his bio but very little has been written about him. But the age difference, he being much older & with Doris as his 16 yr old wife, I’m told is a major red flag.
    And a telling sign of handlers taking full control of their teenage girls.
    These 2 examples come to mind:
    First would be country singer Loretta Lynn, married at the age of 13 to Oliver “Doolittle” Lynn age 21. He was a Satanist & handler. He was also into illicit sex & drugs with the Nashville scene that involves many country singers today. Loretta told a close friend how much she was afraid of “Doo” her husband & she could never trust him. He was never faithful, not once, the entire time they were married. Her many songs she wrote involves a “hurting & cheating” husband, indeed. He forced her to become an MK victim & she was always unstable. To this day she has never driven a car (or held a drivers license) for fear she might have a wreak, that’s how unstable her programming has become.
    (The very same situation with Marilyn Monroe, she too, was never allowed to drive a car. Again this stresses just how the programming of a Monarch affects each one differently. Angelina Jolie & Johnny Depp are known as “cutters”. Meaning they can actually cut themselves with a knife & feel virtually no pain).
    In the 1980 movie Coal Miner’s Daughter, the (mostly true) story of Loretta Lynn’s life has the “telling” moment when Sissy Spacek playing Loretta begins to have a nervous breakdown. This occurs live on stage in Nashville in front of thousands of fans who are waiting to hear her sing. But it’s her programming that’s coming apart! And before she can even begin to sing she just stands in a “trance” mumbling incoherent things about her past & all the stress she’s been under. At that point it becomes too unbearable for her to continue speaking & she faints, falling to the stage floor. Her husband Doo rushes to the stage & sweeps her up in his arms & carries her all the way thru the crowded audience to the exit door. There is a stunned silence & total confusion from the fans. When I first saw the movie I had no idea, like most others, thinking she was just over worked. But that incident really did happen & it remains now as part of Loretta’s history & for those who know the truth.
    So her husband was involved in trading her out to key people like Senator Robert Byrd, who was a KKK member & Satanic programmer. Byrd proudly claimed that Loretta was his loaned out MK slave saying, “I literally made Loretta what she is today & she is a maid to order”.
    Byrd also kept very close ties with Michael Aquino. Such sick things they have done to so many others, not just Loretta Lynn. Even Loretta’s own son Ernest Ray is her secondary mind-control handler & has said, “I know what the Byrd did to my Mother, therefore I can get away with murder……all I gotta do is call him & I’m free as a bird/Byrd”. -Well that was when Robert Byrd was still alive & not of any help to him today. And Ken Riley is Loretta’s road manager, also a neo-Nazi pedophile & one of her handlers too. Riley is also connected to Michael Aquino, I’ve seen their names mentioned before & how they operate together doing some other sickening things. Today Loretta Lynn is 84 & I just read that Ken Riley has recently put some new programming into her. God only knows what for & she being an older age & still an MK slave.

    The second example is Catherine “Zeta” Jones, married at the age of 19 to Michael Douglas age 45. And remember Douglas is a graduate from Choate!! Catherine is known as a “show biz baby”, which is another sign to look for. As a young girl she performed certain sexual acts including soft-porn. She is considered to be one of the top 10 Hollywood MK Ultra victims. Her grandmother’s name was Zeta & I found on the internet that Zeta is sometimes used to refer to snuff films, did you know that? There’s also the “Los Zetas”, the Mexican Mafia that are into snuff films. And Rosette I found Zeta in your Nibiru article as being the Omega energy, the feminine negative. Catherine too, has proven to be unstable much like Loretta Lynn & has to be checked-in to a hospital every few years for maintenance or “tune-ups”. This behavior is covered-up by saying she’s bi-polar, which is the very label used for many other Monarch victims. But if you think back it was only within say the last decade or so that bi-polar became so popular. Michael Douglas sold her out long ago to be used at private sex parties for Kissinger & the Rothchilds. And she had a “trial separation” from Douglas recently in hopes of saving their marriage rather than divorce.
    In 2009 Catherine won a Tony award & when giving her acceptance speech she read off her laundry list of those to thank & the last name on the list was her “dear husband”. Then actly weirdly robotic & with flinging her arms saying, “See that man over there (pointing to Douglas in the audience) he’s a movie star, Such a hugh star! And I get to sleep with that star every night, now how lucky can I be, I’m so thrilled!” And in 2010 she was even more “lucky” when she got a call from Queen E-Beth & Catherine was made a CBE, Commander of the British Empire.
    There’s also a connection with Doris Day & the Clooneys. Nick Clooney is father to George Clooney & Rosemary Clooney is Nick’s sister. They were all born in Maysville, KY & later they all grew up in Cincinnati! The name Clooney is rather well known in Cincy & Nick is 82 & had his own local tv show there for many yrs. Rosemary was both singer & actress & very close friends with Doris. They both used to sing songs made popular by Irving Berlin, who was quite a Luciferian & a proud Mason. Doris & Rosemary loved singing his famous yuletide song he wrote in 1942 that continues to be sung every year. It has a very sly reference that you Rosette have mentioned many times with President Snow & Hunger Games. The song is “I’m dreaming of a WHITE Christmas”. Berlin used to brag about how his song was sung by millions of “clueless people” & it ending with “And may all your Christmases be WHITE. The 1954 movie White Christmas starring Rosemary Clooney was directed by a Mason named Michael Curtiz. He later directed the movie (showing this week in Atlanta Piedmont Park) that became the film classic Casablanca!
    And Rosette you’re spot on about Doris living next door to A-lister Clint Eastwood! It didn’t even cross my mind to check him out as someone with a dark past. So I researched his bio & wouldn’t you know it, Eastwood is a confirmed member of Bohemian Grove!! Pictures of him on the internet attending there. SHAME on him!! And in his movie Gran Torino he gives the Masonic hand sign of the second veil right before he dies at the end of the film. Just goes to show you never know about those living in Hollywood, do youi??
    As for Terry Melcher, I can remember Jason asking me why on earth would Doris have Terry “dumped” into such a ritzy school in Connecticut? If only I knew then what I know now! Most of those Loomis Chaffee school elites becoming connected to the Bilderbergs etc. And Terry becoming CEO of Columbia Records to me was so well planned. Much like Capitol Records, which was founded by Johnny Mercer, a Mason & songwriter. He wrote the famous song Moon River which was sung by Audrey Hepburn in the movie Breakfast at Tiffanys. He later lived in Savannah, GA & there acquired the famous colonial home placing it under the name The Mercer House. And that is the house that Jim Williams later lived in when he got the surprise knock at the front door from the limo driver for Jackie Kennedy!
    I thought you might also like knowing just a few of those bizarre anecdotes Jason shared with me:
    Doris got a call from a director in 1967 offering her the iconic movie role of a lifetime, that of Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate.
    And you may remember that was the movie made by Mike Nichols. Doris flat out told him NO! She refused to play such a “filthy” role of an older woman seducing a younger man. That would only taint her image of being “America’s Sweetheart”. Nichols let her have it yelling,”Get off the rag Kappelhoff, you’re just another f—ing Jew, trying to be something you’re not. As a former Peschkowsky I should know, it takes one to know one!” And they never spoke again.
    That was a big deal in Hollywood in the 40’s & 50’s . Immigrant Jews changing their last names to hide their true origins. Kirk Douglas after filming Spartacus for Stanley Kubrick became quite famous & was in the same vein. He told the story of meeting an actress who was quite anti-semitic & told Douglas how much she despised anyone in Hollywood who was a Jew. Right after they had the most passionate sex, he got dressed & kissed her goodbye & on the way out the door he turned & said, “Oh by the way, my real name is Issur Danielovitch & you my dear, have just been f—d by a Hollywood Jew!”

    And it was Merv Griffin, the tv talk show host of the 70;s who also created & produced the tv game shows Jeopardy & Wheel of Fortune, which made him a billionaire. He was actually discovered by Doris Day while singing in a night club. He wanted to be an A-list actor in Hollywood but the best he could muster was making B movies like The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms. Griffin was the type that would do anything to get ahead in life no matter what the cost. So it did not surprise me when I found out he too became a confirmed member of Bohemian Grove! And he thought it was so “important” to get real cozy with Henry Kissinger when he attended. So I’m sure Rosette you have noticed the meaning in the name “Griffin”.
    In 2005 Griffin received the Emmy for his “tv lifetime achievement” which was presented to him by Ellen Degeneris. He refused to get too close to her before or after the Emmy ceremony, since she might make him look bad. Meaning she came out of her closet while Griffin kept that particular door tightly closed. For his entire life he worked “behind” the scene.
    It was shortly after the Emmys that Griffin found a note on his front door that totally freaked him out, it simply said, “Is it true about you and the Bloody Rock?”
    A friend was present when he read the note & said Griffin stuffed the note into his pocket & rushed to the bathroom where he massively vomited. He then told his friend he was terribly sick so it was best for him to leave. Griffin then proceeded to climb into bed curling up in the fetal position & crying himself to sleep. Days went by & Griffin could not figure out who had written that note. Better yet how did anyone ever find out about the “Bloody Rock?” His worst fear was that it might be that damn Ellen or somebody close to her that wanted to “out” poor Merv.
    In the 50’s it was thru Doris that Griffin met a guy named Roy Harold Scherer Jr. Who later had changed his name by combining the Rock of Gibralter & the Hudson River. And in doing so he made some very successful movies with Doris Day as her on screen lover Rock Hudson. And Hudson privately became known in Hollywood circles as the great sodomizer of gay men. Merv Griffin was just one of many men in Hollywood who wound up on the receiving end for Hudson. But Griffin got more than he ever wanted when a major problem occurred while being intimate with Hudson. Griffin was trying to accommodate the heavy size of the Rock. But he couldn’t, screaming out he was in extreme pain, pleading for Hudson to stop. That only excited Hudson more, so he persisted, even when Griffin panicked when he saw his own rectal blood!
    It was the bleeding & loud begging that only increased Hudson’s drunken, animal lust & so he continued until completion.
    And Merv Griffin nearly bled to death from severe rectal damage. He also went to his grave never knowing but always wondering who had left him that note. Years later in the 80’s when it was reported that Rock Hudson was dying from AIDS, it was Doris Day who said she could never understand why such a loving & compassionate man had to suffer from such a horrible disease. When she was later asked about Rock Hudson’s gay lifestyle, she simply insisted she never knew that her dear friend was a homosexual.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      I never looked into Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas but always thought they were an odd pair and things didn’t seem right there! Very interesting read! I believe Gwyneth Paltrow is connected to Michael Douglas as well. They did a movie together, ( I think it was The Game?) and I believe he is her Godfather. Remember she married Chris Martin of COLDplay. And I haven’t looked into it further but I’m betting Chris is related to George R.R. Martin. Kirk Douglas (Kirk means both Circle and Church) did a movie with Tony Curtis where he loses an eye. Can’t recall but I’m betting it was the right eye. And Jamie Lee Curtis might actually be a James Lee Curtis.
      And I will never look at Rock Hudson the same way again! Ha! I knew he was gay but not all the rest of it! Rock is also a STONE. The Stones and Steins are coded last names for Moon worshippers- LUciferians. The ROCKefellers, Oliver and Sean, the Rollings Stones, Albert EinSTEIN (one stone), Sly and the Family Stone, Larry SilverSTEIN (pull it) etc., so ROCK Hudson used Rock for that as well.
      Next installment! Looking forward to it Luke!

  8. Luke Aspen

    Kirk Douglas did a 1958 film The Vikings where he did wear an eyepatch over his left eye (I just googled it) & I too was thinking it was his right eye. Does it make any diiference as far as symbolism? Sometimes I see Satanists covering the left eye & seeing out of the right one. Kirk Douglas will turn 100 this December & he’s hiding some dark stuff for sure. He had a son Eric who was heavily into drugs & totally messed-up. He died of an overdose. Some speculate Eric was a Satanic sacrifice offered up by father Kirk? The truth will come out I believe after Kirk passes away. Also that Kirk raped Natalie Wood (google it) & she was into some dark stuff as well. Kirk wrote 2 fiction novels Dance with the Devil & The Broken Mirror. Both dealing with people selling their souls & sounds like Kirk’s own mea culpa? And way before he had his stroke, he was on the verge of suicide where he took a pistol & put the barrel of the gun in his mouth. He cried & put the gun down saying he was too cowardly to pull the trigger. He said the reason for the attempt was because he “sold his soul” long ago & therefore didn’t deserve to live.

    Gwyneth Paltrow is one weird gal & hard to figure out. Her “best friend” for a while was Madonna, whom Gwyneth thought was the “perfect” role model! She is an Extreme Hollywood Liberal and had a fund raising for Obama for his 2nd term. She talked about how she had him roaming about in her back yard before the fundraising party started. She kept gushing & drooling over how handsome & cool she thought he was & it was such an honor to help him get reelected. Blah, blah…
    Her father was Bruce Paltrow & some say he was a Mason but I can’t find verification on that. Something strange though when Gwyneth won the Oscar for Shakespeare in Love. Her parents Bruce & wife Blythe Danner sat in the audience actually smirking & trying hard not to laugh while Gwyneth could barely speak while crying when giving her acceptance speech. Can’t grasp that one, something was totally off for sure!
    And before marrying Chris Martin she dated Ben Affleck which was truly weird, they were not compatible at all. And Affleck is truly hiding some very darker stuff. He got the Batman role only when Christian Bale turned down 50 million to reprise the role. Warner Bros. (you know how dark they are) offered it to Affleck ONLY because he was so willing to do their bidding. Meaning he loves the giving end of their sodomy rituals!! So much so he’s been sodomizing young boys outside of the US. He’s slated to play Batman a couple more times before passing the role to another actor. His brother is Casey Affleck & he’s also into the dark side & sexually out-of-control. Runs in the family.

    And now I’m curious too about Tony Curtis & Chris Martin, will have to do some exploring there for sure. And thanks for the breakdown on the names, always a big help!! As for Merv Griffin (googled) the name Mervin is another name for Merlin. And Griifin is the mythical creature that has the body, tail & legs of a lion & with the head & wings of an eagle. And of course sharp talons!! Merv was one truly pathetic case. He told Doris ALL Hollywood actors were homosexual, no exceptions! And he set out to prove his theory for his entire life. He made the wrong turn when he thought he would put the moves on Moses/Ben Hur himself; Charleton Heston. They were casual friends and Heston had made a B movie that he hated & invited Griffin to go see it with him at a Hollywood theater. They both went to a weekday matinee & they were the only 2 people in the theater. After 30 minutes into the movie it was then that Griffin decided it was time to go into action.
    He (did this often) put his left hand on Heston’s right ankle letting it rest lightly, then very slowly inching his hand upward (like a spider) till it reached it’s destination: Heston’s crotch. Letting his hand rub ever so gently.
    That is when Heston, without looking at Griffin, leaned over & very quietly said, “Are you looking for something, Mr. Griffin? (no longer calling him Merv). Griffin whispered back, “Yes, I found it!!” Heston replied,”What you have found, Mr. Griffin, is NOT for your consumption, that is kept for Mrs. Heston, (then saying in his famous stentorian voice) THEREFORE, WOULD YOU KINDLY REMOVE YOUR HAND FROM MY CROTCH!!” They continued to watch the film in total silence & after it was over they left in silence and never spoke again.
    Griffin was quite upset he was unable to get to the Heston jewels but that was ok. It was later that very night, he was to have a “real date”, one with the “real guy” he knew he could count on, the one to give him what he “desperately craved”.
    And that one man turned out to be…….Mr. Rock Hudson!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Luke where are you getting all this information? It’s amazing that much of the sexual stuff is out for the public to pick up on!
      Yes I think Eric was Kirk’s sacrifice. They would sacrifice “the heart”. The good one. The good child. The bad child would move up and become famous. If you look at the one’s that died in the various arts, it is the good one that is killed. Like Kurt Cobain instead of David Grohl, and Corey Haim instead of Corey Feldman, River Phoenix instead of Johnny Depp, Heath Ledger instead of Jake Gyllenhaal. They always kill the heart. Notice something else? Including Kirk’s boys? The light haired one is the sacrifice. It is a ritual between dark and light. Light represents the sun energy and dark represents the moon energy. They are Moon worshipers and want the moon energy to rule on earth. So they carry out these rituals to give energy to the Moon- Lucifer/Lilith.
      And yes, Gwyneth, something odd with her. Besties with Madonna says a lot. Gwyneth reminds me of Nicole Kidman, whose father was a sadistic man, Dr. Anthony Kidman, tied to the Nazi’s and the MK Ultra programming. Fiona Barnett talks of her abuse by Antony and how Nicole would watch and relish in it. For some reason I believe Gwyneth had a similar upbringing. I think Blythe was the Programmer though in that case, not her husband, and that Gwyneth might be just like her mother. Of course I’m just speculating here, but that is what my gut tells me.
      And you know Heston did his part in acts of sodomy as well or he never would have become an A list actor. The NRA was his “assignment” to make gun owners look “nutty” and start the downward spiral of taking away guns from US Citizens. So he was definitely part of THEM. Many Hollywood actors are not homosexual or bisexual but they participate in the “deeds” to become famous. They have to do certain acts to move up the ladder. So the more famous, the more “acts” they performed. The acts include sacrificing loved ones as well, which brings us back to Kirk. So interesting the left eye was covered. So he was “playing” the good guy in that movie. It does matter which eye. Sometimes they have actors take photos covering the left eye (the moon eye) but that is just to confuse people. Zechariah 11:17 ~ Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! the sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened.
      Also notice that Kirk would be the light haired and Tony Curtis the dark haired, so Kirk should have been the sacrifice. So did Kirk make a deal for it to be his kid instead?

  9. Luke Aspen

    There was a website Hollywood Illuminati that was taken down about 3-4 yrs ago, I got so much sexual stuff from it. Very hard hitting info. I forget the guy’s name who put it together but he got many threats, saying Spieiberg was one of those to complain. That’s where I read about Ben Affleck, Warner Bros. etc. There’s also In Search of Black Assassins, Hollywood Subliminals & Wes Penre still has one called Illuminati News, which has been up for years. And Jason had many things to say about Hollywood too.

    And Nicole Kidman being married to Tom Cruise & then breaking away from being a Scientologist. Her children Isabella & Conner are “disconnected” from her per the Scientology church. Rosette are you familiar with the edicts of the Church of Scientology? Pretty bizarre stuff members have to endure. Disturbing to hear Nicole had to watch & relish such abuse. Her filmography says a lot; Rabbit Hole, Malice, Practical Magic, Bewitched, Eyes Wide Shut, Stepford Wives, Golden Compass, etc.
    And Kirk making a deal to sacrifice his own kid instead of offering himself, could be why he felt such guilt later hence the suicide attempt? Never thought of it that way but it does makes sense! And Tony Curtis was born to Hungarian Jewish parents under the name Bernard Schwartz. He was willing to do just about anything for fortune & fame. He did in fact dress as a female with Jack Lemmon in Some Like It Hot. I’ve read there is a remake of it on the way with Brad Pitt.

  10. Luke Aspen

    Interesting! So Mike Love’s book Good Vibrations is due out soon. Will read it but doubt we’ll get the whole truth! Appreciate the update! Will be back next week with your Mena post. Have a safe & happy Labor Day!

    1. Luke Aspen

      Update: Mike Love’s book Good Vibrations does very little to reveal the time spent at Laurel Canyon. And you have to read between the lines to grasp all the MK Ultra abuse. Interesting to note: in 1968 Mike Love became a teacher of transcendental meditation under the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The Yogi is one of the most corrupt of all the New Age gurus!
      Tons of info on him! Did you know about him? He also bacame guru to the Beatles in the late 60’s. All 4 Beatles traveled to India to see him taking with them Mia Farrow. They were quite horrified when they discovered later that the Yogi had made sexual advances toward Farrow! But he denied it all when confronted, saying his deep “spiritual devotion” would never permit such a thing. So the Beatles decided it was best they leave India & when the Yogi asked why they were departing & what to do without them? John Lennon replied, “If you’re so cosmic then you figure it out!”

      And Brian Wilson’s book I Am Brian Wilson is a much better read. His father Murry Wilson was the Beach Boys’ manager. He pushed them all relentlessly & was extremely cruel to most of all his son Brian. According to Brian’s mother, Murry struck Brian as a boy with an iron while sleeping & became one of the all-time villains of stage parenting. So again MK Ultra is darkly implied here. It was later that Murry handed Brian over to Eugene Landy, who then became his Svengali-like guru. The psychotherapist who insisted on having “total control” over Brian. And Drummer Dennis Wilson hung out with Charles Manson while Brian kept saying, “That guy will lead us to no good!”
      Have you read much more of Taylor’s book? Still researching the other stuff on Trump. So much info, so little time!

      1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

        Yeah the Wilson’s remind me of the Jackson’s. All in the Family MK style. I met Mike Love’s son, Christian Love in Santa Barbara in the early ’90’s. Funny that he named him Christian? Did he have any other kids? His house was on the cliffs, I believe on the Mesa. A bunch of us hung out in his hot tub. He was a nice guy. I wonder if he got the generational abuse that so many other kids of celebrities got.
        I’m getting close to the end of the book. I’m having a hard time believing that Brice was so pivotal in so many important meetings with Presidents, Governors, Senators, Drug Cartel Don’s etc. Also the bits about NASA I don’t agree with unless they wanted her to get the “disinfo” out. I feel they might have placed memories in her that didn’t happen to make her story so far fetched that people will throw the baby out with the bath water. There was some interesting connections with 222, 22 and 33 in there. I’ll have to grab the book to give the specific mentions.
        She makes Nixon sound not so bad too. I mean, he’s bad, but not like I’ve heard from another abuse survivor Fiona Barnett, and Fiona’s stories ring with truth. So the two stories don’t mesh. Also the sheer number of people using Brice, such as the whole LA Dodgers baseball team, is suspect. How can so many people be involved in her abuse and not speak out? How can they let her live when they have threatened to kill her over the most minute slip up? This would be a MAJOR slip up wouldn’t it? Writing a book? Revealing everything??? So I would say, there is truth in it, but also disinfo, and they want us to either believe the whole thing, or throw the whole thing out, not sort through the details.

        1. Luke Aspen

          Eugene Landy also “handled” other celebrities with immense mental illness. Rod Steiger, got the Oscar for In the Heat of the Night. He suffered his whole Hollywood career with mental depression. Gig Young, got the Oscar for They Shoot Horses, Don’t They. A great 60’s film with Jane Fonda. Young also starred with Doris Day in Teacher’s Pet. He also suffered mentally & later committed suicide. Landy said his “biggest catch” was Vincent Damon Furnier, just a young kid from Texas that formed his own music band The Spiders. He was groomed to be “The King of Shock Rock” and changing his name to Alice Cooper. Eugene Landy, his first name makes me think of the word eugenics, all the lives he helped to destroy.

          Mike Love has been married to Jacqueline Piesen since 1994 & has 9 children: 2 with Piesen, 6 from his 4 previous marriages, and 1 from another relationship. Busy guy! Interesting that you got to hang out with Christian Love. He has formed his own music band 5 Alarm & they travel all over the world. Said he got the idea for the band not from the Beach Boys but from watching MTV & Sting with The Police. The lead singer for the Beach Boys today is John Cowsill. He too lived in Laurel Canyon with the entire Cowsill family but their story is a very obscure one. The Cowsills were originally groomed (under MK Ultra?) to have their own 60’s tv show.
          Depicting the entire family as a music group with Mother Barbara Cowsill touring the country in their school bus, sound familiar? The mother was instead played by actress Shirley Jones. And John Cowsill was played by Jones’ son David Cassidy. And the show became well known as The Partridge Family!
          Some Cowsill members died along the way, including Mother Barbara who suffered greatly. Today the surviving Cowsills (without John Cowsill, who is with the Beach Boys) still tour all over the world along with another 60’s group The Turtles.
          David’s father was actor Jack Cassidy who appeared on shows like Bewitched, Get Smart etc. He was an MK Ultra alcoholic with severe depression. He regularly beat & abused son David which is documented in the book C’Mon Get Happy. That’s also the name of the opening theme song for The Partridge Family. Shirley Jones admitted Jack Cassidy was never a faithful husband. He had many affairs with both women & men. And wouldn’t you know it he even had a rendezvous with Merv Griffin!

          As for Brice & her MAJOR slip, sounds very suspect for sure. Books like hers, have I think, some truth but dis-info as well. I would say do sort thru the details but keep researching too. Details have lead me to some amazing connections! But they are very time consuming. You just have to keep searching & sorting as you go.
          As for NASA, you can google: Gus Grissom & Obama. Many different internet links there. There’s a photo of Obama as a young boy frolicking on the beach with Grissom. When asked about it today, Obama said he can “vaguely remember” having met Grissom at some point in time. Astronauts Grissom, Buzz Aldrin, Neal Armstrong, Michael Collins were ALL Masons. Google: Gus Grissom & astronauts murdered. Much to consider there. One week before Grissom was taken out, the CIA invaded his home & absconded with all his personal files/photos of him with the boy Obama. All of those artifacts were destroyed.

          1. Luke Aspen

            I just thought Partridge Family may not be a part of your cultural frame of reference? That ran from 1970-74. Some Cowsills’ songs were used in the show including few from their album Captain Sad & the Ship of Fools. The album cover surely speaks of MK Ultra with all of them wearing face masks. And Captain Sad evoking the Joker. Truly sad!

            From 1975-79 the Donny & Marie Osmond Show came as a Partridge replacement.
            Father Merrill Osmond’s boys were “discovered” at Disneyland when they were visiting the site in 1962. The Disney people on Main St. just “happened” to recognize the talent of the 5 boys & signed them up soon for their 1st professional singing contract.
            The Osmond boys did some tv appearances for Disneyland such as Meet Me at Disneyland & Disneyland after Dark.
            Considering the mind-control programming done to the Osmond children, these tv shows were a cruel joke! Donny is the next to the youngest kids and Marie is the youngest. Both Donny & Marie are programmed slaves who have been subjected to a lot of abuse. They have good front alters. Their father has made millions from drugs, porn & white slavery. All of this is part of the Mormon Illuminati front. Merrill Osmand has gotten a lot of good publicity off of his children.
            Marie has adopted 3 of her 5 kids. And in terms of occult families, adopted children are often programmed ones. So this is a clue that her children have been programmed.
            A few years ago Donny & Marie performed on Dancing with the Stars. And it was sad when on one dancing occasion Marie was dressed as a Raggedy Ann doll. Sick inside joke!
            Not only that but she actually passed out on the dance floor. The show had to cut to a commercial break. She was ok but just goes to show how this kind of stuff is paraded right under the public’s nose. And so many people are “entertained” by it all.

            Rosette don’t you find it amazing that so much MK programming is so pervasive? So many famous names I’ve noticed being connected to it all. And the name Osmand is so close to Oz-Man? And prior I meant to add Ryan – ‘O’ -“kneel” ?

          2. Rosette Delacroix Post author

            In Brice’s book she mentions how their plan is to MK people in all professions for control. So not only Hollywood and politicians, but doctors, lawyers, dentists, professors, etc. so that all the “white collar” basically or “management” is under their control. So its that pervasive. And generational of course. With Brice though they would never let her tell her story unless they wanted it to get out. And then as I was saying, they all give her a bunch of false memories that she thinks are real, so that the skeptics will look away from the information as a whole as too preposterous to believe. I believe she was tortured, raped, MK’ed and that Bob and Henry WERE most likely her handlers. But I can’t see her as being pivotal in all these meetings with heads of State, royalty etc. How she describes her interactions with Bill and Hillary seem to be off (she makes it sound like they were actually a couple, instead of an arranged business deal basically) and with Nixon, way off. Also she has no money when she is getting her memories back on the island of Kauai, but then goes to North Carolina with Mark Philips and Cathy O’Brien, living with them, flying them around, etc. for over two years and footing the bill. So she goes from no money to spending 50,000 plus on them.
            Her husband and boys have no recollection. Her mother has no recollection either but takes Brice’s word for it. There is obviously things going on, her daughter Kelly was definitely abused, but I don’t think to the extent that Brice remembers.
            One thing I find very interesting is that her real name is Sue FORD. Same name as Gerald FORD, ex-president’s daughter. In Snowpiercer, the mastermind was called WilFORD and I just watched the first episode of Westworld on HBO and the mastermind is called FORD. and in Brave New World the novel is set in London in the year AD 2540 (632 A.F.—”After Ford”—in the book), and After FORD takes the place of After LORD. Ford in the novel is supposedly referring to Henry FORD.
            So they are replacing LORD (God) with FORD (Man).
            Brice also goes to room 222 in a hotel to get some of her mind controlled instructions. 222 is a significant occult number that keeps popping up. 2’s represent swans and remember they released three black swans after Diana’s death. Each swan is 2, so 222. 222 is also code for 12-22 or the Winter Solstice when the sun begins its ascent in the sky once more. They don’t want the sun/son to rise again. They want the Moon/Lucifer to rule.
            Very good catch on Osmond and Oneal. And yes, Eugenics for sure on Eugene. I also see Ewe Gene. Ewe is a female sheep. Abel tended the sheep. Abel ~ Bale ~ Baal. So the Baal gene. Back to Lucifer/Lillith, feminine negative, the left, left hand path.
            Interesting thing on Alice Cooper. Like you say he was the original shock guy, his prodigy would be Marilyn Manson. Both use female first names and Cooper, co-op er, co-opter and Manson or Mason. I recently watched a youtube vid on Alice Cooper where he states he’s a born again Christian. He said he gave up all the dark stuff. He said his father was a minister and his wife’s father is one as well and he just returned to his faith basically. I found that strange because I’m sure he sold his soul.

            Even the Gus Grissom story seems a bit odd because you know they had Obama picked from birth to play his role so him hanging out with Gus and then Gus not towing the line seems off somehow. It reminds me of Kubrick and his supposed paranoia in the end because he was “leaking” stuff. Kubrick was totally one of them and I can’t see Grissom not being one of them as well. So his being killed (like Kubrick) could be a fabricated story to make sure others tow the line basically. Grissom sounds like Gruesome, the kind of death “others” will face if they talk. Shhhh…. index finger to the lips.

  11. Luke Aspen

    Hey Rosette,
    This involves the famous “Clinton Body Count”, with at present over 60 people whom have all been taken out. By their knowing too much about Bill & Hillary. Either by Mena, White Water, Travelgate, Chinagate, Filegate, Vince Foster, Bengazi, Emails etc. Much like the moth getting too close to the flame, all exstinguished.
    I don’t know how familiar you are with the Clinton drug running in the late 80’s? This involves cocaine being smuggled on planes flown into the Mena, Arkansas Airport. A guy working for the CIA named Barry Seal was their chief pilot flying the plane. He made more than $50 million in smuggling for Bill Clinton as the Gov. of Ark. The Mena Airport is tucked away in a remote, forested area in western Arkansas. And nearby is a train track for Union Pacific trains. The drugs being flown in from Nicaragua were packed in heavy bundles. And as the plane would approach the landing area, the bundles could be pushed out easily landing in the wooded area. The men on the ground running into the woods to retrieve the bundles were known as the drug “mules”.

    In Aug 1987 at 4:25 am, two teenage boys Kevin Ives & Don Henry were out hunting in that
    area when they saw the incoming plane make it’s air-drop. The “mules” could not get to the bundles fast enough whereby the 2 boys beat them to it. They figured out fast what they saw was a drug-drop, one they had heard about. A local sheriff pulled up & the boys ran to tell him what they discovered. The only problem was the sheriff was actually part of the Mena drug connection. That is when he proceeded to murder both boys. Don Henry was stabbed in the back & Kevin Ives was beaten with the sheriff’s rifle butt.
    He placed the bodies side by side on the train track allowing the next incoming train to run over them.
    The state medical examiner Fahmy Malak quickly ruled the deaths “accidental”, saying the boys were “unconscious & in deep sleep” due to smoking marijuana. Linda Ives, Kevin’s Mother, said some other medical experts found Malak’s explanation impossible.
    The boy’s families held a press conference challenging the ruling, which received wide publicity in Arkansas. This turned out to be a major nightmare for Linda Ives which continues to this very day. The whole thing was set-up by Clinton allowing Malak to stage his phony excuse, covering for Bill’s drug operation.

    Ultimately the bodies were exhumed & another autopsy was performed by outside pathologists. They reported what Malak tried to hide, the stabbing & the rifle butting as homicide. The teenagers had told their parents they were going out for a night of deer hunting. One police report filed 7 months later after the deaths stated, “One confidential informant states that the area the boys died in is a drop zone for dope”. This dragged on for months with other informants coming forth saying they saw the boys being murdered as well as others testifying about the drug pick-ups.
    Malak kept insisting that he was “absolutely” correct in saying that the 2 boys had indeed been smoking reefer & hence dozed off & had slept as the oncoming train bore down.
    That is when what is known today as the “Clinton Body Count” continued to increase with the names of the 2 boys and so many others being added. The witnesses that said they saw the 2 boys that night on the tracks have all been “killed”. All their deaths have been reported as having been either a “suicide” or an “accident”.
    In a hurry, more later…

  12. Luke Aspen

    Bill Clinton’s gubernatorial adm. assumed a role in the Kevin Ives & Don Henry case shortly after Fahmy Malak’s “marijuana-induced accidental” death ruling. Malak had been appointed medical examiner during Clinton’s 1st term as Governor. Public pressure was growing over the faulty handling of evidence in the train deaths affair.,And the Mother Linda Ives, while roaming about the train tracks area after the deaths occurred, found to her horror her son’s right foot.
    The outside pathologists that gave the 2nd finding with their own autopsy report was to be given a subpoena to appear in a grand jury. That is when Clinton balked in having them appear & had Betsy Wright, his chief of staff respond saying she did not “know when the 2 pathologists would return to Mena”. And that their contract with the state was to “make a job performance evaluation, not to provide a 2nd opinion on specific cases”.
    The grand jury responded by issuing a subpoena to Betsy Wright. And the next day issued its initial ruling of “probable homicide” in need of further investigation.

    Two months later Clinton revived a long dormant state Medical Examiner Commission to handle the Malak controversy. The panel was headed up by Joycelyn Elders, who has her own past history of secret dealings with the Clintons. By January 1989 Elders & the Commission had ruled on the Malak case: There was “insufficient evidence at that time for dismissal” of Dr. Malak. Nine months later, Gov. Clinton introduced a bill to make the state more competitive in hiring forensic pathologists. -by giving Malak a $32,000 pay raise. It several months later that the state legislature cut the raise in half. Of course Malak was quite pissed that his “deserved raise” was cut! From there Malak was eased out of his job & given a position as a Health Dept. consultant to Joycelyn Elders. This all occurred a month before Gov. Clinton announced his presidential run.
    And all of this was during Bill Clinton’s tenure as Governor that he was entirely committed to so much philandering with countless women in & out of Arkansas. And this kept Hillary very busy herself in helping to cover-up & also threaten many women, like Paula Jones to shut the hell up.
    Two prime examples come to my mind: One was that of Sally Perdue. She had been involved with Bill on one occasion & months later while jogging she was approached by a male stranger. He told her she had “very pretty” legs & it would be a shame to have the dear things broken. He also asked about her 2 children by their names. And also if she ever said another word about Bill Clinton she could lose her legs & her chlidren.
    The other woman was Kathleen Willey, whom Clinton had made a sexual advance toward while she served in the White House. Willey has been quite outspoken to this very day and with a book detailing all of Bill & Hillary’s threats to her.
    After receiving several threats she was very sickened when she later found on her front door step the severed head of her pet cat. She remains active today with her book saying Hillary has to be stopped from becoming President.

    It was months later that after Malak got his job promotion, Linda Ives went to the FBI. After many meetings with them she was told the FBI was backing away from the case, particularly the 2nd autopsy. FBI agent Bill Temple told her it was time to realize a crime was never committed. That is when Linda Ives went public with the charge that the FBI was participating in a cover-up in the boys deaths. Much like the FBI director James Comey is helping to cover-up for Hillary & her emails today. I’ve read that Comey is heavliy involved in money laundering & can’t be trusted at all.
    The case for the boy’s murders continued to go nowhere while those claiming to be a witness to it continued to be bumped off one by one:
    Jeff Rhodes had info on the death of Kevin Ives & his burned body was found in a trash dump in April 1989. He died of a gunshot wound to the head & there was some body mutilation, specifically his hands & feet had been partially sawn off, leading to the speculation that he was tortured prior to being killed. The body was then burned.
    Richard Winters was actually a suspect in the deaths of the 2 boys, and had offered to cooperate. He was later killed by a shotgun blast to the face during a “robbery” in July 1989, which was later proven to be a setup.
    Jordan Kettleson had info on the 2 boy’s deaths. He was found shot to death in the front seat of his pickup in June 1990.
    Gregory Collins also had info on the boy’s deaths. He died from a gunshot blast to the face in january 1989. Declared a suicide.
    Keith McKaskle had info about the boys deaths. He was stabbed to death in November 1988. He had actually told his family someone was out to kill him & told them “goodbye”.
    Johnny Lawhorn Jr. Having info about the boys and he was a mechanic. Reportedly discovered a large check from Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan made out to Bill Clinton. The check was said to have been found in a car at his repair shop. He was later killed in a “car accident”.
    James Milam must be the saddest case of them all. He knew the boys too well. And he was found decapitated.
    Fahmy Malak was called in to inspect Milam’s body & that is when things got totally bizzare. Malak initially ruled his death due to natural causes! He firmly claimed that Milam’s small dog had eaten the missing head! Now to me that is so idiotic, much like a 6th grader, saying my dog ate my homework, isn’t it??
    And a funny thing happened a week later. They found the missing head! It was recovered from a trash bin several blocks away.
    Hang tight, more later…

      1. Luke Aspen

        So they found the head. But the examiners did not tell Malak right away, they wanted to let him simmer & stew in his own stupidity. He just kept on saying that Milam’s dog devoured the head & that was it & nothing more. When Malak was asked just how could a head be “sliced clean” & leaving no bite marks from a dog, he insisted he was the “expert” & again said nothing more.
        And when he did find out about the head he went into hysterics.
        The local Mena news reported the incident & many were outraged Malak was still employed as state examiner. An ad hoc group VOMIT (Victims of Malak’s Incredible Testimony) protested relentlessly for him to resign.
        Malak’s job performance had also been an issue in Clinton’s presidential race & Gov. Bill kept defending Malak’s longtime employment. But Clinton realized it was now time to “let him go”. So Malak resigned after nearly 12 years as medical examiner. And several days later when Malak drove to his home, he freaked out when he arrived & there was no home. It had been entirely burnt to the ground! So he began telling all his closest friends that if he were ever found dead by “accident” or “suicide” that it would have been another Clinton murder! He figured it had to be Clinton that had his home destroyed since Bill would no longer return any of his calls.

        Malak left the US & applied for a medical examiner position in Guam making a salary of $160,000 a year. Officials in Guam learned of Malak’s controversial tenure in Mena as a quirk. A law enforcement official from the US happened to be visiting while the hiring of Malak was being discussed. He mentioned that he recently saw a tv news segment about Malak & Clinton & the infamous head. And that totally ruined it for Malak. He came back to the US & lived for a while in Florida but his coronor’s career was finished.
        It was too bad he got in way over his “head” with Clinton since he did at one time have a great career as an imminent forensics expert solving over 1000 cases. That’s exactly why Bill Clinton wanted him as Mena’s coroner, Malak’s reputation was suppose to make Bill look good.

        And all the men that I listed in the previous post that were killed due to being involved with the boys deaths, ALL the bodies were cremated per Bill Clinton’s orders. And when he was asked why, he simply smiled & said, “You can’t perform an autopsy on ashes!”
        During the investigation of the boys deaths 2 other men tried to help prove their murders. John Hillyer & Pat Matriscana traveled from Atlanta & stayed in Mena to interview a former official from the DNC Victor Raiser & his son Montgomery. The Raisers never showed up for their next day interview & it was reported they both had died in a “plane crash”.
        Hillyer & Matriscana were also going to interview a hermit who lived in the mountains near where the boys had been killed. Two days before the scheduled interview they found out the hermit had “died” & no other info could be obtained.
        Hillyer even started to fear for his own life, telling Matriscana that he thought they would kill him by making it look like a “heart attack”. Hillyer had been making videos about the Clintons & Mena. It was later that Hillyer made a call to Matriscana saying he had uncovered new information that needed to be put on video, but it was not safe for them to talk on an unsecured phone. They planned on meeting to discuss things privately. But 3 days later Hillyer died of a “heart attack”.
        Sorry, will conclude soon, under a work deadline!

        1. Luke Aspen

          As for Linda Ives, 30 years later & she still continues to fight for justice in the murder of her son Kevin & the other boy Don Henry. The book The Boys on the Tracks details all of the cover-ups by the police & others. There’s been hope that the book will become a movie but most film studios refuse to tell the whole story, including Fahmy Malak & the “dog eaten head”.
          I found on FB Lori Frost Irwin who lives in Mena & she posted a comment about her father working & campaigning for Bill Clinton.
          He thought Clinton was so great until he found out about the boy’s deaths & the all drug running. Lori used to babysit tor Kevin Ives & knows the whole story quite well. She said some Mena residents still cling to false perception & that the boy’s deaths were an accident AND the missing head is nothing more than an urban myth!
          The Clinton Body Count presently totals about 60+ people & continues to grow today. The most recent:
          Shawn Lucas – August 2, 2016
          On July 3, attorney Lucas 38, helped serve the DNC with a lawsuit claiming then DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman- Schultz “rigged the primary for Hillary Clinton”. The complaint was served & Wasserman-Schultz was prompted to resign amid the email scandal on July 24. Less than 1 month after Lucas helped serve the lawsuit, his girlfriend found him dead in his bathroom. The cause & manner of his death are still pending.
          Victor Thorn – August 1, 2016
          Such a good guy! I’ve been reading his stuff for years. He authored 4 books on the Clintons: Hillary & Bill, The Sex Volume, Hillary & Bill, The Drugs Volume, Hillary & Bill, The Murder Volume and Crowning Clinton, Why Hillary Should Not Be in the White House. Thorn reportedly committed suicide with a gun on his 54th birthday on a mountaintop in Pennsylvania. Thorn had made several appearances on the Russell Scott Show telling the host, “Russell if I’m ever found dead, it was murder, I would never kill myself”.
          Joe Montano – July 26, 2016
          He served as chairman for the DNC before Wasserman-Schultz & was an aide to Hillary’s running-mate Tim Kaine. Montano reportedly died of a heart attack after the WikiLeaks DNC email dump.
          Seth Rich – July 10, 2016
          He previously worked on the failed US senate campaign of Nebraskan Scott Kleeb, whose clean-energy business had come under investigation after losing $300,000 in 2011. Despite having been subsidized by the Clinton Global Initiative. It was suggested possible corruption between the CGI & Kleeb “led to Bernie Sanders’ cronies pressuring Rich to leak what was going on”.
          Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder has hinted that Rich knew too much. He was found shot to death in his girlfriend’s home in Washington D.C.
          And Julian Assange promises to release more of Hillary’s emails within the next 2 weeks. He has clearly stated he has enough recovered emails to damage her for good! It’s also been said that Assange will be the next one on Clinton’s list to be taken out. It will be interesting to see how the whole thing plays out.

          As for Barry Seal, he’s considered to be the CIA’s biggest drug smuggler in American History. He was drug running for Clinton & supplying guns for the Iran-Contras with Oliver North. And George & Jeb Bush were also a part of the Mena drug operation. Barry Seal was always in direct contact with George Bush, keeping his phone # in his wallet. When Seal got caught in a Colombian drug bust & decided to cooperate with the law, he was placed secretly in a halfway house for his protection.
          It was Oliver North who found out where Seal was staying & shortly after Seal was found shot to death in his car.
          And there is a movie called Mena, filmed in Ballground, Georgia, which is north of Atlanta.
          It was filmed in June 2014 but is still awaiting a release due to litigation by Barry Seal’s family. I read that the nearest theatrical premiere will possibly be in the fall of 2017. And the film title has been changed to American Made. It’s most interesting to know that Barry Seal in the movie is played by Tom Cruise. The director is Doug Liman who actually replaced Ron Howard, who balked about exposing too much info about Mena etc.
          I’ve read that in 1995 Howard “got the deal” to direct Apollo 13 only because of his pact to complete his agreement in becoming a 33rd Mason. Universal Pictures made Apollo 13 & it’s founder Carl Laemmle was a Mason. And Doug Liman is another director who is one to watch. He made the Bourne Identity, Edge of Tomorrow with Cruise. His father was Arthur L. Liman, a Harvard lawyer & connected to the Rockefellers.
          Arthur Liman is also well remembered for his role as chief counsel for the Senate’s investigation of the Iran-Contra Affair. It was Liman that led the investigation & conducted 40 days of televised hearings. Two key witnesses Oliver North & John Poindexter – refused to state that Ronald Reagan had played any role in the covert actions. Liman let them off the hook.

          1. Luke Aspen

            Sorry, the embedded vid will not play.
            google: Hillary Clinton’s illness revealed – YouTube.
            Best to check it before it’s taken down!

  13. Itchy Lizardflanks

    I thought you might find this interesting.
    Today I felt like rereading some of Dave McGowan’s work. My faves are “Wagging the Moondoggie” (which for my money is Dave’s funniest piece — besides absolutely demolishing the Apollo hoax) and his lengthy analysis of the photographic record from the Boston Bombing (which definitively proves the official story is another humongous LIE).
    So I put Dave’s old website address ( into the Wayback Machine.
    Instead of generating any search results it simply said: “This URL has been excluded from the Wayback Machine.”
    “505 billion websites saved over time” — but not the Center for an Informed America. Hmm?

    “There’s nothing to see here, folks. Move along!”

  14. Nanci Quinn


    I stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago from the “No forests on flat earth” video links/related videos from YouTube. I have spent many hours watching your videos and reading the materials here. Your insights are so fascinating and thought provoking. Thanks for sharing them.

    Per Dave McGowan, I found a mirror site which should work. It’s: (sorry I am not sure how to copy link from my phone….).


      1. Itchy Lizardflanks

        So I clicked on the link that Nanci sent, and what do you know . . . ! That website just received legal notice under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to remove Dave’s stuff, which is now gone. The jargon for such notice is a “takedown demand” — sounds like police or military terminology. The site owner included the actual email he got. Talk about aggressive legalese! I couldn’t even stomach to read it all the way through. Just like the example you gave of a bill received in the mail (in your rice experiment article) the energy it contained was unpleasant to say the least. The way it works apparently is that these miserable people scour the Internet looking for copyright violations (no matter how petty). When they find something, they contact the site owner with a takedown demand and charge a fee running into the hundreds of dollars. If you don’t pay, of course, the subsequent legal costs, or so they threaten, will be much more than a few hundred bucks. So it’s a sweet racket. I suppose that’s why “Wealth” and “The Law” are anagrams of each other: the former makes the latter; the latter serves the former.
        On the positive side of things: Dave McGowan’s daughter, Alissa, has now got his best stuff posted at a schmancy new site ( It does seem, however, to have some bugs at the moment, but I’m sure she’ll get that worked out. (Dave was always joking what a clunker his site was, but at least it was easy to find things.)
        So Dave McGowan’s work — and you could say Dave himself — lives on! Yaay for Truth!!

        1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

          Hey Itchy,
          The internet police are hitting YouTube pretty bad as well. Others I know have gotten their channels shut down and had to fight to get them reinstated. I’ve had numerous copyright challenges on my channel, but so far they have removed them. Jacob’s Ladder, The Giver and Interstellar are the three. I’ve gotten a new one on my Minions vid. I keep checking to see if the copyright challenge has been removed yet, but so far it hasn’t. Yes the energy behind doing that is so so bad. It reminds me of when I worked for the phone company. I knew a guy who worked for collections. He was always SO ANGRY! Yelling at people all day long! I bet if I ran into that guy again he will be in poor health. I just know it. You can’t take on that kind of energy day after day and it not affect your being.
          Nice on the anagram for Wealth~The Law! I didn’t know that one! Totally true- who ever is ABOVE the law (own the law) has all the wealth. OWN~NWO~NOW~WON~ONE
          I’m glad his daughter is keeping his work alive. Dave was remarkable. Brilliant.

  15. Gertrude van Voorden

    New Age also pushed the ‘I AM’ ideology as something Jesus said. Perhaps not be too fast with your judgements as you could be judging honest people that simply have no clue. In many mainstream dutch tv programms Illuminati/Luciferian/Satanic handsignals are being used. The Voice f.e. uses many of them, but also dutch singers, news programm presenters etc. use the symbols and they are also available as icons when Whatsapptexting. BTW your very name raises my suspicion. Hide the lie amongst many truths. It closely resembles the Rosicrucians, Croix Rouge etc. which is connected with the Knights Templar and later the Illuminati who took over Free Masonry and other secret orders.,

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      It IS something Jesus said. John 14:6~ “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” And these people have sold their souls. They got paid. Crisis actors, signed contracts to be “star” athletes, Hollywood walk of “stars”. They DO know what they are doing. And regarding my name, I explain it many many times. I am not hiding anything. Is this the only article you’ve read from me? So who is doing the “judging” here? If you’ve actually checked out my work you would see I expose these people. That’s what I do. And being here is VOLUNTARY. If you are “suspicious” then go away. I’m not trying to convince anyone. It is my research in finding the truth about our world and I share it with others that resonate with it. It’s free. I don’t sell anything. I just share my work. If it doesn’t resonate with you then move along.

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