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King Arthur Decoded

Growing up I’ve heard about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Of how Guinevere, Arthur’s wife, ran off with Sir Lancelot. I heard the stories about the sword in the stone; where only a special person could pull the sword from the stone and be the rightful king. But to me these were just that- stories; tales of fiction, similar to trolls and dragons and vampires and space cowboys.

So when I discovered Arthur WAS REAL I was blown away! Not only was he real, but he was an AMAZING man! Not only was he an amazing man but he was connected to THE MOST AMAZING MAN THAT EVER WAS! Arthur was a resonance of JESUS CHRIST. You would think this amazing fact should be known by everyone! But the information is blatantly suppressed due to the ones ruling our world today who don’t want to lose their control if this info was known to the vast public.


Where is this spectacular information? It’s been here all along, in Layamon’s Brut of England…


In The Mabinogian… also known as THE RED BOOK.


In the writings of Bede… his greatest work being “Ecclesiastical History of the English People” and various other authors.


Scholars whose works are funded by universities couldn’t afford to go outside the mainstream line on Arthur interpretations and so we get incorrect hypotheses, timelines, fabrications etc. Many scholars chalk Arthur up to fiction due to the wide range of dates that are brought up in ancient writings, thinking it couldn’t possibly be the same man hundreds of years apart. And it’s true, it couldn’t be. But there is an easy solution to the dilemma, TWO Arthur’s. Like in The Prestige, where everyone is amazed by the magicians death-defying acts, when in reality it was a simple trick of using twins, TWO people.


There were in fact TWO Arthurs, one who lived around 350 AD and fought the Romans, and one who lived around 500 AD and fought the Saxons. TWO Arthurs make perfect sense.

Researchers and Historians, Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett discovered the key to the Arthur mystery, The Secret of the Mismatched Dates.  “The only period date offered in the Brut of England is the date of the death of King Arthur. This event is said to have taken place ‘five hundred and forty six years after the incarnation of our Lord.’ This is deceptively easy, for the Welsh believed ‘Jesus was both human and spiritually divine during his lifetime, and then simply spiritually divine AFTER his crucifixion.’ So the 546 years would be AFTER the incarnation, added to the time of the crucifixion, which traditionally took place in 33 A.D. Therefore the death of King Arthur took place in 33 + 546 = 579 A.D. Now all the dates match up with the historical record of Arthur.” ~ Artorius Rex

Now if it was as simple as moving the dates forward 33 years and making everything fit then why haven’t others discovered this sooner? For one, notice the 33, that will give us a clue as to who is suppressing this information. The Masons are a vast organization, unified, and in control of almost everything. They definitely have a handle on the Universities and funding for researchers. So anything that they want to suppress will definitely NOT get funded. To get funding, one must tow the line, and in towing the line one must ignore the blaring history that is uncovered.

(A side note here, Jesus was crucified between two thieves. This is symbolic of Tubal Cain- a masonic code. Christ is Cain and the two thieves are Tubal or Two Baal worshipers.)



Wilson mentions, “The truth about the Dynasty of King Arthur affected the legitimacy of the British Monarchy, and therefore the TRUTH was obscured and distorted. Facts and evidence were proclaimed as false and legendary by the fake Tudor Kings, and the slanders they and their minions perpetrated have been supported by fearful academics who have failed to investigate the TRUTH for generations.” 

“It was after 1301 A.D. that Edward I came up with his brain-child that only Englishmen should be allowed to be head of state in Wales, and called his son the “Prince of Wales.”

Wilson goes on, “What is even more bizarre is that not only are Illtyd and Genovesius transported back 100 years out of time along with King Arthur and others, the absurd and ridiculous claim is made that William, the son of Charles Windsor and his wife Diana, is a direct descendant of this thoroughly bogus ‘King Arthur.’ There are no lengths to which they will not go to conceal the TRUTHS, and to obliterate the Glamorgan and Gwent histories.”

Now don’t forget that the highest female Mason in the land is Queen Elizabeth. So they are definitely part and parcel in suppressing the true history.

So “through their minions” how fitting they symbolically show this in their movie called The Minions.


Part of the deception is the Glastonbury myth. Arthur was NEVER based in Somerset (Sumer SET). The Holy Grail went through Wales not England. Sumer Set is the home of the Templars and John the Baptist. Templars, Jacques De Molay, Friday the 13th, Paris, Bataclan…all connected.


And Director Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur film was originally set to be released on July 22, 2016 but has since been pushed back to March of 2017. July 22nd being the Windsor Prince George’s birthday. (Notice the number 22.) And being pushed back because people can see how it is not a true depiction of the story of Arthur and are planning on boycotting it perhaps?

Another interesting note is that there is CROW in Crown. Crow is synonymous with Raven. The Raiders from the North, consisting of Anglo Saxons, Scots, Picts, and Jutes, were symbolized by the Raven. Aleister CROWley is connected…. Wes Craven… C- Raven…. CROW-n… showing the usurpation in the symbolism.



So let’s look at some of the TRUE history of both King Arthurs.

So both King Arthurs were real. They were beloved Kings of the British. The British being the descendants of King Brutus who came to Wales in 500 B.C. And the British being Welsh, and claiming Trojan descent.

The first King Arthur, known as The Mighty Conqueror, was born circa 350 A.D. This First King Arthur, eldest son and general of Magnus Maximus was killed in the great battle fought in June of 388 A.D. on the Sica River in Yugoslavia.


The second King Arthur, known as The Great Liberator and founder of modern Britain, was born in 500 A.D. This second King Arthur was killed by an arrow in Kentucky in the New World around 579 A.D. This second King Arthur is THE KING ARTHUR.


Now Welsh Kings from around 450 A.D. on, were buried inside churches, normally in “the RIGHT hand of GOD” in the North wall closest to the altar. Notice the sword is always in his RIGHT hand. Notice the Triple Crown on the shield- showing Spiritual power. The sword shows Temporal power.


The Triple Crown is reflected in the Hierophant card. You can see it in his crown. You can also see it in the Triple Cross. Red robe with Blue UNDERNEATH. Red ruling OVER the blue. Red represents the right, blue the left. Red, the masculine active, blue, the feminine negative, in balance. The V is 5 for ruling over the 5 elements and V is also the 22nd letter. I will explain the 22 shortly.


The flag of Wales has the Red Dragon.


Arthur/Christ is also associated with the SUN. He is the son/sun of God. Arthur and the Red Dragon… notice the big yellow SUN in the background.


And Christ is associated with the Red Rose. The red rose is placed in the center of the cross. The center of the cross, like the center of our bodies where the HEART is located. Notice the cross is yellow… like the SUN. Also Rose is an anagram for Eros- the God of LOVE.


Arthur is holding the true sword and stone, which is another representation of the Temporal and Spiritual keys. Arthur is the Priest King. In present day we have church and state separated. In Arthur, the two resided in the one. Notice that he is looking to his RIGHT.


If we zoom out on this picture we see Arthur in the middle or center….like the rose on the cross. He is in the 13th position, encircled by 12. Notice too the white rose within the Red rose. The war of the roses playing out before the official “War of the Roses” actually played out. The York’s and the Lancaster’s. York’s are tied to the York Rite of Freemasonry. Also NEW York being their “headquarters” in the NEW World called the United States or United Estates, because that is basically what they are- huge plantations.


Now the York’s and the Lancaster’s are STILL being represented in symbology. In the Game of Thrones, GOT, (first notice GOT is the Old Germanic word for God!), we have the Starks versus the Lannister’s of Casterly Rock. The Starks represent the YORKS and the Lannister’s represent the LANCASTERS. Look at their title, the LANister’s of CASTERly rock- Lancaster’s! Now Arthur was a “Lancaster” if not by name, by symbol, because the Lancaster’s were represented by the RED ROSE. Remember that the Red Rose is symbolic of Christ in the middle of the cross. And we know Arthur is a resonance of Christ, so he is the Red Rose… but he uses the RED DRAGON to show his connection.

GOT…. in GOT we trust….


Jaime Lannister in Game of Thrones would represent Arthur or Christ. Now they make him out to be bad because the show is made by Luciferians, so there is an inversion here. You will notice how Jaime is Je’taime, meaning Love in French, because he represents the Heart. Also he gets his RIGHT hand cut off. This is symbolic because Jaime would be “of the right”, the right hand of God. So they are trying to cut off his power. Notice the Lannister’s are light haired as well. The Starks are dark haired. Light versus Dark. Sun versus Moon.


The York/Lannister connection comes up in Arthur as well. There was a deep rivalry between the House of Bran in South Wales and the House of Coel in York and the far North. The head of the Coel house was King Mark, enemy of King Arthur. King Arthur dominated Wales, and King Mark dominated Lloegres which is now England. King Mark was killed in battle by Arthur in Britanny in the year 556 AD. Notice how they show the House of Coel symbolically in the Hunger Games. They are associated with the Capitol where President SNOW resided. Jon SNOW in Game of Thrones is a Stark or a …. York, he resides in the North. And coal is black, dark, representative of the Moon.


Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table are the same as Jesus and his Disciples. Arthur/Jesus is the 13th member- the one in the CENTER. The center of a FLAT ROUND TABLE. The flat round table is Earth, the center is the POLE, the North Pole. Directly above the North Pole is the North Star, POLARIS. Polaris is of the Bear constellation, also known as… Arthur. Notice they depict Arthur in RED and he is holding a SPEAR in his RIGHT hand.


Notice the painting called The Last Supper. You can see there is an arc in the center of the table below Jesus. On other renditions they fail to show this arc. The arc is very important. It shows that the table is representative of the Zodiac or the ZOO de Arc; the constellations in the sky; the 12 constellations, the 12 months, the 12 disciples, the 12 knights of the round table, all connected.

And the one that sits in the center of the Arc? Well the Arc-her of course. The Archer. The Arthur. And which constellation represents the Archer? Sagittarius. Now Jesus was supposedly born on December 25. And Arthur was said to be born on CHRISTmas as well. But was Christmas REALLY on the 25th? I believe Christmas was and is really on the 22nd. The 22nd is a cusp date, riding both Sagittarius and Capricorn. Arthur/Jesus is the Archer and therefore would be born in the SIGN of the Archer. It also makes perfect sense that his b-EARTH-day would be on the day that he rises? Just like the sun/son. It begins its ascent on the 22nd of December. That is why the 22nd is so special to the occult world. That is why we see them doing the V hand sign. That is why David BOWie uses the power of the Archer and inverts it. Because THAT is the biggest secret. Christ rose on the 22nd. The 22nd is really the beginning of the new year, NOT January 1.

Now this is backed up by the “secret” of Arthur coded in the 22. In the “cave of Lingarth at Coed y Mwstyr, Saint Illtyd buries the King as described in SECTION 22 of The Life of Saint Illtyd.” In addition there is clear reference in VERSE 22 of the poem Ymryson Gwyddheu a Gwyn ab Nudd, referencing “Arthur the Wonderful”.

Now why is all of this so important? Because we are in a transition year THIS year 2016. The FALLEN ones will make a stand in the FALL. When the sun is at its weakest. They do not want the Sun/Son to rise again on the 22nd.


Look at the Zodiac…. the Zoo de Arc… Noah’s Arc… Noah’s Ark! The ARK of animals is in the sky!


and here is the Chinese version….


Now they give us a clue in the Tarot as well. Look at The Emperor card. It is very telling. We see that Arthur is wearing armor under his robe. He is a warrior King. He holds both temporal and spiritual power. Notice the Roman numeral 4 above his head. Sound it out… I…. V… IV like when you give blood… they stick an IV in your arm… this shows us that Arthur is the Blood of Christ… he is the Original blood line.. He is holding a scepter that is an Ankh and Ankh is the symbol for everlasting life. The Ankh is a combination of male and female. It is the key and the key is the Ki. Ki is the Sumerian name for Earth. He is the KI-ng… ng is the Nordic Rune for “ruler”… he is the Earth Ruler the Earth King… also Ankh is Ankhee… Enki. The Sumerian name for the Earth Ruler disguised in the word Ankh. He has Ram’s heads at each corner. Ram is an anagram for Mars. He is the Marcian King, that’s what his father, King Meurig, was called. He was also known as EMPEROR Marcian, just like the EMPEROR card. Coincidence? Never. Now sound it out.. he was the Martian King. He is wearing a RED robe. RED is the color of the right, red is the color of Jesus. Like the red rose, like the red dragon.

Now Arthur, Arthrwys, was also known as Merthyr Mawr. Merthyr Mawr means the Great MARTYR. Now Martyr is Arthur with an M on the front. Martyr = Arthur. M =13 Arthur, so of the 13, the 13 being Christ and his 12 disciples. So that is where we get the word Martyr from!


See how the Emperor Card looks just like this stained glass portrait of beloved King Arthur. Notice in the stained glass he is holding his sword in his RIGHT hand. Because he is the “right” hand of God. Notice that right means correct, that right means good.  He is holding a spear in his left and in the center of his crown is the Merovingian symbol the Fleur de Lis.


Notice Ankh… Ankhee… Enki… in the lineage at the beginning… Notice the Fisher Kings under the Jesus line and this being the Frank line. Notice Coel under the North Britain line opposing Arthur.


Now the North Pole is also known as Mount Meru or Sumeru. Well SUMERu is the first known civilization. MERU is short for Merovingian. The Merovinginan line is the Tribe of Dan. Arthur/Jesus is from the Tribe of Dan- the King line. 12 Tribes, 1 King. Notice too how MEROVINGIAN is phonetically very similar to MABINOGIAN. And the Mabinogian is the Red Book, the book that tells of Arthur’s history.

mount meru

Now MEROVINGIAN is also represented in Sagittarius, the sign for the Archer, by its name. The Sagittaria flower looks like this….


and is symbolically represented like this…


which is eerily similar to this…. the symbol of the Merovingians….


and is also represented by the Suit of Clubs in a card deck…


and the Clubs were originally represented as the Suit of Wands in the Tarot deck. And the Wands were symbolic of the Element of Fire. And Fire is the element of Sagittarius, the element of the Archer, the element of Arthur.


Now before we leave the Merovingian connection, take a look at this… Mount Meru in the Paramount logo…now Paramount is what the Head King was called in Arthur’s time. Arthur was the 61st PARAMOUNT King. Notice the 22 stars… remember how I mentioned I believe Arthur and Christ’s birthday was really the 22nd?

Now Wilson writes, “Old British Kings ruled at the same time as their sons and even grandsons, in dual and triple Kingships. So the accession and rule of a younger King did not mean that the older King was dead.” So there were several Kings ruling at the same time, but only one head King- the Paramount- this was Arthur. The Paramount King was known as the Uthyr Pendragon- the ultimate head dragon. The Red dragon of Wales- King Arthur.


Here is a great article explaining how the King will come back from the North. Remember that the Mason’s worship the South, East and West, but NEVER the NORTH. They consider the NORTH evil. Now we are talking the true North here, not Scotland but the North Pole. Well to them it would be because they worship Lucifer, not Christ. The Polar Bear is another symbol of Christ because it resides at the ARCtic. At the center, at the seat in the middle, where the North Pole resides. The North Pole being the center. Looking directly up from there we have the North Star. The ONE immovable star in the sky! The only star that keeps its position. the constellations revolve around IT.


And remember the Polar Bear is symbolic of Curtis Everett in the movie Snowpiercer. Curtis is an anagram for Curist which is one who heals… Curist is one letter off from Christ. And remember Curtis sacrifices his LEFT arm to save the boy because he is of the RIGHT.


Now the Great Hall in Winchester Castle was started in 1222. Now remember how I postulated that the TRUE date of Christ’s birth was NOT December 25, but actually December 22? And here we have the Great Hall being built in the symbolic year of 1222…. 12/22… code for December 22nd.


And the Round Table was also called the Wheel of Life.


Notice the similarities to the Wheel of Fortune card in the Tarot deck. Notice how it depicts the four fixed signs of the Zoo de Arc, the angel in the top left corner is Aquarius, the eagle is Scorpio, the lion is Leo and the bull is Taurus. The middle wheel contains the alchemical symbols for mercury, sulphur, water and salt – the building blocks of life and the four elements. The outer circle represents the material world. The X is roman numeral 10 which symbolizes completion. (It takes 10 months for a human baby to be born not 9.) X is also used in the shortened version of Christmas, which is Xmas. So X is also a shortened version of CHRIST or Arthur again.

The planet of this card is JUPITER, the planet of opportunity, growth, success, and expansion. Jupiter is the planet associated with Sagittarius, again, the sign of the Archer/Arthur.


Jupiter’s symbol is a 24. In the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy they tell us, the answer to the Universe is…. 24. Now 24 can be broken into 222…. 12/22 is the cusp of Sagittarius and Capricorn, or Christ’s birthday, Arthur’s birthday.


And here is an Indian version of the Wheel of Fortune…


And here is a version from modern day Babylon… Wheel…… of……Fortune!!!!



From Artorius Rex, “Arthur was loved by his people. While the Normandy French built castles to keep them separated from the people, Arthur built forts in the pattern of a wheel (or round table, with Arthur’s fort the 13th place, or spoke in the wheel, center) to PROTECT the people. This system enabled signalling and communication stations designed to give early warning against an attack on the Kingdom. The forts also provided shelter for the women, children and livestock during the battles.”

and also, “These records tell of Kings who built towns and villages, and churches in the same manner as the Romans- ‘in the Roman fashion’. This offers the most remarkable clue to the erection and location of ‘Roman’ towns and buildings in Wales. The Dark Age Welsh Kings were simply doing what Third World and under-developed nations do in this modern era- they were importing Roman technology.”

Wilson also writes, “CAMELOT” can be broken down into ‘Ca’ for Caer- fortress and ‘Melot’ which is a corruption of the Welsh word ‘Melyn’ for yellow. So Camelot means Yellow Fort. More important it lies close to two very old farms, one is called Bethllwyds Church Farm, and the other is Yellow Wells Farm. The Yellow Wells is so called because there were ancient sulphur pits on the land, and in Welsh it would be Ffynnon Melyn. The name of the fort would probably therefore be Caer Melyn, which is easily corrupted into Camelot in Norman French. ”

Wilson states, “Up in Lisvane, close to our Yellow Fort, we find an old road name as Pen-yr-helo-felyn, which is quite literally- Head of the Road Yellow. It reminds us of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ with the song and tale of following the Yellow Brick Road.”

The Yellow Brick Road ends in a spiral. And what is at the center of the spiral, or circle? Arthur’s seat. 


The Spiral also comes up in Snowpiercer… notice the two spirals about the little boy with the RED hair?


And in The Revenant… on the canteen that is placed on Hugh Glass when he is in the shallow grave…


Now if the yellow brick road leads to Caer Melon or the Yellow Fort, otherwise known as Camelot, is Camelot the true Emerald City? We have the Emerald Isle right next door in Ireland.  And is Oz not really in the land down under but the land known as Wales? I would speculate…yes…

The Hebrew word OZ conveys a number of meanings, when pronounced ‘owes’ it means Strength, when its pronounced ‘ahs’ it means Strong and Mighty and with a bit more stress on the word is means To Take Refuge. All fitting for Arthur’s seat, otherwise known as Camelot.


Another connection between Arthur and Christ are Yellow Daffodils.The yellow Daffodil is the national flower of Wales, Arthur’s country, and is symbolic of Christ! Daffodils are the birth flower for the month of March. March is the month of Mars. Arthur’s father was known as Emperor Marcian or Martian.  The Daffodil is a symbol of rebirth-a sign of the new beginnings that come with spring. Daffodils are connected with Easter.



In referring to the Round Table Wilson writes, “The area dominated by this Caer (Camelot) is anciently known as part of the Commote of Cybwr. ‘Cy’ indicates a mutual action, something done together. The second word ‘bwr’ is more difficult and seems to be a version of ‘table’ and if this is the case then we have Cybwr meaning simply- ‘mutually together at the table’. This then is an obvious invitation to infer that ‘mutually together at the table’ is the place of the origin of the stories of the ROUND TABLE of King Arthur.”

He goes on, “Their considerable privileges of rights and freedom of taxation, do have certain ancient parallels in Welsh law, and were in the other known cases the result of conspicuous bravery by the men of the area concerning fighting against the enemies of the nation.It is reasonable to assume therefore that the privileges of the men of Cybwr were the result of some special mutual act of bravery, just when and under which King we do not know- the temptation is of course to see the actions as those of Arthur and his men.” Otherwise known as The Knights of the Round Table.

Wilson also mentions that, “In a land where there were no coins- literally no money- no-one accumulated wealth, and a King only needed enough land to support himself and his retinue and household. It was simple and straightforward. It was also a system which worked, and the Welsh enjoyed their own unique money-less states for centuries until forced into the ‘Greed’ system by the late advent of the Normans, and the subsequent influx of English notions imposed upon them.”


12 Knights-Arthur (13th), 12 Tribes of Israel-Tribe of Dan (13th), 12 Disciples-Jesus(13th), 12 Constellations-North Star (Center or 13th)…


Now the characters in Arthur’s legend were real as well. Let’s look at a few of them…


So the common story about Guinevere is only half true as well. She did betray Arthur and run off with a lover, however, the lover was NOT Sir Lancelot it was a Prince named Mawdred. And Arthur had two FAITHFUL Guineveres as well! Arthur was married to a total of three Guineveres. It was the second Guinevere that shamed the King.

The three chief Queen’s of Arthur were Gwenhwyfar, daughter of Guryt of Gwent, Gwenhwyvar daughter of the son of Gredyawl, and Gwenhwyvar daughter of Ocurvran Gawr. In 549 AD, the second Guinevere began a scandalous affair with Medrawd ap Caurdaf ap Caradoc Vreichfras or MODRED, and fled to Perthshire in Scotland; where King Arthur pursued and caught up to her and allowed his dogs to tear her to pieces.

Medrawd did not escape justice either. Medrawd was a traitor who lived in Northern England and held in YORK. King Arthur executed him around 550 AD.

King Arthur’s third Guinevere bore him three sons; Morgan, Ithael (Israel?) and Gweadnerth. Morgan ended up King after Arthur died and was a good King in his own right.

Let’s look at the etymology of the name Guinevere. GuineVERE~ Curtis EVERett~ Katniss EVERdeen….. VERE and EVER… Vere means Truth or True so “Ever True” And Guin or Gwen means white, fair, blessed and holy. So Guinevere means “Blessed Ever True”. Geneva, Switzerland was named after Guinevere. Switzerland- Sister land. (So they must have named it after Guinevere one or three though, because two doesn’t fit the name.)


Wilson mentions, “In a strange way King Arthur had a similar problem to Henry VIII the King of England just 1,000 years later. Henry married six times and Arthur had three Queens and three common law wives. Both needed to leave sons and heirs. Both also executed Queens for adultery which shamed the King.”



From Artorius Rex, Wilson states, “Maelgwn was a complex character to say the least. He was reputed to be the largest man in all Britain and a very powerful warrior, and he rose against his uncle who was King in North Wales. Later he repented and entered a monastery in the Kingdom of King Arthur in South Wales. Here he became involved in homosexuality, mixing with young men, and later he left to go North again and claim the Gwynedd Kingdom. He is reputed to have murdered his wife, and then he murdered his own nephew so that he could marry his nephew’s widow. The mind of the mighty Maelgwn is shown by his keeping twenty four bards at this court, when all other Kings traditionally kept only twelve to sing their praises. A great deal is known of this strangely capricious King, much of it to do with his constantly changing attitude to the church and the Saints and bishops.”

So this is interesting. Lancelot is nothing as ‘legend’ makes him out to be. He was a callous man who lived the ‘do as thou will’ philosophy of Aleister CROWley, or so it appears. And as we have discovered, was actually NOT the lover of Guinevere. (An interesting side note, John Todd who was a high level Druid and on the Council of 13, mentioned that his witch name was LANCE Collins.)



Wilson writes, “Amongst those people said to have taken part in the battle of Camlan, was the second Merlin- Myrddyn Wylt or Merlin the Wild- a tragic figure in this age of heroes. The first Merlin was of course Merlin Emrys or Emrys Wledig, also known as Ambrosius Aurelianus or Emhyr Llydaw. Poor Myrddyn Wylt killed the warrior who fate brought against him at the battlefield of Camlan only to find that he had killed his own nephew, the son of his own sister Gwendydd. Apparently Merlin the Wild was fighting for King Arthur and his nephew was a follower of Modred. The discovery of what he had done drove Merlin to distraction, and it is not unlikely that this is how he became known as “the wild”.


In addition there is Arthur’s son named Nowi, which is the equivalent of NOAH. His full title was Nowi-Llacheu, which meant Noah the Gliitering One or BRIGHT ONE. He was also called Gwydre, which means glass or vitreous, which denotes ‘shining’. This has a very similar meaning to the character in The Revenant called Hugh Glass, who was the equivalent of Jesus in that movie. Also note that Arthur is the center star with the Zoo De Arc revolving around it, or… NOAH’s ark. So Arthur and his son Noah are connected here as well.



Wilson writes, “The terrifying pestilence of the ‘HOLY GRAIL’ struck Britain between 555 and 562 AD when all plants and vegetation died, and all men, animals, birds, fish and even reptiles, and the whole population fled to Britanny until it was safe to return.”

The HOLY GRAIL was speculated to be a comet and given that name.

Because Arthur’s homeland was devastated, he traveled to the New World around 570 AD.  He ended up in the land now known as KENTucky. It was here that he was shot by an arrow and died. His son and heir was not of age yet and to protect him, they kept it a secret that Arthur was dead. They secretly brought him back to Wales and buried him for two years in the Cave of Pavilions at Coed-y-Mwstwr, in the Forest of Mystery. Once his son Morgan was of age they revealed that Arthur had died and he was later moved to Caer Caradoc and Cor Emrys church.

Wilson mentions, “The Song of the Graves says clearly that King Arthur is buried at Anoeth and we know that Anoeth and Oeth are a cave or cave system.” Notice the A and O…. Alpha and Omega… Arthur would be the Alpha… at Anoeth.

He explains, “King Arthur in folklore had been buried in a cave and was believed to be still alive. This was part of the simulation of the parallel with the Christian tales of Jesus the son of Mary, a herald who was of Virgin birth, a birth on Christmas Day, and a cave burial and non-death resurrection.”


The capital of Kentucky is FRANKFORT. Arthur and Jesus were of the Frank line. Now we have Frankfurt, in Germany. Frankfurt was the Capitol city of King Charlemagne, ruler of the Franks.

In Artorius Rex we read, “King Accanipys, who was married to King Lear’s youngest daughter at around 440 to 460 AD, clearly is King Aegidius, the prince of the Rhondda Valley, who migrated from France around 440 AD with huge numbers of his people. He ruled the area of the Seven Cities, and was for 12 years elected King of the Franks as well.”

Notice how phonetically “France” could be pronounced “Frank” and the currency of France IS the Franc pronounced Frank.


Now in the The Hunger Games we have scenery similar to Wales and similar to Kentucky. One of the lead male characters is named Gale. He is an Archer. His last name, Hawthorne translated, we have- “haw” which means white and “thorne” which is an anagram for throne. So we have white throne. White would represent light, the sun, fire and holy…. Gale phonetically is also “Gael”… as in Gaelic, which is the language spoken in Wales. So we see that Gale Hawthorne in The Hunger Games is really Arthur.


The Fool Card is symbolic of Christ/Arthur completing his journey through the Tarot. It is both 0 and 22, both beginnings and endings. So it would be fitting if the journey both begins and ends on the winter solstice December 22nd.  Notice the Sun behind him and he is carrying a RED knapsack.


Wilson states, “There has never been a King so loved by all his nations. His people adored him for his determination, unwavering courage and genius. For being the only King who retired because of serious injuries, after over 62 wars undefeated, and yet still returned to rule and lead when lame.”

He continues, “King Arthur was, is, and always will be held in a firm place as the most proficient and admirable leader the world had ever seen. But also in a more special sense; in the history of mankind.”

and, “There are in Wales no less than five folktales all of which tell of King Arthur being buried in a cave. In each case the King lies sleeping with his warriors around him, waiting for the day when he will be needed to come to the rescue of his country and free it from the bondage of the English.”

Jesus Christ… Christ means King and Jesus means of Zeus. Zeus in Greek is Jupiter in Roman and Jupiter is the planet of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the Latin word for Archer and Arthur is THE ARCHER. Therefore King Arthur is synonymous with… Jesus Christ.

So will we see Arthur/Jesus come to “rescue his country”? His “country” being our world? If you ask me, I would say….yes.


P.S. YouTube Version Attached Below.


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      Aloha Lola,
      Mahalo for the kind words!
      Yes Arthur was REAL!!! How cool is that? And its the last thing the Lefthanders want us to know. Why? Because knowing the son of God is with us is empowering. It gives us HOPE. That everything WILL be okay. President Snow says it best for them, he says, “Why do you think we have a winner? HOPE. Hope… it’s the only thing stronger than FEAR. (I think of Obama’s motto of Hope and Change here) A little HOPE is effective. A lot of hope is dangerous. So hope is good as long as we can contain it. SO CONTAIN IT.”

      So that is exactly what they are doing with Arthur- containing it. Because they know if everyone knew the truth people would have a lot of HOPE and HOPE is STRONGER than FEAR and they would FALL.

      Btw, I have a YouTube Channel as well if you would like to watch these articles in video form. It’s under Rosette Delacroix.

  2. Lola

    My Dear Rosie,
    So great to get your wonderful reply! Yes, I agree with your assessment on hope and I love how you have stated that here. I have young daughters that I’m teaching to have HOPE and instructing them to always keep learning and growing in TRUTH! To always keep learning, we have a family saying, “when you’re green, you grow, when you’re ripe, you rot”, indeed!

    I’m so happy to know about your YouTube videos, my daughters prefer them in that format. So I will make sure they watch them ALL along with me, of that you can be sure! Quite an education, my dear!

    Btw, I prefer calling you “Rosie”, it happens to be quite a cherished name in my family, so how ironic I have discovered you with it and knowing you are the “Rose of the Cross”, I love it! Thanks again and you take care my child!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      You are so sweet Lola! I love your saying, “when you’re green, you grow, when you’re ripe, you rot” Ha! Perfect! It’s so true. And you know Green is actually the color of the Earth~Heart? It is the best color. That’s why the Creator has it in abundance all around us. Blessings to you and your daughters. They are very lucky to have you. And I am lucky to make this connection with you. Love, Rosie 😉 <3

  3. Standswithbear

    I can attest to this very truth my friend…..then I was known as Sir Percivale,…. I care not if others believe me or not but I am delighted that the truth is finally revealed…Arthur was an incredible King and even better friend and many of my Brother Knights of the round still reside in Glastonbury which was once known as Avallonia as well as my dear friend Merwyn…..they have reincarnated many times to the same home we have always known…..oh the stories I could tell…….Thank you for this it brings great solitude to this ones soul knowing our legends continue……. ^Respectfully Bows

  4. Amore

    Hi Rosette,
    Could you do a decoding on tarot cards? very fascinating knowledge. There’s a movie “King Arthur” (2004) directed by Antoine Fuqua, I don’t remember the plot exactly, but it was supposed to be based on truth, maybe you’ve seen it.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      It’s hard to do a decoding on just Tarot Cards. Instead I like to use them when they relate to something I find.
      I haven’t seen the 2004 version but I would be highly surprised if it was based on truth. They are still putting out propaganda today on Arthur. Here is one propaganda piece a friend sent me yesterday:
      Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur was supposed to come out in 2016 but is now supposed to come out this summer. I’m sure there will be a ton of disinfo in that one so I will definitely do a decoding on it. Here’s a link to the upcoming movie:

  5. Luke Aspen

    Amore’s posting here caught my attention:
    I happen to recognize the name Antoine Fuqua! He’s a Hollywood A-lister most noted for directing Denzel Washington in Training Day. Which netted Denzel his 2nd Oscar. And they both are Freemasons.
    Fuqua’s King Arthur film claims to reveal the truth behind the legend but according to what I’ve read it’s more of a bold action adventure. Another one of those sword & sorcery sagas. With very little insight about King Arthur.
    But no wonder, the film was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. He’s one of the biggest A-list producers on the planet. He produced The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Armegeddon, Beverly Hills Cop, Top Gun, Flashdance, The Rock etc. And producing for tv The Amazing Race, which has won 9 Emmys. He’s interested in putting out popcorn entertainment only. And with that kind of industry clout he too is a Mason.
    As for Fuqua & Washington, both are very close buddies. Two Masonic bros that are into more Hollywood debauchery. Fuqua got his start directing music videos for Toni Braxton, Coolio, Stevie Wonder & Prince.
    Braxton, an MK singer, has had numerous breakdowns here in Atlanta & in Cleveland, Ohio. Leaving her unable to perform. Her reps saying she suffers from Lupus which is total BS! She also competed on Dancing with the Stars & had a hard time. Much like as I mentioned that Marie Osmond had a breakdown on the same show.
    And Coolio & Stevie Wonder are more Masonic brothers. Coolio with his “Gansta’s Paradise” drunken sex parties! Also noted for so such celebrated sodomy. And when Prince was still alive, he too was so much a part of their debauched group.
    Antoune Fuqua moved up the Hollywood ladder with his appearance at “The Castle” (location unknown) where one anonymous person reported the following:
    “I’ve attended a few of these odd Hollywood freak fests & while most people’s jaws would drop if they saw this in person, it’s SO COMMON in this industry. I’ve seen some of your favorite actors get their back blown out while being forced fed pills to keep them helpless & drifted while these heavy hitters have their way with them.
    At one party, the top director Antoine Fuqua, and a lot of young actors were there & security held a tight shift. They guarded the entrance with their lives (up until Fuqua had them lock the doors & the only thing you could hear was the bass booming from inside).
    Drinks & pills everywhere & with transexuals dressed up as nurses, standing in corners & by the bar selling ecstacy pills & other assorted drugs. The very top floor, which was immense & covered in red brick was being used as an orgy room. Couches & bean bags were scatterd around with a disco ball, flashing lights & DJ spinning the tune “Blame It on the Alcohol”.
    I saw a famous actor (will not say his name) so drunk & high along with other actors. He was doing some sort of human centipede stunt, face down, ass up with an ashtray of coke in front of him with a nose redder than Rudolph’s. Sex on the floor, sex against the wall, used condoms on the floor with body fluids leaking out, poppers & confetti.
    Antoine Fuqua leaned a white boy over a bean bag & dogged him like no tomorrow in front of a few hundred people. Fuqua holding a bottle of Cristal & laughing hysterically while the crowd cheered him on. “You like this stiff c–k in you?!”
    The white boy was so sedated to the point to where I felt he wasn’t there. Well he was there but he wasn’t ‘there’. Hollywood is a monster if you fall into the wrong hands”.
    There’s also Denzel Washington & other A-listers that got their start in the Black Boule.
    More amazing stuff! Did you know about it Rosette?

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      I did not Luke! But it does seem on par doesn’t it? I am not familiar with this Fuqua character. I will have to look him up. His last name “Fuqua” to me, I think, “Fuck You”~ Fuq U, with the “a” silent. They are showing many of these orgies in film now, High Rise with Tom Hiddleston (hidden stone- hidden mason) and in the series I just did called The Magicians. They show an orgy on Veneralia (Venus celebration) and the dad says its mild compared to their orgy on Saturnalia. This was in the news lately,
      Kate’s mate runs the Killing Kittens swingers group. Notice the KK for 22, the animal sacrifice implied and also the Beta Sex Slave killings implied. It’s for couples and single females. The don masks (Eyes Wide Shut) and participate in orgies. How much do you want to bet that William and Kate at least one of these?
      Side note, back to Hiddleston, he played Loki (the devil) and was the former boyfriend of Taylor Swift, who is either a clone, or shares DNA with Zena Lavey, since they look identical. And of course Zena Lavey is the daughter of the infamous Anton, founder of the Church of Satan. Hiddle is super close to Riddle as well. What are the chances that he ends up playing The Riddler? 😉 I would bet on it!
      Another side note, Luke, did you see Shia LeBeouf and his art project, “He will not divide us?” It seems his handler’s are making him do a ton of stuff (bag over head) to get back in the fold. Here is a link: I like this version best because the reactions on the animated dolphins face are priceless Shows truly what a dog and pony show this is!!!

  6. Luke Aspen

    Thanks for the embedded info. Very interesting!
    You are spot on about Tom Hiddleston! I did see High Rise, Of course it had to include the sodomy! An anagram for TOM HIDDLESTON = LOT MOST HIDDEN. So I love your “hidden stone” Perfect!
    And your Fuq U in Fuqua, I did not see it, went right over my head. Again Perfect! Amazing how his behavior is encoded in his name! I never thought of him as an A-lister before but he’s the top black director in Hollywood. He does the sexual bidding so in return he gets his reward. He said when he was a kid his favorite film to watch was the 1960 The Magnificent Seven. Starring Yul Brynner & Steve McQueen. That was actually an American remake of Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai. A true foreign film classic! For Fuqua to step in & to remake the American version is considered quite a coup! The film studio said that particular film was off limits as far as being remade. But Fugua does all the sexual stunts like the one at “The Castle” & gets his way!
    His next film is to be yet another movie he always wanted to remake that just passed studio approval. Brian DePalma’s film Scarface with Al Pacino. Oliver Stone wrote the screenplay for that film & is very chummy with Fuqua. Stone swore it would never be remade but again Fuqua got his way. What does that tell you??
    That leads me to mention how many of the Hollywood Black A-listers got their rise to fame through the Black Boule. That’s the black secret society which has been called the black “Skull & Bones”. Help me out here Rosette, the word boule in French is bowl or also ball. Which makes me think of Baal. I read an article that in regards to the Black Boule, the word boule connotes “advisor to the king”. And that the king is the Rockefeller Foundation.
    Like other secret societies, the Boule mandates “homosexual trysts”. That is a softer way of saying sodomy rituals. Their initiation practices that must be done in order to join their ranks. These perversions are then actually catalogued & then stored on record. So here the word boule makes me think of bully. Those members being bullied into sodomy.
    Some of the celebrities in the Boule include:
    Oprah Winfrey
    Bill Cosby
    Quincy Jones
    Denzel Washington
    Sidney Poitier
    James Earl Jones
    Whitney Houston
    Samuel L. Jackson
    Angela Bassett
    Forest Whitaker
    Jamie Foxx
    Will Smith
    Tyler Perry
    Morgan Freeman
    Danny Glover
    Halle Berry
    And Halle Berry is most interesting of all. She’s been referred to as the “Black Marilyn Monroe”. Absolutely! She’s another MK Utra much like Monroe. Did you know? She was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Here we go again! O-HI-O
    In the 80’s she got started by modeling & entering beauty contests. In ’89 she landed a tv role in the ABC sitcom Living Dolls (note the title!). She had been under the care of Dr. Ewen Cameron & during the taping of the show she lapsed into a coma & was diagnosed with diabetes.
    Cameron was getting funding from the CIA. & was affiliated with other doctors thru Stanford University. Cameron had been doing experiments on people to erase or “de pattern” their personality traits. He gave his subjects megadoses of LSD & subjected them to drug induced “sleep therapy” for up to 65 days & applied electroshock therapy at 75 times the usual intensity. To shape new behavior, Cameron forced them to listen to repeated recorded messages for 16 hour intervals. This technique became known as his famous “psychic driving”. So it’s believed that Halle Berry was given Cameron’s “psychic driving” to turn her into a “living doll”. She was put in a psychiatric insulin coma & electroshocked. A taped message was played into her head during the duration of the coma. She was given so much insulin for such a long time that she developed diabetes. No one knows if psychic driving works. The survivors of Cameron’s experiments claim they were reduced to an infant state & had to learn basic functions all over again.
    So that was Halle Berry’s initial beginning into her MK programming. She has been assisted by other doctors & MK handlers.
    Much like Catherine Zeta Jones, Halle is made to sexually service the elite every Christmas. with their sex parties. In 2002 she made Oscar history by being the 1st black woman to win the Academy Award for best actress.
    Side note: It was actually Hattie McDaniel to become the very 1st black woman to win the Oscar for playing the maid Mammy in Gone with the Wind. BUT that was for the supporting actress & not the best actress category. Also interesting to note that McDaniel was a closet lesbian & she had a long ongoing affair with actress Tallulah Bankhead.
    That same year that Halle won the Oscar was also noted for Denzel Washington winning best actor. And the special honorary lifetime achievement Oscar was given to Sidney Poitier. In other words, 3 major Oscars were awarded to 2 fellow Masons and 1 female Monarch.
    And the very next year at the 2003 Oscars the best actor award went to Adrian Brody for his role in Roman Polanski’s film The Pianist. Brody is another Mason. Halle Berry was the presenter & announced Brody as the winner. He ran up the stage steps & grabbed Halle by the waist & holding her tightly he gave her his tongue-down-the-throat kiss! Remember that??
    What most don’t know about that stage moment is that is EXACTLY what Brody did to Berry at the previous elite Christmas party! She was passed around & had by all! Brody even remarked that he had some of her “hot chocolate”.
    Ever since Halle won her Oscar she has complained about the film roles available for her to play. In Monster’s Ball (Baal) she has the torrid sex scene with Billy Bob Thornton. He;s another handler! All that being played out right in front of us on the big screen!
    Halle’s followup film to that was Catwoman. Even Oprah told her not to do that film role but it was most likely decided for her. Wearing her cat outfit & wielding a whip she looked more like sex kitten with a whip. Guess that was the whole point!
    She also did the ’98 film Bulworth with Warren Beatty & is connected to him with having spent time in Laurel Canyon.

  7. Luke Aspen

    I loved your decoding of Men in Rubber Masks! Very creepy stuff! I had no idea that kind of thing exists!
    Very interesting that you included in that decoding Halle Berry as Catwoman – Perfect timing!
    Meant to ask you prior, did you know she’s an MK Monarch?? And all the stuff she’s been put through??
    Your friend Isaac Weishaupt did an interview with Michael Oemming about Dr, Ewen Cameron & The Sleep Room. Very revealing stuff like I mentioned here.
    And ALL those ladies that ever played the Catwoman role has been Monarched. That includes Julie Newmar, Lee Merriweather, Eartha Kitt. All 3 played that role on the 60’s tv Batman series. Also Michelle Pfeiffer for Tim Burton.
    Julie Newmar, before the Batman series, played Rhoda the Robot on the 60’s show My Living Doll. She was “programmed” by her Doctor working for a psychiatric testing center for Space Research. Played by actor Bob Cummings, who was a Mason. He was very close friends with fellow Mason Fred MacMurray, star of the 60’s tv show My Three Sons. Cummings was also close to Walt Disney, John Steinbeck, Danny Thomas & Ed Wynn. And curiously enough, they were ALL connected to Lucille Ball. Also Danny Thomas & his famous daughter Marlo Thomas star of the 60’s show That Girl, kept some dark family secrets. Did you know??

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Aloha Luke!
      No, I didn’t know the MK background of Berry that you described. Although I did put her in there because she played Catwoman, I also put her in there because I knew you would love the connection! I watched a disturbing commercial yesterday that I might end up decoding. It has a female in it that looks very similar to one of the cat women. I won’t give any more away so you can be surprised. I’m sure you will have a ton of background for me on that one too! I do so appreciate all your material Luke! I share much of it on Facebook and my friends there love your work. I let them know every time that it is from you. They wish you would write a book!
      I’m also reading at the moment Genesis 6 Conspiracy by Gary Wayne. Well that elusive Anno Lucis origination finally came up in his book on page 495 in the chapter titled Inside Freemasonry (well of course!) So his explanation is similar although he doesn’t mention the star that went supernova.
      He writes, “Freemasons garner another phrase dear to their beliefs known as Annu Lucis, which is their sacred calendar. Annu Lucis is translated as “Year of Light,” which some believe began in the year 4000 B.C.E. Richard Noone writes that Anno Lucis is the legendary date memorializing the founding of the ancient Craft Masonry in and around 4000 B.C.E. a date that coincides chronologically with the life of Cain, the father of the corrupted Seven Sacred Sciences. More importantly, Anno Lucis is the Freemasonry calendar dating back to Freemasonry’s year zero, the year God expelled Lucifer from heaven, according to Epperson, and the year when Satan deceived Adam and Eve.

    2. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      A little more to add…from Gary Wayne, “No one has satisfactorily (notice “no one” and Richard Noone? ha) explained why Freemasonry memorialized the year 4000 B.C.E., except for the expulsion of Satan from Heaven, but the most palpable connection, according to Noone, is to the Great Pyramid Kufu, which is covered with polished limestone, reflecting glorious light when the sun struck its sides, thus memorializing Satan’s banishment.” So he mentions the “glorious light” Luke, but not the star as you mentioned. I would think the dazzling light in the sky would play an important part in all of this. But interesting that he believes it is the time of Lucifer’s fall from heaven!

  8. Luke Aspen

    Hey Rosette!
    Thank you for including the Halle Berry photo! Yes, I love it! I look forward to your next decoding (as always) of the commercial!
    As for me writing a book, well, as I said before, I never really gave it much thought. But YOU are the one to do just that! Your decodings slay me every time! You now have a great body of work to be published!! And I just can’t believe people on FB respond so well to my stuff?? I appreciate you posting it for me. I might have to come back to FB but as time would permit, we’ll see.
    Again I have to tell you after reading your stuff I now look at things much differently. I’ve even become addicted to anagrams! I do them every single day! In fact while reading the Wall St. Journal today, in the opinion column, simply called Declarations, I found the perfect anagram: DECLARATIONS = A RAT INCLOSED ! That would be the big, female Bilderberg rat named Peggy Noonan! Ha!
    I did check out Gary Wayne online & will add his book to my reading list. And thanks for sharing some of his info. I would say the supernova star is quite important! After doing so much digging I thought that was an important key. I do hope it helps answer your question, I know it’s most important to you!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      I’m looking forward to your background info on the mother of the girl that is in the commercial. I have a sneaking suspicion that you will have info on her. Maybe one day we could collaborate on a book. I think each decoding is so much more interesting with all the info you provide on the background of these people. It shows the whole picture. From their work, with the symbolism hidden within, to their personal lives with their hidden activities exposed.
      Yes you are very popular on FB my friend! You are making quite a name for yourself! 🙂 People just say, they love your work, wish you could come on and comment, wish you would write a book etc.
      Ha! Sorry if I got you into an addiction! But at least its a fun one! I do them to words constantly too. I’m listening to Mein Kampf on audio book while I my commute and was thinking about Hitler’s name. I was thinking there has to be more to it. Well, it’s not a perfect anagram but I thought, what is the thing Hitler is most famous for? The Third Reich. Well…. HITLER~ L’ RIETH~ RIECH. I see “Reich” in “Hitler”. The perfect ones are better like yours- A rat enclosed! Ha! But some are close phonetically. Reith- Reich. Very close phonetically. 🙂

  9. Luke Aspen

    Ok, I have to spill some more beans here that you’ll appreciate:
    Amos Muzyad Yakhoob Kairouz was born in Michigan but raised in Toledo, Ohio. When he moved to Chicago he changed his name to Danny Thomas. In Hollywood he starred opposite Doris Day in I’ll See You in My Dreams. From there he made his first 50’s-60’s tv show Make Room for Daddy. The show was produced by Desilu studios owned by Desi Arnaz & Lucille Ball. The show I Love Lucy was also a hugh hit at this same time.
    Thomas later hooked up with producer Aaron Spelling & they both became Masons. And Spelling became The Top TV Producer with hits like The Love Boat, Charlie’s Angels, Fantasy Island, Beverly Hills 90210, Dynasty etc. Danny’s son, Tony Thomas, became the producer of tv’s The Golden Girls.
    Danny Thomas as a “starving actor”, made a vow, if he ever found success he would open a shrine dedicated to St. Jude Thaddeus, the patron saint of hopeless causes. Thus in 1962 he created St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Since it’s inception, it has treated children from all 50 states & around the world. Their slogan has always been “no child is turned away”. The money to pay for all children comes from donations.
    Well, the Truth be told is one child was turned away & denied any medical help at all. And that child turned out to be Kyler Thomas, the grandson of Danny Thomas & son of Christopher Thomas, the illegitimate son of Danny. (The entire Thomas family eschewed knowing the bastard son Christopher).
    The baby Kyler was dying & on life support & the Professor of Pediatrics at UCLA contacted the daughter Marlo Thomas. He expressed the urgent need for information which could have saved the infant’s life. Marlo, knowing it was Christopher’s son, refused to help & so the child suffered with complete paralysis & blindness. Christopher wrote a book about this ordeal.
    Danny Thomas always kept a framed photo of his son Christopher & it was only when he was on his deathbed did he feel any remorse for having forsaken him. To this day Marlo refuses to say anything & that stories about Christopher & Kyler are entirely made-up.
    You might remember her 60’s tv show That Girl? Today she has a new clothing line called That Woman. She did make a comeback to tv earlier on the show Friends. She played Jennifer Aniston’s mother. Aniston btw, currently lives in Laurel Canyon & close by is her neighbor Will Ferrell. They both adore Marlo Thomas & insist she can do no wrong!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Ugh. Maybe that was Danny’s sacrifice. There is always a “shitty” in each celebrity’s background isn’t there? The duality. He does a good thing with the hospital but a very bad thing with his grandson. And Marlo playing a part. Yes, Jen and Will look up to her for her cold heart.

  10. Luke Aspen

    When you said “maybe that was Danny’s sacrifice” made me think! So I went back & checked what Christopher Thomas wrote. He actually did write 2 books about his ordeal. The 1st book was about being the illegitimate son & the 2nd one was all about his baby Kyler. That book’s title is The Sacrificed Child! So who knows?
    Found yet another perfect anagram: DANNY THOMAS = OH, DAMN NASTY ! That should say it all!
    I love your Hitler- Reich, how you do the ones that are so subtle, always amazes me!
    And you already put out your new decoding! What a surprise!! YES! I know all about Andie MacDowell! I do have much to share, so give me a few days & I will post it on that side.
    Also I would love to collaborate a book with you Rosette!. You just tell me what you need & I’m here to help if I can. You ALWAYS inspire me, you do! And I will get my fanny back on FB soon. I’m letting good things & good people pass me by…..sorry!

  11. Luke Aspen

    A few more things:
    I forgot to add to the previous list of the ALL Catwomen Monarchs, the most recent of all, Anne Hathaway! You know Christopher Nolan chose her specifically for that role. Right after the movie premiere of his Batman movie Nolan rushed off to some Masonic ceremony. And I read that Anne is one Monarch that is hard to handle. She is very unstable much like Loretta Lynn is and as I have mentioned that before. I found last year a video of Hathaway on YouTube where she appears on the Conan O’Brien show & her programming comes undone. It’s reported that the least little thing can set her off. like on his show maybe the ceiling lights or something to that effect.
    Anyway she at one point tells Conan, who is another Mason, that she can do a rapper song in the same vein as Lil’ Wayne. So she starts rapping a song in a loud ghetto style rap voice. Very bizarre!
    Google: Anne Hathaway rapping on Conan.
    And I’m working feverishly on your Kenzo World! OMG! More new stuff I’m finding to go with what I already know about Ande MacDowell. Connections abound! Question: is the Mac in her last name to be construed the same as the Mc in a last name?
    I will try to finish it soon but will have to post it in installments. My schedule right now is Thurs-Sunday for long postings & FB connecting. Just so you know

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Interesting on Hathaway! I will watch right after typing this! Looking forward to the MacDowell stuff and yes I would say most definitely that MAC is just like Mc. They use many different spell-ings to hide that they are all connected. Like a big one is Major, Meyer, Meijer, Myer etc. If you look up the Meyer clan you will see that they hold powerful positions all over the world. Hank Meijer owns the grocery chains in Michigan and was close friends with Gerald Ford. He was on the Forbes list of most wealthy people along with his brother. We have John Major, Former President of Australia, Melissa Mayer, Chief Executive of Yahoo and Jake Meyer, youngest man to climb Mount Everest.
      On the MAC note, there is even a line of cosmetics called MAC. So you know the 13 clans are behind it.

  12. Luke Aspen

    I found this article in USA Today & of course I thought only you would appreciate:
    The film Wayne’s World (another World movie!) turns 25 yrs. old today!
    Starring Mike MYERS! There are 25 unknown facts about the film, I will only cite the 2 best ones:
    #16. The town of Aurora, Ill. has organized a 6 month celebration of Wayne’s World using the hashtag #partyonaurora.
    #25. SNL (Saturday Night Live) producer Lorne Michaels told Mike Myers he could hire Rob Lowe to play the film’s producer Ben Oliver “really cheap because he can’t get a job” – after the actor’s sex-tape scandal.
    The truth about Lorne Michaels is he’s a very sinister guy himself & his real name is Lorne Lipowitz. He doesn’t want anyone to know that since the name change. Hiding his Jewishness. He was also the head honcho over the show 30 Rock with Tina Fey. And Mike Myers based his character Dr. Evil in his film Austin Powers after Lorne Michaels’ mannerisms & his way of speaking.
    And Rosette, I DO MEAN EVIL, how evil? Well now, that’s my surprise!! And you will just have to wait till I finish Kenzo World to find out! Lorne Michaels is a HUGH PART of it! So I’m teasing you since you really surprised me with Ande Mac Dowell. I thought instead you were going to tell me it would be either Michelle Pfeiffer or Anne Hathaway!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Ha! Great sync on the Michael Myers find! Ewww on Lorne Michaels! I’m scared to read it. I’m looking forward to your Ande post! Yeah Michele and Anne are bound to come up. Anne has already made an appearance in Interstellar. She is pretty prolific isn’t she? Amazing she is hard to control. She seems she would be the opposite- the ones in the spot light would be easiest to work with. Or maybe they just do the most despicable nasty things so are rewarded.
      Hey I have something for you as well! You really enlightened me on the Black Boule and guess what subject one of the my favorite Youtube channels The Black Child came out with? One on the Black Boule! So I will link you here.

  13. Luke Aspen

    Forgot, 2 more perfect anagrams: LORNE MICHAELS = O’ SCREAM IN HELL / O’ SCARE ME IN HELL
    And curious, did you see the Anne Hathaway vid? When she’s rapping pop….pop….pop….paparazzi,
    stalkarazzi! I read that she was forced to learn to compose her own rap songs & when she refused a tazer was used on her! She actually doesn’t like rap. I found where she said that doing that kind of thing really embarrasses her. And remember she did get the Oscar for Les Miserables. I would say very miserable indeed!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      I just watched her thank you for the reminder! Wow! Deep voice and very aggressive and very embarrassed at the end? Did they have the taser off to the side? Ha.

  14. Joanna

    Hello Rosette!
    What an excellent decoding that was! I have a question about the part where you talk about the tarot card “The Emperor”. The decodings work mostly in English language, if you try to decode in any other language (Polish for example) I cannot make any connections. Does this mean that tarot was originally “written” in English?
    Also, the definition of the Sun being the Son, Christ, does work only in English, right? It does not decode the same in Polish or Italian (Sun – Sole, Son – Figlio, KI (Earth) in “king” in English, but “re” in Italian and “krol” in Polish)…i am only giving examples on the languages that I personally know.

    Also, how does MM make 33? is it in gematria?

    Thank you so much!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Aloha Joanna!
      Yes, decodings work primarily in English because that is the language for their New World Order. Remember their Great Work has been going on for hundred of years, so they knew back then it would be English. There are “clues” in other languages as well, but definitely English is the key. Your mentioning the Sun- it is Sol en Espanol and Sol is phonetically SOUL so it connected as well. They also use Latin so when you look up etymology for words Latin roots are the main source.
      For letters they not only use the numerical place in the alphabet, for instance M would be 13 in that respect, they also use sound, like in my Hunger Games with the TREATY of the TREASON- so you have TREE and TREE or THREE and THREE. But they also you sight- how the letter looks. So for M you would turn in one click to the right and you will see it looks like a three. So two M’s would be 33.
      Mahalo, Rosette

  15. Arthur McGonnell

    Love your research..totally fascinating..have you checked out the work of Ralph Ellis?he has done some extensive research into the Arthur- Jesus connection& also the practice of self emasculation,secret priest cults in the Middle East , the fisher/Grail King stories&Jesus,s actual Ancestry..I think you will find it interesting…keep up the good work…By Jove You tell a Good Story.! ..Greetings from one of the Arthur’s in West West Cornwall! Have a fine day my Ansum..Namaste x

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      Aloha arthur! arthur is so close to “author” too and could relate to the “author” of this world. There is Thor in their too. Au is gold and Thor is the son of Odin. So Thor would be an equivalent to Jesus in Norse Mythology as well. I mention Loki in one of my decodings, I think Game of Thrones, but Loki is “loco” or crazy and is also Low Key meaning “base” or “of matter”. He of course is the equivalent of Lucifer. Really nice to connect with you. Mahalo, rosette

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