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The Revenant Decoded



When I saw this movie in the theater I wasn’t anticipating on doing a “decoding” on it. But as I was watching it I could see the hidden symbolism; that this was another “Christ” story line playing out. It’s funny because before I decided to do this one I happened on a Youtube vid “decoding” it and the decoder was completely off! So I feel compelled to do one to counter it. So let’s see if I can persuade you beyond a reasonable doubt that my findings are the correct interpretation.

Now I mentioned that this was a “Christ” story… the other person was trying to say it was an “Anti-Christ” story. Here’s a link to theirs: It’s called “Weird Illuminati Anti-Christ Ritual- The Revenant 2016” –

So before we delve into the actual story line let’s look at the release date, December 25, 2015. So it was released on CHRISTmas day. Remember the release date hides symbolism, such as the latest Star Wars being released on December 18, 2015. Eighteen being the sum of 6 plus 6 plus 6 or 666. And how Lucy was released on July 25, 2014 which in numerology is 777, code for the Process Church’s three gods, Lucifer, Satan and Jehovah. So for The Revenant to be released on Christmas Day, they are giving good energy towards it. They are associating this movie with Christ.

Now let me prove it to you.


The word revenant is derived from the Latin word reveniens, “returning” (see also the related French verb revenir, meaning “to come back”). A person or thing reborn. A supernatural being that returns from the dead. “Supernatural” being the key word here. It reminds me of the latest Batman V Superman movie where Superman, or Jesus dies. But then in subsequent stories he comes back to life. So Superman would be a Revenant as well.



Let’s look at the intro picture again. What do you see? You see “red” on his right shoulder. Remember RED is the color of the right. King Arthur was buried in the right hand corner of the church because he was God’s “right hand man”. Remember Arthur was born on Christmas day, as well as Jesus. Arthur had twelve knights of the Round Table, Jesus had 12 Disciples. Arthur is represented by the Red Dragon. The Red Rose is also symbolic of Christ.


Now in the real life story there was a fur trapper named Hugh Glass. He did get attacked by a bear and was left for dead by his men. He did make it back to the Fort where Fitzgerald and Bridger were at.

However, the rest of the story didn’t happen. No Pawnee wife killed, no son named Hawk killed, no Arikara Indians hunting down white men looking for the Chief’s daughter. So these are all embellishments to the story. Therefore “based” on a true story. We will see how the embellishments are used to convey a message.



So I can’t explain the “why” of how the NAME of the real life character, Hugh Glass, fits so well into the theme of this story but it does.

So let’s break down Hugh Glass’ name. Hue in modern day English means a color or shade. From the Online Etymology Dictionary we get Hugh-from a Frankish name meaning “heart, mind”, cognate with Old High German “Hugi”, related to “hugu” “mind, soul, thought.” In another it comes up as “intelligent, spirit”.

Then we have the Etymology of “glass“. The word “glass” can be traced back, past the Old English word glæs to the Proto-Indo-European word gel. That word – which meant “to shine” – is also the root for the Irish word glas meaning “green” and the Welsh word glas meaning “blue”.

So Hugh Glass means “shining spirit” or in other words “Bright One”.

Now there is a RAINBOW connection as well. A rainbow bends at a 42 degree angle and is the symbol for Sagittarius, the Archer. A Rainbow is made when water is refracted off of glass. So a glass prism or Glass Hue… we have…Hugh Glass.

glass prism

Now finding out that “glas” means green in Irish and blue in Welsh blew me away! If you have been paying attention to my decodings lately you will see I talk a lot about Christ being attacked in the heart (green chakra) and throat (blue chakra). And here we have a character with the first name associated with Christ and the colors green and blue. Look at the chakra system represented on the human body.

Green-heart and Blue-throat. (Notice too that the chakra system is an upside down rainbow.)


Now before we move on I wanted to show you another character with a similar connection. So we have Hugh Glass and we have Hugh Mann (Human) in Interstellar. So Matt Damon plays the Christ character in Interstellar, but they make him out as a villain because that movie is promoting the Left and the Scientific agenda. (Read my article Interstellar Decoded for more info on that.)


And we can see Hugh Mann is connected Matt Damon’s character in The Martian. Look at how similar the scene looks. In The Martian, Mark Watney says, “Surprise! You thought I was dead!” Like Christ rising from the dead.


Watney mentions that he hopes “Jesus won’t mind” that he uses part of the crucifix for his survival- which is to associate him with Christ.



To refresh your memory, here are a couple of examples of Christ getting his throat chakra affected… in Elysium, with the character named Max, where the two elite soldiers strap a gag to his mouth…


And here in Mad Max where Immortan Joe has a metal trident strapped to Max’s face…

max mad

We will see how his throat chakra gets affected in The Revenant as well, but I’m jumping ahead….


Now remember in the latest Superman called Batman V Superman (spoiler alert) we saw how Superman’s fatal wound was in his heart. They showed him on the ground in The Hangman position, like the Tarot card, with a big hole in his heart. We will see how this plays out in The Revenant as well… so green and blue…. heart and throat chakra attacks…. ( I can’t find a pic of the scene yet but once it comes up on the internet I’ll post it here.)


So the story starts out with a scene showing Glass and his family sleeping peacefully.


We immediately learn that tragedy has struck. The camp was burned down and the boy survived but was badly burned. Glass tells his son, “It’s okay, son… I will be right here… But, you don’t give up.. You hear me?”


“As long as you can still grab a breath, you fight.” He will be following his own advice soon enough.


We then switch to current time where Glass is the scout for a hunting party led by Captain Andrew Henry in the US territories, now known as The Dakotas. While Glass and his son Hawk are hunting Elk, the trappers are ambushed by Arikara Indians who want their pelts.


Many trappers are slaughtered.


Glass returns and helps the men retreat to their boat. But soon after, as the experienced guide, Glass recommends journeying on foot to their outpost, Fort Kiowa. He claims that staying on the boat is suicide as the Arikara will surely head them off downriver.


Recognizing the value of Glass’ experience, Henry orders the crew to abandon ship. The decision to leave the perceived safety of the boat and abandon the few pelts they salvaged bothers some, particularly John Fitzgerald.The escaping hunting party is led by their Captain who knows that they are still being pursued by the Arikara.

Captain: “Glass knows this territory better then the rest of us put together. Its his job to get us HOME safely.”

Fitzgerald: ” Need I remind you we already lost 32 men.”

Captain: “33 men! They were my men Fitzgerald. I know how many I lost!”

So interesting that they mention 33 men. We know that 33 is code for the Mason’s that this movie has hidden symbolism in it for them to watch out for.


Now Fitzgerald has issues with Glass’ son. Glass has had ongoing troubles with white men that only see the color of his son’s face and have instant hatred, associating Hawk with all Indians. So Glass tells his son to “be invisible” to protect him.


The party beds down for the night and Glass wakes up early to hunt for food. A mama Grizzly bear with her two cubs, come upon Glass. She attacks him.


She mauls him pretty bad. She takes a moment to check on her cubs.


The vital few seconds gives Glass enough time to pick up his rifle and aim.


He shoots her, but before she dies, she manages to slash his throat with her powerful claws. Now although this attack isn’t by a human, it is still representative of Christ getting an attack on his THROAT. His throat chakra, like we saw in Elysium and Mad Max.


The party heard the shot and came running.

Captain says, “Christ All Mighty!” Then he runs down to look. 

So the Captain is looking at Glass when he says this. He is symbolically associating Glass with Christ.


Captain Henry gives Glass medical care as best he can. He resets Glass’ broken leg. He sews up the wounds to his back and to his throat. He basically saves Glass’ life at this point because he surely would have bled to death.


Hawk stays by his side and repeats the mantra his father said to him when he was suffering and wounded…. “I’m right here.”


Meanwhile the Arikara Chief meets up with the French fur traders who he had made a deal with earlier.


He tells the fur trader how he needs horses and guns to track down the men who took his daughter. He eventually gets what he wants.


Meanwhile, the party takes the wounded Glass with them, but because he is on a makeshift stretcher he slows their march.


Finally one of the party, Fitzgerald, suggests they kill him so they can move faster. The Captain initially tries to kill Glass himself by having Glass’ eyes covered but is unable to shoot him.


Instead, he offers payment for several men to stay behind with Glass. When a young hunter Jim Bridger and Glass’ son Hawk volunteer, Fitzgerald points out the likelihood that those boys and Glass will be killed — leading the boys to give up their payment and the Captain to up the reward, so much so that Fitzgerald himself volunteers. The Captain makes Fitzgerald promise that he stay with Glass until he dies and to give him a proper burial.


Hawk: “Can you hear that wind father? Remember what mother used to say about the wind? The wind cannot defeat a tree with strong roots. You are still breathing.”


“I miss her so much.”


He has a flashback to the night he lost her. And almost lost his son.


“As long as you can still grab a breath, you fight.”


“You breathe. Keep breathing.”


“When there is a storm and you look at the tree. If you look at the branches, you swear it will fall.”


You can see here that her wound is to the heart. Her heart. And his HEART. A sparrow symbolizing her spirit flies from her chest.


“But if you watch the trunk you will see its stability.”


Light shines down at the top of the pyramid of skulls. The all seeing eye looking down on the world. Odin in his throne in Asgard at the center of the world, at the North Star… Polaris… also known as Arthur.


Bridger carves a spiral in his canteen while Fitzgerald tells him the story of how he got scalped.


Now the spiral is associated with Christ as well.


It comes up in Snowpiercer. See the two spirals on the wall above the red haired boy?


And remember that Curtis was associated with Christ. Notice Christ on the cross next to Gilliam. And remember that Curtis is an anagram for Curist, which is one letter off from Christ. Just replace the “u” with and “h” and you have it.


Fitzgerald: “If you’re ready take the SACRAMENT. I could do that for you. Save your boy and blink. Maybe he’ll forgive you and maybe he won’t. Through Jesus Christ, Amen.” So Glass makes a point NOT to blink. He keeps his eyes wide open for as long as he can, then he shuts them tight. To show he is NOT blinking. Fitzgerald of course is not an honest man, so he takes it for blinking when he knows it is not. He then hastily does a sacrament. We can see Fitzgerald is NOT a religious man.


Hawk comes just in time to stop Fitzgerald but Fitzgerald panics knowing Hawk could get him hung for his attempt at killing Glass, so Fitzgerald stabs the boy to death…


While Glass watches, helpless.


When Bridger returns, Fitzgerald claims he doesn’t know where Hawk is and then makes up a story that he saw men down by the river and they need to abandon Glass for dead. Fitzgerald grabs Glass and drags him into the open grave that he had prepared earlier.


Bridger hastily takes off with Fitzgerald, not knowing what to do since he thinks Indians are upon them. He places the spiral flask on Glass. So we see the association here of the spiral and Glass. Glass being Christ.


And he symbolically rises from the dead. He is the Revenant. Just like Superman will rise from the grave as well.


He musters every bit of strength he has left to crawl to his dead son.


“I’m not leaving you, son.” But he knows its too late.


Fitzgerald on the other hand has no qualms about taking another life when Bridger questions what really happened with Hawk and Glass. Fitzgerald: “How I see it. I saved your life twice already. God giveth and God taketh away.” But God had other plans for Bridger because the gun misfired.


So Glass is determined to track down the man who killed his son. Notice the RAINBOW light cast on Glass. He is associated with the Rainbow, the Archer, Arthur, Christ. Nothing is by chance in these movies.


Glass crawls and struggles to recover and walks through the woods for days.


He builds fires and feeds on roots.


He is also being tracked by the Arikara who think he has something to do with the kidnapping of his daughter.


Notice more RAINBOW light cast on Glass while he rests looking over the river.


Now Glass makes it down to the water to fill his canteen and drink. But he chokes on the water because of the holes in his throat.


He uses fire and gunpowder to cauterize the wound.


Meanwhile, Captain Henry and his remaining men are almost to the Fort. They are in the thralls of winter now.


Glass writes on the rock,”Fitzgerald killed my son.”


The Arikara have caught up to him. Glass escapes a close encounter with them by floating down rapids.


Meanwhile Fitzgerald and Bridger light a fire for the night. Fitzgerald tells Bridger a story while they eat. Fitzgerald: ” Lewes and his buddies were on a hunt that went bad. Commanchees took their horses, they were delirious from starving in the wild. And that’s when he found God. God was a squirrel. A big meaty one. I shot and ate that son of  a bitch.”

Lewes could possibly represent Lucifer. Although Fitzgerald is doing a good job in the role. We can see that he does not believe in God.


The next morning as Fitzgerald looks out upon the water, he sees fire fall from the sky… along with a black rock…


The rock splashes down in the water in front of him.


He doesn’t know what to make of it.


Now again, remember, nothing is by chance. This was placed in here on purpose. Now we have the fire falling, associated with the black rock. Well the fire element is associated with Christ. And the black rock is the Onyx, like we discovered in the movie Lucy. And which comes up in an anagram, Roxy, in the movie The Kingsman.

The Onyx stone is Good and is associated with Gold. Gold and Red are the colors of the Right. Gold and Red are associated with Christ.


Notice the color of Glass’ jacket in the very next’s red and he is looking to his right.


Here Glass is looking at a mountain of skulls. Skulls are associated with Golgotha. Golgotha was the site of Christ’s Crucifixion. Light is shining by his head. He is illuminated.


Remember we had the skull symbolism in the Mad Max pic I showed earlier. Here Max is on a cross with skulls on each side, also representing Golgotha, also associating him with Christ. (You can see how the actors switch roles here as well, inversion. They have Tom Hardy as Christ in Mad Max and Tom Hardy as Set- Fitzgerald, here in The Revenant.)

max mad

The next picture is more memory flashback of Glass’. He sees the French soldier light his home on fire. You can see the cattle skull in the background. Representative of the horns of Lucifer.


Glass crawls up the bank of the river and sees an Indian feeding on a Bison. He shows with hand gestures that he is hungry and wants some of the Bison. The Indian has his bow drawn back before deciding to help Glass. The bow and the fire are symbolic of the ARCHER. The Archer is Christ. The Archer is Glass.


He tells the Indian how his men left him for dead after he was attacked by a bear. The Indian, who is Pawnee, like his wife, tells him that he lost his family too.


But that “revenge is in the Creator’s hands.”


The Captain and the surviving hunting party are the first to return to Fort Kiowa, where eventually Fitzgerald and Bridger return. Fitzgerald pleads an effective yarn to the Captain about how, despite heroic efforts, they could not save Glass or his son from the elements. Fitzgerald receives a cash reward for his fabricated yarn from the unsuspecting Captain.


Back to Glass, the two travel for a bit, and the Indian builds Glass a shelter one night during a blizzard. Glass is very ill and has vivid dreams.


He sees on the ruined walls of a church a mural of Christ on the cross.


He sees an image of the Devil eating souls…


At the break of dawn he notices a figure in the church yard…


It is his son…


Behind him is an image of Christ crucified on the cross. Glass doesn’t want to let him go… Hawk turns into a tree that Glass is hugging… he then wakes up.

So once again we have Glass being associated with Christ.


When he wakes up and comes out of the shelter that the Indian had made for him, he doesn’t see him anywhere. He puts his shirt on, one arm raised up in the air- as above.


But he finds him just a little while later… He finds him hanged, with a group of hunters camped nearby. The message written in French says, “We are all savages.” So who are the true savages here? The kind Indian that saved Glass? Or the Frenchmen that captured the Indian chief’s daughter to brutalize her?


Glass comes upon the Frenchmen as he is victimizing the Indian girl. Glass gives a knife to her so she can extract her revenge. She cuts off the Frenchman’s “jewels”.


Back at the Fort Captain Henry lets Fitzgerald know the safe is short $300 and he knows it was Fitzgerald who took it. “Happy New Year Fitzgerald” says Captain. So knowing this is New Year’s and they were out in the snow during Christmas,

I speculate that when the Fire fell from the sky and the Onyx stone along with it, was actually on Christmas day. How symbolic!


And the Indian girl escapes…


Now after camping for the night, Glass wakes up to Indians shooting arrows at him. He instinctively runs and leaps onto his waiting horse. He rides to the edge of the cliff and jumps.


The horse dies from the fall, but Glass luckily fell into the tree which broke his fall.


A storm is upon him and he takes shelter in the only available place. He cuts open the horse and pulls its insides out to make room for him. In the morning he emerges alive. He touches the horse in thanks.


The following night he finds a cave to sleep in and writes on the wall, “Fitzgerald killed my son.”


As the weeks go by, back at the outpost, a desperate lone hunter is found carrying Glass’ canteen. He said he found it thirteen miles north west near the Yellow Stone. Now thirteen is a number for Christ. Christ had six disciples on his left and six disciples on his right, Christ would be the 13th in the middle. Also, yellow stone is associated with King Arthur. King Arthur’s court called Caer Melon or commonly known as Camelot, actually means YELLOW FORT in Welsh. So Yellow Stone is associated with Arthur who is a resonance of Christ as well.


They search party thought they would find Hawk, but instead to their utter amazement, they find GLASS.


Captain: “Glass! Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ! What happened?”


They take Glass back to the Fort and get him medical care. Glass: “He’s afraid. I got him trapped. He just doesn’t know it yet. Like the elk who run deep into the woods.” Captain: “How do you know?” Glass: “He’s got everything to lose. All I had was that boy and he took him from me.”

Glass: “I ain’t afraid to die anymore. I’ve done it already.”


Meanwhile, Fitzgerald decides to flee from the outpost, after first emptying the outpost’s payroll safe to which he has had access. Glass requests that the Captain assign him and only him to bring back Fitzgerald dead or alive, and the Captain agrees but goes with Glass.

Glass: “Unless he reenlisted so he can justify killing again. Those tracks are his.”


Captain: “Is it true you killed an officer?”

Glass: “I just killed a man who was trying to call my son.”

And how true is that? What is an officer really? Just a man in a costume.


Fitzgerald knows a party will be coming for him. And so he laid in wait and ambushed Captain Henry.


Glass returns to find the Captain’s corpse after hearing gunshots. He knows Fitzgerald is close by.


Using some branches and Henry’s corpse, Glass manufactures a decoy. Sitting the corpse upon Glass’ horse, Glass lies prone across Henry’s horse and lets the animal wander further into the wilderness.


Fitzgerald shoots the fake Glass from a distance. Hurrying from his hiding place to finish the job, Fitzgerald discovers Henry’s scalped corpse.


Glass pursues Fitzgerald. He shoots him in the shoulder. They both roll down a hill by the river bank.

Fitzgerald: “The Lord he knows what happened out there.”


Glass: “There was no deal. You killed my boy.”


Losing their guns in the fall, they engage in a bloody fight using knives and axes. Fitzgerald slices Glass on the left cheek.


Now the LEFT CHEEK is very symbolic. Superman had his left cheek sliced by Batman (Baphomet Man) in Batman V Superman. (Once I can get a pic of the battle between Batman and Superman I’ll post it here, showing the slash on Superman’s left cheek.) The slash on the left cheek shows Glass and Superman are against the left, they are for the RIGHT.


Glass finally gets the upper hand on Fitzgerald.


Fitzgerald: “You came all this way just for your revenge huh? You enjoy it Glass. Because there ain’t nothing going to bring your boy back.”


Glass repeats the words of his wise Indian friend, “Revenge is in God’s hands.”


Spying the Arikara down the river, he pushes Fitzgerald downstream into their waiting hands. The chief, accompanied by Powaqa, pulls Fitzgerald from the river and scalps him.


Powaqa recognizes Glass as the one who saved her, and the Arikara spare his life.


After completing his revenge, an injured Glass retreats into the forest.


And experiences another flashback of his deceased wife.


So did I prove to you that this movie is about Christ and NOT the Anti-Christ? Christmas day, Bright one, Rainbow connections, Yellow Stone, Fire and Onyx falling from Heaven, the Spiral canteen, the church yard with the Christ mural, Golgotha, not to mention all the times “Christ” was mentioning upon speaking of Glass.

If anything, Fitzgerald played the Anti-Christ. He only cared about himself. He was an atheist. He was the epitome of “do as thou will”. He has no conscience what so ever and would as easily have killed the boy Bridger as he would dine with him only a few minutes later. Fitzgerald HAD NO HEART.

Glass on the other hand was ALL HEART.  Heart wins every time. 


P.S. YouTube Version Attached Below.


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10 responses on “The Revenant Decoded

  1. Hugh Mann

    A very insightful brilliant analysis once again Rose. I’m in agreement with almost everything you’re saying here.
    The rising again is happening now and heart is all there ever was.
    Birth~Betrayal~Death~ Rebirth~ Exhaulted.

    Thank you for sharing and decoding.

      1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

        Hey Jockney,
        It’s so nice to see comments from people venturing out from FB land. 🙂 Much appreciated as always! Check out some of the comments people have left on some of my other posts. Some really great insights> Blown away on some of them! Loving the connections they are making!

  2. Tracey Hunter

    The film Interstellar stars Mathew McConaghy I think.
    The movie with Matt Damon is the Martian…. I think so anyway. I know that the Martian is definitely Matt Damon, I haven’t seen Interstellar but if I can remember the ads for it it was McConaghy.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Hi Tracey,
      Yes Interstellar’s main character was Mathew McConaughey. Matt Damon played Hugh Mann in that movie. Matt Damon was also in The Martian. I did an article on Intersellar as well if you want to learn more about their roles in each movie (The Martian is in that article too.) Or you can go to my YouTube Channel and watch the vid I did on it as well. Thank you for checking out my work.

  3. Alyssa Rose

    Hello Rosette,
    Let me also say that Leo DiCaprio had an interview with a German tv station in 1995 in which he was asked about “being a 33rd Mason”. He reportedly ended the interview in a huff and refused to answer the question and then just walked off the set. He also played a character named “Mason Capwell” on the tv soap opera Santa Barbara much earlier in his career. Do you know anything about him?

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      And he also had a meeting with the Pope recently. He is pushing their climate change agenda. Getting the role of Hugh Glass and “winning” the Academy Award for Best Actor was his prize for being a good little soldier for the Great Work. He is definitely with them.
      Also notice how he is the favorite actor of director Martin Scorcese or Martin Sorcerer. Martin was the head of the LA branch of the Satanic Church and recently replaced by Jim Carrey. DeCaprio was groomed from a little boy to do their bidding.

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