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Game of Thrones Decoded

So I can tell that most of you will probably be blown away with what I am about to share regarding one of pop culture’s favorite series. It’s not how you think it is. It’s actually the OPPOSITE of what you think it is. The characters that you think are good are BAD and the characters you think are bad are GOOD. They not only invert the characters but they invert the actual country as well. Whose favorite trick is to invert? Why the Luciferians of course. So let’s look for proof of my theory.



Let’s start with the writer and director, George RR Martin. First, notice the hand sign; touching the chin, this is code for “I sacrifice for the Great Work.” It’s also in the form of a Lion’s paw.

Notice also his little jewel located at his “third” eye, is he trying to convey his “illumination”? And his mouth is closed. This shows he is a handler.


Could George MARTIN be related to Chris MARTIN of Cold Play? perhaps… the Martins do like masonic hand signs. Martin is doing the sign of the Adept that basically means you will lose your head if you give away their secrets. And his fingers form an M. M for Mason, M for 13, as in the 13 bloodline families. Also notice his mouth is open, which shows submission.


Now normally people only have one initial for their middle name but George has two. Like his buddy, J. RR Tolkien, another writer and director of medieval type stories. Now I found a connection to the RR initials while doing researchg for the movie The Kingsman. In The Kingsman a particular date was given as to when Kingsman Tailors was established.


When I did a search on the date I discovered…in the year 1849, nothing stood out until November. On November 16 of that year, per the wiki, “A Russian court sentences Fyodor Dostoyevsky to death for anti-government activities linked to a radical intellectual group, the Petrashevsky Circle. Facing a firing squad on December 23 the group members are reprieved at the last moment and exiled to the katorga prison camps in Siberia.” Now what is interesting is that Dostoyevsky wrote the novel Crime and Punishment. This gives us insight into what the Kingsman’s actual philosophy is. From the wiki, “Crime and Punishment focuses on the mental anguish and moral dilemmas of Rodion Raskolnikov, an impoverished ex-student in St. Petersburg who formulates and executes a plan to kill an unscrupulous pawnbroker for her cash. Raskolnikov, in attempts to defend his actions, argues that with the pawnbroker’s money he can perform good deeds to counterbalance the crime, while ridding the world of a worthless vermin. He also commits the murder to test a theory of his that dictates some people are naturally capable of such actions, and even have the right to perform them. Several times throughout the novel, Raskolnikov compares himself with Napoleon Bonaparte and shares his belief that murder is permissible in pursuit of a higher purpose.”


So the character in Crime and Punishment compares himself to Bonaparte because Bonaparte, (per the wiki) “during the Battle of the Pyramids, ordered the murder of 1,400 PRISONERS while in the coastal town of Jaffa. To save bullets he ordered them executed by bayonet or drowning, these included women and children. A few months later Bonaparte’s army was weakened by disease —mostly bubonic plague—and poor supplies, and was unable to reduce the fortress of Acre, so they returned to Egypt in May.[71] To speed up the retreat, Bonaparte ordered HIS  OWN plague-stricken men to be poisoned.”

So we see that Dostoyevsky, Bonaparte and The Kingsman, share this philosophy.


Now Rodion Raskolnikov is RR or 99. RR is used by J. RR Tolkien (author of Lord of the Rings) and George RR Martin (author  of Game of Thrones). Now is it a stretch to say that the RR is CODE for their philosophy? That “murder is permissible in pursuit of a higher purpose?” It reeks of moral relativism to me, which is the  philosophy of the Luciferians and Satanists.

Now don’t forget that this is similar to the Thelemic philosophy, “do what thou will shall be the whole of the law”. Remember that Crowley got his philosophy from the work of Rabelais. Rabelais wrote Garantua and Pantagruel, a story about two obscenely behaving giants; stories involving violence and scatological humor.  In one of the stories the Abbey of Theleme is mentioned.

download (1)

From the Wiki- “As a reward, Friar John is given funds to establish the “anti-church” Abbey of Thélème, which has become one of the most notable parables in Western philosophy. It can be considered a point-by-point critique of the educational practices of the age, or a call for free schooling, or a defense of all sorts of notions on human nature.”


Now this same motto was used by the Hellfire Clubs in nineteenth century England. They had “do as thou will shall be the whole of the law” overhanging one of their club entrances. Ben Franklin, one of our founding fathers, was a member. And the clubs are currently running today with notables David Icke and Russell Brand having attended.


Before we move on I wanted to mention I saw a skit on Jimmy Fallon’s show where he, Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell were playing a GAME where you had to guess if the event they described, actually happened to them. Well Colin Farrell’s “event” was that he was a suspect in an actual murder. The victim was beaten to death and his apartment lit on fire to hide the evidence. I do believe Colin did this crime and them discussing it on Jimmy Fallon’s show was to “praise” it. Here’s a link to the show. It’s called TRUE Confessions. So Colin Farrell would be a member of this RR “hellfire” type group.

Notice Colin doing the classic “shhhhhh” hand sign that we see so many famous people doing these days. Notice both Vaughn and Fallon doing the pyramid hands signs with their fingers folded as well as showing their submission with their mouths being open.

download (2)

Remember too that J RR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson had a little “club” as well with Johnny Depp and Damien Echols, convicted of murdering three children in West Memphis, and got matching tattoos.

peter jackson

Here’s a close up of the tattoo.

So you can see how George RR Martin’s philosophy is Luciferian. Now wouldn’t this influence his writings? His show? Sure it would. Let’s find further evidence…



Now the actual title is A Song of Ice and Fire. Ice or Water, is the element of Moon and Fire is the element of the Sun. Moon is symbolic of the Left Hand Path and the Sun is symbolic with God’s Son, or Christ, the Right Hand Path.  A “Game of Thrones” is just that. It is a “game” or battle between light and dark, sun and moon, Christ and Lucifer, for control of our Earthly realm.


After the first few seasons, with enough people familiar with the show, they started going by the initials GOT. Well GOT is symbolic in itself. GOT means God in German. So we have God, or “God Games”. That’s what the show boils down to.



Now the map of Game of Thrones is interesting for several reasons. First off, it should be apparent just at a glance that Westeros is the United Kingdom. Although the land shape doesn’t match exactly, someone else discovered that if you take the bottom half off and replace it with Ireland flipped, you have Westeros!


Now before we look at the GOT map more closely, first notice that the Giant Ice Wall in Game of Thrones runs very similar to where Hadrian’s Wall is. Remember that Hadrian’s Wall apparently was the northernmost reach of the Roman Empire. The wall supposedly was built to keep the invaders from the north at bay. (Sounds similar to keeping the Nightwalkers at bay). Common sense tells us that this reasoning is bogus because the men of the north were not a unified front. Building a wall to keep out handfuls of invaders at a time does not make sense in practicality. The time and effort to build the wall far exceeds the benefit it could provide. So maybe there WAS an alternate reason….


Now before we leave Hadrian’s Wall notice how similar the name is to a modern enigma- the Hadron Collider. Now some speculate that the Hadron Collider is being used to rip a hole in space/time, I know this is a stretch, but something to think about none-the-less. Could Hadrian’s Wall have been an attempt at keeping “something out” and the Hadron Collider is an attempt to do the exact opposite? In Game of Thrones, the Wall was built to keep the Nightwalkers out. And the Nightwalkers were the Undead, the Zombies. We get so much “zombie” stuff being pushed at us these days don’t we? Order out of Chaos. Are they trying to let something in to cause this?

Notice how the Director of CERN, Rolf-Dieter Heuer, looks eerily similar to Gandalf in J RR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.Here’s Sir Ian McKellan aka Gandalf….
And here’s the CERN Director… a clone perhaps? Something isn’t right in Denmark… or in this case Switzerland…

Generated by IJG JPEG Library

Now we also know that the Masons (who set up camp in Scotland) worshiped the East, West and South. This is symbolically shown in their lodges, but NEVER the North. To them the North represents EVIL. Now legend has it that the King of the Merovingian’s, otherwise known as Jesus will return from the North. And since the Masons worship Lucifer, yeah, they would have a problem with Jesus returning, and thus have a intense dislike for the North.

Now don’t forget too that in Norse mythology Midgard- our world, is bordered by Jotunheim, the land of the Giants. And we do have Giants in Game of Thrones just over the wall. So COULD there be land past the wall, and COULD that land be Jotunheim? What we call Antarctica? If the world is actually flat than we are surrounded by a wall of ice. COULD the Giants be on the other side trying to get through? Don’t forget that there has been Giant remains found all over Earth, from North America to South America, to even China.

game of thrones

So look here. This person did a good job showing how if you flip Ireland (on the right) is looks very similar to the South part of Westeros on the left. You can see the “fingers” where Little Finger is from.


Before we move on, one more interesting wordplay I noticed, the Northern Lights are called the Aurora Borealis, or Aurora Borus. Aurora Borus is very similar phonetically to Ourobourus. The Ourobourus in Norse mythology is the snake that bit its own tail and that encircles our world. It is said to be in the ocean, so just bordering the Antarctic Ice Wall that contains Midgard. Are these associated in some way? It seems the middle is connected to the outer rim by wordplay, lights in the sky with the snake encircling us…one representing heaven, the other the incarnation cycle…



Now to start off with the two main families, the Starks and the Lannister’s of Casterly Rock, we have an interesting connection between them. The Starks represent the YORKS and the Lannister’s represent the LANCASTERS. Look at their title, the LANister’s of CASTERly rock– we have Lancaster HIDDEN in their title! Now the Lancaster’s were represented by the RED ROSE and the York’s were represented by the WHITE ROSE. The Red Rose is symbolic of Christ, the red rose in the center of the Gold cross. Christ’s colors are red and gold. Just like the banner colors of the Lannisters.


The Yorks were represented by the white rose. The Starks banner colors are white and black. Their home is called Winter FELL as in “the Fallen Ones”. Their motto is “Winter is Coming” because Winter is the season when the Sun/Son is at it’s weakest. When the Moon/Mono/One is at it’s strongest. Their colors black and white are masonic colors, like the checker board floor. The YORK rite is also a branch of the Masonic lodge. The original lodges started in Scotland, the Scottish Rite, (in the north where the Starks reside). York is representative of NEW YORK, the power center for the elite in the NEW World also known as the United States or United Estates, because that is basically what they are. If you read my previous article on King Arthur you will see that I prove he is a resonance of Jesus. An interesting note here is that King Arthur’s arch enemy was from the House of Coel. Coel sounds the same as Coal as in BLACK rock. The Coel family was from the North in the area known as YORK. Arthur was from the BRAN family (which is interesting that they use a BRAN for a Stark brother, inversion here) and was from Wales. If we look at where Casterly Rock is located it is in the area of …Wales!


And remember that the War of the Roses, the recent version, was a series of wars to take control of the THRONE of England. Just as the earlier one with King Arthur against King Mark of Coel, actually played out in the UK as well. And is being represented AGAIN in Game of Thrones. Now if we speculate just a little bit further, I would surmise that the War of the Roses, was the ORIGINAL war, the War between Jesus and Lucifer, the War between Enki and Enlil, the War between Thor and Loki.


This is an update that I thought was important- on June 6, 2016, the Satanists (who are closely tied to the Luciferians) constructed a large Pentagram on the city of LANCASTER! So you see they know the War of the Roses is STILL going on. They put the pentagram OVER Lancaster to suppress the CHRIST energy symbolically.

From the article, the spokeman says, “The Pentagram is a star with five points. Using GPS technology we will place the five points of the star so that the Pentagram will encompass your entire city. When all of the points are in place, the Pentagram is completed. Drawing this symbol around your city represents a solemn promise from us, the Satanic Temple of Los Angeles. We will stand with the good people of the City of Lancaster and struggle for our constitutional right to individual liberty, freedom of expression and the separation of church and state in your community.”

I will put a link to the article.




So as I have shown, George RR Martin believes in the “do as thou will is the whole of the law” philosophy of Aleister Crowley. CROW-ley… we have a Crowley connection in Game of Thrones as well. Jon Snow is a Crow. The men of the Night’s Watch are called Crows. Jon becomes the head of the Night’s Watch and is called King Crow. We have the Ka Ka alliteration or 33 there as well, which is a favorite number of the Mason’s. CROW is also in Crown.

The crow goes, “ka ka!”


Now Jon is a Crow, but he is also a Snow. Snow is one form that water takes and water is the element of the Moon, the element of the Left. A while back I listened to an interview of Damien Echol’s talking about making Moon Water while he was in prison. How he was promoting it now, telling people they should make it and drink it. But what the general public doesn’t know is that the Moon is a “taking” energy. Captains used to tell their sailors not to sleep out on the deck at night because the moon light would make them ill.


“Snow” also means “bastard” in Game of Thrones. If we look to Norse mythology we see that Odin had two sons, Thor and Loki. Loki was an adoptive son or bastard, just like Jon Snow. Notice how Loki has the same coloring as Jon Snow as well.


Now in the Hunger Games we have President Snow. President Snow represents the ones in power now, the ones ruling over us. Do you notice what President Snow is symbolized by?…. well the WHITE Rose of course. Do we see a connection yet? Notice he is in Black and White here as well….


Jon has dark hair and dark eyes to represent the Left. Now WHO does Jon actually represent? Well, when Jon was killed last season, I knew before people were speculating on his return that he would rise again. I knew this because of who Jon represents. Jon Snow represents LUCIFER. He needed to go through a REBIRTH, the rising of the Phoenix, Lucifer Rising. The Fallen One must rise again from the Abyss, or at least that is what the Luciferians think. When I saw Melisandre coming to Castle Black I knew she would be the one to do it.

***SUNDAY CALENDAR STORY FOR APRIL 6, 2014. DO NOT USE PRIOR TO PUBLICATION**********GAME OF THRONES season 4: Kit Harington. Photo by Neil Davidson/HBO

It is no secret that Melisandre serves the “Lord of Light”. The question is who IS the Lord of Light? Well Lucifer of course. Melisandre is a witch. She is the Whore of Babylon. She serves the Left Hand Path. Remember that Aleister Crowley always had a Scarlet Woman by his side. The Scarlet Woman is synonymous with the Whore of Babylon. Melisandre always wears red so there is no confusion here. (So using red here is an obvious inversion.)


So if Jon Snow is Lucifer, what does that make the other Snow in Game of Thrones? Ramsay Bolton is also OF the North. He is a much more callous individual. But he also serves the Left Hand Path, so who  could HE be? I would speculate that he represents Satan. He is the violent arm of the two. He has no problem skinning people alive. In fact, he relishes in other people’s misery.

ramsay snow

Notice his banner. His colors are red and black, satanic colors. They rule through FEAR. Notice their motto, “Our Blades are Sharp”. How lovely. To cut a bouquet of flowers with? Hardly.


Notice too how similar the Bolton Banner is to the modern day pagan festival symbol called BURNING MAN, just inverted.


And here is one from the actual festival that is located in ….. BLACK Rock City or they could have named it COAL City, but maybe that is too obvious?


Which is eerily similar to the pagan ritual of the WICKER MAN….


Which in actuality is a ritual sacrifice to the God Moloch…


Which was notoriously exposed in Bohemian Grove. Now Moloch is basically taking us back to square one. Ritual sacrifice is made to Lucifer. See how they find clever ways to get us to unwittingly participate?


So before we move on from Snow connection, let’s go back to everyone’s favorite, Jon.  Now what was everyone’s favorite line when it came to Jon Snow? “You know NOTHING Jon Snow!”


And then we find in this season that this statement is literally true! Remember when Melisandre asks Jon what did he see when he died? What was on the other side? Jon answered, “NOTHING…. there was NOTHING.” And Jon would definitely be the one to KNOW right? So why did they have Melisandre ask him this? And why did they have him answer, nothing? It’s because that is exactly what they would like us to believe. That when we die there is NOTHING. That we should live for the day, do as thou will, for tomorrow you die! It is exactly the Luciferian philosophy. That is why they want us to believe humans, (a witch in this case) CAN bring people back from the dead. That we can basically live forever. Outside of God’s laws. This is what the GREAT WORK is all about.


To reinforce this theme they have Sir Gregor, known as The Mountain, return from the dead as well. Except for The Mountain doesn’t appear to have all his senses as Jon does, and is more “monster” like. He reminds me of Frankenstein.

the mountain

Now if Jon is Lucifer than we must have the polar opposite. Who would that be? Why Jaime Lannister of course. Remember the Lannister’s of Casterly Rock. He is a Lancaster, represented by the Red Rose and the Red Rose is symbolic of Christ. Remember Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games was symbolic of the Red Rose as well. Here she holds it while riding through the stadium.


So Jaime Lannister represents Christ. Now they make him out to be bad because the show is made by Luciferians, so there is an inversion here. You will notice how Jaime is Je’taime, meaning Love in French, because he represents the Heart. Also he gets his RIGHT hand cut off. This is symbolic because Jaime would be “of the right”, the right hand of God. So they are trying to cut off his power. Notice the Lannister’s are light haired as well. The Starks are dark haired. Light versus Dark. Sun versus Moon.


Remember too that I mentioned Jon is synonymous with Loki and that would make Jaime synonymous with Thor. Don’t they look similar as well? Notice Thor has a RED cape and he is wielding his hammer in his RIGHT hand.


So we can’t talk about Jaime without mentioning his sister Cersei and the incest issue. So, let’s think this through… if Jaime represents Christ, did Christ have a twin sister? No. What Christ DID have was a loyal follower named Mary. She is mentioned in the Bible more than any of the other apostles. So we know she was important to him. In some stories Christ didn’t die on the cross and travelled to India. He had children and his lineage continues to this day. He had children with Mary. So they are doing an inversion here so we have disdain for Mary (Cersei). They make her look evil when the opposite is true.

Little-Half-Smile (1)

So who is Lillith to Jon’s Lucifer? Why its Daenarys Stormborn. Notice her last name is the water element, just like Snow is. Storm born, born of the violent water. She is said to have purple eyes and a Dothraki mentioned she has SILVER hair. So who is represented by the colors Silver and Purple? Well we know that Silver is the color of the Moon and Purple is the color of royalty. Just recently Queen Elizabeth (Queen E-LIZARD-beth) had her 90th Birthday. She has silver hair and is represented by the color purple. Notice that Prince is associated with PURPLE RAIN or PURPLE REIGN. Again the water element, rain, and reign, meaning ruler. He was a sacrifice to give energy to her majesty the Queen. Just like the character Daenarys in Game of Thrones is used to give energy to the Queen as well. Daenarys represents Lillith. The negative feminine, that the Left Hand path follows. It is no coincidence that a Queen “rules” over the United Kingdom now and not a King. They are showing us what “energy” is in power over our world at present. Notice Daenarys also wears a lot of BLUE. Blue is symbolic of the water element, blue is the color of the Left.

Now in the latest episode, Daeanarys is REBORN as well. So we have LILLITH RISING, in counter with LUCIFER RISING. She destroys her enemies by fire and comes out unscathed to start anew as well.


Now we have some interesting lesser characters. Let’s take a look.

Arya Stark represents the Adept. She wants to become an Assassin and has to go through training under the Faceless No Name God. She must LOSE HER EGO, as Aleister Crowley preached. You can’t have individual identities, harder to control people that have “self”. Arya must become like the HIVE mind, not to think for herself. Become “self-less”. So she would represent the “minions” mindlessly following the “many faced” gods. She makes the perfect MK Assassin. Notice too that Arya is one letter short of Aryan.

One last comment on Arya before we leave her. Becoming No-One is very similar to Jon’s theme of No-Thing. They are connected. We’ll see how it plays out.


Then we have Tyrion who really is a Traitor. Tyrion…Traitor, very similar letters in each word. He is an IMP, a little man. Imp is short for Imp-oster. Many characters these days are played by short men. They do this to invert the natural order as well. They are suppressing the male active, the tall masculine man has the role of protector. Examples of short leading men are … Josh Hutcherson as Peetah Mellark in Hunger Games, Robert Downey as Iron Man, Tom Hardy in Mad Max, Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible, and even Kit Harrington as…. Jon Snow.

“I drink and I know things,” says Tyrion.

Tyrion is the one that tells us he is much richer by letting slaves “think” they are FREE than letting them “think” they are SLAVES. He should know, he says he is much richer than them, while talking to the merchants behind the Harpies. (Sounds like our system at present doesn’t it?)


Then we have Brienne of Tarth. “Brienne” looks very similar to “Brien” and she basically is a Brian without a penis. She is a very masculine female, who dresses like a Knight and fights like a Knight, and basically does everything a Knight would do. Notice she is wearing BLUE. So they have this strong woman in here to blur the lines of the traditional roles of men and women. Remember they are behind the negative feminine force or the Queen energy. They are trying to blend male with female. Make one androgynous being so we have no separate identity. They want to turn us all into Baphomets-a he/she.


Now Bran Stark is an interesting character. He will take the place of the Wog that is basically retiring. The tree in which they reside is at the center of the World and so would represent the Tree of Life at Mount Meru. Remember Meru as in SuMERU the first known civilization. It is also short for Merovingian, the clan that Jesus is from. Bran is a Welsh name and is the clan that King Arthur is from, and IS the Jesus line. So I see this as an inversion, by having a Stark be the Wog in the center. Remember in Norse Mythology the one in the center was actually Odin, looking down on the world through Polaris, the North Star, the one immoveable star, always shining, always open, just like the All Seeing Eye. So we will have to see what role Bran plays…


So I hope I was able to convey to you the agenda behind Game of Thrones. They basically want THEIR man to come out on top and THEIR man is Lucifer. So they make him the character that we want to love, so we give him our Good energy and they make the Christ character despicable so we give him our Bad energy. I haven’t read the books on purpose, although I’ve heard that they don’t religiously follow the books anyway. But I do that because I want to see if what I SEE in the symbolism pans out.


I predict that it will boil down to a showdown between Jon and Daenerys against Jaime and Cerce. Since the ones that write the show are the ones who write the outcomes (kind of like the victors write our history) I would be surprised if it was anything BUT Jon and Daenerys on top. The other families are just fillers, to make the story more interesting. But the true story is being played out by these four.  Classic Good versus Evil in this duality- a Game, and we are merely players…

P.S. YouTube Version Attached Below.
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  1. michael beck

    Excellent once again Rosette and really looking forward to the youtube, absolutely love that mind of yours 🙂

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Awesome Tracey! Let me know what you think. If anything pops up that you want to mull over drop me a line. Rosette 🙂

  2. Luke Aspen

    I’ve never watched this show, the whole idea of it is disturbing enough. I will tell you that it was during season 5 of GoT that HBO had a big premiere for the show at the Fox theatre here in Atlanta. I can’t tell you what a big shindig that turned out to be, but you can imagine. I happen to live just down the street from that theatre and as I passed by there everyday seeing the marquee display, I was left wondering why have the premiere here in the south as opposed to say Hollywood?
    Then the most obvious hit me smack in the face, the name, FOX = 666. Also the street address is listed as 66 Peachtree St. but the entire block the theatre covers actually extends to 666 Peachtree St. Not only that but the architecture of the Fox is quite different from most others. It was originally built as a home for the Shriners! It has all Egyptian designs and motifs with domes and a minaret displaying the Islamic half moon etc., so you get the picture I’m painting here. Many Masons have supported the theatre too.
    With some online research I ascertained the Fox opened on December 25, 1932, just 2 months after the Great Depression with Walt Disney’s very first Mickey Mouse cartoon Steamboat Willie. It has Mickey flashing the V hand sign as well as other Illuminati signals, just like in Fantasia.
    I also found out there are massive tunnels underneath the Fox and it has a known reputation for being haunted which the theatre management has recognized by holding annual Halloween tours.
    So this comes right back to my question of why host GoT at the Fox, I guess it was the perfect place after all!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Fascinating info Luke!
      Yes great connection you made here! The Masons and the Luciferians are basically the same. The initiation rituals that the witches have to go through is exactly the same as the Masons except for the Masons do not have to get totally naked- they just expose their left breast. I’m sure the tunnels are in use “after hours”. Tunnel systems are always connected with them. Remember the McMartin Preschool case with elaborate tunnels to take the children away. Also the Hellfire Clubs in England had elaborate tunnel systems where they would hold their meetings. Notice too under many cities are tunnel systems as well, under Paris and the catacombs, in Portland, Oregon where men would get “shanghaied” dropped through hidden doors, kidnapped and placed into servitude. Being in the ground is being closer to their god since he is to be in the “abyss”. I used to live in Sacramento, which has an elaborate tunnel system as well under Old Sacramento. We also had an old school style theater called The Crest Theater which looked very “goth” inside, with Roman columns and red velvet curtains. It was this theater that they filmed the rabbit scene in Donnie Darko.
      Atlanta in itself is a special place to them. There are no coincidences with names, so naming this city Atlanta means it is sacred to them. Atlanta is related to Atlantis of course and they believe they were from the lost tribe of Atlantis- and were the scientists basically. Sir Francis Bacon wrote a book called The New Atlantis and some surmise he was talking about a future Utopia in the US. Some speculation is there will be some sort of catastrophe to cause the Great Lakes to flood all the way to the Gulf Coast causing the US to be divided in two. The new capital for the West coast would be Denver and for the East coast would be…. Atlanta.

  3. Stefanie

    Your articles are excellent. I became aware of your work when you were a guest on the Illuminati Watcher podcast. How do you interpret the incestuous relationship between Jaime and Cerce? And the significance of their children?

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Hi Stephanie,
      Thank you! Much appreciated! Isaac was so kind to have me on. I can’t say enough about him, great guy. I’m hoping to do another one with him soon. I’m still working on the article for that interview though.
      Jaime and Cerce, yes they do make them look bad don’t they? On purpose right? They want us to love Jon Snow and hate Jaime and Cerce. If we look to who Jaime “is” he is Jesus. So if he is Jesus, did Jesus have a twin sister? No. Did Jesus have a wife named Mary Magdalene? There is some speculation that Mary was NOT just a follower but Jesus actually lived after the crucifixion, wed Mary and had children. That his bloodline lives on. If you look at my decoding on Snowpiercer you will see he is tied to the number 34. The Mason’s like the number 33, because they want us to believe Jesus died then. So tying Jesus to 34 means he lived- past 33. Now the curse on Cerce and her children by the witch, I would speculate that the enemies of Jesus did indeed try to kill off his seed- put spells on them etc. But I don’t think they were successful. So Cerce would be Mary. And No they were obviously not incestuous, that is an inversion of the truth, which is what the Luciferians do.

  4. Luke Aspen

    Hey Rosette,
    Thanks for the great response! You’ve given me lots to mull over here and how did you learn all about the Mason/Luciferian rituals? I find that stuff very fascinating and I know how they take it all so seriously. As for the tunnels, yes, they’re everywhere! I do remember the McMartin Preschool debacle. Oliver Stone produced the tv movie right after the trial was over and it garnered multiple Emmy awards including best tv movie! It depicted the McMartins as such poor victims and the children as absolute liars! Stone thought he was doing right by producing the movie and he was even told by a guy investigating that it involved SRA but he would not listen.

    Not only the McMartin Preschool but there was the Little Rascals Preschool in North Carolina with the very same thing happening and more distorted lies.
    I actually spent months researching all of that and the McMartin trial took over 9 years and key witnesses were found dead just before they were scheduled to testify.
    The McMartins were very shrewd in covering their tracks and it was at noon everyday they had “nap time” and they would lock all the doors in the daycare and they specifically told all the parents they were absolutely forbidden to come by as not to wake the children! I read that the CIA played a key role in helping aid them in all of this and the idea that you could take a child and brazenly torture it to no end really blows my mind!
    To this day it’s been reported by the liberal press that the tunnels never existed and the schools are now gone to try to excavate for proof, how convenient!
    So Atlanta is “special and sacred” to them, well you have just given me an answer to a burning question I’ve been pondering for the last 2 years!! It was right at this time in May 2014, I read that Kasim Reed, the Mayor of Atlanta was invited by the Bilderbergs to come and attend their annual conference! He didn’t even know about them AND it was the first time in their history a U.S. Mayor has been invited! Now that to me is a major red flag! They usually invite those with the most money/power, not just some city Mayor.
    And of course Reed has complied with their orders to keep his mouth shut about the whole thing. So something is definitely up with that!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Hey Luke,
      Great info from you as well.
      Regarding the Masonic/Luciferian Rituals, John Todd talks about them. He was born into the Collins family, one of the 13 Illuminati families. He was brought up in a coven and he talked a lot about the practice of the witches and mentioned how similar the things they do as to the Masons. Another thing he mentioned it the ritual sacrifice, which is performed in both as well. To become a 33rd degree Mason you have to do a sacrifice. To be on the Council of 13 you have to do one as well. Notice too that the Masons meet in their lodges once a month on the Thursday closest to the full moon, as do the Satanists, I speculate the Luciferians as well but haven’t verified that yet. The Masons and Luciferians both worship the moon and Venus. You mentioned the theater, “It was originally built as a home for the Shriners! It has all Egyptian designs and motifs with domes and a minaret displaying the Islamic half moon etc.” The Islamic half moon and “star” is the MOON and VENUS.
      Regarding McMartin… first off mcMARTIN…. the Mc in McMartin… the M stands for 13 and the small “c” stands for “clan” so McMartin basically means “Martin of the 13 clans”. So are the McMartins related to George Martin? How about Chris Martin? Perhaps. Something to ponder. And Yes Oliver Stone “covered” up the McMartin case by putting a propaganda piece for the public to consume. Just like Peter Jackson did for the West Memphis Three murderers, getting them released. And some people think his son Sean, who has a show in alternative media with Jesse Ventura’s son, somehow is on the up and up. Hardly.
      Another note on the McMartin case, Ted Gunderson was a Satanist as well and was controlling the case to make sure higher up Satanists/Luciferians didn’t get exposed. Ted was NOT a good guy. Did you know he married Anton LaVey’s wife? You just can’t make this stuff up. Gunderson was also put in to make sure when the Son of Sam case was being investigated on the West Coast, certain people of power weren’t exposed as well…and don’t forget his involvement with the Franklin Coverup in Nebraska.
      Your Mayor Reed is definitely involved with them. There is no way they would let him become Mayor if he wasn’t. I would say he feigned not knowing about them.

  5. Luke Aspen

    Very interesting the Mc connection in McMartin, I did not catch that! The thing about Ted Gunderson, when I read and researched the case I was lead to believe he WAS a good guy! I just now did a google search on Ted and many different articles all say the same thing – “he was the greatest whistle blower that ever lived”! Now I see you’re angle and I agree with you he was used to help control the lies and cover-up. And he married Anton LeVey’s wife, THAT seals it for me!

    1. Luke Aspen

      Also forgot to mention many FBI agents are Satanists and how they can be used to help cover-up, so yes, I see exactly how Gunderson was acting like he was the “greatest whistle blower” but was really helping to spread more lies!

      1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

        There’s a great vid out there of Ted Gunderson being interviewed with “horns” behind his head. So much symbolism in that one. Makes it so obvious. If I can find it I’ll post it for you. Also Gunderson was a regular on Alex Jones, that should tell you loads as well. Any regulars on Alex Jones are WITH the Jesuits, Masons, Luciferians, Satanists etc. Oh and If you look into Phil Schneider, I do believe Gunderson was involved in his murder. He “acted” like he was Phil’s friend but was there to keep tabs on Phil. Notice how Gunderson is EVERYWHERE? Well one day Phil and Ted got shot at by a Federal Agent! Phil shot back and killed the guy! Phil thought they were going to get arrested for sure even though it was in self defense, yet they didn’t. NOTHING happened. Why? Because the agent was supposed to kill Phil. That didn’t happen and they didn’t want to expose the operation. Gunderson was supposed to place Phil somewhere where he could make it happen. Phil was murdered shortly thereafter. Found strangles in his apartment.

  6. Luke Aspen

    MSN reported that D.B. Weiss and David Benioff the top producers of GOT were asked back in March before the April season 6 premiere if they could kindly send ALL the show’s screeners in advance to someone very special. And who might that “special someone” be…..Obama! He actually had the nerve to say he “needed to see” the entire season 6 before anyone else did! The producers felt obliged to comply since he’s the “leader of the free world” – “free world?”
    I’ve been researching Obama ever since the “birther movement” and with him it’s either the pretty lie or the ugly truth. Did you know about the 40 page report that shows the Hawaii birth certificate is a total sham? It took that many pages to clearly delineate just how phony the whole thing is and the liberal press never touched the story! I read It was your former Governor of Hawaii, Neil Abercrombie that stepped in and said he was out to prove the “birthers” wrong which actually backfired and cost him his re-election.
    Obama has also been using at least a dozen different social security #’s but none of them are from Hawaii. His current ssn is listed as #042-68-4425 which is from Conneticut! He has been using this stolen # and apparently it can not even pass E-Verify which explains why his own famed application for Obamacare got rejected! The real owner of that #042 is listed as Harrison J. Bounel who died at Fairfield State Mental Hospital (circa 1978) in Newtown, CT. And where is that location? It’s 1 mile from the Sandy Hook Elementary School! (google: Sandy Hook’s Death Records Prove Obama Stole His SSN?). So after the
    Sandy Hook “school shooting”, CT made a bizarre move and it locked down ALL death certificates – for any deaths in the entire state of CT! Governor Malloy signed 3 bills into law after they were crammed thru at 2AM, “for the children”.
    As a result, CT death certificates are NO LONGER public record – you can not obtain them.
    Death certs have been PUBLIC RECORD for hundreds of years – but suddenly, NOT anymore! So was the Sandy Hook “massacre” part of a ruse to lock down the death record of Harrison J. Bounel? Obama continues to use this ssn on his Federal tax returns etc. Is that why the White House funneled $2.5 million to the CT police (for “healing” as AG Eric Holder said) As a reward for their silence on the Sandy Hoax?
    And that’s just the very tip of the Obama Iceberg, there’s so much more to share!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      DB Weiss and David Benioff so DB and DB… DB equals 42. Obama’s birth certificate you said “owner of that #042″… did you know that a rainbow’s arc is at 42 degrees? A rainBOW… the BOW as in the ARCHER.. the symbol for Sagittarius which is represented by the planet Jupiter whose symbol is the inverse of 42 or 24. And guess what the symbol is for Hawaii? Well the rainBOW of course. We are the rainbow state. We have rainbows on our license plates. I live in Haleiwa and we have a famous bridge, it’s called RAINBOW Bridge and represents a strand of DNA. Yes, Abercrombie and all high up elected officials are Luciferians- both democrat and republican. Look at Hawaii’s DOT logo- it’s a 666 pattern. Our electric company, Hawaiian Electric, uses the symbol of Saturn. And sure, connected to Sandy Hook… as is another famous person, Bruce Jenner. Sandy Hook is a SATANIC town. The WHOLE TOWN. It’s a satanic community. The “event” was completely staged by this community.
      Yes, taking away our rights, slowly cooking the frog in the pot…until we reach the tipping point and can turn this all around.
      So yep, I totally agree with you Luke. Obama is used for many other agendas as well, dividing us by race, married to a transvestite, pushing the transgender issue, among others. Interesting he’s watching Game of Thrones too- it shows you how this show highlights their Great Work. What they are working towards… Lucifer in charge sitting on the iron throne. But it won’t happen. The odds are never in their favor. They only have a 33% chance.

  7. Luke Aspen

    Very interesting about 42 and rainbows! Shows me just how much I need to pay more attention to numbers and symbols. I’m so glad you too know the truth about Michael LaVaughn Robinson! I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the entire fake persona of his being “Michelle Obama!” I mean how bold she is in parading herself around like she’s the “real thing” and has everyone fooled. Well that takes cojones! There’s a Hollywood movie coming out called Southside With You, which details just how Michelle and Barack “met and fell in love”. Of course that will certainly help them to keep their false perception alive.
    And then we have “Sandy Hook Bruce” also parading around as the overhyped media darling. Did you know that Caitlyn was not his first name choice? He spent months before the change telling everyone he wanted to be called Agnes. That makes me think of the play/movie Agnes of God. And Agnes actually means “holy and pure”. While Caitlyn just means “pure”. The article in Vanity Fair said that Bruce chose Caitlyn because it’s another way he’s trying to tell us that he’s “being pure and authentic to who he really is”. Rosette you’re good with decoding names, what do you think? I personally believe there is nothing “authentic” about this 65 year old man’s sex change. Did you see his interview with Diane Sawyer? He appeared strangely mechanical by displaying neurological deficits and was unable to blink his left eye or even move his left eyebrow. Could that indicate an MK psyop of extreme programming that destroyed some of his cranial nerves? Also wiping out his masculinity and destroying the neural pathways and redirecting hormones with electrical impulses. Something is definately wrong with him.
    Did you see the 2009 Kardashian family Christmas card? It’s loaded with very blatant Illuminati symbols and showing Bruce being totally isolated from the rest of the family. If you haven’t seen it, please google it, since you’re so good at deciphering symbols, you’ll see for yourself how they are trying to tell us something. There was also the Seth Macfarlane 2009 episode of Family Guy where Bruce was acting very girly and dancing around on stage. So both the christmas card and cartoon appeared in 2009, is that saying something?
    There is a guy named Walt Heyer who had a sex change but he found out the hard way that being a “woman” was not so great after all! So he switched back to being a man and he also went back to his wife of 18 years. You can check him out on his website He talks about Bruce and says his “honeymoon” with being Caitlyn will not last. Of course some diehard liberals are blasting Walt for even saying such a thing. Rosette didn’t you say that 1/3 of 1% of the entire nation is transgender? Yet we see how the “baphomet programming” is running rampant!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Hey Luke,
      Check out my Hawaii Decoded article. More on the rainbow connection and 42 in there. Yes you are picking up on a ton of it. Good job. The Walt Heyer guys sounds interesting. The agenda they are pushing is that we are all in “meat suits” basically. They want us to treat them like clothes. Change our “parts” back and forth, become male, female, cut off our ears, pierce our noses, change our skin color, what have you. Anything goes. So him switching back is part of this programming of the masses. Notice too that he goes back after 18 years… 18 is code for 666.

  8. Desiree

    Great blog! Thank you so much for you interpretations. I would love to hear your interpretation of Cerce’s sons’ wife and that family line. In one of the last episodes of the current season, she handed her mother a folded up note with a drawing of a rose on it! I watched this episode after reading your original draft of this article and was floored!
    And what about the religious cult that Cerce was “shamed”. The RCC seemingly “shamed” Mary magdeline, by naming her a prostitute and denying her relationship with Jesus. Also, just a note, “Cerce” means circle as well as “church”. This person has done an interesting synopsis of the name “Ceres” being synonymous with the Church and the “daughter of the sun” I would love to know your opinion of this.
    I too have been doing a bit of research into the origins and mysteries circling around Mary magdeline and the impact her “shamed” image has had on the modern world.
    Thanks again! I appreciate all your efforts. So fascinating!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Yes great point- Cerce is Circle and Kirke or Church. The Circle represents Heaven and the Square represents the Earth. The Circle would be 3 in numerology and the Square is 4. When you put them together you have 34- Christ’s number. Remember the Mason’s worship 33 because they want people to believe that Jesus died on the cross at 33. So when you see 34 that is code for Jesus. That he DID survive and has ALWAYS been with us. 34 is also 3+4 which is 7, again the number for Christ. Jesus held the 7th spot, with 6 disciples on the left and 6 disciples on the right. I repeat a lot so this stuff will sink in with people. Once they get this down it will be easy to spot the codes.
      So Cerce is 3 and Jaime is 4. Just like Tris means 3 and Four is the name for her counterpart in Divergent. And also Imperator Furiosa and Mad Max, Imperator or Empress, again the 3 card in the Tarot deck and Max (Rocket and Sky) Rockatansky would be the 4 or Emperor- they are paired up, one is Furious and the other is Mad. So yes the circle is heaven and the church and the number 3, part of the heaven/earth connection. So of course they make Cerce the most villainous female because she is the closest to Christ.
      Now you asked about the Rose that the King’s wife handed her “grand” mother I believe it was. Did you notice that the rose was without color? Or White? Remember the White Rose is synonymous with the York’s which are the Mason’s. The Yorks are represented in GOT by the Starks and we know the Tyrell’s hate the Lannister’s so that would make sense.
      And yes again on the Rosicrucian connection with the Church and them SHAMING Mary Magdalene. No where in the Bible does it refer to Mary as a prostitute or a whore. That was a later interpretation. They tie her to the Whore of Babylon when she is the exact opposite. Mary is the Divine Feminine that they are attacking now as well. Christ is the Divine Male Active which is majorly being attacked as well.
      Great comments Desiree, much appreciated.
      Love, Rosette

  9. andre

    Some really good points there.

    One thing I’d like to mention, if not already in a comment before mine, is the legend of Azor Ahai from the Essos religion of R’hllor, the Lord of Light.

    The legend is about Azor Ahai, the “Prince that was Promised” who saved humanity from the White Walkers when they last came during the “Long Night” when Winter and darkness lasted a generation – about a thousand years before the GoT timeline.

    The Prince that was Promised wielded a sword, forged by himself out of Valyrian steel and tempered for a hundred days, then cooled by driving it through the beating heart of Azor Ahai’s wife, Nissa Nissa. This sacrifice imbued the sword with magic, and was instrumental in winning the war against the walkers.

    Now the sword was given a name – Lightbringer – which, when translated into Latin, means “Lucifer”.

    Some other references that resonated to me were about Ser Arthur of House Dayne from Starfall, in Dorne. Ser Arthur was the most revered swordman in Westeros, maybe the world world at the time. He was Kingsguard to Prince Rhaegar, and fought against Ned Stark at the Tower of Joy during the last battle of Robert’s Rebellion. He wields the sword that has been in his House for centuries – the Valyrian steel sword Dawn – and is given to be used only by the most worthy swordsman in the family, who is also given the title “Sword of the Morning”.

    Aside to mean lightbringer, Lucifer is also referred to as The Fallen Star, The Morning Star, Bringer of Dawn, among others. It’s clear to see that George RR Martin heavily referenced this character, mythical and legendary in Westeros at the current timeline, to a lot of Lucifer’s aliases. Also, Dayne and Dorne sound a lot like Dawn.

    I happened to stumble upon this accidentally. Who knows what you can run into if you dive in further into George’s work.

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      If Jon Snow ends up being Azor Ahai will he plunge it into Danaerys? Is she Nissa Nissa? Will be interesting to see how things play out in Season 8.

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