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X-Files | Dr. They~ Discerning Truth from Fiction

I’ve been noticing a trend lately that I feel I needed to address. Where people in the awake community uncover some real truths, yet extrapolate from them into the realm of fantasy. It’s like a drug, they like the feeling they get from uncovering some astonishing information, and want to feel like that some more, and so go looking for the “more” just to get that feeling and not to seek the truth. It’s like “truth” took a backseat to the feeling of euphoria. Some people will read this and get highly offended. Why though? Because they know it’s true but they will lie to themselves. Like a drug addict saying they are not addicted, when they know deep down that they are.

They are many avenues for these “astonishing truths”. So take your pick, there is a net for everyone. These pitfalls are so prevalent that it is quite discouraging in the quest to truly wake people up.

How many people were saved from the Great Flood? Only the true believers. Only the ones who went against the mob, the majority, and held truth upmost to anything else. How many? Eight. Eight people. Will it be like that THIS time around? Because history IS repeating itself now. It is Christ’s SECOND coming, meaning this all happened before. And is there for us to study so we don’t make the same mistake AGAIN. But people don’t care. They fall into these traps like they fall into a comfy bed.

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” ~ George Orwell.

And that means telling awake people they need to wake up.

Or in other words, telling the “true true” like Old Georgie in Cloud Atlas. “You can’t escape the true true.” You can’t. Because the “true” will affect you either way. You can either be on the ark or swimming for dear life.

Old Georgie or Georgie Old’well… OG, Original Gangster, in homage to Og, the Giant.

So I’ve had these thoughts for awhile swirling around inside my head, but a recent episode of the X-Files brought it to the forefront.

In Season 11, Episode 4, called The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat, they focus on the Mandela Effect. But the thing that really caught my attention was when Mulder met with Dr. They and the conversation they had. Dr. They basically confirms that “THEY” rely on these “astonishing truths” to snare people.

Let’s go through the scene.

First off, notice where the scene takes place. Nothing is by coincidence. They are in a park. (Remember the Earth is one big park to them and “THEY” are the Parkers, the caretakers of the park. Like Ford in Westworld. And Parker is 33 in numerology.) And they are surrounded by 12 GIANTS in various stages of amusement. So “THEY” represent the Nephilim, the children of the Fallen Angels; and Dr. They’s boss. And there are 12. Which Mulder would associate with Majestic 12, or MJ-12 for short. MJ-12 was the conspiracy that started Mulder and Skully on their quest to work for the X-Files to begin with.

In The Secret History of Majestic 12 Dunning states, “They were classic disinformation, false documents created to  play a role in real national security. They were designed and written for specific marks who did with them exactly what they were meant to. They took advantage of well meaning patriots who wanted enhanced national security and who, by being easy to FOOL, ended up providing exactly that.”

And Dana Skully, named after Skull and Bones. Which George Bush is a member of.

And notice one of the 12 is a Bush, Vannevar Bush. Related to Bush Senior who was head of the CIA before he became Vice President and then President, and his son George Jr. who became President as well of course. Why Majestic? They are magicians or sorcerers. And why 12? Mirroring the 12 disciples of Christ. It always relates back to the Bible.

And the 12 are having a laugh. Literally and figuratively. At who’s expense? THEY are basically saying THEY let the truth be revealed but THEY made sure to release so much disinfo at the same time that people have a hard time to discern between truth and lies.

What is a magician? Someone who can take SPELLing and cast SENTENCES on us. It doesn’t have to be someone with a wand or a cauldron. It just takes someone who can manipulate us using words or tones.

Secondly, let’s look at the dialogue.

M- “Why are you shaming me?

DT- “Someone who’s spent his life looked into every conspiracy and you are only NOW finding out about me?

M- “I have to admit what I learned about you I got from a dubious on-line video.

DT- “Oh did you like that? I made that myself. It’s my new platform, phony fake news. Its a presentation of real facts, but in a way that no one will believe any of it.

M- “To what end?”

DT- “The BIGGER end… (The Great End- The Great Work) I felt a professional courtesy to meet you in person. And to tell you this. YOU’RE DEAD.

DT- “Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you. I meant your time, your time has passed. A time when people in power thought they could keep their secrets and were willing to do anything to keep it that way. We’re now living in a post-cover up post-conspiracy age. They don’t care if the truth gets out because the public no longer knows what is meant by the truth.”

M- “What do you mean?”

DT- “Well the public can no longer tell the difference any more between what’s real and what’s fake.”

M- “There is still an objective truth, an objective reality.”

DT- “So what. I mean, you take this Mandela Effect. In the old days I would have never come out and admitted to you, that yes, I can change people’s collective memories, and that would mean I could control the past, well as Orson Welles once said, he who controls the past, controls the future.”

M- “It was George Orwell who said it.”

DT- “For now maybe.”

M- “I’m not believing any of this.”

DT- “Believe what you want to believe. That’s what people do nowadays anyways. You are only proving my point you twit.”

DT- “You’re right, I can’t control peoples minds, although it turns out you really don’t have to, you just have to have some people think its possible and you’ve sown the seeds of uncertainty. All you really need is a laptop.” (Yes we have the obvious 666 being flashed.)

DT- “You know our current President once said something really profound. He said, nobody knows for sure.”

M- “What was he referring to?”

DT- “What does it matter?”

Have you ever noticed how George ORWELL~ ORson WELLes both contain ORWELL?

Orson was part of it in his time with his reading of War of the Worlds. Knowing full way that people would take it for real and panic. Radio Listeners in Panic, Taking War Drama as Fact. Real or Fake?

Released for Halloween, one of the two most important holidays of the Satanists. Notice too that it was released on a station that had a small audience. So the media exaggerated the chaos.

Which reminds me of the False Missile Hoax that happened recently here in Hawaii that I got to involuntarily participate in. Which the media exaggerated as well. Saying some guy had his kids go down a manhole, another parent had to decide which kid they wanted to be with in their last moments because they were at two different places and he could only reach one in time. Drama, hype and lies.

Interesting too that the radio cast came out in 1938 and the event was exactly 38 minutes long. Real or Fake?


But we’re going off on a tangent here, let’s bring it around town. “Bring it around town!”

So Dr. They was telling us the true true. Again he said,“… the public can no longer tell the difference any more between what’s real and what’s fake.” The True true!

Well some “truths” seems more obviously fake than others, although some people are still duped. Like Mark Sargent here, who is the self-proclaimed leader of the Flat Earth movement, and so, effectively stops many people from looking further with his outrageous claims, making it look like these claims are the majority view in the Flat Earth community, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

And notice his Big Bang Theory t-shirt with the LOL on it. Laughing out loud- at us. LOL also stands for “Lord of Light” and “Lucifer our Lord”. Are we surprised Mark is wearing this? It IS the god of the Mason’s no less.

LOL is also 101 like George Orwell’s torture room in 1984. Is Lucifer having a laugh? LOL.

And came up in The Matrix.

In one of Sargent’s first interviews he commented, “Stars and the planets, they are projected. They are NOT THERE. The moon is projected on. I don’t know what the moon is. A lot of people don’t know either. It could be as far as I know a light bulb in a cage.”

And in this interview where Lisa Harrison asks him, “If the earth is flat, where does the heat come from?” He replies, “Most of the temperature is underneath. Yeah the sun is going to give off some heat obviously, but you know, like a big light bulb, I know it sounds cheesy, a big light bulb in a terrarium.”

Or more obvious “truth” fakery on the Ball Earth side, when Elon Musk came out recently with his Tesla car in space. He says the truth, “I didn’t really think this would work.” BUT he’s really not talking about getting a car into space, he really means that he didn’t think this form of outrageous propaganda would fly with the general public. But it does. Good God. Shaking my head…

Most truthers would roll their eyes at the over-the-top attempts by them. But others? Others some how are NOT rolling their eyes and on the contrary are eating it up.

“Well I think it looks so ridiculous and impossible. And you can tell its real because it looks so fake honestly.” He knows it looks so bad. I almost think this might be his humiliation ritual. For him to move up the masonic ladder.

Like Mark Zuckerberg’s humilation ritual where he had to take off a jacket in front of a live audience and was noticeably sweating and embarrassed.

Or Trump’s humiliation ritual when Jimmy Fallon got to mess up his hair.

Back to Elon and his deception, he continues, “We’d have way better CGI if it was fake.”

“And you know we didn’t test any of the materials… you know, it just has the same seats a normal car would have. A normal car in space. I kind of like the absurdity of that.”

And if you look closely on the dashboard, there’s a tiny roadster with a tiny spaceman. ha ha.” Only a deceiver would be so general about a car in space and focus on a toy on the dashboard. If it was real he would give DETAILS, he would focus on HOW they got it up there, HOW it actually functions, and every aspect of it being there and HOW this affects future space endeavors.

Remember Musk is also the one pushing Simulation Theory, another rabbit hole for us to descend into. Simulation is the theory that we are living inside some kind of computer program. So this would imply that where there is one computer program there are infinite numbers of computer programs. This is as bad as infinite space, which is the primary propaganda pushed by NASA. And we have infinite PLANE being pushed in the Flat Earth community by a former MEMBER of NASA, among others. Are we surprised? Is it like the FBI, once a member, always a member?

That same Infinite Plane pusher pulled his own hoax event a few years back, where he said he was being watched, and then deliberately hit by a car to shut him up. Notice how his jeans ripped from the accident but miraculously his knees were unscathed.

Math does too many hand gestures to not be a shill. He wore a Masonic 33 shirt in Masonic orange and even drank from an Abraxas cup. See the rooster?

So infinite computer programs, infinite space, and infinite plane, but wait, there’s more… we also have infinite dimensions. Like they showed us in The Cloverfield Paradox, a new movie just released on Netflix.

Where the crew “an international group of astronauts aboard a space station who, after using a particle accelerator to try to solve Earth’s energy crisis, must find a way home after accidentally traveling to an alternate dimension.” It even has one character, the German, portrayed as good in one dimension, while evil in another- more propaganda to make us believe we reincarnate over many life times where we each are both good and evil. This is more propaganda to have us choose the middle path, one step closer to the Left, instead of the correct path, the right hand path.

So we go from the “infinite” rabbit holes, to the gender rabbit hole. In the Cloverfield Paradox we even had one questionable character gender wise, an astronaut named Mina Jensen who was found behind a wall with wiring fused into her body. Mina is an anagram for I Man. They love disguises clues in their names don’t they? Like Iman Bowie, I Man, and Amal Clooney, A Male.

But some people seem to be carried away with the Transgender thing, making it seem like the population as a whole has way more transgenders than there actually are. Like Hollywood has a majority of transgender actors, but I don’t think this is the case. Yes there are some. But yes there are boyish looking girls and girlish looking boys as well. Like they show us in Neon Demon. Where the “beautiful” girls are the ones that have bodies like boys.

Even Bruce Jenner is still a male although he dresses like a woman. And did anyone ever notice his resemblance to Melania Trump? (Melania~ I am Male) So yes men in drag. The total Transgender population is one third of one percent. That is a tiny number.

So we go from Bruce to Adam.  Even Adam is being messed with. I heard several alternative researchers discussing Adam of the Bible lately on YouTube. How they believe Adam was a giant. That he was some 60 meters tall and that it wasn’t until after the Fall that man became much shorter.

Now to me this rings wrong on so many levels.

For one, it would imply “evolution”. Because if man started out much taller but became much shorter, that would mean man had CHANGED, had devolved. So would imply DEVOLUTION. Which we know is NOT the case. No where in the Bible does it give Adam’s height and no where in the Bible does it mention that the generations after Adam became shorter. It does mention the longer life spans but a life span has no direct correlation with a person’s height. One is a measurement of time and whether a body is short or tall, height is not a health factor.

Then we have the implication that if Adam was of Giant size that Adam WAS A GIANT. Which couldn’t be further from the truth! It is very clear in the Bible that the Giants were a completely separate race from the line of Adam and was part Nephilim. For Adam to be a giant would imply that HE was a Nephilim. Not the case.

There were giants in the earth in those days. (Genesis 6:4)

King Og was mentioned in the Book of Giants, an extra canonical text, and in that he was called a Giant and his bedstead’s measurement WAS given, being 13 and a half feet long, making the logical assumption that King Og would be slightly shorter than that at 13 feet tall. So Og was a GIANT at only 13 feet tall. So there is no way that Adam was much taller. It is just not the case.

For only Og king of Bashan remained of the remnant of giants; behold, his bedstead was a bedstead of iron; is it not in Rabbath of the children of Ammon? nine cubits was the length thereof, and four cubits the breadth of it, after the cubit of a man. (Deuteronomy 3:11)

And for the Nephilim to mate with human women they couldn’t be 60 meters tall. They would have to be more like King Og’s height for all practical reasons. And remember Og was a King. If he was a tiny giant compared to other giants would they make him King? Hardly. He would have to be at least in comparable stature to the rest of this tribe.

Now, in addition to people saying that Adam was a giant, they are also saying that many of the mountains are really the bodies of decease giants.  Like the Mudfossils guy. He is saying he has DNA proof that particular rocks he has found have human DNA in them. Now how are we to verify that even this is the case?

And last I remembered, humans when they die, as well as animals, have flesh that rots off the bone. It deteriorates. In fact, if left out, actually bloats, releases gases and insects go to work on the cadavers pretty quickly and break them down. I have not seen one case where an animal, or human for that matter, that has been petrified, turned into stone.

What we do see are mountains, rock formations, that have been anthropomorphized, given human characteristics, ones of animals. They appear human-like, but in no way can we say they actually are.

It goes for the giant trees as well. It says in the Bible there were giants, there were giant trees, yet it distinguishes between giant trees and mountains. In fact, some of the giant trees were TALLER than the mountains.

The mountains were covered with ITS shadow, And the cedars of God with its boughs.  (Psalms 80:10) So the CEDARS were TALLER and BIGGER than the mountains.

I know this might sound like a downer. And many of you will think I’m a killjoy, that truth can be boring sometimes, but is it better to have the truth or to be amused by some fantastical story? If we stick to the truth it will lead us to even more truths. Why stop and get stuck in another rabbit hole?

Like Dr. They said, ““Believe what you want to believe. That’s what people do nowadays anyways.”

We have enough trouble with them doing other things to make it even harder to discern. For instance Adobe CC has come out with new technology, nicknamed Project Voco,  that blurs the lines between truth and disinfo all the more.

With this technology they can take a few sentences spoken by a person, enter them into this program and use that info to make brand new sentences using that person’s voice, making it seem like that person actually said them. This is truly alarming technology because with it we truly would not be able to discern if the person ACTUALLY said something or was fabricated speech.

So my point is, it is going to be harder and harder for us to discern truth from disinfo, so we need to be all the more diligent in our quest. We need to look at everything with a critical eye and verify as much information as we can on our own. Don’t just follow someone. Do the reading, do the research for yourself. Don’t just accept what’s being told to you because it is popular. Don’t ever defer your judgement. Do you want to be one of the eight? Or one of the crowd when the time comes…swimming.

You can watch the YouTube presentation here:

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8 responses on “X-Files | Dr. They~ Discerning Truth from Fiction

  1. Nathalie guiraudet

    Well let me be the first to comment. ……..well said rosette. Honing skills of discernment is incredibly difficult. So is knowing who to trust. Thank you for this insightful posting. Took you years and years of hard work to be in this amazing place where you can write so fittingly.

  2. Khalif Foster

    Hi, do you believe in Giant human? Giant human that is few or once mention in bible after the Flood and says Giant before the flood that is hybrid human that they died, but they also mention general Giant, then specific Giant relate to Hybrid, so there are two giant: human and hybrid. So, there could be giant trees and humans, so there is potential evidence for trees, and human base on what we see, and mention of giant tree in bible, but not actual trees but description but not relate to reality, but could be. Ya think in bible that say tree that raise up to heaven is real as God did say that for real? It doesn’t mean it is real but a figuratively tree. But best evidence would be Mudfossils because of dna that he is searching, so can use dna to look at trees and so, well, if there is no dna, but there are other stuff in microscope that proof Trees and Human is real and giant. Well, it is more logical to have Giant to be believe than Alien since the earth is open and anything can happen to be true since there is higher oxygen and higher Carbon dioxide, The best evidence is to understand how higher pressure affect the body for trees, and living creatures, it will cause them to grow huge. Well, primary evidence is how it affects the body by research and secondary by seeing left-over and seemingly face of mountains and stuff. Well, can ya do next part for giant human and giant trees and there is clue that show to be true because they use clue to tell you the truth, right. In movie or so. You are right it is not good to follow the crowd, except the evidence that make sense and not just visual evidence, but it helps, but also seeing micro-evidence. So, there could be counterpart of giant in past, and ya are right that longer life span do not equal giant, but the process within body that cause body or so to grow giant, depend the process, higher oxygen, and higher Co2, and others. As long as there are good in world that doesn’t cause problem, so giant anything is possible because it is not bad, unlike human cause that is bad anything, like GMO or so. So, more variety in past for human, so there is lessor variety for human after Flood.

    So, what may be hard to look for truth since truth can be lie since lie is impressive, so it is not true true, but false true, so what is true true is what make sense, logical, and visual evidence and process within evidence with interact of higher something in past that affect the creatures within. So, there could be other gas that cause growth or so, it depends on ratio, I am sure everything is about gas that affect it. So, gas can change a person within. That means you have to know what kind of gas and what is ratio of gas, and for human is two gases that is only important that is O2 and CO2?

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      Aloha Khalif,
      Where does it distinguish two types of giants in the Bible? The only ones I’m aware of are the ones produced from the Fallen Angels and the daughters of men. And no where in the Bible does it give the heights for these giants. The only place we can infer is from the Book of Giants where it says that King Og’s bed was 9 cubits (13 1/2 feet) long, so we can infer King Og was slightly shorter at 13 feet. Adam most definitely was NOT a giant so was under 13 feet, more likely around 5 1/2 to 6 feet tall, as the average height of man, and man being born in God’s image, with no such thing as evolution, and so therefore would have a similar height as men of today. So if Giants were around 13 feet tall than in no way would a mountain be the remains of a Giant, not to mention all the other reasons that would make mountains- giant remains- completely illogical. And I wouldn’t say that EVERYTHING was bigger when man first walked the earth, yes the Bible mentions Giants Trees and there appears to be remains of them scattered around the Earth, which have since been cut down, but to say Everything was bigger has no basis.

  3. max

    Hey rosette, do you think if you have time you could do a decoding on all these shootings happening? Majority of people out there still believe they aren’t false flags. I think we all knew they would start shooting up more schools to try and play on peoples emotions to get the guns.

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      hey max, I don’t like looking into these because I know what a joke they are and don’t like to give them my energy. They also heavily censor anyone trying to bring to light the truth on YouTube. People get strikes on their channels and even have their channels taken down. With that said, because you asked, I briefly looked at some of the footage and clips from a few channels on how they are reporting it. I don’t agree with the views of several I saw. So we’ll see. If I have time I might put something together.

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