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North Korea Missile Hoax Hawaii

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to briefly share an event that I involuntarily had to participate in yesterday on the island of Oahu and give you my thoughts on it.

Yesterday at 8:07 am Hawaii time, the whole island simultaneously got an Emergency Alert on their phones. The message said, “Ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii. Seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill.”

It happened while we were at local high school’s gym for a Robotics competition.
Now I don’t for one instance think a missile would have come all the way from North Korea, but I wouldn’t put it past THEM (them meaning the controllers) to either plant a bomb in something they wanted blown up (say a particular building in Honolulu, mirroring the 9/11 event, or a ship in Pear Harbor, mirroring the Pearl Harbor event) or a short range missile launched from one of OUR ships that hit a target they wanted destroyed.  Heck, they might even have them hit the “Pearl” to say we are defenseless. Either way, we know they will have planned to a tee what that target or targets would be for maximum affect. So I don’t think we would have been hit at the gym.
Now they said the alert was a mistake 38 minutes later! So 38 minutes that feel like a lifetime when you don’t know, we had to wonder and worry and stand around waiting… for something to happen. Really? If they knew it was a mistake you would think they would let the public know immediately. Now as we were waiting in that 38 minute period we were discussing. No sirens… the islands state-wide have sirens just for such an event.
They test the sirens once a month to make sure and yet THOSE did NOT go off. No sirens. For tsunami threats the sirens always go off and all the beach-side communities have to scramble up the mountain for hours, even when we know the threat has passed, for the “all clear”. And yet for an actual INBOUND missile nothing? So we knew something was fishy just from that.
So the whole thing could have been a beta test to see what the public would do. Well for a gym full of children we did quite well. We got the text simultaneously too. So everyone had it at the same instance, looked at everyone else in the gym, kind of stood there for a few seconds, some ran to the exits, but one of the coordinators ran to the microphone and said stay inside, go to the center of the gym, teachers make sure all your students are accounted for. I was trying to think best place for us if something was actually inbound and where we were was probably the safest place to be so we stayed put. After 38 minutes we heard confirmation by Tulsi Gabbard, a State rep, that the text was false, was only a drill! What the heck??? Complete bullshit. But the kids resumed their matches and that was that.
It’s all to instill fear in us. Get us in that fear mode so we give our power over to them to protect us. They are so despicable! So was this predictive programming like for a future event? So we won’t question when they pull the real thing? Quite possibly.
Yesterday was 1/13 so 11 x 3 would be their 33. We had the Fukushima event on 3/11 which is 3 x 11= 33 and was in our Pacific region as well. So we shall see. I wanted to at least put this out there so people can see what they are planning for us in our part of the world and understand what is really going on.


Here’s my YouTube post on it:

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47 responses on “North Korea Missile Hoax Hawaii

  1. lidy

    Ofcourse I was thinking about you right away when I read about this event,
    indeed they are playing their satanic game.
    I have no words Rosette, except for you and the people of Hawaï: hold strong and keep cool.

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      Thank you kindly lidy. It is what it is. We’re going to stock up on food and water just in case because if they do try something and make it where shipping can’t come in or leave then we will have a food shortage. Kind of like New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina. With us they have a “captive” audience don’t they? No where for us to run. But we are fine. No fear. They are equal opportunity crap spewers. They will spew everywhere they can. But their time is short. I feel it.

      1. Lou

        Stocking up on food and water is a good idea, dear Rosie, Our pipes froze up two weeks ago and the pups and I were without running water for a little over twenty four hours. We had plenty; but I was shocked at just how much water it takes to flush a toilet. So…. Store three times as much as you think you should. Store tap water for washing and cleaning and flushing. And filtered water for cooking and drinking. I’ve also been ruminating on the two paths, the left and the right, the right and the wrong, and I’m reminded of the two seed lines in the earth. The one through Seth, God’s line that leads to Christ, and Satan’s, through Cain that leads to anti-Christ. Most of the church rejects this, but I’ve carefully studied the subject, and I believe it is the only explanation for the abject wickedness of those who rule us. It’s in the blood. They certainly believe it. I marvel at the willful ignorance of those in the church who claim superior insight, but then I remember just how few are awake, and that only Our Father can wake the sleepers, so I fret not. God bess us everyone! Lou

        1. rosette delacroix Post author

          Thank you for the advice Lou. I did make a restocking trip to Costco a couple of days ago but will be going again. That is one of my biggest fears. We are on the most populated island and if the shipping was halted we would be in big trouble. If they “say” North Korea is attacking ships they could halt that pretty quick. As for the lines of Seth and Cain I agree. They want us to believe the middle path is correct. They’ve been pushing that for so long and people think its correct because of the Hegelian Dialectic- that neither path is correct, but I’ve come to realize that that is wrong. The middle path leads you closer to the Left. Like the proverbial frog in pot, you inch closer and closer to the left without realizing one day you are there. They are trying to turn people into Satanists without them even realizing it. In every way but the name. Christ is God’s right hand man for a reason. Right means correct, good, and good had GOD in it. No coincidence there. Another word for Left is Sinister. It is a SIN to go down the Left Hand path. That’s why I always say the truth is in the code. Language is code. Its all there for people who look. And God gave us free will so the sons and daughters of Cain can choose the right path. But alas, sons and daughters of Seth can choose the left too. Those would be the ones like Orpah in the Bible who turned her back on her own people. Oprah~ Orpah.
          Take care~ rosette

          1. Lou

            Well said dear Rosie! I just finished reading a blog that discussed Seth and Cain, and changing sides. It amazes me how often I get two and three chances to learn what our Father is teaching me. In fact, I read two lengthy articles last night, and they both referred to the right and left side of Genesis. I naturally thought of your teaching on that subject.
            They both made the points you do, although not as well. The two seed lines is a very controversial notion, because it flies in the face of free will…. as it’s understood by most. I believe in God’s Will, and not so much in my will. If God is our Father then we will never be lost, and if Satan is their father, they will never be found, not in this age anyway. That middle path you alluded to, is the one most pilgrims are walking. They are the who-so- ever will….crowd. We can chose to eat a burger or a tuna salad, but we have no control over our circumstances. You’ve recently discovered that to be true. The only entity with truly Free Will, in existence, is God our Eternal Father, all the rest of us must play the hand we’re dealt. We can chose, for instance, to act bravely, as you did last week, or fret and worry, but even then, He knows what we will “chose” to do long before we “choose”. We should examine any truths we share with the world, even givens, such as the shape and nature of the Earth,or even…. free will. Lou

      2. barbi

        Rosette – the “regular” type folks around you, do they know, like we do, this is New World order games or do most think its for real? I can’t quite get my question out. Let me put it another way, are there people around you that are awake? Were they talking lije we would here on your comment board?

        1. rosette delacroix Post author

          Aloha barbi,
          No, unfortunately all of the people around us were NOT awake. The people in the gym, the people at my work, the people in my neighborhood, they ALL think it was real! They believe the official story that some nincompoop messed up and accidentally sent the text out. They believe that North Korea ACTUALLY has missiles that can hit us. They believe it all! What to do? If I tell them the truth they will just look at my like I am crazy. I came so close to telling my co-workers about how Japan received the EXACT SAME TEXT two days later on their public television! But they would just think that was a coincidence and that there are a lot of incompetent people over there too. It makes you want to pull your hair out! So the best I can do is post here in hopes it will reach some people that were on the fence, to see how it truly is. Mahalo, rosette

          1. Lou

            I know exactly one man and his wife who are awake. My six children and ten grsndchildren claim they still love me inspire of the fact my cheese has slipped off my cracker. I’ve given up telling people the truth, Now I just talk to God, my friend and his wife, and with everyone else, I limit myself to small talk. Thankfully, I can still write comments on dear Rosie’s blog. Thank you Rosette for providing an old man with a place to talk about something other than the high price of tomatoes. Lou

  2. Lola

    Hello Dear Rosie!
    My goodness I’m so relieved to know you’re ok! The very moment I heard about the alarm I kept you dear child in my prayers. You and the entire Delacroix family! What an awful thing to do as a hoax! But you are so smart to see through it all!
    I also watched your youtube video of the Ancient Tree with my three girls. I always prefer to read your decodings rather than watch but Sophia pointed out to me that this video is different. The visuals were quite remarkable! Did your friend ODD do them for you?
    So that was part one with more to watch, so I will be certain to look at those too. You must feel so proud of that work, along with the others that contributed their parts as well. I love hearing your voice along with the others. Simply well done!
    And Sophia has a question for Luke, is he still attempting to write another article, and a video to go with it too? She talks about you and Luke often Rosie! She tells me she wants to be a master decoder like you and to find more anagrams like Luke. She loves you both!
    And she’s been telling everyone that her name means wisdom. She’s so happy you told her that! She also likes to tell others that I’m the Oracle. I can’t get her to stop saying my mother is the Oracle! When I asked her what makes her so sure I really am the Oracle, she said Rosie said it, so therefore it must be true. And then she just looked at me and said, don’t you know Mama, the truth is in the code, and Rosie knows all about that code!
    She certainly has her own way of looking at things.
    Well stay strong and safe in Hawaii,
    Love, Lola

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      Thank you dear Lola! Yes my family and I are just fine. We were together so that made it okay. It would have been much harder if we weren’t. That is the only thing I worry about. That if they pull some shit we have to find each other. That would be bad. Yes ODD did the WONDERFUL work on the visuals! I can’t thank him enough! I absolutely LOVE how he put it together! Stay tuned because we have more in the works! As for our friend Luke, yes he is busy working away and Sophia is going to be sooooooo excited once she sees it! It’s on Sophie’s favorite topic! Luke gave me some clues already and I just know it is going to be excellent! Sophie is indeed Wisdom and to be Wisdom she must come from a special source and who can be more special than the Oracle? Hee hee. The truth IS in the code. Like we were saying in the tree vid, we really DON’T pick our names, our names are a part of each of us and reflect US, our names pick US. Sophia is such a beautiful name and so we know Sophia, that YOU are a beautiful soul. Wise and beautiful, just like your mother. Take care, Rosette

  3. 303

    It was also the anniversary of other throw of the Crown of Hawaii. Perhaps a multiple angle event. Distract those who might remember, scare those who don’t and reinforce the domination of the former Kingdom of Hawaii?

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      Interesting 303. They do like to maximize their events. So if its the anniversary of when they took control, it’s to say, “we are still in control and we can do as we like”.

      Another commenter on my YouTube mentioned that the War of the Worlds reading by Orson Welles on the radio that freaked people out in New York City was done in 1938 and our “event” lasted 38 minutes long. Our “event” was very similar to that event because people were not told that Orson’s reading was fiction so people were freaking out thinking they were actually being attacked. So in our case people didn’t know it was not true either and some were freaking out. Notice both were purposely staged by the controllers.

      1. Lou

        Hey there dear Rosie, how are things at ground zero? This was a hoax on several levels! First, the only way to get killed by a missile from North Korea is to have one roll
        off the truck, in one of their many parades, and onto your head. Second, all the things you mentioned, and third… nuclear weapons don’t exist! . In my opinion, It’s something you should decode. The most reliable witnesses to the two bombs that “ended WW II,” were a house full of Jesuit priests not 100 yards from “ground zero,” and one welder who survived both ” blasts,” with nary a blister to show for the experience. Neither city was ever evacuated, and crops were flourishing the next spring. I’m convinced; and I’m thinking you’re already suspicious. Lou

        1. rosette delacroix Post author

          Hey Lou! Exactly! I agree with all of your findings. I did look into Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the whole Jesuit Priest thing while back and I concur. The people that were affected were burned- fire bombed. Napalm. No nuclear bombs. And the Jesuits were unscathed of course, which should have raised some eyebrows.As for life here, went back to normal (at least for us) right after the false alarm text. But we know it was completely planned- no accident that initial text. I’ve talked to several people here asking what they did during that time and one guy said he was sleeping, woke up, read the text and went back to sleep. He figured the sirens would go off if it was legitimate. Another friend’s son called him who was on the way to Costco. He told his son, go ahead and go, Costco is probably the best place to be with all the food and water there. Another person told me he was home with his family and they just huddled together and prayed. So you can see, a mix of reactions. I don’t think there was nearly as many people freaking out as was being reported. They WANT everyone to believe we were all freaking out because that increases the anxiety of the ones elsewhere reading/watching the story. Your mention of the “crops flourishing the next spring” at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, totally reminds me of Fukushima too. Where they say the wildlife, sea life was devastated. I’ve called BS on that for quite some time now. Like I said we eat the sea food just as much as before and no one is getting sick. No dead fish washing up on shore. Our waters should be completely polluted by now if Fuke was real. Supposedly it contaminated the WHOLE Northern Hemisphere through the ocean water circulation and the wind streams. HARDLY! Just another propaganda story to scare the masses and get everyone in sadness. Mahalo~ Rosette

  4. nathalie guiraudet

    Hello Rosette, very happy you did a blurb on this Hawaii “thing”. Everything has just become ridiculous. It’s ridiculous that we put up with this. 38 minutes to tell everyone it was a mistake. Just like Nasa telling us they “lost” all the data from the moonlanding…………we call these people the controllers yet we accept that they are this stupid and incompetent? The inconsistencies of EVERYTHING is just going to literally split our minds in half. You call them despicable, but I believe their is a better word to describe the behavior of these people, we just haven’t created it yet.

    I am passing this clip along in case you didn’t see it from Pockets of the Future. Again, this agenda or whatever we want to call it has been planned for such a long long long time. I don’t see how it will end until it just plays itself out. I know you say their time is short, but I just can’t see it…….and it’s driving me nuts 🙂

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      Hey Nathalie,

      I saw that Pockets vid. I didn’t know we had that agency over here and that was the first I saw of that symbol. You can’t get more Illuminati. ha ha. He did one on Blucifer too. The horse in Colorado at the Denver Airport that I WAS aware of. I was thinking of doing a short decoding on Hawaiian Illuminati symbolism. I did do my Hawaii Decoded but did not include all the logos etc we have over here showing how this State is so controlled. I don’t know. I’m just so over it. So over THEM. My interests are more in uncovering the trees! We had at least THREE giant trees on this island alone. I wouldn’t even be talking about the Hawaii thing EXCEPT for the fact I had to INVOLUNTARILY participate. That part irked me to no end!

      Regarding the Text Message: Notice Tulsi Gabbard mentioned someone accidentally hitting the BUTTON. Because that’s how people would think of it. Like from before, with the Kennedy Missile Crisis with Cuba. An image that instills fear. THE BUTTON. But we know it would more likely be something you click on, on a computer screen, and it would have safeguards, pops up saying are you SURE you want to press this “button”? And would probably include some feature where the supervisor and even the supervisor’s supervisor would have to approve it FIRST. Shit like that. No way did someone ACCIDENTALLY hit THE BUTTON. NEVER would I buy that in a million years.

    1. humdrum yokel

      Hi Max, allow me to place some simple observations or my own experience with the question: Would RFB be one of them, or not. Perhaps those observations will be helpful to you and others reading it.

      (1.) RichieFromBoston = 66 (Chaldean). Does it mean something, such and obvious number encoded in a “chosen/selected” name? Quite possible. Would a legit person not tend to avoid such “coincidences” in let’s call it “truthers circles”? Perhaps.
      When I was “confronted” with this number, while another person on RFB channel was pointing to this “coincidence” in a comment, I was at that stage even … defending Richie. Well, today I would refrain from any action about it.

      (2.) I have seen personally a vid from him, a few months ago, where he was incorporating into it advertising for a TV-station subscription, I could not believe my ears, he really did it! Make your own opinion about that.

      (3.) Yet another strange behavior in another vid I was able to perceive personally: He was offering some monetary prizes / rewards to his channel subs for … I do not remember exactly … presenting some some stuff correctly and on time or so. What, who is sponsoring this strange thing of giving away prizes to his subs.

      (4.) When I have first encountered his channel, sometime in the mid of 2017 I guess, I liked it, and he was the one pointing me to other channels, like “ODD” or “The Truth is Stranger than Fiction”. He often does point to other truth-seeking channels. But in the meantime I do not go often to watch his stuff, somehow I perceive it got worse, not seldom ridiculous and somehow … infantile.

      1. humdrum yokel

        Here one can himself observe (a very fresh vid) and make up one’s mind what he could be about (perhaps desiring to “enter to win” some items from him? Please don’t!):

  5. max

    He did make a 666 symbol in one of the thumbnails, although its possible youtube did that for him to try and discredit him. Other than that, I really don’t know. After finding out about flat earth, it discredited so many people I’d been following for years (david icke, alex jones, max igan, and others), and yet, I have no doubt at all that the flat earth movement is infiltrated with shills and disinfo agents. What’s ironic is, many of them say we shouldn’t look for shills because we should all love eachother and work together, and yet they are spreading false information.

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      It’s really hard because it raises the level of paranoia too and that’s not good. When we can’t trust anyone. It makes for a lonely road. There are most definitely shills in the FE community. There are also really good people trying to spread the truth as they know it. I add the “as they know it” because no one knows all the answers and we are all trying to figure it out. So the best way is seek the people YOU resonate with and definitely do your OWN research. When you actively search it is much harder to be duped. I don’t follow RFB. I don’t really follow anyone. But I do like to do research with fellow truth seekers that I resonate with and make presentations. Like with ODD. I told him I was suspicious of him because he had such a big following, but after meeting him and looking through a lot of his work, to me he’s the real deal. Someone that really cares about the truth and wanting to spread it. I know he’s friends with RFB so that makes me a little less suspicious of RFB, but I don’t really need to check out his info because I already research all the stuff on my own. As for David Icke, Alex Jones and Max Igan, yeah I count them as disinfo agents for sure. If you just look at the symbolism for each- on their sites, in their pictures, their backgrounds etc. it’s hard NOT to see it with them. Why did RFB do the 666 hand sign? That’s a good question. Someone should ask him.

    2. rosette delacroix Post author

      I scanned a few of his latest vids and he is pushing fear. Not good. Just because he can’t see wildlife doesn’t mean its not there. Remember the controllers live here too, they are not going to soil their nest. All they have to do is get US to THINK that the nest is soiled.

  6. lidy

    Hello Rosette, I found this youtube film very revealing.

    Non the less it is very wise of you to have some food and water in stock and some money in case the electronic bankingsystem doesn’t work. I have to do something about it too. One can not rely totally on all the facilities and I like my coffee in the morning.

    About this RFB, I watched some video’s too, but only for a few minutes. Maybe he means well but I get very stressed just listening and looking at this Ritchie. You have to run to keep up with him. Very stressful experience. Then I’d rather watch Rita. But it can be a personnel thing. Whatever: I Never mis an episode. Hope you and friends here enjoy her too.

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      I haven’t had a chance to watch those yet but will when time permits. I wanted to quickly mention a new channel I’ve been watching (well not new, but new to me) that I found from watching ODD interview him. His name is Will and his channel is Truth is Stranger Than Fiction. Have you seen those lidy? Or you max? I think you would both like his work. Really good stuff. And just recently he did a vid discussing a new Flat Earth documentary that had Ronnie and Jason’s stuff in it at about the two hour mark. And I agree with Will WHOLEHEARTEDLY!! Lesson learned! Another rabbit hole I had to go down apparently and now I have a better understanding of why its NOT good- that is Simulation Theory. I know you didn’t like it from the get go lidy, and you are wise! Also Will goes into their square map and why it does NOT work. And again I totally agree with Will. He also did a documentary on the truth about our world I will link here. EXCELLENT WORK. He is brilliant- and in his twenties. It is awesome that someone so young is so in tuned with the truth. It really gives me hope for our children.

      1. lidy

        Well, I’ve been listening for a while, but I get lost in the amount of words. His voice is a bit hypnotic. He sounds much older than in his twenties. For the part that I listened, I understand that all religions and ancient cults lead us away from God and the Bible. And that’s it. I really don’t grasp what he is trying to convey to his audience.

        Where Ritchie from Boston gives me the feeling that we are constantly too late for whatever what. This man gives me the feeling that I’m drowning in his words, whilst he doesn’t throw a thread to save you from drowning.
        Of course I’m exaggerating here to make my point.

        So Rosette, for me it is a no no for both. I hope you will forgive me my, how do you say that, blunt/straight answer, but this is my honoust personal opinion.

        1. rosette delacroix Post author

          Aloha lidy, I don’t listen to RFB, but Will from Truth is Stranger than Fiction I do, as of fairly recently. I appreciate your straightforwardness. No one is going to resonate perfectly with anyone else. Our experiences and world view is unique to the individual, but sometimes our views merge, like here, for the most part with the people that interact on this site. I don’t listen to too many other people since I do research of my own and don’t want it influencing what I find. (Although R&J DID influence my work and NOT in a good way!) I try to keep my info as close to “me” as possible. But Will’s info really helped me- especially on what he says about simulation. It seems we have to (at least I do) go down more rabbit holes to figure out that they ARE rabbit holes. So for myself, I still recommend his channel. Mahalo, rosette

          1. lidy

            Rosette, you are a totally different story. For me you are a teacher. Every article is a basket full of fruit. Sometimes I take one and come back later to take another one.

            You’re also a pioneer, so you take the wrong path sometimes, but you are strong enough to realize that and come back and start all over again. I don’t consider that as a failure, more as an adventure. For me that is as interesting as everything else on your website, the comments and dialogues.

            You’re something else Rosette!!!

          2. rosette delacroix Post author

            You are very sweet Lidy! I learn from you as well and value your opinion greatly. I see us and the other lovely like kind souls that put in their two cents on here as an extension of my family- a cyber family. I’m thankful you, and hopefully the others, can see my “pitfalls” for what they are. Just a slight detour and I’m back on the truth road. Big hugs Lidy. Blessed to know you.

            This is an afterthought that I wanted to add, on the subject of lessons learned from detours in the road, how I was hooked up on the name of Christ as Yahawashi. How that is the true pronunciation and the argument being that each of us would expect to be called by our real name and to pronounce it correctly and anything else would be offensive basically. But then I see so many variations on that name and everyone thinking their version is correct, Yahweh, Yahua, Yahusha, Yeshua, and everyone arguing over it. And everyone trying to convince everyone else that THEIR version is the correct name. That Jesus means Earth Pig! And that it is OFFENSIVE to call him that! Now Jesus is a variation on Je Suis, which means I am. I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. He called himself “I am”. Meaning He just is. He didn’t give himself a name. And like cracker says, giving himself a NAME would put Him in this satanic system. Our names are our fictitious persons that they rule us by. So He would most definitely not WANT us to squabble over a NAME. And in each language there is a variation on the name. I had one gal list a few dozen under one of my YouTube vids that was very enlightening. If I can find it I’ll post it here. I AM is the “name” usurped by Lucifer too by the way. So HE knows how powerful the non-name is. HE tries to control THAT as well. So we should use whatever name or non-name that we are most comfortable with to call Jesus. Cracker mentioned he resonates with Christ as the name and that’s the one I resonate with the most as well. Christ versus Lucifer. I am not Hebrew and Yahawashi or Yeshua just don’t resonate with me.

            Jesus Christ~ I am Christ. Christ it is. 🙂

      2. humdrum yokel

        rosette, I am so … enthralled that you have discovered Will (TTISTF) . I have watched him already for I’d say over 6 months, he helped me to discover many aspects of the deception from the occult side, their symbology so embedded … in the technology companies for instance.
        It is so good to hear you found his work and you love it.
        And of course I have found your work through … ODD, was mostly watching your vids up to now, but now … it is my first attempt to participate in this “family” exchange on your homepage of those … who see the unbelievable extent of the deception.
        The more I learn the fewer people around me I can exchange on those “crazy things”. A cordial shalom to you and the participants here … (I am already past my very deep depression, seemingly characteristic to many who to begin to wake up and are overwhelmed by it, when I fell into it while beginning to grasp the utter darkness of the deceivers … and the hypnotized state of the people around me…)

        1. rosette delacroix Post author

          Awe so glad to see you here Humdrum! You are among friends. The people that comment here you will get to know and see they are the nicest, most astute, knowledgeable bunch on this plane. I just love them to pieces. Ha ha. I remember your kind comments Humdrum and I did notice you commenting on one of Will’s posts. I might have too? And you saw it or something? I can’t quite recall. But yeah, his work is awesome. And I feel he is genuine. Like ODD. Like you. Like my friends in here. So there are good people out there and we can connect. Anytime you want to share with us in here you are most welcome to. Big virtual hugs~ rosette

          1. humdrum yokel

            rosette, I have also the feeling that William is legit, same tendency I sense for ODD.
            But as I have learned from russianvids (it is my own paraphrasing, not his direct words): “Even if some should be clearly shills they still have to put out truth to lure others so watch and learn carefully and take what is good and be wise to discard the garbage.”
            You see, when I have discovered your decodings (through ODD), I have started watching them (all) and I have liked many of them. In one of them (I do not remember which one) I have seen, perceived some, well, how should I phrase it, well, some … hmmm… “twisting” of the Bible (I am a religious person, so I have initially also had “trouble” with your … name (now wonderful to my ears though!, after your explanation), well, that “twisting” has put sooooo much fear, some strange perception of fear into me, that … I immediately wanted to disassociate from you, so … I have deleted many of my initial comments to your vids on … yt on that day, perhaps a month a go, or so.
            But here I am, over with the fear, considering you … an interesting and a pleasant person, after having watched many more decodings, and now I seem to be capable of dealing with “uncomfortable” things you might present, if you choose to chase a strange rabbit hole, “uncomfortable” perhaps to … my programming, quite possible indeed, or you indeed get into wrong direction here or there, but then … hopefully return. (I love your cordial nature, as I love the polite nature of ODD, you two … fit well for producing some good stuff, I hope, in the future).

          2. rosette delacroix Post author

            I appreciate your candor humdrum. I started my website in August, 2015 and added my YouTube channel in January, 2016. So I’ve been writing and doing presentations for around 2 years now. From when I started to now I have learned a ton. As have I’m sure you and other awake people as well. It’s an ongoing process. And a public process, whereas readers do the same thing but in private. No one’s journey is flawless. There are just too many pitfalls out there. So some of the things I was towards in my journey I have veered away from and picked up other roads to follow. My quest is for the truth and I’m actually grateful for my pitfalls because it gave me knowledge in them, so when I see other people stuck in them I can relate and if asked give them my opinion as to WHY they are on the wrong path and help them change course. In the not too recent past I had to do this with my association with people pushing simulation theory and earth as a “squarish” map. Against my better judgement I might add. ALL the symbolism that I have uncovered fits with a flat circular map with the North Pole in the center, as well as the Book of Jubilees confirming this- through the God Culture’s work. Simulation is just like infinite space and infinite plane, if we are in a simulation IT can go on endlessly too and if that was the case then Earth would not be the special place that it is. It IS special or “Earth” couldn’t make “Heart”. It is the Heart because God created it with love and we are His special creation. And yeah, ODD is just as polite chatting with him, a true gentleman. Compare him with some of the ones purporting to be Christian out there. Good trees bear good fruit. It’s that simple. Actions don’t lie. And we do have another presentation in progress. Stay tuned. 🙂 P.S. You can always ask me about things that bother you in my decodes and I can explain them further. Hard to fully explain some of them in my decodes then they would be too long.

      3. imina

        My husband and I have been watching both you and Willl for a long time. We were asking ourselves if we should recommend his videos to you. So good you found him.

        1. rosette delacroix Post author

          Awe! Thanks for sharing that. Yeah he’s really really good. I’m working my way through his presentations. He is so clear headed on so much. I’ve learned a lot from him. I started going down the “simulation” rabbit hole and all thanks to Will and his talks on this point, he pulled me out. So grateful!

  7. Downtown Julie Brown

    Well may I sneak in here just to add a few of my own thoughts?
    I have to say thank you Lidy! I simply love your way of saying every article of Rosette’s is a basket full of fruit. Absolutely! And I love our little cyber family that I can easily connect with at anytime too! So much to learn from others!
    As for my co-workers Kimberly, Josh and Victoria (remember them Rosette?) I’m still wanting them to come and join our group here too. They are so darn shy! I told them everyone of us on here are good and very supportive! But they wait for me to act as mother hen and do all the talking for them. So with that, Victoria has a question for Luke: Do you know anything at all about Queen Latifah? That surely can’t be her real name either and is she another Hollywood star on the rise or maybe on the make? She’s asking because another co-worker Sharon seems to swear that Queen Latifah is so down to earth and with a really beautiful soul. I would beg to differ but maybe Luke knows more?
    Anyway blessings to our wonderful family!

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      Of course I remember them Julie! Tell them don’t be shy, we don’t bite! No question is silly. Ask away. 🙂

  8. Luke Aspen

    Hey Julie,
    It’s great to see you back on here!
    So you’re co-worker was asking about Queen Latifah? Well I can share what I know about her & it’s not good at all! And you’re right about her name Queen Latifah, it’s just as fake as she is. Her birth given name is Dana Owens. And consider that name Owens, just what or whom does she “owe” for her current Hollywood success?
    Well she owes a lot to film producer Quincy Jones. He’s also linked very closely to Oprah & he made the final decision to cast her in the Color Purple. Jones is clearly the Sodomy King of Hollywood. He’s their go-to-guy for rising up into the ranks of Hollywood by way of the sodomy ritual. So Dana Owens keeps very close ties with Jones as his “Queen”. She is the female side of the sodomy ritual, thus the Hollywood Queen of Sodomy. Now you know why she calls herself Queen Latifah. She has inducted various women by wearing a strap-on dildo & doing the deed. Now how sick is that? Just more weird inversion of her sodomizing another woman with an add on device. I also checked with my friend Carlos who spent over 30 yrs in Hollywood working as a casting agent. He said Latifah is truly everything I just said. He also had been invited many times over to the William Morris Agency sodomy parties, but of course he declined, so he knows much. I recently saw a photo of Latifah in a fashion magazine & it was most telling with her being all dressed in black & sitting on a black throne & photographed from the left side. She really plays her queen’s role to the hilt! And she also has a small cluster of butterfly tattoos just below her right ear. And a large butterfly tattoo on her left hand. So that means of course she’s another MK Ultra Monarch. Plus I’ve also seen her wearing for various photo ops what else but the polka dots. And we all now know what that means!
    And so when you’re co-worker says Queen Latifah is down to earth. Well in a way she is correct to say just that, but I would add that Latifah is way down INTO the earth, where she can be closer to her lord Lucifer!

  9. lidy

    Rosette, I agree with you on the name issue. I got enthousiastic for a brief moment too. But it was too difficult to remember and I kept struggling with the right pronounciation. So I turned back to Jesus because that resonates with me and is sounds so familiar.

    I would like to bring something to your attention. It is something that puzzles me. It’s about the way they, who-ever, is trying to programm us for things to come.

    You see there was this story about the Turpin family with the thirteen children.
    First of all the mother reminded me very strong of a picture I saw of ellen white.

    But then I saw an article about location of things: LoT

    And that reminded me of a picture where the 13 children wear a red t-shirt with a print of the word ‘thing’ and the number in the row.

    So I think this is the way to lead us to this device or application to follow your where-about.

    Then another thing:
    I came across a website of a judge who explains what the consequences were of the closing of the white-house for a time. It is somewhere in here.
    I’m so sorry that I coulnt find the specific item

    Well anyway, it says that the democrats did this on purpose, because then none of the orders of president Trump are lawful. He has to go through another period of a year.

    But then I remembered that according to the club of Rome, they want to create ten regions. United states and Canada as one. So it can be that they make a mess now on purpose to create a reason or excuse for dismanteling the government of the U.S. in order to be able to unite the two countries.

    I thought just bring it to the attention.

    1. lidy

      It is a little bit speculation, but if you look at the picture of the club of Rome, in fact the U.N., then Trumps slogans start to make sense: America first and we make America great again, and then the wall between Mexico and the United states.

      There was also this man in the Netherlands with a show who made a song about the Netherlands being second. That’s also according to the map.

      Well these were my two cents of the day.

      1. lidy

        Rosette, I hope you don’t mind. It seems a little bit chaotic, but Just looking here and there I find interesting things.
        The first thing I saw was that Hillary Clinton had a slogan that fits also the map of America: Strong together.
        Then I saw obama s farewellspeech in the whitehouse about coming back. And then to my surprise I saw him on the cover of a magazine that reads: Obama king of things.
        Isn’t that something?

        1. rosette delacroix Post author

          Of course I don’t mind lidy. I welcome your finds. America is the New “Atlantis” the Babylon 2.0. It is where their New World Order will be headquartered. Denver for the Western States and Atlanta for the Eastern it appears. Will there be a divide between the two? There are many maps out there that show the flooding of the Midwest in the center from Canada down to Gulf of Mexico. And I can see Amsterdam being the headquarters for the European sector. I have heard many times that they want to divide the world into 10 regions of control although we had the G8 the “Great Eight” and Eight being the infinity loop, G8 is GATE, locking us in here, so it could be 8 regions. But then it could also be 12, like on a clock. Like the 12 regions in the Hunger Games. Twelve like the 12 disciples, like the 12 Knights of the Round Table, like the 12 Zodiac signs in Noah’s Ark in the sky. With the 13th in the middle controlling it all. The 13th would be Lucifer for their NWO usurping Christ. So seeing 13 symbolism with everything you mentioned makes me think even more that it will be 12 regions with the 13th controlling them all. The location of the 13th should be at the North Pole- usurping Eden. I’m working on a decode for Blade Runner 2049 and the bad guy Wallace, even mentions making Angels to take over Eden! So that might be their plan. Almost done with that decode. Has a lot in there that relates. mahalo, rosette

  10. lidy

    Goodmorning Rosette, The only thing I can say is that they are planning something. But that is not a surprise, time will tell what.

    I have been thinking about this simulation an our exchange of thoughts about the subject..

    You see, now I think that God our creator has created a real world for us and that Satan is mimicking this creation, and that is what all this simulation is about.

    So far this simulation is real because it is happening, but we have to realize it is fake, it is a show, it is magic and a spell.

    When Shakespear said: “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.” , he was referring to this make-believe world of Satan/Lucifer.

    By deceiving the people they, Lucifer and his followers, try to draw as many people into this play to the point that the people forget al about Gods beautiful and unique creation.

    That’s why we, need His protection when we analyze this world of deception through Jesus Christ.

    But there is also the destructive effects on the earth. It worries me, but on the other hand I think we have to trust in the Lord.

    That are my thoughts for today.

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      Good morning Dear Lidy,
      I agree. I live in such a beautiful place (sand, beaches, weather. flora and fauna) and I think of how it would be if we didn’t have TV, cell phones, all this technology. We would focus on the Creation. But because we have all these devices our thoughts are always focused on the airwaves. (Even here!) And we know Lucifer is Prince of the Air(waves). That’s why there is Facebook. For its highly addictive nature. And video games which are the same! And now we have those virtual devices where you can play video games and you feel as if you are IN THE GAME. THAT is simulation! When you are in that virtual world. THAT is the world of Lucifer. THIS world is STILL the world of God, Satan just gets to run it for a time. He has total control of us if we choose (through Free Will) to enter that virtual world.
      And them making the world a stage, with us as “merely players” minimizes our existence here. It also minimizes the importance of morals. If we are just “acting” then we can “do as thou will”. Anything goes because we are just playing our parts- no consequences. Its another way of Lucifer usurping us- our importance. Get us to act like them, think like them, play like them, we become them in everything but name and then we realize what we have become, but by then it is too late.

      1. lidy

        They write a thriller on a daily basis and the biggest compliment that we can give these people is when we take it for real. That we start living their play and thus take part of it, forgetting and neglecting our beautiful reality, our friends, family, nature and our true Creator. We better enjoy it Rosette and friends, So enjoy your day.

  11. Kalis

    Hi Rosette! I love in Oahu and recently came across your YouTube videos/channel and nwebsite. I’ve been on my journey to genuine truth since 2012, it’s been a mental rollercoaster, and I’m still at it.. I’m in need of meeting people like yourself that will help light my path. If you wouldn’t mind responding back her or at my Email.. I would greatly appreciate it.

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      Aloha Kalis, Nice to connect with you. I prefer to interact with people on here, unless I get to know them pretty good. Sorry. I hope you understand. You are welcome to chat on here with myself and all the other wonderful people that are on here. You are in good company. Mahalo, rosette

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