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The Truth is in the Code.

Bright Decoded

For Netflix to release Bright on December 22, tells us this will be a highly encoded film. Notice the red and blue on the front. Nick, the Orc is BLUE blooded, while Darryl, the human is red blooded. But they show an inversion here because they have the blue blood looking right, and the red blood looking left.

The twenty-two is also the zero in the tarot deck. Representing Christ’s journey through this world. And only a “Fool” will want to do it all over again-  the incarnation cycle. But they usurp, as we can see because he is holding a WHITE rose, which is a symbol for Lucifer. The red rose is synonymous with Christ. So they put this film out on the 22nd in homage to Lucifer.

If we do a Google search on “Bright” we find this prominent movement that is typically Luciferian in nature. Where they take God completely out of the picture and have Science rule.

We read, “The Brights Movement is an international intellectual movement. The members of that movement refer to themselves as “Brights”. They hold a naturalist worldview.

Most Brights believe that public policies should be based on science. Brights are likely to oppose the practice of basing public policies on supernatural doctrines (meaning the Bible). Brights may therefore be described as secularists.

The most politically active Brights frequently and openly advocate scientocracy, the practice of basing public policies on science. They look forward to living in an era when the best available scientific evidence provides a foundation for the humane and compassionate operation of human societies.”

“No supernatural ingredients” which really means no God, no Prime Creator. A world without God where MAN rules. Because we will see they have no problem with magic, with magical creatures, with wands and with having wishes granted.

Notice the colors, blue and white. An inverted rising sun. And it is EIGHT pointed. We will see the meaning of the eight pointed star shortly.

And which are the same colors as the Star of David. And we know the Star of David has 33 encoded in it. Two triangles, each with three sides, so two 3’s is 33. And 33 is the number of the Masons.

Then we have the Fulbright Scholarship award. A FULL BRIGHT- one that is seeped in Scientism. That is promoting Man becoming God. Let’s look at some of the notables: Nelson Mandela, Jimmy Carter, Kofi Annan, the former UN Inspector General, Colin Powell, Bill Clinton, and Hans Blix, former head of the United Nations Monitoring System.

Remember Hans Blix? Who pretended to monitor Kim Jong Il’s nuclear program? And what a farce that whole thing was and is today? So THESE brights, Full-Bright scholar’s are working AGAINST the red blooded people. They are on the side of the blue bloods.

Only a Bright can control the power of a wand.

Majestic 12 also comes to mind. From the Wiki we read, “In UFO conspiracy theories, Majestic 12 (or MJ-12) is the code name of an alleged secret committee of scientists, military leaders, and government officials, formed in 1947 by an executive order by U.S. President Harry S. Truman to facilitate recovery and investigation of alien spacecraft.” Secret committee of scientists is the key there.

Notice how the Fulbright Scholarship was signed into law on August 1, 1946, by the same President Harry S. Truman, just six months earlier.

We know to be “bright” is another way of saying “illuminated”, like the Illuminati.

Now here they make the Elves the bad people, the ones in control, even over the humans. And the Orcs the good guys, although the oppressed.

If we look at Norse Mythology we see the elves live in Alfheim, the land of WHITE elves, which is a world above Earth, Mid-gard, and the Orcs would live below in Svartleheim, the land of BLACK elves or Orcs.

The World Tree or Yggdrasil will come up some more…

Pig skin, in reference to Orc skin. Like their teeth, that give them a hog-like appearance.

“Orcs fight for you…who fights for us?” Which is hilarious and an inversion, they don’t really care about us. And notice it is written in blue.

This public relations campaign to get people to think of Orcs differently has been going on for quite some time. Remember Mork from Ork? The lovable alien that made us laugh? Mork and Mindy– M and M- thirty-three, brought to us by the Masons.

Notice Mork’s downward triangle, which represents the element water, which is a symbol of the moon.

Like we know President Trump does every chance he can get. And the moon is a symbol of Lucifer. So Trump is showing where his allegiance lies. Also notice the Masonic pillar behind his left shoulder.

Although they don’t make them giant size in here, Orcs ARE associated with the giants- enemies of humanity. And yet, they want us to think of giants as our friends as well. Like the recent movie BFG, Big Friendly Giant. Notice the blue background once again.

The Dark Lord, another name for Lucifer.

And Will Smith- Will is a common name used by the Masons.

William- Will I Am. Force of Will. Their will. Will of Man as opposed to the Will of God. And Smith is also another name used by the Mason’s. Cain literally means “smith”. A blacksmith, like Tubal-Cain, whose line they say they are from.

Will Smith

I guarantee the singing group The Smiths are Masons as well.

With their song, There is a Light That Never Goes Out, that was about the death of Diana in the tunnel. BEFORE the event happened. Was Diana a Bright? She was a Queen of Hearts- a red rose. A bright is a good thing. But they usurp it. Take what is good and use it for bad.

“I’d like to be a Queen of people’s hearts, in people’s hearts.”

In the song, Morrissey sings about two people on a romantic date, driving at night in the city, fantasizing about getting killed together in a car crash and gripped by fear in an underpass. Just like what happened to Diana.

For more on the Diana-Morrissey phenomenon I’ll provide a link below.

Notice The Smiths albums on the wall behind Patricia Steere in her show’s with Mark Sargent. And tell me THEY are not Masons. She even dyes her hair Masonic orange.

Genesis 4:22 it says that Tubal-Cain was the “forger of all instruments of bronze and iron.” So from Genesis we know Tubal-Cain was a smith.

Tubal Cain- Two Balls and a Cane. Used in the Facebook Logo. Notice even the “thumbs up” is from the Masonic symbol. Another way to praise the One, the Un, another name for Lucifer.

And comes up in their movies as well. Like here with Mad Max, tied onto a “cane” with two balls (skulls) on either side of him.

max mad

“Be Yorcself.”

Orcs are from York. New YORK City. York Rite. The Capital City of the Mason’s on the East Coast. Orcs as opposed to Arcs or Archons. The ruler of the Arch, the Dome, in which we are under. A is alpha, the male energy, represented by the sun, the Christ energy and O is Omega, the female energy, represented by the moon, the Lucifer energy.

So we saw how Will Smith is a masonically encoded name, what about Noomi Rapace?

Well Noomi is an anagram for “I MOON” and Rapace means “predator”. So “I Moon Predator”. I am a Moon predator- she works for the Moon- the moon is Lucifer.

Fairies, who used to have a favorable light, like Cinderella and her fairy godmother’s

or Peter Pan’s Tinkerbell,

are now considered pests and should be killed like a common house fly. “Fairy Removal” it says on the side of the phone.

This one shows an Orc version of Skull and Bones. Which is most fitting since they ARE connected to the Masons.

Remember both George Bush Senior and Junior were Skull and Bonesmen. And George Bush Senior’s nickname was Magog, a giant. An og-re, Ogre, an Orc-er, an Orc.

The Orcs from Lord of the Rings lived in the underworld. Below, in the Abyss.

The Dark Lord WILL return. Will I am. Force of Will.

Fogteeth, the name of the Orc gang. Notice how Fogteeth is very close to HOG teeth.

Fogteeth…. Hog teeth… or a version of horns.

With the help of the Inferni, a rebel band of elves. Notice how close Inferni is to Inferno. Dante’s Inferno– The Nine Circles of Hell. So Inferni would really represent the DARK elves, that live in Svartleheim, down below.

Here we see men and Orcs hanging from the Tree of Daath.  As opposed to the Tree of Life.

Daath. Notice here it is there, but not fully there, a broken line. Daath supposedly means “knowledge” but you can’t help make the phonetic relationship between Daath and DEATH.

When  you look into the abyss,  the abyss also  looks  into 

Daath, like Darth Vader. Daath is Death. Daath Vader- the dark side, the Dark Lord.

We see Darryl and Nick are assigned to car number 93; Aleister Crowley’s favorite number. Ninety-three represents Thelema.

It is the number of “Do as Thou Will, ” which is the Crowley philosophy in a nut shell. Moral relativism. Do what feels good. Do what is right to you. Not God’s law.

Notice how the Beverly Hills sign is now written in Elvish. The Elves have become the elite of the Earth.

Shield of Light. In Masonic orange…

Why does this image remind me of a bag of Sun Chips?

“Bright” over the city of Fallen Angels. Los Angeles, the Masonic capitol of the West Coast where HOLYwood reigns. Wands are made from the Holy Wood tree.

Like in Harry Potter, where Harry goes to Ollivander’s Wand shop to buy his.

An Orc shoots Daryl.

Notice here they have Joe Rogan interviewing the Orc. Why? Why Joe Rogan? Because they know members of the Awake Community will be watching. They want the Awake Community to think Joe is one of us. He’s a good guy. He cares. When what he really is, is just another Masonic gatekeeper, like his buddy Alex Jones, and like Alex’s buddy Charlie Sheen.

Fairy removal. Once thought of as helpers of humanity are now worse than flies. I thought this story was supposed to be a “Fairy TALE”?

Will kills it.

“You know, it’s a brand new day. We’re setting the “reset” button, ” says Nick. Notice how right as he says that they pass by 99,99,99… a reset. Which is the goal of The Great Work. To reset Earth, but with THEM in charge 99.99 %.

They drive through the Elven Special District. Notice how close Elven is to Eleven. Two eleven’s equal 22, the number of the Fool.  El- even. Adam is Odd, Eve is EVEN, they worship the divine feminine, the EVENING, where the moon rules- in the form of Lucifer, the androgynous god.

“Nothing here but rich ass elves, running the world and shopping,” says Darryl.

S-elf, self. The ego, the Id. Self serving in the material world instead of service to others.

“You know what they say, once with the Dark Lord, always with the Dark Lord. How can dudes that don’t even remember their baby mama’s birthday, have a beef with a whole race over something that happened two thousand years ago?” says Darryl.

It should be obvious from this Orc’s jersey with the Masonic orange and the number 33, that they are representing the Masons. Thirty-three, one above freezing, where water melts, and the truth is revealed.

And the Masons are represented by the Police as well. Police being 33 in numerology. Police really means Polis-ee, “Policy Enforcers”. And who sets the policy? The Masons. They’ve taken over all systems of control. What better way to hide their corruption than by running the very system that is supposed to keep corruption in check?

Here they show more “magical creatures” with the cop being a Minotaur- half man, half horse.

They get a disturbance call to check out. A guy in the street yelling and wielding a sword. Seems like a crazy dude. Bu the crazy dude will have something profound to say to Nick.

But first, notice the sword. It’s a real sword. Darryl picks it up to put into the squad car.

The Sword and the Stone. Each representing a side. The Mason’s use Stone as a last name to represent themselves. Like Oliver Stone, like Larry Silverstein. Stein means Stone, so Silver Stone. Whitney Houston is really Hew Stone, hewer of Stone. David ROCKefeller, feller of Rock or Stone. So from this we know this guy, the guy with a sword, is actually in opposition to the Stones. He is a Sword.

“I have a message from The Shield of Light. The army of nine races fought shoulder to shoulder to give you the world that you neglect. And now the Dark One returns to reclaim Orc hearts.”

“Remember the old ways. Remember what you are. Remember your traditions. Only clan ways can save you. The Prophecy has chosen you.” So this guy, this sword, is a Prophet, like Christ and his disciples, like King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table with THEIR swords.

“Orcs chose the wrong side a long time ago and have been paying for it ever since,” says Nick.

“The man with you is blessed,” says the sword man. So Darryl doesn’t know it, but he would be a red rose, like Diana. And which you can see the irony, they have Will Smith, a Masonic shill, play the Christ character.

They make the elves look like vampires. The ones that really ARE in control ARE vampires. The blue blooded elite, who live off of the red blooded, both literally and figuratively. Notice this elf is wearing a silver crescent moon necklace. Who’s side is he really on? Silverstein, silver stone.

They interrogate the sword man. Knowing somehow these two elf sisters are involved- part of the Inferni to bring back the Dark Lord.

He tells them they are Leila and Tikka.

Meanwhile Darryl and Nick go to an apartment where they get another disturbance call. Notice the Shield of Light on the wall.

Where they find an elf “zapped” onto the wall by a magical wand.

“Please protect me,” she says.

She has a magical wand that if anyone besides a “bright” touches it with their bare hands will be killed. The corrupt cops come and want to take the wand and kill Darryl and Nick.

But Darryl takes them out first. Then the Crips come. Notice the Crips are BLUE. The blue gang. Crip as in Crypt, C-R-Y-P-T, a Vampire coffin.

And you can tell Leila represents the vampiric blue bloods. They show her in a blue light, Vampire teeth, out at night.

Prince Charles is said to be a direct descendant of Vlad the Impaler, otherwise known as Count Dracula, a vampire. Notice the eight-pointed star at his crown chakra. The eight-pointed star is a symbol of the Octopus- OCTO meaning eight.  Octopus are BLUE blooded animals. And notice the “eggs” on Vlad’s hat.

They sure do look an awful lot like these blue octopus eggs.

Notice the address prominently displayed-340. The 34 represents the male/female team that is here to “save humanity”.

The three is the female, the Empress card,

and the four is the male, the Emperor card. Three is also Hu, heaven or spirit, while four is man or matter- together, 34, making HU-MAN the divine heaven and earth connection as found in Christ.

Think I’m stretching things? What about Tris (three) and Four in The Divergent?

or MAD Max and Furiosa? One is mad, the other is furious.  They give us a clue by having the number four written right on his car…


So who would these two be in Bright? Well we learn that Tikka is a Bright and we will learn shortly that Darryl is one too. Tikka asks Darryl to protect her. She is the 3 and Darryl is the 4 in this story.

They flee and come across Orcs and humans in some sort of Skinhead (Pig Skin) club.

Another number they make sure to show us is 77. Seventy-seven is the number for Lucifer/Satan. Like in the Process Church, where they worship what they call Four P’s. P in numerology is 7.

Each P or 7 represents a “god”. Their gods are Jesus, Jehovah, Lucifer and Satan. They say they worship all four but in their own writings mention how Jesus is demoted to “messenger” status, and they hardly speak on Jehovah. The two that they REALLY follow are Lucifer and Satan. And that’s why you see Code 77.

Like in Johnny Depp’s name. Depp means “of PP” and the PP is 77. So “of 77” which means “of Lucifer and Satan.” Johnny doing a Masonic pose, lower right, meaning he is a keeper of the secrets. And “the World’s Greatest”, greatest, as in The Great Work.

So Fogteeth’s crew wears the 33 but also the 79. The 79 is another version of the 88.

Eighty-eight, like we saw in The Cabin in the Woods, foreshadowing Curt’s demise. Eighty-eight being HH in numerology and stands for “Heil Hitler”, but also 88 and 79 both equal 16. Sixteen is the Tower card in the Tarot Deck.

And the Tower Card symbolizes anarchy, destruction, chaos.

Notice Fogteeth’s throne is made up of antlers, horns.

Representing the horned god- Cernunos or Lucifer.

And you can see here that the Tree of Life is inverted, with the light coming from below.

His “church” is over a hole to hell. Hmmm… could that be where many of our churches are built today? We hear they are built over lay lines, but places like the Vatican have many underground rooms and tunnels. Are they really access points to the below? As above, so below.

The horned god…

The Orcs shoot Nick and drop him into the Abyss. But Tikka saves him by using the wand to resurrect him.

And you can’t help making a connection here with Rey and Star Wars, the Last Jedi, the last Bright? with HER Blue light saber or “wand”.

He floats up and out of the hole. He is born again.

So Nick is “born again.” The same saying as the Christians say referring to Jesus, the same saying usurped by the witches in the coven, the same saying usurped by the Mason’s in their initiation ceremony.

“To lose it all and rise up again is the sign of the Master Mason.” Notice the Skull and Bones, and of course Master Mason is MM or 33.

You can see the horns are lit up. The upper portion of the Tree of Life is now lit.

“Tikka who are these elves that are hunting us?” asks Darryl.

“They are aiding in the return of the Dark Lord. So he can slaughter billions and enslave the survivors to serve him in a new age of magic,” she replies.

“That’s all? Just some Illuminati shit,” retorts Darryl. See how they throw it in our face?

Tikka responds,”They destroyed the Illuminati some hundred years ago.” Sure, they want US to believe that. The Illuminati are alive and well. They are still in charge. They are still following their Great Work.

“Keep the wand away from Leila,” says Tikka. So Leila is the name of Tikka’s sister who is trying to bring the Dark Lord back. Leila is another variation on Lila, Lola, and Lilith. The feminine aspect of Lucifer.

“I sit before you, Lord of Darkness.” Yeah, so Leila is no good.

We can see that where Leila is sitting is at ANOTHER representation of the Tree of Life. With the water elemental below. Remember that water is the element of the Moon. Notice it is in a cross.

They manage to “almost” kill Leila. But you can see she still has some “blue” energy life force on her.

Darryl carries Tikka to the pool to heal her.

But Leila revives and attacks Tikka. She stands over her sister where Tikka says, “I can’t go back.” She will not be Inferni.

That’s when Darryl discovers he is a Bright. He grabs the wand with the intention of killing them all, including himself, to be a martyr, to save humanity. But the wand does not harm him.

And so, just as the Magic Task Force arrives, Darryl is able to finally kill Leila and save the world from the Dark Lord, at least temporarily.

Remember Crowley’s 93. Thirty-nine is also used to represent this philosophy. And they show this AFTER Darryl kills Leila. So Crowley’s 93 is STILL alive and well.

The wand is still as powerful as before. They take it away, to be used for another day.

We then change scenes to Darryl and Nick recuperating in the hospital.

Where the Federal Magical Tack Force pays them a visit and to come up with the “official” story.

Darryl knows just what to say, to make it all go away.

Gets to keep his job. Gets to stay on the force. Along with Nick.

And Tikka is still out there. She knows the Fairy Tale is not over yet. And yes, Netflix is making a Part Two of this story. So stay tuned…

Here is the YouTube version:

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12 responses on “Bright Decoded

  1. Khalif Foster

    HI, I am wondering why ya not include four gods on icon that is Jehovah, S, L, but not Jesus? Because ya feel it is wrong or so? Just wondering. The purpose of movie above is to influence people to accept NWO?? And other movies with codes in it??

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      It is a graphic that I grabbed off the internet. And like I said, if you look at their own writings they demote Jesus to messenger status. That’s why. No hidden message. Yes, these movies are to put their agendas in a favorable light. To get people to accept their agendas and the NWO.

  2. Khalif Foster

    Ok, so I am right in this 4 gods as god, but in the icon, there is 3 god as a god, but Jesus is not god, so they demote to a messenger so he is not a god, just a messenger. So, you put 4 instead of 3 as actual believe that is in 3 god, not 4 god, because they will never believe in 4 god, but 3 gods, right? The reason you put number of god is base what they believe and the name of god?

    In the movie, the bad guy is show evil stuff with showing that say illuminated and mason or so that is bad, so the people will see it is bad so they resist, so the good stuff in movie there is no mason or anything, so it is all good. Or. they can switched in different movie that show illuminated and mason and other group is good?? Or it is deeper, it doesn’t show open but hidden, so you accept the hidden, and that hidden is being won, like bright is won as good, so the code is illuminated, they will see the same in both of them and accept in real life that illuminated is good? Any those three process, right?

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      The Process Church is bad. The Masons are bad. Not sure what you are getting at. The movie is encoded with Masonic themes- with Thelema- with everything that has to do with Luciferian worship.

  3. Khalif Foster

    HI, I look up at Process Church and understand 4 gods, so why there is three and there is forth, so the forth that is Christ is united of all 3. The point they worship themselves as they make the decision as absolute that doesn’t rely on other person or anything, but themselves or other humans, not actual God, Jehovah. So, Process Church in term of making a decision yourself as a whole is bad.

    So, what I am getting in the movie that there is three process of showing in a movie that is the bad part that shows bad that is Mason, illuminate, etc, The good part in a movie that shows mason, illuminate, etc is good. Or the third part, there is a sign that is not show but a hidden sign that will show good in real life. For example, illuminate means bright light and bright means bright light and in the movie, the bright is good. The third part is subtle, but not too subtle.

    The whole point is doing so the watcher will see they are bad, good, or whatever in real life when it registers them of the same name in real life.

    1. lidy

      Hello Rosette and Khalif, maybe I can give my view on this.
      Indeed all these cults are very deceptive. What good is is good, what bad is is bad. I take the Bible and especially the teachings of Jesus Christ as my guide, otherwise one can get lost in all these cults, even by studying .

      I understood from the Bible that we have a free will. So ‘making a decision yourself as a whole’ is, according the teachings of the Bible, as far as I understand it, good.

      But even without the Bible, making a decision yourself is for me the only way. And to achieve that in this world is hard enough. But I try every day.

      Commerce, organizations, politics and especially these cults do everything they can to influence your decisionmaking, and invent all kinds of commercials, rituals and initiations and let you sign and swear oaths to keep you bonded.

      You won’t find any freedom in these cults, although they preach it.
      Well that came to my mind, reading your comments Khalif.

      1. rosette delacroix Post author

        Yes Christ didn’t want us to follow any organizations, churches etc. The path to the Father is through Him. And Christ points to His heart. Direct path.

        1. Khalif Foster

          Good comment to follow to His Heart as He is the decider of us, not we ourselves in our heart to decide ourselves or other persons that are indirectly path. So, it is either Christ has a guide to Jehovah’s Heart or we create or act ourselves, not as a guide, which it is the direct path. But best to have indirectly path to Jehovah’s Heart. Ya are right for direct path to his heart, but I am expanding directly as obvious one decision on our action that is in our heart that is base on just us or humans, or indirectly that is subtle one decision on our action that is in our heart that is base on another human (as long they act to Jehovah) or Jehovah. Our heart to follow Jehovah’s Heart. It brings the quote up to fuller that is positive begets positive, etc, so what is begat will beget. Same as the fractal pattern, that self-repeat, which both or anything that is in common. Father create, also the son create; father is human, also the son is human, the point is self-similar, so we can’t rely positive on ourselves since we are incomplete because positive requires all knowledge, which we don’t have, at best, it is seemingly positive but really negative (or follow other person that create themselves); at worse it is negative as a whole by creating ourselves (or follow other person that create themselves). So, what we have is negative that is self similar in two, we act what we don’t know is negative or create ourselves is negative. Not positive as a whole. But negative as a whole.

      2. Khalif Foster


        How do you make the decision yourself without the Bible?? Ya say follow the bible and you say without the bible? Do you means follow the bible and not follow the bible if you don’t have the bible? It is good to have common in two, not one that bases on yourself, but two as a part that is connected to one that is the whole.

        1. lidy

          Goodmorning Khalif.
          My standard toolkit to live a decent life are the ten commendments. plus the instructions Jesus gave about how to live, thruthful and rightenous and finding arguments on which one decides. Now I don’t think you need the Bible for that. There are people that never read the Bible and still live their lives according to these standards to the best they can, like most people. I use two words mistakes and sins. The difference for me lies in the intention and ones capability of reflection and forgivenes. With that in mind living is already a challenge. Sometimes we come in a situation that we don’t know what to do or decide. You can go to your friends, one can also go to the Lord to ask for help. My experience is that one gets inspiration after that. All these churches and cults make things very complicated. The words of Jesus are never complicated, never demanding always giving and inspirational. That’s how I like it. Well that’s all I can say.

  4. Luke Aspen

    Hey Rosette,
    You mentioning Mork & Mindy brought back some old tv memories. And Robin Williams wearing that Inverted triangle, says much! Also his manic depression along with so much alcohol & cocaine. Then along comes Robin’s so-called “suicide”. He once told Carrie Fisher that all of his “dark behavior” was the result of his being bipolar. I don’t buy that! And then several years later Carrie Fisher “dies” & she too suffered from bipolar. And why so many Hollywood stars today struggling with bipolar? Convenient excuse!
    Anyway here’s some perfect anagrams: Mork And Mindy = On My Dark Mind = Nor My Mad Kind. Just more weird anagram truth!

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