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The Hunger Games Decoded

So this is article number twelve which coincides with District 12. How synchronystic!  Let’s delve in…


We are introduced to this world by learning of the uprising. Notice the alliteration, Treaty Treason… Trea Trea… what does that sound like? Three Three or 33… so the ones behind the “treaty” are the ones in the know. To be a 33rd degree Mason you have to be invited. It is a very elite club. (The YORK rite)


“Reaping” as in the Grim Reaper… harvesting… sacrificing… notice the age of the sacrificial lambs… they are children still. The blood of the innocent is best, said Aleister Crowley. (In Wayward Pines we had The Reckoning.)


This reminds me of the Roman Colosseum games, where unlucky plebs were made to fight to the death while the high born patricians watched. Check out the symbol for the ruling government. Notice the laurels to the left and right? Those are symbolic of Rome.


Now the Hunger Games is a very interesting name. David Bowie just passed away a few days ago and he starred in The Hunger. The Hunger was about vampires.


Then we have this series that came out in 2009 with the same name, again about vampires.


So could the ones in charge… possibly be vampires? We will offer more evidence as we go along here. So far we have Masons, Romans and Vampires… let’s keep going.


So we found out in this world the population is divided into 12 districts, with a central city, or Capitol, which is the control center where the ones in charge live. The twelve districts are related to the twelve signs of the zodiac. The capitol is at the center. This is also synonymous with Arthur and his twelve knights of the round table and Jesus and his twelve disciples. Now notice the picture of the last supper. If you look closely you will see that the table is NOT a rectangle.It is actually a circle cut in half with a hole in the center. This is where Jesus would “sit”. They are inverting this image in the Hunger Games. Putting in the lefthanders in place of Jesus and his men.


Notice how District 12 is a rural area. It is very poor. We find out it is the poorest district. The primary occupation is mining coal. (Jesus came from the people. He lived among the poor.)


So we are introduced to Katniss Everdeen. She carries the heart, the fire, in the movie. We can tell by how she cares for her sister. She sings her a valley song. A song from the heart to comfort her before the Reaping ceremony. Their mother has zoned out after their father had passed and Katniss has stepped up and taken over the role of nurturer to her little sister.


Primrose is the name of her little sister. Flowers play a significant role symbolically here. Katniss is a water lily from the genus Sagittaria. Notice the three circular petals.


Here is a symbolic version of the Katniss flower.


Notice how it is similar to this symbol…


This is the symbol of the Merovingians. From the Wiki we learn, “The Merovingians (/ˌmɛroʊˈvɪndʒɪən/) were a Salian Frankish dynasty that ruled the Franks for nearly 300 years in a region known as Francia in Latin, beginning in the middle of the 5th century.”

Notice too the the symbol is very similar to the Suit known as the Clubs…


And the Clubs in the Tarot deck, where the suit of cards was originally derived, would be the Wands….


Now the Wands in the Tarot deck are representative of the element of Fire. And we find out that Katniss’s nickname throughout the Hunger Games is….. Girl on Fire. Are we seeing a connection yet? But there are many more connections. Let us continue…. now Everdeen has Vere in it which means “truth”. Deen is similar to “Dan” and we can postulate that she is from the tribe of Dan.


So for Primrose… we see “prim” as in proper or right… and rose… her sister Katniss will be associated with a rose as well as we go along here.


So Katniss tells her sister she will be back in a bit and goes to the fence. Each District is encircled by a fence to keep them separated. It is supposed to be electrified but she has no fear of it and goes under it to the other side. This fence is similar to Wayward Pines, which also had a town/area that was contained within a circular fence.


So we learn that Katniss is an Archer. Remember that her name is under the genus Sagittaria. The archer is also the symbol for Sagittarius. She lives in District 12. The twelfth month is December, which has Sagittarius in it. Do we see a connection here yet?


Gale Hawthorne sneaks up on Katniss while she is trying to shoot a deer with her bow. Gale and Katniss are both archers. Now Gale Hawthorne carries two translations. Hawthorne- haw means white and thorne is an anagram for throne. So we have white throne. White as in the black and white checkered tiles. White would represent light, the sun, fire…. Gale can be “Gael”… as in Gaelic, which is the language spoken in Wales. And we also have Gaul as in the area that now makes up France and portions of Germany. So Gael can be representative of King Arthur who was King of Wales. Gaul can be representative of King Charlemagne. King Charlemagne was one of the greatest kings of his time and fought the Romans. Now Charlemagne was a Merovingian and rules over the Franks. (Remember we have a Merovingian connection in Katniss’ name as well.) Arthur was British (the true British- not usurped Saxon crowned Windsor British). His history is written in the Mabonogian. Mabonogian is very similar to Merovingian. .. There were actually two King Arthur’s. King Arthur 1 defeated the Romans, King Arthur 2 defeated the Saxons. If we stay on the Roman theme, both King Arthur 1 and Charlemagne defeated the Romans. So Gale is representative of both great kings.


Katniss asks Gale how many times he put his name in for the draw. He answers 42. Now on the basic level we can see that what is implied is that he sacrifices himself for his family. By putting his name in every time his family needs food he saves them from the Games. He also has a good chance of winning, so it seems the Games are rigged since he never gets his named pulled. The odds should be against him. “May the odds forever be in your favor,” is the motto of the Hunger Games. So on a deeper level the number 42 is significant. 42 makes the symbol for Jupiter.


Jupiter is the planet under the sign of Sagittarius. The symbol for Sagittarius is the Archer. Again both Gale and Katniss are archers. Notice too that Sagittarius lies in the 12th month, which is December, hence District 12. Dec- means 10 and 10 is the number of completion. So the rebels will come from the house of December aka District 12. (Notice too that Jesus is not a Hebrew name, it’s a combination of Zeus and Jupiter)


So Katniss picks up a pin before she goes to the Reaping. It is a Mockingjay. She pins this on her sister to give her HOPE. She tells her that as long as she wears this pin she will be safe.


They go to the Reaping site and the “peace keepers” (Orwell’s 1984 double speak comes to mind because they are anything but, more like the “oppressors”) draw blood from each candidate for the draw. It’s hard to see in the photo I took, but the reader has the name of the person on it along with their blood type. Now why would they need their blood type? Would this influence who gets picked for the Reaping? It appears Prim has O blood…



I see Coal Pit… black pit… as in the Abyss… train to hell…. “Coel” is also the line from which Arthur and his arch rival King Mark of York are from. We learn of the War of the Roses later in history, however, it was already being played out in 500 A.D. during Arthur’s time. Now remember that the white rose represented the House of York and the red rose represented the House of Lancaster. We will see how it relates as we go.


So we meet the “escort” of the Hunger Games named Effie Trinket. Escort and trinket makes me think of MK Ultra Beta programming. Check out Effie in one of her outfits. Could she be a Monarch mind controlled slave?


Here she is performing the duties picking the tributes from District 12. She is programmed to love this job.


Katniss’ sister is actually picked for the girls, but Katniss, in an act of bravery, volunteers in her place. This simple act unites District 12. (Prim gives Katniss the Mockingjay pin to keep her safe.)


Now Peeta Mellark is picked for the boys, not Gale, which is surprising since he put his name in 42 times. My guess is that Peeta’s name was in there only once. Why? Because he was the Baker’s son. He had plenty of food. He was even throwing bread out to their pigs. He tossed a loaf to Katniss in the rain when he could see that she was starving. So he wouldn’t NEED to put his name in more than once. He didn’t need extra food. Pita is a type of bread and since he is a baker they want us to associate Peeta with this bread Pita bread is a flat unleavened bread. Peeta has dark eyes and is short. So he is different from Katniss and Gale. Mel-Lark implies not happy…the expression “happy as a lark” but with Mel in front to negate it.


So Katniss and Peeta are whisked away on a speeding train (reminds  me of the train in Snowpiercer, up front, in the elite section) to the Capitol. Notice Haymitch, who is their trainer, is wearing a deep blue. Also notice the white roses on the table. The color blue, along with white roses are symbolic of the York’s.


They get a glimpse of the opulent City of York, the Capitol, where they will be training for the games. Notice it has the element of water all around it. Water is the element of Moon and is also associated with the Yorks. Katniss is known as the “girl on fire” she symbolized the fire element and the Sun.


Now look at the spectators in the Colosseum. Notice that the men are very effeminate. They have decorations in their hair and wear colorful clothing like the women. We can see the agenda of feminizing the male playing out.


Now one of the host of ceremonies has BLUE hair. He also wears it in a “man bun” a hair style they are pushing on men at the moment. His name is CAESAR, so another connection to ROME.

The man with the puffy blonde hair is the same man who played David Pilcher in Wayward Pines. Pilcher was the secret man at the top who “ran the show”. In Hunger Games, this Pilcher also helps run the show, and later tells Katniss and Peeta about a rule change over the loudspeaker when they are in the game.


So we finally get to meet President Coriolanus Snow. Notice he has a white rose in his lapel. He is a York. If we look at his name on a surface level we see “corio” which is “core”, and “anus”. This is the area where the lefthanders want us focused in matters of sex. That’s why we see everything related to the bottom, like Kim Kardashian and her butt shaped like a peach. It’s not by accident. They want us to focus on base sex, not higher love which has to do with the heart.

Now we can learn more from the Wiki. It says, “Coriolanus (/kɒriəˈlnəs/ or /ˈlɑː/[1]) is a tragedy by William Shakespeare, believed to have been written between 1605 and 1608. The play is based on the life of the legendary Roman leader Caius Marcius Coriolanus. The tragedy is numbered as one of the last two tragedies written by Shakespeare along with Antony and Cleopatra.

Coriolanus is the name given to a Roman general after his more than adequate military success against various uprisings challenging the government of Rome. Following this success, Coriolanus becomes active in politics and seeks political leadership. His temperament is unsuited for popular leadership and he is quickly deposed, whereupon he aligns himself to set matters straight according to his own will. The alliances he forges to accomplish his own will result in his ultimate downfall and death.” Very telling! Is this what plays out in Hunger Games? Notice too that he is a ROMAN.

Now Coriolanus Snow also has correlations with Curtis Everett in Snowpiercer and Jon and Ramsey Snow in The Game of Thrones. In Snowpiercer, Curtis Everett has a similar last name to Katniss Everdeen. He has “vere” in it too, which means “truth”. His first name, Curtis is an almost perfect anagram for Christ. Curtis is Curist.. or healer… change the “u” to an “h” and you have Christ. Well Curtis is the SNOWpiercer. He spears the snow so to speak. So he defeats the snow, which he does by defeating Wilford and stopping the sacred engine. So he would be against President Snow.


Now we have two other “snows”. We have Jon Snow and Ramsey Snow, which we are told are bastards, hence the name Snow. Jon is a starK which is a York. The York’s enemies are the LANNister’s of CASTERly rock… the Lanncaster’s. So here we see the connection to the War of the Roses. We see that Gale and Curtis represent the red rose, while President Snow represents the white rose. How about Katniss? We’ll see shortly what rose she represents.

(By the way, they want us to LIKE Jon Snow. They want us to give our energy towards him. But he is THEIR man. I will eventually do an article on Game of Thrones and explain in detail.)

(A second side note, what is SNOW made of? Water. So we have another connection with water here.)


Notice too that we have the hunger GAMES and we have GAME of thrones…. all the world is a stage and we are merely players.. playing a game. If you look around it should be so obvious now. Like how they discover water on Mars coincidentally when the movie The Martian is released. And how David Bowie (BOWie as in Archer) “dies” just two days after the release of his latest album Dark Star… dark starK….. YorK…. white rose versus red rose…


So the tributes get paraded out in horse drawn carriages, just like in Roman times, through the Colosseum. Katniss and Peeta wear “fire” to represent their district. Notice she is holding a RED ROSE in her right hand.


So after the show Effie (Effie also reminds me of Eiffel, Paris trinket) tells Kat and Peeta that each district gets their own floor and since they are from 12 they get the top floor, the penthouse.


In her bedroom, Katniss grabs a remote. When she hits the button it shows a hologram of a forest, like back at home, on the wall. This hologram tech is the same type they used in Cloud Atlas.


The next day they have them in training, practicing for the Games. On the dart board they show us the heart area, a cross with a red circle in the middle, flanked by 76 and 67. The red circle in the center is the heart, or red rose.


To get the judges attention, Katniss shoots an arrow at a roasted pig by the judges and spears an apple to the wall. She spears the “big apple” (New York).


By doing this, she impresses the judges and she gets the top score of 11. Notice that this is the 74th Hunger Games too, so we have 11 and 11 or 22.


Snow finds out and is not happy. Notice his garden is filled with white roses. He explains to the host why he is displeased. He says, “Why do you think we have a winner? HOPE. Hope… it’s the only thing stronger than FEAR. (I think of Obama’s motto of Hope and Change here) A little HOPE is effective. A lot of hope is dangerous. So hope is good as long as we can contain it. SO CONTAIN IT.”


So for part of the show, they have the tributes come out individually and chat with Caesar, the host with the blue hair. Notice Katniss is in RED. She is on FIRE again. She is also wearing gold eyeshadow, which is representativ of the Sun.


After her interview she walks back stage. Notice the clock behind her. The time is set to 9:11. Now 9/11 is the number for Earth. So they are telling us this is a game for Earth.


Next it’s Peeta’s turn. Notice he is in red and black as well. Caesar is in all blue. Notice too that they are sitting on tulips. Peeta jokes with Caesar and says, “do I smell like roses to you?” Caesar laughs and says no.


Here is a shot of the Capitol at night through Katniss’ window. Notice anything interesting here? How about the black cube in the center? Saturn control cube. The closed cross, suppressing the Christ energy.


Now they are about to play the “game”. She rises out of the Abyss in a black tube. This same “rising” imagery is in so many movies, from Elysium, to Batman Rising, to Maze Runner Scorch Trials, to Interstellar… it is what they feel will be playing out. It represents the Phoenix rising, a rebirth…


Right before she “rises” Cinna sees her off and pins the Mockingjay pin on her shirt. He is loyal to Katniss, against Roman President Snow. Just like Cinna, in Julius Caesar… against the Roman oppressors.

From Julius Caesar, “The conspirators gather around Caesar and he sees his trusted friend Brutus among them. They pull out their swords and stab Caesar. With his dying breath Caesar addresses Brutus, “Et tu, Brute? Then fall, Caesar!” . Caesar falls lifeless upon the pedestal of Pompey’s statue. Cinna rejoices, crying, “Liberty, Freedom! Tyranny is dead!”. Those who have witnessed the assassination flee the Senate and Trebonius reports to Brutus and Cassius that Antony has fled to his house in shock and people run through the streets, “As it were doomsday”. Brutus tells the other assassins to bathe their hands and swords in Caesar’s blood and walk outside, proclaiming peace, freedom, and liberty.”


Notice the control room for the Games. It reminds me of Flat Earth. It also reminds me of the control room in Wayward Pines. Used by the overseers, controlling and manipulating humanity.


So the Games begin. Gale mentioned to Katniss before the Reaping that if everyone just ignored the Games that they wouldn’t have any power. So he will not watch the games.


The bloodbath (ritual killings) begin. The tributes run to the supplies and half are killed from the onset. They are down to 12.


Katniss runs to the forest. A butterfly lands nearby. She picks it up. Butterflies are symbolic of MK programming. We saw the butterflies connected to Effie, here Kat has one too.


So the control room monitors the remaining tributes. Notice the Flat Earth with the clear dome connected to it.


They show us how they can manipulate the weather by starting a fire to control where Katniss goes. She actually almost makes it to the perimeter of the games and could escape. So they send fire bombs down from above to turn her around.


She gets injured in the leg and a team of tributes find her and try to kill her. She climbs a tree to escape them. In the tree Rue  (who is in a tree across from her) points to a hive that she can saw down to attack the tributes below. The hive is full of genetically engineered wasps, called Tracker Jackers. So we see their gen-tech agenda as well.


So Kat escapes and makes it back to the central area where the tributes that formed a team stacked all the supplies into a pyramid. She spots the “apples” on top and uses them to her advantage.


She spears them down which causes them to land on the mines and explode all the supplies. She destroys the pyramid.


So while in the forest one of the bad tributes finds Kat and Rue and although Kat spears the assailant, the assailant at the same time mortally injures Rue. As Rue lays dying Kat sings her a valley song, a heart song. When Rue has passed, Kat places flowers around her. She kisses her and raises her fingers in tribute to Rue. District 11 sees this and it gives them courage. They act out and unleash on the peace keepers in their district.


So the host is not too happy and Haymitch has to convince him it is not a good idea to make a Martyr of Katniss. Notice Martyr is M and Arthur.


Haymitch says, “If you can’t SCARE them, give them something to ROOT for.” The host asks, “such as?” Haymitch replies, “young love.”


So the Pilcher character tells the tributes over the loud speaker that there has been a rule change. That they will allow two victors if they are from the same district. (22 and 2) This gives Katniss hope and she goes to find Peeta.


Now she knows that they are playing the “star crossed lovers” role and even though she is not in love with Peeta, she has to play along for them to survive. Peeta doesn’t know this. He is in love with Kat and thinks she is falling for him.


Some of the tributes actually enjoy killing. They are not all good. This one tells Katniss that she killed Rue and that now she is going to kill Katniss too. Kat is saved by the other tribute from District 11 for what she did for Rue.


They show us too how they use hologram technology which can appear very real and actually attack the tributes. Here they make a type of panther and place it in the game.


It comes down to three tributes, (Kat, Peeta and Kato) who race to the cornucopia to get away from the panthers. They struggle and Kato is eventually killed.


“Pilcher” comes over the loud speaker and tells them there has been another rule change. This time, there will again be only one victor.  Katniss won’t play along and tells Peeta they should eat the poisoned berries that she has in her hand. Now Pilcher realizes that this would cause a revolt if they both died. So their bluff worked and they call the games with the tributes from District 12 as victors.


For his mismanagement, the host is brought to Snow’s chambers and forced to eat the poisoned berries himself.


For them to survive, Katniss knows she has to play along with the ruse. The star crossed lovers are displayed on the stage.


But still only one is crowned. Peeta is dressed in blue.


Peeta asks Kat, “What happens when we get back home?” Kat replies, ” I guess we try to forget.” She sees Gale with her sister Prim, smiling…

So if you haven’t figured it out yet, there is a spiritual battle going on, between Lucifer and Christ. The ones in power worship Lucifer. We have a chance to upset the “apple cart” as Katniss was trying to do symbolically, by shooting the apples. Being aware of their agenda and seeing how they are using it against us is key. Key is KI and KI is 9/11, the number for the Earth. Earth is an anagram for Heart. We have to protect the heart- the heart song.

With love, Rosette Delacroix


P.S. YouTube Presentation Below.



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9 responses on “The Hunger Games Decoded

  1. Kat

    I read that Suzanne Collins is from Newton, Connecticut and that Newton has the largest “congregation” of Satanist outside of LA.
    The books were good reading (better than the movies IMHO), but the amount of sales and promotion they received was ridiculous. I didn’t realize at the time just how many agendas it was promotting. Dark reading aimed at young minds.
    Heard your interview on Illuminati last night. You have an interesting take on symbolism. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Ah yes! Suzanne COLLINS! What are the odds that she is related to John Todd COLLINS? Yes, that would explain its “popularity” wouldn’t it? Backed by one of the 13 Luciferian Illuminati families. And yes the series does have deception (the marginalizing of Gale) but it also gives a good perspective on what their agenda really is. Thanks for listening. I have a youtube vid on Hunger Games as well. If you put in The Hunger Games Decoded it will pop up.

        1. rosette delacroix Post author

          Hi again wsw, Yes, that’s the guy. You will see allegations of him raping girls, of him embellishing his stories. How much of that is true and how much of that was used to discredit him? Remember that he was getting this info out back in the ’70’s. Way before even a small population of people woke up. He spoke to a teeny tiny few. So he was a front runner for sure. Comparing what he says to others, I find him on the credible side.

      1. White Square Warrior

        Seems she is guarded or private about her personal life. Who knows if Collins is her real name. She DID write the screenplay as well as the books so that makes me think she was more involved-

        Im just curious how this all comes to be. Do the elite zionists look for screenplays and books that they can adapt to fit into their agenda? Do the writers know that they are a cog? Or does it work just like inspiration works for good- with a good idea, and when we act on it we follow our “Intuitions” or the light- (Christians call this the light of Christ, or the Spirit) and miraculously things come together and you become part of the greater good (much like what you do!)

        Do they listen to “negative” spirits with their full agenda planned out and premeditated but they themselves have little knowledge of the full picture? I doubt that she knew all of the symbolism and programming that would be injected into the movies…

        The more I learn the more I realize I know very little about all this stuff!

        1. rosette delacroix Post author

          People are compartmentalized. The farther you go up the ladder the more you know. So how much she knows about the symbolism would depend on where on the ladder she is. Like many singers for instance. They make music videos. They are told what to put in them. What to wear. What props etc. I’m sure for the most part they have no clue as to why they have to cover their right eye and stick their tongues out. Movies, books, series, etc. are highly symbolized because that is THEIR means of getting information across. Signs and symbols rule the world. And yes they listen to “negative” spirits. I’m doing a Part 5 on my There are No Forests on Flat Earth Decoded where I will touch more on this. Everything is connected. The more you seek the more connections you will make and eventually the big picture will become clear. Take care~ rosette

          1. White Square Warrior

            Thanks for the response- makes a lot of since. I plan on watching all of your videos 🙂 You do great work and I applaud your efforts- keep it up!

  2. bianca

    hi Rose, although i don´t suscribe to everything you point out, your analisis is well documented. I want to ask you something: where did you get the information of 9/11 as the number for earth, i don{t get it… and it is important since things have quite changed since 9/11 twin towers auto sabotage that took place on the big apple (New York).
    Greetings from México
    … one more thing Jesus is not jupiter and zeus mixed but the latin name of the hebrew Yeshua.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Hi Bianca,
      I get the information from the coding. In numerology K =11 and I = 9, 11/9 flip it you have 9/11. Ki means Earth in Sumerian. Enki is the Sumerian ruler of Earth. Enki… of Earth. And per the coding Jesus is ALSO a combination of Zeus and Jupiter. He is the Archer, the Arthur… which is under the sign of Sagittarius, whose planet is Jupiter. Arthur is a resonance of Jesus, Jesus and his 12 disciples, Arthur and his 12 knights of the round table.

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