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Blade Runner 2049 Decoded

So Blade Runner 2049 starts out by telling us the backstory…

Replicants are bio-engineered humans, designed by Tyrell corporation for use off world. Their enhanced strength made them ideal slave labor. After a series of violent rebellions, their manufacture became prohibited and Tyrell corporation went bankrupt.

The collapse of ecosystems in the mid 2020’s led to the rise of industrialist Niander Wallace, whose mastery of synthetic farming avoided famine.

Science saves humanity. It is always science. Man not God. Like in Interstellar, where the survivors lived off “GMO” corn, basically.

And the survivors of the post apocalyptic world of Blade Runner, with all vegetation wiped out,

have to live off of protein in whatever form they can get. Here the Replicant is a “farmer”  “growing” grubs.

Through science and synthetic growing techniques.

Notice he wears a full bio-hazard suit. And has to spray down before he can take it off the stuff is that toxic! So how can stuff grown in bio-hazard waste be GOOD for us?

Does it remind you of Monsanto and their workers wearing full on bio-hazard suits spraying the crops?

Wallace acquired the remains of Tyrell corporation and created a new line of Replicants who obey. Many older model Replicants, Nexus 8’s with open-ended life spans- survived. They are hunted down and retired. Those that hunt them still go by the name of Blade Runner.

So the actual opening shot is of K’s RIGHT eye.

Just as Ridley Scott began with the one eye symbolism in the original Blade Runner, so does Denis Villeneuve in Blade Runner 2049.

Except for in the original it was of the LEFT eye. The SINister eye of the HUMAN Blade Runner Holden. So we can see the inversion here already.

The Replicant Blade Runner is “of the right” good, while the actual human Blade Runner is “of the left” or bad.

We have more of the “android as the good guy” in WestWorld where they show us Clementine’s RIGHT eye. Clementine was the programmed prostitute that just wanted to make enough money to get back to her family.

So she, like K, were made, not born. So “if born” is synonymous with evil, than God is evil and “if made”, by man, is synonymous with good, than Man (as in the Luciferians) must be good and are the true gods. Do you see their line of thinking yet?


And Dolores here, the heroine of WestWorld, with the focus on her RIGHT eye…because she is like K, she is the savior character, although inverted.

And the very next shot after K’s eye is this… what does it remind you of? It looks like a mechanical eye. Replacing the natural with the artificial. Just like they are doing with us. Replacing humans, the natural, with androids, the artificial.

BladerunnerSnowpiercer… both dystopian realities in which the “Christ” character is there to save humanity. Although the humanity that K is saving are machines, but we are told that the machines are more human than the humans. K for Krist. The C-H is phonetically pronounced Ka. Just like Ka, in Curtis, Curtis the Snowpiercer.  Curtis is an anagram for Curist and replacing the “u” with an “h” and you also have Christ.

I bring this connection up frequently only because once you see it it becomes so obvious what they are doing.

So Ka, K is Christ and we have K in Stranger Things as well. K is disguised in the name Eleven. In numerology K IS eleven. And Eleven is the heroine in that series.

And on a side note in that series they push the androgynous agenda with Eleven being half and half. Half boy, half girl. Tube socks, boy’s jacket, boy’s hair cut, girl’s dress, supposed to be a girl. Even her name is half in half- Millie Bobby Brown.

And Blade Runner being just like WestWorld, where the “hosts”, androids indistinguishable from humans, have the human qualities, while the actual humans or “guests” are cold and callous.

The Man in Black…

Remember in Snowpiercer the back of the train was fed protein as well in the form of mysterious protein bars that they later discover were made from ground up insects.

But remember also it was just the back of the train, or US, that had to eat those bars. The elite, the front of the train, still got fruits, veggies, and everything else to eat.

So is that what they have in mind for us? Are protein bars predictive programming for us?

Soylent Green was the first to provide these mysterious protein bars, but in theirs, they discovered the protein was ground up human.

There has been information put out that McDonald’s uses human and horse meat in its burgers and that Coca Cola puts human cells in its sodas as flavor enhancer. You would think there is no way that could be true, but they have so much “cannibal” programming out there that I wouldn’t be surprised.

Ground up human has come up a lot recently, such as in the Kingsman 2.

And the Santa Clarita Diet …are they using predictive programming to get us to accept what they have in store for us in the near future?

And the classic, Hannibal Lector in Silent of the Lambs

I’m a farmer,” he says. He’s a farmer, a bauer. Bauer is farmer in German. Who are the most famous Bauers? The Rothschilds. And why did they use the surname Farmer? Well, who was the original farmer? CAIN. They are of the line of Cain. So who’s seed is this Replicant really from?

Of course, no seed, but MADE by the line of Cain.

I don’t retire my kind because we don’t run,” says K.

Because you’ve never seen a miracle,” Sapper Morton replies.

Now K plucked out Sapper’s RIGHT eye. The right eye is the eye that they mark. Put the mark of the beast over the right eye, meaning the beast is controlling the lamb.

K tracking down the older model Replicant reminds me of the same thing in the Terminator series. Remember? Where the cop model is chasing down Arnold.

When he goes outside we notice the single solitary tree that we see in the whole movie. A big tree, dead. With the mother of the miracle child buried underneath. Does this tree symbolize the Tree of Life in the center of our world? In the garden of Eden, in Yggdrasil, Mount Meru, THE giant world tree? And the mother of the miracle would be symbolic of Mary, mother of Jesus.

And K finds a wild flower, laying at its base.

Which reminds me of Wall-e, in that dystopian Earth, where he finds a sign of life as well. A sign of hope.

So K bags it as evidence, he’s still a true Replicant, hasn’t turned yet. And heads back to the station to update his supervisor. As he walks down the hall he gets verbally attacked by the others.

Cops don’t like him because he’s a Replicant.

Just like in Bright, cops didn’t like Nick Jakoby because he’s an Orc. See how they want us to love the orcs, androids, misfits, and broken things, anything but humans born in their intended form, made by God.

Like in Game of Thrones, where in the end, broken things and misfits will rule the world. So too they are trying to do in our world. “I have a tender spot in my heart for cripples and bastards and broken things.”

They even push this with the Blade Runner in real life, Oscar Pistorius. The guy who was born with no legs but over came his handicap to become an Olympic athlete.

He later got arrested for accidentally killing is girlfriend who he mistook for an intruder. Now did this really happen? That is for another topic of discussion. The point is, if this story is true or not, they are pushing the “cripples, bastards and broken things” theme here USING Blade Runner.

Notice his nickname is Oz. Oz is short for Osiris, which is another name for Lucifer. Also he was born on 11/22. So we have both the number of the FOOL “22” AND “33”. 11 + 22 is 33, the number of the Masons. And Pistorius is a combination of Victorious and Piss tor i us- “pissing on us” basically. Having a piss, means having a laugh, on us.

To me this doesn’t even look real. There is no way he could walk on those tiny stumps without some form of crutch. They just show this so we have sympathy for the “broken thing”.

Constant K- you can pick up your bonus.” He still passes the test- proving he’s not human.

He goes to his apartment where many humans live in the hall. So in this world to have a crappy nondescript tiny cubicle to live in is a luxury. And he’s an android no less. So they hate him for it. Agenda 21 in action. What they have planned for us. A huge plane we live on, God said to go forth and multiply, he made PLENTY of room, yet THEY will herd us together like cattle and put us in a pen while THEY enjoy the rest of this plane for themselves.

For companionship K has a hologram girlfriend named Joi. Spelled J-O-I but gives him Joy, like J-O-Y. “I missed you baby sweet.”

None of the props in movies are by accident and this book, Pale Fire, by Vladimir Nobokov, is no exception. Some interesting notes regarding the book, it consists of 999 lines of verse. 999 is the reset number.

Like in Bright, where Nick says,”You know, it’s a brand new day. We’re setting the “reset” button.” Notice how right as he says that they pass by 99,99,99… a reset. Which is the goal of The Great Work. To reset Earth, but with THEM in charge 99.99 %.

We are told by Espen J. Aarseth, a figure in the field of video game studies, that Pale Fire “can be read either unicursally, straight through, or multicursally, jumping between the comments and the poem.” My what a strange thing to say! Sounds very Crowleyian to me. Crowley was the promoter of the unicursal hexagram, which is a shape that can be drawn without lifting your hand from the paper.

Danny Carey, a Crowley follower in the band Tool, used this same idea when setting up his drums. So that his beats could flow without having to break the pattern of motion.

Thus, although the narration is non-linear and multidimensional, the reader can still choose to read the novel in a linear manner without risking misinterpretation.” 

And as we read, Aarseth, is in the field of VIDEO GAME studies. What? This is a movie. YET they want us to believe this world is IN a video game- a simulation. Is there some alien kid at the other end deciding humanity’s fate as Neil Degrasse Tyson once said?

As Nabokov pointed out himself, the title, Pale Fire, was taken from Shakespeare’s Timon of Athens: “The moon’s an arrant thief, And her pale fire she snatches from the sun.”

The moon is associated with the LEFT eye, the sinister eye.

And one more interesting note regarding the book, the device performing the “Post-Trauma Baseline Test” on K quotes lines 705–707 of the poem.

Cells interlinked within cells interlinked
Within one stem. And dreadfully distinct
Against the dark, a tall white fountain played.

So we already see connections with Cain, Crowley and the Left Hand Path, like with the unicursal hexagram, but we have more connections. The two most celebrated days of the year for Satanists are Halloween, or All Hallows Eve, and Beltane, otherwise known as Walpurgisnacht. Well Walpurgisnacht is on April 30. In fact, the Church of Satan was established on Walpurgisnacht in 1966. So 22 years later, Ana Celia de Armas Caso was born. Twenty-two is the master number in the tarot deck. Showing the Fool, Christ’s journey coming to completion, but usurped by Lucifer. So numerologically speaking, Ana hit the jackpot. 1988, 88 is also the Tower card. 8 + 8 = 16, the card of chaos and destruction. And she was born in Santa Cruz del Norte, Saint Cross of the North! The cross of the North would be Jesus. So it was no accident that Ana was picked for this role.

Ana Celia de Armas Caso
April 30, 1988 (age 29)
Santa Cruz del Norte, Cuba

Her last name De Armas Caso means “case weapons” in English. We read, “an improvised weapon is an object that was not designed to be used as a weapon but can be put to that use! Well she most definitely would be a “case weapon” then because in the movie she is used by Luv to keep track of K’s whereabouts.

She was a Replicant- pregnant..The world is built on a wall. It separates kind. Tell either side there’s no wall, you bought yourself a war. Or a slaughter. So what you saw didn’t happen.

Yes ma’am.”

It is my job to keep order.”

I never retired something that was born before.”

“What’s the difference?”

“To be born means you have a soul I guess.”

So if you sell your soul does that make you a Replicant? Haha.

Notice here, more proof of simulation theory, just like Bill Nye, Neil Degrasse Tyson and Elon Musk push! If those three are pushing it, it can’t be the truth. Simulation implies a computer program and where there is a computer program there can be multiple programs running multiple worlds. It is another way of making our Creation insignificant, on the same line as Infinite Space and Infinite Plane, if we are a Simulation it could be Infinite as well. Not the case.

In an interview with the Wachowski, brothers at the time, directors of The Matrix, they were asked: What made you decide on the green tint for being in the Matrix?

Wachowskis: It was a whole motif inspired by the phosphorous green of old PC’s.

Being INSIDE a computer.

Everyone remembers where they were in the Black Out. Do you?”

“That was a little before my time.”

“I was home with my folks. And ten days of darkness. Every machine stopped cold. And when the lights came back everything was wiped clean, photos, files, every bit of data, gone, bank records too. Heh. They didn’t mind that. It’s funny only paper lasted. We had everything on file. Everything everything everything.”

Now doesn’t it remind you of the inside of a video game here? Rows and rows of columns that they have to navigate through?

Like in Tron

And the year of the Black Out is 2022. 22 is the number of Christ, the number of the Fool, and like the Great Work having to usurp the “good” work…Tony the Tiger says, “They’re not good, they’re GRRREAT!” (Notice the three R’s in GRRREAT! R is 9 in numerology so you have 999 in Great and 999 is the inverse of 666.) And don’t forget 999 is the reset code.

Tony’s also pointing up. The one, the UN. UN is another name for Lucifer.

So like being Great is better than being Good (in their eyes), Lucifer also uses 222 when Christ is 22 to be better than Him.

222 is also KKK like the Klu Klux Klan, founded by Albert Pike, the father of Freemasonry, and the author of Morals and Dogma, the true Masonic Bible.

And 222 is 33 in disguise. 222 is KKK, and KKK can be written 11, 11, 11 so you can either add up 1+1, and 1+1, and 1+1 or you can stack the 11’s so you have 1+1+1 and 1+1+1 giving you 33.

I’m Luv.”

“He named you, you must be special.”

“Do as thou will is the whole of the law. Love, love under will.” Crowley’s love, which is the love under the will of Lucifer. THIS is the type of love she represents.

We make angels. Bad angels once but I make good angels. That is how I took us to nine new worlds. Nine. We need trillions more. We can storm Eden and retake her.  The best angel of all… aren’t human,” says Wallace. So he would be of the line of Cain. MAKING angels- fallen angels.

When we see K on the streets of LA we notice how it is international. Merged with Russia, China, Africa, all countries. What their New World Order will look like. One big world-wide melting pot.

Los Angeles, the City of (Fallen) Angels.

Notice the Umbrella symbolism. Umbrellas symbolize the Knights Templars, which are connected to the Masons, which are connected to the BLUE Bloods. An umbrella has EIGHT sides, representing the OCTOgon, like the OCTOpus, which actually has BLUE blood.

 K is drawn to the tree, like a forgotten memory.


He looks down at the base and sees that a date is written there. It’s his birthday, 6/10/21.

He faithfully reports back to Joshi regarding his discovery.

I am the only one that sees the sunrise here? This breaks the world K.”

She asks him to share a memory of his childhood with her. He tells her that they weren’t ever children so the memory was given to him. But he relays the memory of a little boy being chased by other boys trying to get his prized wooden toy horse.

On the inscription of the horse was K’s birthday, 6/10/21.

Now if we look up this future date, June 10, 2021, we see that there will be an annular solar eclipse. Now we know that the Ball Earth theory is that a solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby totally or partly obscuring the image of the Sun for a viewer on Earth. But we know that the Sun and Moon are of similar size and distance but the Moons travels a little slower, so there are times when they will cross paths. What’s interesting about an ANNULAR eclipse is that the Moon appears smaller than usual and thus leaves a corona around the Moon- making it look like an eye lit up.
Matthew 6:22~  The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.
 So K is doing some research trying to figure out if HE really is this miracle child.

He looks through the database and finds two entries with identical DNA. One boy and one girl.

K goes to San Diego to where the orphanage is where the boy was traced to.

And gets shot down by humans with some sort of spear, like a harpoon.

Fire again. Fire. Fire again.” Notice her LEFT eye is highlighted. She is of the left, working for the Left.

She cares not who she kills she will do anything to please her Master.

K is shot down but protected by Luv, only because she wants K to find the child for HER to bring back to her Master.
San Diego is in ruins.

It reminds me of the same area in Elysium– where off world is where everyone wants to go as well, and Earth is like a big garbage dump.

We have the same theme in Wall-e. Wall-e is actually built to try and clean it up.

The nickel is for the colonial ships, the closest we’re going to get to the Grand Light, Off World… what kind do you want because I got all kinds… no no, this is just my game and I play it fair.

The Grand Light, Grand, Giant, Great, like the Great Work, and the Grand Light would be Lucifer. And he is selling the kids off to whoever wants to buy them. An underlying pedophilia theme. Nobokov, who wrote Pale Fire, ALSO wrote Lolita, about an underage girl seduced by a much older man. They want us to accept pedophilia and so show it in some form over and over again in film.

By making it so common and in our face we change our views on it. Satanists don’t see children ever as children, to them, they are young adults. Its that moral relativism again. What the moral is of the individual is what matters, not God’s laws on morality.

I always told you you were special. Born. Not made. A real boy needs a real name. Jo.”


“You are too important for K.”

So from K to Jo. Jo K, or put them together and we have? JOKE, the Joker or the FOOL. Christ is the FOOL in the Tarot deck.

Cells interlinked with cells interlinked. So we have JO interlinked with JO-i and interlinked with JO-shi, his boss.

He decided to go to Stelline where memories are created, to see if his was made or real. Ana Stelline is working on some memories. She is the girl in the bubble. Protected by the outside world by a dome of glass. Notice Ana is the same name as the actress who plays Joi. Ana would be the feminine version of Anu. The Luciferian’s worship Anu(s).

I was locked in a sterile chamber at eight. So I got good at imagining.

K asks her to look at his memory of being chased with the wooden horse.

Someone lived this yes.”

“I know its real.

Ana knows it is hers but K thinks it is his.

And so, believing HE is the miracle, now believes in the divine. He looks up to show this.

I found the kid.” Double meaning. He actually found the kid, BUT HE thinks he is the kid that he had found.

He was set up like a standard Replicant. Put on a service job. And even he didn’t know what he was. And it’s done. What you asked.

Joshi gives him a 48 hour head start because K failed miserably on his humanity test. He has become human and is now a threat.

He goes back to his apartment to prepare to leave, where Joi is waiting for him with a surprise. She has set it up where a hooker, a human, will come and merge with her to please K. Joi cannot be in the physical and so this way he can experience her as if she was.

Notice the Replicant loves a hologram, so even less human than himself, and to have pleasure needs the help of a full human. Oh the irony!

Luv monitors K THROUGH their product Joi and so when K smashes the device that allows Joi to be active in the apartment, Luv loses her link to K. So she is now on the hunt for K.

Notice how Wallace’s world is surrounded by the water element. Where Luv is here. It looks like an uncapped pyramid reflected on water. Water is the element of the Moon and the Moon is the element of the Left.

There’s only one place that dirty. But nobody lives there.

But is it? When you look up Tritrium, Fukushima comes up and the disaster clean up. But I beg to pardon on that! I live in Hawaii and we have had ZERO radiactive contamination from Fuke. No dead sea life washing up, no elevation in radiation sickness or in cancers, no raised levels of ocean water, air or soil contamination from Fuke.

Tritium’s chemical number is 3H or HHH or 888, which is 24, which is 2 x 4 or 8. So its an infinity time loop. “It’s old. It’s old.” And 888 is also known as the number of Christ.

So the area he goes to is Las Vegas. Notice the pyramid and the obelisk.

While he’s there Luv visits, tortures and then kills Joshi to find out where K has gone.

Notice the orange glow of the area. We know orange is 33 in numerology. The only color that is and they are deliberately using it here.

He passes a fallen statue. Notice the statue is missing its left eye. And its third eye is damaged. It has its mouth open in a submissive position.

These statues too remind of the statues that guard the gates in A Never Ending Story

the naked females facing each other…in an Egyptian theme…

And with an orange hue…

The bee symbolism is interesting. We are under a dome. The bees in the beehive. We have to behave in the beehive.

he Queen bee is the symbol for the Merovingian’s. Him not getting his hand stung when he puts it in the hive says, he is one of them.

“You wouldn’t happen to have a piece of cheese about ya?” says Deckard.

“Treasure Island,” replies K.

Earth under the dome symbolism.

And more holograms…

Deckard and K meet and for all they BOTH know, they think they are related. Deckard thinks K is his son. K thinks Deckard is his father.

Sometimes to love someone, you got to be a stranger.

The dog is Deckard’s faithful companion as Joi is K’s. Luv shows up from the distance and beats up K, leaving him to die and takes off with Deckard.

K is rescued by the resistance. A rag tag band of humans and Replicants.

If a baby can come from one of us- we are our own pastors. More human than humans. A revolution is coming and we’re building an army. I want to free our people. Dying for the right cause is the most human thing that we can do.

We are our own pastors. What does that imply? That they don’t need a shepherd. Who is the shepherd? Well Jesus of course. So they are implying that they are divine in their own right. That they are mini gods because THEY can create life.

But notice her RIGHT eye is missing. She sees with her LEFT, her MOON eye, her SINister eye.  Zechariah 11:17~ “Woe to the worthless shepherd, who deserts the flock! May the sword strike his arm and his right eye! May his arm be completely withered, his right eye totally blinded!” 

More human than humans,” she says. Same theme in Planet of the Apes

Androids, Apes, it doesn’t matter, anything that is against man as he was created by God.

This rebel leader is named Freya. Freya is the Norse Goddess equivalent of Isis, or Mary, or Lilith. She is the divine feminine that the Luciferian’s worship.

And the actress playing this part is named Hiam Abbass. Hiam Abbass… what does that sound like? The more astute of you have probably picked it up already. Hiam Abbass is very similar to Hiram Abbiff, considered the chief architect of King Solomon’s temple and worshiped by the Masons. So to have a name so similar to their idol will get you propped up in Hollywood. Remember Ana and her Walpurgis Birthday?

Think I’m stretching things? Then what do you think about this actor’s name: Rufus Sewell.

Seems innocent on first glance. But if you use Crowley’s Law of Reversal, which HE did, and write it backwards, what do you get? L-L-E-W-E-S and S-U-F-U-R. Now sound it out, Lewis Sufur or Lucifer.

“Girl? That is a boy she had. That is just a piece of the puzzle.”

They mention the girl that she speaks of had Galatians Syndrome in the movie and if we look in the Bible, at Galatians 4:4-5~ we have, “But when the right time came, God sent his Son, born of a woman, subject to the law. God sent him to buy freedom for us who were slaves to the law, so that he could adopt us as his very own children.”

Do you see the inversion? his SON, NOT his daughter and born of a WOMAN, NOT born of a Repliant. They are usurping Christ and his mother Mary.

I dressed her in blue when it was time.” Meaning she dressed her as a BOY. Didn’t WE think she was a boy when we first saw this memory? Like K, we thought it was him. But no, we were FOOLED. It was she. Remember K, Christ, is the FOOL in the Tarot deck. He was FOOLED.

There’s a bit of every artist in their work.

Wallace tries to temp Deckard with a new “Rachel” that he created for him.

An angel made again… for you.” But Deckard isn’t fooled. He says he knew what was real and their love was real.

And Rachel had GREEN eyes“…Like K’s…

K catches up to Luv and Deckard and is able to kill Luv and save him.

You should have let me die out there.”

“You did. You drowned out there. You’re free to meet your daughter now.

We have the BORN AGAIN theme here in the end. Masons in their ritual to become a Mason is called being “born again” as is when a witch join’s a coven. They usurp the “born again” ritual of coming to Christ.

This theme is played out heavily in Game of Thrones. With Jon Snow being born again.

And Euron Greyjoy… “What is dead may never die…”

K takes Deckard to Stelline where his daughter is.

Stelline just happens to be 33 in numerology.

And dies of his wound… remember where his wound was?

He was cut or “speared” in his side… just like Christ was on the cross…speared by luv… he died for the “luv” of humanity.

But the humanity is in their perversion of a hybrid- “part human- part machine” or “Transhuman” Replicant…

And here is the YouTube version of this presentation:

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