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There are No Forests on Flat Earth Decoded (Part 7) Caves and The Hell-Fire Connection

They show us caves deep in the earth but I think we actually lived in “caves” in the giant trees. A symbiotic relationship. We didn’t have to cut the trees down and build homes with dead wood.

They lived. And we lived in THEM. They provided us with shelter and food and we provided them with carbon dioxide.

Before the Fall we were vegetarians. Only AFTER did we become meat eaters. Only AFTER did we cut wood to make shelters.

From The Conduit on “caves” in trees~

The first observation is well accepted, which is a tree can heal itself. Like all living things, cells repair, respond and reproduce under the environment in which it is allowed. During the life of a tree, it gets wounds due from weather, environmental erosion and everything in between. The tree responds, which sends signals to the wounded area for repair and compartmentalizes the wound to heal. So it can live on. 

The manner in which a tree heals you’ll notice is where the outer area creates a protective border. Then the innards organically decompose from the middle out, from the branch or root base. Eventually, over time, the middle decomposes and becomes ‘hollow’. Hollow is an interesting word since it derives from the Old English word meaning ‘holh’ (H-O-L-H) or ‘CAVE’ and the English word meaning simply ‘HOLE’ . A cave from all we’ve ever known is an opening or a hole. A tunnel or a cavern inside of a larger rock.

Excavate- to hollow out.

Science has told us that caves form by the dissolution of limestone. Rainwater picks up carbon dioxide from the air and as it percolates through the soil, turns it into a weak acid, which slowly dissolves out the limestone along the joints, bedding planes and fractures, some of which become enlarged enough to form caves. 

I believe in environmental erosion but should we accept this explanation for the WHOLE story on caves? I think not. Since the dawn of time, man and land animals have burrowed themselves into trees for shelter. Is this where we get the term cave-man? My point is caves are tree hollows. And a hollow is derived from aged, decomposed and/or eroded tree trunks, branches and root wounds.

It’s just too much of a coincidence that rock formations look so much like tree knotholes and visa versa. They can even form heart shaped! I agree wholeheartedly with the Conduit.

So if we used to live in the knotholes of giant trees that would mean we were ABOVE ground. And “knot” only (pun intended) were we above ground, we were HIGH up off the ground. Now all the propaganda pushed about man living in caves are dark holes WITHIN the earth, BELOW the ground, where it is dark and dank. Where the bat’s live. In bat cave’s where rats with wings thrive. Really? That’s where we lived? I DON’T THINK SO.

Bacardi, the rum makers, think bat cave’s are really cool. They have a tour of one on their property. I would need a few rum and coke’s to even get me to the mouth of THIS cave. No thank you!

Batman of course had his BAT cave. Dark and dank, with water running through it. With bats living above and flying about. Batman of course is a BAT man. And what is a bat man?

A vampire. A man that flies in the night and sucks his victims blood. Bat man is also phonetically the same as BAD man. And Bat man is short for BAPHOMET man.

In Batman V Superman they show a young Bruce Wayne fall into a bat cave. The bats gather him up and fly him out. He is like the Lord of the Flies, he is the Lord of the Bats.

I don’t mean to be like the opposite of a Sour Patch Kid. First I’m sweet and then I’m sour, but its important to see HOW they hide the truth about our world and HOW they try to steer us towards the version THEY want it to become like. So bear with me.

In 2010 we heard about the 33 Chilean miners trapped below the earth in a mine, a cave, for 69 days. Finally getting freed on the 11th of October. October of course is the ONLY month that equals 33 in numerology. With 33 being the number of the Masons. Remember one third or 33% of the Angels fell from Heaven, the leader being Lucifer. Notice the helmet is orange. Orange, like October, is the ONLY color that equals 33. And of course they have to milk their propaganda for all that its worth and so they make it into a Hollywood movie, The 33.

“God was with us” it says on the helmet. But the question is WHICH god?

Giving all our energy to the pit, to the Abyss, where their god Lucifer resides. Even the Pope got in on the action. I should say, ESPECIALLY the Pope got in on the action. He’s Lucifer’s main man of course.

Was this a big hoax? I would bet my money on it. And check out this guy in the front with the three fingered hand sign. Looks like a gang sign to me. I don’t get a warm and fuzzy from that one.

And when we think of men in caves we think of cave men. Like they teach us in the Rockefeller school system, that we evolved from apes and lived in caves, although this theory has a million holes in it. But they perpetuate this myth with their Hollywood programming. Like in the movie Caveman, released in 1981 with Ringo Starr and Dennis Quaid.

And in children’s movies like in Dreamworks The Croods. Released on March 22, 2013 or 3/22. 322 is the number for Skull and Bones.

And even in Spongebob Squarepants with Patchy the Pirate and the Caveman guy. Notice the skull and bones on Patchy’s hat, and Patchy sees with his LEFT eye. He is a follower of the Left Hand Path.

So we go from CAVE MAN to MAN CAVE. Adam Carolla has a famous man cave and he even based a show around it called The Man Show.

And what would a LONG cave be? How about a tunnel.

CERN built a long cave just recently called the Gotthard tunnel. Gotthard means Hard God. Hard is synonymous with harsh, mean, angry. So not a loving God like the Prime Creator but His opposite, Lucifer.

Gott, G-O-T-T is also phonetically the same as Goat, G-O-A-T. And their god is the goat god. Goat is an abbreviation for “Greatest of All Time”, who they believe is Lucifer.

And notice the chest on this winged baby. It is a Baphomet, a he/she, a man with women’s breasts.

And here we have the Chilean miners, oh sorry, Swiss miners? No, Swiss performance artists, but they sure do look like the Chilean miners, in their orange jumpsuits. Orange is the New Black.

A hard god, an angry god, who lives in the pit. Opposite the God of life, Lucifer is the god of death. And rules over the city of the dead beneath the cities. Like in Paris and in Rome, with their vast catacomb systems that house the dead.

How would you feel if your remains ended up here? Could that be good for your soul? Buried in caves of the dead. Here we are told on the right is a demon face carved into the wall.

Skulls and bones, like Skull and Bones, the fraternity at Yale University.- UN-iversity. UN is an ancient name for Lucifer. UN as in the UNiversal church, known as Catholicism.

It’s interesting that they are UNder Paris, Rome, where the Vatican is located, and Egypt, where ancient Babylon resides.

Buried in crypts. Like the Bloods and the Crips. This Crip looks like he’s doing a hand sign similar to the Chilean miner. Here look…

Similar? And the Crips represent the BLUE Bloods.

Buried in crypts, buried in coffins. Like Count Dracula. Like a vampire. Should WE be buried in coffins? Or have we done it so long we haven’t even questioned it? We don’t go back to the earth, the soil, like we should. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Notice the catacombs are so trendy they made it onto a Jane’s Addiction album cover. The best of. And notice the obelisk front and center.

There are even churches below ground and I dare not let my imagination gain a foothold here fore their can be nothing of good being performed at these church services. UNderground churches. Windowless churches.

And did you know the Mason’s have windowless LODGES? As do the Mormons, windowless churches. Do you think there is a connection here? ABSOLUTELY.

Here is the Hollywood Masonic Temple… where Jimmy Kimmel Live is taped. Faux windows…

And the Pasadena Masonic Temple… no windows…

And the Geffen Playhouse… another Masonic Temple… no windows…

And the Mormon Temple in Oahu, Hawaii… Notice how similar the design is to the Geffen Playhouse.

And the Mormon Temple in Oakland, California…kind of looks like the Disney Castle in Anaheim… Walt Disney was a Mason and the Mormon religion was FOUNDED by a Mason named Joseph Smith. Disney Castle, with its faux windows. We have a theme here. All dark inside like a cave.

And the Satanic Temple, no windows. To be as cave-like as possible. To be like the pit, the Abyss.

Arrete C’est Ici L’ Empire De La Mort,” which per Google Translate comes up as, “Stop here, it’s the Empire of Death.” Wow. How lovely.

With the UNderground club called the Hell-Fire that had the motto, “Do What You Will” over ITS cave entrance. THIS is where Aleister Crowley got his famous saying. He did not originate it, but took it from these guys.


“In his books on the hell-fire clubs Ashe suggests that Sir Francis Dashwood was trying to recreate the Abbey of Theleme. The Abbey of Theleme appeared in The History of Gargantua and Pantagruel written by the French monk Francois Rabelais, who forsook the monastery and went on his travels throughout Europe. In the book the giant Gargantua gives Friar John, a renegade monk, an estate on which to found a new abbey.

This abbey was to be the converse of the usual enclosed religious orders as instead of being based on obedience to a set of rules, Theleme was to allow its occupants individual free will, without recourse to civil or moral laws (Thelema is Greek for will). They lived a life of cultured luxury, cut off from the outside world. Theleme’s motto was Fay Ce Que Vouldras, or “Do what you will”. 

Sir Francis Dashwood placed this motto over the front door of Medmenham Abbey.” ~Evelyn Lord, The Hell-Fire Clubs

Notice in this painting of Dashwood the bust with the LEFT breast exposed. Just like in the Masonic initiation ritual.

Just like in the Masonic initiation ceremonies for Pink and Lil Kim. Notice they are both wearing purple. And the blue in the background.

pink.h37lil kim

So almost two hundred years before Crowley. Yes, they try to make it seem like Crowley was the founder of Thelema when in actuality the practice “Do as Thou Will” has been practiced for ages. They want people to focus on Crowley and not look any further.

Here Crowley is doing Yoga, naked. And on the right, a self portrait.

Crowley moved to Sicily, Italy in 1920, where he made his own Abbey of Theleme. It was his anti-church, where he performed rituals with his followers.

A follower died here in 1923. From the Wiki, “In 1923 a 23-year-old Oxford undergraduate by the name of Raoul Loveday died at the Abbey. His wife, Betty May, variously blamed the death on his participation in one of Crowley’s rituals (allegedly incorporating the consumption of the blood of a sacrificed cat) or the more probable diagnosis of acute enteric fever contracted by drinking from a mountain spring.”


The site became so notorious that Benito Mussolini’s regime kicked Crowley out of the country.

The place is still standing but beyond repair. It really needs to be razed, what an awful place.


The head of the club, called The Emperor, had the club’s symbol, a Turkish crescent, engraved on his forehead.

The deeds of the Mohocks included taking to the streets, knocking some down, “others stabbed, others cut.” The journal described ‘tipping the lion’, which was performed by squeezing the nose flat to the face and boring the eyes out with a finger…. the Mohocks were carrying out a war against Mankind.

An anonymous poem titled, “‘The Mohocks; a Poem in Miltonic Verse’, was addressed specifically to The Spectator (magazine), and claimed that the Mohocks were the reincarnation of the giants Gog and Magog, who had risen to a catcall from America.”

Now let’s see, who had the nicknames Gog and Magog and were members of Skull and Bones? Notice Bush Senior, or Magog,  is closing his right eye, he sees with his LEFT. And he has his LEFT hand on George Junior’s shoulder. So saying in code he follows the LEFT HAND path.


A few interesting tidbits from the book:
1) Sir William Savile of Rufford Abbey was one of four ‘rakes’ that caused public chaos in 1663. “Savile was known throughout London as a debauchee. As well as being involved with the Duchess of York, in 1671, he attempted to rape Elizabeth, the widow of the Earl of Northumberland, when they were both staying at Athorpe in Lincolnshire… Dueling was banned in 1669, yet Savile was involved in two duels.”

Could this Savile be related to the infamous Jimmy Savile? Notice he’s doing the “diamond” hand sign.

2) There was a group called The Ballers. The Ballers Club was dedicated to drink and the pursuit of women. Isn’t there a new show on HBO called The Ballers? Is that coincidental?

Dwayne Johnson, the star of The Ballers. Johnson means “dick”. And he goes by the nickname The Rock. The hewer of rock, a Mason. Look how he’s showing his ring, like a proud Mason would do. And notice how the actors are called “stars”, like the stars who fell from heaven with Lucifer. And he is wearing blue.

And 3) Other clubs during that era, like the Knights of the Golden Fleece, who had an anal theme; The Mollies Club, who were transvestites who would meet up to cross-dress; and the Kit-Kat Club (break me off a piece of that Kit-Kat bar?) where Whigs could meet to discuss the politics of the day.

Here we have former New York City mayor, Rudy Giuliani cross-dressing.

And here actor Johnny Depp doing it…  but there are a ton more.

There was also a Man Killing Club, whose members were exclusive to men who had already killed a man. “Put together, these suggested that society was on a downward spiral.” Seems like a repeat today?

On Jimmy Fallon Live they played a game called TRUE Confessions. I believe because they actually ARE part of a Man Killing Club. Farrell was telling the truth in plain sight. Notice him doing the “shhhhh” hand sign.

“When I was a late teen I got brought in for questioning as a suspect in an attempted murder.”

download (2)

And where did all these clubs first meet? At the local coffee house of course. The Process Church owned a coffee house in San Francisco where they picked up new members. The coffee house is alive and well- Starbucks. (Starbuck is the star Venus, and Venus is the planet worshiped by the Luciferians.)


One hundred and twenty years before the Hell-Fire Clubs was the Damned Crew.
“In 1602, ‘A profane company… called the Damned Crew, men without fear or feeling either of Hell or Heaven, delighting in that title were shipped down the Thames and never seen again’, John Manningham wrote in his diary in March 1602; ‘ there was a company of young gallants which called themselves the Damned Crew. They would meet together on nights, and vow amongst themselves to kill the next man they met whosoever; so divers murders were committed but not one punished.'”

Anne Rice, The Queen of the Damned


“There were three strands of clubs within the hell-fire genre. All of these acted collectively in a socially subversive manner, denying the moral and ethical teaching of society and the Church. One strand was the public face of the clubs. They attacked innocent passers-by at night, just for the hell of it; the early eighteenth century club the Mohocks was an example of this. A second strand mocked religion: one example is the Duke of Wharton’s club; and the third strand was precoccupied with sex, for example Medmenham Friars and the Scottish Beggar’s Benison.”

The Process Church has four branches, Love, Fear, Violence and Sex. Sounds similar to these strands don’t they?

Notice how close “Medmen” in Medmenham is to MAD Men. And the Friars originated in the 1600’s while the Process Church started in the 1960’s but are still running today.


“In the latest edition of his book Ashe includes a discussion on the Manson family. Hell’s Angels and the Oz trial and asks if these can be linked in any way to the eighteenth century hell-fire clubs. He suggests that the latter give a context to the Manson family, a view articulated in the Daily Telegraph on 27 January, 1971. The radical magazine Oz included an article searching for extenuating circumstances for the Manson family, but faced trial on a charge of obscenity.

Perps top row, and their victims bottom row.

Ashe shows that the editors of the magazine stated later that the trial had brought together political and sexual revolutionaries, and suggests that this links back to the hell-fire clubs. The Hell’s Angels, Ashe writes, are the Mohock gangs of the early eighteenth century reborn, performing ritualized urban terrorist acts.” 

Also notice how similar the Son of Sam Cult is to the Mohock gangs as well by “performing ritualized urban terrorist acts.” Berkowitz was just the front man for the group, the patsy.


The hell-fire clubs were getting so out of hand that the House of Lords, in May of 1721, argued a Bill to Prevent Blasphemy and Profaneness. “It was aimed at suppressing a ‘scandalous society with the name of the Hell-Fire Club’… London in the spring of 1721 was abuzz with rumors of high-born Devil-worshipers who mocked the established Church and religion, and allegedly supped with Satan- rumors which went as far as the ears of the King, George I, and resulted in a royal proclamation against such clubs, and the aforesaid bill being put into Parliament.”

Ben Franklin was a member. What does this say about good ‘ole Ben? I think Ben was not such a good ‘old boy after all. Special Time issue, with the M behind Ben. M for Mason. And of course it makes the Devil’s horns. Notice Ben is seeing with his LEFT eye here. And he’s doing a version of the Hidden Hand.

Russell Brand and David Icke are purported to be current members. So are they really a part of the Truth community? Only as paid agents of the Left. Notice Icke’s ex-wife doing a deliberate 666 hand sign. And Icke is doing a downward V.

Brand doing his mind control triggers on Katy, his then wife. Katy admitted to selling her soul to the devil, so how can Brand NOT be following the same path. Should be pretty obvious.

In Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon, Dave McGowan writes extensively on how the Hollywood stars, living in Laurel Canyon, had underground rooms and even passageways linked to each others mansions.

Underneath cities like in Sacramento, California and in Portland, Oregon, where people would actually get “shanghaied”. At a tavern there would be a trap door in the floor and the intoxicated victims would fall through it. Where they would be accosted and hauled off on ships to be part of the crew by force.


And underground shelters built for the Elite are a booming business.

And Hollywood even did a movie on one of these shelters called 10 Cloverfield Lane.

And we can’t forget the UNderground bases within the mountains of the military. Places like NORAD in the ROCKY Mountains. Rock- Stone- code for Mason. And the East Coast version called Mount Weather. To “weather” the coming storm?

But the underground will NOT protect them. They will just be BURIED ALIVE like their god Lucifer. We were meant to live in the caves in the trees. Up high, close to Heaven and our God, the Prime Creator.

So like the Sour Patch Kid I like to end on a sweet. And since our topic was on caves… here is a tunnel version. First they are sour….

And then they are sweet.

That no matter how hard they try they can never defeat God. Lucifer was given a time to rule over the earth but his time is almost up.

Here’s the YouTube version:

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