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Snowpiercer and Mad Max Decoded

I first wrote this article back in September of last year and decided at that time to decode both movies in one since they ran parallel themes. When going back to make videos of the articles I thought, maybe I should treat them separately because I wasn’t doing them justice. However, when going through the article, I see that, not only do they run parallel themes, there are more important connections that I have discovered. So they are staying together for their benefit.

So let’s look at the back story to Snowpiercer first. It starts out by telling us that the world was destroyed by man.

By him spraying CW-7 in chemtrails to curb the effects of Global Warming. (Notice how they now call it Climate Change; which has the alliteration of CC. And we know CC is code for 33, a Masonic number.) Well it worked too well and the world froze, killing off everyone except for the “lucky” ones who boarded the train.


So you see the cars frozen over.


Then we pan to what’s dangling from the rear view mirror of one of the cars.  The message on it only shows for a split second. It says, “SAVE THE PLANET.” At first I thought it read, LEAVE THE PLANET, and I was a little perplexed because it doesn’t resonate with the rest of the movie, which you will see is pro-Christ and his mission to SAVE THE PLANET. But it DOES say SAVE THE PLANET, so this is a good message, a GOD message.


So we have a replay of the Great Flood. Another catastrophe of biblical proportions with the only survivors escaping in an “Ark”. Except for instead of a ship the Ark now takes the form of a train.

Now we get introduced to humanity in the tail section. There is no light back there. They are filthy and in utter poverty.


This reminds me of District 12 in The Hunger Games, the poorest district where the revolt started. Also where Christ lived, with the poor.


Their leader is an old man named Gilliam. Gilliam has lost his LEFT arm. We will find out how later. Next to him is Curtis. Curtis is basically Gilliam’s second in command. Curtis plays a special role that we will soon see. We are given a clue to who Curtis really is. So…. remember how this picture looks….with Gilliam on the left and Curtis on the right….


Then look at this one… Giver on the left and Jonas on the right….we will see who Gilliam really is as well. I didn’t see the correct connection until I decoded The Giver. Doesn’t this one look similar to the Snowpiercer one? They are similar for a reason. Gilliam is the Giver and Snowpiercer is Jonas or the Receiver or the REDEEMER, or, in other words, Gilliam is God and Curtis is Christ. (Notice how it is encoded? G- Gilliam- God, and C- Curtis-Christ.)


Now we have more clues… Look at the wall to the right of Gilliam. We see Jesus on the cross. Now this is where Curtis sat just seconds after this shot.


Here’s a closer look. Yep, definitely Jesus. We’ll see another concrete link between Gilliam and Curtis as well later in the story.


Before we leave Curtis we find out another interesting aspect. They tell us he is 34 years old. Now 34 is significant because Jesus supposedly died on the cross at 33 years old. This is partly why the Mason’s like the number 33 as well, because their allegiance is not to Christ. So by saying Curtis is 34 in the movie, they are saying he is alive and well. Also 34 is a combination of 3 and 4, 3 is the number for Heaven and 4 is the number for Earth. So we have the Heaven Earth connection, 3 plus 4 = 7. We see this number come up in The Divergent with Tris (three) and her partner called Four, and also in The Island, where we learn Lincoln is 3rd generation (3) and Jordan is fourth (4). We even have it in Elysium. Take a look. K and 34 are shown. (King 34)


Now let’s switch over to Mad Max.

In Mad Max Fury Road we learn that mankind is also the cause of their own destruction. Although in this case it’s from thermo nuclear energy.


Instead of a frozen wasteland like in Snowpiercer, in Mad Max we have a land minus water, one of dust and desolation.


“Mankind has gone rogue, terrorizing itself. Using thermo nuclear energy our bones have become sour and half alive. As the world fell, each of us was broke, it was hard to know who was more crazy- me, or everyone else,” says Max.

We get introduced to Max Rockatansky (Rocket and Sky). “I am the one who runs from both the living and the dead. A man reduced to a single instinct- survive.” We have an unsure hero, just like Curtis, but their journeys have not yet begun.

So Max is Curtis’ equivalent.

(Note* there is a 4 spray painted on Max’s car. Four is the Emperor card as well as half of a duo. Furiosa is 3. Together they are 34. Like Tris (3) and Four (4) in Divergent.)


Now let’s go back to Snowpiercer. The next frame is quite telling.

We have the lady in yellow, Wilford’s assistant. Wilford is the one at the top, who owns and drives the train. She comes for two boys but doesn’t mention why. She has no empathy for the parents of the boys who don’t want their children to go. The father of one throws a shoe at her head and it makes her bleed. She wipes it with her hand and licks the blood. She likes the blood. This is to associate with blood drinking rituals- notice one black boy and one white boy. They use this duality in their rituals. (Wilford says there is no end to the supply of children from the back section.) She is also in “bright” yellow, like gold. Gold and red are symbolic of Christ. So they are doing an inversion here by putting her in yellow. They like to use the good and corrupt it. She is flanked by police who are subservient to her. They know their place.


Next we have Master Mason (Notice the alliteration of MM which is 33) come to discipline the father that threw the shoe. Notice the two men on the left. They represent Secret Service agents or MI6 agents. They are very well trained and used for a multitude of things. The officers on the right represent military from different countries. All subservient to Mason. So her name is MASON because she represents the Freemasons. Her dress is blue (like the Blue Lodge) in case people question this.  (Remember blue is of the Left.) So there is an important Masonic connection in Mad Max as well, but I’m jumping ahead. Let’s continue…

The speeches in Snowpiercer are very important, while in other films we find most of the meaning in the symbolism, in this one we need to listen to the words as well.

Mason’s speech (exactly seven minutes): “Would you wear a shoe on your head? Of course you wouldn’t wear a shoe on your head; a shoe doesn’t belong on your head. A shoe belongs on your foot, a hat belongs on your head. I am a hat, you are a shoe. I belong on the head, you belong on the foot. Yes, so it is.” (The “yes, so it is.” reminds me of the Mason’s saying “so mote it be.”) Each person in their pre-ordained particular position is a theme running throughout.

So notice too that they tell us it’s exactly seven minutes. Her speech is an inversion of the divine order. Seven is a combination of three and four- or 34 again.


Also when she is giving the speech she does a hand gesture where she has her hand out, thumb down and then turns it thumb up. Like you are turning the knob on a door. This is a symbolic gesture of “everyone in their pre-ordained place”. Watch for this. I saw this same gesture come up in the movie Troy, where Brad Pitt as Achilles, did this gesture.


Now the ones who are tasked with keeping the tail section passengers in line are the soldiers. As Dick Cheney said, “the soldiers are the elite’s dogs. They do as they are told.”


The soldiers in Mad Max are called the War Boys. (Soldiers are Soul Diers aka War Boys.) They also do what they are told by their leader, Immortan Joe. He mind controls them to believe that when they die they will go to Valhalla. (Which reminds me of suicide bombers in the Middle East- but the suicide bombers get the bonus of 72 virgins waiting for them.) Notice how they dress and look the same. No sign of individuality. They work like a hive mind, which is the Luciferian energy.

war boys

Immortan is at the top of the pyramid in his world. Lovely looking isn’t he? So he is the equivalent of Wilford from Snowpiercer.


Now we get introduced to Imperator Furiosa. Notice how she is “furious” while Max is “mad”. They are connected. She also has a missing LEFT arm like Gilliam. She is connected to Max, just like Gilliam is connected to Curtis. What does the missing LEFT arm signify? It signifies that they are for the RIGHT. They are the “right hand” of God.


Furiosa’s equivalent in Snowpiercer is the lady named Octavia. Now she has both her arms, but look at her eyes. Her left eye gets damaged in the fighting. Octavia can only see with her “right”. She is committed to the fight just like Furiosa is.


So Furiosa drives one of the rigs to pick up gas for the Citadel. The rig becomes the Ark in this movie. We will see why in a bit.


After the shoe speech, Gilliam appears. Mason seems to be pleased to see him. (Because she knows his initial role- which we will discover later.) He asks to speak with Wilford and she replies that he can speak to her and she does a hand sign in which SHE knows that HE knows its meaning. It’s in the form of a V, which stands for Master Builder (22). (Remember that it is also the number of Christ. They like to use it and subvert it.) See how Gilliam looks away. He’ll have none of that. He is not on board with “them”. Orange is the new black by the way. Mason’s fur coat is orange.


So remember that 22 is The Fool card in the Tarot deck. It is representative of Christ’s journey.


Curtis is now more determined to revolt and goes around gathering Kronole to bribe a security guard when they make it through the first set of gates. He knows about this security guard through the messages he receives in their protein blocks. (Kronole is Kronos- El, Chronos the God of Saturn, related to mind control.) When you take the Kronole you hallucinate. It is made from toxic waste.


Curtis won’t touch the stuff. He is disgusted by it. Neon green cubes.(Similar to Kryptonite?) Also “neon” green would be a corruption of the good green color that is synonymous with the heart chakra, the earth chakra.


The drug equivalent in Mad Max would be Chrome spray. Notice that the spray is silver. Silver and blue are the colors of the Left. Gold and red are the colors of the Right. (Jeepers say, “chrome won’t get you home.”)


So Furiosa decides to attempt an escape from Immortan and take with her his five wives, which he calls his Breeders. Breeders are what the Satanists call the ones used to breed for ritual sacrifices. Two of them are pregnant. Furiosa is trying to save the innocents, the girls and their unborn babies. So the girls escape with her in the gas truck. This represents the Ark in Mad Max. Curtis tries to save humanity on the train. Mad Max tries to save humanity on the truck. When Immortan gets wind of Furiosa’s plan he sends the War Boys out to bring the girls back.


Notice they have this guy playing loud metal music as they drive. S-Tone is very important to the mind control of the soul-diers. Just like they do to us through music. (Watch for STONE connections…)


Max was captured by the War Boys and is found to be O negative, the universal donor. So one of the War Boys decided to use Max as a “blood bag” and straps him to the front of his car while he chases down Furiosa.

Now look at this picture of Max. What do you see? He is tied to a “cross” with skulls on each side. This is symbolic of Jesus on the cross at Golgotha. Golgotha means “skulls” and was the site of Jesus’s crucifixion.

Also notice that the skulls look like balls, or Baals, two Baals, and he, Max is tied to a cane (Cain) in the middle. Tubal Cain or “two ball cane” is being represented here. The mask is symbolic of stopping his speech, his throat chakra. The mask is also symbolic of the spear of Poseidon.

max mad

So look at the Tubal Cain- image here. Remember Tubal Cain is the password of the Mason’s.


then here, for Facebook. Notice that they both have BLUE backgrounds, again, the color of the Left.


John Dee, Queen Elizabeth’s advisor, was affiliated as well…notice him seeing behind the O’s. O stands for Omega the negative feminine energy of the Left.


as is Ian Flemming who wrote the James Bond stories, whose main character James Bond, goes by double O 7… or two Baal Cain.


and now here, from Elysium, this character is also named Max, they have his throat chakra blocked as well and he is flanked by two Baal worshipers.

So you can see that Mad Max is also Jesus, as Curtis is in Snowpiercer, and as Max is in Elysium as well.


Max eventually gets free, after him and the War Boy survive the dust storm along with Furiosa’s people. Many of the War Boys die in the dust storm.


When Max finally gets on board with Furiosa she asks him what is his name so she knows what to call him when she needs to yell for help as they go through the canyon. Max won’t say. Furiosa then says, “I’ll call you FOOL then, will you answer to that?”


We switch back to Snowpiercer and Curtis’ crew where Curtis succeeds in breaching the gates after some blood shed. He meets the security guard he was seeking and his daughter. He finds out the daughter is an INTUIT. She can sense what type of presence is behind each gate. (This shows us how our sense of intuition is really important. We should always trust our intuition.)


Intuition is represented by The Star card, which has the yellow star Polaris on it. We will see the importance of Polaris coming up. Notice too that it has 17 which is 1 + 7 or 8, the yellow star is 8 pointed, and there are 8 stars total, so we have 888, another number for Christ.


She says, “DON’T OPEN THE GATE!” But it’s already too late. Behind the gate is death. In the form of Black Water type mercenaries. (Black Water, remember “water” is the element of the Left.)

black water

They slice open a fish. Right before they attack. The fish represents the Age of Pisces. The end of the Age.


Just a few minutes later there is a break in the fighting to do the countdown for the New Year. Mason is in her dress whites with her ribbons. She is reigning in the Age of Aquarius. Exactly 18 years from when they first boarded the train. (18 = 666. We are also in the year of 666, because 6 x 6 =36 times 6 = 216, or 2016. Now 666 is not necessarily a bad thing because 2/3rds of the angels stayed with God or 66.6%. One third became “fallen angels” or 33.3% which is the Mason’s favorite number.) But they ARE telling us here that 2016 IS THE YEAR OF TRANSITION.

Notice too that she has IIII on each side of her collar. (22 on each side. Master Builder again.) She lets the Revolters know that precisely 74% of them will die. (Could this represent how much of actual humanity needs to die to reach the 500 million mark that they prescribe on the Georgia Guidestones? Remember that the GG alliteration is important. GG=77, the number symbolic of Lucifer and Satan.)

mason white

Now WATER is very significant in both movies. Not only is it symbolic of the new age- Aquarius, it is also what is needed for survival. Wilford controls the water on the train. Immortan controls the water at the Citadel. Curtis is given a clue as to it’s importance. Notice that after the blood shed with the Black Water mercenaries, the rag tag crew wash off before they move on.


Here is the water being released at the Citadel under Immortan’s skull symbol or Baal symbol. The rag tag people here rejoice in it as well. They wash themselves under it.


Meanwhile, Furiosa’s group makes it past the gas land with some casualties. They make it to the place that she was born. She finds out that the green land is no longer green and is devastated.


Back at Curtis’s camp Mason pleads for her life after Curtis captures her. She pulls out her teeth implying she can do “something” sexual for him. She also promises to bring him all the way to Wilford as long as Curtis promises to kill him. Is this showing the fickleness of the Mason’s? That they will do anything to further themselves and that they don’t have a moral compass perhaps? At least the ones 33 and above I would say.


They take Mason hostage and work their way through the train. The next section they come upon is the garden and aquarium. They stop at the Sushi Bar where they have a meal.


They make Mason eat a protein bar while they eat the Sushi. The protein bar is made up of ground up locusts, what they were feeding the Revolters at the back of the train.

While eating the bar, Mason explains how they are lucky because the fish are only harvested twice a year, in January and in July. She explains its to keep balance in a closed system. The number of units must be chosen precisely and controlled in order to maintain the proper sustainable balance. She is implying here that it is the same way for the passengers in the Tail section. (Are they hinting that WE are in a closed system and the ones in control are doing just that to us? That they orchestrate wars and famine as population control devices because of OUR enclosure?)

protein bar

This reminds me of The Giver where the babies are sacrificed as well in the name of population control, although their “breeding” is carefully controlled by geneticists. So the sacrificing really shouldn’t be happening at all unless they WANT it to happen. And the reasons aren’t for the benefit of humanity.


Their next stop is the classroom where the teacher has put on a video of Wilford’s biography. Notice the checkerboard floor- programming center. From the video we learn that Wilford KNEW that the world will freeze from the CW-7 and had been preparing the train for just this occurrence.


Now this reminds me of Wayward Pines where Pilcher KNEW that the world was going to be destroyed by the abbies and had been preparing his “train” called Wayward Pines. So Pilcher is also Wilford’s equivalent.


Wilford industries controls all avenues of transportation. We know that the ROCKefellers controlled the rail road. Wil-FORD also makes me think of Henry Ford and his invention of the automobile. Maybe we have a combination of the two here. (We know Mark Zuckerberg could be ROCKefeller’s son and he is tied to Facebook, a Two Baal Cain enterprise, so it’s not exactly a stretch.) Also notice ROCK in Rockefeller is similar to STONE.


Now we also have a symbol of MK programming on the wall. It seems that all the workers are “programmed” to love their servitude and each of their roles. Here we have butterfly collections, a symbol of MK ULTRA Project Monarch.


And notice in The Kingsman there ALSO were butterflies on the wall.


and here in The Hunger Games with Effie…


and here with Katniss….


On another wall we can see the pre-cursor to Project Monarch, called Project Bluebird. Notice the bluebirds on the upper left of the screen shot. Notice they are BLUEbirds. Innocents (virgins) were used in this programming because they were thought to be the best seers (INTUITS). They were also of a particular strain of blood, from the Tribe of Dan, the Tribe of DNA.

Notice too that there are two spirals side by side on the wall. Spirals like Max Rocket and Sky. One feminine and one masculine.


Before we move on, look here from the movie The Revenant (Revenant means “risen, especially from the dead”). We have the main character who plays the Christ figure here as well, associated with the spiral. It’s etched into his canteen.


And later we have him pictured with Jesus (just like the association of Jesus with Curtis). So we know the “spiral” is connected to Jesus.


Back to Snowpiercer, just a few seconds later a man comes by with eggs. (Symbolizing the birthing of a New Age.) Remember that in The Kingsman, the Christ figure is called Eggsy.


Curtis takes one of the eggs that has a capsule inside with a note. It has the ominous word BLOOD on it.


Curtis has just enough time to duck while the teacher opens fire on them. They eventually kill the teacher and are able to move forward in the train. But not until Gilliam pays the ultimate price. We see on the TV screen the MI6 agent waiting for the signal from Wilford to execute Gilliam. Notice the picture is in black and white, just like in The Giver, where the world was black and white while it was being controlling by the negative feminine, also known as the Luciferian energy. So it is this energy taking out the “god” figure called Gilliam.


Curtis is devastated. He felt true love for Gilliam. He was like a “Father” figure. Now Curtis knows he will have to lead in his place. He is determined to make it to the front of the train. Notice that he has an injury at his temple area. (Remember Christ holds both spiritual and temporal power.)


But before he does, he uses his “temporal” power, he takes out Mason. Mason pays the price for Gilliam’s death.


We have a turning point for Mad Max as well. Furiosa decides to lead the women in the salt flats to try and find sanctuary there. At first Max lets them go.


But then his change of HEART takes him over and he is determined to lead them to an actual sanctuary. He catches up to them and tells her about his plan to bring them back to where he knows there is life- at the Citadel. They decide to trust and follow Max. He says to Furiosa, “Let’s go back, for REDEMPTION.” So here is another clue that Max is the Redeemer, the Christ figure.


The War Boy who was chasing down Furiosa has a change of HEART as well when one of the wives shows him kindness. He then is determined to help them. He fights off the rest of the War Boys. He commits the ultimate sacrifice by crashing the truck he is driving to block the other War Boys from being able to follow Furiosa in the canyon.


So we have BLOOD sacrifices in both movies. They sacrifice themselves for the Right.

Curtis, the security guard, and his daughter the Intuit, are the only ones who make it to the front. They are just outside of the gate to the Sacred Engine and Wilford. They passed through a sauna room, swimming pool, hair salon, control room and rave party to get there.

The rave room shows people with angel wings. (Is this symbolic of the Nephilim? The descendants of half man half gods perhaps? Notice the purple coloring, representing royalty, and the satanic hand sign.)


This reminds me of the “eat, drink and be merry” scene from The Kingsman, where the elite party while the rest of the world gets destroyed. Notice even the coloring is the same, purple and red.


At the gate Curtis takes a break and smokes a cigarette offered to him by the security guard. The last cigarette on Earth.  He tells the guard a secret about himself that he is ashamed of. He explained when they first got on the train, the soldiers took all their food from them. They got so hungry after a month that they began eating the weak…then the babies. “You know what I hate the most? I know what people taste like. I know that babies taste best,” says Curtis.  What we also find out is that it was Gilliam who first offered his arm as food to spare a baby. So he cut off his LEFT arm. (Service to others as opposed to service to self.) He inspired Curtis.


The lady in yellow opens the gate and shoots the guard and then invites Curtis in. She says Wilford would like to invite him to dinner.

He follows her and gets to meet Wilford and the Sacred Engine.

Wilford explains to Curtis that everyone has their pre-ordained position and everyone is in their proper place; except him.  He sticks out his hand and turns it, like turning a door knob. (Just like Mason did. We can see where the Mason’s got their philosophy.) Wilford continues, “We are all prisoners of this train. This train is an enclosed system. The population had to be decreased drastically. We don’t have time for true natural selection. We would all be hideously overcrowded and starved. The next best solution is that individual units kill off other individual units. From time to time we had to stir the pot, so to speak, the Revolt of the Seven, the McGregor Riots, and the Great “Curtis” Revolution- a blockbuster production with a devilishly unpredictable plot. Who could have predicted your counter attack with the fire. (Fire is the element of the Right.) Pure genius. That wasn’t what Gilliam and I had planned. The front and the tail are supposed to work together.” (So we can see here that in the real world this is what the elite are doing. They have their plants in the alternative movement so they can control people from both ends. They work up the populace to riot or for wars every few years to cull the population.)

Curtis is stunned upon learning this about Gilliam. And at first is in disbelief that Gilliam was a part of the elite and their plot until Wilford says a phrase about needing “two arms to hold a woman”. He remembered Gilliam telling him this as well. Then he knew it was true. BUT we see that Gilliam had a “change of HEART” in the end, he was for the RIGHT. He sacrificed himself for the greater good of humanity.


Curtis is guided by Wilford into the Sacred Engine.


And hands him one last capsule to open. It says TRAIN.

While Curtis is looking at the message, Wilford is behind him and says, “Look beyond the gate. Section after section precisely where they aught to be. Where they’ll always be. All adding up to the train- and now the perfectly correct number of human beings. All in their proper places- humanity. The train is the World. Now you have the Sacred responsibility of humanity. Without you Curtis, humanity will cease to exist. You see what people do without leadership. They devour one another.” (They are implying here that there is a Grand Architect, in the way that there is someone at the tippy top controlling this enclosed system. And that the baton gets passed on.)


It also reminds me of The Chief Elder in The Giver who says, “love is just passion that can turn…. can turn to contempt and murder. People are weak and selfish. When people have the freedom to choose, they choose wrong every time!” (Meryl by the way, is the equivalent of Wilford and Immortan.)


There is a ruckus outside of the gate and the Intuit comes in. She tells Curtis she needs the match to light the ball of Kronole that they acquired so that she and her dad (he’s still alive) can blow open the gate to the outside world. Curtis at first denies her, but then, being an Intuit, she senses the child under the floor boards. She pulls open the hidden door in the floor with Curtis’ help. They see one of the little boys from the tail section there, Octavia’s son, working the gears of the motor. He seems mind controlled. He looks up but does nothing.


Curtis realizes that he needs to be 100% on the side of humanity. He reaches his LEFT arm in and stops the gears from turning to release the boy. He sacrifices his arm. It snaps in two. Curtis sacrifices for the RIGHT.


Back at Mad Max, we have one of the wives divert Immortan, who is chasing them, just enough so Furiosa can pull his mask off and kill him. She gets seriously wounded in the endeavor. Although they end up defeating Immortan and the War Boys, now Furiosa has to fight for her life. Max won’t let her die. In his decision to save her he tells her his name. This is when he decides to be 100% behind humanity as well. He punctures a hole in her side so she can breath. Then he gives her an IV straight from his own blood.

She wants him to bring her home- back to the Citadel


Before we leave Max and Furiosa, notice that The Emperor cards are being played out. Furiosa is called Imperator, but Max is the one giving her blood in an IV.  Since she is female it seems she is the Empress card which is the 3.


Remember the Emperor card is 4. The Emperor card is IV. His blood saves her. Notice too that IV is the number 4. So like Tris (3) and  her partner Four in Divergent, Furiosa is 3- Tris, and Max is Four. Again we see the 34 connection.


This card is also synonymous with Arthur. Look here. See how similar it is. King Arthur was a resonance of Jesus as well. He holds the spiritual and temporal power. (Remember Curtis’ injury to his temple?)


But before we leave Furiosa and Max I saw another connection…. F and M… Furiosa and Max… we also have F and M in Elysium… with Frey and Max… so Furiosa.. Frey… and Max in both Mad Max and Elysium…. Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine working together on the Right, to make things “right” again…. look here.. this is also showing a blood connection. This is what Max in Elysium had tattooed onto his RIGHT arm….


Back to Snowpiercer, Curtis does the same thing by helping blow up the door to the outside world- causing an opening to “home”.


The train derails.


Max takes Furiosa to her home, the Citadel. Notice that the Citadel looks like tropical islands with the ocean drained. The Citadel is Paradise. Paradise is Home. (Hawaii- Paradise Isles.)


The Intuit and the little boy get up from the wreck of the train and step outside. They realize they aren’t freezing and they have hope that they can survive.


Now we don’t see Curtis again but we do have a sign that he might have survived as well. The kids see movement on the mountain. They see a Polar Bear. The Polar Bear is endemic to the North (to the Arctic to be precise). It is the Great White Bear and is representative of Christ. Now if we decode Curtis’ name we will see it is an anagram for Curist. A curist is one who cures or heals. Now Curist is one letter off from Christ. Just switch the “u” in Curist, with and “h” and you have Christ. His last name Everette has Ever in it, as in eternally, but also is an anagram for Vere. Vere means “truth”. And the “tt” is code for time travel. So he travels throughout time as the Christ character. So Curtis Everette means Christ Ever True. Remember also that the Polar Bear represents the constellation called Polaris, also known as Arthur. Arthur is a resonance of Christ. Arthur has his 12 knights of the Round Table as Christ has his 12 Disciples, all of which are depicted in the ARK called the Zodiac or ZOO de ARK.


Also, remember that the Mason’s worship the west, east and south but NEVER the north. It shows their true allegiance- to the Anti-Christ. (Remember North is also an anagram for Throne and one letter off from Norse.- the people of the North.) The Polar Bear is also represented by Polaris, the North Star, which is the All-Seeing Eye. Always open, Odin looking down upon the world from his seat in Asgard. It is actually a good symbol, once again corrupted by the Left.

From the Masonic Dictionary, ” the CARDINAL POINTS are: East: Wisdom; West: Strength; South: Beauty; and North: Darkness.” So you an see they shun the north.

Now remember that we had this same trio in The Giver, with Jonas (Wisdom), Asher (Strength) and Fiona (Beauty) and Jonas travelling to the frozen NORTH to free humanity.


Back in Max’s camp, Max and Furiosa share a knowing nod between them and then Max leaves. She knows he will always be there to protect them.


So in both movies, we have the heroes, the Christ figures, saving humanity. Humanity is released from their oppressive controllers and start new civilizations- a new age for man.

Curtis has figuratively ascended as the new man as well. He went from the root chakra or the “tail” section, up to the “head” of the train or the crown chakra. Notice that he made his escape through the throat chakra, through the door before you enter the room to the Sacred Engine. Remember, this was the chakra that the Left was trying to impede, symbolic in Two Baal Cain.


In summary, we can see the stages that they are attempting to SET. First, manufacture Armageddon, aka Chaos. This will enable their mass culling of humanity. Then there will be a second conflict to determine if the system will continue “as is”, or a new system will take its place.

Three aspects are vital, which we were given on red strips from Wilford. 1) Water 2) Blood and 3) the Train (or control). We can see these three elements play out in Mad Max as well with Water, Blood and the Truck (or control again.)

One other thing I noticed in both movies, is that Curtis and Max don’t necessarily lead humanity once they have saved them. We know that the Age Pisces was the Age of Christ. Maybe Christ was only meant to save, but not to lead. To let humanity figure out for themselves how to build from the ashes of the old system. Age of Aquarius, the age of the New Man, new beginnings where he can finally be unmolested and grow into his own potential.

~Christ Ever True


P.S. YouTube Version Attached Below.



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  1. Joshua Yule

    Nicely done RD.
    I would add that the polar bear represents Polaris and Ursa Major which is central to the 12 zodiac. Through this correlation, of 12 around a central figure, we get King Arthur and Jesus and of course the white horse, revelation and Gandalph the white returning after surviving the pit with the Balrog.
    Arthur the children’s cartoon is another “Arthur /bear” wink.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Thank you Joshua. Interesting you mention “Gandalph the white returning after surviving the pit with the Balrog.”So he rises from the pit too then? There is so much symbology with the Abyss in these movies. I might have to tackle Lord of the Rings soon. Those stories are loaded.

  2. vc frost

    Great overview I see you recognize the formula for a Hollywood blockbuster.. so many movies say the same thing over and over..I first noticed this pattern when Highlander first came out..
    The water represents birth and rebirth, also to serve as portal attention to when and where a character emerges from a pool of water.. the story will change, the character seems to discover what their destiny will be or are about to begin on a path that will lead them there..the symbolism of the be reborn ..
    Looking forward to your next one dear..keep up the good work..

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Much appreciated as always VC! Yes the water is symbolic of rebirth, the second coming of Christ. It is the transition point, where Christ comes into his own. Similar to the rising out of the abyss, as in The Dark Knight “rises”, Maze Runner- Scorch Trials, Elysium and even Interstellar. The difference is that in The Dark Knight Rises and Interstellar the one “rising” is Lucifer. They run parallel themes with the return of Christ.

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