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The Bad Batch Decoded

So the Luciferians are getting pretty overt with their programming. Instilling the Crowley philosophy of Do as Thou Will Shall Be the Whole of the Law in these shows. What people don’t understand, and I have explained before, is that they get you to believe you get ultimate freedom if you follow the Left Hand Path, when in truth you will be ultimately controlled. The “will” that you will be doing is Lucifer’s will, NOT your own. The higher up you go, the more rituals you have to perform, the more control they have over you. You think Obama is free? Trump? They are two of the most controlled people on this plane.

So let’s look at some of the programming.

BAD Batch is like Breaking BAD both being “bad” and both using the BB alliteration. BB is 22 in numerology. Twenty-two in the Tarot deck- which is also the zero. Beginning and end, Alpha and Omega. It is the journey of Christ. But is it usurped by them, as they do with every good symbol, and use it for Lucifer’s journey, the journey of the Fool.

In Breaking Bad you have the drug dealer cutting the body up to hide it. In the Bad Batch you have the outlaw cutting up the body to eat it.

In both you have drug making and drug selling.

And like in Santa Clarita Diet. Human, it’s whats for dinner. Are they programming us to be like the Giants? Their bretheren? The Bad Batch? The Nephilim?

Brought to us by Anapurna Pictures. Ana Purna- a mountain in the Himalayas.

But more importantly, Ana Purna is an anagram for ANU PRANA. Anu life force. Anu energy. Anu is UNA. The UN. The one. An ancient name for Lucifer. And Anu is also Anu(s), the anus, the inverse that they worship. Which can NOT create life. Just like Lucifer can NOT create life. He can only MANipulate life.

We learn the girl’s name is Arlen May Johnson and she’s Bad Batch number 5040. ARLEN is an anagram for LEARN. They want us to “learn” what it is to be a follower of the Left Hand Path through this character.

Notice the smiley face on her backpack. This symbol comes up a lot in movies, series, that are heavily coded with Left Hand symbolism.

Take Mr. Robot for instance. Right before Shayla is killed (actually, probably WHILE Shayla is being killed) they have Elliott walk by the smiley face. And look at the Mr. Robot patch, a smiley face. Computer repairs with a smile!

It came up in Bill Nye’s report on transgender identity. In the crowd, they had kids hitting around inflated, bouncing, smiley faces. The smiley faces stands for “I will do as I like”. Do what feels good, as Nye says many times in his show, no need to do what’s right.

Alan Moore uses it in his comic book series called the Watchmen. Notice the right eye is slashed. Alan sees with his LEFT. Alan is an anagram for Anal. He worships Anu(s).

The Bad Batch implies a recipe not done correctly. Like somehow God messed up. But God never messes up. He gives us free will to choose our path.

Are they insinuating the Bad Batch is the line of Cain? That you are bad already. Born Bad. Nothing you can do about it.

So you are already bad. But there are two paths to choose from.

Two paths-the wild road where you are free and don’t follow laws or the less wild where you don’t kill but you live a mediocre life still serving Lucifer.

Warning- Beyond this fence is no longer the territory of Texas. That hereafter no person within the territory beyond the fence is a resident of the United States of America or shall be acknowledged, recognized or governed by the laws and governing bodies therein. Good luck.”

‘Cause a place outside of the system has to be bad right? Had to be mayhem. Maybe if its all outlaws but what if its the rest of us? I think we would get along just fine.

Desolation alley…

She has “suicide” on her LEFT arm. Subconscious programming for ones thinking about that.

Like using Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington to promote it. Chris Cornell, CC, C is the third letter, so two C’s is 33. Suicide is “cool”. All the cool people are doing it.

This scene reminds me of Mad Max. A no rules land in the desert, where it’s the survival of the fittest. Again the Luciferian belief pushing Darwinism.

And this scene looks like a more sinister version of Lost.

They cut off her RIGHT arm and her RIGHT leg. So from here on out she leads with her LEFT. She is literally a Left Hander.

Remember Jaime Lannister was doing a good deed, saving Brianne from being raped and he was punished for it by getting his RIGHT hand cut off. So the LEFT hand pathers cut off his RIGHT hand.


Here is an example of the right SACRIFICING their LEFT arms to save humanity. They are of the Right. Right hand pathers. We have Furiosa from Mad Max Fury Road and we have Curtis Everett from SnowPiercer. Notice too on Curtis his hand is pierced, as if he was crucified like Christ. Curtis is an anagram for Curist, one who cures, saves. And Curist is one letter away from Christ. Just switch out the U for an H.

And come to think of it, in SnowPiercer they ate people too. Curtis is admitting here that he feels so bad because he knows “that babies taste best.”

Notice they have the guy walk by the pole that says POLICE. Police is 33 in numerology. So its showing the one’s in the know that the ideas portrayed in this movie are masonic in nature. Pro Luciferian ideals.

And police is pole ice- ice pole.

And one of the pro Luciferian ideals that they love to push is the transgender agenda.

Like in Mr. Robot. It seems to be a criteria if you want a hit show, hit movie, that you have to show a transgender.  This character goes by the name of the WHITE Rose which is a symbol for Lucifer. White rose Lucifer, red rose Christ.

“You hack people, I hack time.” she says. But literally in the Bad Batch. Was she talking to Miami Man?

And we have another one in Mr. Robot, she’s called Pyro Carly, a chick with a dick.

We can’t forget the one in Breaking Bad since we’ve been discussing the similarities with this series. Here is the principal at Walter’s school. They didn’t tell us this one was transgender though because it started in 2008. They are ramping up the agenda now. Everything is more overt.

They did this too in the Magicians series with a member of Julia’s coven being transgender.

Remember that transgenders only make up 1/3 of 1% of the population. And what is 1/3 in decimal form? .33 of course, the number of the Masons.

Here they show Miami Man’s back. We can see he has two swans tattooed on it. The shape of a swan makes a two. So two swans is code for 22. They love the number 22. Remember its for the Fool but its also code for the 22nd letter in the alphabet, which is V.

And V stands for Victory. That’s why Nixon always did the V hand sign. And Winston Churchill did it too. V also stands for Vagina, which is the feminine energy that they want in charge. ANU~ UNA.  In opposition to God the male energy. But they want it in the form of the Baphomet- with the woman INSIDE the man. A he/she.

Twenty-two is actually a good number. They take the good and use it for bad. Twenty-two represents the completion of Christ through his journey on earth. And it is also zero so him doing it all over again “like a fool”. They usurp this by giving Lucifer this number. That is why you see the WHITE rose on the tarot card. Jesus is the RED rose. Red blooded, Lucifer is the WHITE rose (also symbolized as blue), Blue blooded.

Notice the Fool is wearing a dress.

Through Crowley’s philosophy of “Force of Will” Miami Man survives. Notice both main characters, Miami Man and Arlen, are both good and bad. They want people to follow the middle path. The path between right and wrong, which is a very Luciferian concept. It puts Man’s law above God’s law. God’s right hand man is Christ. Christ is not God’s “middle of the road” man. When you are in the middle you are that much closer to the left… right? It’s like a frog in a pot, with the water slowly getting hotter until finally the frog realized he’s in a bad place! But by then it’s too late! It’s like that with us. They want people to slowly slowly creep towards the left. Until finally they are fully on the LEFT but when they finally realize what they have become it is too late.

Force of will is through MAN’s will not God’s will. Becoming gods with a little g. In the desert following their own rules. Not God’s rules. Because God does not condone murder. And God definitely does not condone cannibalism. It’s right in the word. CAN is CAIN- BAAL- ism. Baal is another name for Lucifer.

Here Miami Man, his daughter and partner are eating the girl he just killed.

And notice how God is nowhere in the desert world. He is completely forgotten.

God is completely forgotten. Like in the movie Interstellar. Where the earth is supposedly beyond repair and the scientists, men, have to find a way to survive in space.

Force of will comes up in Batman v Superman too. Batman is Baphomet man. He is a bad man. He is a MAN.  While Superman represents Christ who came down to earth to protect and save humanity. Clark Kent is all good. He is a farmer, from the earth. Bruce Wayne is from corporations, wealthy, part of the system and wanting to keep it in place. Through “force of will” he becomes a super hero. Not through special powers. And he destroys Superman because there is no room for GOD in THEIR plan.

Notice here they show a “dome” on a flat earth. Giving truth in plane site. The stairs symbolically represents the stairway to heaven. God sits at the North star watching down on this world.

Here we have more masonic coding with the checkered pack. Notice the upside down “mad” man. Lucifer falling down from heaven.

The crow symbolism throughout is a shout out to Aleister CROWley. It is the intelligent bird who thinks for itself. Service to self instead of service to others. Like when Noah first sent out a crow, a BLACK bird from the ark and the bird never returned. Service to self. He then sent out a dove, a WHITE bird which did return and with proof of life. Service to others. The dove gave Noah HOPE.

Then we have the Hermit. HERMIT is an anagram for H TIME. Inifinity time. H is 8 in numerology and the 8 represents the circle with a twist in it. The never ending repetition of time. Like the Ouroboros eating its tail.

Hermit, from Old French hermite, from Late Latin erēmīta, from Greek erēmitēs living in the desert, from erēmia desert, from erēmos lonely a person living in solitude as a religious discipline.

Notice how he is standing on what appears to be mountains. Like a giant looking down on the earth. Is that walking stick made from a giant tree?

And notice the umbrella is masonic black and white.

The Hermit is the only one unmolested by the cannibals in the desert. He comes and goes as he pleases.

The town he brings her to is called Comfort. It has a Burning Man type of feel to it. It’s in the desert and one big rave party.

Notice here they have a fan on the wall that looks like the Walmart star. Is this product placement to enter our subconscious?

And they strategically put this star by the pole. It represents the NORTH star AT the pole.

The product placement of the Walmart symbol reminds me of this one from Mr. Robot as well. Allsafe, subliminal for All State.

The Statue of Liberty represents Isis,which is the feminine aspect of Lucifer. UN~ UNA. And what is liberty? Liberty is what you get by permission. What we need is FREEDOM- to be FREE under the DOME.

In Comfort are “Scary Ideas” the signs says. So they are already implanting in your mind that this way of life is bad.

Noodle lady, one dream dollar.

And why would you have to keep a money based system if you are the only ones out there trying to survive? Wouldn’t you just work together and share everything? They make it like this system is part of our genetic makeup. That we can’t live without “the system”.

Miami Man has the MM alliteration. MM is code for 33. You turn each M once to the right and they make 3’s. Symbolism is hidden in many different ways. Through numerology, through what a character looks like, to what a word sounds like, phonetics, colors are important too.

Miami Man’s daughter is associated with the white rabbit. Just like Neo in the Matrix. Like Alice, follow the rabbit down the rabbit hole and see where it leads you.

In the Matrix Neo is told by Morpheus to follow the white rabbit. He sees it tattooed on the club girl that comes by his place for drugs. It is on her LEFT shoulder. Later Morpheus offers him the red pill to “see how deep the rabbit hole goes”. He decides to follow the white rabbit. Just as Arlen does with the little girl.

Notice this smiley face is on her LEFT cheek and the smiley face is closing its RIGHT eye. She SEES with her left. With her moon eye. A clever and creative way to show this symbolism. As Crowley states in item F of Liber Oz, “of his own ingenium, let him devise other methods.” Other methods of praising Lucifer.

We can’t help looking at this wall like its a wall between the US and Mexico.

But it could also be the Ice Wall, separating the Wildlings from the civil folk, like in Game of Thrones. With Comfort being south of the wall.

It could also be the wall in Divergent.

or the invisible barrier “wall” that Jonas goes through with his sled in the Giver.

And when we go to the “wild” side we see the Anapurna mountain. Anu prana again. Which is eerily similar to all the images of the mountain at the North Pole.

And like we see here in Mr. Robot. WHY do they constantly show us this mountain? Because they KNOW this is the mountain in the middle. They keep rubbing it in our faces. The secret knowledge of the black mountain, Mount Meru, Mount Zion.

Which of course comes up in the Paramount logo. Paramount means “foremost mountain”. THE MOUNTAIN.

With it’s 22 stars. Christ’s number.

So how “good” is Arlen? She is fine with killing an injured mother right in front of her daughter. Do as thou will. It wasn’t THIS lady who cut off her arm and leg. She already got her revenge on THAT lady. Arlen killed her. So what gives her the right to kill THIS lady? Moral relativism? Man’s law? Are we seeing their philosophy yet?

Like in Crime and Punishment, where Rodion Raskolnikov killed the pawnbroker lady because he thought she was bad and so served a higher moral purpose by killing her. This is not God’s law. This is Man’s law.

Notice the picture taker knew exactly what he was doing. He waited until the lady covered the RIGHT eye. Rodion sees with his LEFT.

They make it “cool” to be bad. They use Jason Momoa, a sexy young guy, so girls (and guys) will be attracted to him, and therefore be “attracted” to his “left handed” actions.

They have Jim Carrey, Giovanni Ribisi and Keanu Reeves in it, showing A listers who follow the Left Hand path. Who follow the path that Miami Man does.

Jim Carrey, such an honored actor, honored occultist. Who sacrificed his girlfriend like Keanu Reeves did.

They have her wearing ORANGE gloves. Orange being 33 in numerology. And there she is with the rabbit again.

The Hermit is wearing a NASA hat. NASA with the red tongue like a serpents tongue, and tongue starts with T, so insert T into NASA and move the letters around and you get SATAN. This Hermit represents Satan or Lucifer. Helping guide Man instead of GOD helping.

Notice she is seeing with her right eye in the mirror BUT it is a reflection, so its really the LEFT eye.

Jimmy is Bad Batch. We weren’t good enough. Smart enough. Young enough. Wealthy enough. Freaks. Parasites. This here’s the Bad Batch. We ain’t good. We’re bad,” says The Dream. He continues, “Now there’s only one rule and here it is. It’s time to wake up. It’s time to find the dream.”

Notice the BLUE coloring. Blue bloods. The color of the LEFT.

So this is a rave in Comfort…

And here’s an actual one at Burning Man in the Nevada desert. Notice the boom box stage. Very similar to Jimmy’s.

All these acid tabs and pills reminds me of Breaking Bad as well.  Are they BLUE biatch? The lighting is blue… hmmm….

This scene reminds me of the OA. OA is the inverse of AO. Alpha and Omega, God. So the OA is Lilith or Lucifer.

Miami Man BB 88- He came on a boat from Cuba. He was hard working. Didn’t do anything wrong. He was marked and thrown in here just for not having his papers. 88- and he is surviving. Through HIS force of will. 88 is also HH or Heil Hitler. Number of the Left Hand Path. The two people Luciferian’s idolize the most are Aleister Crowley and Adolf Hitler. That’s why I find it amusing too that so many people are buying into the PR campaign of turning Hitler into a good guy. If he was such a good guy he would NOT be worshiped by the Luciferians. Period.

Arlen was asking him what is his number but he wouldn’t tell her. Because it was such a low number. He was one of the original batch. He has been there a long time.

Notice the inverted Baphomet star.

Out in the desert. Rey and BB-8. Out in the desert. Arlen and BB-88.

Remember we had scary ideas in Comfort. And now we have “good ideas” as she is leaving Comfort. And “go” on a STOP sign, another inversion. Lucifer makes up down and bad good. The Orwellian double speak in action.

Arlen- Strange. Here we are in the darkest corner of our earth and we’re afraid of our own kind…your kind. Your evil That’s what you are.

MM- You don’t see things how they are. You only see things how YOU are.

Arlen- I hate you. Get it? I hate all you all.

The Hermit first saves Arlen and then he saves Miami Man. They make the Hermit character their God.

The Hermit survives on crow. He uses his wits to survive. Notice they show him with the moon. The moon is of the left. The sun is of the right.

He cares for Miami Man until he is well enough to go.

So more rabbit symbolism. Arlen finds Miami Man’s drawings and pauses on the one of the rabbit. When the Dream brings the girl into his home we see a stuffed rabbit placed in front of her.

Heil Hitler. Hugh Hefner~ HH. HH is 88 like Miami Man. But the Hefner character is actually the Dream, played by Keanu. Hefner’s bunnies, the Dream’s rabbits.

Crazy guy says, “I want to be a finder. Finders find things. Losers lose things.” Which actually makes a lot of sense. Losers lose their soul.

“This isn’t real.” But its real enough. We breathe, eat, love, experience while we are with the living.

The Hermit brings Miami Man back to his scooter.

Without his daughter, his rabbit, Miami Man has no purpose. He asks the Hermit for help, for advice. The Hermit responds by giving him the snow globe.

So we have the happy couple inside the Flat Earth covered with a dome.  The Hermit instills the idea that Miami Man will find love.

Like Breaking Bad, the Bad Batch. The bad batch of drugs. Notice the drugs are blue like the blue meth. “Cause it’s blue biatch!

The Dream shares a little of his philosophy with Arlen. He says, “They say you can catch more flies with honey, but who wants flies. Misbehaving humans have been making hamburgers out of our sons and daughters. We are not cows. We don’t stand in our shit.”

Costs a lot to be here. Cost you an arm and a leg. What do you really want?”

Arlen replies, “I want to be the solution for somethin.”

“You know what the dream really is? It’s life. Life is the dream.”

Arlen holds one of the pregnant girls at gunpoint to rescue Miami Man’s little girl.

When the little girl leaves, the Dream tells her to make sure and take care of the rabbit. Neo telling her this. The rabbit ends up taking care of her.

They eat the rabbit.

And the rabbit is what leads Arlen back to Miami Man. To her “being the solution of somethin.”

So what are they telling us here? That it’s okay to live free outside of society and do whatever it takes to survive? Survival of the fittest. Instead of working together as a community where everyone helps everyone else out. This is the way the Luciferians want you to think. THEY want to do whatever THEY want with no consequences, no repercussions. And out there, I guess there aren’t any. But that would only be true in THIS life. What about when you pass?

And here is the YouTube version:

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5 responses on “The Bad Batch Decoded

  1. Khalif Foster

    Ok, tell me how they are bad? Were they bad as a whole or they were bad for good reason, I am speaking of the main character, the woman, girl, and the man, were they good but they do bad for good reason, for example, if you are alone and there is no food, and people agree to tell them you can eat me when I died so you can eat, so they eat them, so that is good. To kill because the person is bad, that the bad person does kill, so they kill. Do they kill and do bad for a good reason?? Or it is really bad reason? To do what you want to do which means to do whatever you want, that means bad, so in real life, there are police, firemen, hospitals worker, they are good, but it is bad as subtle, not directly obvious bad, but indirectly bad for good reason. Like in real life, when someone hurts you that is emotionally and physically, you get angry, get very frustrating, not to act that is good. So, it is subtle bad, not entirely good which you can do good as a whole that matches God. We, humans, are not perfect, so we are not entirely good as a whole, so we can be bad in a subtle way, so in that movie, they are bad in a subtle way, not entirely bad. Does this movie make you think what is good and bad in a deeper way or you are already aware what is good and bad in a deeper way? Or what I type to make you think in a deeper way? Typing of subtle, does that means they know bad movies or bad action in a good way in a small way will cause them to be bad by showing what is bad?? Like children that are bad people will cause children to get bad, so are an adult that are impressional like children, but in a less obvious way.

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      I explained why they are bad in the article. They committed murder. They are cannibals. When you make excuses for it you are committing “moral relativism” which is a Luciferian philosophy.

  2. lidy

    Goodday to you Rosette and Khalif Foster.

    There is a book called ‘Redemption through sin’, written Robert Sephir.
    Here is a youtubefilm explaining the fenomenon and its origin.

    What we see today is a result of that believe system and it is an abomination of Gods Law, whom I know now as YaHaWaH. The world of Satan is the world of the living dead. I think Jesus gave us an opportunity to be safed from that world by accepting his guidance to follow the path of the good, righteousness and truth.

    One can either walk in darkness or in light. It doesn’t tell you to walk to the light. No the Bible tells you to walk as children of light. So be the light and in order to be the light you have to walk the path of goodness, righteousness and truth. That is the only way to connect to the heavenly Father. That is what pleases Him.

    That is how I read Ephesians 5:8-10
    “for you were formerly darkness, but now you are Light in the Lord; walk as children of Light (for the fruit of the Light consists in all goodness and righteousness and truth), trying to learn what is pleasing to the Lord.”

    So the fruit of the light consists in all goodness, righteousness and truth.
    The followers of Satan are walking in darknes, because they have no light in them. Their fruits are dark and occult and full of lies. But one doesn’t have to realize that. You can also be ignorant of that.

    I’m so happy that I found Jesus to wake me up, through people like you and lead me back to GOD-YaHaWaH

    Thanks to you I found for instance The website of the GodCulture. It is such a joy to watch their revealing video’s

    I hope others will find that way too and will be able through, the one and only savior, Jesus to walk the path He shows us and connect to our Father in Heaven.

    Thank you Rosette for everything!

  3. Kay Lee

    Your “explanation” of The Bad Batch was fascinating. I’ve been studying the luciferian principals for many years and you are spot on! I watched this movie last night and caught many of the hidden messages and meaning you speak of. It was very clear to me what the purpose of this movie was, and 99% of all the crap that comes out of the entertainment industry… To promote a pro-Lucifer society. Please watch my video on YouTube. I would love to hear your thoughts on my work….
    Nice job! I will be following your work…. KL

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