WestWorld Decoded

So HBO came out with a new series. One to take the place of Game of Thrones since that series will be wrapping up soon. They have to keep us…
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Emoto Rice Experiment Decoded

After doing a bunch of articles and vids on decoding of movies, and covering such diverse topics as serial killers, flat earth and the current political situation, I wanted to…
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Trump on Fallon~ Humiliation Ritual

  In this clip from The Jimmy Fallon show on 9/9/16, I show the masonic connections including name encoding, and ritual that is actually going on. Everything is scripted. Nothing…
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Donnie Darko Decoded

So this article is on the movie Donnie Darko, one of my favorites. Supposedly it was hard to find a producer to pick up this screen play with all the…
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Batman V Superman Decoded

Batman V Superman Notice its not written Batman VERSUS Superman because V is 22 the Master Builder number. So they purposely put 22 between them. (22 days between them as…
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Avatar Decoded

So a couple of things before I start. First off, if you want me to follow a script and hurry up, get on with it, you don’t have a lot…
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