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Minions Decoded

At first glance The Minions seems like a harmless movie, fun for the whole family, when in fact it’s a “shout out” to many of the “despicable” characters of the left hand path down through history. Not to mention It’s just one mass propaganda flick. “Bold and Brash” comes to mind from Spongebob Squarepants. They are so sure of themselves these days that don’t even try to hide their agenda anymore.


Here we have the obvious symbolism with “illumination” entertainment, representing the Illuminati, which go by other names as well, the elite, the powers that be, the Luciferians etc. And connected to many subgroups such as the Satanists, Processians, OTO’s, Setians, all basically followers of the left hand path, the negative feminine. So I like to just call them the left handers.

So we have the obvious one eyed symbolism. This represents the the eye at the top of the pyramid, the one in control of this realm, the Fallen One. A minion is the Fallen One’s helper. Check this out. When I went to look up the definition in Miriam Webster’s dictionary it says “someone who is not powerful or important and who obeys the orders of a powerful leader or boss.” But that wasn’t what I remembered. Then I saw this comment below it from a gal named Suzy, “I see that MW has altered their definition from when I looked last. Minion used to mean the devil’s helpers; unthinking ‘toadies’ as someone put it, his demons and imps, as I recall. I wanted to use their specific definition for someone and see it doesn’t even mention it anymore. Wow, sad commentary on hiding true meanings of words. When the movie ‘Dispicable Me’ was made, the makers would definitely have known what minions were. Now it gets masked.” Bingo! And then Stephen made this comment on Suzy’s, “You nailed it, Suzie. I came here looking for the same “former definition” for a similar reason. Sad it is, but it is what it is. It’s the rise of the beast. Many cannot see it happening but it’s all around us, including media channels everythere, which includes not just the obvious TV/movie/music channels, but online dictionaries and encyclopedia reference sources. Not sure how long this comment will remain, but I will share this: Merriam-Webster, Inc. is owned by Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., which is a private corporation owned by billionaire Swiss financier and movie producer Jacqui Safra. For an interesting read and valuable insight, google an article called ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA’S SILENCE ON VENUS.”

Well thank you Suzy and Stephen! I concur! Notice too his mentioning of Venus. Venus is NOT what people think it is. There is an inversion going on there as well. But that’s for another article.

So Minion’s are the DEVIL’s imps and here we have these cute little minion’s trying to locate the Devil so they can serve him. What a great children’s movie!

But that can’t be so can it? Well let’s dig in and see….


They start by telling us that “minions have been on this planet far longer than we have.” They show us the “minion” as an amoeba, dividing and growing. He eventually “evolves” into a creature that comes out of the water onto land. Back in the age of the dinosaurs. So we see they are perpetuating the “theory” of evolution. That we came from slime and slowly evolved over millions of years. Somehow we became chimps and then made a “leap” to mankind; however, the MANY missing links in between are still MISSING. If you research this subject you will also find there is no evidence of species jumping species. There is evidence of species evolving WITHIN a species, known as micro-evolution, but there is absolutely NO EVIDENCE of one species evolving into a totally different species, known as macro-evolution.

So I’m probably going to lose some people here. All I can say is, please keep an open mind, research for yourself, don’t get mad, get educated. Because there is more… there is also a big problem with the dinosaurs. If you research this one as well you will see that throughout history there was NO MENTION of dinosaurs until relatively recently. It happened around the same time Darwin was pushing his theory of evolution. Notice that all the dinosaurs “discovered” were in relatively few areas and made conveniently by geologists pushing the dinosaur story. Now the main point that convinced me though is regarding the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Here… let me grab a picture… this one is from Toy Story. (Seems fitting)


Now, what do you notice about him? That he has teeny tiny arms. You mean to tell me that the Creator made a ferocious dinosaur and gave him teeny tiny arms? He designed thousands of creatures to be perfectly attuned with their environment all over Earth yet he makes a dinosaur with teeny tiny arms? And the design is so flawed that when they put one of these dinosaur “skeleton” copies in a museum the skeleton can’t even stand up on its own? They fall over! They have to be propped up! Really? Um… no… I call major BS.

Okay back to the movie. Notice the starfish placement on the minion.


It’s an inverted pentagram. Another shout out there. And their mouth’s are open subserviently. So they have the minions follow a T-Rex until he falls into a volcano. Then they find “man” which they show to be a dumb caveman and follow him.


They show the minions on the Las Caux cave paintings with the caveman to perpetuate the “cave” man theory. On the real paintings no humans are depicted.


They show them at the time of Pharaohs. Now this is interesting because they refer to their group as their tribe. So which “tribe” are they from? Enli’s or Enki’s?


They show them following Dracula. Dracula was a real person in history known as Vlad the Impaler. From the Wiki, “As the cognomen “The Impaler” suggests, his practice of impaling his enemies is part of his historical reputation.[2] During his lifetime, his reputation for excessive cruelty spread abroad, to Germany and elsewhere in Europe. The name of the vampire Count Dracula in Bram Stoker‘s 1897 novel Dracula was inspired by Vlad’s patronymic and reputation.” Prince Charles is supposedly related to him.


Notice too the black and white checkered floor of the Freemason’s.


Then we have the minion’s following Napoleon Bonaparte who abandoned his troops when he knew defeat was imminent in Egypt. He even ordered the soldiers poisoned who had the plague so they would die quicker. What a guy.


They eventually found refuge in Antarctica. This brings to mind how the Nazi’s also supposedly found shelter in Antarctica, in a place they called Neu Schwabenland in 1938. Here’s the Wiki link:


So the minions make themselves at home in the frigid south. But after a time they become depressed because they are missing a purpose to life. They have the desire to follow an evil leader and do his bidding. Their leader is named Kevin. Kevin asks for two volunteers to go with him to find their new evil leader. He gets one, Stuart, who is somewhat reluctant, and then another, Bob. Now Bob is interesting because he has one green eye and one brown eye. Now I figured out that Bob is actually David Bowie. Take a look…


Here’s Bowie with the lightening bolt. Remember that the lightning bolt signifies Lucifer falling from heaven.


Now look at the minion Bob doing the “as above, so below”…


and then look at the Lightning Bolt plane that they fly….


Also BoB is BB= 22 and the O in the middle is for Omega, the feminine negative, which the left handers worship. We can see the same symbol in Harry Potter with his mark on his forehead. But here they put him in the Bowie bolt.


and then of course Lady Gaga with hers…. (GaGa~ GG=77)


Now the minions make it to New York City. New YORK City is an Illuminati stronghold as well. It is the center for banking outside of London. It is also the name for one of the two opposing factions in the War of the Roses. They are represented by the white rose. The white rose comes up in the Hunger Games. It is the calling card of President Snow, the elite controller.

Notice they show the Statue of Liberty which is their symbol of control, showing they are in power, with Liberty holding the illuminated torch. We know her as Columba or Isis.


So they get off the ship and the first thing they pass is a poster of Richard Nixon. Nixon had a lot of baggage in his closet and was easy to control. Notice his famous twin V hand sign. V = 22. Finally a name THEY can trust.


So they pass Times Square. Notice one neon sign says “Paradise” on it…


Then they pass this window with “Aloha” on an album cover…


Now while they are walking around the Rolling Stones songs are playing. The Stones are good little satanists. They participated in a ritual sacrifice at their Altamont concert in the Bay area where a young kid was stabbed to death and a budding director named George Lucas (Lucifer) filmed it. “Sympathy for the Devil” says it all when it comes to the STONES. Isn’t it interesting too that when you sell your soul they don’t care how old you are, if they want you to perform you WILL perform. The Stones are still doing concert events. SIR Mic Jagger is 72. There is no rest for the Wicked.

Now this next one is interesting because this was before the Friday the 13th terrorist event in Paris. Notice the Champs-Elysees and the poster in front of it that says “worry”. Also the peace symbol is actually a death rune. It represents the realm of Hel (Hell) on Yggdrasil the Nordic Tree of Life.


So the three minions end up going into a department store where they stay for the night. Notice the masonic checkerboard floor again.


They decide to watch TV. One of the shows on the screen is Bewitched. In the 60’s it was probably seen as a big accomplishment to actually get a show about witches (left hand path) on TV. So this is a shout out to that.


So I didn’t think this license plate was special until I heard the commentator on the TV mention that the 89th annual Villain Con was coming up. QI is 89. QI is Chi energy but with a negative feminine twist.


So we find out that the event is in Orlando…


The minions see a dude hitchhiking to New York. Notice the death rune.


A family picks them up on their way to the same event. Notice the baby’s pacifier- from The Punisher.



So we find out the headline to the event is Scarlet Overkill. (Overkill makes me think of the Overlook Hotel in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining). Now the Lady in Red is also known as the Scarlet Woman or the Whore of Babylon. This is a Crowley reference. Crowley always had his whore working for him.


Also in the Game of Thrones we have the scarlet woman called Melisandre who worships the Lord of Light and does his bidding.


So before the minions meet Scarlet, they are walking around the event and pass a fellow they will meet awhile later. A young Gru with his mother checking out freeze rays. We’ll get to Gru’s identity a bit later.


So we meet Scarlet at the main event. Whoever can take the Ruby from her hand becomes her new evil henchmen. Bob ends up accomplishing this by swallowing it.


She takes them back to her lair which is in England. They ride the lightning bolt that I mentioned earlier.


Notice how they rise from the PITT. This symbolism has come up in a lot of movies lately. We see it in Batman Rises (Lucifer Rises), The Scorch Trials, Elysium, and even in Interstellar. This is what they are counting on. The Fallen One rising from the Pitt. (Sorry I can’t help the spelling, always reminds me of Brad PITT.)


Here’s Batman Rises….


And here’s the pitt in Scorch Trials…


So they get to London where Scarlet’s husband Herb is waiting for her.


Now in the ’60’s the most powerful “left hand” couple in the UK were the DeGrimston’s, Mary and Robert. They left the Church of Scientology to form their own “church” called The Process. The Process believed in three gods, Jehovah, Lucifer, Satan and a messenger Christ. They went by The Four P’s for short. Followers were able to choose which of the four they wanted to follow. The majority either followed Lucifer, which was the god of hedonism and sex, or Satan, which was the violent arm. They eventually moved to New York (another York connection) where the infamous Son of Sam hooked up with the group. Son of Sam was short for “Sons of Samhain”. Read Maury Terry’s book The Ultimate Evil, if you want to get the true story behind the Son of Sam killings and their link to the Process Church. When the heat was on the group moved west and started an non-profit animal sanctuary in Nevada. (I know, scared for the animals too since they were known to sacrifice German Shepards). Along the route by coincidence, can be traced the Smiley Face Murders. There is also a connection with Charles Manson, the Process Church, and the killing of Arliss Perry.  Here’s the Wiki link for more on her:

Are we still discussing a children’s movie here?

So, out of the 4 P’s, most usually followed two, Lucifer and Satan. Now P = 7 in numerology so you will see 77 as code for worshipers of these two. Johnny Depp also has a crafted name. Depp is “of 77”.

So Scarlet, who is all about material possessions, wants the Queen’s crown. She gives the minions this mission.


While they are on the quest, Bob sees a sword in a stone and manages to pull it out.


They are mocking the Arthur legend here. There is a ton of evidence that Arthur was a real King that ruled in the 6th Century in South East Wales and was a true King of the Brits. The Windsor’s perpetuate the cover up to legitimize their false “lineage”.


So while Bob becomes King, taking the title away from Queen Elizabeth, the rest of the minions are trying to find them. They travel all over the Earth. From Australia to India. Notice the sun and moon symbolism here, with the red and blue division. Australia is know as the Land of Oz, Oz is short for Osiris. India is an anagram for Diana, another name for Isis.


They even walk by a set (filmed in the UK) of the “moon landings” made by Stanley Kubrick. If you look closely you can see that it IS Stanley doing the filming here. So it is a “shout out” to Stanley. He is one of them.


So Bob, Kevin and Stuart are grabbed by Scarlet and locked in a dungeon. She takes the crown for herself. Herb comes down and tries to torture the minions but because they are so squishy he can’t.


They slide out of all the torture devices.


Scarlet gets ready for her coronation. Notice her one LEFT eye is showing.


Notice here the SS. SS stands for several intelligence agencies, all connected. We have Hitler’s Schutzstaffel (protection squadron), the British Security Service (MI5) and the MK Ultra “Super Soldier” program, not to mention the CIA run ISIS.


We also have the Vatican connection here with the Archbishop of Canterbury performing the ceremonies. Notice the two mafia guys behind them.


The minions accidentally make the chandelier fall on Scarlet. She’s mad and wants them dead now.


The minions ride the Tube to Kevin, Stuart and Bob. When they exit the Tube they hear on the loudspeaker, “MIND THE GAP.” Bob repeats it to a kid he passes. Earth is the GAP- Ginnungagap, the land in the middle, also known as Midgard (middle garden), the land between fire and ice. Here’s the Wiki for more on the GAP:

Notice the station is flat with a dome and the “way out” sign is pointed to the wall? (Mars symbol pointing to the wall- thanks Nova)


So they run into the Queen in a bar where the Queen makes a joke, “Why did the Queen go to the dentist? To get her teeth crowned.” Ha ha


The end up getting the crown back and the Queen subsequently “knights” Kevin.


Scarlet manages to grab it from the Queen but then Gru shows up and freezes her and takes it. The minions see and fall in love with Gru.


So Gru becomes the new reigning King of Evil. Grun is green in German. I suspect that Gru is actually Professor Green, otherwise known as Doctor Mengele. He supposedly made it to the US after World War II with a host of fellow Nazi scientists through the Vatican ratlines.

Many stories have come up about him living for a time in Argentina and also in Pasadena and a frequenter of Jack Parson’s mansion where he held OTO gatherings. Recently it has been claimed he is going by Steve Rabel and lives in New YORK.

So as you can see, nothing is sacred anymore. The left handers are bold. More and more this information is coming out. There has to be a tipping point in the future. Humanity will need to wake up or we will be in some serious trouble. My goal is to wake people up to this. To see for themselves the agenda playing out and help wake others up. Spells only work on the ones who don’t know they are under a spell.

With love~ Rosette Delacroix


P.S. YouTube Presentation Below.






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16 responses on “Minions Decoded

  1. Diane

    Thank you so much for sharing this information…you are right, only those who do not know can be put under the spell.
    I have been trying to share similar information with others but most would rather keep their heads in the sand because once you admit to one thing, you have to look at everything and that can be overwhelming.
    Please keep on doing what you are doing for those of us who want to know.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Hey SheSays, Ha! Catchy name! I like that! Awesome! I will definitely check your Minions findings as well. We can learn from each other. It’s all about getting the information out so they lose their power. Very nice to connect with you.

      1. SheSays

        Thank you very much, Rosette. It just makes me so sad (& angry!) to see such things in a family film. With Jimmy Kimmel actually hosting inside a Masonic building ( )

        … & the Hollywood Oscars taking place in front of a Babylonian gate,

        …it’s a sad reality how much the film industry has been taken over by this evil elite society. I wonder when that really started happening? In my memory Hollywood didn’t seem as much “in their grip” in the ’80’s & earlier. When do you think this takeover started?

        1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

          I agree it’s over the top now. They are “coming out”. It is all coming to a head and I believe we will see some major events this year.
          I would say that Hollywood was always “in their grip”. Look at the movie Metropolis, or the Wizard of Oz… Lord of the Flies… 39 Steps…. The Twilight Zone… many more.

  2. SheSays

    I thought ‘Metropolis’ was warning us against the fusing of humanity with technology which is why they put that pentagram above the lady robot. I like to think some of the films that use these symbols – like Kubrick’s ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ are trying to educate the public about how the western systems of power really work. I agree with what you’re saying ~ it just seems the Illuminati symbolism became more ubiquitous in the last 20 or 30 years, especially within the entertainment industry (music as well as film).

    Man, & I used to – like – this song… what a bummer:

  3. Consan Guine

    Very good eye opener. Thanks.
    Now, mid June and the Orlando, not so gay, happenings; all over the top BS.
    The Minions were hitching to that place, with a death rune near them. “P”ulse.
    Could this be ‘predictive programming’?
    * As for waking people up – they prefer their own make-believe, it is comfy. If it is not on TV and in the ‘press’, then it’s that conspiracy ‘stuff’. Researching on the internet is not Entertainment.

  4. Lidy

    ‘Don’t get mad, get educated.’
    It is a slogan that I won’t forget. Beautifully said and how right you are!…
    I have been reading your articles this week and I’m learning a lot. I haven’t read them all yet. But I just go on, because I find it really fascinating. I just wanted you to know that your work is appreciated, also abroad because I’m from the Netherlands. Warm regards.

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