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There are No Forests on Flat Earth Decoded (Part 4) Know Them by Their Fruits

What I absolutely LOVE about being awake is the constant unearthing of TRUTH. We saw an explosion of this in 2015 when Flat Earth hit the scene and we were immersed in observing our natural surroundings with a different set of goggles. We observed the path of the sun and moon, and even the stars, how water always seeks level, how gravity makes no sense. We had a second explosion albeit smaller when the Russian guy’s YouTube vid came out about the Giant Trees and we had to bang open the back door and run around nature once again to see if what he said was true. And with each new discovery we have more questions. In part three we looked at the Giant Trees working like Giant antenna masts harnessing the electricity from the air and giving us free energy for all mankind. (Well if the controllers didn’t take it for themselves it would be). And so here, in part four, we look at the logical assumption that if there were Giant Trees there should have been Giant Fruits on those Giant Trees. And we should be able to find evidence of them.

For what is a chicken without its eggs? What is a tree without ITS eggs called fruits? And we know the only way to find Giant Fruit from ancient trees is to look for fossils- for petrified fruit.

We might have found these petrified fruit in what people are calling stone spheres. We did a little research and this is what we found.


I’m not so sure these were “built” or constructed by man. If you’ve ever investigated the giant ancient megalithic trees, some of these spheres could actually be nuts, seeds and fruits from those giant ancient trees. There is evidence all over the world that these trees existed. These spheres are found all along the shore of Costa Rica.

And these, found  in Cerro Piedras Bola (stone ball hills), near Jalisco, Mexico, believed to be naturally made.

Here are the Moeraki Boulders on a beach in Otago, New Zealand. Notice how the one on the left looks like it rotted from the inside, like its inside was of a softer material than its outside.

And this one was discovered in China at a construction site, and believed to be a large stone “egg”. Now nature does make perfectly round objects. Just look at an oranges or blueberries or pomelos.

Approximately 40 stone balls have been discovered in Zavidovici, Bosnia and also believed to be natural “concretions”. If we look up the meaning of concretion we find that a concretion is a hard solid mass formed by the local accumulation of matter, especially within the body or within a mass of sediment.

Really? And they form so perfectly spherical? So evenly with no lumps or bumps? Huh? And how do they stick together? I don’t think so.

cracker continues, Seeds float on water. Coconuts float on water. They could have found a resting spot and fossilized under the right circumstances. If you crack open a geode, it looks like a coconut. A coconut is a seed/fruit.

Check out this geode. Doesn’t it look very similar to this coconut?

The crystal structures, precious stones and such inside of them are constructed of crystallized minerals. Fruits, nuts and seeds contain many minerals to support the life in the seed within in the early stages of growth.

Dry a liquid containing minerals out and see how the crystals form.

Here is crystallized sugar on the left, and crystallized Himalayan sea salt on the right.

And our own bodies make stones out of minerals. So we know this is possible.

Kidney stones form when your urine contains more crystal-forming substances, such as calcium, oxalate and uric acid, than the fluid in your urine can dilute. At the same time, your urine may lack substances that prevent crystals from sticking together, creating an ideal environment for kidney stones to form.

And just like we do, so do oysters. They push out the mineral impurities in round stones called pearls.

Which reminds me of the Mormons and their book The Pearl of Great Price. They value the “fruits” of the oyster as well.

And John Steinbeck wrote a whole novel around one called The Pearl. The setting of which was in La Paz, Mexico. Could Steinbeck have come across these stone spheres?

Geodes are the smaller versions of these anomalies and can very well be the nuts, while the stone spheres are the fruits. Geodes are found throughout the world, but the most concentrated areas are located in the deserts.

Or maybe those are just the easiest place to find them because they are not covered with vegetation. Kind of like the pyramids. In Egypt they are hard to miss opposed to the pyramid in Bosnia hiding under a ton of dirt and vegetation.

Although this is theoretical, this is actually the best explanation that I have observed coming from anyone. To just simply START with the idea these were made by man is a limitation that science should not impose on itself. There ARE other options. There ARE other explanations that make far more sense that has evidence that supports it and far more evidence than man doing anything with these stones but carving them into decorative things just like we carve pumpkins for Halloween or make some of our OWN jewelry and trinkets carving seeds, nuts. Coconuts are very popular as a canvas for art.

Here’s a carved stone sphere on the left and a carved coconut on the right. Notice the indentation on the top of the sphere on the left. What does it remind you of?

Maybe the indentation on fruit? Such as on a cantaloupe where the stem (umbilical cord) is attached? Or at the other end like on the melons on the right?

Here’s another example. A carved stone sphere. This one reminds me of carved apple heads. Both look like faces.

Ok what are the chances here? I mention these STONES might be petrified FRUITS from giant ancient trees of which some of the petrification and remains can clearly be seen in the Black Hills of South Dakota if you look up some pictures.

Black Hills and these formations that look like ancient tree trunks.

And here, normal size forest around them but no other stones.

And tell me that this one in Urup, Kuril Islands, Russia, isn’t a petrified Giant tree?

And here, also in the Kuril Islands, at Stolbchaty Cape on Kunashir Island we can see the basalt columns that are always a clue to ancient Giant trees.

And here on the left, the remains of where a Giant tree stood on Rapa Nui. Rapa Nui still has the petrified fruits from the tree. You can see some here on the right.

Then cracker mentions how Hugh Newman in his presentation on the stone spheres mentions that he says they were discovered by the UNITED FRUIT COMPANY by a person named Doris STONE? (I’ll put a link to Hugh’s presentation below.)

The first scientific investigation of these “stone balls” was undertaken shortly after their discovery by Doris Stone, a daughter of a United Fruit Co. executive. Her report was published in 1943 in American Antiquity.

THEN he mentions they found “coffee beans” in the middle of them and oh…they can’t explain how they got there. Maybe it’s because they always WERE there? Because this was a giant FRUIT that was petrified by some means with a petrified SEED in the middle? That seed IS the treasure. Let’s imagine you find a giant petrified apple. When you cut an apple open…where is it you find the SEEDS? Petrified fruit would have petrified SEEDS in the middle of them, now would they not? Irony meet truth.

Here’s the same stone where you can see it was halved. And its exterior was carved into as well. And there is a strong possibility that the carvings on these stones were done before they became petrified.

Just like we carve pumpkins today. It would be much easier to do if the surface is soft and malleable. And why is pumpkin carving so popular? Is it to honor these fruits? Having the Profane carve them with no clue as to the significance?

Is that what they did here with these? 

And this one almost looks like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Not sure which one though, Michelangelo?

From another commentator, Daniel S, he mentions, “You missed the spheres in central Arizona, where they’re still embedded in the mesas and have left spherical voids where they’ve come loose, and on the shores of Cannonball River in North Dakota, where the surrounding material was washed away by the water leaving them visible. They’re all natural, none of them were carved from blocks or cast. They’re essentially welding slag left over from the cataclysms, in the same vein as the Marian Blueberries. Electric Discharge Machining.”

Although his theory is interesting, it doesn’t explain the seeds found in the middle of some. It doesn’t explain ones found in the middle of a forest.

And it doesn’t explain ones washed up on beaches, like here, at Bowling Ball Beach in Mendocino County, California.

Maori legend says that the boulders are remains of calabashes, kumaras and eel baskets that washed ashore after the legendary canoe, the Araiteuru was wrecked at nearby Shag Point (Matakaea).

Now the boulders being the remains of calabashes, make much more sense!

And you can see not all spheres are the same. These cracked open have an orange color inside. The one on the left has a lighter outside, a grey “rind” and orange fruit. The one on the right is grey on the outside, a white rind and orange fruit.

Which reminds me of different types of melons, Cantaloupe beige outside, green rind, orange fruit; Honeydew light green outside, white rind, light green fruit; Watermelon, green outside, white rind, pink fruit. You see? So the stones would be different as well depending on the giant tree or vine it came from.

Now calabashes are gourds! And gourds are fruit! So straight from the Maori they TELL US that these stones were fruit! As you can see the two Maori inside a lodge. Behind them you can see the spirals on some art piece. So it wasn’t the “ancient aliens” as some would have you believe that decorated these rocks, but most likely the indigenous people.

On the right you can see a Maori young man with several modern calabashes made into containers.

And here are kumaras, another term for sweet potato. A Maori man with his crop. And this one on the right could possibly be an ancient Giant kumara. Or maybe even a russet potato. Ha ha.

So the Maori think they are ancient Calabash. What is Calabash close to? How about Kabbalah? Calabash. Kabbalah. And Kabbalah is the TREE of life. And on the Kabbalah tree of life we have sefiroth. And what are sefiroth? Well sefiroth means “spheres”, but they are on a tree, so what spheres are found on trees? Well fruits of course.

And if we look at the most famous spheres, the ones seen at the Vatican, and United Nations among other places, they are called “Sfera con Sfera”. Do you think THESE Sfera are intended to represent THE Sefira on the Tree of Life? I would say most definitely. And we know the Tree bares FRUITS. So what are the chances that the Calabash that the Maori tell us are petrified FRUIT really are? I would say, pretty good.

From the Wiki we learn, “The Sphere Within Sphere, also known as Sfera con Sfera, is a series of sculptures created by Italian sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro depicting an enormous metal sphere with a cracked surface revealing an intricate interior with another cracked sphere inside. Pomodoro originally created it for the Vatican Church in the 1960s,

but later began building them for other organizations and can now be found in prime locations all over the world such as the Headquarters of the UN in New York,


Trinity College in Dublin,

The Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, (more Indiana brazy! Is there a Diana connection? Most definitely.)

The Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art,

The Columbus Museum of Art in Columbus, Ohio, and the Tel Aviv University in Israel, to name a few.”  They have this one inside one of the buildings.

BUT they forgot to mention the one outside on ROTHSCHILD Avenue. And its all gold. They call it the “Golden Globe”. Now where did we hear that term before?

Oh yeah, how about at the Golden Globes in Hollywood.

So were they giving out sefira to the winners? “judge them by their fruits.”

Matthew 17: 15-20

15 Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16 You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thistles? 17 Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Therefore by their fruits you will know them.”

And Emma STONE won for best actress in a musical. I wonder if she is related to Doris Stone of United Fruit Company?

So let’s look at some more “fruits”.

These sfera con sfera are the Golden Globes for these corporations.

Other locations include the Hirshorn Museum and Sculpture Garden on National Mall in Washington D.C.,

the University of California at Berkeley,

Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York,

the de Young Museum in San Francisco,

American Republic Insurance Company in Des Moines, Iowa,

and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, Virginia.

Now isn’t ART supposed to be unique? One of a kind piece of art? So why would they put almost the exact same piece of art in all the important places around the world? Because it represents ONE thing that they all worship. Which is? MARY. Mary is the womb.

Remember, THEY copy everything from God. So they copied God’s Ten Commandments with THEIR ten commandments called the Georgia Guidestones. So wouldn’t THEY copy God’s Tree of Life as well?

Revelation 22:2, “In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations”.


The real Tree of Life has 12 branches. Not that crap Kabbalah teaches. The true Tree of Life yields the 12 fruits of the spirit. Wisdom, Temperance, Goodness, Love, Peace, Gentleness, Healing, Meekness, Long Suffering, Faith, Joy, Miracles, Victory, Righteousness, Understanding and Knowledge.

The Kabbalah Tree of Life sephiROTS, rotten fruit. Now compare that to the Kabbalah tree- Splendor, Foundation, Crown, Tact, Knowledge, Punishment, Kingdom, Understanding, Eternity and Beauty- rotting fruits. Know them by their fruits eh? The Kabbalah Tree only has two common fruits with the Christ Tree of Life fruits. Nothing nowhere on the Kabbalah Tree about peace, love and joy.

Notice how Kabbalah leans towards the idea of authority through knowledge and deception which are the common fruits. But THEIR knowledge and understanding are spoiled fruits of deception.

Rotten, like the moon, a decaying energy. Sun is a life giving energy. They are the opposite. They take, drain, use, destroy.

No wonder Christ said that, You shall know them by their fruits. He was talking about the Kabbalah Tree of Death. Da’ath (Death) is the center of the Tree.

The 12 fruits heal the nations.

The Bible itself doesn’t specify what they are. Maybe they are not listed properly because they are deleted from the Bible. I think the ones they do list are a combination of the 7 virtues and from 2 peter 1 verses 5-9.

Diligence, Faith, Knowledge, Temperance, Patience, Godliness, Brotherly Kindness, Charity. Those are the 8 listed in 2 peter 1. Meekness, Mercy, Peace and Joy seems to be the others as the foundation of the “blessed” in Matthew 5. Godliness is “purity of heart” suffering is the same as faith. Seems those two places are the ones that combine the 12 but the 12 are not exactly listed as a “list”. Yeah its odd the Bible would mention 12 fruits and not really list them unless that list was removed by the church authority.

Mark 4
14 The sower soweth the word.
15 And these are they by the way side, where the word is sown; but when they have heard, Satan cometh immediately, and taketh away the word that was sown in their hearts.
16 And these are they likewise which are sown on stony ground; who, when they have heard the word, immediately receive it with gladness;
17 And have no root in themselves, and so endure but for a time: afterward, when affliction or persecution ariseth for the word’s sake, immediately they are offended.
18 And these are they which are sown among thorns; such as hear the word,
19 And the cares of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts of other things entering in, choke the word, and it becometh unfruitful.
20 And these are they which are sown on good ground; such as hear the word, and receive it, and bring forth fruit, some thirtyfold, some sixty, and some an hundred.
21 And he said unto them, Is a candle brought to be put under a bushel, or under a bed? and not to be set on a candlestick?
22 For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad.


All things will be revealed.

And what about the company that found the first balls? And the PERSON that actually found the balls? Is it just a coincidence that a STONE found these special STONES? Remember when they use STONE for a last name it is to say they are STONE Masons. They are Freemasons. These are the elite, the controllers. So would THEY tell us the true story or would there be one story for the Profane and one for the Adepts? Just like they did with Mary that I proved in my Flat Earth Decoded Part 7. Same thing going on here.

And the United Fruit Company isn’t just an innocent business that sells bananas. If we look into them we find lots of shadiness in the best interest of these secret societies and not for humanity as a whole. Here we see how the Eisenhower administration has a whole lot of family ties to the business.


And if we look at the alternate meaning for “fruit” it sheds more light. Fruit is a male homosexual. So United Fruit Company is a gay organization, just like the Freemasonic brotherhood, just like the Knights Templar were. They are all connected. They show this to the Adepts in their crests and statues.


Which are the same people behind Vetruvian man which is a clever way to disguise a man behind a man again. Or ritual sodomy. Ever wonder why Hollywood has us so focused on the “behind” these days? Trying to groom the public into thinking this behavior is acceptable.

The Stone balls can have another meaning for them as well. They can represent the “balls” in Tubal Cain. TWO ball cane. Tubal Cain, one of the first Mason’s, and a son of Cain. We see it in the Facebook logo.




And I’ve shown it hidden in many movies. Here in Mad Max for example. Max is tied up on the cane with the two balls of death on each side of him.

max mad

But regardless of what THEY use the Fruits to symbolize, the point is, they have covered them up. Have kept them from us. We know they covered up the Giant Trees and for a cover up to be complete they have to hide all evidence. So of course they cover up the Giant Fruit as well. And if there were Giant trees and Giant fruits, than it would be completely logical that there were Giant People. We’ll have to do a Part Five on the Giants.

Notice how one of the Giants here was found in Mauritania. Remember Mauritania in our Flat Earth Decoded Part 7? Disguising Mauru, the Giants at Mount Meru again? But that is for later.


And here is the YouTube presentation:

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14 responses on “There are No Forests on Flat Earth Decoded (Part 4) Know Them by Their Fruits

  1. lidy

    Hello Rosette, I’ve been thinking lately about these big objects on pictures that I saw and I thought some resembled watermelons. And now you come with this article dealing with this issue. It becomes quite clear: we discover or see now these objects for what they really are: the remnants of the giants, giant animals, giant trees and of course giant fruits, giant plants and seeds. It’s amazing and also very logical. It’s a real pleasure to read your findings on this matter. Thank you, Rosette.

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      I’m happy it resonates with you lidy. I think we are on the right track. I want to do a presentation on Giants next. Giant animals would be fascinating too. I’ll see what I can find. Take care. ~rosette

  2. Khalif Foster

    HI, can ya make part 6 for most important part so all things are complete for flat earth at macro level, but for part 6 for micro level, to understand like stone and other stuff, are micro living beings, but fossil is human that die, but those that die do have match shape of line that you can see clearly, but the bigger one, the bigger fossil that is stone, etc, do not have shape of line that is clearly seen. So, for giants, and normal humans, there is extra process within that cause them to grow bigger, which cause them to get harder thru the mud and water, as it gets bigger it override the shape of look like giants and other stuff so it covers up and make them look like a rock, stone, mountains, etc.

    And also, what is hard minterals, is hard minerals a crystal?? So, minerals have weak bond that it breaks apart easy to become something else. And also what is different between man-made things and God-made things, are man made hard bond and God-made things weak bond which it is hard but weak in bond like Water can turn into ice, very hard ice, yet weak that break apart, so are solid that is weak that can break apart to become something else thru environments, not as one thing, a steel will not change much, it is still a steel, except it rusts but it doesn’t count, so I am talking about within, that within is most important. That is most impressive from within. So, there are weak bond and strong bond, living molecules, and dead molecules, what kind of molecules: carbons, silicone, etc, which molecules are best that is hard, yet weak, like water. It can’t be entirely hard thru out, but series process within that change which it must be soft to accept the change. So, ya can look at Mudfossils and add info, so the true that explode for micro understanding how everything work in micro level, what is the connect micro to environments – hard and soft, soft that is nothing covering them thru death, except soft tissues do decay and bones remain. Hard environments that is mud and water cover them, but no big impress of visual lines as humans or other creature. It is not as clear as fossil. But all things are fossils thru mud? But the process to fossils is different. So, that means mudfossils give explode of another truth about micro level understanding, so there are different people that give different explode of truth, Russia Guy for Giants Trees; Eric for Flat Earth; Mudfossils for micro understanding, I could be wrong that Mudfossils is the first to give explode of understanding of micro connect. So, flat earth as marco and micro as everything what is man-made and what is God-made and what is minerals, etc, what is dirt, etc. We can eat dirt, but can’t eat steel, because dirt is a weaker bond, so all God-made is a weaker bond, except thru mud that changes to hard bond. So, I am sure there is more life giving, or all of God give is alive, not dead that God create rock, create dead forms. Except the process to help like water, dirt, etc, those are a process to give life, so those are activators molecules. Steel and etc are not activators but extend to human life to make it easier. So, activators are like key molecules to source molecules for growth. So, it is easy molecules that are ready to bond and be stamble, so carbons is good for grow and get hard, so it is not unstable because of numberitself, it is even, the more even, the better is it. The more odd, the more unstable, it makes sense since all things are two: good and bad, acid and alkaline, odd and even, etc, beautiful and ugly, etc. It is simple, not complex that human make it to be. Low density and high density, etc. Odd is two different number but section of both are different; even is two different number but the section of both are same. So, the more same, the better and the closer to be, to resonate. 1, 3, 5, so 3 has two sections of a different number to out balance, 1 and 2; 2 and 4 have two sections of the same number to balance, 1 and 1; 2 and 2, so it is even. Two odd equal one even. Two even equal 3rd even. So, even has more same than odd. So, even is superior, yet the odd as 1 is the source of everything, so the source is superior which it is odd; the even that is a process, which that is superior that is even, which it is right. Well, what is fair is same what is even. It is about balance. Man is 666 and God is 444 or 12, (in balance that is 444, which it is three and complete, so it is 4 so less than 6 so within rule; out balance that is 666 which out of rule to do more than necessary, which it is same as jump to conclusion, not process to conclusion so it matches the reality) well I am adding to my knowledge that is 3 is complete as beginning, middle, end, and also the source of all. So, 666 is 18 that is odd of two number, 9, so 9 is the source so man want to be the source. Two 9 so double the source. God is 12 that is even that 2 times 6, so two even, which it is balance, not out balance. So 2 is the source that is even and right. 9 times 2, which it is source that is odd, so out of balance that is 666; 6 times 2, which it is a source that is even, so in balance that is 12. It makes sense and God understand the number and use the number in a logical way. When there is something that makes sense in a logical way, then it must be right and was thought of it, or it is too much look in and say this is right, like in bible you look for code and say twin tower fall down from bible, which it is too much looking in since there is enough words within and knowledge that you have so you say it is from bible, which it jumps to conclusion, so it is not accurate, even it seems accurate. So, the most simple are the number right, so even the most simple can be connected to the most complex, so simple and complex are a same but different point of view and in high understanding, even the complex is simple that child can understand because simple is a represent of a complex. 1 + 1 is 2, so 1 can represent right 1 finger equal another 1 finger to equal 2 fingers, not out represent and say 1 is 2, so it is confuse and not even. 1 is 2, is same as 1 + 1 is 3 that is what man says that is odd, not even from God 1 + 1 is 2. At least I am adding to your understanding?? Or you already thought of it? It is all from critical thinking that humans need, not copy thinking, but creating thinking, to create new and see the connect. So, basically it is same as saying when people say humans are stupid and animals are stupid, both are same in common so it is copy and not creating to improve themselves to be better within and gain from within, the thinking, but it doesn’t mean from within we gain ourselves thru thinking so we will be God-like in various religious, but to accurate recognize thru thinking (right thinking, not wrong thinking) that we need to be under God, Jehovah.

  3. max

    Was looking into the giant trees, apparently a channel called mud fossils thinks some of them may actually be the remains of giants instead.
    Here is a few comments from the video:

    Jabba Jay
    1 year ago
    . . . NOT GIANT TREES?

    Mud Fossils
    1 year ago
    Not the basalt column fiber ones. Trees agatize.

    4 months ago
    Guys he is not saying the planet is a giant corpse! He is saying these giants corpses are littered throughout the earth from the days of old!

    Mudfossil University
    4 months ago
    Exactly…the Earth is covered with Death and carcasses since the beginning.

    4 months ago
    The flood had 100s of trillions of gallons of water coming in faster than the speed of sound, that is insane on how powerful it was!
    AJaXX JaM
    2 months ago
    I don’t understand. How could the earth be made up of giants? Are you saying that the earth it’s self was a living blob of hair, bone, Blood and flesh? I’m confuse!!!

    Roger Spurr
    2 months ago
    Look up GAIA Earth Mother …that is factual IMO and chemistry and anatomy and geology confirm it.
    thomas edison
    1 week ago
    Its an ancient fossilized giant tree.. Don’t get carried away Roger

    Roger Spurr
    1 week ago
    You need to understand the CELLS in plants and TURGIDITY. These are Tendon FIBRILS…look it up. All plants have cells sorry thats the facts.
    Definitely recommend checking out the comment section, way more info than I can post here XD.

    Very interesting theory about the earth being a giant organism, there is a game based on this I believe where the world is constructed on the back of giants, xenoblade chronicles I think.

    Also to cheer you up:

        1. rosette delacroix Post author

          Yeah I saw that! I didn’t have a chance to read up on him yet but interesting that they put a Norwegian, showing the Viking connection, the seas, black mountain (Meru) and the north star? Reminds me of Olaf Jansen and his story which I will mention in my Giants presentation. Do you know anything about this guy Nansen?

          *update* so I read up on Nansen and he lead an expedition to the North Pole. He was the first to transverse Greenland, which was a big feat at the time, and so was able to raise funds through the Norwegian government to do the North Pole expedition. The ship got stuck in ice drifts and Nansen and one other set out on foot with a team of dogs. They went as far as they could before they knew they would run out of food for the journey back and so had to turn around before they got there. But interesting that they were able to walk on ice the whole way? I thought the mainstream story is a sea with ice bergs. Like the Olaf Jansen version. And even the Mercator version the ships made it to the indrawing seas.

  4. rod

    hi rosette – thank you for all that you share – i always enjoy your writing and the discoveries and connections you’re making!

    as i read your exchange above w/ cracker re: the tree of life – the 12 fruit of the true tree vs. the 10 fruit of the sephirot – it occurred to me that this adds up to 22 fruit, which maps neatly onto the 22 trump cards in the major arcana of the tarot. so perhaps the tarot trumps are a collection/representation of the fruits of the trees of life and death? i reckon then that mebbe w/ study of the trumps one could tease out the 12 true fruits from the 10 sephirotic fruits. and mebbe it would kinda look like the righthand path vs. the lefthand path…

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      Very interesting rod! They could very well be! We would have to see how they fit. We’d have to study the cards and see. What a wonderful idea! I’ll take a look. If you do the same please share your findings as well. ~mahalo, rosette

  5. Andrejka

    Thank you again for compelling fascinating work Rosette, and the comments…What a wonderful coincidence…I was thinking about the word “ball” ….perhaps someone else made this connection about BAL = ball in sports: ballet, basketBAl, baseBAL, footBal or ballroom dancing…….so these are all lucifarian worship activities…much less transgender elite Lucile Bal…

    And being Stone is related to the masons, and they have these statues are they rubbing out noses in the truth…that giant trees were shaved off the planet?

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      Aloha andrejka,
      All in homage to Baal- another name for Lucifer. Lucille Ball is Lucifer Baal. But Lucy was a she, not transgender. Not all the actors are. Some people are getting carried away with that. I know Lucy wasn’t because I am friends with her grandson and cringe for him every time I see someone attesting to that error. I’ll put a link to Simon’s testimony if you are interested. Another that they were trying to say was transgender was the writer James Joyce. Again, they are totally wrong. He was the grandfather of my late dear friend Max Spiers’ girlfriend Nicola, in which they had a son together. A lovely family. They even tried to say that about Max. And Max was the epitome of a masculine male. People need to discern better. But it’s great you are seeing all the connections now, like you did in ball. Ball-et, that was a clever way to hide it wasn’t it? ~rosette

  6. Allen Metzger

    Thanks and the truth will set us free. Thank you for helping me toward more and more of the truth. Like love it seems endless I think they’re related (ha ha) or are they the same?
    Love to you and yours ,

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