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Mr. Robot (Season 1) Decoded

Mr. Robot is a recent series on the USA Network. I happened to come across it by comments left under the trailer for Buster’s Mal Heart, which also stars Rami Malek. People were apparently big fans of this series and I was curious to see why.

So after watching season one I can see why people loved it so much. It has elements of Donnie Darko, The Matrix and V for Vendetta in it. It caters to the young crowd of disillusioned youth; just as Darko, Matrix and Vendetta did for the last generation.

Notice here how the V symbol is the Anarchy symbol upside down. And the same colors are used, red and black, which symbolizes Satan, the violent arm. Just like the Black Pope symbolizes the army of Lucifer, with the Jesuits being the foot soldiers.

And Army is an anagram for Mary.

Although Mr. Robot was NOT also directed by the Wachowski’s, as were The Matrix and V for Vendetta, we will see similar symbolism sprinkled throughout.

Note that the Wachowski’s WERE brothers, who are now apparently sisters. This transgender theme comes up in Mr. Robot as well. Formerly Andy and Larry, presently are Lily and Lana. Lily is short for Lilith, the counterpart to Lucifer, and Lana is an anagram for ANAL. We will see another notable person who also has a name that is an anagram for ANAL shortly. Can you figure out the name? And who this might be?

Notice how Lana also looks like a Raggedy Ann doll here. Is that some sort of MK Ultra programming?

So although this series wasn’t directed by Lily and Lana, there are many similarities in Mr. Robot that makes me feel its director, Sam Esmail, is part of the same club. We’ll see the connections as we go through the series.

His name is interesting. Phonetically Esmail sounds similar to Israel. And Sam Esmail is an anagram for “Sam is Male”. And I can’t help noticing “you’ve got mail” same s(hit) mail, if you just move the “e” to the left and have the second “s” stand alone.

They even have Christian Slater playing Rami’s dad to symbolically “pass the baton”. From one generation of disillusioned youth to the next.

There is a theme playing out. And with each generation being more and more awake, more and more is being revealed (and steered) with the passing of time. There is a goal here and its not one in the best interest of humanity as a whole. It’s in the best interest of the controllers, the steerers.

We have a series based on the premise that the viewers are AWAKE. This should show you how fast the world is waking up. That in less than 50 years people went from a population that was almost completely asleep, except for the ones in control and a handful of people the world thought of as lunatics, to a population where there are so many awake that its hit mainstream.

The thing is, that we have to be careful with, is that they obviously know we are waking up and hence they are controlling are “waking” experience. So shows like Mr. Robot, that will excite most of the awakened, is really used for more programming. To steer the awakened into the next phase, get them believing they are free, when in fact they are duped, once again, into following the program of the controllers. Basically going from one cage to another cage.

So let’s look at this series and see in what ways they are STILL programming us.

And for people that are NOT awake the series has a double purpose. For those, it programs them to think that people that try to fight the system are crazy and dangerous! Watch out for them! They are fringe, fanatics and loose cannons. We should feel sorry for them at a minimum.

Remember remember the 5th of November. When the Jesuits blew up the Protestant parliament. Guy Fawkes wasn’t the leader, but he was one that got caught. Or so they tell us. Notice how Fawkes sounds like? Fox. And we know Fox is 666. And “guy” is a variation on “man”. Man Fox.

Fawkes was Roman Catholic and so was on the side of the Jesuits, which are controlled by the Vatican, which are Luciferians. And yet they DUPE us into thinking he is a symbol of freedom!

V for Vendetta, V for Vagina, they worship Mary, also known as Isis. Vendetta was written by Alan Moore- a Crowley follower. And just like LANA Wachowski, ALAN is another anagram for Anal. What are the chances? And they love the inversion. So Alan Moore becomes? MORE ANAL.

Moore is also a famous comic book writer. In his comics he uses the smiley face. Notice the slash over the right eye? He is telling us he is “of the left”, of the left hand path.

Notice the smiley face in Mr. Robot. The smiley face symbolizes “do as thou will” up to and including murder, and laughing about it. This scene is just after they take Shayla away. And we find out later her fate. So when Elliot is walking towards the phone, Shayla was being killed with a smiley face.

And we have smiley face murders in real life too. The Smiley Face killings were made popular because the perpetrators would leave a smiley face somewhere nearby their victims. These killings have been linked to the Process Church. Who are also linked to the Son of Sam killings in New York.

Is it just a coincidence that we have a smiley face on the Mr. Robot patch that Elliot’s dad is wearing?

mR. Robot. Notice the RR there too. RR as in Rodion Raskolnikov, the character in Crime and Punishment who got away with murder. We have George RR Martin who uses it and his idol, J RR Tolkien as well.

They like to hide symbolism by putting a portion at the end of one word and at the beginning of another. mR Robot. You don’t believe me? Well what do you see here?  In Hello Kitty. You have the LO in Hello and the KI in Kitty which when you put them together spells LOKI. And Loki is the Norse version of Lucifer.

And RR is 99 in numerology. And prominently displayed here… behind Elliot on the sign and again on each side of Angela on the elevator doors.

Guy Fawkes was used as the symbol for the group Anonymous. Which were a bunch of hackers, just like Elliot’s gang. And from Anonymous, sprung the likes of Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. Now each of these CHARACTERS (chair actors) were used to push particular agenda’s in the Awake community.

So MANning (GUY Fawkes) started as a boy, just like Lana and Lily Wachowski, but became a girl, known as Chelsea. Notice her last name MANning, just like Bruce Jenner (Gender) went from boy to girl. Just like Amal (a male) Clooney. Just like Iman (I man) Bowie. Are we seeing a pattern yet? They are pushing the transgender agenda here.

And the gullible promote it further. Look here, with the black and white masonic prison shirts and the Guy Fawkes ish masks. I am Bradley. Je Suis Charlie. Both CIA propagated propaganda.

And using the “I am” is in mockery of God.

Revelation 22:13  I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.

Like in the movie I Am Legend, like the singer WILL I AM.

Edward Snowden was another. SNOWED en. He is “snowing” us. He is the Waldo in Where’s Waldo. They even have him look like Waldo. To mock the gullible public once again. Where’s Snowden? Always hiding somewhere. No one can ever find him. Just the media when they want to interview him.

And lastly, we have Julian Assange. Who grew up in the sex cult called The Family. Did you ever notice the similarity between Assange and Sia? Again to mock us.

So we learn that our main character Elliot works at a cyber security company. Notice how Elliot has the same job Neo had in The Matrix. Elliot Alderson at AllSafe meets Thomas Anderson at Metacortex. Alderson, Anderson.

ARE there really even hackers out there? Or are the “hackers” just employees of Microsoft etc. working FOR the elite?

Elliot is the mad hacker in Mr. Robot, just like he is the mad Freeman on the Land in Buster’s Mal Heart. He’s playing all those “crazy” awake people we need to watch out for!

Notice in the movie poster they say, “the inversion is coming.” Which is exactly what THEY want to come. To flip the world upside down. To make it opposite of God’s creation. To turn it into Lucifer’s world.

“Hello friend. There’s a powerful group of people secretly running the world. I’m talking about the invisible, the top 1%. The guys who play god without permission.”

It’s true. They are the hidden hand.

The Bankers ARE part of the problem, BUT they are a subgroup of the whole. An arm of the Octopus. OCTOpus. Eight limbs, eight stars, the rulers- the BLUE Bloods, the Luciferians. The other arms include reLIEgion- The Vatican and the Zionist Jews, the Military (which has Mary in it), and the UN, United Nations. The UN being an ancient name for Lucifer.

We first meet Elliot when he decides to go to Ron’s Coffee shop instead of Angela’s birthday party. He has social anxiety disorder. Which just means, he doesn’t like hanging around a bunch of strangers. It’s not really a disorder, but Big Pharma will put a label on anything to make money off of it.

So instead he does what he likes best, to bust miscreants on the web. Rahit Meta, changed his name to Ron and opened Ron’s Coffee. Elliot was curious about him and so checked him out on the web. That’s when he discovered Ron’s secret group called Playdoh’s Boys. Playdoh’s Boys are a group of adults that like to see kiddie porn. We can see the obvious connection to Playdoh, which is a molding clay that children play with. Play Dough. But it also implies if you have “dough”, cash, you can join the club and “play”.

The other not so obvious connection is to the Philosopher Plato. Plato was always surrounded by students, and in those days only the boys went to school, so Plato’s boys would be his students. And he was a teacher of the occult, an adept. The students would be the initiates, just like in the Masonic lodge and with everything that implies.The masonic apron being most telling.

“I understand what its like to be different. I’m very different too.” But not different in THAT way, explains Elliot.

Vigilante hacker by night- by day just an average cyber security engineer. (All Safe~ All State) You’re in good hands with All State. All corporate. With the corporate state. Is this a product endorsement as well? One that goes into our subconscious? I wonder how many people switched to Allstate after they watched this series?

Same blue color, same font style, same circle logo to the left. Just take out the first “t” and flip the second “t” making it an “f” and you get? Allsafe.  And they think they are so clever!

“A cyber security company that protects corporations.She’s right. I can’t think of anything I hate more.”

We meet Angela, Elliot’s childhood friend. Their parents worked together at E Corp. and both got sick, got leukemia, from their work place and died. So they share this bond. She got him a job at Allstate, the irony being that their main account is E Corp. Their job is to protect the company that killed their parents.

Elliot shares similarities to Donnie, from Donnie Darko as well. Donnie tries to save the world and is on medication too. He also has to see a shrink- and has an imaginary friend- the bunny, while Elliot has his dad.

“I know you’re angry. At society.”

“Fuck society.”

We see his psychiatrist, Krista Gordon, is wearing an “I voted pin.” This is so we are aware of her state of mind. She is asleep. So she will see everything through the eyes of one that is still programmed. Elliot knows this and must make it all the more frustrating fore he knows she really can’t help him because of this. But to stay out of trouble he has to see her. She is assigned to him. So he plays along.

“What is it about society that disappoints you so much?” she says.

He replies, “Is it because we collectively thought Steve Jobs was a great man? We knew, who made millions off the backs of children?…

Yep, once in the club, always in the club, right Steve? Masonic hand sign saying his work is part of the Great Work, with no care for how it affects the goyim. In his own words, “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking.”

He is a follower of the Great Work.

or maybe it feels like all of our heroes are counterfeit.”

They flash Lance Armstrong across the screen.

Lance is another one they dupe us with.

There was a quote somewhere (I can’t for the life of me find it, so if anyone watching this knows who said it, please put the name in the comments) that said basically that they (the controllers) give us our leaders, (which most of us are onto to already) but they give us our HEROES too. Most people don’t realize this. They GIVE us John Lennon, George Carlin, Stanley Kubrick.They are all just actors playing their roles. Some play the bad guys and some play the good guys, but they are all just ACTING.

So Lance, one of our “heroes” here, is hanging out with his handler, who casually throws up the devils horns to trigger Lance into being quiet. Lance was saying to much about the RFID chip.


They also flashed Bill Cosby on the screen, another “hero”. He was a role model for the Black community. So of course they have to tear down this “hero” too. Did he rape 59 some odd women? I don’t think so! Did he rape some? Probably. As do most of the upper echelon of society. Do as thou will is their philosophy, will I am, which includes any manner of sexual depravity, anal sex, bestiality, pedophilia and rape. Whatever is their particular cup of tea. And these women are actors, part of the show.

Elliot continues, “The world is itself one big hoax.Our social media faking as intimacy.” And he’s right. They want the virtual world to take the place of the real world. Remember Lucifer is Prince of the Air, of the Airwaves. The virtual world is his realm. The real world is God’s.

He goes on, “Or that we voted for this, not with rigged elections, with our votes, but with our things, our property, our money…Because we want to be sedated. It’s painful not to pretend. Because we’re cowards. FUCK SOCIETY.”

BLACK Friday. In the BLACK. Seeped in MATTER. Of matter, NOT spirit. And some of the people DO act possessed, when they trample through the doors, kicking and fighting each other over what? Over matter.

Notice the Levolor blinds behind Elliot. They are symbolically making “bars”. These are the bars of The Matrix that we are in. Like the bird in the cage.

“How do we know that we’re in control? That we just pick between two shitty objects, like in the waiting room? Between Coke or Pepsi? McDonalds or Burger King, Hyundai or Honda?” That we aren’t just GIVEN the choices to pick from.

Just like our heroes.

“Let’s talk about the Men in Black you’re seeing. Are they still there?” Krista asks. Of course she doesn’t believe him. She is asleep. For her, she is programmed to see the Men in Black like this…from a Hollywood movie.

Or at most like this, the Secret Service that accompanies the President…

But who are they really? And we see here they follow Elliot around constantly. Could they be working for the ones BEHIND the President? The ones really in charge?

“E Corp. the largest conglomerate in the world. They are so big they are literally everywhere. Might as well stand for Evil in fact that’s what my mind reads.”

Notice RON’s Coffee…EnRON…L. RON Hubbard…


Elliot meets the assistant to the CTO, Tyrell Wellick, also a hacker. “Bon soir Elliot.”

And they have Wellick have anal sex with a man. It seems almost every show on cable these days has to show anal sex between men. I was watching The Ozarks the other day and they had it in there too. Oh and we can’t forget its in Game of Thrones. There is some sort of formula given to wanna be producers, telling them, if you want your show to make it on air, you need to have certain types of scenes in there. Another is of course, transgender characters, like in Breaking Bad with the Principal, and in The Magicians with Julia’s coven of witches. I’m sure you can think of many other examples as well.

“I’m not that special. I’m just ANONYMOUS. I’m just alone.”

They make Elliot say the word “anonymous” so we will associate him with the hacker group “anonymous” of course. That’s the most obvious. But the more subtle association is with us. The ones of US who are awakened and feel isolated. Asleep friends and family just don’t understand us and look at us as different. And it is hard to find ones that are “like” us. So we feel alone. So by having Elliot feel alone we relate more to his character. Feel for him. Empathize with him.

“I’m not on Facebook.”

“Why not?”

” Because I hate Facebook.”

“That’s crazy.”

Or is it because he’s NOT crazy. That he is one of a few NOT sucked into that virtual world where Big Brother is watching, and people’s “insides” are revealed.

So Elliot says “Fuck Society” when talking to his shrink and then lo and behold, the building he is taken to by Mr. Robot says, “F Society” on it. X marks the spot.

And inside we meet the crew. Fellow hackers that want to save the world. Notice how they use a person from each race for us to identify with. Here the crew is Hispanic, black and Indian. Elliott and his sister are white and then we have the Chinese Anonymous gang so everyone is covered.

This is Darlene, who we learn later is Elliot’s sister. Notice her computer. It has the eight pointed star on it with an E in the middle. The E stands for Earth and the eight pointed star represents the ones in charge. The OCTOgon. The OCTOpus. And like the OCTOpus, they are the BLUE bloods. So it’s a shout out to them.

We see the eight pointed star again here in the poster to the right of Mr. Robot. Notice too the V on the wall above it. V for Vendetta. V for Victory.

You can see the eight pointed star here on the Chigi palace with a giant obelisk in the courtyard. And here in the garden on their estate.

And here, in their family crest. House of Chigi, one of the REAL illuminati families.

Elliot’s dad tells him, “Let me tell you why you are really here. You’re here because you sense something is wrong with the world. Something you can’t explain but who controls you and everyone you care about.”

Which is almost the same speech Morpheus gives Neo:

Morpheus: Let me tell you why you’re here. You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.

Another thing I noticed is the prominent placement of the Ferris Wheel.

Ferris means Rock in Celtic. So we have Rock wheel or Stone wheel. Stone MASON’s Wheel. Chris ROCK, Oliver STONE…

And Ferrous means “containing or consisting of IRON”. And what is the throne made of that the seven kingdoms are fighting over in Game of Thrones? Iron of course. And Iron’s element abbreviation is FE or Fee, as in Fee Male. Female. The negative feminine energy or the Lilith energy.

And what does the “Wheel” in Ferris Wheel represent? The earth. (Remember the E on Darlene’s star on the back of her computer?) So the rulers of the Ferris Wheel are the rulers of earth.

The IRON Throne.

Elliott and Mr.Robot take a ride on the Ferris Wheel. Mr.Robot talks about taking down Evil Corp. and how it would be the single biggest wealth redistribution in history. But would it? Wouldn’t the ones in control have THAT all figured out? Of course they do. The only ones it will affect are the hard working people in the middle. Whose backs the rich AND poor rely on to feed them. The controllers want this gap to widen. Bring the middle down to the poor and eventually exterminate 90%, following their Ten Commandments on the Georgia Guidestones.

And notice the cage symbolism, going from one cage to another.

“Villians, evil always wins,” it says. What does Villains start with? A V of course. V for Vile, V for Vendetta, V for Victory, V for Venus. THEY believe they are the evil that wins in the end. Like Buster says, “the inversion is coming.”

“Repent, follow Jesus.” Notice no one is paying attention to the sign holder. In THEIR world Jesus holds no power. He is the anti-hero in their inverted world.

Here we have Elliot meet with Wellick and eleven of his best lawyers. They are sitting at a round table. Elliot would make the 13th spot. Christ is the 13th spot with his disciples. Arthur with his knights. Elliot, the savior in this world.

Notice the ceiling looks Honeycombed, like in The Hunger Games. The book Elliot’s psychiatrist was reading. Even the coloring is the same. The Honeycomb. The Beehive. We have to Behave in the Beehive.

After the meeting Elliot gets dropped off.  The Man in Black says, “You can call me Mr. X. Come on… You’ve never seen JFK, the Oliver Stone movie?”

The JFK reference will come up again… and then we have Oliver, whose real last name is Silverstein, like Larry of “pull it” fame. Oliver’s son was born in New YORK. Here is STONE with ROCKefeller Plaza behind him.

Elliot’s drug of choice is MORPHine. Notice how close Morphine is to MORPHeus? To morph is to change.

Notice Elliot’s reflection looks evil. The opposite- his duality, his change.

Like Neo does in The Matrix after he gets plugged in. He looks into the mirror like Elliot does here and then enters a different reality. Similar to what DMT does to a person.

Buckle your seat Dorothy. Kansas is going bye-bye,” says Cipher.

And Donnie Darko when he looks into the mirror. And sees HIS imaginary friend. Again different reality.

“Every tentacle of your evil monstrosity is sliced off the nerve,” says F Society from the TV screen. Notice they are showing an octopus? More mocking of us. THEY are the octopus.

Now this one should be obvious to most. Do you see it? 9/11 on the building to Angela’s right? They do this shot in several angles as well to make sure the ones in the know don’t miss it. 9/11 was more than an “inside job”. It was a staged job, from beginning to end.

“Yo, I want to stop and get some Fro-Yo before we go.”

Corporate sponsors when its supposed to be ANTI corporatism.

“The world is a dangerous place Elliot. Not because of those who do evil but because of those who look on and do nothing,” says Mr. Robot.

Which is similar to John F. Kennedy’s speech where he says, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

But Mr. Robot’s not done, he continues, “Elliot are you a one or a zero? That’s the question you have to ask yourself. Are you a yes or a no? Are you going to ACT or not?”

Is this speech really to Elliot or to us? To get US to act? Concession it says. Are WE to make concessions? To give in? To go along?

“What’s your name?”


“What’s it mean? What you don’t know? The meaning of a name is important bra.”

Doesn’t he know it! It’s all about the meanings of words. About their etymology’s that hold ALL the clues about this world.

He later tells us while calling Elliot from prison that Elliot’s name means “brave and true”. But HOW brave and true? Because we know Elliot LIES. He made Shayla break her promise to not give him Morphine without the withdrawal meds, and then he told her he won’t do it again. She says for him to promise, but he looks at her funny and then says, “I promise”. So we know he is not true to his word. So how brave and true is he?

And what is THAT programming into the fans of this show? The asleep? That it’s okay to lie, even if you are the hero.

“It’s part of the same blur just out of focus. The illusion of choice. If our only option is Blue Cross or Blue Shield, what the fuck is the difference? Our choice’s were pre made for us. Along time ago. I don’t know why I”m saying all of this. Maybe its because I’m pumped up on what ever smack Eli Lilly and other legal drug dealers make money off of nowadays.”

Now HERE, Elliot is sharing some truth. Big Pharma company’s are really just LEGAL drug dealers.

This was an interesting shot. Remember everything they show has a purpose. This one shows the “spires” of New York. The spires are the electrical masts that they gain their power from. Power, both literally and figuratively. Hidden in plane site.

And they don’t want to leave the impressionable young girls out. So they have Jessica Alba promote Anonymous in a fashion magazine. Now the owners of all the magazines as well as other media outlets would be AGAINST Anonymous if it really was a threat. So would they PROMOTE their enemy in one of their own publications? Hardly!

Gideon asks the receptionist, “Is he drinking Starbucks?” More product placement. Can anyone see the irony here? A series that is supposed to be ANTI-corporations, has PAID product placement of one of the biggest Corporation’s out there- Starbucks- in its series.






In this shot they want the ones in the know to see the 33 on the garbage cans. They take a couple of different angle shots so there is no doubt. Thirty-three of course is the number of the Mason’s.

Is it getting obvious yet? Do you see the pyramid in the middle of the screen? The Black Mountain, The Steel Mountain, also known as Mount Meru, Mount Olympus, Yggdrasil, Mount Zion, Magic Mountain. And it reminds me of the Paramount logo. Para Mount- foremost Mountain.

They tell us it is “impenetrable” and STOP with a red OCTOgon. Only the elite can go there; to the North Pole to where they want to rebuild Atlantis.

“Those men I shook hands with? Financiers of Hezbollah and Isis.” Here they want us to believe its just greedy businessmen funding terrorists groups, when in reality it is the one’s pulling the strings who are. That have funded all wars to foment chaos so they stay in power.

Notice the security system looks like an eight pointed star. And even looks like a Ferris Wheel, with the boxes being the cages you ride in.

More LGBTQ or whatever the letters are. There are really too many “identity” types to count these days. That’s part of it. Get you so confused you just give in. Make you feel “weird” or “boring” because you are just “male” or “female.” So here, on the left, they push the non-traditional family. And here, on the right, they promote “doing what feels good” not doing what is right and moral. So the girls kiss. What the heck. Anything goes these days.

The “cleaners” on the sign, is fore-shadowing of what happens to Shayla. “Taken to the cleaners.” And notice the license plate with GMO on it. Because they KNOW that Awake people are concerned about GMO’s and so want you to associate the group “Anonymous” with fighting against GMO’s as well. So they must be good- is what they want you to think.

“This New World we are so close to creating – it will never be that New World F Society. F society is success,” says Mr. Robot.

New World we are so close to creating? Who’s really talking here? Is this one of US? Or is this one of THEM? The controllers? Can we see how they are MANipulating us to do their bidding? Getting us to believe we are creating this “New World” in our best interests, when in actuality we are just following the script that THEY have put out for us?

Elliot hacks into the prison security system and unlocks the prison doors.

Do as thou will shall be the whole of the law. Vera gets away with murder.

Do as thou will shall be the whole of the law. Wellick gets away with murder.

Elliot has an appointment with the head of the Chinese faction hacker group. Notice the black 13 on the building. Council of 13, the 13th they try and usurp. Replacing Jesus with Lucifer.

So the head of the Anonymous group out of China is called The White Rose. We can’t help to notice that “she” is really a “he”. More transgender pushing here. Getting us used to these people in society. Giving them roles of authority and of power. Making people look up to them and respect them. Instead of the abomination they really are. It is a mental illness. They need to be treated. It isn’t a choice to be male or female. You are born one way or the other. And no matter how much you try and hide this fact, on the inside a male is still X and Y and a female is X and X. These chromosomes are permeated throughout the body. You cannot become XX if you are XY. It is part of your genetic makeup. It is the way God created you.




And just as the trannie agenda is of the LEFT, so is the WHITE rose. The white rose symbolizes Lucifer. Just like President Snow wore on The Hunger Games.


Just like the one worn by this Polish lawmaker.

The caption reads, “Lawmakers from the LEFTist Palikot’s Movement cover their faces with masks as they protest against ACTA, or the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement during a parliament session in Warsaw, Poland.”

White Rose associated with Anonymous. Do you see the one doing the V hand sign?

Just like these British members of Parliament display. Subrosa, under the red rose. The white rose is base, low, representing matter. The white rose in The War of the Roses represented the Yorks. And we have the York rite, the York lodge of the Mason’s. And New YORK their stronghold.

And we see the Chinese Anonymous group has a variation on the Fawkes mask, the face of a dragon with devil horns.

The hack was a success. Elliot and Darlene celebrate at the Ferris Wheel. He tries kissing Darlene and she freaks out on him. That’s when he realizes she is his sister. What else did he forget?

He goes home and finds a blank disc in where he keeps the deleted files. He downloads and remembers.

Notice the more mocking of Jesus symbolism with Elliot’s dads arms outstretched.

“Are these the same people that have been following me?”

“Think about it. You don’t remember me, you don’t remember your damn sister, they intentionally put you in this haze so you forget what they want you to forget. They’re trying to control you Elliot. They’ve been trying to control you all along.”

And here little Elliot is given a lesson in Moral Relativism. Elliot stole money from a man and when the man comes back to tell Elliot’s father, instead of his father having Elliot give the money back, he yells at the man to leave the store. He then confronts Elliot who at first lies. Then admits, and then they use the money to go to the movies! So Elliot’s dad was teaching Elliot that it is okay to steal if you deem the other person is a jerk. Moral Relativism.

“I am Mr. Robot.” Nothing to see here folks. No cray cray going on.

Here we can see in Elliot’s childhood room a huge owl on the wall. Of course the owl is an occult symbol. Used by the adepts, the ones that can see in the dark. Remember at Sandy Hook, with Anderson Cooper (Elliot Alderson, Thomas Anderson) holding up an owl drawing by one of the supposed child victims?

And we have a ton of obelisk shots in this series. But here are just a couple to make you aware of them.

“Your debts have been forgiven by us at F Society. We at F Society hope that you will forge a better world. A world that values a free people. And a world that belongs to us. This will be the deathnell of Evil Corp. That you will build a better society out of the ashes.”

“We are finally awake” it says on the poster. But is that true? How many watched this series and didn’t have a clue as to the propaganda they are pushing? It’s a feel good series to get the newly awakened to act- to start a revolution, so the ones in control can make order out of their chaos.

Unless we REALLY wake up.

Since my YT vid is being blocked in Canada and the US, for those people you can watch it on Vimeo if you’d like. Here is the link:

You can watch the YouTube version here:

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    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      Aloha white square warrior! Nice to connect with you. I went ahead and uploaded it to Vimeo. Here is the link. I guess I should start uploading all of my presentations there as back up. Thank you for taking an interest in it. ~ rosette

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      Seven Ages of Man, but look how Shakespeare’s version is a glass half empty. All the world’s a stage,
      “And all the men and women merely players;
      They have their exits and their entrances,
      And one man in his time plays many parts,
      His acts being seven ages. At first, the infant,
      Mewling and puking in the nurse’s arms.
      Then the whining schoolboy, with his satchel
      And shining morning face, creeping like snail
      Unwillingly to school. And then the lover,
      Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad
      Made to his mistress’ eyebrow. Then a soldier,
      Full of strange oaths and bearded like the pard,
      Jealous in honor, sudden and quick in quarrel,
      Seeking the bubble reputation
      Even in the cannon’s mouth. And then the justice,
      In fair round belly with good capon lined,
      With eyes severe and beard of formal cut,
      Full of wise saws and modern instances;
      And so he plays his part. The sixth age shifts
      Into the lean and slippered pantaloon,
      With spectacles on nose and pouch on side;
      His youthful hose, well saved, a world too wide
      For his shrunk shank, and his big manly voice,
      Turning again toward childish treble, pipes
      And whistles in his sound. Last scene of all,
      That ends this strange eventful history,
      Is second childishness and mere oblivion,
      Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.”

      Where “villains” would come from, the disillusioned. Thanks for sharing chris. ~ rosette

  1. Allen Metzger

    Thanks for the Vimeo link. I couldn’t read along with the video but that’s okay. I do like reading as the video plays because I believe there is a more thorough understanding when you hear the word and also read the word .Again thanks for adding the vimeo link. Again I am blessed by your talents and gifts which have helped me in so many ways
    love to you and yours

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      It’s my pleasure al really! I’m glad you got to watch that one. That one exposes so much. In it people can see the duping of the alternative community. How they even control AWAKE people. Awake people need to be diligent and not let their guards down. They need to think through everything and understand if a movement becomes really popular its because THEY let it. A TRUE movement that could hurt them would be attacked wholeheartedly by them. Fawkes is a farce. And the world WOULD be a better place WITHOUT the banks and money. But here they are brainwashing people into thinking that we NEED their system. Bullshit.

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