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The Truth is in the Code.

Connecting The Dots……MK Ultra Style

This is the debut article from Luke Aspen, and many thanks to Rosette!

Very little research has been done to uncover much of what I’ve discovered here on my own. What I would call “polka dot programming”. So there’s this hidden agenda and the dots are being worn by some very famous MK Hollywood celebrities. This has been going on since the 30’s and still continues right under our noses today with some rather striking visual clues that are embedded everywhere!

Part I: A Brief History of the Polka Dot

The Eye of Horus is the “all seeing eye”. Just one big dot to worship!  In Egyptian mythology Horus is Lucifer.

As time progressed, the lone dot became multiple ones, being placed on objects and clothes. In some non western cultures, polka dots were signs of things like Magic, a successful hunt and male potency. They were made highly visible in many public places. Especially painted on tents.

In the 40’s comics, the character Abner Krill became the arch villain simply known as Polka Dot Man. His body sprinkled with dots, possessed great Magic, enabling him to fight against Batman and Robin.

Even much earlier, in 1928 Walt Disney introduced his character creation of Miss Minnie Mouse. She was drawn as always wearing the loud polka dot pattern on her dress with matching hair bow.

So she really carries the hidden meaning that entails the Eye of Horus, Magic and male potency. All of which are behind the driving force of sodomy. How then did the dot become known as the polka dot? The word polka is itself a bit of a mystery, “Polka” is Polish for “Polish woman”. In Czech, some researchers say it can also refer to a “young girl”. That would only make perfect sense because Disney secretly intended the (Minnie Mouse) polka dot to be Poke-A-Dot (or poke the young girl in her dot). Purely anal sex! And long before the Playboy Bunny, Minnie Mouse became the original pin-up girl for MK UItra.

Walt Disney was raised by an abusive father, who later had Walt secretly placed in different foster homes.That led him to being sodomized as a foster child. Later covertly working with the CIA and their early MK Ultra experiments, he helped implement his secret Minnie Mouse polka dot meme. It quickly became embedded as being the first actual visual symbol for MK Ultra programming!

And sodomy is the key to creating their mind-controlled sex slave. Monarch programming is really sodomy programming. I will explain this much later in full detail. The polka dot design actually precedes both the popular Beta Sex Kitten and Monarch Butterfly symbols that are so prevalent today.

So I thought it would be most insightful to provide a pictorial polka dot gallery of some of the most famous celebrity monarchs. Starting with the old Hollywood stars that were being mind-controlled way back then. And continuing up to the present with the more famous names of today. You’ll see for yourself just how this polka dot programming has been integrated into their MK wearing dress design then and how it all still continues to evolve today. As well as being combined with all the other Illuminati symbols.

Part II: Early Hollywood Monarch Programing from the late 30’s to the Present

Judy Garland was made famous for playing Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.  And was often seen dressed in polka dots. She was also one of the most mentally unstable Monarchs. So I’ve read that wearing the dots was most likely used as a “visual trigger” to subconsciously reinforce the sodomy programming. And that would apply to the other celebrity Monarchs as well. But having to live as a mind-controlled slave had certainly created some deep psychological problems for Garland and others. Many having some serious mental breakdowns!

This photo was taken with Judy staring at her own reflection in a mirror. And mirrors are often used in mind programming. So with the focused stare, index fingers forming the triangle and the dots marking her face are all a telling sign!

She lurched from stellar performances, to tantrums and no-shows, from happy family times to alcoholism, drug use and suicide attempts, from gold records to near bankruptcy. But most people could not understand why she had the mental breakdowns! Her real name was Francis Ethel Gumm and got her early start by performing in Vaudeville stage acts where she met and became friends with Bert Lahr. He later became famous as the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz.

Lahr was a Mason and involved with other famous Masons and MK handlers, the very ones to control Judy Garland. Notice he’s making the hand gesture of the Devil’s horns.

He was also quite willing to dress in complete female drag when he attended the Bohemian Grove ceremony.

One of Judy’s many MK handlers was Frank Sinatra. His first hit record was the 40’s version of “Polka dots and Moon Beams”. (Later recorded by Bob Dylan on his “Fallen Angels” album. Also by John Denver on his “Spirit” album). Sinatra too, would wear the polka dots, as some researchers claiming once again, was a secret signal the handler was giving the visual trigger of reinforcement of sodomy to his slave.

Sinatra also was a handler for Marilyn Monroe, seen many times wearing the polka dots. Notice the Masonic black and white checkerboard floor. She too, like Judy Garland, proved to be most mentally unstable and difficult to handle. Very many photos exist of her wearing the dots too. So I’ve noticed a direct correlation with the mentally unbalanced Monarchs and their having to wear so many different clothes with polka dots.

Monroe was the first to become the Playboy centerfold in 1953 and prominent sex symbol. Also making her the first sexy Monarch to be photographed with a cat. This was the key start of others like her to be photographed with a cat or kitten, signaling their being a Beta Sex Kitten.

Jayne Mansfield was like another Marilyn Monroe, suffering more mental damage. Seen many times dressed in the dots. She’s also credited as being the first Beta Monarch seen wearing the leopard skin along with her pet cat. Again reinforcing the Beta Sex Kitten.

Mansfield had always kept a very deep interest in the Occult and Supernatural world. Her best friends would say that she would perform black magic rituals and wander around cemeteries at night. She joined the Church of Satan and became close friends with Anton LaVey. But her dance with the Satanic Church ended abruptly in 1967 when she was heading from one gig to the next and her car ran directly into an insecticide truck. The car went under the truck, which inevitably took the top of the car clean off. And along with it Jayne’s head. Luckily her three children were sleeping in the back and made it out alive. Jayne was in her mid thirties when she died and had lived her entire Hollywood adult life devoted to her worship of Lucifer. So she would be the one Monarch that went asking for the trouble she was forced to live.

Yet another early Hollywood Beta Sex Kitten was Carole Lombard. She was married to Clark Gable, he was a Mason and her MK handler along with other Hollywood women. Lombard died in a plane crash at age 33, which coincided with Gable attaining his 33rd level as a Mason. Leaving some insiders to speculate she was made to be his sacrifice.

Along with Mansfield she was another actress in Hollywood to make wearing the leopard skin and dots seen as being very fashionable for other women to emulate. Notice there’s even the dot design outlining the walls!

Gable was famous for having played Rhett Butler in Gone With The Wind. He too was often seen wearing polka dot shirts and neckerchiefs, much like handler Frank Sinatra.

One of the most celebrated Beta Kittens was Elizabeth Taylor and I think these pictures say it best. The top photo was taken in the 50’s, the polka dots with a kitten!  The bottom photo, in the 60’s, evolved into wearing the leopard skin. Reportedly a CIA mind control victim, she slept with Presidents Reagan and Kennedy. She too was handled by Frank Sinatra and others.

Hollywood celebrities are constantly tied back to the White House to add flair and drama. And to bring in covert funds, to add diversion, to keep the American public focused in whatever direction the controllers want. So instead of having the public focused on what is really going on behind the scenes.

One of the most endurable Hollywood Betas of them all is Jane Fonda. Having lived in Laurel Canyon, she was programmed to function in Hollywood circles as a bisexual libertine. And having been sexually linked to so many other famous celebrities.

Here she is still going strong at age 79.  And still wearing the dots!  She has also been used to promote the idea of eternal youth.

Fonda appeared in the 1981 film Rollover, a political thriller involving the possible world economic crash, hence the term rollover. The film co-starred Kris Kristofferson, a Mason and handler. His father was in the Air Force which is a red flag for MK Ultra programming. So here the word rollover also secretly implies “rolling over for sodomy”. Kristofferson is also known as the “Golden Penetrator” or the one with the “Golden Needle or Golden Key”.  He has sodomized many famous women in Hollywood. 

Kristofferson also did the remake of A Star Is Born (originally made with Judy Garland) opposite Barbra Streisand. And she too got the full rollover treatment from her handler. Streisand recently commented that the photo shoot for this movie poster was most intimate in that the only thing she was wearing was sweat. And her handler was completely exposed with a full erection.

Today after a much troubled MK’d history, she remains a huge, reclusive Hollywood diva. With a ‘dotted and leopard’ past.

Author and MK survivor Brice Taylor, has written about Streisand’s MK’d past: “She is a total robot and is breaking down, but her handlers will spend a fortune to keep her together (like Elvis) until she just can’t function anymore. And her fans will pay any amount to see her. She has been heavily invested in, as a mind control asset. Her handlers had to keep her ‘maintained’ 24 hours a day at times and had to use other slaves to shore her up. Unlike a ‘normal person’, she could never talk about what she saw and remembered in private (during sleep or after waking) without being monitored”.

She spent some time at Point Mugu Naval Base (used for mind control programming) in Ventura County, west of Los Angeles. Her group of homes called The Colony were within walking distance of the Naval Base. Well programmed to sing, she delivered one program-laced song after another. Consider part of this famous song:  “Memories may be beautiful and yet, what’s too painful to remember we simply choose to forget. For it’s the laughter we remember, whenever we remember the way we were”. –  (Or the way we were, before being mentally programmed to forget!).

Streisand recorded “Love Me Tender” as a duet with one of the all time MK’d American idols, Elvis Presley. He is credited as being the first Hollywood male star to make the polka dot shirt acceptable for other men to wear.

He was much like Frank Sinatra in doing it all his way. He also kept the best secret in Hollywood with his close romance with actor Nick Adams. They traveled around the world together for several years until Elvis decided he wanted to end their relationship for good. Adams threatened to expose Presley with his well kept diary and all of its intimate details. He wanted to keep the relationship alive much longer.

Elvis informed his handler Colonel Tom Parker of Adams’ intentions. At that point, Adams was advised by a close friend to leave Hollywood asap or else he was just a “dead man walking”. He refused to leave and one month later was found dead in his home of a so called “drug induced suicide”.

Presley was also kept in tight control by his other handler – Doctor George Nichopoulos. He had prescribed for Presley over 10,000 doses of amphetamines, barbiturates, narcotics, tranquilizers, sleeping pills, laxatives and hormones. He was named the most infamous Doctor. Also later being lampooned on the Simpsons cartoon show.

Elvis was married to Priscilla Presley which was totally an arrangement set up by Colonel Parker. Parker controlled nearly all aspects of her life. She was seen many times wearing the polka dots in public.

Most obvious thing here is the purple butterfly!

At age 72, like Jane Fonda, still wearing the dots.

Her daughter is Lisa Marie Presley who was briefly married to Michael Jackson. And their marriage too, was an arranged one with Jackson, leading much like Elvis, a privately gay lifestyle. Jackson was a Jehovah Witness while Priscilla and Lisa today remain Scientologists.

Lisa Marie married Michael Jackson just twenty days after her divorce from musician Danny Keough. But only a few years later she then divorced Jackson when he was charged with child molestation accusations. Her third husband was actor Nicholas Cage, who filed for divorce only 108 days after their marriage.  Her fourth marriage was to music producer Michael Lockwood which lasted ten years. They too have divorced and Lisa Marie remains single today. She’s pictured here with Danny Keough’s daughter Riley.

For Riley Keough’s debut model cover of T Instyle magazine, she was supposed to wear a polka dot dress. But she persisted in appearing instead dressed as a biker chick. Illuminati insiders will recognize the added on dots as a subtle sign of her Monarch programming.

Linked to Elvis Presley and Barbra Streisand is Bette Midler, yet another surviving MK Monarch. She sang with them both, well after getting her start in 1970, singing at the Continental gay bath house in NYC. Appearing at midnight performing for over 100 gay men wearing only their white towels. Due to her performances at the baths, she earned the nickname Bathhouse Betty. It was at the Continental, accompanied by pianist Barry Manilow (who, like the bathhouse patrons, sometimes wore only a white towel) that she created her stage persona the Divine Miss M.

“Despite the way things turned out [with the AIDS crisis], I’m still proud of those days [when I got my start singing at the gay bathhouses]. I feel like I was at the forefront of the gay liberation movement, and I hope I did my part to help it move forward. So, I kind of wear the label of ‘Bathhouse Betty’ with pride”.

— Bette Midler, Houston Voice

“It was odd. You’ve got to admit, it was very odd, Barry Manilow said, she’s performing in front of guys with towels on. She would sing The Star Spangled Banner and they would all get up and the towels would drop and she would check out the merchandise”.

Here again, with the leopard skin, followed later by the Disney dots.

Midler’s career took a different direction in ’79 when she made her first film The Rose. Playing a burnt-out rock singer both drug and alcohol addicted, was clearly modeled after Janis Joplin.

(And Joplin had her own MK Ultra experience with her boyfriend-handler Kris Kristofferson. He helped write her signature song “Me and Bobby McGee”. That song has a secret meaning so that the original spelling of the name McGee was really meant to be Mc-KEE. As in the word KEY. Also Bobby was not a he but a “she”. So it’s the girl with the key. Or really the girl with the “golden key” – Kristofferson’s Key, that’s been put inside her. Hidden code for sodomy).

So Midler’s life became somewhat similar to the one led by Janis Joplin, which led to her publicly known mental breakdown. With her ’82 film Jinxed, the title became a commentary for all her inner turmoil. And the same with the titles of her Disney films Ruthless People and Down & Out in Beverly Hills. Her MK’d mental struggles continued through the mid 80’s with more Disney films Outrageous Fortune and Big Business. In that film Midler’s character is seen in nearly every scene draped in the dots. So again, this should be a clear sign of the Monarch’s mental instability, being controlled with the wearing of so many dots.

Bette Midler also became friends with Glenn Close in the remake of The Stepford Wives. That’s another film filled with MK Ultra programming. Especially in the updated version.

Her father Dr. William Taliaferro Close was an army pilot and graduate of Harvard – (MK Ultra). In 1960 he joined the Moral Re-Armament, a CIA op for the elite classes. The MRA has strong connections to  Scientology and famous actors and celebrities. It was Taliaferro Close that forced his own daughter, whom he treated like his “little soldier” by giving her the male name Glenn. She was 7 years old when she was inducted into the MRA and endured mental programming. She and her family siblings were taken to MRA’s palatial headquarters in Switzerland, during that time she was totally controlled by what to say, to think, and to wear. Saying said she didn’t have any freedom of her own until she reached the age of 22. When asked today about this so-called freedom she refuses to elaborate any further.

In ’96 Glenn Close was cast in one of her most favorite roles of Cruella De Ville for the live action version of Disney’s 101 Dalmations.  Cruella’s costumes have the Masonic black and white stripes along with the dots.

So I uncovered the perfect anagram for 101 Dalmations as I’m 101 Anal Dots. Disney giving us his truth!

Lady Gaga has even been programmed to push her own version of Cruella De Ville. Insisting the dalmations are there to remind us it’s perfectly ok to do it “doggy style“. She’s one of the most Satanic of them all!

Emma Stone is another MK Ultra who’s now a Hollywood A-lister with her current Oscar win for La La Land.

She has replaced Glenn Close in Disney’s forthcoming version of Cruella De Ville. And is now a fully programmed product of Disney as well. Notice the subtle polka dots on her right arm!

She appeared in this recent photo spread of Elle magazine. All the dot programming is clearly on display here. It’s almost like an entire throwback to the 30’s dots. Also fashion magazine cover shoots are a great place to notice famous MKs wearing the dots as well as other Illuminati symbols.

How interesting in this photo she’s showing only the left eye and down on her hands and knees in the doggy position. Suggesting a subtle pose as a spotted dalmation?

Another actress who was passed over for the Cruella remake is Anne Hathaway. She is surely one of the most mentally unstable MK’d actresses of all!  She too has been seen many times wearing the polka dots and I do believe it’s due to her hard to handle programming. Much like Garland, Monroe, Streisand and Midler, Hathaway’s mood swings and erratic behavior have proven to be quite the same.

She played Catrwoman in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. Nolan is a Mason, so casting her in that role is showing us she really is a Beta Sex Kitten. The two earlier actresses that played Catwoman, Halle Berry and Michelle Pfeiffer, are MK’d as well. Also including ALL the women from the 60’s Batman tv series, they were MK’d too.

Notice here Hathaway wearing the black with white dots. Look closer, you’ll see the UCLA Health label. A major red flag! That’s one of the key places where mind control programming still takes place.

Anne appeared on the Conan O’Brian late night talk show illustrating an MK Ultra episode. Conan is a Mason and has attended Bohemian Grove.

Anne was originally programmed by the government to infiltrate Hip Hop as a rapper groupie. So she got the full programming treatment.  She was given massive doses of mescaline and ecstasy while being forced to make up rapping rhymes to random phrases. All of that while holding a handful of marbles in her mouth. If she failed to make the rhyme, she was then shocked with the MK Ultra teaching tool of choice – an electric cattle prod.  A taser has been applied to her as well.

She’s also proven to be a rather good actress so she’s been cast in a few films with mildly brain washing related themes, like Ella Enchanted and The Devil Wears Prada. Some of her MK Ultra side effects from before still linger so that she will occasionally break out into a rap song. No one can be quite sure when this will happen. The combination of bright lights and a small electrical shock, like carpet static, combined with a trigger phrase might do it. Her recent outburst might have been an “MK Ultra” episode, and set off by Conan saying something simple as “Yo Mama”,Ho“, or even the word “Booty“. If Anne had received a mild carpet shock at the time, then the combo of electricity, trigger phrase, and bright studio lighting might have set her off?  At that point Anne was no longer Anne. Her dormant “gansta girl alter” would have taken over.

More interesting is how Hathaway and other A-list Hollywood actresses were passed over for the coveted film role of Wonder Woman. The Israeli-born actress Gal Gadot got it over all the others. Little is known about her but she did serve as a combat instructor for two years in the Israeli Defense Forces. She added 17 pounds of muscle for her role as Wonder Woman by practicing kung fu, kickboxing, sword fighting and jujitsu. All that is required since Wonder Woman is an Amazon fighter. So she’s a very masculine character and certainly not the Divine feminine!

Some wonder if she is really a woman at all?  Also with the last name ga-DOT!   Even that is telling us the infamous dot is encoded in her name!

Wearing the Disney ears, the left eye open, the index finger to the lips making the shhh sound thus indicating the Illuminati vow of silence and the dress forming the downward triangle. Pretty much says it all!

Actor Jared Leto said he felt the “wonder of being a woman” in the film The Dallas Buyers Club. For which he received his Oscar for playing the female character Rayon.

He’s another Hollywood A-lister showing us different facets to his MK’d persona. His father committed suicide when he was eight years old. Raised by his stepfather, who was a highly ranked officer in the Air Force, much like that of Kristofferson’s father, again is a major red flag!  Many MK Ultras have had parents in the armed forces, which is a hotbed for mind-controlled operations.

He also created his own demented version of the Joker in the film The Suicide Squad. Far more Satanic than the earlier versions created by Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger.

So he too has been seen wearing the dots, most notably here at the VMA awards. Award shows are another prominent place to notice many Monarchs wearing the dots.

Leto is also a singer with his own band Thirty Seconds to Mars, which links him to another well known singer and MK Monarch Justin Bieber. At a 2010 music concert where Leto and Bieber were performing, when Bieber’s name was announced, the crowd booed but Leto quickly defended him saying, “He’s a young kid but he’ll be able to charm the crowd”.

For his debut premiere cover photo of GQ magazine, (much like Emma Stone on the cover of Elle), he’s wearing the dots. Bieber also sports a small bluebird tattoo on his stomach. That alludes to Project Bluebird, which is also a part of Monarch programming. So some Monarchs will have the bluebird tattoo instead of the butterfly. Those including Christina Ricci, Reese Witherspoon, Taylor Swift and Drew Barrymore, who actually has both, the bluebird and butterfly.

Katy Perry has said Justin Bieber is “every girl’s teenage dream”. She too has been ‘dotted’ and seen wearing other Illuminati symbols as well.

She wore this pizza-themed, big spot garb to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. She’s also been seen wearing other dot outfits to and from Capitol Records. She got her music career started there which is quite a Satanic place. The Capitol Records Building (located in Los Angeles) contains underground sonic chambers designed like the pyramids in Egypt. – Yet another hidden place for more MK Ultra programming.

Both Justin Bieber and Katy Perry performed with Ariana Grande for her follow-up show after the Manchester Arena bombing. She said she felt she was destined to perform in a huge music arena way before the Manchester event occurred. So it’s ironic I happen to uncover this near perfect anagram in her name Ariana Grande as A Grand Arena. She too is another MK’d singer being molded into the very same vein as Perry and others. All the Monarch signals can be clearly seen.

She’s a former Nickelodeon star that has evolved into a pop idol. The ‘Dangerous Woman’ with what some have called as being just an innocent girl wearing the “playful cat ears”. This is not good!  She now has many young girl fans wearing the same mask with ears.

The mask makes her look like Catwoman (Beta Sex Kitten). The long rabbit ears, a Playboy Bunny. And both combined, a Baphomet!

A writer who studies teen fad culture commented that Ariana serves as a bridge between the comfort of youth and the perils of adolescence. Adding, “She feels ‘safer’ than Rihanna or Beyoncé by appealing to that crucial demographic of young women just entering an adolescent space”.  Actually she manages to be just as bad as Rihanna and Beyoncé combined!

So it came as no surprise for her Billboard magazine cover shoot she was covered in the dots. (Like Emma Stone, Justin Bieber, etc. we can see a pattern here). Notice it says ‘Ariana Grande’s Double Life’. Clearly telling us she’s an MK split into two separate personas. Also the red string around her left wrist signaling her ties to Kabbalah.

Grande said she’s proud of her dots in the same vein as singer Prince. He being the one Monarch tagged as wearing just about the most dots of all. He was seen doused in dots so often, some have referred to him as the “Prince of Polka Dots”.

With the all controversy and questions still surrounding his death, why all the dots?  Yet another mentally unstable star being kept in line?  Prince’s life had many parallels as the same as Michael Jackson:  Both Jehovah’s Witness, abusive childhood, cruel father, musical pushing from a very young age. He would have bizarre sex parties where he had different theme rooms. People were kept in the rooms at his home with different acts in each one. With cages, chains, whips in these rooms. Sometimes he would just watch and other times participate.

In ’87 Prince was mentally programmed with the female alter named Camille. That prompted his experimenting with his vocals in an artificially pitched-up style, achieved by using a pitch-shifter or by recording his vocals at a slower tempo and then speeding up the tape to create a higher, more androgenous tone. That led to recording “If I Was Your Girlfriend” as being sung by his female alter Camille. Prince later invoked Camille as the guiding force for his next project The Black Album. He later attributed the album to an entity named Spooky Electric, described as a demonic alter-ego induced by Camille.

Yet another to praise Prince and wanting to emulate his polka dot wearing style is drag queen RuPaul. His popular drag race tv show of transforming gay men into women by competing to become “America’s next drag superstar”.  Many say RuPaul is just a harmless homosexual having fun and spreading good cheer. That’s far from the truth!  He’s not only another MK Monarch but a 33rd Mason too. Notice the subtle black and white checker flag used in drag racing which also serves as the Masonic checkerboard.

Only the left eye shown along with the butterfly hairpin.

He wears the polka dots often. With dots in the background too.

So He’s now what I would call just another Hollywood Monarch dressed in dots.

So if anyone’s still not convinced of the polka dot programming, then consider the following eclectic array of famous people. They ALL are making the Illuminati vow of silence AND wearing the dots.

Barbara Bush:  Some have asked is Barbara really a man?  Or is she really the daughter of Aleister Crowley? She bears a remarkable resemblance!

Elvis Costello:  He helped produce the record album Rum Sodomy and the Lash for the Celtic punk band The Pogues. He’s also a Mason.

Mylie Cyrus:  She got her tv start with Disney’s Hannah Montana and her father Billy Ray Cyrus is her hander.

Avril Lavigne:  Her music single “Alice” was written for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.  Burton is a Mason and handler.

Madonna:  One of the most prominent sex symbols of the 80’s with a naked, shameless attitude and sexualized appearance. Here’s a perfect anagram in her full name Madonna Louise Ciccone as Occasional Nude Income. How true!

Kylie Minogue:  She has stressed how much she has always wanted to be the next Madonna or Prince. In 2008 she was appointed OBE (Officer of the Britsh Empire) by Queen Elizabeth. To join the inner circle of the Satanic Royal Family is a major red flag!

Now can it be anymore obvious?  They’re keeping their mouths shut about their sodomy secret.

Yet another famous Monarch and Mason known for loving the dots and keeping his mouth shut is George Clooney. This is part of an outrageous photo spread taken for W magazine.

He even sports the butterfly tattoo in the film The American. He plays a contract killer who’s also a Manchurian Candidate. His boss is simply referred to as his ‘handler’.

His wife Amal is allegedly a male, so the name Amal is really close to A Male. She too has been seen in various public places wearing the loud polka dots. Their honeymoon was spent at a private villa in the Seychelles, an archipelago of 115 islands located in the Indian Ocean, northeast of Madagascar. For her honeymoon gift, Amal was given the full MK Ultra treatment. So The Seychelles is another private place for mind control programming. Frequented by celebrities like Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck, Jay Z and Beyonce, Paul McCartney, Prince William and Duchess Kate. And they’ve ALL been seen wearing the polka dots in prominent places.

The polka dots for the W magazine photos were painted by Yayoi Kusama.  A very strange MK’d Japanese artist and personal friend to the Clooneys.

For over 70 years she has explored the circle as a metaphor, a pattern, a disease and a cure. Now famous for her “Dots Obsession – Love Transformed Into Dots”. She says, “Forget yourself, become one with eternity. Become part of your environment. Make love”.

In her autobiography, Infinity Net, she tells of how as a child she suffered from hallucinations and saw violets in a field with human-like faces and voices. Later as an adult she moved to NY where she had even more hallucinations and also panic attacks. In early ’62 Kusama staged solo performances in her mirrored room studio and organizing orgiastic ‘Happenings’ that involved other people naked and painted with polka dots. Some indoors and others outside NY. As the 60’s progressed, these events became protests against the Vietnam War.

All of this eventually took its toll on her psyche. In ’75 she suffered a nervous breakdown (more MK Ultra abuse) and was hospitalized. In ’77 another breakdown sent her to the hospital for good. Since then she has worked and lived in the same institution. Video projections at shows in which she appears covered in the dots and eating flowers. This illustrates her habitual theme of losing oneself to the infinite fabric of the universe. Acting as a small dot in an infinity net!

So with Kusama, her polka dot craze has reached its full pinnicle. She’s now being referred to as “The Priestess of Polka Dots” with treating the multi dots like her own religion. Saying, “Our earth is only one dot among a million stars in the cosmos. Polka dots are the way to infinity!”  Her obsession with infinity which she likens to obliteration or a form of death.

Exactly the same thing conveyed by Bill Nye. He’s a Mason and no coincidence he too is wearing the dots!  Gay fashion designer Nick Graham made this polka dot tuxedo especially for Nye.

Nye saying, “There are more stars in the sky than grains of sand on a beach. It turns out there are 10 times as many stars in the cosmos as grains of sand on the earth!  We are a speck, just a speck. Like a grain of sand on the beach. The earth in the cosmic scheme of things, is just a speck”.

They both are reinforcing we are just a ‘speck’, just a ‘dot‘ in the entire universe. (from the Old English ‘dott’ means speck). So it’s all really just another way of them to express the New Age of Horus which I uncovered the perfect anagram as the Age of UN Whores. UN is another name for Lucifer.

And Kusama is becoming world accepted as a ‘true visionary’ with her Infinity Mirror Rooms. Art museums in some major US and world cities are hosting her display. Patrons are left standing in long lines for hours waiting to pass through the 6 Mirror Rooms. Insisting, “It’s just an artistic way of connecting with God and eternity through the dots!”.


Part III:  Meaning of the X symbol along with the Dots

Now that we know about the dots, there’s the X symbol to add to it. The Illuminati X can carry different meanings depending on the subject. Transformation would be one. Freemasons 17th degree is one of transforming or a change of the initiate. With Death as another. Pharaohs with their arms crossed in devotion to their sun God Osiris. Hence the saying,“Cross my heart and hope to die”.

In relation to the dots, it would simply mean X marks the spot. Illuminati events seen as being important ones. For all it’s inside members to know just who and what is “marked”. As one of the people or events that have certain kind of Illuminati influence. A prime example is Madonna on the cover of her Rebel Heart album with the X marking her face.

That brings me to my recent discovery of the X on the Illuminati dress. Margaret Qualley wears the green Kenzo dress in her Kenzo World perfume video. Notice how the dress forms the X symbol across her chest. Also forming a triangle right at the bottom portion above her naval. Most significant!  This is a covert code for Illuminati insiders to recognize as the X marking her spot!  She is the daughter of actress Andie MacDowell who comes from Scottish descent. Her family goes way back and carries great Illuminati influence. So Margaret Qualley was born and raised in the Illuminati Hollywood Circle. The X also means her daughter is being put in the SPOT-light. So here the word spot is an acronym for Sodomy Placed On Them. She has been ‘spotted’ for sure!  And the giant eye behind her is the Eye of Horus that I mentioned at the start of this article. The big dot or spot!  So you now see what I mean here.

The color green is also very important denoting the emerald as in the Emerald City of Oz. It also tells us that Margaret Qualley is NOT a Beta Sex Monarch. But rather a Delta Monarch. The Delta is one level higher up from the Beta due to Illuminati family influence. So the X dress with it’s green color is a rare thing to see!  Usually worn only at special functions treated as an inside “ceremony” like in Margaret’s perfume video.

She originally wore this dress to the Golden Globe Awards. If you can look closer you will see it actually has golden dots!  She wore it again pictured here to the In Style photo event. And yet wearing it again for an HBO outing.

Wearing this green dress to the Cannes Film Festival.

Another one marked in the same vein is actress Lilly Collins. She too is a Delta Monarch wearing the green X dress. She wore this for her SPOT-light moment to the Producers Guild Awards. Her name Lilly is short for Lillith who is worshiped by Lucifer. And Collins is one of the 13 Illuminati blood families. Notice too this dress, much like the green Kenzo dress, also forms the X but leaving an even larger triangle down to her stomach. And with her left hand on her hip she’s making the sign of the letter M for Mason. Which is also the 13th letter in the alphabet.

Her father is singer Phil Collins and a Mason too. So of course he has only his left eye open. He actually brags quite openly about his Freemasonry with his favorite quote: “The world is in your hands, so use it”.  But his daughter’s life is in his hands, using her!

Lilly was recently chosen by Warren Beatty to star in his film Rules Don’t Apply. Beatty is another Hollywood handler, so of course to him, there are no rules to follow. Making Lilly another MK wearing the dots and mocking it all with her tongue.

Yet another to wear the X Illuminati dress is singer Adele. She wore it this year as she was in her SPOT-light moment winning the Grammy Award for Best Album of the Year. It became known as her “Green Grammy Gown” or her 3 G’s gown. That phrase was repeated over and over, NLP style, stressing the 3 letter G’s. So that GGG  = 777. The dress is actually drenched in visual clues. It too has the X across her chest but much wider with lighter and darker shades of green serving as a Masonic checkerboard. The lower portion has the 4 arrows pointing downward. And like Lilly Collins, she too has her left hand on her hip forming the letter M.

Taking a closer look you can see there are black dots on the arms. If I could enlarge the photo further it would reveal even more dots, all over the checkerboard design as well. And the round brooch worn on her right side has tiny diamond dots all inside. Also the back side of the dress is the exact same as the front. So she could actually put it on backwards and it would still look the exact same.

For her other dress change at the Grammys, she wore what else, the simple black dress with more dotted code.

So being one of the biggest superstars on the planet also makes her one of the most important MK’d divas of them all. Some have claimed her to be the new Streisand. With having spent time in Laurel Canyon where mind control programming still continues. She was born under the full name Adele Laurie Blue Adkins. But looking at the name Adele is really telling us she’s A Del or A Delta!  (Certainly not a Beta). She has stated her song “Rolling in the Deep” is really meant as rolling in hell. When pressed further, she said she may have spoken too much and hasn’t elaborated any further. In 2013 she received the OBE from Prince Charles. Queen Elizabeth considers her as a personal favorite.

Yet another to meet Queen Elizabeth is Michelle Obama. Reportly born under the name Michael Lavaughn Robinson. She and her husband are both Masons. She too wore the X dress for the Buckingham Palace event. Making it her SPOT-light moment. But she is NOT a Delta. Otherwise I firmly believe her X dress would surely be the color green.

Michelle’s dress was made especially for her by gay fashion designer Tom Ford. Making the V hand signal over his left eye. And wearing the dotted necktie!  He’s a Mason, handler and member of Bohemian Grove. He’s also the handler for many of the CoverGirl makeup models with their fashions known as CoverWorld.

He too is another one to help push the polka dots in his fashion shows. So I uncovered the perfect anagram in his name Tom Ford as Dot Form.  In fact, he wants to make it very clear that sodomy is the new normal. Here’s a recent quote he made in GQ magazine: “Every man should be f–ked at some point in his life. You shouldn’t force yourself to do it. But it’s really not that much different than having a message. It doesn’t feel that much different, it’s skin. You should do it with somebody you like. Do it with a friend. A friend that you think is great. It’s very easy!”.

And just when I thought nobody could be as bad as Ford with pushing his sodomy dots, I found out about Marc Jacobs. Another gay fashion designer. Also a Mason and handler.

He even has his own line of DOT perfume!

As an MK handler he has many connections and “just happened” to get acquainted with the crazy MK’d artist Yayoi Kusama. She helped design this hand bag as part of Jacobs’ polka dot collection.


This video clearly illustrates another type of Marc Jacobs fashion show. Actually one without the dots but complete with a carousel, coded colors, mirrors, escalators, and more. All of which are used in Monarch programming. Note too that designer Louis Vuitton is very much a part of Jacobs’ hidden agenda!


Part IV: The Sodomite Gateway – The  British Royal Family and the Eye of Horus

Even Queen Elizabeth has said how much she loves wearing the polka dot dresses designed especially for her. So many photos exist of the Royals wearing them.

Princess Diana wore them the most. Just as singer Prince was the “Prince of Polka Dots”. So ironically, I would say Diana was the true “Princess of Polka Dots”.

Royal Duchess Kate Middleton has been seen wearing the dots often as well. She seems to be following in Diana’s footsteps.

And how revealing to see Kate’s Brother, James Middleton, in a polka dot dress!  That says it all!

So this brings it all right back to the very beginning with the Eye of Horus as the symbol of sodomy.

The imagery associated here with the peculiar hat worn by the Order of the Garter cleverly conceals yet also reveals the Sodomite Gateway. The bright white ostrich plume represents the illumination through sodomy. The plumage of the hat also establishes the  connection between the Royals of England and the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt.

It connects them with their shared serpent heritage and how ritual sodomy is the secret basis for their access to power, gnosis and illumination.

The Eye of Horus is pictured here by the wedjat symbol, also known as the Third Eye. The crowned bird that resembles a vulture is the sodomizer, perched BEHIND. Who exercises the power to illuminate. So the bird is the sodomizer, owning the mind and body of the sodomized with full control; a shadow government essentially.

The bird is also Isis, fanning her wings to bring the regenerative power of Osiris, and produce Horus. This is sex magick of Isis and Osiris and the kundalini and pineal activation that the sodomite gateway opens. That’s how it was done before, and that’s still how it’s done today. The crowned serpent is the familiar one seen extending out from the forehead of Pharaoh’s Gods and Goddesses. The bird and serpent “kundalini” opening of the Third Eye is what the plumage of the Order of the Garter is really all about.

Notice how the bird and snake are both crowned, signaling royalty. This is the secret of royalty, of the power of the ruling families of the world. Ritual sodomy specifically stimulates the kundalini gland, which acts to stimulate the pineal gland, some drugs like peyote, mescaline or DMT for a similar experience. But ritual sodomy is the preferred means that appears to have no substitute.

So being able to connect the Royals of today with the Egyptian Pharaohs and identify their common sodomite imagery goes far beyond merely scandalous sexual activity. It also illustrates the continuity of the serpent’s Anti-Christ plot that began in the Garden of Eden. It touches on the Illuminati, every shadow government through history, Nimrod, the Tower of Babel, the Beasts of Revelation 13, Hitler’s Third Reich, the dominion of the British Empire and of course Mk Ultra.

Monarch programming is really sodomy programming. Sodomy puts them into a trance where you can program it directly into the subconscious memory file without any interference of the conscious mind. Sodomy is what puts the person into that state where you can do it. Some sodomy survivors have spoken about the “Key of David”, which is the Rothschild sodomy. The penetration occurs at an upward angle, so it strikes the nerves at the end of the spine and produces white flashes in the brain. They do this on a regular basis – sort of a maintenance program to keep everything in place.

There are also Catholic Black Masses where they sodomize children with a crucifix, calling it the “Peace of Mary”. The name refers to the dissociation, and once it occurs, it almost produces a calming effect; sort of a peaceful feeling. Another Rothschild ceremony is to take a pregnant 13 year old girl to a place like the Mayan Pyramids. A place where they perform a ritual in which an anaconda snake will swallow the baby as it’s being delivered. This symbolizes giving their first fruits to God. Their God – Lucifer.


My sincere thanks and deepest gratitude to Rosette for allowing me to write and share this article. And for the many ways she still continues to show me more code, more truth!


And here’s the YouTube version, per Lola’s request, hee hee, of luke’s article:



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70 responses on “Connecting The Dots……MK Ultra Style

  1. rosette delacroix

    After a few bumps and hiccups, you are finally here Luke! What a great debut article! There has been so much info on all types of MK programming, however, you are the first to show that there is a definite connection with “dot” programming. Well done! The dot, such a clever way for them to worship their god Lucifer, also known as Anu. The dot representing the Anu(s) and their sodomy rituals. Thank you for exposing this Luke. Looking forward to more from you! ~ your friend rosette

  2. Stanley

    About the Leopard print/polka dot connection:
    From Alexander Hislops “Two Babylons”, Section II, Subsection III: The Child in Greece

    Thus much for Egypt. Coming into Greece, not only do we find evidence there to the same effect, but increase of that evidence. The god worshipped as a child in the arms of the great Mother in Greece, under the names of Dionysus, or Bacchus, or Iacchus, is, by ancient inquirers, expressly identified with the Egyptian Osiris. This is the case with Herodotus, who had prosecuted his inquiries in Egypt itself, who ever speaks of Osiris as Bacchus. To the same purpose is the testimony of Diodorus Siculus. “Orpheus,” says he, “introduced from Egypt the greatest part of the mystical ceremonies, the orgies that celebrate the wanderings of Ceres, and the whole fable of the shades below. The rites of Osiris and Bacchus are the same; those of Isis and Ceres exactly resemble each other, except in name.” Now, as if to identify Bacchus with Nimrod, “the Leopard-tamer,” leopards were employed to draw his car; he himself was represented as clothed with a leopard’s skin; his priests were attired in the same manner, or when a leopard’s skin was dispensed with, the spotted skin of a fawn was used as a priestly robe in its stead. This very custom of wearing the spotted fawn-skin seems to have been imported into Greece originally from Assyria, where a spotted fawn was a sacred emblem, as we learn from the Nineveh sculptures; for there we find a divinity bearing a spotted fawn or spotted fallow-deer (see Figure 21), in his arm, as a symbol of some mysterious import.

    The origin of the importance attached to the spotted fawn and its skin had evidently come thus: When Nimrod, as “the Leopard-tamer,” began to be clothed in the leopard-skin, as the trophy of his skill, his spotted dress and appearance must have impressed the imaginations of those who saw him; and he came to be called not only the “Subduer of the Spotted one” (for such is the precise meaning of Nimr–the name of the leopard), but to be called “The spotted one” himself. We have distinct evidence to this effect borne by Damascius, who tells us that the Babylonians called “the only son” of the great goddess-mother “Momis, or Moumis.” Now, Momis, or Moumis, in Chaldee, like Nimr, signified “The spotted one.” Thus, then, it became easy to represent Nimrod by the symbol of the “spotted fawn,” and especially in Greece, and wherever a pronunciation akin to that of Greece prevailed. The name of Nimrod, as known to the Greeks, was Nebrod. * The name of the fawn, as “the spotted one,” in Greece was Nebros; ** and thus nothing could be more natural than that Nebros, the “spotted fawn,” should become a synonym for Nebrod himself. When, therefore, the Bacchus of Greece was symbolised by the Nebros, or “spotted fawn,” as we shall find he was symbolised, what could be the design but just covertly to identify him with Nimrod?

    * In the Greek Septuagint, translated in Egypt, the name of Nimrod is “Nebrod.”
    ** Nebros, the name of the fawn, signifies “the spotted one.” Nmr, in Egypt, would also become Nbr; for Bunsen shows that m and b in that land were often convertible.

    Good connections.

    God Bless

    1. rosette delacroix

      Absolutely AMAZING connection there Stanley! Nimrod was the first God-King that tried to reign in a New World Order and the first Master Mason! Nimrod~ Rodman, why basketball player Dennis Rodman was propped up. And Rodham, as in Hilary Rodham Clinton. Descendant’s of Nimrod I’m sure. Spot on! Luke will be pleased! ~ rosette

      1. Stanley

        They ADORE Nimrod!
        I thought the phraseology “Subduer of the Spotted one” fit with the mk victims and “The Spotted One” for their handlers. Im sure I dont need to elaborate on “Subduer”…

        Also James 1:27 (KJV) Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.

        God Bless

  3. Downtown Julie Brown

    Welcome Back Luke!
    I have to tell you I’ve missed your being here! And what a great article you have written! Simply superb! Your research (as usual) has left my mind reeling in all directions! I didn’t have a clue about the polka dots! Or how so many Hollywood stars have been marked by them! Names like Elvis, Streisand, Bieber, and my favorite Adele! Oh and I love your anagrams too! Especially 101 dalmations as I’m 101 anal dots!!!!
    And Rosette, would you please tell me what you thought as you read his article? I’m so curious, did it take you by surprise too?
    Just to let you both know I’m sharing this article with my fellow co-workers and they are all amazed as well! But I did my explaining of MK Ultra which they had never heard of. In fact, this morning in our small office of 12 employees, we all took a 30 minute time out session to discuss the article! So we sat drinking our coffee and eating donuts with intense discussion. Well let me tell you that 30 minutes flew by mighty fast and we all had to get back to work. But later on I’m going to post some questions from me and from several other co-workers. So in the meantime, Congrats Luke! You have managed to rock the very foundation of our small downtown Philly office!
    Love, Julie

    1. rosette delacroix

      Hey Miss Downtown! Well I knew this was in the works so I wasn’t surprised; however, he knocked this one out of the park! I had a feeling he would! Very well put together. And the Delta programming is very interesting as well. A sort of hierarchy in the MK community. Deltas being for the more prestigious it seems. And with your girl Adele being one of them. (I love her music too.) So yeah, I’m trying to talk him into doing a YouTube version of his article and he knows the welcome mat is always out if he wants to write more on here.~ rosette

  4. nathalie guiraudet

    Hi Luke! Good to see and read you are still going strong! OK, WOW, your last few paragraphs are tough to swallow. So I picked this one out, “It connects them with their shared serpent heritage and how ritual sodomy is the secret basis for their access to power, gnosis and illumination.” Now forgive me if I am being a touch naive here, but they actually sodomize people/children repeatedly in order to control their mind????? So, this isn’t just an act of violent submission???? And pardon my french but who or what the hell figured this out? And then proceeded to do it habitually? And do the “handlers” get sodomized or do they just do the deed to others? And how the hell do these people live with themselves? Luke my friend this time needs to seriously come to an end. At this point I don’t care how it happens, even if it means I perish too.

    Thank you for the article. Much research and time went into it, but heck, what a topic. It’s like wow, they get away with it BECAUSE no one would believe it was actually real……..but we know it is.

  5. Luke Aspen

    Hello Nathalie!
    I am so glad to hear from you! Yes, I agree, it’s an article with the entire subject matter that’s quite hard to swallow! So I’ll try to answer honestly from what I understand from this sordid subject. For the connecting of the Royals & Pharoahs with their serpent heritage you can check this link by Marion Knox. I believe he knows from his own Bible study the thing about sodomy programming being the same as monarch programming:
    The repetition of continuing to sodomize a Monarch? How do you think you can effectively control someone that’s been sodomized in the first place? Again Knox talks about this here. Why do you think the very famous names I mentioned in the article had some very serious mental breakdowns? Garland, Midler, Streisand etc. Btw there are many more pictures of them & of other celebs wearing the dots. I only included so many pics but I think from those you get the idea. Some obviously can’t handle the programming in the first place. Well this goes all the way back to ancient Egypt with sodomy & installing mind programming. As for the violent submission,they are drugged & put into an altered mind state. Take for instance singer Amy Winehouse, prime example of her mind programming ALWAYS going of kilter. Listen to her song Rehab. Part of the lyrics: “They tried to make me go to rehab, I said, NO, NO ,NO. Yes, I been black, But when I come back, you’ll know, know, know. I ain’t got the time. And if my Daddy thinks I’m fine, He’s tried to make me go to rehab, I won’t go, go, go”.
    She’s telling you in that song how she was always made to continuously go back to rehab. Because her own Monarch programming was always unstable & coming undone. Did you know about Amy & all her woes? She died at the age of 27. So her “Daddy” was her handler taking her in for “maintenance” The very same thing with Catherine Zeta Jones. She’s listed as being in the top 10 list of Hollywood Monarchs. And seems like every 6 months she’s forced to go to the hospital UCLA Health! For “maintenance”. She’s been told she is Bi-Polar. TOTAL BS! She is much like Amy Winehouse & others. There was also actress Carrie Fisher aka Princess Leia. Her death is one massive cover-up!! She too was told she was Bi-Polar by her “doctors:”. She said to her “good friend” Oprah that she was quite addicted to having to go like every 6 months for her electro-shock therapy. She got so used to it! There is a ton of info I have come across about Bi-Polar & how that has been used as an excuse for so many Monarchs. Actress Patty Duke is actually credited as being the very first to be diagnosed with being Bi-Polar. Her back story is truly amazing & horrifying!
    Do the handlers get sodomized? Generally no but I have read there some exceptions. Like George Clooney has many different mind alters. So he is both handler to his wife AND a Monarch slave to others. Can you wrap your mind around all that?
    So yes, how indeed do they live with themselves?! Well only in Hollywood! And as you’ve said NO ONE would believe it!
    Maybe I will put out more info later about Bi-Polar etc. Would help explain even more.
    Thanks again Nathalie, you ALWAYS ask great questions!

  6. Luke Aspen

    Nathalie, I just realized the link to Marion Knox did not embed properly. But I just checked & that is still a fresh link. You can copy that or just google: Marion Knox – WHALE That pulls it right up from the front page on google. And Knox really knows his stuff! He goes into sodomy programming rather deeply.
    Oh and I meant to tell you that my casting agent friend in Hollywood, remember us talking about him? I now simply refer to him as “Carlos” as a pseudomym. Well he’s getting out of the Hollywood business for good! He’ll be moving next month to Mexico to retire! I also turned him on to Rosette’s blog & he’s slowing making his way thru most of her decodings & articles. So it was too funny when he recently came across the comments you & I had left back and forth about him! He said to tell dear Ms. Guiradet that he’s had enough of Hollywood & adios to it forever! Yippee!
    Also I owe you Nathalie a HUGH THANKS for asking about Broadway musicals & the research that led me to Lerner & Lowe! You see many Broadway composers like them are either Masons, Lambs or homosexuals. Or any combination of the three. So that helped me when I was researching Judy Garland & the other actors in The Wizard of Oz. What I mean is Bert Lahr, the Cowardly Lion was a Mason & Lamb club member. Ray Bolger who played the Scarecrow attended Bohemian Grove in the mid 70’s. Jack Haily who played the Tinman opted out (smart guy!) But his son, Jack Hailey Jr. became a member of Bohemian Grove in the 70’s AND he married Judy Garland’s daughter Liza Minelli! And Minellis too, is a suffering, boozing, drug addicted Monarch!
    So that leaves the actor Frank Morgan who played The Wizard. Well I just knew he had to be a Mason, But I drove myself crazy trying to find out! Then it dawned on me, look him up as a Lamb member. And then BINGO! He was a Lamb and Homosexual too!
    So thanks to you Nathalie, if you had never asked about Broadway musicals, I never would have been led to all that!
    One more thing, I want you to know you are a very special person! I’m a firm believer in synchronicities & I just know our connection here is no accident! So you, Lidy, Lola, Julie & our dear Rosette are ALL here for a purpose! I do believe! So please stay centered & keep learning & growing!
    Deep Blessings,

  7. Downtown Julie Brown

    Ok Luke, I gotta say again you caused quite a stir in our office! There are only 12 of us here and I have mentioned your name many times before as they’ve seen me checking out Rosette’s blog. So some are on board with your article while others want to remain totally aloof from your stuff. Fair enough. So yesterday after work, four of us including myself, went to Starbucks and we sat with our laptops discussing your article.
    So we are ALL in agreement with the polka dot programming thing. Especially when Stanley added his valuable comment about Nimrod! Yes it goes all the way back that far!
    So we now officially have three new converts to add to our small group. My fellow workers here are Kimberly, Josh, and Victoria. They say hello to you Luke and Rosette! Please welcome them!
    They are hungry for info and so here’s some questions:
    – Where can we on our own find for ourselves the dots?
    – As for Adele (A Delta) how is she being used to help the Illuminati?
    – Lily Collins has a new movie out To the Bone and she’s another Delta, right?
    – Margaret Qualley wore that same green dress like three times, says much! Please give more info on her
    – That weird Japanese artist with all those dots. How did she get so far with all her TACKY crap as art?

    There’s more questions, but that should suffice for now, don’t won’t to over load you. Oh and just so you know Luke, it really broke poor Josh’s heart when he read about his heart throb Emma Stone! He has dreams of marrying her and having a family of four. I hate to burst his bubble! He’s a super great guy but sooo young and still wet behind the ears! HA!

    1. Luke Aspen

      Thanks Julie for your support! And YES, Big Welcome to your co-workers, Kimberly, Josh & Victoria!
      So here’s some quick answers:
      …. You can find the dots most everywhere! I tend to read print media everyday like USA Today, NY Times. Wall St. Journal etc. Also fashion magazines, & mags like Essence, People, etc. Billboards, TV, commercials, movies, award shows etc. And don’t forget to look for other Illuminati symbols too, not just the dots! In fact, on the cover of USA Today there’s Adele (A Delta!) She’s holding a microphone in her right hand AND holding up her left hand with her 2 middle fingers forming the letter M. Just like in the article! You see what I mean?
      Adele is just about the biggest singer on the planet right now. Everyone loves her! So it’s hard to disagree with her left-handed politics. At least that’s how she’s being perceived. She supports gay marriage. And her 5 year old son Angelo, she says, just might turn out gay! Well she says if so, then so be it! See what I mean? More social programming for the gay movement! And not to be questioned.
      For Margaret Qualley, I’m going to post a whole separate thing on her soon. So hang with me on that one.
      As for Yayoi Kusama, the MK’d Japanese artist. She grew up with one very sick and deranged father. He was into all kinds of sexual filth & perversion. So he repeatedly sodomized her as a young girl. That part they don’t tell you in her bio!! She’s a pure MK mess! She said she would love to CHANGE the entire world & cover it all – the plants, earth, sky with nothing but polka dots!!!! Did you watch the 2 min vid I included? It shows her 6 mirror rooms that people go to see at museums. You can see it for free in my vid. That 6 room exhibit is coming to your Philly Museum, much like here in Atlanta in 2018. Dots every friggin’ where!! Yuck!
      Lily Collins is a Delta. Remember her last name is Collins! One of the 13 Illuminati bloodline families. She also has a new HBO film out right now The Last Tycoon. Her pipeline is full of future film projects. So look to see more of her AND keep an open eye on HOW she is dressed! For more coded symbols!

    2. rosette delacroix

      Welcome kimberly, josh and victoria! Friends of julie’s are friends of ours! Chime in any time if you have any questions or just want to say hello. We are a nice bunch. ~ rosette

    1. Luke Aspen

      Thank you Lidy! I agree we are much stronger when
      we can see & understand what is really going on BEHIND all these phenomenons!
      Take care, Luke

  8. Lola

    Hello Dear Luke and Rosie!
    My goodness what a wonderful article you have written Luke! You must be ever so proud of him, aren’t you Rosie? For the life of me I just can not get over all the insights in the article! And of course I had absolutely no idea about the polka-dots! I even had my sister Carmella in New York to read through your article. She was also amazed! So I told her to be watchful as she’s out and about in the city to see and detect some of those dots for me. Well today she sent pictures of various things. In Times Square there were more men dressed as women! And some were wearing polka-dot dresses! I would say that matches up well with your pictures of Ru-Paul, wouldn’t you say? I still can not believe he’s able to transform himself into such a striking looking woman!
    Carmella also sent a picture of Madonna on a billboard and she’s wearing a jacket with the Adidas symbol. Remember dear Rosie has a decoding of that! Well that Madonna jacket is also covered in big white polka-dots!! And she is not so good either, is she Luke?
    And on Madison Avenue there is a Tom Ford store. Carmella said inside there are lots of color purple along with more polka-dots! And Rosie has written so many times about the Luciferians using that color too!
    Carmella also sent me a cd with Adele’s music. Her singing voice is truly amazing! But she too is a part of the Satanic mess! As you say Luke, she is – A Delta Monarch!
    Well you have put together such compelling evidence with so many well known celebrities involved! I still am so amazed! My three young daughters have already asked me if there is going to be a youtube video presentation? They are unlike their Mama, they prefer to watch, while I’m the opposite, I prefer to read.
    So anyway dear Luke and dear Rosie, you two make a great pair of investigators! Exposing more evil in the world for the rest of us to see!
    I love and adore you both!
    Lola <3

    1. rosette delacroix

      Aloha Dear lola! It’s amazing all the symbols carmella has found! Over here I find it mostly at the surf stores and surf competitions but I can’t say I’ve seen the dots (or weren’t aware of them until luke enlightened us), so I will be on the look out and will let you know when I find them. Send carmella a big aloha from me in the big apple. ~rosette

  9. Luke Aspen

    Hello Lola!
    It’s always great to hear from you! So your sister is still in NY & yes I’m sure those darn dots can be seen everywhere there too! She has seen for herself the guys dressed as girls! Well in Midtown Atlanta, which is much like NYC, the dots abound!! And at the 4-way street intersection at 10th St. & Piedmont, there is the newly painted rainbow crosswalk. The city got recently 22,000 signatures saying they insisted on having a permanent rainbow walk. There is also a rainbow bench to go with it. And as if that’s not enough, there’s also a bench with rainbow colored dots!! A tribute to their beloved drag queen RuPaul. Also right at that intersection is a billboard with Britany Spears & she’s wearing the dots too!! See what I mean?! Oh & since Rosette has me doing anagrams everyday, here’s one both she & you will love, BRITNEY SPEARS = BEST PR IN YEARS!!!
    So yes. their gay icon on a gay billboard, wearing the dots, best PR indeed!
    There’s also a Tom Ford store in Buckhead, Atlanta. The outside front entrance has a massive blown-up photo of one his Monarch CoverGirl models wearing a black dress with hugh white polka dots along with a pair of red high heels. The black dress with white dots contrasted with something (always) red – very common thing to see!
    As for there being a YouTube vid to go with the article? (Ahem Rosette!) Well since you Lola, our dear Mama Falana has asked. To answer that reminds me of the Broadway musical Damn Yankees. With the signature song “Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets!”. So yes, there will be a YouTube vid for you & your daughters! And everyone else.
    So thank you Lola, you are the one & only true Oracle!
    Best wishes, Luke

    1. rosette delacroix

      Egads on the rainbow crosswalk luke! And 22,000 signatures? 22, master builder number- stinks of Masons behind the whole thing. 22 and rainbow are good symbols that THEY usurp. ~rosette

  10. nathalie guiraudet

    Hey Luke, if we are going to quote Broadway soundtracks then here is one for for all the wonderful people who make this site so special!………a little song by cole porter. he is very gay, it’s plastered all over his lyrics and probably jewish. I wish you lived closer Luke, what a great friend in the flesh you would be:) I hate to say this, as it is probably terribly stereotypical, but growing up jewish in the suburbs of Philly I practically started listening to broadway musicals before I could walk. In high school it’s all I listened to…….I was a bit odd of a teenager.

    So thank you Luke for all the feedback. I haven’t had a chance to look at your links and although I have a high morbid curiosity I may not be able to research any further than what you have explained to me about sodomy. The topic is just so disturbing for me. This control system rabbit hole is so deep. It has occurred to me just how rabid this group of creatures must be to maintain the lie and control. They literally will DO ANYTHING to keep the lie going, at all cost. They must have one rule and one rule only, failure to maintain the lie is not an option. They really have become a different species of human.

    I’m happy to hear “carlos” is moving away from the black hole of hollywood:) I hope he can find peace in his life knowing so intimately what is going on in the “real” world.

    I wanted to ask you about whoopi goldberg. Where did that name come from, it just doesn’t fit her? I thought about it and she must be one of the handler types as she wouldn’t have been given the jobs she was given. I may be wrong, thought I would ask.

    And Rosette, any idea why they would create the united states and all the fabrications of freedoms just to take them away down the road? Also thank you for Cracker #5. Please if you or him could give more information to understand the legal system and know our individual rights. It is soooo confusing at first. I never want to use a capitol letter again in my life:) I really feel it is vitally important to understand the law enough so i/we can non violently push back without fear. Please keep doing what you are doing. And sorry for all the questions, but what is your take on this morgellons issue? Do you think they are actually spraying nano tech from the chemplanes or is this fear porn? As stated above I believe they will do anything to keep the lie going, so sometimes I can’t tell if it is porn or some truth.

    Goodnight everyone, it’s a dear little family here. Downtown julie brown have a Bassett’s peanut butter ice cream for me! Take care luke, lola, and rosette…….i just capitalized everything and had to go change it. This will take time to deprogram!

    1. rosette delacroix

      Aloha nathalie! Some great questions. Let’s see. 1) Why would they create the US with all its freedoms and then take them away? Well, if you don’t know you’re a slave, if you think you are free, then you will willingly work, create, build america. Think of all the great inventions that came out when America first became a nation. And the railroads were built. So we were always slaves, the rulers just went from overt to covert. Get the infrastructure built first, the ships, the armies, etc. Once its all established then they take away our rights little by little until they can become our overt rulers once again. 2) On the legal system. My opinion is its best to do everything you can NOT to HAVE to be in a court of law. I can’t say any of the remedies would actually work because we are dealing with psychopathic criminals here. Not human beings that play their game fairly. They’ve been ruling us since Egypt, they will NOT give up their power now. So I don’t think anyone can beat them in a court of law because that would set a precedence. They NEVER would allow that. So what you should take from the info is that we are under a corrupt system now that they tricked us into using. We are supposed to be under common law, which is common SENSE. Does it make sense that it is legal to grow pot in Colorado but if you go over the border to Utah with the same pot, you can go to jail? Huh? Who is it harming? See how that is NOT of the common sense law? What we need is for everyone to understand this so we can DO AWAY WITH IT ENTIRELY. NOT try to work within THEIR system. THEIR system needs to be shown the door. Hope that helps. But I do use lower case now and so should everyone. THAT is how we can fight them. By showing in solidarity, lower case, the more and more awake people TO their bull shit. 3) Morgellon’s in my opinion is pure fear porn. The gal that was the main “whistle-blower” on Morgellons, Sophia Smallstorm is one of them. Remember she made the propaganda 9/11 vid called Demolitions? And is a buddy of Judy Woods, another 9/11 disinfo agent? So no, no Morgellons. They try to use our imaginations against us. Have us thinking they have technology that they do not.
      Hope that all helps. Take care ~ rosette

  11. Luke Aspen

    Ok Nathalie, I’m like you, I always liked Broadway musicals too! I can fill your ear! And I’m sure you could fill my ear right back! I love Fiddler on the Roof, simply one of the best ever! The movie version was directed by Norman JEW-ison. A true visual feast! Says Tevye, “Tradition, without it, our lives are as shaky as a fiddler on the roof!” I’m sure being Jewish, you know that musical well!
    Thanks for that Cole Porter link! Kevin Kline also starred in the 2004 film bio. It was good.
    Funny thing, when I searched Porter’s wiki bio, it pulled up a photo of him from the 30’s. Well would you believe in that photo he’s sporting a black necktie with white polka dots!!!! So yes, he was gay. Most likely that was his earlier photo op & wearing the dotted tie was a coded signal to his fellow insiders. In fact, he attended Yale & was a member of the Scroll & Key. Another secret society established by a distant relative John Addison Porter. And that is connected to Yale’s well known Skull & Bones. Very inside secret stuff that connects to George Bush & others that attended Yale. The book Secrets of the Tomb details much of the underground tunnels that exist below Yale’s foundation. There is even a “Bonesman Whore” that’s kept there on call 24 hrs to service all the men’s sexual needs. Including sodomy. So I don’t blame you if you go no further to explore the ancient sodomy rituals of Egypt! But now you know.
    And I saved the best here with a great connection! (Rosette knows this story). Kevin Kline befriended film director Mike Nichols back in the 80’s in NYC when Nichols introduced him to his friend Caryn Elaine Johnson. She was struggling to break into acting & so she was promoting herself as a “downtown street artist”. She would stand on various street corners in Manhattan delivering her nasty, foul-mouthed ethnic humor. She was also a single mother working odd pt jobs as a bricklayer, bartender & even a phone sex operator. As for her talent, Nichols swore he saw something in her that others could not. Mostly what others saw was an illiterate, ghetto-rapping high school droput & hard core drug addict.
    But Nichols persisted in helping to promote her by co-writing & directing Caryn’s premiere one woman stand-up comedy on Broadway called The Spook Show. By that time Nichols told her she would have to change her name to appear on Broadway.
    You see Nichols was really Jewish with his real name being Mikhail Igor Peschkowsky. He became famous for having directed The Graduate under the name Nichols. He said he definately did not want his real name to make him sound like just another “friggin Hollywood Jew”. Well his friend Caryn said she loved the opposite & relished the idea of people thinking she really was Jewish. So she got her last name from a famous Jewish bagel & deli. And her first name from that “air cushion that makes a flatulent sound” when sat on, So that’s how Caryn Elaine Johnson became known as Whoopi Goldberg!
    And you’re right! That name does not fit her. Like so many other black celebs, she got her movie success from joining the Black Boule. – (The Black Skull & Bones). She’s very Luciferian! If not a handler. Remember too her big debut film was The Color Purple. Produced by Quincy Jones & directed by Steven Spielberg. They BOTH are very dark souls as you might know! And Jones selected Oprah in her first movie role for Color Purple. She’s another Boule.
    Oh & I noticed in the May 2017 issue of the Oprah magazine something striking! That issue marked her magazine’s 15 year anniversary. So she made it “very special”. On the front cover Oprah is wearing the black dress & covered with white dots!!! And the front cover actually unfolds from both left & right to the inside center that reveals the letter O.
    So the O then becomes the All Seeing Eye! It’s filled with blue jewels. And with Oprah’s personal writing, saying, “This I know for sure: A miracle is seeing the world with light in your eyes”. You see what I mean?!
    So Nathalie, hang tight, it’s always fun to exchange info!

  12. nathalie guiraudet

    Ha, Luke, I’ve had that darn cole porter ditty in my head for days and it just dawned on me the double entendre of the song! Yikes, I think I pasted what i thought was a lovely song for others and I think it might have another meaning being sodomy! What is your take? If I didn’t know all about his secret society participation and the fact that he is gay and traveled in that upper “sphere” I might not have thought this about the song. And please, let me set the record straight that I have no issues with gay people.

    Thank you, both Luke and Rosette for answering my questions. whoopi goldberg was some story! Do any of these people have a real identity? The confusion about who they actually are must keep them awake at night:) Thank you all!

    1. Luke Aspen

      Oh boy, Nathalie! I looked at the lyrics to “You’re the Top”…..he mentions Vincent Youmans, a Broadway composer. He wrote No, No Nanette, that’s been revived several times since the 30’s. Youmans was also a Mason. And Porter & Youmans were both connected to Ira Gershwin, Oscar Hammerstein & Billy Rose.
      Gershwin & Hammerstein both Masons. Rose married Fanny Brice played by Streisand in Funny Girl. I’m still checking to see if he became a Mason.
      In the song Porter also wrote “You’re the nose on the great Durante”. Jimmy Durante another Mason.
      And his “But if, I’m the bottom, you’re the top”. Yep, I’d say it’s a song with double entendre for sure. Too funny Nathalie!

  13. Luke Aspen

    Yes! I saw the David pic! At first I thought he looked like Jake Gylenhaal with a beard. So now with more dots, more people will see what we both are talking about. And please keep sharing your dot findings too Rosette!
    In USA Today is a pic of Katy Perry wearing a full body suit covered in silver dots! On her chest is the hugh ALL Seeing Eye that’s surrounded by more dots. And her outfit is shaded in the color purple! See what I mean??!!

  14. lidy

    By the way, Rosette, somebody mentioned about names written in capital letters. And suddenly I saw my name LIDY appear so dominant amongst y’all.

    But the case is this. I wrote in the comment section under
    and I get it back as
    Isn’t that something!

    1. rosette delacroix

      Just like on here lidy! My website name- see how its in all caps at the top? I tried to change it to lower case and it wouldn’t let me! I have changed it on my YouTube channel though, I was able to there. Your previous message to luke shows capital L idy, and then the one I am responding to shows all lower case lidy, so who knows! We can just try and fix it where we can. ~ rosette (takes some getting used to as well! ha ha. We are so programmed to capitalize, but it is THEY capitalizing on US!)

        1. lidy

          It proofs what you write Luke:
          “As time progressed, the lone dot became multiple ones, being placed on objects and clothes. In some non western cultures, polka dots were signs of things like Magic, a successful hunt and male potency. They were made highly visible in many public places.

        2. rosette delacroix

          James 1:26~ Pure religion, undefiled before God and the Father, is this: to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself UNSPOTTED from the world.

    2. lidy

      Just finding out what the cause can be of those letters in Capital.
      Now this reaction is without my website. Maybe that is the reason.

        1. rosette delacroix

          lidy! I am excited to see what you think of my latest article, Flat Earth Decoded (Part 6) North Pole, Noah and the True Location of the Garden of Eden? I thought of you when writing it. Because the Simulation Theory didn’t sit right with me as well- deep down. My brain said I was on the right track, but my heart didn’t feel it, and my heart ended up winning! ha ha. When I found The God Culture’s YouTube Channel I just KNEW I made a big boo boo. It confirmed what I found in my earlier Flat Earth vids and all the more because it is based on scripture! So I think you will be happy that I am back on track again. And I’m so glad you always speak your mind and let me know. ~ rosette

          1. lidy

            I’m always excited to see that you have (written) a new article on your website. It is so interesting. You are a pioneer and a tracker. That is not an easy task. So if you occasionally follow a wrong track and you realize that, then you are doing something good in exploring the world of the unknown. I appreciate that very much and yes I will speak my mind and let you know, and if it isn’t me than Julie, Lola, Nathalie, Luke and I see some new contributors like 303 and Andrejka, will do. I always read their comments too and I thank you all.

            I need some time to read and comprehend your new article. I’ll let you know. Thank you Rosette, you’re very special. 🙂

  15. Lola

    Hello Dear Rosie & Luke!
    Thank you for the you-tube videos!
    My daughters kept shrieking with delight when they saw your note: per my request! Most appreciated! How I wish great future success for you both!
    Love, Lola

    1. rosette delacroix

      Lola I hope you are your family are safe! Take care take care. Thinking about you. Saw Irma on the news and it looks like it is doing a lot of damage. Wishing you all the best. You are in my thoughts.

      1. Lola

        Thank you Dear Rosie!
        I appreciate your concern! Things are now rather quiet and calm here in Kingston. We’ve had overwhelming winds and down pourings of rain. I can not tell you how all that makes me so nervous and on edge! And so many areas throughout the Caribbean are now left in total ruins. Terribly sad! I just keep praying Rosie, that’s all I can do dear child!
        My daughters are sitting still and reading playing their own games. They really loved Luke’s video! So much for them to think about! For the life of me, I just can’t get them to sit with me while I read through your blog decodings. They are into the videos only. My goodness they would sit and watch them all day long if I let them. And I mean videos off the net, not just your blog videos. Your blog info they can watch all they want! But you know Rosie, the internet has so many vulgar videos that children can have easy access to. I have to be careful and monitor them!
        My oldest daughter Sophia does have a question for Luke. She marvels at his ability to do the anagrams! She has tried doing some on her own but has had no luck. So what is the trick to them Luke? Like Rosie has said, you are indeed the King! Sophia is asking how long ago did you get started with them? And also will you be doing another article for Rosie? And if so, will that one too be turned into a video? We all hope so!
        Well dear Rosie and Luke and friends, I hope and pray all is well!
        Love, Lola

        1. luke aspen

          Hello Lola!
          I’m happy to hear you made it thru the storm!
          And glad too your daughters like the vid! There’s like 1600+ views & still counting! Just can’t believe it! THANKS as always to Rosette, she made me see the light!
          So Sophia is doing anagrams, how cool! Just so you know, I never did an anagram in my life until I started reading Rosette’s blog. At first it was quite frustrating, simply could not get the hang of it. But after about 2 months, I found my groove. I tend to do them every single day, first thing in the morning with coffee. So with daily practice, it gets much easier. In fact, today I was working with the name of singer Marie Osmond. She’s so famous with her Mormon background. Well can you believe I found the perfect anagram in her name too! MARIE OSMOND = A MORMON SIDE.
          Anagrams always amaze me because they usually reveal some truth about the person. So the trick to doing them is to just keep doing them. At least keep trying, don’t give up! I’ve now found patterns in them & patterns within patterns with using the letters. I’m keeping a running list of the best ones I’ve found AND I just might turn all of them into a future article! But with a big connecting twist! That’s all I will say, I want the rest to be a surprise! But you asking me about anagrams gave me the whole idea! Yippee!
          So hang tight, I will have some more articles/vids coming up. I just can’t do them so fast like Rosette. She’s the Master of the Game!
          Take care, Luke

  16. Downtown Julie Brown

    Hey Luke!
    Thanks so much for answering all the questions! You are so on track with the dots! So me and Kimberly, Josh, Victoria all get together at Starbucks about once a week and have our own group discussion. (We don’t discuss this stuff at work anymore since your article was brought up in the first place. That hit a raw nerve with the others that want to remain in the dark). But Kim, Josh and Vic are sooo hungry to know more! I mean they have to be brought up to speed but with some basic stuff. Like what’s a Mason, a Monarch, a handler? But they are fast learners! I told them they are free to leave any of their own comments/questions here but they still want me to take the lead, so ok, whatever.
    We’ve all been spotting the dots on our own and been wanting to share our findings with you, so here’s some updates:
    – Josh found a picture of Maggie Smith and Ian McKellen sitting together at Wimbledon. Maggie is wearing a polka dot dress and Ian is wearing a long polka dot scarf. That can’t be a coincidence with BOTH wearing the dots at the same time?! Your thoughts?
    – Kimberly found a picture of fashion designer Gabbi Gregg in Essence magazine. She’s wearing a white dress with polka dots and pentagrams! That must say something!
    – Victoria found a Youtube video and various pictures of Cirque du Soleil Luzia. The lead female performer is dressed as a (Monarch?) butterfly. With the butterfly wings made up as a long overflowing cape. And both her legs and arms are painted with big white polka dots!
    – I myself found a picure of Carly Rae Jepson (her song “Call Me Maybe”) wearing a black dress with white polka dots with matching polka dot purse. And with a pair of red shoes.
    So please point out anything you may see in any of that stuff that we may have overlooked.
    Oh and Nathalie, I lovvve Bassett’s ice cream – any flavor! And I’ll just bet that ice cream would go quite well with Lola’s cookies and brownies! And top it all off with her hugs! That’s heaven!
    Julie <3

  17. luke aspen

    Wow julie! Great stuff the 4 of you have discovered! You all make such great dot detectives!
    So to add to your findings, remember it’s now Dame Maggie & Sir Ian. They both have joined Queen E-Beth’s Satanic inner circle! Maggie has 2 Oscars, so she’s played the Hollywood game to get there. Ian’s overtly gay & last year served as the Grand Marshall in the NYC gay pride parade. Plus look at his last name with the Mc. Rosette has mentioned those letters numerous times here.
    I never heard of Gabi Gregg but look at the 4 letter G’s in her full name. GGGG = 7777.
    And good God, she actually wore the polka dots with pentagrams?! So I looked her up briefly & she’s an upcoming fashion designer/blogger. I’d say her wearing the dots/pentagrams for the magazine shoot is her way of conforming & moving up the fashion ladder for fame & success. So that attire is telling us she’s been ‘dotted’.
    I looked at the Cirque du Soleil Luzia performer & most interesting! Again the dots with a Monarch butterfly! “Luzia” refers to Mexican culture & is their Spanish word for luz & lluvia. Meaning light & rain. Not sure what they mean by it. Rosette can you help us?
    As far as the butterfly with polka dots? I recently read that in some parts of Mexico some fathers sodomize their daughters. As an excuse to “keep them in line”. But they do not violate their vaginas, they keep them virginal for the men they will eventually marry. Go
    And Carly Rae wearing the dots with matching purse with red shoes! That says it all!
    I think I’ve already mentioned that the black dress with white dots accented with something red is a common thing to see. Tom Ford does it often with his Monarch models. I’ve also seen photos of Carly Rae making various Illuminati hand signals & the left eye symbol seems to be her favorite. So she’s definately another Monarch!
    Thanks again for the cool info!

    1. rosette delacroix

      hey everyone, per luke’s question as to what they mean by “light and rain”. Since they are of the “left”, they worship the moon and the element associated with the moon, which is water. Think of “lightNING and rain”. Lucifer came down “like lightNING from Heaven”. So light and rain would be in reference to him. Also the GREAT FLOOD was the last reset. They love chaos and destruction. The power of water.

      Regarding the red shoes, not sure if you mentioned this luke? But the White Pope wears the red shoes as well. Just like when the Stars walk on the red carpet. They are figuratively “walking all over us” the red blooded. We are their slaves, the blue blooded. ~rosette

  18. Andrejka

    Fascinating information..Thank you Rosie and Luke and Cracker….Permit me to ask…who is outside of the programming? I keep reading how Robert Downey Jr, Justin Beiver, Ashten Kutcher, and more are outing the pedophiles in the entertainment industry…Who has been and is able to opt out or rescue themselves from all this? Who are the high profile people that somehow managed to stay out of all this?…it just seems like every influential person is in on this..Or is it like the stock market..that every publicly traded item out there is built upon evil…are the anonymous little people the only one’s not tainted?

    1. rosette delacroix

      Aloha andrejka, The handler was previously the handled. So the sodomy is generational. They are ALL inside of the programming. If Robert, Justin and Ashton are “outing the pedophiles” they are just playing one side of the Hegelian dialectic. They are NOT able to opt out or rescue themselves. They are in it for life. The anonymous ones at the top do it too. It is part of their religion. They do it to honor their god. ~ rosette

      1. Andrejka

        Dear Rosette, Thank you for your swift replies. So who in the public eye is on the Prime Creator’s side? Can anybody say? Are the people who are outside the system the only ones’ on God’s side? My dad was molested by a Catholic priest which was soul murder. Conventional religion makes my stomach turn because it becomes a lie and a cult of personality… I have worked at yoga centers, retreat centers, meditation centers to get away from Corporate America..yet there still is great emotional dysfunction. Where to turn for fellowship? Who are vetted role models?

        1. rosette delacroix

          No one in the public eye is on the Prime Creator’s side. (Or if they are, it is quick and fleeting.) If someone good sticks their neck out, it gets lopped off. My friend james macey was one of the good ones. Trying to make a difference. He was the leader of the GMO movement here in Hawaii. He showed me photos of dragon fly drones watching him from his back yard. He was very healthy and fit. A recently retired Naval Officer that had charisma, integrity and was very bright. He was fighting for his grandkids, so they had a better world. A few days after the drones appeared he was rushed to the hospital where he died of, get this, dehydration. What a load of malarkey. They took him out. My friend max spiers was another one. He wanted to do his part to make the world a better place. For his sons and for the rest of humanity. He was trying to share a message of the heart, when he was killed in Poland. I can’t speak for james, but I know my dear friend max was NOT religious. Neither am I. max believed in jesus christ as I do. jesus didn’t want us to worship him. He didn’t want us to build churches. He didn’t want us to know god THROUGH someone else (priest) but for each of us to have a personal relationship with Him. Catholic priests worship mary. They have mary take the place of jesus. To get to the Father, they want us to believe we have to go through her instead of her son. Mary worship is Lucifer worship. And Lucifer worship is doing the inverse of what is right and good (God). So Catholic priest’s molest. They serve their god in this respect. I feel for your father. It is awful he was a victim of theirs.
          There IS great emotional dysfunction because the world is being steered down the left hand path. Different levels of awakeness have people perceiving variations on the true nature of the world. The more awake one is, the more they see how messed up it has become. We are going down the spiral right now. We need more people to wake up to reverse the journey. It does seem we are at a place where a full reboot is needed…
          For fellowship, outside of internet connections, I can’t say. Its a lonely world right now for many that are awake. Family members, friends and work associates can’t relate. And the only vetted role model would be yourself. Look within. Trust YOU. People will come and go on your journey. Just have faith in yourself and you will be on the right path.

  19. Andrejka

    I was on Wikipedia and I had typed “God”
    the image was a dot!

    “The circled dot, an ancient symbol for the metaphysical Absolute. Early science, particularly geometry and astrology and astronomy, was connected to the divine for most medieval scholars, and many believed that there was something intrinsically “divine” or “perfect” that could be found in circles.[1][2]”

    1. rosette delacroix

      Symbolized by the target or bulls eye. The Bull’s eye. The Bull being their god Lucifer. The dot in the center of the Bull’s eye is the Monad. To them, where the source of all life comes from. They believe the Prime Creator made the earth, the shell, but that Lucifer created life within that shell. But Lucifer can’t create LIFE. Only the Prime Creator can do that. Lucifer can only MANipulate what God already created, hence the BEAST (BULL) system we are under.

  20. 303

    I get the whole MK Ultra and mind control thing. Experience has confirmed it. I thought the correlation of polka dots was a creative and astute observation. Not so sure about some of the claims against people without anything solid other than similar correlations or coincidence. But I guess that is the nature of the beast and why plausible deniability is an effective thing in much of these shenanigans.

    So here’s my coincidence. in light of this commentary. I happened to find myself watching a Laurel and Hardy movie called the Sons of the Desert. It is about some Fraternal Brothers taking an oath that they can’t go back on. A fairly silly oath to attend a convention but an oath none the less. Obviously the movie is a self deprecating roast of the masonic fraternities. The movie has many of the fraternity elements in it.

    Laurel making the diamond symbols with his hands, the temple, the oaths, the regalia, hats etc. As I was wathing I realized that both Laurel and Hardie were wearing Polka dot ties. One wore a regular tie, the other a bow tie but both were made from the same polka dot material.

    The submerged theme of the movie was about who was in control of who in each of their households. Stan claimed to be in charge in his household and that his wife would obey him. Ollie stated that his wife was always consulted because she had to tell him what he had decided. I thought this was a thinly veiled tip of the hat to MK Ultra. There were also references to domestic violence etc which again was interesting in light of the topic of your blog post.

    This film is deemed a national treasure. Personally I’m not sure why. I didn’t particularly enjoy it. I thought it was strained and perhaps was filmed towards the end of their careers. I don’t know enough about them to know.

    The film was released on December 29, 1933. Interesting. Run some numbers and see what you come up with.

    1. 303

      I failed to mention there was other numberology in the movie such as the Laural and Hardy’s home addresses. 2222 and 2220. .. or was it 2202. Laurels wife wearing polka dot dress. I’m sure there was plenty of other things I missed.

      The multiples of two is intriguing. Especially 222. Perhaps Rosette you might have some knowledge of what it means?

      1. rosette delacroix

        Well done on the symbolism you uncovered in that movie. luke might know a bit more on the actors and their roles as Laurel and Hardy. As to the 222, did you know that Corey Feldman mentioned in a comment to his friend Corey Haim, before he died, that 22 was his favorite number? Corey Haim replied HIS favorite was 222 and actually wore a necklace with 222 on it. We know 22 is equivalent to 0 in the Tarot and is the number of completion. Of Christ finishing his journey through the deck, and as the Fool, starts his journey all over again. Revelation 22:13 states, “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.” The first and the last, just like 0 and 22 of the Tarot deck. Now we know Jesus is the 13th, he has 6 disciples on his left and 6 on his right. He is above them and separate from them- being the 13th. The Luciferians usurp this number as they do so many other symbols related to Jesus. 22:13 in numerology, we can add the 1 and 3 together and get 4 and then break it back down to 2 and 2. 22:22. Doubles are more powerful than singles, triples more than doubles, quadruples more.
        I notice you use 303? That was on the door in The Matrix. You know 303 is 33 for the Mason’s and had the Omega (Lucifer) in the middle right? It is a variation on 101 (binary- dualism), like 101 Dalmatians, but also LOL, Laugh out Loud, which really stands for Lucifer our Lord. If you take the L’s for their numeric value you would again get 303. ~rosette

        1. luke aspen

          Great job on finding the dots & Masonic symbols 303! I do know Laurel & Hardy were both Masons!
          You can google Laurel & Hardy Freemasons. That pulls up so much stuff including a vid with Hardy wearing a bold polka dot tie! I was not familiar with Sons of the Desert.

        2. 303

          Hello again, Thank you for the replies Rosette and Luke. Interesting information. I have used the 303 moniker for a while, suddenly realizing it has interesting personal correlations then after coming across the numerology topic and these groups that seem to be invested in it, I realized it had even more connotations. Let me assure you though I’m not a secret handshaker, symbol signaler or “traveler” of any sort. Just interested in the truth, in this age of universal deceit.

          1. lidy

            On the frontpage of my website I have placed a quote of yours Rosette, as a reminder and it also reassured me.
            You wrote:
            “Remember that numbers are neutral. It’s the “magicians” behind the numbers that make them “good” or “bad”, so context is key.”

          2. rosette delacroix

            Awe thank you lidy! How sweet! And yes, I firmly believe that! They are the masters at usurping! Like the number 13. Jesus is the 13th yet they use it for THEIR illuminati families. AND the Masons’ with their M hand sign. (M of course is 13.) So in the context of jesus, 13 is a very good number! In the context of the Mason’s it is a very bad number! But the number is just a number in and of itself. ~rosette

            P.S. So for 303 we can make it good. How? Just rotate it one click counterclockwise and you have MOM. 🙂

  21. lidy

    Good day to you all.
    Looking for clues elsewhere I found this article.
    I can’t figure it out yet, but what do you think of it, is there any connection?
    And about this bugs bunny figure. Does that fit in the MK ultra-programming?
    I know of a murder of a 16year old girl and in her bag they found a bugs-bunny lighter that didn’t belong to her. Can that have a significant meaning? I really would like to know.

      1. luke aspen

        Great find on Nimrod lidy!
        I did leave a comment about Bugs Bunny at Fallon on Trump ~ Humiliation Ritual, Sept 25, 2016. If you care to look that one up again.
        I’m still checking out Chuck Jones to see if he’s hiding anything.

  22. lidy

    Ha, thank you Luke, I saw that I’ve asked the question before. I’m going to read it again. It really takes time for me to comprehend, but we’ll get there. 🙂

  23. Lola

    Hello Dear Rosie and Luke!
    Well I could not wait to share with you what just happened!
    My daughter Sophia has been working so hard to find her first anagram and she finally did just that! She took your advice Luke and kept trying without giving up. She also wanted to be the one to type in here her own message to you:
    Hi Mr. Luke,
    Yes, I finally did it! I am so happy and relieved! I took the words Kingston, Jamaica which is where we live and re-arranged them to find somehting you might like. But I have to explain what I found so it will make sense. In Jamaica, we use the word ganja, it is popular but that is another name for marijuana. Well my anagram has a message!
    So here it is as >> Kingston Jamaica >> Ganja? I Am In Stock. So it says that Kingston is well stocked with ganja! That is a perfect anagram where I used all the letters too! I hope that pleases you!! Maybe I can find some more anagrams later. Wish me luck! And my sisters & I love all your videos Rosie! You are Awesome!
    Take care, Sophia Falana

    1. rosette delacroix

      You know that sophia means “wisdom”? You are a wise soul sophia! That anagram was exceptional! Ha! Keep them coming! So much will be revealed. Good job dear one. P.S. I have a tabby kitty I named sophie because she is so beautiful. Big hugs ~rosette

  24. luke aspen

    I love your anagram Sophia! So glad you shared that here. I in turn shared it with my Jamaican friend Monica. She thought it was most clever! She works at the Atlanta Downtown library & is in charge of assembling their annual Caribbean Film Festival. For the past 9 years she has put together some amazing film programs! Some of the finest foreign films ever! In fact, several years ago she included in her lineup the Jamaican film Chrissy. Do you know of it? It had its premiere in Jamaica with standing ovations. And it was shown to sold out audiences in Barbados. It’s simply that good!
    The heart rending story of a 10 year old girl who endures such heavy burdens in life. It rings of great truth! I included the film trailer here for you:
    Thanks again & keep the anagrams coming!

  25. Joanna

    Is it me or polka dots are everywhere right now? I just came across photos from a new collection of “O bag”, a very popular bag brand in Europe. This collection is all about Disney characters, bags with Minnie on them, and Daisy, and polka dots and “some like it dot” and “dot me. text me.” written on bags (!).

    Another European brand Calzedonia (women’s tights and stockings), the new collection of stockings is also all about polka dots! There is even Julia Roberts present in the event (fashion show), with polka dotted tights!
    I mean, it is everywhere now!

    I also wanted to understand something. Is the pattern of polka dots suppose to program all the people or trigger only people who are handled by their handlers in the entertainment industry? Why would polka dots be used in fashion so much, is it to make us familiar and accustomed with the pattern subconsciously? Or is it a shout out to people in the know, to let them know that this particular brand has sold itself out to the agenda?

    Thank you,

    1. rosette delacroix

      Aloha joanna, I’m sure Luke will be answering you Joanna, but I will add my two cents. Regarding what the polka dots are used for. One, it is to show THEIR kind, which people have gone through the rituals and what their status is without saying outright in an email, on the phone what not, where they could be exposed. This is how they communicate- through symbols and signs. Symbols and signs are the UNiversal language. Lucifer’s language and understood by all, regardless of the language they speak. That is why they like numerology so much as well. 1 + 1 =2 no matter what country you are from. Everyone understands this. But they also put polka dots on everything because they want to get our “buy in” although we are not consciously aware that we are doing that. But subconsciously, if we “like” polka dots and buy their products, we are indirectly saying we like sodomy. That we approve of it. They are very insidious in what they do. So they tell people like Julia Roberts to wear polka dots. To promote polka dots. Whatever symbol they need to give energy to, they will have their “it” people promote it. Like in my Giants presentation. I have a short clip of Lady Gaga demonically possessed. In it she is wearing polka dot nail polish. You might not be able to see it in the shortened version but if you go to YouTube and watch the 11 minute version you will clearly see this. ~ mahalo rosette

  26. luke aspen

    I love your findings Joanna! Disney’s O bag with the dots says it all! The Some Like It Hot & Dot Me! Pure Disney crap! Remember Disney is telling you polka dot is really code for poke-a-dot! Many animators today working at Disney know this & put dots in some of their animated cartoons. But the one cartoon they could not code was Pocahontas. They jokingly said how they wanted to put polka dots on her buck skin dress thus making Pocahontas as Poke-A-Hot Ass. You see what I mean here.
    And for Julia Roberts to be wearing the dots too! Remember her big break as a star was in the film Pretty Woman opposite Richard Gere. She was the hooker with the heart of gold. So they had her wearing the polka dot dress with matching polka dot hat. She’s also listed as one of Hollywood’s top ten MK Ultras. She ranks #9 on the list. Embedded here:

    And Rosette said it best with the world being mired in signs & symbols. So you can see the dots are everywhere! So why in fashion? Perfect example is with Tom Ford & Marc Jacobs. They both are Masons/Handlers & use the dots excessively. I mean here we have 2 gay male fashion designers dictating to women that they should all be wearing poke-a-dots. Especially their MK Ultra models walking the fashion runway in the dots thus making us ALL accustomed to the pattern subconsciously, indeed!
    And Illuminati insiders see this as well. Like Riley Keough wearing the dots at crotch level for her photo shoot as a biker chick! Did you see that in my article? The dots have been around though in Hollywood since the 30’s & I came across tons of photos of many female stars wearing them. They were told way back then by other gay male designers that the dots were the thing to wear.

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