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The Synagogue of Satan Decoded (The Black Cube Club)

This is just a short post showing how, through connecting particular symbolism, we can see that ALL the governing bodies on this Earth make up the Anti-Christ.

So let’s begin.

Synagogue~ Syn (SIN) a Gogue (From Old French gogue (“joke, fun”).

*So to the followers of Satan, sinning is fun and a joke, no big deal.

Revelation 2: 9 I know your afflictions and your poverty—yet you are rich! I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.


The symbol of Saturn is a cross and sickle. BLACK Cross and BLACK Sickle (Death). Religion of Death. Notice the Star of David over the genitals- just like the Masonic apron. Also he has a GOAT- Greatest of All Time, Water- The symbol for the Moon and he is leaning on cane or CAIN.

Saturn Death Cult

The Grim Reaper-  in BLACK with BLACK Sickle

Satanists- in BLACK

Witches- in BLACK

BLACK Nobility. Men in BLACK

Islam- BLACK Cube


Judaism- BLACK Cube

Catholicism- BLACK Pope

Visitors… in BLACK

Jesuits- in BLACK

Nuns- in BLACK

Muslims- in BLACK

Supreme Court Justices- in BLACK

BLACK’S Law- BLACK Monolith (Moon Lilith)

UN- BLACK Monolith (The UN)


Wall Street- BLACK Monoliths

9/11 Memorial- Inverse BLACK Monolith

Hilton Millennium Hotel- BLACK Monolith, Now Owned by BLACK Stone

Antarctica NOAA Station- BLACK Monolith


2001, A Space Odyssey BLACK Monolith


The GiverBLACK Monolith


The TruMan ShowBLACK Monolith

the truman show jesus

ISIS Mercenaries- Ma Sons- in BLACK


Nazis- in BLACK

Nazis- BLACK Sun (Son), BLACK Baal

Ma Son’s BLACK Baal- Stone- Stone Masons

BLACK Baal- Ma Son Jar

Ma Sons (ISIS)- The Widow’s Sons (BLACK Widow) BLACK Cube

AC/DC (AntiChrist/Death Cult)- Back in BLACK

The Men in BLACK

When you PROFIT you are in the BLACK

BLACK Friday


X-Box- BLACK Box

I-Phone- BLACK Box

School- BLACK board

Graduation- in BLACK with BLACK (Mortar) Boards

Funerals- in BLACK with BLACK Box

Vampire- in BLACK with BLACK Box

Rolling Stones- Paint it BLACK

Mick sings, “I look inside myself and see my heart is BLACK
I see my red door and must have it painted BLACK
Maybe then I’ll fade away and not have to face the facts
It’s not easy facing up when your whole world is BLACK.”

So true for you Mick…

So can you see that ALL the Governments, Religions, Big Businesses, Masons, Military, Media, Hollywood, ALL institutions of this world, are the Syngogue of Satan? The Beast System? The Anti-Christ System?

Revelation 3:9  Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

We need to OPEN the cube. Bring in the LIGHT. Turn your HEART (EARTH) from black to RED. RED BLOODED. LIVING GOD. Reject the Anti-Christ and let in CHRIST.


And here’s the YouTube version:

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7 responses on “The Synagogue of Satan Decoded (The Black Cube Club)

  1. Lou

    True dear Rosie, True! Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 were the verses that got me started on my journey towards wakefulness. Christ said of these reprobates, “you are of your father, Satan.” The black box crowd are blood kin to Satan through Eve and her son Cain. The first sin was not what we’ve been taught. Mystery Babylon is falling is falling, come out of her my people. Lou

  2. Lou

    Dear Rosie, it amazes me just how organized, well trained, and informed our enemy is; and how ignorant, disorganized, and complacent most believers are. That’s all part of God,s plan though. He is so powerful in order to have an anversary, He has to create one; so He usually has our backs to the deep blue sea and the enemies army matching down our throats; then He saves us all and destroys the satanic forces without us firing a single round. That’s how it will be with our current masters. The first time Babylon fell, some 2,620 years ago, it fell intact, and the only loss of life was the acting king, Belchazer. I believe that pattern will be repeated this time. Our enemy has planned and trained, and is a well oiled machine, “but He who sits in the heavens will laugh, and have them in derision.” Psalms chapter 2. We will win, and most of us won’t even know what happened. God our Eternal Father will make all of Christ’s enemies His foot stool, and then they will come and worship at our feet, and they will know that He loves us. One day we will be 100 years in the Kingdom. We will most likely have cake.. Lou

  3. Allen Metzger

    Greetings with Love,
    My first experience with your information via You Tube was reveletory. You got to the black of the matter..Your use of words Symbols of experiences was revealing.. Words are spells begotten by vibrational matches for the offerings Words have and are Spellings casting Spells which force us away from God our Father. I appreciate the simple to the point such as your You Tube presentation The Black Club. The KISS formulation was used and all parts well integrated and interrelated making sense to the point of the matter namely the Satanic grip on and in this world.. In reading some of your other material it seemed so detailed (the d-evil is in the detail) it becomes more and more a conglomerate confusion. Obviously this reveals my lack of education and insight. I will have to struggle before its truths set me free. Truth is a tremendous painful and confusing mountain to climb. G-od M-ade O-ver all and it was G(o)od GMO (G-enetically M-odified O-rganisms) Started with First with G-od M-over now G-od M-ove O-ut .which has lead to our G-od-less M-ind-less O-blivion. Spiritually there is no Oblivion. Yet with out the truth to set us free. Our hell maybe the Oblivion offered to us forever on earth.
    Any way thanks for yourcomprehensive insights into The Synagogue of Satan
    Love to all and all of theirs,
    Allen Metzger

  4. Doug

    My Dearest and most precious Rosette,
    I think you should know I got the critical stop watching the news tonight and had to come back and review the Black cube post after I heard that Harvey Hired the Black Cube company to keep his actions quiet. The company supposedly consists of Mossad agents, I found this detail most interesting, a bunch of former agents, who used the motto ” by deception you will make war” or some such, working for a security company called Black Cube. Why does it take so much time for all of this to sink in? Thank you for the posts, please never stop writing them

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      Oh my goodness! Is that a doozy or what? ha! So obvious now isn’t it? Thanks for that doug! Much appreciated! Yes you can see how they are all connected. A bunch of bad guys at the top in different organizations but really all working for the same creature (Lucifer) and his end goal- a one world government- with us as complete slaves whittled down to less than 500 million, with them completely controlling us all. But harvey and the other minions will NEVER see their Great Work completed. It ain’t going to happen! They speak of the great inversion- but we already ARE in the great inversion. So there will be a point when it gets flipped on its head. So what does that mean? That the meek shall inherit the earth and the deceivers will go down into the pit with their god forever.

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