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Flat Earth Decoded (Part 6) Simulation Theory

And the longer title includes: and Correcting Mainstream Flat Earth Theories

So this is Part Six in my series of Flat Earth Decoded. With some new found information I realized that some of what I put in my series no longer holds true for me. And above all I want to share the truth. So I will go through the evidence and point the things out.

So from the beginning.

My story is probably very similar to yours. I woke up to Flat Earth at the beginning of 2015. It seemed out of nowhere the topic of the shape of our Earth exploded in the awake community. Already being awake to the reality of our government and the ones in control of our world, I thought I had a good discernment for when more “truth” was uncovered. I’m sure you did too. I watched the videos put out by soft spoken Eric Dubay.

These two photos are very telling. Satanists, to move up in the satanic hierarchy need to 1- show their allegiance to Satan. They can do this cleverly. It doesn’t have to be obvious. Item (f) of Aleister Crowley’s Book of the Law explains this: “of his own ingenium, let him devise other methods.” So Eric does the Omega 666 hand sign.

And 2- wear a dress, among other things. And make no mistake- Eric deliberately dresses like a woman to go against God. He is a Luciferian. Deuteronomy 22:5 says, “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.”

V for Venus. The feminine negative. V for Victory. And he’s wearing orange no less. Orange is 33 in numerology- the number of the Masons.

And so I bought his book The Flat-Earth Conspiracy before I was aware of who he really was. Dubay talked about many proofs that he uncovered from the work of Samuel Rowbotham. So I bought Rowbotham’s book as well, titled Zetetic Astronomy: Earth Not A Globe.

Rowbotham tells his readers that he uses the Zetetic method. From the Wiki we read that “the Zetetic method is a system of scientific inquiry. … The Zetetic method differs from the usual scientific method in that in using it, one bases conclusions on experimentation and observation rather than on an initial theory that is to be proved or disproved.”

That if something is not observable than it is not Zetetic. That all his proofs can be observed by the individual. I thought this was brilliant, because if I can observe with my own eyes, than I am the one to say for myself what is true or not true.

But it’s not that simple.

There are still crafty ways to mislead.

Misleading Interpretations

Some of the proofs although observable, the interpretations of the observation don’t quite fit with the actual. Such as the circular path of the sun. In Rowbotham’s model the sun would make a circular path in the sky above us. When has anyone ever observed this? The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. It makes an arc OVER us. At its mid point it is directly above us at high noon. It does NOT rotate around us. It is actually like the Missouri Gateway Arch. It is a Parabola. Bigger at the ascent and descent and smallest at the top.

And such as the line of sight distance where the sun is supposed to get smaller (the vanishing point) when it sets on the horizon. I observe the sun daily setting over the Pacific Ocean and it never “vanishes”. It stays the same size but falls below the horizon. It goes down until it hits the water and continues going down until the same size is below the horizon.

Misleading by Omission

Rowbotham also misleads through omission. He ignores the fact that there are southern constellations that rotate counter to the northern constellations. A famous southern constellation would be the Southern Cross or Crux. You can only see this from the southernmost part if you are in the northern hemisphere. And just as you would need to be in the northernmost part of the southern hemisphere to see the North Star.

He has to ignore half the sky to make the AE map work.

Misleading by Misinformation

He makes the Antarctic region desolate and cold and so treacherous that sailors dared not go there. But when we see pictures of Antarctica we see foliage among the rocks and snow. We see penguins nestled with their young in nests. We see scientists visiting there with their heads, faces and hands exposed. We see the water calmly lapping on the shore.

So here is a clip from Humble Island, Antarctica from the recent documentary called Antarctic Edge 70 Degrees South. Dude doesn’t look cold to me. He only has a shirt on here, arms and hands exposed.

From Rowbotham’s book, he says on the South Georgias that “Captain Cook describes it as ‘savage and horrible’. The wild rocks raised their lofty summits till they were lost in the clouds, and the valleys lay covered with everlasting snow.” He goes on to say, “The lands which lie to the south are doomed by Nature to perpetual frigidness–never to feel the warmth of the sun’s rays; whose horrible and savage aspect I have not words to describe.”

Wow. Really? Here is a photo of the South Georgias. Does this look as described by Cook and Rowbotham? Hardly.

Is it really much different than the Arctic climate? Here is Longyearbyen, Norway, an island close to the Arctic circle. You can see that  BOTH have low lying foliage, snow-capped mountains, serene seas and plenty of sunshine.

For us to believe in their circular  AE map they have to make us believe the south is treacherous. So people won’t have the desire to sail there themselves and check it out. Nowadays they make sure we don’t sail there ourselves by putting the Antarctic Treaty in place, because you know, if they didn’t have that, that we would ALL be hanging out in Antarctica. It would be swarming with people. Not. 

So is putting this map on the UN flag part of their deception? Sure it is. They were planting fallacies for us to pick up as truths. The U-N, the un- the One- remember Un is an ancient name for Lucifer. They worship the Un. And the laurel leaves on each side show the Roman connection. The Romans of course were the ones who persecuted Christ through Pontius Pilate. The Roman Catholic Church-the universal church, the UN-iversal church. They worship the UN.

And Pontius Pilate like the band Stone Temple Pilots. Pilots- P-I-L-O-T-S is phonetically the same as Pilate, P-I-L-A-T-E as in Pontius Pilate. See how those pesky Phoenicians work? And STONE Temple is the Temple of the STONE Masons connected to the Romans. All against Christ. Here they are on Rolling STONE no less.

Nice orange shoes and hair Scott.

So more misleading by misinformation is the distance of the sun that Rowbotham gives us. Rowbotham tells us both the sun and moon are the same size, approximately 32 to 33 miles across and that they are 3000 miles away! But what’s amazing is that WE can see for ourselves that this is NOT TRUE. If you take the Nikon P-900 and zoom in on the sun at sunset you will see that the sun is right at the horizon line. That the distance of the horizon to you when you are at sea level is only 3 miles. That for the sun to be setting right at the horizon and going IN BETWEEN the local clouds PROVES that the sun is only 3 miles away!

YOU can observe this for yourself if you get one of these cameras. You don’t have to rely on “the experts” as they so passionately want you to do. Because if you rely on yourself they can’t deceive you.

I personally took this shot on May 28, 2017 at Kaena Point, Hawaii. You can clearly see the sun is nestled WITHIN the cloud bank. Clouds in front and clouds behind.

Now what is the significance of this find? Why has Rowbotham and other Flat Earth gatekeepers kept this from us? Because the only way the sun can be that close to YOU and every other person on this plane, is if we are in a SIMULATION. What simulation proves is the opposite of what the Luciferian NASAholes will have you believe- THEY want you to believe that you are a tiny speck, in a sea of tiny specks called planets, rotating around a tiny speck called the sun, in a galaxy that is just another tiny speck in a sea of an infinite number of galaxies. Like Horton in Horton Hears a Who?

And what is just as bad as infinite space that NASA would have us believe? Infinite plane. Either way we are just a speck. One plane out of infinite planes is exactly the same thing as one planet in an infinite sea of planets. Math Powerland is one of several Flat Earthers pushing this. Here is a collage of Math and his hidden shout outs to his fellow Masons.

The rooster is for Abraxas, another name for Lucifer.


Do you see? They want you to think you are nothing. That IF there was a God why would he care about you? That our Earth is not special. That we are not special, so why not do as thou will? as Aleister Crowley says. Why not just live for today? As the Nihilists want you to do. That we are nothing and that our time is short here so let’s just party.

BUT NOTHING IS FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. We are SO SPECIAL that God has made the sun rise and set special for each and every one of us. And He does this through simulation.

So we see that Eric Dubay is a Mason, he does the Omega hand sign and wears orange. Math Boylan (Powerland) is a Mason, he does his Masonic hand signs, and wears an orange t-shirt with 33 on it.

And Neil Degrasse Tyson is a Mason. Neil uses his middle name because it is 33 in numerology. He is one of the biggest gatekeepers. He knows the true shape of the Earth and mocks us by telling us that we live on “an Oblate Spheroid” and says Earth is actually pear-shaped. Here’s his quote, “Earth is not only oblate — wider at equator than pole-to-pole, but pear shaped — slightly wider south of equator.” Yes, oblate as in oblique- a flattened pear, not a 3D pear.

As on the Oblique Mercator Projection Map seen here. You can see the land mass is wider at the bottom with Antarctica showing partially to the far southwest and partially to the far southeast.

So why would they hide the true shape of our plane? Is it still flat? It is. This version also lines up with the latitude and longitude lines used for aviation and navigation (both air and sea). So that makes major sense right there. That they cleverly hide the true shape but still using the correct lat and long lines.

So this would mean that the NORTH POLE IS NOT IN THE CENTER as the AE model suggests. And that there is NOT a ring of ice around our world. And that there IS a South Pole.

Notice that with this map you have the Alpha and Omega in it. The Alpha being the connection of the North Pole and the South Poles on each side. The Omega is upside down and is the path of the sun and moon.

Revelation 22:13, “I am Alpha and Omega. The beginning and the end. The first and the last.”

Misleading by False Assumptions on Who Rowbotham Really Is

Who else is a Mason? Well SIR Samuel Birley Rowbotham is one too. Should we be surprised? He came on the scene roughly at the same time as Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormons. Here’s Joseph doing the Masonic “M” hand sign. Mormon is an anagram for Roman. And also for Mr. Moon. Moon worshipers, just like the Romans. The moon of course is a symbol for Lucifer.

and Charles Taze Russell, founder of The Jehovah’s Witnesses. “I am very glad to have this particular opportunity of saying a word about some of the things in which we agree with our Masonic friends, because we are speaking in a building dedicated to Masonry, and we also are Masons. I am a Freemason,” said Russell.

For being the head of a religion, Charles doesn’t seem to know his bible too well. James 5:12 states, “But above all, my brethren, do not swear, either by heaven or by earth or with any other oath; but your yes is to be yes, and your no, no, so that you may not fall under judgment.” You can’t be a Mason and a Christian too.

Oh and Russell is one of the 13 Illuminati Bloodline families.

And let’s not forget Charles Darwin and his Theory of Evolution. All four being Masons. All four promoting false truths. Here’s Darwin doing the infamous “shhhhh” hand sign. Keeper of the Masonic secrets. Promoter of “Survival of the Fittest” and the Eugenics Program.

So is there something at the North Pole? Possibly. We do have the magnetic mountain coming up in ancient cultures throughout the world. We do have the magnetic north used on compasses. But it is NOT in the center.

And Eden, East of Eden is where Adam and Eve were sent out to. If the sun did NOT make a tight path at its inception, at the North Pole and slowly, through time, circumscribed a wider path as Rowbotham explained, than the North Pole would have ALWAYS been a cold place.

Eden was Paradise. A warm place. A place where Adam and Eve could live comfortably with no clothes. So could it possibly be Hawaii? Hawaii is nicknamed the Paradise Isles. It is the farthest WEST on the Oblique map. East of EDEN. Hawaii has Yahawah’s name in it. Yahawashi.

Haleiwa, a town in the North part of Oahu means “Hallelujah”. And Hale means House and phonetically Iwa is EVA. So “House of Eve”, of Adam and Eve.

We also have the Rainbow Bridge. Rainbow for God’s covenant with humanity that he will never flood the Earth again with water. And the bridge looks like a strand of DNA.

Hawaii is also known as the Rainbow State and is reflected on its license plates. Notice “Aloha” is almost “Alpha”. And Aloha means welcome, greetings, and love. ~With Aloha.

The Hawaiian State flower is the Hibiscus. The Hibiscus is the tropical equivalent of the Rose. The red rose of course is symbolic of Jesus (Yahawashi). Rose is an anagram for Eros- love. The red rose is the heart. Heart is an anagram for Earth. As above so below. The Earth is the Heart of our world as Jesus (Yahawashi) represents the Heart from God and is the heart within our chests.

Remember Catherine the Second of Russia had the Hibiscus on her dress?  But was it because she knew the true location of Eden being the location of that flower, that flower being located in Hawaii?

In addition is Pangea even correct? Pangea~ Pan Age. More homage to the God Pan, also known as Lucifer? The Wiki states that “millions of years ago all the continents were joined together in one enormous land mass known as Pangea. Then for a reason that is still not known for sure, the continents broke apart and began to drift in opposite directions.” Is there any evidence of that? When have we EVER seen a land mass drift?

Now they would like to have us believe this is true. We even have the Mandela Effect of the drifting South American continent. I clearly remember growing up that South America was lined up with North America. Now it looks as if South America is drifting away to the east. Please tell me that you remember this too!

And do the continents really fit together like a puzzle? Or do they trick us some more and just make them appear that way on maps. Because they want us to believe that everything is moving. In 1 Chronicles 16:30 we learn: “He has fixed the earth firm, immovable.” God made the Earth FIRM.

But no, everything is moving, so the continents are moving, the planet is spinning, the planet is orbiting the sun, the sun is hurling through space, the galaxy is hurling through a sea of galaxies!

They even tell us a solid object like a table isn’t really solid! That it is made up of millions of tiny cells all moving about. And we believe them! Scientism of the gullible! The wood of the table is FIRM and IMMOVABLE.

So my whole point is they take advantage of our imaginations. God is NOT the trickster. He laid out this plane and hides nothing. All is there for eyes to see. So if the Earth is firm and immovable then the North Pole was always a cold place. It could not possibly be Eden. The continents never moved. They are where they have always been. The sun never left its path between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. It never circled the north.

But we do live in a simulation, and again we are programmed to think of it as a bad thing. We are in God’s simulation. He made it with love for us. With the sun rising and setting for each individual shows just how special we really are. It is still the same Earth. The trees still blow, the water is wet and cool when we dive into the ocean, the sand is still hot under our feet, and the sun still gives us warm rays to light up our faces. The only difference is that to do this, and this perfectly, God has to simulate it.

Satan can’t create this simulation. He can only influence people within it. He uses every form of trickery to do this, through TV, music, religion, you name it. The closest he gets to simulation is the computer games. He is prince of the air, of the airwaves. So he uses the airwaves to trick us.

So just know that God created this plane and he is watching everything. And that he has ultimate control of it NOT Satan.

So you can see how they duped me and duped many of you. The thing is, we can stop here and just give up. Be done with seeking because there are too many deceivers out there and they make it so hard to discern the truth.

Or we can keep searching, knowing that the truth WILL reveal itself to them that truly want it. It is a journey, a quest. The road is NOT easy but the reward is beyond words when we know who we really are, what this place really is and our role in it. For the few that keep seeking it will make all the difference.

Two roads diverged in a wood and I-

I took the one less traveled by,

and that has made all the difference.”

~ Robert Frost.

Here’s to the ones that travel that road. May our journey’s cross paths. Hello friend.

Here’s the YouTube version:

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28 responses on “Flat Earth Decoded (Part 6) Simulation Theory

  1. Joanna

    Thank you Rosette, I love the ending of your article (apart of the whole article of course!), such beautiful wording depicting the beauty and hope and peace in all of us.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Awe thank you lovely Joanna. We are not alone although it can feel like that at times. Just take comfort there are others out there just like you. And that we are fortunate to have places to “meet up” and discuss. Very cathartic. Take care. Much love, Rosette

  2. nathalie guiraudet

    Rosette, I have been listening to a few of your sessions with awake souls and had a few questions regarding a few topics. First Thank you Lidy for raising the question about living in a simulation and thank you Rosette for your topical answer. I guess the word simulation is the best we can do for now but I can’t help feeling the real reality is simply a frame of mind or way of thinking we either just don’t/can’t do or it has been lost to us. So, I stay open to continue down the road for answers but also am aware that some of the wording definition makes me a little uncomfortable, which just means there is more digging to do.

    My main question has to do with the Bible. As stated before I have no affiliation with any organized religion and I know very little about the Bible. I am in no way saying anything good or bad about the Bible, but I AM very very very leery of any written word as history has shown time and time again how grossly manipulated all written language has been. I’m asking, how can we actually trust written word that has been around supposedly this long and not expect it to be used as a force of manipulation? I have to tell you, this question has really been bothering me. It seems the main difference between humans and the rest of living creatures in this dimension is our driving need to have faith and believe in something. I am no different, yet the three of you talk all the time about this truth and that truth in the Bible, but how can you trust that?

    I had a discussion with a neighbor the other day, who is very devout. It was a lovely conversation. She appears to have a lovely personal relationship with Jesus, but then she started talking about Jews being the chosen people. Now I am jewish, I have never practiced anything resembling a jewish faith, but I’ve eaten plenty of lox and white fish in my life. I am bring this up because I listened to the rabbi finkelstein interview (yeuck). I told her I don’t believe a true god would have any “chosen” people over other people. That was not a true god. A true god would never judge. But she was very sincere in her belief as to why the jews were the chosen ones. Now, a person who has decided to put them self in the place of god would have no trouble teaching everyone that jews were the chosen people, especially if they were jewish. (of sorts) I am asking, and I wont take offense at your answer, but it seems this sect of non-compassionate humans who calls themselves jews have duped the entire world. (their is NO way I could have this discussion with any of my family members) So if it actually written in the bible that jews are the chosen ones then right their it seems fraudulent.

    And I can’t find any pictures except one of the bald finkelstien character. His voice does not seem to match his one picture that comes up. The voice is extremely stereotyped. I do not doubt what he is saying unfortunately, but the link you put up the voice does not match this one So who is the real finkelstein?

    Just some thoughts Rosette. Love the camera work you are doing. Gosh Hawaii is so beautiful. Take care

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      I totally hear you on the Bible Nathalie. I grew up agnostic with an atheist father who forbid me to go to church so I was very wary of the Bible as well. I still don’t know it well enough to say with confidence what is true or what I need more information on. I have Ronnie and Jason help me on that. The Council of Nicaea did take out many of the books so there was manipulation then. Who are these men and what gives them the right to decide what books we should or shouldn’t read? The Book of Enoch seems to be a key book for the time and Book of Thomas as well. So I read bits of them when time permits. Audio readings of them on YouTube help when I am commuting, I listen to them. I totally understand and agree on the “chosen people” bit. How I see it is, there is a book, it was written about two thousand years ago and what it says will happen now is… happening now. And many things in the Bible are there to help us and teach us. So to me it is a GOOD book, it is THE GOOD BOOK and I do have faith in it. When it comes to the people, how I see it is… there are masters and servants on this plane at this time. The masters are on team Satan and the servants, ALL the rest of us, are on team Jesus (Yahawashi), except for the servants who sell their souls and betray us, they are bad too. So don’t worry too much on who is “chosen” if you have love in your heart and are doing what you can for humanity you will be okay.
      As for Finkelstein, yes it could be staged, however they have him say many truths. The thing is, what they don’t say is its not JUST the Jews, it’s particular Jews called Zionists, mixed in with Nazis, with Masons, with Jesuits, with the Blue Blooded Elite, with the Vatican, with all the powerful people of this world, all the leaders of government, religion and military. ALL OF THEM- not just Zionist Jews. They are the Masters. They are the ones that serve Lucifer and their time is short.

  3. nathalie guiraudet

    I forgot to ask, wanted your thoughts on this black goo? If you have already spoken about it please direct me to that video session and I will listen to it. Thanks Rosette

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      The black goo. It’s just oil. But what is oil? I think oil is just plant based. Look at vegetable oil, corn oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, palm oil… ALL plant based!!!!! Petro oil is NOT dinosaur oil. Whale oil was a hoax to perpetuate fake dinosaur oil. Our controllers will go to no ends to deceive us. So black goo is not this living fluid that can take over bodies. Ha ha. They use our imaginations against us. Don’t believe that crap. I did mention it in my Lucy Decoded. Did you read/watch that one? But I didn’t mention the oil being plant based in there. I thought it was Earth’s blood. But it’s not. Its plants.

  4. Khalif Foster

    Hi, it is good ya are using Zetetic method, but ya are not using for everything. Remember all things lie, which there are alot of people, so there are alot of lies. There are more lies than truth, and actual people that support the lie, that is much more, than in the truth. So, you can’t be sure of whole truth, unless you investiage the whole thing, one part truth is not enough. After all, with lies, it is easy to get angry, frustration, any negative emotion and support the lies. Truth have positive emotion; lies have a negative emotion. For example, you mention Russell, founder of JW, ya think he is mason, that mean not react in positive, for every detail, but in negative that jump to conclusion. When you have negative emotion or negative reaction that is mislead aware of beginning positive reaction. The point ya have to analyze everything, not just part truth, especially religious because religious is behind all, that is God creates us, not us ourselves. So, Jehovah is a demon that ya think so, and Charles Russel is Mason, and other that I am not sure, ya may be right or not. But not good to jump to conclusion, even you are a good analyzer, but need to analyze more to see the whole truth. I go to JW, so Charles Russel is anointed in heaven, that is 144,000. And Jehovah’s Witnesses is not relate to mason. Where is proof and did JW say that and write to show they are mason or so?? Negative emotion can provide negative info about JW. So, the info about Russel as Mason come from Franz S…, but he was in JW one time, so he have negative reaction to JW, so say somethiung negative about JW, not look deep and say JW is good. Also, where you get the idea that Jehovah is Demon. Who you believe in God?? If ya say Jesus, that is a problem, because there is no name at beginning of bible, so it is easy to insert Jesus as God. So, to remove Jehovah, but where Jehovah come from? From the bible, that mean Jehovah is God’s name. Satan come from bible as a demon; Luicifer come from as human’s pride to equal God, it is desire of human to get higher level; not a name of a demon. So, anaylyze more to know the more truth, escepally if you are going to use demon and God, to know the truth of God. It is popular to say Charles as people do say it and in websites that say he is mason and JW, that mean it is not truth because it is popular and common. So, it is best to be safe to look at unpopular and uncommon to get the truth.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      I don’t know where you get that I said Jehovah was a demon? Please don’t attribute me to words I did not write. And I’m sorry you feel so strongly about JW but Russell and all heads of other religions are all in on the con. The con of humanity keeping us slaves. I do stand by that.

  5. Khalif Foster

    Ok, you didn’t say Jehovah is a demon, but it was implied because of Three name that is not human, Luificer, Devil, and Jehovah, so it makes me think of that. And those names are a live person, but a not human live person, but spirit live person.

    For another thing, where ya get the idea that Jehovah is not true God and Russel is not Charles Russel that is the leader of JW and he is an anointed one from God. You are right religious are bad, but not all are bad. If ya believe in religious, then logically there is one religious that is good. A good organization that is logical from God to us and we can understand clearly, not confuse with one part truth that seems true, another part of the truth that is true completely as understood. Remember you have to be careful and use Zetetic method for all things and logical for all things that make sense. The later years that there are more bad to be find, when humans learn of bad, the more human have to be careful to know what is true and what is not. Even one part of the truth that makes sense, but not make sense in a whole. For example, Jesus as God does not make sense. And why you say Jehovah is not true God? (You might not say Jehovah is a true God) Because you use Jehovah in connect to Satan and bad people.

    And for one person that use the Zetetic method in past, you say he is gatekeeper and not in truth, that mean he is bad. But he provides truth to us, why would ya say he is misleading us, unless because it is wrong, that mean wrong to equal misleading or you find from Rowbotham. You have proof that he knows what is true, but lie to us, which not telling us, which it is called omission. So, it is because of fake truth, fake flat earth? Globe model will be better to lie to us, why lie about flat earth? What is the purpose of lying about a flat earth, it is to hide from God or so? Flat earth means it is more easily to know there is God. So, there are two lie, one lie that shows no God, that is global model, more easily to think no God; Flat earth for what?? Fake Flat Earth?

    Can ya invest more to get more truth so you are not being misled, even you are not misleading in truth, but mislead in other things. So, people can be variety in misleading of any things because there is a lot of people with different ideas that is being pushed to us.

    JW is good, I see no bad in JW and the connect between Jehovah and human is easily understood and smooth. No confusing, unlike human provides confuse. For example, people believe flat earth, but confuse which flat earth, lying flat earth or truth flat earth? Lying that is people that lie to us, to fool us. Jehovah is the one that provides all the truth since He knows all the truth, even within Himself that know the truth, will not provide lie or different in truth, that would contradict Himself, so He will be a sinner, a liar.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      We’re going to have to agree to disagree Khalif. This is not a place for debate. I’m sure you can find a forum to do that. I just did a live chat with Jason from Awake Souls. Jason grew up as a Jehovah Witness and he does not agree with their views and left the church. Maybe you should debate him. I never said Jehovah was anything bad. I mentioned it awhile back when speaking on the Process Church and their views which are completely different than mine. They are Luciferians. I believe in Christ. As for Rowbotham he is a deceiver and so are any people that are high level masons. Russell was one of them period. Look at his tombstone. It’s a capstone. He was a MASON. They are synonymous with Luciferians.

      1. Nara Tvedt

        You are right, Rosette! Charles Taze Russel was Freemason. Unfortunately, I had my experience with the JW and there I listened from their own lips that THEIR Bible was modified purposely in favor of a better understanding (and, believe me, it’s really different from all the other Bibles, in a way that you can find different verses and you can NOT find others. When they exclude people, no JW can even greet them when meet in the streets and their own families don’t talk to them anymore. MY FATHER WAS FREEMASON (28 DEGREE) and after I abandoned my spiritual research there in JW when I was yet too young to discriminate religious fanaticism, he told me that yes Charles Taze russel was a Freemason, his private life had “spots” and they have evidences about this around them in a way that only a brain wash (or fear) can keep these people there. My own brother as well EVERY SINGLE ONE THERE that I knew personally that had relatives expelled or that had relatives and friends that decided to follow any Evangelical Christian Church, WERE OBLIGATED TO STOP TO EVEN SPEAK TO THEM. My brother, for example, said that since our relatives are evangelical and protestant people, “from now on”, he said, his true family are the Jehova’s Witnesses. He doens’t speak to me or to anyone in our family since more than 20 years, even to my father that, unfortunately died in 2010 without a relationship with my brother. I doubt that my brother has salvation, because he joined that religion when he was too young (teenager yet) and they really, really lie to make their points. What I saw there is so vast, large, big in terms of lack of love and LIES, that I can NOT write here in one comment and you yourself said that this is not a forum for debates. You are right, so I don’t matter so much if you publish my comment or not and if you do I will not be here answering any one of these lost people, but I felt the need to express myself. Thanks.

        1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

          Thank you for your heartfelt reply Nara. It is sad what a religion can do to harm families. Is that the way of Christ? He would never want families torn apart. He is all about love and families and everything that his good and wholesome. My dear friend Jason was brought up JW as well and he ended up leaving the church. He gives his testimony on-line on YouTube. He is separated from his family as well. Basically for the same reasons you describe. He is always willing to reach out to people so if you wanted you could contact him to talk. I’ll link you to one of his blog talks so you can see where he is coming from. Bless you Nara.

  6. Khalif Foster

    Ok, then Charles with the temple, is a misapplication to him because he is dead. And it was noticed that Charles have the temple as Mason. If he have a temple, but it is no connected to a Mason, but connected what he uses as a measure or accurate prediction from the Bible, But he is not a Mason. So, you have to be careful to say if he is Mason or not, you don’t have enough information. But you have enough information to look deep info in movies and other stuff. It is not fair that you look deep in one thing, but not look deep in another thing. Like I say before you have to look deep in all things to be sure.

    The pyramid is not connected to Charles but was connected to another person that is bible student, that Charles Taze Russel would approve because he was fascination by the pyramid, but in his death, Charles didn’t want pyramid in his death. So, that is a misapplication. To justify leader of JW into a bad light, then JW is in be bad light as to reject JW. But we have changing light, that gain from bad light into good light, with patient and removes the bad stuff as it gets brighter that is good. That match the Bible.

    It was to gain understanding in JW so Pyramid is not needed because it is not in Bible, but connected to the world. We shouldn’t be with the world, but Mason and Luciferians use things connected to the world, not to the Bible.

    The person that was in JW and later not in JW, that mean he either doesn’t like their view because he don’t have patient to get the answer he wants or he saw negative in JW and react negatively. Or he wants something easy without work or less work in connected to religious. The point there are negativity and positivity in religious, but doesn’t mean it is completely wrong, but important to have a patient in knowledge, to get knowledge, or other stuff that needs to have patients so you can keep in religious or other stuff you need to find. What I mean is what you find, you react what you find in a negative way, so you react negativity, so it is not patient. Or jump to a conclusion from other people that say about JW.

    What you believe Jehovah is? Ya see that word as Jehovah from Process Church, that is where you got the name, (you might know the name of Jehovah before knowing that church or so) but you saw that name from that church, Process Church, right? What you believe Christ is??

    All things that are bad and will have constant bad, that is lies, to prevent truth. There are lies because there are different in religious, so they don’t like JW, so they lie because they are different from JW. If it is same, they might not lie. That include the shape of the earth, anything else, to prevent something.

    Ya can check JW.ORG if ya want, to know the truth after all you believe in the bible. Like you want the truth like flat earth, instead of a global model, then you can look at higher truth from JW.ORG, the whole truth about God to us.

  7. Nara Tvedt

    Hi! I don’t want to expose myself, so I wanna make only one question (because I also need help to discover the truth about our world): After so many lies have been told to us, for which reason we could still believe in the Bible if the Bible is a copy, of copies, of copies of other ancient books, and if there are incredible similarities between Jesus Christ and Krishna, Mithra, Horus and other Luciferian characters?

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      John 14:6~ Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”
      Lucifer can’t create. He can only copy. He is a mimicker. So he portrays himself to be like Christ but he is not Christ. Horus would be the Egyptian equivalent of Lucifer as well. A copy. Mithra was a Roman god in a PANtheon of gods, as well as Krishna, one of a PANtheon of gods. There is only one God (Yahawah)- who came to us in the flesh through his son Jesus Christ (Yahawashi).

  8. daran [ rosie ]

    these names will be close to the original names on a set land and in motion upper heven,[ the lux- the luminaries]

    much love god bless rosie

  9. LK Spring

    Wow dear Rosie, I liked you before, but now, it’s love! You not only can change your mind you can write it down and publish it. That puts you in exceedingly rarified air. Keep up the good work. Lou

  10. LK Spring

    Hey Rosie, One of the problems I’ve had with the so called “church,” is their insistence that the Bride of Christ includes men. I think as soon as you call me the Bride of Christ you, in your mind, dress me as a woman; an obomination in God’s eyes. After reading your material on the satanists, I’m more convinced than ever that the churches understanding of the Bride of Christ is flawed. The Body of Christ is men, but the Bride is women, that’s how I see it. The marriage is between a corporate man and a corporate woman with Christ the head of his Body and married to the Bride. She is always
    a Bride because the honeymoon never ends. Anything else is a same sex marriage. What say you dear lady? Lou

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      I don’t know enough about the subject Lou but I would say what you say makes perfect sense! Watch my Serial Killers Decoded vid and you will see how thoroughly despicable the Satanists/Luciferians are with the inversion. Bride implies woman totally. Always. I have never heard of a Bride as being anything but female. So that makes total sense. Is there a verse that you can share that we can look at go over? Such a great point you make. And we welcome you here. Great to connect with you Lou.

  11. LK Spring

    Well…..where do I start? God married Judah and Israel, that’s two wives dear Rosie which would preclude Him serving as a decon down at First Baptist. I’m certain you are aware of the difference between Judah and Israel, He later divorced Israel and despersed her through out the earth. These are the so called lost tribes, but of course they were never lost to God or any honest historian. So God not only had two wives, He also divorced them both, Judah was sent packing in 70AD when Rome burned the second Temple. Now so far, my theory about the Bride and Body appears to on sinking sands, and when you add in all the wedding and bride and virgin parables of the New Testement, plus the mystery of the church Paul mentions, and his teaching on the Body of Christ, you have the doctrine that has everyone but me believing that men are part of the bride of Christ. I believed that too, and that the earth is a spinning ball and that nuclear weapons were real, and that God was going to burn most of His children alive for eternity. It was God’s Law against dressing a man as a woman that got me to thinking. There is more to this, of course, but I’m typing this on a tablet and my eyes are going crossed. Your information about the Satanists dressing up as women to poke God in the eye, was my long awaited second witness. I’m Now certain I’m correct. Men are married to Christ as part of His Body, like my hand is married to my arm, but men, are not part of the Bride company. Praise God! Lou

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Nice Lou! I agree and love your thinking! Read my Serial Killer Decoded article and you will see even more connections with Men dressing as Women and how rampant that really is. And since it is so rampant, and so connected with evil, how could it be Men be the Bride? Another word would have been used.

  12. Lou

    Good morning dear Rosie, it amazes me how often what I’m wrestling with in my own walk with God is being written about by my brothers and sisters. I’m thinking specifically about the true Hebrew name of Christ. I noticed you refer to our Father’s first born Son as Yahawashi. Others have insisted it’s Yashayah. I did some reading on the subject and I was surprised to learn that some folks believe that all the patriarchs and our Father and Christ were, and are black. This group insists on Yashayah as the correct name, and also, that any other spelling is demonic. I’m interested in your take on this. I’m planning on reading your article on serial killers today. Lou

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Good Morning Lou,
      There is a link on my YouTube channel on why it could be Yahawah. We know that the Hebrews actually used just the consonants originally and that the vowels were added later to help with pronunciation. The vowel sounds use were the short a, ah, and the long I, eye. So that was how Yahawah and Yahawashi were determined. Yahawah means He Exists. Can’t get any better than that! I always heard it pronounced as Yah Way. But Yah Ha WAH is more accurate. And Yahawashi, the shi, denoting the Son, Christ. With that said, I can’t see God being so petty that if someone doesn’t use the proper spelling and pronunciation of His name he will be upset with them. It is more important where we are spiritually. Where we are in our hearts. Who really knows with 100% certainty was the true names are? No one. So whatever resonates with the person, if they feel that is correct and they say it with good intent, I think that is all that matters in the eyes of God. I will use Jesus and Christ in my future articles as well. Whatever gets my messages across the best. Take care, Rosette. Here is the link:

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