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The Truth is in the Code.

Bill Nye Saves the World Decoded (Final Part)

So we made it. The final two episodes! I will be happy to leave the subject of Mr. Nye at the end of this series. So no time to waste! Let’s continue where we left off.

Episode 12- Designer Babies

Which is code for Scientists trying to Play God.

“We can fertilize outside the womb. We’ve been doing it now since the late 1970’s. In Vitro Fertilization or IVF, is where they take a fertilized egg and screen its genes. It can let parents know which cell clusters are most likely free of certain genetic diseases, which can lead to healthier babies.”

Okay so now let’s compare Bill’s definition of IVF “where they take a fertilized egg and screen its genes” to what it says in the Wiki. The Wiki says, “In vitro fertilization (or IVF) is a process of fertilization where an egg is combined with sperm outside the body, in vitro (“in glass”).” Does it say anywhere in that definition that they “screen its genes”? No. Because that’s not what it is and Bill is misleading to get you to think it has to do with genes and that they having been doing this for decades.

From there Bill makes another misleading statement. He says, “Hold on. Before you start thinking about an army of tiny Bills in little lab coats, which doesn’t sound that bad. For others its a child born from genetic material from THREE parents.”

Now let’s use some common sense here. “Child born from genetic material from THREE parents.” What is wrong with this statement? Do you see the flawed logic? Well, we know that a child is created when a SINGLE sperm penetrates the egg. That would be ONE sperm from a father entering ONE egg from the mother. That would not be TWO fathers because there is only ONE sperm. So it is impossible to have a child born to THREE parents. Yes they can put sperm from several males in a Petri dish and use them to fertilize the egg, but only one of the lucky ones will get in.

Bill then shows us Sand Dollars in an aquarium and talks about how scientists study their reproductive method.

Even in Bill’s picture of Sand Dollar sperm swimming towards the egg only ONE sperm got in. Bill knows. He just wants to FOOL you into believing in his flawed logic.

So what’s the deal with THREE parents? Its all about destroying the family. Taking the special bond of father and mother and their child away. If you have several parents or a mixture of parents you break that bond.

And what other thought is Bill instilling with the first part of his statement, “Hold on, Before you start thinking about an army of tiny Bills in little lab coats, which doesn’t sound that bad…yada yada…”

How about cloning technology? From the website we read, “Reproductive cloning is the process by which a whole organism is cloned. First, a cell is taken from the organism that is being cloned. The DNA from this donor cell is then transferred to an egg cell whose DNA has been removed. The egg cell is “activated” and begins dividing as if it was fertilized. An embryo results, and this embryo is then transferred to the uterus of a surrogate female. After gestation is complete, the surrogate will give birth to the clone, which is a genetic copy of the animal from which the original cell was taken.”

So they are implying here that no sperm is needed. That you take genetic material and insert it into an egg and THAT activate it AS IF it was fertilized. So it is NOT fertilized. What’s missing here? To create life you need the egg AND the sperm, again the mother AND the father. You cannot bypass the genetic material made by God that is require for LIFE, for the SPIRIT to enter the body. So you can never have a LIVE clone because there is no LIFE if its not fertilized. So the only way an army of little Bills could happen is if Bill’s sperm impregnated eggs that became fertilized and went through gestation and was born of a woman.

So what is Dolly the sheep? Just a normal sheep. NOT a cloned sheep. Sorry Dolly. We still love you.

So once he gets the idea in your brain that they can manipulate genes, that they can create outside of God, they try to get your buy in by telling you the wonderful things they can do with this technology.

Birthing a New Man. Like the Nazi Uberman program. To make a Super Race. Bill starts by showing ordinary looking eggs in a nest. So we think of them as primitive, of nature. Laying on straw, like Jesus (Yahawashi) in the manger.

And then he brings out a fancy gold version on a satin pillow. The audience ooohhhs and aaahhhss like they are told to do from the cue cards. Bill exclaims, “Or something completely new, like this beautiful egg!” This egg of course would represent a member of the Super Race, the Master Race.

What he shows Is actually a replica of The Imperial Coronation Egg made by Faberge in 1897 for  the Russian Empress. So its an IMPERIAL egg, a ROYAL egg, an egg of the bloodline.

Notice the egg is Gold. Gold is the ultimate goal of alchemy. Turning Iron into Gold. Going from the Iron Throne to a Gold Throne. Gold is the metal that represents illumination. Their new man for their new age of Horus. Fully illuminated, the culmination of their Great Work.

The egg theme is very important to them. We have Eggsy in The Kingsman. Notice Eggsy is written in Gold. Like the Faberge egg.


Eggsy The Uber Man.


Eggsy the Uber Man.


Eggsy the Uber. Sorry Bill. You’re too old.

And Eggs in Snowpiercer. Here they are actually celebrating the New Year on the train, the New Year for them being the beginning of the Age of Horus, the Age of the Uberman.

Bill goes on to mention, “Alfred Russell Wallace, British Scientist who is co-credited with Charles Darwin for the Theory of Natural Selection. Some are worried it is for the rich, to have smarter, faster, stronger kids.” What Natural Selection really is is the ability to produce viable offspring. So if the Elite are given the best nutrition, best natal care, free from toxins, poisons like in vaccines, etc. Then their offspring will be the most viable. Non-elite mothers who grew up on fake food, fast food, drink soda, were vaccinated, etc. will not have the most viable offspring. The sicker they make us and the healthier they are, plays a big factor in who has the most viable offspring. That’s what Natural Selection is. NOT the selection of certain genes through the lab.

So they can see Chromosomes, but they can not FIX chromosomes. So they might be able to detect and abnormality but that is all. So what are they actually doing here then? Half the chromosomes come from the mother and half come from the father, in other words, half from the egg and half from the sperm. So to know if there are any abnormalities in the chromosomes, you would need a fertilized egg. This brings up the question as to when life begins? Because if it begins at fertilization, and we are doing this testing to decide, then we really ARE playing God. We are deciding whether this life gets to keep on living.

So what if we want a boy and not a girl? If the fertilized egg comes back with an XX chromosome pair will we extinguish that life?

“IVF and Chromosome analysis has become an essential part of our practice.” says the doctor.  This is the only analysis they CAN do. There is no way to tell what gene makes green eyes, what gene makes you stronger, what gene makes you smarter.

“Here in the 21st Century, Science can empower parents with choices. Giving them more control over their family’s destiny.”  Sounds like a statement from Planned Parenthood. Is this just a fancier way of doing it?

Karly tells us, “the first (test tube) baby was Joy Brown in 1978.”

From the Wiki we learn, “Louise Joy Brown was born at Oldham General Hospital, Oldham, by planned Caesarean section… Her parents, Lesley and John Brown, had been trying to conceive for nine years. Lesley faced complications of blocked fallopian tubes.[2]

On 10 November 1977, Lesley Brown underwent a procedure, later to become known as IVF (in vitro fertilisation)… Although the media referred to Brown as a “test tube baby”,[4] her conception actually took place in a Petri dish.”

Notice the reason for the procedure was “blocked fallopian tubes.” So the sperm couldn’t reach the egg. So they took the sperm and the egg, fertilized the egg and then put the fertilized egg back into the mother’s womb. So the baby still had to grow, get nutrients from the mother to be born.

She was not grown in a test tube as they like to imply. Look at the Time cover. What does the picture imply? Taking God out of the picture. Putting man, a scientist, in the place of God. This is the religion of Scientism.

The hand reaching down and the fingers touching…

is from Michaelangelo’s Creation of Adam. It is GOD creating Adam, NOT a scientist. God is on the brain here…

Whereas here God is missing from the brain, replaced by science. NLP to instill in our brain’s that scientists are the creators.

Bill has his usual panel of experts. The man on the far right is the author of GMO Sapiens: Life-changing Science and Designer Babies who tells us about CRISPER, an acronym for “clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats .” (Well that sounds scientific. We need to defer to the experts.)

Makes me think of palindromes. Like this one. 

The author tells us, “This is where you edit genes. Some are talking about doing this with human embryos, which is a whole other ball of wax.” It IS a whole other ball of wax because they don’t know what they are doing. They would be testing on humans before they have developed. What kind of birth defects can they cause from this trial and error procedure?

Bill comments, “But should we edit genes or will we be playing God?” Yes you would be playing God and that is unacceptable. Only God can play God.

They show a form where you pick the desired features you would like your baby to have. The only problem is, to get those features, you would need to have one or both parents to already have those features. You can’t make a red head out of a black head and a blonde head. It’s called Clairol 4R Red Hot Red and it comes from a box.

Bill’s science reporter in the field goes to London where he interviews want-to-be parents.

He does pick some traditional couples to interview, but he has to throw in the non-traditional, in this case the father/father couple. “If you could pick one trait you would like your baby to have what would it be?” he asked the couple. One of them replies, “A shape shifter.” The reporter plies him further and says what would you like the baby to shape shift into? And he replies, “A chair. So when I need to have a seat I can sit on him.” No words….

No one wants to offend, everyone wants to be politically correct. So no one says the obvious. A child needs a mother and father for optimal growth. Man and woman procreate. Man and woman are meant to raise children. Man and man or woman and woman are missing 50% of what a child needs. And ultimately the scientists want it 50% less of 50%. Yes that’s 0%. No parent. No nurturing loving bonds.

The reporter returns to the studio and sits with Bill. Bill says, “For me the most important idea in life science is evolution and I claim what you FEEL is a result of evolution. So how we FEEL about this is something we have to spend time teasing out.”  Because THAT is exactly their motto- Do as thou will shall be the whole of the law. Do what you want. No need to follow God’s law. They make up their own rules. Do what you FEEL.

“It’s an extraordinary time where people can make these decisions that really for me, come from science fiction,” says Bill.

Amazing, Bill finally says a truthful statement! That people’s decisions in these matters “come from science fiction!” Exactly Bill! They are all MADE UP. They are all FICTION. Science fiction- Scientism.

Like Aldous Huxley’s book Brave New World-. Where people are grown outside of the womb. Where it is determined before birth whether they will be an Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta or Epsilon. Is this book the blueprint of their Designer Baby project?

From the Wiki,Set in London in the year AD 2540 (632 A.F.—”After Ford“—in the book), the novel anticipates developments in reproductive technology, sleep-learning, psychological manipulation, and classical conditioning that are combined to profoundly change society.

“After Ford”, which is exactly where Snowpiercer goes. Ford is the head of the train and he dies at the end. After Ford.

And “After Ford” in WestWorld as well. Dolores shoots Ford at the end of Season 1.

Bill ends the episode with the Project Runway host, Tim Gunn, coming out and doing the downward triangle hand sign.

This is the same one that Donald Trump likes to do… but many more of the Elite do it as well.

Which is the Water sign from Israel Regardie’s book The Golden Dawn. Regardie was Crowley’s protege.

So the final couple on the runway has a Transgender parent as seen here. Got to keep pushing the transgender agenda on us. Forcing us to accept it. Remember the percentage of transgender is one third of one percent of the population. They are FAR from the norm.

Okay so we are down to the last episode! Yes! Let’s wrap this up.

Episode 13- Earth’s People Problem

Which is code for Too Many of Us, Too Few of Them and Their Solution to Get Rid of Us.

FEAR PORN ALERT- Bill says, “In 1965 I went to the World’s Fair in New York, New York. So nice they named it twice. And the United Nations, the UN, had a scoreboard of the world’s population. We just missed it clicking 2, 999,999,999 to 3 billion people. But today its not 3 billion. It’s now 71/2 billion people. So in my lifetime it has more than doubled. It has substantially more than doubled. By the end of next week there will be another million. All these people are using all the Earth’s resources and this is causing many of us to FREAK OUT.”

So remember that the UN is the UN, another name for Lucifer. So whatever comes out of them will only be to push THEIR agenda.

WAS the population that high back then? IS the population as high as they say now? As I was saying in an earlier episode, even if the population was 7 billion, they all could fit in the state of Texas. Now if you take those same people and just spread them out over the US they would have plenty of room. Now if you take those same people and spread them across our entire plane, like they are now, they would have MORE THAN AMPLE ROOM. It just feels crowded for the ones clustered around urban cities.

I also discussed how most couples have only one or two children these days, and many decide to have none at all. So if anything the birth rate is declining NOT rising. Bill also doesn’t factor in the mortality rate. All those people aren’t sticking around. Unless someone shows me proof to the contrary, as far as I know, it is a fact that everyone DIES.

He goes on, “We need to do more with less and get better at distributing food.” But do we Bill? That’s one of the problems. There is no need for shipping food all over the world if we just grow locally. God made sure there is ample food and nutrition in each area of this plane. In Washington State you eat cherries and apples, you hunt for Elk. In the Hawaiian Islands you eat bananas and avocados and fish for Ahi. There is plenty of what we need in our own back yards. We just need to plant wisely. Plant fruit trees in parks, all the wide open spaces. Turn lawns into vegetable gardens, grow community gardens.

Bill’s roving reporter goes to India to one of the most populated cities on this plane. The narrator tells us, “There is 1.3 billion people in today’s India. Shockingly less than a quarter of those women have jobs.” It is shocking. It should be zero percent have jobs. Good for those 75% of women that can stay home and nurture their young like God intended.

The narrator continues, “Social scientists believe there is a direct link with over population and a lack of education and employment for women.” What they mean is, they want women working too so they can pay taxes into the slave matrix and have their kids raised by the government through the public schools. If women are working it is HARDER to raise more children. Child care is very expensive, unless you are rich and can afford a nanny, MOST can’t afford it. So THAT’S why they have less children. The educated are not smarter in this regard, they don’t have the time or money to raise children if they are working.

That’s why Bill made up the story of his mother walking in the Suffragette parade and burning her bra. Because THEY want to get women into the work force to pay taxes. That’s 50% more revenue from taxes for the elite controllers.

Margaret Sanger was a suffragette and founded Planned Parenthood. She was also a racist and eugenicist. Margaret said, “Slavs, Latin and Hebrew immigrants are human weeds…a deadweight of human waste. Blacks, soldiers, and Jews are a menace to the race.”

The reporter then goes to the campus of INFOSYS, a technology giant. Notice the pyramid shaped building prominently featured. Are the owners of INFOSYS Masons? If I had to guess I would say…yes.

Back to Bill’s panel of experts. We have the gal on the far right from the UN Population Fund, a man from John Hopkins University and a lady from Family Planning. Does the black lady from Family Planning know that the Founder of Planned Parenthood had her in mind when she made her racist comments? And that the main goal of Planned Parenthood was to abort minorities? Did Bill know about Margaret when mentioning his mother in that movement?

The UN Population Fund gal tells Bill that, “Contraception is the tool where all of these things can get actualized.” The “things” being population control, plenty of food and better health care. But what is birth control really? Well its POISON. It is a spermicide. Anything with the suffix -CIDE is a killer. So how can putting a poison in your body not affect your body? Of course it does. And they even tell us that women are at a higher risk for cancer when taking birth control.

The guy from John Hopkins says, ” A variable that needs to be addressed is mitigating and adapting to climate change. Population is one of the main drivers of climate change.” Which is code for? We need to make excuses to get rid of people through FEAR BASED propaganda techniques such as climate change.

Bill asks, “So do you all have an opinion on the ideal population for the earth?”

Because Bill does. Along with his fellow scientists. It is written on the Georgia Guidestones.  Erected by R.C.Christian which is code for Rosicrucian. The Rosicrucians are of the same ilk as the Masons, just higher up the pyramid. In the Wiki we read, “A capstone (like a pyramid) lies on top of the five slabs, which are astronomically aligned. An additional stone tablet, which is set in the ground a short distance to the west of the structure, provides some notes on the history and purpose of the Guidestones. The structure is sometimes referred to as an “American Stonehenge“.  An American Stonehenge so is directly connected to the fake Stonehenge in the UK, also erected by the Masons. Notice that the Georgia Guidestones initials are GG. GG in numerology is 77. If you flip the 7’s you get LL. LL in numerology is 33, the number of the Masons.

Inscribed on the slab is “Let These Be Gudiestones to an Age of Reason.” The Age of Reason would be the Age of Man, the Age of Scientism, taking God out of the picture. Also they are guide STONES. We know STONE is synonymous with MASON. And March is the third month so you have March 22, or 322. Three twenty-two is the number for Skull and Bones.

And in Genesis 3:22 it reads:”And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil.” Do you see now why Skull and Bones reveres 322? They believe that verse means they can become like God.

So the scientists have 10 Commandments of their own. Several of them are associated with this last episode and you can see why the series ended on this note.

  1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
  2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
  3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
  4. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
  5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
  6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
  7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
  8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
  9. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
  10. Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.

Bill has this science reporter go out and talk to people about birth control. The gal reminds of Kathy Griffin. She looks like her and tries to be funny. Just like Griffin tries to do.

Here’s Griffin. Close? Maybe clones if there were such a thing? Instead of clones I would say, similar family tree.

So this girl shows the reporter her birth control implant in her arm. Is this a step closer to the RFID chip? The Mark of the Beast? And what does this birth control implant do? Slow time released poison.

But they have a new system so men can received poison as well. The new system is where they inject a gel into the guy which makes the sperm infertile. A sperm-i-CIDE.

This guy was shocked to hear that the birth control pill leads to higher cancer rates in women.

“Death to sperm!” she exclaims. Skull and bones. “Death to the non-elite!” is what she is really saying.

Bill closes the show with an audience participation skit. He has people sit down and show engineers finding ways to cleverly make the seating extend.

But ends with FEAR PORN saying basically that there is only a finite amount of seats.

So that was the last episode. Can we see the agenda being pushed? Basically usurping God’s Ten Commandments with Satan’s Ten Commandments, written on the Georgia Guidestones. Taking God out of the picture and putting man in his place with a capital M. M for Man, M for Mason. Scientism is just a means to an end. Their Great Work has been going on for generations, bringing all of humanity under their control. A Babel 2.0. Nimrod, the first Master Mason didn’t succeed, but ever since the Tower of Babel, his followers have picked up where he left off and are determined to reach Nimrod’s goal.

But it won’t happen. Satan was allowed to rule for a time and his time is almost up. The ones that chose his path will face the consequences of their actions. Bill Nye, a very silly guy. And so we say good-bye. Bye Felicia.

And here is a link to the YouTube presentation:

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