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Bill Nye Saves the World Decoded (Part 4)

Let’s continue where we left off…

Episode 10- Saving the World…with Space!

Which is code for Our Biggest Hoax to Scam You Out of Your Money to Fund Our Black Projects!

“Many of you think space exploration is a waste of time. That’s fine. But I have to take back everything we owe to it. Baby food. NASA developed enhanced baby food for long distance space flight. No more Air Jordan’s,” says Nye.  Well I’m glad you mentioned Air Jordan’s Bill. So I can show everyone WHY you mentioned them. Because the image was used in their NASA fakery. Look closely at the image…


Now look at this. Do you see how its the same shape as the Air Jordan logo? In November of 2014 supposedly Europe’s Philae lander — with its landing gear and instrument booms extended — is seen by Rosetta, and that the two spacecraft snapped farewell photos as they went separate their separate ways. So they are implying that the little spaceship with its booms extended, make it look like an Air Jordan logo. Yeah right!

And they tell us the camera that took the snapshot is called Osiris. Osiris will come up again shortly.

Which reminds me of another obvious mocking of us with the latest image of the fictitious planet Pluto. Is this a shout out to Walt Disney? Putting a picture of Pluto on Pluto?

Which reminds me of another obvious mocking of us. More of their fakery can be seen here. One of the moons of Saturn, Bill Nye’s favorite planet, named Mimas, looks eerily similar to the Death Star in Star Wars.

Notice Mimas sounds just like “meme us”. They are meme-ing us with fakery.

So he continues with other his invention story by saying the Air Jordan’s sole was made from padding for astronaut helmets. We’ll discuss the helmet a little later.

“And even the camera in cell phones. NASA developed imaging sensors used in these cameras. I don’t know where I am because I threw away my cell phone that has its global space based positioning system. I’m lost.” More lies Bill. There is no such thing as “space based” and there is no such thing as bases called “satellites”.

All satellites are CGI. Look how flimsy that look. Like somehow THAT got through Earth’s heat shield without burning up? And there is no “floating” in Earth’s atmosphere. The only way for an object to stay up there would be for it to be powered by something, with some sort of fuel, and it has to be aerodynamically made to stay up there.

And if this is a real photo, how in the world was it taken?

So where is GPS really based? Cell towers- towers on Earth. Remember the NATO image from the previous episode? THIS is the real GPS.

“My third grade teacher Ms. Cochrane told us there were more stars in the sky than grains of sand on a beach. It turns out there are ten times as many stars in the Cosmos as grains of sand on the Earth! We are like a speck. Just a speck. Like a grain of sand on the beach. The Earth, in the cosmic scheme of things, is just a speck. Which is orbiting the sun. Which is a completely unremarkable star. With billions of specks in the middle of specklessness! I suck! I am nothing!” exclaims Bill.

How many times can you use the word “speck” Bill? They know through NLP, to get a word to stick in our brain you must use it at least three times. THAT is why Bill says it over and over again. Remember the movie Horton Hears a Who?

And Whoville where the Who’s live on a tiny speck? In a sea of tiny specks? Is this movie propaganda to instill US living on a speck Fear Porn? I would say….yes.

Bill continues, “NASA spends only 1/2 of 1% of the US annual budget on space exploration.” Now Bill is starting to sound like a used car salesman. Is he trying to sell us something here? That it’s only a little money, so we should be okay with it. But really? We should be okay with the government using ANY of the budget on a complete FAKE program meant to perpetuate FAKE space and a FAKE Ball Earth?

He then shows a short clip of President Kennedy and his moon speech. Kennedy~ “We chose to go to the moon and do the other thing. Not because they are easy but because they are hard.” Yeah hard because it’s fake. It’s easy to do real. It’s hard to do fake.

The space center is named after John F. Kennedy because he played such an important part in getting their fake program “off the ground”. Kennedy in numerology is 33. Yes, Kennedy was a Mason.

And the command center at Kennedy is called Houston. They call it Houston because Houston is code for Hew Stone. Who are the hewers of stone? The Masons of course.

And the launch site is called Cape Canaveral. Cape Canaveral’s initials are CC. CC is 33 in numerology. Again, the number of the Masons.

Bill shows a story by one of his science reporters. They show an action shot of a cart going by. Notice on the cart (the reason for this shot) is the moon and star symbol on the side.The moon and star is a symbol of Lucifer. The star being occulted by the moon is Venus. Venus of course is the Morning Star- Lucifer is the morning star.

So they go to New Delhi, India to the private space company there. They go there because India is an anagram for Diana. It’s just one letter off. Diana of course is Isis, which is the female version of Lucifer, also known as Lilith.

They feature Osiris and Isis in The Minions movie. Look here, Australia is the Land of Oz, Osiris and India is the land of Diana, Isis. Notice Oz is in red and India is in blue, showing their duality world.


“These young engineers are trying to soft land on the surface of the moon,” says the science reporter.

Well they are going to have a really hard time figuring out how to do that.

Because the moon is the “lesser light”. The lesser light to light up the night sky. It isn’t solid. You can tell my observing with your own eyes. When you see the moon out during the day you can see the sky THROUGH the moon. Where the “craters” are is actual sky coming through. You can tell because the craters are the SAME COLOR as the sky behind the moon. This couldn’t happen if the moon was actually solid.

The moon fakery was also featured in The Minions. And quoted by the Red Hot Chili Peppers in their song Californication. “Space may be the final frontier but it’s made in a Hollywood basement.” And yes, that’s Stanley Kubrick behind the camera.


Bill talks to his expert panel of Luciferian Masons. The one on the far left is Dr. Whitesides of Virgin Galactic. Does Whitesides ring a bell for anyone?

How about in the name Jack Whiteside Parsons? The Luciferian and founder of Jack Parson’s Laboratory that was later changed to Jet Propulsion Labs, a division of? NASA of course. Are we seeing the connections yet?

That’s Jack, second from left.

The person in the middle Bill tells us is Chris Lewicki of Planetary Resources. Notice Chris is doing the diamond hand sign. Diamond is 33 in numerology. Which is? All together now, the number of the Masons. And what does Lewicki add up to in numerology? Well 33 of course.

On the far right is a NASA engineer. She tells us, “I was at the launch for Osiris Rex.” And that Osiris Rex is an anagram for Origins Spectral Interpretation Security Regulatory Explorer. Now we saw the mention of Osiris as the camera for the space ship and again in The Minions movie, and now here for the rocket. So do we believe the name came first, Origins Spectral yada yada yada, or did OSIRIS come first and they put together a “name” to fit the anagram? I would say, obviously the latter. They really like the word Osiris don’t they? Because again, Osiris is another name for Lucifer.

Bill shows a skit called, Ask a Mean Astronaut, featuring Joel McHale. Notice the suit is Orange. Orange is 33 in numerology. And look at that helmet that Bill mentioned. You mean to tell me that that motorcycle helmet is going to protect an astronaut out in space? It is lined with the soles of Air Jordan’s though, don’t forget.

Here’s an actual photo of the Mercury Seven crew. This is laughable! Bike helmets and street shoes. They look like they are ready to go dirt biking. Team Fox- Motocross.

Bill ends the show with a basketball skit. They need to have something for everyone right? Suck in the sports lovers as well. He has Diamond Stone come out from the LA Clippers. Diamond Stone, you can’t have a more Masonic name! Diamond is 33 in numerology like we previously mentioned and Stone is for Stone Masons. And to top it off Bill and Diamond do a Masonic hand shake.

And the kid in the skit is named Roman. The Romans are the Luciferians. The Holy Roman Empire were the rulers overtly and they still rule today through the Roman Catholic Church covertly. So using a kid named Roman, is a shout out to them.

Episode 11- Malarkey!

Which is code for… We Can’t Find a Good Way to Disprove this Stuff so We’ll Use the Tactic of Scoffing!

“We can’t always believe what we see with our eyes. And that’s why we can be so easily fooled. Franz Anton Mesmer coined the term animal magnetism and he thought he could use it to mesmerize, hypnotize humans,” says Bill.

Which they do use and quite successfully I might add. Let’s look at two examples. First, let’s look at Lance Armstrong.

Here Lance was saying too much about the RFID chip and so his handler redirected him with the hand sign. The handler mesmerized Lance.

Once he flashed the hand sign Lance changed the topic.

Here is the clip on this from The Black Child:

And here Connor McGregor is getting mesmerized by his handler. Notice the flashing of the hand sign. Connor went from aggressive to just standing there until they “reactivated” him again. So yeah, I would say mesmerizing ISN’T a bunch of Malarkey but Bill wants us to think it is.

Here is the clip for this one from The Black Child as well:

He goes on to say, “If you look at the pseudoscience, at Tarot Cards, if you believe in aliens, if you study crop circles… six billion digital photos a week and no one has seen a single unidentified flying object.”

Great point Bill! Six billion digital photos a week and no one has seen a single real photo of Earth! But there are astronauts hanging out at the International Space Station (ISS) and STILL no actual photos!

They have time to dress in Halloween costumes, promote their favorite teams, everything but take actual photos of the Earth! Amazing. In this one they are both wearing 51, 51 is 5 + 1 or 6 so 66 which is two 33’s. Even in “space” they do a shout out.

And he mentioned Tarot Cards when he rattled off his list of Pseudoscience. Funny thing is, THEY use the Tarot Cards and if you have a good look at them you will SEE their philosophy in them. The one I like the best to reflect Bill’s show is the Devil Tarot card, which I showed in an earlier episode. This one depicts the Devil as PAN. Remember Bill and his PANspermia theory?

And the people with the ropes loosely around their necks are depicted here as well. This loose rope represents Free Will. The FREE Will of the FREE Masons.  Do as Thou Will Shall Be the Whole of the Law.  Are we making the connections yet? So yeah, Bill DOES know the significance of the Tarot, he just doesn’t want YOU to know.

His roving reporter Karly goes on a chemtrail assignment. “The chemical trails… is there any proof to this theory?” she asks. Remember CHEM trails… Land of Khem, K-H-E-M trails. Remember I mentioned who the K-H-E-M are. They are the scientists from Egypt, the descendants of the Master Mason Nimrod and are the Black nobility today.

She continues,”That they are sprayed by the government?” The pilot replies, “Absolutely not! It is condensation trails.”

He continues,”They are generally found at higher altitudes where the temperature is cold enough and also moist enough.”

You know it’s funny because it reminds me of gravity. Magical gravity where it is strong enough to make the vast oceans stick to it, but weak enough to let a butterfly fly through the air effortlessly. Two CONTRAdictions. Contra- contrails, get it?

Contrails are contra-dictions. They tell us its COLD enough to produce chemtrails yet its HOT enough to melt space capsules when descending back to Earth. And what about meteors that are supposed to be on fire when entering our atmosphere? Wouldn’t that COLD layer cool them off before they come down? And say there is a COLD layer and a HOT layer, what would happen when those two meet? Wouldn’t it be a giant sauna in the sky? Okay but I digress…

And what normal flight paths would make them crisscross? Looks like their double cross here to me. Does that make sense?

“The conditions to create this vapor trail, this contrail, are very MAGICAL,” he says.

Extremely magical I would say. So magical that the planes disappear! Look at the screen shot from the photo THEY provided. WHERE are the planes???? NO PLANES. There are many videos on YouTube that show chems being created out of NOTHING. Or images where only parts of planes are showing.

Like here, a see through plane. Kind of like the moon, we can see through it, not solid.

And these shots where they look like planes but parts of the planes are missing.

And I’m sorry, but what planes make these patterns? Is this logical at all? So what does this tell us? I would say that SOME planes do spray some of the chemicals, like some military squadrons and some commercial jets like Evergreen. However, SOME ARE NOT PLANES AT ALL.  Awake Souls has a good presentation on this. That the areas they are getting “sprayed” are actually from demonic entities who are let into this plane by Satanists. Why this makes sense is that there is no rhyme or reason by flight paths. There isn’t more in more populated areas and less in less populated areas. There isn’t more in more polluted areas and less in less polluted areas. But what if its tied to the Satanists that live in that area?  The UK gets a high number of sprays and has a high number of Satanists. The masonic lodges originated in Scotland.

Here is a link to Awake Souls presentation:

And notice how they put chemtrails in movies and shows now. They especially like to put them in things they know kids will watch. So the kids growing up today will just think they are natural clouds. Of course the Masonic The Simpson’s show them.

And here in The Lego Movie is another example.

Before we leave Bill and Karly, the chem trail reporter, look at her earrings. They are diamonds. Remember her earlier with her smiley face necklace? And we know Diamond is 33 in numerology. She is wearing two. So 33 and 33. We will see the significance in a few minutes.

Bill then goes to his panel of experts. This guest throws up the 666 omega hand sign. His name is Professor Caulfield. Reminds me of Holden Caulfield from Catcher in the Rye. Why was this book mandatory in our Rockefeller (fell a rock, hew a stone, a Mason) based public school system? Because Holden was the Rebel, like their god Lucifer. Do as thou will shall be the whole of the law.

He talks about Gwyneth Paltrow and her Vagina cleanse. And how ridiculous it is. Then he mentions Reiki, then Grounding. “There is Grounding where you are supposed to walk on the ground- lie on the ground,” Caulfield says. Bill laughs. Now grounding IS what we are supposed to do. We are connected to the earth and for us to properly function we need to touch the earth. So they make us wear shoes. Not only that, they make women where heels. What are heels? Well hooves really. They look like a goat’s foot. Pan’s foot. And the design is also so the least amount of contact is made with our feet to the Earth. WE are grounders- earthlings. THEY are sky people- air people- Lucifer Prince of the air, where CHEM trails hang out.

“Sam you are an astrologer. You know I don’t believe in any of that.” Oh but you do Bill. You know Luciferians do everything by occultic dates. Nancy Reagan comes to mind for one that publicly showed her allegiance to this. Their rituals are ALL about the dates, the alignment of certain stars. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The thirteen days of ritual sacrifice to the Beast which ends on May 1, known as Beltane.

Then he mentions Ophiuchus, the 13th sign, the sign of the Serpent Bearer. The sign he says Bill would fall under if he believed. Notice Bill has 13 episodes, they do the M hand sign, M is the 13th letter. Of course Bill believes. But Bill has to “debunk” it so people won’t look at it more closely. Because they will discover a lot of truth there about THEM and THEIR philosophy.

So the whole “walk on fire” scene was just so Bill could do this. Do you see what he is doing? Notice the left pant leg up? What does it remind you of? Bill you are making this too easy for me!

How about this? The left pant leg up! It is the masonic initiation ceremony. When they take off his blindfold he is “born again”. Mocking us, mocking Christ.  Did Bill go through this ceremony? I would say…. yes. And notice the two Star of Davids. Each star is made up of two triangles which have three angles each. So 3 and 3 or 33 for each. And when you have two you have 33 and 33.

Just like the Master Mason wears. See here? 33 and 33. And Master Mason is MM. Turn each M one to the right you get 33.

So why does Bill constantly find ways to show Masonic connections? He is required to do this. Notice item (f) of Crowley’s Liber Oz book.

It says, “(f) Of his own ingenium, let him devise other methods.” THAT is why Bill did the fire walk. He thinks he found a clever way to show his allegiance. Ingenium is Latin for natural capacity or invention.

So two episodes to go. Stay tuned…


The YouTube presentation can be watched here:

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16 responses on “Bill Nye Saves the World Decoded (Part 4)

  1. Joanna

    Thank you Rosette! Very interesting article.
    About the chemtrails in movies, there are chemtrails shown in the very first scene in LaLa Land with all the dancers singing on the road filled with cars. Very subtle yet very obvious!
    Rosette, could you please comment on why do you think they DO spray chemtrails? I mean, even satanists, they have human bodies which they are obsessed with, they also need to stay healthy, right? So why would they spray over their heads as well. The chemicals from the chemtrails go into THEIR food and air and water as well as to OUR food and air and water. I could never understand the sense in this.
    Thank you Dear,

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      I think its more a way of letting them in- evil spirits- than poisoning us. Because if it was about poisoning us, you would think all the spraying would be in highly populated areas for maximum effect right? But that is not the case. Chemtrails can be seen in low population areas as well. I think the MOST sprayed area is over the UK. Why is that? That is where the Luciferians are headquartered. They have their masonic lodges that originated in Scotland and they have the City of London which is there financial base. The UK is known for witches and covens, which are directly aligned with the masons. If you read my Serial Killers Decoded article it explains this in a round about way. So IS there all these chemicals in the planes? I would say possibly in some planes. Is this to divert the attention from the ghost planes? The real purpose of these trails? Imagine if people didn’t see the military and evergreen planes and only saw the trails behind ghost planes or no planes at all. Wouldn’t the questioning run a very different line? If we never saw planes and only saw the trails, we would understand that something NOT NATURAL were making the trails. Why I don’t think chemicals are used in many instances too is because like you said they live here too. It is a point I make about Fukushima. The Luciferians don’t want to soil their nest. Fukushima is a lie as well. No radiation poisoning. No dead fish washing up on our beaches. (I live in Hawaii) No higher rates of cancer due to radiation poisoning. AND I eat the fresh fish weekly. So watch that chemtrail vid. I think the maker of it is on to something. Take care, Rosette

  2. Joanna

    Here in the UAE I see the chemtrails mostly during winter where they say they are seeding the clouds to make it rain. And it works, it rains few times a year, every time after “cloud-seeding” as I’ve observed it. Now, that it is getting very hot, I see the planes “seeding the clouds” every few days, which make it hazy and covers the sun (no rain though). By writing about it in the articles in daily news, they try to make it “normal”, people are completely unaware of what is being sprayed here and think it is actually a good thing!
    I visited Spain 3 years ago and I can tell you, chemtrails are EVERYWHERE. We traveled across Spain and it was so disturbing seeing the whole sky covered in zigzags! I am visiting Europe this coming August, and will surely see more of it.
    You mentioned Fukushima. I grew up in Est Poland when Czarnobyl (Chernobyl?) happened (Poland is neighbors with Ukraine), or did it? I remember they “served” us iodine in kindergarten first thing in the morning after the alleged explosion. It was a shot of black liquid, very bitter. Some of my friends couldn’t keep it down. There was a lot of fear around. Now, that I am more and more aware of what is going on in the world, it is quite disturbing and I must admit, unbelievable, to know the truth.
    Peace, J.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      I do believe there are different types of chemtrails. When we see them sprayed out of actual planes they could very well be cloud seeding, or releasing Barium, Strontium etc. The chemtrails with no planes or ghost planes are a different story. Those are the ones that I feel have a direct correlation to Satanists in the area that they show up in. In addition, like you said they make it hazy to block out the sun. That is another way to make us ill. We need the Vitamin D the sun provides. This type of spraying fits into the same category with having us wear sunglasses, shoes so we are not grounded to the Earth and wearing sun screen.
      So Chernobyl was nearby. Were there higher incidents of radiation poisoning afterwards? Was there higher rates of cancer? Did people become ill? Was there contaminated food? Were trees and other vegetation dying? How about animals? If not then Chernobyl was more Fear Porn just like Fukushima. Fukushima DID have a tsunami, but there was no nuclear meltdown at their plant. Peace to you as well, Rosette

      1. Joanna

        I was 7 yo at the time of Chernobyl incident and honestly, I do not remember much. We had our little community where i lived, local food and clean water and i do not recall any of the family member or friends getting ill because of Chernobyl. We had frequent visitors from USSR in our house as well as my parents visiting USSR often, and it did not stop after Chernobyl.
        The only thing I do remember clearly was drinking awfully testing iodine shot this one time. That’s all.
        Speaking of this period now makes me want to talk to my parents for more details though;) I will share with your their memories;)
        Peace, J.

        1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

          Interesting. Please do Joanna! Frequent visits from USSR. Each hoax event is to clamp down on more of our rights. Invasion of privacy due to Chernobyl? Saying “health reasons”? Please ask your parents how their rights changed after. Like 9/11 event, US government had much more freedom in wiretapping, arresting and detaining people etc.

          1. Joanna

            Thank you !

            Rosette, apologies, I didn’t mean visitors from USSR government, but private guests, friends. In that time in East Poland people were making business with each other, selling and buying different products on local markets, clothes, cigarettes, gold jewelry, movies on video tapes This allowed people to make friends and keep these friendships despite of distance. That’s why I remember Russian friends often present in our home.

            About Chernobyl: The only type of cancer cases increased in number was Thyroid cancer in children, who drank cow’s milk. An increase in this type of cancer was a result of drinking cows milk contaminated with elevated levels of Iodine (children have smaller bodies AND drink much more milk than adults).

            Do you know that the presence of Ceasium-137 (radioactive isotope) in soil in Chernobyl is in fact lower than a naturally occurring cesium in other parts of Europe AND radiation in Chernobyl’s air is 5 times less than in Granite-constructed Grand Central Station in NY.
            The video you just sent me makes so much sense. Did you know that British radiology doctors have 50% less tendency of getting cancer than other men in England and Wales?

            Chernobyl event does not justify relocating 200,000 people from their homes. None of those families came back and I cannot think of how they all managed and rearranged their lives.
            There were many decisions made by political forces after Chernobyl event. Open cooperation between East and West in regards of nuclear power centers, a huge flow of finances in favor of “nuclear safety” around the world, creating “green” and Eco political parties (I would say this was another big factor in global warming awareness/guilt incorporated in people’s minds), creating many more nuke units and subsequently units of ultimate control and “support” of nuclear centers.

            As a curiosity: a dose of radiation in Chernobyl is much lower than naturally-occurring radiation in Finland, France or Brazil, not to mention Iran. I will not quote numbers, as I guess every source will have slightly different readings.
            Chernobyl areas’ flora and fauna is growing beautifully apparently, thanks to lack of human hand (—strefy.html website in Polish language). The areas were deserted years ago which lead to rich and abundant nature, plants and animals.

            That’s all for now, I did a quick research online, and I still owe you my parent’s testimonial;)

            Peace, J.

  3. Hike

    The last bit of your text caughy my attention. Where the teaching of thinking, walking reading and speaking backwards is learnt to the Adept..

    I never seen it meantioned in this way, but it made me think of Twin Peaks and the scenes in the black lodge.

    Demons communicatie indireclty (through reverse speech) and the Twin Peaks series basically acts as a ‘manual’ on how to interact with these entities.

    Did you ever make that connection?

  4. Nathalie guiraudet

    Hello Rosette, on viewing the black child videos I was wondering if them constantly flashing the devil horns is not just a way to communicate whatever between themselves but also part of a deeper desire to eventually get everyone to respond like an obedient dog when they see it? I mean that kind of training is so subtle and must take years. Do you think these people have any idea what is going on to them? Thanks Rosette

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Aloha Nathalie,
      I would say a majority of celebrities, at least in our current times, know full well what they are getting into. They know “the high price of fame”. That statement is literal, not just figurative. So part of being their well oiled machine, is to act, say, do, everything exactly as they want and most efficiently. So that they check their morals at the door, so they lose their inhibitions, so that they lie on cue, etc. they go through mind control programs. Using the devil hand sign IS extra clever because it reminds the actor of who he really works for now and that if he doesn’t obey he will have to answer to Satan. So yes, Lance and Connor and all the others know what is being done to them, they signed up for it. Regarding the rest of humanity, they already get people to do it without knowing what it really stands for. “I Love You” in American Hand Sign is the devils horns. The UC Irvine mascot is the anteater and they use the devil hand sign for it. Obama even visited the campus on graduation day and had the whole audience do the “zot zot zot” with him! How clever and insidious they are! The Texas Longhorns is another example where they get audience participation in the devil horns. Look it up and you’ll see George Bush Junior visiting and doing the sign with them.
      P.S. Zot in numerology is 7+6+2= 15. So you have 15, 15, 15. They have people repeat it three times so it will stick in their subconscious. And if you look at the Tarot deck which card is 15? The Devil Card. So doing the devil hand sign and at the same time chanting, zot zot zot! How insidious!

  5. Nathalie guiraudet

    Hello Rosette, on viewing the black child videos I was wondering if them constantly flashing the devil horns is not just a way to communicate whatever between themselves but also part of a deeper desire to eventually get elveryone to respond like an obedient dog when they see it? I mean that kind of training is so subtle and must take years. Do you think these people have any idea what is going on to them? Thanks Rosette

    I’m not sure why but many of my comments don’t go through. This one sat on my phone for three days saying it was waiting moderation. It wouldn’t allow me to resend as is saying it was already sent. So I am adding this part to see if it will resend. Not sure what’s up with all this

  6. Nathalie guiraudet

    Wow ok right after I resent the comment the whole page changed and there was you reply. Perhaps it’s my phone, but I have sent one from the computer that disappeared in cyber space. I’m now going to read what you have to say:)

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Not sure what happened there? I saw your comment yesterday and replied yesterday. Both your comment and my response are still here. Phone glitch?

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