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Bill Nye Saves the World Decoded (Part 2)

So let’s continue where we left off.

Episode 4- More Food, Less Hype

Which is code for GMO propaganda for Monsanto.

“In a GMO we take a gene from one organism, one species, and put it into another species,” says Bill Nye the deceiver guy.

Now before we even go further here. There is NO PROOF of MACRO evolution, which would be two completely different species “interbreeding” and making a whole new species.

There IS proof of MICRO evolution, which is where two species in the same family are interbred and form a new species within that family. Such as a Lion and a Tiger make a Liger.

Such as a Horse and a Donkey make a Mule. Notice the MULE is STERILE though. So even there it wouldn’t work. It is the same with GMO seeds. The only way it would work is mixing two plants in the same family but then they couldn’t reproduce. Is THIS why the Indians farmers have to buy new seeds every crop season to plant? Instead of using the seeds produced from traditional plants where this would’t be necessary?

“It happens in nature. That’s how we got the Sweet Potato.”

You’re kidding Bill Nye right??? How in the world did a sweet potato “naturally” become genetically modified? What TWO plants somehow “miracled” the sweet potato? The sweet potato is basically the root of the Morning Glory flower. There are TWO types, a wild species and the more commonly known variety. There is no mention of either being “crossed” with some other plant.

Notice the Diamond on the spray bottle. Diamond is 33 in numerology, the number of the Masons. It also is code for Lucifer. Lucy in the sky with Diamonds.

FEAR PORN ALERT- Bill says, “Here’s my claim: GM crops are a tool. As we expand our cities, deplete our water supplies and cause our planet to warm, we’re losing farmable land.”

Now the whole population of the world, supposedly at 7 billion, but we don’t even know if THAT is true, could fit in the State of Texas. The area of Texas is about 262,000 square miles. Dividing this figure by the current human population of 7 billion leaves each person with approximately 300 square feet, or 30 feet by 30 feet, bigger than many people in China’s whole apartment. BUT I think the population is much much less.

So NO we are not losing farmable land. There is plenty still. What IS happening is people are getting corralled into cities. Into tighter and tighter spaces, so it APPEARS like we have a “space” issue when we don’t.

Most people are having LESS children currently, NOT more. If each couple has two children they would just be replacing themselves, but many couples choose to have just one child, and it’s even the “fad” to have NO children these days. So the world population is actually declining NOT increasing.

“And the level of sophistication at these Farmer’s markets,” scoffs Bill. More NLP, to get you to think these people are stupid. Defer to the experts. These are all just hippies,veg heads, that don’t know what they are talking about.

Bill then mentions to his reporter guy from the field, that they didn’t  even know what happened to the bees pollinating the corn. (Scoffing further at the Farmer’s market people.)

But, wow!!!! Really Bill? You are running with THAT lie????

That BEES POLLINATE CORN???? NOT TRUE! Bees do NOT pollinate corn. In fact, MOST crops don’t need bees to pollinate them! Some crops are self-pollinated, such as tomatoes and chili peppers, others are wind pollinated, like CORN, wheat, rice and oats! And still others don’t involve fruits at all, like lettuce, carrots, beets and Bill’s SWEET POTATO.

Bill had a “panel of experts” on. One of them being from Monsanto. Monsanto is almost a perfect anagram for Moon Satan. The moon of course is a symbol for Lucifer. Moon Satan, they have to praise their god, but they try to do this in a clever way, to hide their praise in plain sight.

Here’s another agribusiness company hiding their praise for Satan in plain sight. Do you know what the symbol represents?

Abraxas. A symbol of Lucifer. Notice the IAW on the bottom. Flip the W and you have I AM.

With the female version of Lucifer, known as Lillith, on another corporate giant’s logo, Starbucks.

Now what is the purpose of making these crops??? Because remember from the Alternative Medicine episode, nature is NOT patentable. So for the big Agra business like Monsanto to make money, they have to have a patentable seed. So they have to mess with it. In “messing with it” they make it sterile- like the Mule. So when they sell these seed to Indian farmers, the Indian farmers can only produce one season of crop from these seeds. The farmers have to buy annually MORE seeds from Monsanto.

Google “Indian Suicides due to Monsanto Seed” for more on this.

The Monsanto guy goes on to say, “we have been genetically modifying our foods from the beginning of time. The early cavemen would pick the best plant and the seeds would fall out. A crop would grow and they would keep selecting.” Huh? So one, perpetuating the evolution cave man myth, and two, how does he get genetically modified from “seeds falling”?  Makes NO SENSE.

The Monsatan guy does admit to his company’s use of Agent Orange. Remember it was an HERBICIDE being sprayed ON the Vietnamese to KILL them. Remember too that Orange is 33 in numerology, so Agent Orange is Agent Mason. Mason is ALSO in Monsanto. Monsanto- To Mason- to be a Mason.

So spraying herbicides on Vietnamese then, and spraying herbicides on plants now that we INGEST, how does that NOT slowly kill US? Notice the guy is wearing a FULL PROTECTIVE SUIT while spraying “harmless” herbicides on the plants. Yeah right!

And if we make some light humor than we will all leave feeling good about GMO’s now right? (Do this in a Valley Girl Accent) Like GMO…

OMG!!!! Right?

Notice the OMG is in? Orange.

Episode 5- The Original Martian Invasion

Which is code for NASA propaganda to perpetuate Ball Earth.

“I’m attempting to create NEW life,” says Chef Alton Brown. Good luck with that Chef. It ain’t going to happen.

Bill remarks, “Save the Worlds. I want to find out where do we all come from. Let’s go back in time. Like 4 and a half billion years ago. A billion years later CHEMICALS formed that could make crude copies of themselves. Single cells became flowers.”

Notice the word “chemicals” is used when talking about the beginning of our existence. To implant the idea we ARE chemicals and so they can’t be that bad.

Also, if single cells magically became flowers, then scientists should be able to replicate this in the laboratory. Have they? Not once!

“Then the dinosaurs emerged. And they had feathers. That’s the current speculation. That dinosaurs had feathers.”

Somehow the dinosaurs magically emerged. How is this not based on faith? On a belief that what the scientists are telling us is true? Based on faith. It is the religion of Scientism being shown here.

And now, they even say its speculation, those silly dinosaurs have feathers! Is that to fit some theory of MACRO evolution? So show some jumping of one species to a completely different species not in the same family?

And dinosaurs, were they ever even REAL? What we have in the Smithsonian are plaster molds of supposed dinosaur bones- NOT actual dinosaur bones! And have you ever looked closely at the bone structure of the Tyrannosaurus Rex? Notice how it has to be propped up by three poles. It couldn’t even hold up its own frame its designed so poorly. With teeny tiny arms that are basically useless? This creature is a sham. It never existed.

“Then a meteor hit!”

“Then mammals emerged!”

“Somebody, the Druids, built Stonehenge,” comments Bill. Yeah the Druids, who were also (stone) Masons, in the 1900’s, built Stonehenge. Watch my Flat Earth Decoded Part 5 for more on this.

“What? Are you guys screwing with me? Really? No. There’s NO freakin Noah’s Ark.”

Yeah, Bill’s story so far is COMPLETELY believable. With absolutely NO basis in fact, yet, when Noah’s Ark is mentioned, now we apparently are entering the crazy zone. Can it be more obvious? That Bill and his buddies want God completely out of the picture?

So to do so, not only do we have to get God out of the picture, we have to get our HOME out of the picture. Bill tells us, “Mars started 4 and half billion years ago too, like Earth. But it was smaller though. So the oceans formed more quickly. It’s atmosphere happened faster. And it may have been full of microbial life.”

” A piece broke off and landed on Earth. And THAT’S where life came from!!! This hypothesis is real. It’s extraordinary but it’s NOT wacky.”

So the Satanists want us to now believe that EARTH isn’t even our home!!!! Incredible!!!! Did you know Earth is a perfect anagram for HEART? The Earth is the Heart, the Hearth, the Earth IS our Home.

“The theory is called Panspermia.” PAN is another name for Lucifer or Satan. Here is Pan on the Devil Tarot card. So PAN spermia would be? Devil’s sperm.

“It’s very hard to prove. And where do you find the evidence?” says Nye. So the field reporter makes a trip to NASA’s Pasadena branch.

So NASA has Satan in it’s name too, like Monsanto. The red snake tongue is the T. So move the SA to the front, T tongue and AN in the back and you get SATAN.

Also notice this is the Jet Propulsion Laboratory or JPL for short.

JPL was founded by Jack Parsons. Jack Parson’s Laboratory was its original name. And remember Jack was a Satanist. He headed Crowley’s Pasadena branch of the OTO.

From Liber 49 of the OTO writings, by Jack Parsons, we get a sample of how these people think. Tell me NAS-holes are not Satanists.

“For they sake shall I stride through the flames of Hell, though my tongue be bitten through. Let me behold thee naked and lusting after me, calling upon my name. Let me receive all thy manhood within my Cup, climax upon climax, joy upon joy. Yes, we shall conquer death and Hell together. And the Earth is mine.”

This is supposedly a replica of a Rover that was on Mars. Does it remind you of anything?

How about Wall-E? To brainwash another generation?

Since Mars isn’t even a solid body, but a light in the sky. We couldn’t possibly have landed a rover on it. This image from the series The OA shows what Mars most likely looks like. Hiding truth in plain sight.

Here’s a close up of the same shot seen through the window. Looks like a luminous body to me.

Genesis 1:16- “And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: He made the stars also.”

So Bill tells us he is the CEO of The Planetary Society. Notice their symbol, its Saturn on a cube. The cube of Saturn. Where have we seen that before?

How about the Kaaba stone in Mecca?

How about in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 A Space Odyssey?

Here Rachel Bloom is speaking truth. She says, “Look Bill. I wanted to be part of a science song that would define an entire generation of kids.” Now don’t forget Bill telling us in Episode one that his show wasn’t geared towards kids, but towards grown up kids. Lying much Bill? “Define” an entire generation or “brainwash” an entire generation would be the more fitting word.

“You panspermia’ed all over the place,” says Bill. Oh really Bill? What do you mean by that? Is that an appropriate thing to joke about when you KNOW little kids are watching? Really Bill. He is one sick….

Episode 6- Do Some Shots- Save the World.

Which is code for Do Some Shots, So You Die, and Save the World, for Us.

“Seat belts, there are regulations around the world about this. Today’s show is all about safety.” Safety not Health.

“Today we’re talking about vaccinations and how they prevent bad things. Like seat belts do. No kidding. Vaccines are to germs as seat belts are to car wrecks. They save lives. The science is settled. Vaccines save lives. THAT science is settled. BOTH for the public good.”

So notice that he is comparing a SAFETY issue with a HEALTH issue, although he just told us this show is all about safety. Apples and Oranges here. What you DO and what you put IN you are two totally separate things.

And “science is settled on vaccines.” No more debate. Don’t you dare ask questions about it. The experts you are supposed to defer to have made up THEIR minds for you.

“The main reason I want you to get vaccinated is to protect ME. So I don’t get sick! This is called the Paradox of Protection.  This new germ will MUTATE and so the vaccines no longer work. Thanks Typhoid Gary. So should we have LAWS that require vaccinations?”

Um. That would be in direct violation of the 5th Amendment. Which is our Right to Life, Liberty and Property. Did we completely forget about the Constitution?

“I’m serious about this,” he says. FEAR PORN- “Every child is at risk for Polio. We have to reach children under five.” WHY????? When they have the strongest natural immunity against disease??? And what if they are over five? What happens then?

170 million children got vaccinated in India.

And who paid for it? The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. They invested almost 400 million into it.

“Why do parents NOT want to get their kids vaccinated?”

Because they read the inserts and see what is actually in the shots. Not only are their children given LIVE viruses BUT they are also given Mercury and Formaldehyde.

A panel guest mentions the Rotavirus and how she got it and thought if she vaccinated herself and kids they wouldn’t have had to go through that misery. From the Wiki, “Rotavirus is the most common cause of diarrhoeal disease among infants and young children. Nearly every child in the world is infected with rotavirus at least once by the age of five. Immunity develops with each infection, so subsequent infections are less severe; adults are rarely affected. The virus is transmitted by the faecal-oral route.”

So basically from getting poo on your hands which can be easy to do if you have babies or toddlers. So the BEST way to fight the virus is by washing your hands NOT by getting a shot.

Then they mention Autism, saying it being caused by vaccines was debunked. That the doctor making the claims had his medical license was revoked. That there was no data to support his claims. What? I beg to differ. The doctor’s name that they are talking about is Russell Blaylock. If you are NOT familiar with him I recommend researching his work and overwhelming evidence against the use of vaccines.

“Vaccine promoters count on most of their audience being young parents… who do not remember when MMR vaccines didn’t exist and when virtually all of us contracted measles. I cannot remember a single kid in any of my classes who was seriously injured or died by getting the measles. In fact, mothers used to purposefully expose their children to the measles to get it over with. I, like nearly all of my classmates, I contracted most childhood infectious diseases- measles, rubella, mumps, chickenpox and pertussis. We all have life long immunity as a result.” ~ Russell Blaylock

Notice they pick a panel of ALL WOMEN. Because when it comes to nurturing, we listen to women, to mothers. That these women experts would only want the best for children. There is NO US Federal Law requiring vaccinations. However, Big Pharma is trying to make it more difficult to evoke our legal right to take a religious, philosophical, personal or conscientious belief exemption.

“I had to write a philosophical letter and I’m not a religious person and refuse to lie about it, so I had to word it very delicately.” My are they anti-religious on this show!

“Those who can NOT be vaccinated are at risk.” Oh really, I thought earlier Bill was saying that the vaccinated ones were at risk because an unvaccinated person could make a new strain and STILL make vaccinated people sick. Sorry. You can’t have it both ways. Either vaccinations PROTECT you and therefore you DON’T have to worry about unvaccinated people OR vaccinations DON’T protect you and you are in the SAME boat as an unvaccinated person. Unvaccinated people have a much better IMMUNE system and are LESS at risk of getting a virus.

Bill mentions, Herd Immunity- “It’s a reason we should all take a shot in the arm! It’s SELFISH of them that DON’T get vaccinated.” Huh?

And no mention of “shedding” Bill? What vaccinated people do that can affect non-vaccinated people? Who are the SELFISH people here? The non-vaccinated are the ones susceptible to the virus BECAUSE of VACCINATED people NOT the other way around.

More to come in Part 3.

Here is the YouTube presentation:

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4 responses on “Bill Nye Saves the World Decoded (Part 2)

  1. Downtown Julie Brown

    Well done again Rosette! I’m beginning to question ALL these so-called “Scientists”! Do you know anything about Neil Degrasse Tyson? He just put out another book called Astrophysics for Those in a Hurry. He comes across as a cheesy know-it-all pushing yet another book written!
    And for Luke, a while back you posted a great commentary on Halle Berry and her tragic MK’d programming. I was telling a friend about that and so I went back and tried to find that info but I can’t seem to locate it. So could you please access that for me? And with that you also mentioned something about other famous black celebrities that are not so good. I can’t remember what exactly you said but I believe you did mention Jamie Foxx as being one of those in that group. I’m pretty sure you did. Could you explain that too?
    Thanks and it’s you two that always make my day a brighter one here in Philly!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Hi Downtown Julie Brown,
      Neil Degrasse Tyson is one of the WORST! He uses the “Degrasse” portion of his name because it equals 33 in numerology. He is the main proponent of Ball Earth Theory and mocks the truth by putting out the “Oblate Spheroid” when in actuality we are on an “Oblique” Flat Earth. If you have the time listen to Ronnie and Jay here from Beyond Flat Earth. They have some really great info and I think they are onto something. Its the next level of truth, so fasten your seat belt because its a mind blower!

  2. Luke Aspen

    Hey Julie,
    The posting for Halle Berry is under King Arthur Decoded Jan. 28, 2017. She’s another MK Ultra & was in the Black Boule, And like her, there are many famous black celebs that come from the Boule. And many have become Masons too. Briefly, the Boule has been described simply as the “Black Skull & Bones” & the founder was Henry McKee Minton, 1871-1946. You can google: Black Boule & go from there for many different articles. One of the best is The Boule: US Black Elite All Illuminati Shills. You’ll see pics of Will Smith, Chris Rock, Barack & Michelle Obama etc. making Masonic hand signals.
    In the comment I made along with Halle Berry’s name I short listed others like Oprah Winfrey, Bill Cosby, Samuel L. Jackson, Whitney Houston, Jamie Foxx etc.. They are ALL Boule & some are Masons too. So I took the names on that list & researched & vetted each one. They ALL are disgusting! And Jamie Foxx is just one perfect example. His real name is Eric Bishop & he got his first name from Jamie Lee Curtis. He chose it since it’s a unisex name. He then got his last name from the comedian Redd Foxx. And notice Foxx = 6666!
    His first big break came from appearing on the tv comedy In Living Color. There he was made to dress in full female drag as the crazy Wanda, And it was Jim Carey who also got his start on that show & he too dressed as the female character Vera. Today Carey is the leader of the Satanic Church after Martin Scorsese stepped down. So Jamie Foxx is both a Boule/Mason. He was raised by his Grandmother Estelle Talley who had a great influence over his life. In 2005 he won the Oscar for the film Ray which is the life story of blind singer Ray Charles.
    Side note: Interesting that Ray Charles was also a Mason! Many black musicians from his era were Masons such as Billie Holiday, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Lena Horne, Cab Calloway, Ella Fitzgerald. Btw I heard this years ago: If Ella Fitzgerald married Darth Vader she would then be Ella Vader! Yes! She went over to the Masonic dark side!
    So with Jamie Foxx being a Mason there is speculation he made a sacrifice for his fame. Some say it was his grandmother Estelle. I’ve speculated about that myself. It falls in line with other Masons making their own sacrifices etc. I also found a picture of Jamie Foxx kissing Samuel L. Jackson, as Boule Brothers. Also another pic of Danny Glover kissing Quincy Jones. That is so common in the Boule!
    And thanks to Rosette, I didn’t know anything about Neil Degrasse Tyson, so googled his name.. Well there’s many saying he’s another Mason. And I found a photo of Tyson taken with his buddies Bill Nye & Barack Obama!
    Anyway Julie, I hope all that answers your question.

  3. daran

    hi , lucifer decoded. if i take away the four imposters letters, c-i-f-r, L is EL and can be what we know as feminised by adding M for mother, MEL-UVEE, as a U is an O and a V is an EE we can write ME LOVE. lucifer means ME LOVE. 2. the verve urban hymns album from 1997. the verve. if we take away the imposter letter R, we have VEVE, or as V is EE we can write eevee, if we as we say feminise this with mother M , we can write, ME EVEE or ME EVE . urban is UR. UR is ORIGINAL,. ban is lose the imposter letter B, and feminise with M, we have MAN, ORIGINAL MAN, hymns is H then lose the imposter letter Y which is V loose the hook tail, we can write URBAN HYMNS THE VERVE – ORIGINAL MAN HVMNS or HUMMS. THEE ME EVE.

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