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Bill Nye Saves the World Decoded (Part 1)

There is so much propaganda in this series that to really cover it all I will have to break it into several parts. It is so bad they should change the name of the show to Bill Nye the Deceiver Guy. There is a lot of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) going on in these episodes, the use of certain coded phrases, colors, and imagery, biblical references, associations with TV personas that we trust, and dispelling associations that are sinister from particular movies etc.

So first, let’s start off with the host, Bill Nye.

Bill says, “This is not a KIDS show. Its for you grown up KIDS all over the world. You, me, we are all in this together. If we think together, work together, good things will happen.”

Kid of course is what baby goats are called. So inferring us as goats.

Notice the photo op with Prince Harry and the goat. All photos are staged. Here Harry is even sticking out his tongue. Remember GOAT is an anagram for Greatest of All Time- code for Lucifer.

Isaiah 57:4- “Whom do you mock, making faces and sticking out your tongues?”

Although his previous shows were geared towards children, Bill tells us this show is geared towards adults. However, they know many children will be watching and getting their parents to watch with them. So kids and grown up kids to indoctrinate.

Even Netflix tells us the show is for people 14 years and older. So for Bill to say it is for grown up kids is deceptive.

Notice Bill’s carefully groomed eyebrows. How they turn up at the ends. Do they remind you of anyone else’s eyebrows?

How about this guy’s? Spock from Star Trek. The intelligent, left brained one. A Vulcan that was all intellect, all science.

Anybody else’s?

How about this guy’s, who looks a lot like Spock, just a bald version. This is Anton LaVey, the former head and founder of the Church of Satan. Notice his raised eyebrows.

And does he remind you of anyone else’s?

How about his second in command, Michael Aquino, who left the Church of Satan to form his own church called the Temple of Set. Set being the Egyptian name for Satan.

So Billy Goat couldn’t be related to them could he? Notice his graphic that he uses for his show. With the LEFT eye lit up with AI or Science. Bill is of the Left Hand path.

Zechariah 11:17- “Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! The sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened.”

And his name is coded as well- Bill Nye. What does that remind you of?

How about “The End is Nye.” He is here to “Save” the World? Instead of Christ? He wants us to follow HIM the science expert. Now Scientism is a form of religion. Excessive “belief” in the power of scientific knowledge and techniques. Blindly following, even when what they tell us is just theory, that they have no proof behind many of their beliefs, such as the Big Bang and Evolution.

Episode 1- Earth is a Hot Mess

Which is code for -Earth is Being Used to Push Our Global Agenda.

It is actually just fine. All they have to do is get you to THINK its a “hot mess” so you defer to THEM as the “experts” to solve all the problems that are not really there. What does this accomplish? Giving them more control over our lives on a world scale.

“Hot mess” infers a steaming pile of shit. And who wants that? And who wants to clean THAT up? Let’s defer. They’ll take care of it for us. How kind of them!

Notice the use of the colors orange and purple. We will see these are the two main colors for each episode. Orange is 33 in numerology, the number of the Masons. And purple is the lowest color on the rainbow spectrum. The color closest to the Abyss, where their Lord Lucifer lies. Purple is also the color of royalty, the elite, the BLUE bloods.

Notice the honeycomb pattern on the ceiling. Like we live in a beehive. We need to behave in the beehive.

Which is ruled over by the Queen Bee. The Fleur de Lis is the symbol of the Merovingians and is taken from the symbol of the Bee. Behave in the Beehive.

The honeycomb also comes up in the Hunger Games.

It is the dome over the world where Katniss has to play the games for survival.

Bill talks about the oceans getting a little warmer because of us bad humans and our CO2 emissions. Which will make the oceans rise a little higher. Which will cause FLOODS, in Miami, Pensacola, Galveston, Portsmouth, these are all US cities. Which is all Global Warming FEAR porn. There is no evidence that the oceans are heating up.

He shows a picture behind and two people caught in a Flood so we identify with them. “That could be us.”

And also a picture of the Ice wall melting. The ice wall is the ring of ice that encircles our Earth.

Which they also show us in The Game of Thrones.

“Glass blocks infrared light. But Bill, there is no big GLASS dome over the Earth!!! (Here he is talking to himself.) I know, I know. But there is a big GAS dome. Get it? Glass dome? Gas dome? Because CO2 acts like glass the nick name Green house gas has stuck. Making Earth a hot mess.”

So if he laughs at the thought there might be a glass dome, then it can’t possibly be true. NLP technique. By telling us the truth and laughing at it, it makes us dismiss the idea that there might be truth to the statement.

Sea levels are rising. (He doesn’t say where, how much, nothing.) Reminds me of Al Gore and his book-An Inconvenient Truth.

From the Wiki, “Since the film’s release, An Inconvenient Truth has been credited for raising international public awareness of global warming and reenergizing the environmental movement. The documentary has also been included in science curricula in schools around the world, which has spurred some controversy. (I should hope so!!) An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power will be in theaters July 28, 2017.”

Now isn’t THAT a convenient truth??? That this episode comes out just TWO months before Al Gore’s sequel on the subject? No, no way THAT was planned!!!

So Bill’s correspondent goes to Venice to promote his propaganda. Remember Venice is the home of the Phoenicians. Phonetics is from Phoenician. The “ph” is interchangeable with “v” so has the “fuh” sound or the “vuh” sound.  Like in StePHen and SteVen. So Venicians, Phoenicians. Same people. And Venice phonetically is the same as Venus. They are Venus worshipers.

Now they are trying to tell us the waters are rising. However, if you look at the water line you can see that it rises and falls to just at the base of the buildings where it should.

You can see here when they go by on a gondola that the water is well below where the people walk on the promenade.

The correspondent has a skirt on with the letter G all over it. G stands for the Great Architect of the Mason’s, also known as Lucifer. G is 33 in numerology. If you go through the alphabet 1 through 26 and then start again, G will land on 33.

She comes back to share her propaganda piece. Mentioning the tide rises two times a day, which is the natural flow of water. That they get a surge of 3 meters of water. (She doesn’t say when they get this “surge”.) When mentioning this Karly shows below her knee, Bill corrects her saying its as tall as his screen (10 feet). So she’s thinking she’s supposed to say A LITTLE flooding, Bill has to make it sound alarming and makes it  A LOT flooding. The problem is, it doesn’t fit with the rest of what they say.

She goes on, “They have an app that tells them if the tide is going to be a certain level. Then they have to protect their doors (not windows) with sandbags standing by.”  Notice they don’t mention the frequency or the actual height. And it can’t be 3 meters like Bill wants us to believe because putting metal in the door and a few sandbags wouldn’t stop 3 meters of water. And IF they had 3 meters of water THOSE would be the photos we would see. But they don’t show us any! Not one!

And that they have an Italian phrase MOSE, M-O-S-E over there. Which is an acronym in reference to Moses parting the Red Sea. “Because its the most Catholic place going so we’ve got a biblical reference,” says Bill. Sure because the Catholics are the Romans and the Holy Roman Empire never went away. They just went from overt to covert as the Roman Catholic church.

Episode 2- Tune your Quack-O-Meter

Which is code for-Big Pharma Propaganda Program.

“Black magic is hard to master but once you do you can concoct potions for cures to what ails you. I’m just KIDding.” Is he? The Luciferians really ARE dark magicians.

“Its Ferrofluid. From the word Ferro for Iron.” It becomes highly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field. Invented by a NASA scientist in 1963.

Ferro is phonetically the same as Pharaoh. Notice the connection to Obama?

The Ferro Throne. The Iron Throne. Obama sitting in the Iron Throne.

From the Wiki we find that, “Ferrofluids have been proposed for magnetic drug targeting. In this process the drugs would be attached to or enclosed within a ferrofluid and could be targeted and selectively released using magnetic fields.” So right there in the Wiki they are telling us that Big Pharma is using ferrofluid to make pills that people will ingest to target specific areas in the body. Yet Bill says this new brace using the same ferrofluid is somehow “crazy”. Make sense?

“It’s an alternative to ACTUAL medicine.” He laughs. “But alternative medicines aren’t tested or regulated.” Finish the sentence Bill, “by BIG PHARMA.” They are not regulated by Big Pharma. Big Pharma wants to get you stuck on pills for they only MASK symptoms not CURE. And they are Patent Based. They can’t patent “natural” cures like from Echinacea or Cannibis. Thus they can’t PROFIT (notice how they do the inverse of PROPHET?) on them.

He goes on to say, “The reasons we have these regulations is to Protect US.” The US Is THEM though. NOT the public. Protecting Big Pharma.

Episode 3- Machines Take Over the World

Which is code for- Artificial Intelligence Propaganda.

Bill is talking to his coffee maker. He says, “Tell me what you want to do. There are no wrong answers.”  The coffee pot replies, “I don’t know. Probably kill all humans. I know that sounds crazy. I know forget it…. maybe just enslave you and then kill you. Is that wrong?”

And again to have us laugh at this. Of course this implies the concern that many have of machines eventually taking over. But if the “expert” laughs at this then we need to defer our judgement to him. He knows best. Let’s dismiss this notion.

Notice in each episode he takes off his suit jacket and puts on a lab coat. So first off, the lab coat is NLP for “authority figure”. Time to defer our judgement to the expert. But then also, this switching of jackets, does it remind you of anything?

How about Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood? The kind father figure. Who comes in each morning and goes through his routine with his jacket. Off and on.

Bill is very aware of the influence Mr. Rogers had over his “neighborhood”. And these “kids” are all grown up now. Grown up kids- who need to now defer to the new Mr. Rogers in their adult world called Bill Nye.

Bill shows us a drone and a member on his panel says, “Not a concern like Terminator, but a concern never-the-less.” Bill replies, “Well the Terminator needed time travel.” By ignoring what the concern people really have with drones, this is another form of NLP. If the expert ignores the concern, there must not be one. Defer to the expert, dismiss it like he does.

“Almost like creating Watchmen to watch the Watchers,” says another member of the panel. What’s with all these biblical references?

“I’m a cancer survivor.” Clap clap. “It’s BIG PHARMA and SCIENCE that deserves the applause.” More NLP, we need to appreciate the experts again here. If we actually look into the facts behind cancer, how people get it. What it actually is. What percentage of people are really cured from being blasted with poisons called Chemotherapy (chemical therapy) we wouldn’t be clapping.

“Maybe there’s a sensor that reads my information over to an AI. If it saves me from dying I’m all for it.” Defer to the sensor, the chip (the Mark of the Beast), defer to the scientists, they know best.

Notice the brain in the picture in the background has Science formulas all around it. Notice how this brain is the same color and position as this famous brain…

Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam painting in the Sistine Chapel. So the picture of the brain with Science all around it, is REPLACING this brain. Taking God out of the picture. Replacing God with Science. With Scientism.

So are we getting an overall feel what Bill the Science Guy is really about? And what this series is? Just one big propaganda piece against the awakened? To try and keep the asleep from waking up? To try and make the ones that really know what is going on look like fools, when the real fools are these Luciferians, whose time is very limited on this plane.

To take God out of the picture and replace Him with Science. Bill Nye SAVES the World. How much more blasphemous can he get? Plenty more unfortunately.

We’ll look at further episodes in later parts.

You can watch the YouTube presentation here:

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2 responses on “Bill Nye Saves the World Decoded (Part 1)

  1. Nathalie guiraudet

    Another great decoding Rosette! Just a little farm animal info, that picture with prince……oh I can’t remember his name, sticking his tongue out at the goat was really disgusting. Male goats as far as I know are the only animal that sticks its tongue out when it gets horney and wants to mate. I assume him sticking his tongue out at a goat which is rather undignified was for those in the know, and everyone else must think he’s just being cute and playful……or an ass if you ask me:) uh sorry that’s the second time I’ve used bad language

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Oh lordy Nathalie!!!! I had NO IDEA on the goat sticking his tongue out thing! Yes it makes the photo like ten million times worse!!!! And of course this brings up the topic of Bestiality which the Satanists participate in, I’m sure Harry included. Thanks for that info though. It just adds to the evidence of what is really going on.

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