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The Truth is in the Code.

911 Decoded- Mystery Solved

So I woke up at the end of 2009 when a co-worker gave me a video to watch. Just telling me that this will be eye opening regarding 9/11. So up to this point I believed the official story told, that 19 hijackers boarded four flights with the intent of crashing into the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and the White House supposedly.  The video, 9/11 Mysteries: Part 1 Demolitions was an eye opener to say the least. From that vid my view of the world forever changed.

It was my waking up moment.

From there I researched extensively ever since, to present day, which I’m sure most of you have to. This research brought me down so many avenues! Luckily I kept an open mind and eventually I found the pitfalls in each “net” that was provided and escaped it. I watched every awake documentary I could get my hands on. I watched all the 9/11 vids, including Loose Change, 911: In Plane Site, 9/11 The Myth & The /Reality, Thrive and Zeitgeist.

On a side note, but have to point it out, ball earth programming big time in Zeitgeist.

I started listening to Alex Jones. I even got his app on my phone so I wouldn’t miss a podcast. I plastered 911 was an inside job all over town with my friends. We called them “Easter eggs”. Did you see the Easter egg at the bus stop by Keamoku Street? We plastered Infowar stickers as well. I made packs of CD’s that I gave all my asleep friends trying to wake them up.

I got into David Icke. I actually went to an all-day event in 2010 that he spoke at and paid extra to be in the front row! I was that big of a fan! From that event I met people and we formed a group and would meet once a month. I met a few cool people from there that I still stay in contact with but the majority I found out were not like kind.

He came in purple. Yes he was in his purple phase. But what is purple symbolic of? The bluebloods, one shade from purple. The royal elite wear purple. The lowest shade in the rainbow spectrum, closest to the Abyss, the home of their god Lucifer.

So the majority of the group were into the Galactic Federation of Light and into the channeling work from various “aliens”. Members of the group would email the remainder weekly channelings. One of the channelings was of Lord Sananda, also known as Lord Ashtar AND known as LUCIFER. Lucifer, who would one day save them by bringing them up into a spaceship when the shit hit the fan here on Earth!

That was enough for me and I bugged out. But I am grateful for the experience because now I know how these people think.

I watched and read everything from David Wilcock to George Kavassilas to Michael Tsarion to Jordan Maxwell. You name it, I watched or read it. Even on the health side, I fell for Andrew Norton Webber and his piss drinking. (Thank God I never tried it).

Remember Kesha drinking piss? Satanists drink piss and eat feces and they want us to do it too. She did this stunt live to try to convince her fans to try it.

So when I got to Judy Wood’s presentation around the end of 2011, I thought I was an old hat, knew what to look out for. That I had a keen discernment based on years (now) of research uncovering the deception. And so I watched it, and so I was sucked in! I believed her shtick. I thought it must be Tesla based weaponry. That that must be the big secret behind 9/11- using advanced technology against the people. I’ve read about break out civilizations, where the elite hoard the knowledge for themselves and only give us little bits of it here and there. That they are more advanced than the rest of civilization because of these inventions. So why not here? That’s what I thought THEN. (But I’m not sure the “break out civilization” theory, put forth by Joseph P. Farrell, is even true NOW.) But I digress….

So I moved on. Thinking I tackled that deception. And proceeded to look into others. I read everything I could on Aleister Crowely, Manly P. Hall, Madame Helena Blavatsky, Eliphas Levi, and others. I researched the Masons. I bought and read a copy of Morals and Dogma. I wanted to figure out for myself what was true and what was not true about our world. I knew they had “hidden” knowledge and I wanted to discover it for myself.

Note* Dogma is Am God backwards. They see themselves as Gods in the making. So Am God as in Are God, They Are God. And their motto is Ordo Ab Chao- Order out of Chaos. 911 was their chaos to bring in their New World ORDER- Ordo.

Notice Morals is on the right (you always look from the material outwards) and Dogma is on the left. Just as Ordo is on the right and Chao is on the left. AB is another word for God, so they are showing the Lucifer versus Christ philosophy in their title. Morals and Order are on the side of Christ, Dogma and Chaos is on the side of Lucifer. With AB in the middle, they are saying Christ and Lucifer are equal. But this is THEIR philosophy.

Notice the double headed Phoenix. The Phoenix is their sign for rebirth. And it being two-headed is the symbol for Janus, the two-headed god- with a public face and a private one to forward their agenda. Like the White Pope and the Black Pope. The White Pope using the Christ energy to forward Lucifer’s agenda, with the Jesuit Pope in the background carrying out dastardly deeds.

Dogma is Am God backwards. In the words of Crowley:

Oprah Winfrey uses the Law of Reversal as well… Oprah~Harpo.

I started researching numerology, the Kaballah, symbolism, and the Tarot. I started seeing connections between dates, numbers, symbols, hand signs and gestures and how they are a hidden language used by the ones in the know. I learned their universal language. When humanity was dispersed across the plane after the Tower of Babel event, God confused the tongues, so Lucifer could not make a one world government with him as King.

So his followers had to find another way to communicate and they did this through numbers and hand gestures. I got really good at seeing the hidden signs and started decoding movies. I decided to make a blog showing my work. Eventually I made a YouTube channel so people that would rather watch then read could access my work as well.

From Twin Towers- duality world to ONE WORLD trade center. No more good and evil. With the synthesis of the two into one the RULERS decide what is good and evil. No more God’s law. Man’s law rules through Moral Relativism.

One World Trade Center is the new Tower of Babel.

I’ve done 47 decodings so far and feel I’m pretty experienced now in picking up on the symbolism and hidden meanings. So it’s almost six years later from when I thought I figured out 9/11. I did a podcast and someone asked me about when and how I woke up. So I rambled off all the stuff I’ve mentioned and concluded that the “smoking gun was really Building 6 and not Building 7.” That stuck in my brain and didn’t sit right with me there. After the podcast I knew I had to revisit 9/11 and see if that was what I really thought today.

Come to find out, it’s not.

Then I heard about the I-85 Georgia bridge collapse on the news lately. I heard the official story was that the collapse was caused by intense heat from the fire! And I right away connected it with 911. I could see they were perpetuating their lie that the Towers came down on 911 due to intense heat from jet fuel melting the steel beams. They have to reinforce this lie for it to stay “believable” in the public’s minds.

So here was the second time 911 came up in just as many days. So I felt compelled to look at it again.

Checking the news I saw they were making a homeless guy responsible. With his lawyer saying, “he will not be a SCAPEGOAT”. Scapegoat is defined as someone blamed for others sins. GOAT- is an acronym for Greatest Of All Time- what they call their god Lucifer.

Remember FOX is 666 in numerology and the 5 represents the Pentagram. Notice how the fire looks CGI’ed. I’m not saying there wasn’t a fire, only that they enhanced it to look more believable and dramatic.

So my view TODAY, in 2017, on what I believe happened on 9/11.

They planned this event for 30 plus years. They KNEW when they were building the Trade Center that they would eventually take it down in a big ritual. Why from the start? Look at David Rockefeller’s watch here when the Twin Towers were just built. One hand is on the 9 and the other is on 11.

Remember this is their Great Work spanning over generations. And they are the Phoenicians, the Traders, so they will blow up their building, the World TRADE Center, to further their agenda. But like frugal TRADERS and TRAITORS that they are, they make sure they’re getting their biggest bang for their buck.

They only rented out the lower floors. They never rented out the uppers floors except for the restaurant on top. All the upper floors were not only vacant, they had no interior walls, bathroom, fixtures, even steel beams! The businesses supposedly renting these floors were fictitious! (There is an article I will link to that goes into detail regarding these facts.)

So some main points we will discuss:

  • crisis actors on a set
  • building was rigged with explosives
  • no office furniture, phones, carpets etc. in building
  • upper floors not occupied
  • fictitious companies renting floors
  • missile hit each tower not planes, planes CGI’ed
  • missile hit Pentagon
  • missile hit field in Shanksville, intended for White House.

So looking back I see how the people behind the three main theories, Demolitions, Thermite, and Tesla Tech, are all just a part of the cover up as well.

So let us look at the Demolitions theory first since that was the first one to come on the scene in the awake community.


From 911 Mysteries: Part 1 Demolitions  we read, “The destruction of the Twin Towers and Building 7 was conducted in broad daylight, in full view of news cameras and reporters, thousands of New Yorkers, and millions who watched on live TV. Shock and awe.”

Now let’s rewrite this so as to have an accurate reflection of what really happened. Our version, “The destruction of the Twin Towers and Building 7 was conducted in broad daylight, but planned decades in advance, in full view of news cameras and reporters who are part of the Cabal, with thousands of New Yorkers not allowed on the set and watching from afar, and millions who watched on live TV, but were duped by the actors, graphics, lighting and overlays put on the film during the 17 second delayed feed so was not actually live. A “shock and awe” campaign against US citizens.”

  • crisis actors on a set

Crisis Actor reading his lines- “Plane came out of nowhere and just reamed right into the side of the Twin Tower. Going through to the other side. Then I witnessed both towers collapse. Must be due to structural failure because the fire was so intense!” What traumatized person watching is going to add, “must be due to structural failure because the fire was so intense!” Right there we can see they are trying to implant this thought into the public’s mind.

During the presentation they do a good job showing us what a controlled demolition is, what they don’t show is how missiles actually hit the towers, not planes. That the buildings were empty of not only office fixtures and furniture, but people as well. That this was a huge Hollywood production.

We see an image of the narrator at the end. She looks familiar…

Written and directed by Smallstorm. Sophia Smallstorm per chance? I would say yes.

Judy Wood is even listed as a contributor to Smallstorm’s presentation. If Tesla based weaponry was used, you would think Wood would have let Smallstorm know in the making of HER presentation. But no mention of it in Demolitions.

Smallstorm went on to gain clout in the truth community with her work on Morgellons. But if she was behind Demolitions, which is associated with Judy Wood, can we trust any of her other work? When I first heard about Morgellons and how it can grow under your skin it freaked me out! But now I see it for the fear propaganda that it is.

And you don’t get a guest spot on CNN unless you are part of them. Here Sophia is being interviewed by Anderson Cooper. SHE is schooling Anderson Cooper? Guaranteed THAT wouldn’t be allowed if it was TRUE.


Now before we head over to Judy Wood’s presentation. Let’s look at the Thermite theory and Professor Steven Jones. Jones is a Mormon professor from BYU.

Remember the Mormons are connected to the Masons. Church founder Joseph Smith was a Mason. The name MorMon has the MM alliteration- MM equals 33, the number of the Masons. Also Mormon is an anagram for Mr. Moon. Mister Moon is Lucifer.

Mormon is also an anagram for Romman. Notice the MM in the middle for 33? RoMMan as in Roman, the Roman’s, the Holy Roman Empire, who never went away. Just went from overt to covert and connected to the Vatican and the Jesuits of course.

Here, Jones is actually doing an “eleven” hand sign with the index fingers pointing up, as well as two Omega’s with the remainder fingers on each hand. Omega is symbolic of the moon.

Jones’ theory is all about Thermite being used during 9/11. Saying THAT’S what caused the steel beams to melt. Now notice how close THERMITE is to THELEMITE. Jones is a Thelemite, as is all the 911 conspirators. Thelema is Crowley’s philosophy. Which is stated as, “Do as thou will is the whole of the law, love under will.”

Notice the symbol. It is the Phoenix rising out of the ashes- born again. From chaos back to order again. ORDO AB CHAO. Remember this was on the Masonic book Morals and Dogma.


Ninety-three is the number of Thelema. It is the numeric number for Agape. Agape lodges are strewn all over this world. And Jack Parsons was the head of the Pasadena Branch of the Agape Lodge. Remember we had Flight 93 “crash” in Shanksville. All connected.

Jones is a Mason and remember now that Crowley was a Mason. This is a fact. Here he is in his Masonic garb. Notice it says Baphomet in the writings.

And the Mason’s are tied to the Kaballah. They show this symbolically with their initiate having to where a Kabal or Cable (Cabal) around his neck.

This loose Cable, or Kabal is shown on the Devil Tarot card. It is loose on the man and woman’s necks, showing this path is a choice. They choose it through their own free will. So you can see how Jones, Thelema, Crowley, Masons and Kaballah are all connected here and part of the group behind 911.

Do as thou will shall be the whole of the law.


Now let’s check out Judy’s work.

“If we open our mind we can get a larger infinite world,” the announcer says…”without further adieu I will introduce Doctor Judy Wood so we can get down to brass tacks and pursue our evolutionary thrust.”

So first we notice they are pushing the “infinite world, infinite space” theme. Infinite space is their way of taking God out of the picture and making man’s place in the universe as insignificant. And they mention “evolutionary thrust” because the Luciferians want us to believe in Darwinism. That we are evolving into gods.

And notice the conference is called “The Dawn of a New Age”! The dawn of their New World Order age. Crowley’s Age of Horus.

She puts on a lab coat at the beginning as a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique to trigger the viewers into deferring their judgement to her for this presentation. With a lab coat on, she is the “authority” figure we need to defer to. “What makes a scientist? The lab coat?” she says.

Who else wears the white coats that they want  us to defer our authority to? Doctors. Madison Avenue decided doctors would look more authoritative if they wore a white lab coat. The announcer made sure to call Judy “DOCTOR Judy Wood” when introducing her.

“Many folks need an icon.” She says while making the double 6 omega hand sign.

This fireman actor just happens to have a fire number of 6669! And guess how old he was when he “died”? Well 33 of course! Judy Wood tells us this.

  • building was rigged with explosives

Here Wood talks about a new term for how the buildings disintegrated, she says they were “dustified”. But were they dustified? Or one, did they use a type of explosion to make the debris fall outwards instead of inwards? From the Demolitions presentation we learned that in controlled demolitions they have hundreds of different types of explosions they can cause and they have it down to a science. So for “shock and awe” value, could they have rigged them for maximum effect?

And two, remember how Mayor Rudy Giuliani had the “clean up” crew go in immediately after the event to clear away the rubble? So we never got a good picture of how much rubble there really was.

Instead of small explosions called squibs that is common in controlled demolitions, Judy Wood says this squib “could be a water tank exploding, I don’t know…” She says this because her explanation is so LAME and she is just hoping through NLP that you will just believe her. Water tanks exploding that look exactly like TNT detonations? You know demolition experts were laughing their heads off over that remark!

To deflect from Building 7, because that one is an obvious demolition, Wood says, “BBC announced early Building 7 went away. Well CNN did the same for One Liberty Plaza, but it’s still there. They just get excited and want to be the first to report!”

Oh really Judy? And how do you know this? Or is this the excuse you make to divert attention from the fact that Building 7 was an obvious demolition and does NOT fit in with your Tesla Tech theory?

Notice the synchronized demolitions going off. Oh yeah, I forgot, Judy would tell us these are “water tanks exploding. I don’t know…”

“They claim they heard explosives. Not everything that goes boom is a bomb,” says Wood. Oh, yeah, you are right Judy, instead of the most obvious, Occam’s Razor, let’s go with space based weaponry that you have absolutely no proof of. Because we all know what non-existent space based weaponry sounds like.

Here she shows this reporter commenting on the “toasted” cars. Notice he is in masonic purple and doing the diamond hand sign. Diamond is 33 in numerology and is code for Masonic involvement.

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as well as other prominent people, are partial to the Diamond hand sign. So Merkel is a Mason.

The cars are obviously from a tow yard. The one completely smashed on top of another completely smashed look like two that just got crunched by the tow yard’s smashing machine. These are all PROPS. No where does anyone mention these toasted cars until Judy Wood brings them up to bolster her theory.

“The evidence is showing a different story than we are lead to believe,” says Judy. Yeah, that’s because you staged the evidence to fit your new “theory”.  No people burnt? disintegrated? How can it be space based if there is no “space”? The cars look like they came from a local Pick-N-Pull.

But she says “they weren’t towed there like her detractors are saying.” But doesn’t prove how she knows this is true. She just says the truth with a scoff so we defer to her.

“Door latches and door handles were completely gone. It looks like it was sand blasted ready for a paint job!” Wood comments. Then she says it again, “No glass. These are uniform in color. Like they’ve been sandblasted, ready for a paint job!” So she says it twice! She is NLP’ing you to think that if she says the “truth” and laughs at it, that it can’t possibly be the truth.

“Weird thing, like paper not burning.”- because the cars were not on fire there. The fire was CGI’ed in. You can tell by the actions of the firefighters. She again tells the truth but laughs to cover up the truth because she knows we will think their behavior odd. Wood says, “Here’s the firefighters going for a lunch break.”  Two FIREFIGHTERS don’t seem concerned at all to be walking through live FIRES and not doing anything about it?

So she is messing with our common sense here. We are deferring our judgment through NLP to this “expert”. The expert is telling us “hot things glow, but not everything that glows is hot.” Well true.  A fireFLY glows and its not hot but a FIRE that glows is obviously HOT!

Thing is, these fires are CGI’ed in like the one with the firemen walking by. So she shows us this so we either buy her story, OR we buy the Thermite story. They don’t care which one we buy, as long as we buy one of THEIR stories.

So Judy tells us there was a hurricane headed towards the Twin Towers during the 911 event. She shows us National Hurricane Center satellite images. Well since satellites don’t exist these can’t possibly be images from satellites. So again CGI images. And there was NO MENTION of a Hurricane heading towards New York in the media!!!! Does that make sense? If there WAS a real hurricane heading towards New York that story would have run as well. People would be evacuating. But the sky was clear that day. It was a beautiful summer day. There was NO HURRICANE heading for New York.

What is she implying here? That the Tesla space based weaponry somehow diverted the Hurricane from New York?  Well if the Hurricane wasn’t even real, and I bet a million dollars that it wasn’t, then nothing moved nothing.

Then Judy explain the “Tritium” story to bolster her Tesla weapons story. She shows a clip of another “expert” explaining Tritium and how it is made. Notice the purple hue in the background. He tells us in laboratory testing he was able to form a NEW metal out of another metal. In other words he was able to TRANSMUTE a metal. This is the PHILOSPHER’S STONE. The highest quest of the Alchemist! He says, “It was a form of the dreadful word “Alchemy” that we mustn’t use- but it was that, Alchemy.”

Now if there actually was a metal that was made out of another metal, this would have been the biggest news story next to 911!!! It is NOT the case because it did NOT happen. But they just have to get us to believe it happened. Again defer our judgment, common sense to the “experts”.

  • no office furniture, phones, carpets etc. in building
  • upper floors not occupied
  • fictitious companies renting floors

Notice here all the people are above the 91st floor where there were NO offices. All these floors were not rented out, were completely vacant floors, and the elevators didn’t even offer a button to let people go to these floors. Yet all the “jumpers” are on these floors.

Judy talks about this one guy, hanging out the window taking his pants off? Really? Would you be concerned about your pants and be taking them off hanging out a window hundreds of stories up? She is just using this CGI image as a distractor, so you focus on this anomaly instead of looking at the picture as a whole and realizing it is ALL fake.

Still not sure? Check out this jumper.

Jumper photo shopped in. Looks like he has a straight jacket on. And he is wearing black pants and a white shirt. Notice two he is falling exactly between the black stripes and the white stripes, representing the duality world of the Mason’s. Notice too the position of his arms and legs and him being upside down is the Hangman pose of the Tarot deck.

Here’s the Hangman card. From Biddy Tarot we read, “The Hanged Man is a willing victim, someone who has chosen the path of sacrifice to accomplish a higher goal. The Hanged Man represents the willingness to forsake the temptations of instant gratification for a higher cause, and because of this willing sacrifice he accomplishes the goals he has in his heart. He is like the ultimate martyr, putting his self-interest aside and giving up his personal needs for the greater good.” The higher cause is what the Mason’s call the GREAT WORK. The Great Work is the unification of all countries under one ruler, a New World Order with their god on top named Lucifer.

And then we have this jumper with the “burning tower” behind him. He is falling down like one of the people falling on the Tower Tarot card.


Here is “The Tower” tarot card. Doesn’t is look similar to the staged pic? From Biddy Tarot: “The Tower shows a tall tower pitched atop a craggy mountain. Lightning strikes and flames burst from the building’s windows. People are seen to be leaping from the tower in desperation, wanting to flee such destruction and turmoil. The Tower signifies darkness and destruction on a physical scale, as opposed to a spiritual scale. The Tower itself represents ambitions built on false premises.”


And was also on the cover of the 2017 Economist. Impending destruction and turmoil in the near future? Planned for 2017?


Then we have the 14 miracle actors, I mean “survivors”. We need that human touch to add to the story. Stairway to Heaven, they call it. Give the people a hope story, a heart story.

So we are supposed to believe anyone SURVIVED this? They survived because THEY WEREN’T THERE.

Here Judy Wood goes on the attack, saying Steven Jones is just a gatekeeper. He raises his hand first and “bullies” the other scientists to vote his way. Now there is no sign of him “peer pressuring” the rest, but the bigger point here is that she is ALSO a gatekeeper. So the gatekeepers don’t care which gatekeeper’s story you pick, just as long as you pick one.

So they make it look like they are enemies when they are really on the same side. Just like Bush and Clinton, Wood and Jones, they act like enemies, but behind the cameras they are all good family friends and even vacation together.

  • crisis actors on a set

Now we’ll look at a few clips from September Clues, which I find to be a great presentation showing the fakery. Notice that Jason Bermas, shill from Loose Change, does everything he can to discredit the September Clues guy, all the way up to calling him a drug addict!

The “people on the street” questioned about 911 were all staged actors. The area was cordoned off so the real public couldn’t get in. It was one big staged set. From the people running, to the firemen, to the reporters, all actors playing their parts.

All the amateur footage of the “attack” just happened to come from people who’s profession was in graphic arts and animation. Here’s one example, but there are many more.

Third-rate actors were employed to sell the first Gulf War in 1990. This was a Beta test for their future staged events, especially their biggest event, 9/11.

Shock and Awe- where did we hear that term before?

Oh yeah when they attacked Iraq, the campaign was called “Shock and Awe”. A second “shock and awe” campaign, the first against the US, this one against the innocent citizens of Iraq.

Notice how “Shock and Awe” phonetically sounds like “Shekinah” the Hebrew word that translates to “a manifestation of God’s glory”. Although in this case, the manifestation is of THEIR gods glory. One of death and destruction.

Notice the aircraft carrier that George Bush Junior made his victory speech on. The USS George H.W. Bush, George’s father. And what is the vessel number? Seventy-seven. The same number as the Flight that supposedly went into the Pentagon. Seventy-seven is the occult number for Lucifer/Satan.

“Mission Accomplished” is the title of Bush’s speech. And notice he comes in on a helicopter. He is on international waters giving his speech. One world government, international speech, one world speech.

  • missile hit each tower not planes.

Planes were CGI’ed OVER the actual missiles. “Nonetheless, several people DID report a missile.”

Flight 11- North Tower. Eleven is symbolic of their pillars of Freemasonry. “They were pillars of their community.” Jachin and Boaz, Justice and Mercy.

Flight 175- South Tower. 175 is another way to write 13. Thirteen stands for the thirteen bloodline families that rule under Lucifer.

  • missile hits Pentagon

Most people figured out that it WAS a missile that hit the Pentagon. 911: In Plane Site actually does a decent job proving the missile theory. But THEY wanted us to believe it was Flight 77.

As stated earlier, 77 is the occult number for the two main gods they worship, Lucifer and Satan, who really is one and the same. Lucifer represents the light side, White Pope, and Satan represents the dark side, Black Pope. Crowley wrote a book on the number in triple form.

Notice too we had the 7/7 bombings in London? Connected? I would say…yes.

  • missile hits field in Shanksville, intended for White House.

The debris field is representative of a missile NOT of an airplane.

Here is the debris field of an airplane. We would see airplane parts, not absolute disintegration. Here is an actual plane crash in Colombia.

Remember that the flight number was Flight 93. And remember our Thelema connection to 93?

In the official story we were told the mastermind behind 9/11 was Osama Bin Laden. Bin Laden actually worked for the CIA under daddy Bush. His operative name was Tim Osman (Os-Man) Os as in Oz. which is short for Osiris, which is another name for Lucifer.

Notice he is pointing up. Meaning “the one”, or the Un. Un is an ancient name for Lucifer. Isn’t it interesting that the acronym for the United Nations is UN?


If you are still not sure who is behind 9/11 check out all these occultic dates where staged events happened:

But first, the importance of 9/11:

Revelation 9:11- “They had as King over them the angel of the Abyss, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, and in Greek is Apollyon (that is Destroyer.)”

11/11/1918 @ 11 am- World War 1 Ends-  11 and 11 and 11 is (33).

11/22/1966- Kennedy Assassinated-  11 plus 22 is (33) and 66 is a double (33).

3/30/1981-Attempted Reagan Assassination- 3 and 3 is (33).

9/11/1990- Bush Senior gives speech on New World Order (9/11)- exactly 11 years before the 9/11 attacks.

2/26/1993-World Trade Center Bombing (93) the number of Thelema.

Second, the importance of 4/19:

The start of the Feast of Beltane- Celebration of the Horned God, also known as Cernunnos and Pan, and ending on May 1st.

Remember Pan is also the Devil as you can see here on the Devil Tarot card, remember the Mason’s with their loose Kabal or Cable around their necks?

4/19/1993- Waco, Texas Bombing- (Beginning of 13 days of Sacrifice to the Beast, ending on Beltane, May 1) and (93) Thelema.

4/19/1995- Oklahoma City Bombing- (Beginning of 13 days of Sacrifice to the Beast, ending on Beltane, May 1) WITH DRILL.

9/11/2001- Twin Towers- (9/11) WITH DRILL.

3/11/2004- Madrid Bombing- 3 times 11 is (33).

12/26/2004- Malaysia Tsunami- bomb set off in the ocean causing the tsunami. 12 and 26 is 11 and 2004 is 6 so 11 times 6 is 66 which is a double (33).

8/29/2005- Hurricane Katrina and Levee Break- 8 and 2 plus 9 is 11 so 8/11. 8 times 11 is (88) 8 is H in numerology so you have HH or Heil Hitler, one of their two most worshiped men, the other being Aleister Crowley. During Katrina the bombs caused a breach in the canal where said breach was purposely done years before to protect the rich area of town.

11/9/2005- Amman, Jordan Bombing- is 11/9 or (9/11).

7/11/2006- Mumbai, India Train Bombings- 7 times 11 is 7/11 or (77)- number for Lucifer/Satan.

11/26/2008- Mumbai, India Bombings- 8 times 11 is (88) 8 is H in numerology so you have HH or Heil Hitler again.

3/11/2011- Fukushima Tsunami- 3 times 11 is (33)- bomb set off in ocean caused tsunami.

4/19/2013- Boston Bombing-  suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev is killed in a shootout, while his brother DZhokhar (JOKER) is later captured hiding in a boat inside a backyard in the suburb of Watertown. Boat? In WATERtown? And people believe this crap. (Beginning of 13 days of Sacrifice to the Beast, ending on Beltane, May 1).

11/13/2015- Paris Bombing- is 1 plus 1 plus 1 is 3 and 3 (33) and also a Friday the 13th. Friday the 13th being the day Jacques DeMolay, head of the Knights Templar, was arrested by the Pope.

Third, the importance of 322:

Genesis 3:22- “And the LORD God said, “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever.” They believe they will evolve into gods.

3/22/2015- Brussels, Belgium Bombing (322)- Number of Skull and Bones.

4/19/2016-  Replica of Temple of Baal erected in Times Square, New York and in Trafalgar Square, London (Beginning of 13 days of Sacrifice to the Beast, ending on Beltane, May 1).

3/22/2017- London Bombing (322)- Number of Skull and Bones WITH DRILL.

3/30/2017- I-85 Bridge Collapse- is 3 and 3 (33). To perpetuate the 9/11 “fires brought down the towers” myth.


So let’s go over a few key points that we should have noticed:

  • drills before hand and/or pre-event like World Trade Center bomber (9/11, London 7/7, and Oklahoma City)
  • on occultic dates
  • minimize cost, maximize profits (empty buildings, canal breach)
  • only destroyed WTC buildings, all other buildings outside of complex remained
  • Katrina only destroyed Ninth Ward, rich side remained untouched
  • masonic hand signs, masonic numbers on flights, hats
  • ALL involve bombings, most likely done by Black Ops teams
  • perpetuate the lie by having smaller staged events

Another interesting fact is the use of the number 59:

Only 59 people claimed money from the 911 Fund for victims and their families. 59 bombs were dropped on Syria per President Trump just recently. The significance of 59? It’s used to show “almost to completion”. 59 Seconds and the minute is almost up. Times up.

So you can see my theory on 911 would be the Staged Event Theory. You can see the connections on the timeline for all the other staged events. Why would 9/11 be any different? It is just the biggest lie of the bunch.

Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Henchman,  said,“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

“In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”- Author unknown.

Be a revolutionary.

Here’s my YouTube presentation:

I’ve attached a pertinent article and YouTube vids for more information below.

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15 responses on “911 Decoded- Mystery Solved

  1. lidy

    Aloha Rosette. I learn a lot here and reading your thoughts about this event, and the path you took towards it, gives me so much energie. For me you did it again girl, you hit the jackpot. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Thank you kindly as always Lidy. It’s good to know that so many people did NOT die that day. That people were NOT trapped. That people did NOT jump out of the windows. I was so horrified by the events unfolding that day. As were many others. Our combined sorrow fed these monsters staging these events and was used towards their Great Work. But people ARE being killed. Good people fighting them. And people in the cross hairs of their illegal wars. And people used in their satanic rituals. They DO perpetuate suffering. 59 came up recently. Trump’s bombs. One from completion. Will he be the one to bring in Armageddon? But whatever is planned do not have fear. God will right it all in time.

  2. patrick

    So good, yet one off the mark – re: Lucifer….mentioned a single time in the official cult text of nicea (KJV version) yet over and over it is just beaten to death here – satan doesnt even exist – the name is the divining One…please do some more connecting b/c one final question no one seems to get (esp in this alt sphere) – who created the divining One and/or Lucifer? Ya…answer is there…to “who caused nine one one”…and it ain’t men…nor lucifer…or make believe satans…keep digging, you’re one of the best!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      The controllers of our world worship Lucifer. That is a fact. If you read/watch my other decodings you will see how obvious it is. This is not even up for debate with me. I KNOW there is this being/force that is behind the destruction in our world. The ones in control believe it. Their GREAT WORK is all about doing the work of getting Lucifer in power.
      The devil is in the details-literally.
      The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

      1. Claes

        Rosette, I belive there are “Controllers” over “ouhr controllers, and the are tricking them, as they trick us!
        Where?? have you investigated Switzerland!???

        1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

          Aloha Claes, I have. Switzerland is “Sister Land” aka Sisters of Isis. They are the Land of the Knights Templars. The Vatican bankers. I think everyone is tricked (compartmentalized) all the way down the pyramid. Only the few at the tippy top know the full scope of the game they are playing.

          1. Luke Aspen

            Is it ok if I add my 2 cents worth? Don’t forget about the Swiss Bilderberg Hotel! In 1954 that’s where they held their very first private world conference. And they have been calling themselves “The Bilderbergs” ever since. Their annual conference is coming up the end of this month. I always check to see who’s on the attendance list for recognizable names. Will let you know.

          2. Rosette Delacroix Post author

            Of course Luke! Thanks for that input! Yes the Bilderbergs are a very important element to all of this. Builder Bergs- berg or burg- castle or mountain- tower builders. And please do. Will be interesting I’m sure.

  3. nathalie guiraudet

    Hello Rosette, another great posting! Just when I thought I had had it with 9/11 you come along with another big wrench to throw into the machine. I too was sucked into the whole Judy Wood thing for a bit. I mean heck it made the most sense compared to all the other crap we were being fed about 9/11. But I had some serious issues with the constant smirk on her face. It really made me uncomfortable but I couldn’t figure out why, so I just moved on, not knowing what really happened but knowing the entire thing was planned and had been planned for a long time, and we were living in one heck of a time. (now I know it’s because she is a really bad actor!)

    Now that find between wood and smallstorm is beyond some fantastic detective work. Again I was thrown for a loop as the evidence cannot be denied! I have only listened to smallstorm in a few interviews but man I would NEVER have connected her with the dark side. Heck, their is almost no one left to trust out there. The positive side I guess is I’m having more and more free time as I cross more and more people off my “interested in list”

    I still dont understand how they could clean up such a huge mess so fast. And those people throwing themselves out of the buildings, yes I was horrified, but now I see in freeze frame the position of the falling man-a-kin, after you having pointed out this lovely pose so often, that all falls away……and yes it made me really really angry. Such a cruel way to play with people’s compassion. So I believe nothing they present. Even if a dead body fell at my feet I wouldn’t believe it:) Fool me twice, shame on me

      1. Lidy

        Good day Luke, there are several Bilderberg hotels in the Netherlands and one of them is called “Klein Zwitserland” or “Small Switzerland” and for the guests from abroad simpel Swiss Bilderberg Hotel. It stands in a hilly part of the Netherlands, but not higher than the sand dunes at the coast. So the name suggests more than what it is. But now we are all on the right track again. 🙂

  4. Arc

    People can’t still honestly believe the official story right? Nice work on the timeline.

    Your path seemed much like mine. I fell in a lot of the same traps. Galactic federation on light rofl. Heck I even started reading Rathma channelings… that’s some evil crap.

  5. Mike

    Rosette, just found you a few weeks ago on YouTube and have been working my way through your wonderful decoding videos. This is my first visit to your website and found this page. Very interesting, good and troubling [finding Smallstorm part of the problem!]. One date I found incorrect is JFK [he was killed in 1963, not 1966]. Otherwise great work and looking forward to working my way through your website. Thanks and keep up the good work.

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