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Flat Earth Decoded (Part 5) North Pole, The Masons and True Location of Jerusalem

So let’s look at this logically. If through our analysis we have determined that the true location of Eden is at the North Pole, then where did Adam and Eve go when they got kicked out of the Garden? Wouldn’t it be logical that they would want to stay close to “home”? Wouldn’t it be logical that they would settle where the land is green and fertile?

Would it make sense for them to keep on trekking? Leave the lands of the North and keep going until they get to the Middle East? Would it make sense for them to settle in a dry, arid, barren area of desert? Far far away from home?

Of course not! And in an area that is located at the 33rd degree parallel? Don’t forget that 33 is the Masonic number of the Adept. The one in the know. The temperature at which ice melts. Ice melts where? In the desert of course. Where the knowledge is revealed. So would it be a coincidence that the place that is “represented” to be the location of the Garden of Eden is ON their Masonic number?

Remember that the Mason’s go all the way back to the Tower of Babel, to the time of Nimrod’s rule. Nimrod was the first Master Mason. Remember too, that the Tower of Babel, that Nimrod supposedly built, was cut, and from that moment the people’s of the Earth were dispersed across the plane.

Now in the area of the 33rd degree we have the supposed location of Jerusalem. The exact center of which is 31° 47′ 00 N by 35° 13′ 00 E. If we add the numbers we get: 666.

31° 47′ 00 N
+35° 13′ 00 E
6 6 6 . 00

666 another one of their Masonic numbers, which they use to stand for Lucifer, the Beast. Is it a coincidence that Obama’s limo is called the Beast? And is exactly 18 feet long? Eighteen of course is 6 plus 6 plus 6 or 666.

Notice too that Baghdad and Benghazi are both located at the 33rd degree latitude as well. Baghdad is where we are told Babylon is located, but I believe that is part of the cover up as well. We’ll look at why ancient sites such as Babylon might not be as they appear. And then we have Benghazi, Libya, where we had the infamous American Embassy staged event. Damascus, where we have a war going on, and Iran which is next. Are we surprised all these happenings are along the 33rd?

We shouldn’t be when we discover they are all in the Masonic brotherhood. Here’s Syrian President Assad doing the Masonic handshake with Former Iranian President Ahmadinejad!

Now on the subject of this desert land, I watched a video lately that showed that many of the ancient sites were actually faked! The next several images are directly from Event Skeptic’s presentation on this topic. I will link Skeptic’s YouTube presentation below.

Notice Agatha Christie used here to give these fake sites some clout. “Oh look, it is Agatha Christie, this must be real!” he says.

That they used REBAR to make these temples, such as the Temple of Baal. Rebar is a modern form of construction. We were told that these sacred sites were made out of solid stone!

That the Pyramids were made from huge BLOCKS of stones. In fact, that the stones were so big and so heavy that we don’t even have machinery on Earth today that can move them!! BUT if you look at the evidence, these “blocks” seem to have been made in place, using molds, with their interiors made from SAND and only their outer fascia has a more solid substance.

Here is another photo where you can clearly see Rebar being used in creating this site.

Here you can see they are doing concrete work to the Sphinx and use the rails below to bring in materials.

So he says here, ” From fake “hewn” Abu Simbel, let’s go to the Sphinx. Allegedly the oldest statue of humanity, witness of grand “world flood” and guardian of the pyramids, carved out of solid rock. In fact, the last of the fake structures at so called Ancient Egypt at Giza, was finished not so long ago in the “reborn” era of photography. Stories from the crypt about solid rock of course bullshit. Piles of defective rock, all types of rejected material, from all over Giza were brought here, with tiles and transportation units. Four of such piles of garbage formed the body of “ancient sphinx”, the head was cast at the end. More primitive monumental building you can’t find.”

And it appears the Sphinx was made in the shape of the destroyed Temple of Solomon. Just turn the Temple around 180 degrees and you can see the lower building are the front paws, the taller building the head, and the back, the flat elongated area.

Was its true location in Scotland? Are they taking the energy from the Temple of Solomon site and giving it to this mockery called the Sphinx?

And you know how we know these Temples were NOT buried in sand over thousands of years and just uncovered? Because If you look, all these sites are ON the sand. ON the level surface. If they were BURIED under the sand they would be BELOW the sand. They are NOT!!! So the only way for them to be uncovered ON the sand would be that they were buried in some sort of Hill, or Mound, which is NEVER THE CASE!

Now from the previous presentation (Flat Earth Decoded Part Four) you can see that the STONE Masons built the Castles. The Castles are symbolic of the mountain/tower at the North Pole. Now could these same STONE Masons make these FAKE sites to divert our attention to areas of no significance to hide the TRUE special places? Take STONEhenge for example. There seems to be pretty good evidence that Stonehenge was actually built fairly recently.

From Skeptic’s vid we see engineers using pulleys and lifts to put the STONES into place.

Here is a crane used to set the heavy stones.

The site is clearly Stonehenge.

Here are two craftsmen (stone mason’s perhaps?) working a stone to make it look weathered and ancient.

And here is the completed view from above. Notice how it is shaped like the Flat Earth, with the “islands” in the middle, with a ring of “mountains” surrounding them. And the outer ring being like the Antarctic ice wall.

If you are familiar with the West Memphis Three case you will know that the three were part of a Satanic group that would meet at a place they called STONEhenge to perform Satanic rituals!!! Is this what STONEhenge in England was built for as well? Satanic rituals? This one is in Tennessee.

You can see the STONE columns being used here. Painted on pentagrams, a reversed swastika on the right.

And then we have the Georgia GuideSTONES, contracted by R.C. Christian. RC Christian is code for Rosicrucian- a high level secret society above the Freemasons. The stones have the GG alliteration. GG= 77, 77 is code for Lucifer and Satan. Notice how these STONES have a very similar layout to STONEhenge.

The designs are very similar. Tall pillars of stone with stone beams connected at the top.

Remember too that they found blood at the top of the Georgia GuideSTONES. So some sort of blood ritual was done here as well.

So if the Mason’s faked many of the ancient sites in Egypt and even faked STONEhenge in England, why stop there? We know NASA is full of lies and relentlessly promotes Ball (Baal) Earth. Then why not make some “ancient artifacts” (artifacts~ artificial facts) that look like ASTRO-Nots?

I mean seriously, we’re supposed to believe this dude is ancient? He looks like a Russian COSMO-Not. From the Wiki, “Perched on a façade over the northern entrance of a 300-year-old cathedral in Salamanca, Spain, is a carved figure remarkably reminiscent of a modern astronaut. Construction of the cathedral was started in 1513 and completed in 1733.”

And remember that “facade” has a dual meaning. The other meaning is “an outward appearance that is maintained to conceal a more creditable reality”. So they are telling us this is fake.

And then we have this Hieroglyph that I’m sure you’ve all seen. I have to say I was very fascinated by it and stunned! But I have come to realize we have been duped here as well! There were NO helicopters back then! There were no submarines. This is also a fake arti-fact.

Now we need to ask, why did the Mason’s set up their lodges in Scotland? Where their headquarters are? Remember the Masons tell us that they worship every direction BUT THE NORTH. They actually say that the NORTH is EVIL. Why is that? Well we know that the Mason’s at the upper levels worship Lucifer. And the King of the NORTH will return, who is JESUS. So of course JESUS to them is the enemy. They set up their lodges in the NORTH to watch. The Watchers- to watch for his coming.

Here is their Grand Lodge in Scotland.

So now, it makes logical sense that man first settled the lands closest to the Garden and that this fact is being covered up by the Masons. So let’s look at the area of the North for clues.

NorWay- The Way of the NORTH (Norse)

Sw-EDEN- South West of EDEN

FinLand- Land’s end (End~ Edn~Eden)

NetherLands- Land’s end (End~ Edn~Eden)

Denmark- Den~ Eden Mark or Eden Location

Poland- Land of the Pole (North Pole)

England- E – Earth and NG is the Norse Rune for Ruler, so Earth King Ruler

GerMany- Ger means spear, GER Many-many spears or many swords. Sword versus Stone. They are the people of the Sword or the S Word or the Word.

Are we seeing connections yet? All these countries have names related to Eden and the North Pole and Christ!

So…S-word versus S-tone.

The Word-in flesh is Jesus.

The Tone- (music, one of the seven spurious sciences)- in flesh is Lucifer. Prince of the Air, prince of the airwaves, music, tone.

The Swords are the Red Rose, the Stones are the White Rose.

So the S Tones are the Stones or the Masons.

Oliver Stone – Here doing the pyramid hand sign with the 66, or double 33, behind him and being on his LEFT side- the Left Hand Path.

His son Sean Stone – Pointing at his temple, the masonic hand sign for the “one’s in the know”. Notice he has the “crown” behind him. He works for the crown.

Larry Silverstein (Stein means Stone in German) Silver Stone.  And notice his Orange tie. Orange is 33 in numerology, saying symbolically he is a Mason. Remember it was Larry Silverstein who owned the Twin Towers and said the infamous line “pull it” regarding Building 7.

Oh I forgot to mention, Oliver and Sean’s real last name is also Silverstein. Oliver changed it to Stone.

Albert Einstein or (One Stone). Notice Einstein doing the Kali here. Sticking out his tongue at God. Isaiah 57:4, “Against whom do ye sport yourselves? Against whom make ye a wide mouth and draw out the tongue? Are ye not children of transgression, a seed of falsehood?”

Whitney Houston or (Hew Stone) A hewer of stone is again a Mason. Notice she is covering her right eye. She followed the Left Hand Path.

David ROCKefeller (a feller of Stone- similar to a hewer of Stone.) His wrist watch set on 9 and 11, way before the event on 9/11.

The Rolling Stones with their iconic logo of the Kali tongue, mocking God. ROCK n Roll (known as? The Devil’s music).

So we see they are all Masons.

So if the Mason’s manipulate us to give energy TOWARDS these fake sites, they TAKE AWAY energy from the real sites by marginalizing them and hiding them. Let’s check out evidence of the real sites now.

Adam and Eve would want to live in a lush green land like their homeland. Scotland is that lush green land. And remember that when this plane was first created, the sun traversed a tighter path. So the climate at the North Pole and the surrounding areas, including Scotland, was semi-tropical. Similar to what Hawaii is today, a temperate climate. Hawaii is also nicknamed the Paradise Isles for a reason.

The English poet William Blake, wrote a poem alluding to Jerusalem being in England.

Blake’s poem

  And did those feet in ancient time,
Walk upon Englands[8] mountains green:
And was the holy Lamb of God,
On Englands pleasant pastures seen!

And did the Countenance Divine,
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was Jerusalem builded here,
Among these dark Satanic Mills?

Bring me my Bow of burning gold;
Bring me my Arrows of desire:
Bring me my Spear: O clouds unfold!
Bring me my Chariot of fire!

I will not cease from Mental Fight,
Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand:
Till we have built Jerusalem,
In Englands green & pleasant Land.

In England we also have the tale of the giants Gog and Magog. From the Wiki, “One of the legends of Gog and Magog explicitly concerns London. As with most legends, there are variations on the theme, but a popular one goes that Gog and Magog were two monstrous giants, the product of the 33 wicked daughters (there’s that pesky number 33) of Roman emperor Diocletian and certain demons they’d been canoodling with. As he founded New Troy (which would become London), the heroic Brutus tamed the two colossi, forcing them to serve as guardians of the city by chaining them outside his palace, the site of which is now Guildhall. They have a celebration every year in the City of London parading these two giants around the city.

And remember that The City of London is basically a country of its own within the country of England. This is where the Controller’s financial system is headquartered.

Then we have George Bush Senior, the 41st President of the United States, who went by Magog in his Skull and Bones Fraternity.

Revelation 20: “When the thousand years are complete, Satan will be released from his prison, and will go out to deceive the nations in the four corners of the earth,Gog and Magog, to assemble them for battle. Their number is like the sand of the seashore. And they marched across the broad expanse of the earth and surrounded the camp of the saints and the beloved city. But fire came down from heaven and consumed them.…”

The Gog and Magog people being walled off by Alexander’s forces. Book of Alexander. Bruges, Belgium, 15th cent.

Land of “Gog i Magog”, its king mounted on a horse, followed by a procession (lower half); Alexander’s Gate, showing Alexander, Antichrist, and mechanical trumpeters. ~ Catalan Atlas, 1375.

Again, walled off…

And then we have Hadrian’s Wall which divides Scotland and England. Walling off Gog and Magog to the south? They said it showed the farthest northern reach of the Roman Empire and the wall was to keep invaders from the North out. But I think it was to keep invaders from the South out. He who writes history determines how it is skewed.

Scotland, with the TRUE location of JERUSALEM as Edinburgh or EDENburgh, Eden Mountain. Jerusalem, City of Peace. Notice the mountain in the background.

This mountain is named Arthur’s Seat. And would fit the location of the Mount of Olives, just outside of Jerusalem. His “seat” meaning where he ruled. And could this Mountain have been a giant olive tree cut?’s_Seat

And we even have a pygmy connection here as well. Remember that Mercator said one of the four islands at the Pole was peopled by little people. Well just a few years back, little people “coffins” were discovered at Arthur’s Seat. Who put them there and why are still a mystery.

Remember that the Wizard of Oz was also symbolic of the North and had little people in it. They were called Munchkins. Now I’m not saying these are “actual” little people, but representative of them. Like dolls, but in a morbid way?

Arthur’s Seat is located in Holyrood Park. And what does Holyrood remind you of? Why Hollywood of course. Did they name Hollywood in California after Holyrood in Scotland? Is it another diversion tactic? By using the name elsewhere it takes energy from Holyrood and gives it to Hollywood.

Holyrood, or Hollywood, in the City of Fallen Angels, Los Angeles, where they host the Oscars. Oscar stands for Osiris, which is another name for Lucifer. Notice this year’s Oscar ceremony they had a stage set up like our Flat Earth, with a dome, firmament with stars, mountains surrounding the North Pole, and even hexagonal columns that look like The Wizard of Oz’s Emerald City, the tower in the middle! The purple background is for Lucifer, giving him energy to usurp Jesus’ throne.

Back to Edinburgh, we have another interesting feature located there, the Stone of Scone, also known as Jacob’s Pillow.

From the Wiki, “According to the account given in Genesis (Chapter 28:10-22), Jacob was fleeing from his elder twin brother Esau, whom he had tricked out of receiving their father Isaac‘s blessing of the first-born. On his flight, Jacob rested at a city called Luz and used a group of stones as a pillow.

In his dreams, he then saw

… a ladder was set up on the earth, and its top reached to heaven; and there the angels of God were ascending and descending on it.

And behold, the LORD stood above it and said: “I am the LORD God of Abraham your father and the God of Isaac; the land on which you lie I will give to you and your descendants.

Also your descendants shall be as the dust of the earth; you shall spread abroad to the west and the east, to the north and the south; and in you and in your seed all the families of the earth shall be blessed.

Behold, I am with you and will keep you wherever you go, and will bring you back to this land; for I will not leave you until I have done what I have spoken to you.”

After waking up, Jacob exclaimed: “This is none other than the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven!” Subsequently, he called the place Bet-El, which translates to “House of God”. He set up the stone he had slept on as a pillar, and consecrated it. He also made a vow to God in reference to his eventual return.”

Jacob’s Ladder to God. Here is William Blake’s version.

Now this same stone is thought to be the Stone of Scone. The same stone used in Scottish and English coronations. It was supposedly brought to Scotland from Egypt centuries ago. But is this even true? And If Jacob really rested his head on it in the Middle East why wouldn’t they keep it in the Middle East? Why would it be so important to English and Scottish Kings? Perhaps because the TRUE location of the story was in Scotland? That would make perfect sense!

So more obfuscation by the Mason’s? Of course! And instead of giving good energy to this Red Stone the Mason’s have us give energy to their BLACK stone. The Kaaba in Mecca.

The Black Monolith in 2001 A Space Odyssey.

This one is in New York City. Do a Google search and you’ll find a ton more all around the world. Again taking away the good energy from the Red Stone (red blooded, Christ) and giving it to the Black Stone (black or blue blooded, Lucifer).

But alas! We are in the time of revelation, a time of revealing. The truth is unfolding at a phenomenal pace! Lucifer was allowed to rule only for a time and it does seem that his time is short. They are ramping up their agendas at the same time their agenda is being revealed. It will all come to a head in this generation.

Jesus will be coming back to take his rightful place as King of the North, ruler of Earth and we will have, after some struggle, the City of Peace, Jerusalem, all across our plane.

Here’s my YouTube presentation:

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31 responses on “Flat Earth Decoded (Part 5) North Pole, The Masons and True Location of Jerusalem

  1. lidy

    Hello Rossette, it is a while since I commented, but I read your articles. You give so much to think about, that I need the time to think. From my heart I can say that it resonates, as if you touch a deeper knowledge, because while I’m reading I feel happy and at ease. So thank you for sharing all your findings in such an accessible way.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Aloha lovely Lidy,
      Sometimes I think, am I really posting this? I mean, I believe it, but I think people will just think I’m nuts!! Ha ha. So I do appreciate my friends that have joined me here on this ride and can see that there is some truth in all of this. And it’s okay if we don’t agree on all of it. We grow together each at our own pace. I just know I have met some lovely souls to share in this journey and you are one of them. Mahalo, Rosette

  2. nathalie guiraudet

    Well Rosette, you have achieved your magnum opus with this foursome! I wish I wish I had someone to share them with, but alas they are too far advanced for the mere mortals I know. Heck at this point if you ain’t keeping up with the new playing field you just ain’t going to understand the language being used. It’s like you are rewriting reality in 3D. I might just for the heck of it pass it on to a few mortals and see how the cage bounces around:)

    This is probably not news to you since you are so incredibly well informed but I’ve been to the Scottish Highlands and what a beautiful and bizarre place it is. Land land land everywhere and no one really knows who owns most of it. Huge tracts of land are owned by people that are never seen. Apparently the owners come and go but by means that don’t require cars that drive through towns. And there are fences but the rule is you can walk anywhere you want as long as you never leave a gate open. So they don’t police trespassing for the most part. It was an odd place.

    Thank you for your feedback (along with Itchy) on nuclear weapons. It feels right that it is a well designed scare tactic but what about radiation? I know you said none where you are from Fukushima, but I have gone to websites where people track worldwide radiation. So what are they tracking? Is it actual radiation but not from any weaponry? On the website Climateviewer News by Jim Lee, which I just found, he has this climateviewer 3D interactive thing and one thing you can track is nuclear crap. So what is this actually tracking? My computer is to slow to play with it, So is he part of the fear porn? All this crap, I don’t believe anything anymore. The only thing I feel is actually real is that twice in my life I have fallen in love and I’m pretty dam sure that wasn’t a contrived story………..or was it:)

    Luke thank you for your feedback on various questions. I have never heard of HBCU and heck what does that even mean? Historically Black college university, doesn’t sound like it makes sense. why would you use college and university together like that? And historically black as opposed to unhistorically black? I will have to look up coons and boules, no idea what that is:)

    And you have seriously (but in a good way mind you) ruined movie watching for me. I will never look at damon or afflecks rear ends the same again. So much for getting immersed in the movie watching experience! I learned about the concept of inversion from Rosette some time back, but it took awhile for me to actually understand what she ment. But now I get it and wow I see it everywhere. Understand I have no issues with what two consenting adults want to do with each other, but this behavior is about degrading and controlling someone……inversion in a sense. I must say living with this attached to your psyche must be so dehumanizing and demoralizing. Uhgg

    Oh and yea they came out of nowhere and just happened to be able to convince Robin Williams to act in their movie. Ha, how contrived. But alas I did fall for it way back when

    And hello Itchy, I too watch those chemtrails with a heavy heart. By my observation we have no natural weather anymore. I live in Northern New England and have been watching this scum for years and years now. And they definitely are ramping it up. I tried for a long time to find patterns but the point when I did everything would change. Now it’s either cloudless sky, while awaiting the planes or hazy sky with no clouds. Wow when I see real clouds it freaks me out. In my younger day I traveled many times across America by car and would marvel at the skies especially out west. Wonder what they look like now.

    It is a mystery why some can see them and many cannot. I try not to be too hard on those that can’t because I used to be one of them. I have looked at pictures of mine from times past and can see the trails, but at the time I had no idea they where even there. Like things are invisible until such time as you can see them. It was 5 below this morning. I used to start planting cold weather crops by mid April but not anymore. The flip side is we used to always get a killer frost by mid September and now we might not get a killer frost until end of October. So is this the weather modification or natural changes of this earth? Who would know with all the lies.

    Rosette, I am not religious but I am growing spiritually. I use the term god as that is what comes easiest to me but I follow no organized religion. I believe we all have to do for ourselves, for if we don’t do the work how will we ever know the rewards? But, I sure hope sometime soon a little help comes our way. No one is ever downloading me into a computer program I can tell you that!

    My best to all

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Aloha sister Nathalie!So interesting that you got to go to the Scottish Highlands! And what a trip that it’s like that. That you can walk anywhere just mind the gates! I would absolutely love to go there. Did you get to Edinburgh? Climb Arthur’s Seat? or Ben Nevis? Did you notice if they got sprayed with Chemtrails up there? I suspect they do. I have friends in Wales and England where there is heavy spraying daily. I would assume Ireland and Scotland as well. I would say because they are “watching” and don’t want us to see what is coming. They want to see first.
      Now what you say about the cold coming sooner and leaving sooner, that would fit with the natural path of the sun. Remember that the sun traversed a tight path around the north pole when earth was first formed. The north pole was semi-tropical. Over the years its path widened, where now it traverses between tropic of cancer (summer) and tropic of capricorn (winter). A few hundred years ago Samuel Rowbotham wrote how treacherous the south seas were around antarctic rim. That is because the sun didn’t traverse that far. It does now. So it’s path is widening and moving farther south. What happens when its path is at the rim? Not sure, maybe it winds back and starts tightening again. But I wouldn’t chock it up to chemtrails. They want us to believe that they can permanently change things like the weather, but they can’t only temporary, they are not GOD. And they don’t want to soil their nest. They are stuck here with the rest of us. So they just get us in despair, all they have to do is have us THINK they are destroying our nest.

  3. Luke Aspen

    Hello Nathalie!
    I agree with you, part 5 of Flat Earth is a knockout! Rosette’s magnum opus indeed! Always inspiring to read her stuff! And always cool to see our core group here of You, Lidy, Itchy, Lola & Julie!
    Sorry I ruined your movie watching! I might add that Matt Damon & Ben Affleck are a part of Hollywood’s “twinning”. Meaning they are “matched up” insiders of the Illuminati. And the sodomy ritual is key for them. Rosette thinks Damon could be taken out as a sacrifice. I do agree. BUT that might not happen for quite some time. He’s on a hot streak right now as a hugh A-lister! But he is the blonde haired while Affleck is the dark. Meaning it’s the blonde to get the sacrificial murder. Much like Jake Gyllenhaal & Heath Ledger were twins & Ledger got sacrificed. Also Kurt Cobain & David Grohl and Corey Haim & Corey Feldman. So Haim & Cobain also got sacrificed. See what I mean?
    There’s so much going on in Hollywood with all this sick stuff & again the average person does not have a clue!

  4. Downtown Julie Brown

    Hello Gang!
    And great job Rosette! I too agree with Nathalie and Luke. This latest installment is top notch! You continue to amaze me with your probing skills!
    And what’s this I have been reading about you getting some negative feedback? Well to hell with them! Just keep it up Sister Rosette, you can do no wrong!
    Btw I listened to a few of your YouTube videos. On the Adidas one you sang! Well it was more of a tease but I was curious to know are you a singer too? Years ago I was quite a singer. About six years ago I was chosen for a singing spot for a big celebration here in downtown Philly. I got to sing my little heart out in front hundreds of people that day! And I chose to sing the classic song Downtown by Petulia Clarke. And so now you know perfectly why every time I sign on here with the name Downtown Julie Brown!! I’ve had my 15 seconds of fame! And if you ever make up this way to Philly please come and see me! We can go do some karaoke together! And we can even call ourselves what else but “The Downtown Girls!”

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Oh that is so awesome Julie! How fun and scary at the same time! Ha ha! That would really get me out of my comfort zone! I’m sure you have quite the lovely voice. As for me, I only sang that little bit because I wanted people to pick up how it fits in that song, My Way, perfectly. Like the brand name was made to fit that song.
      I would love to do karaoka with you. hee hee. Just make sure I have a few beers first! ha! If I do I will definitely give you a holler!

  5. nathalie guiraudet

    Hello Rosette, I went to Scotland about 20 years ago and wasn’t awake enough then to notice anything except myself:) I could go find my photos and take a look. It has surprised me immensely when I look at older photos and see chemtrails. I did a quick google search and many Scottish people are upset about them so unfortunately yes. I only drove through Edinburgh. I’m not a big fan of cities but that one I would like to go back and visit.

    It’s very interesting about the path of the sun. I know global warming is a lie, but the real truths of earths weather patterns is hard to come by. I have studied the Vostok ice cores and they don’t jive with what we are being told. Then again, are they telling the truth? Considering all the geoengineering going I would think my garden would be really suffering, but so far it hasn’t. And I enjoy not having a killer frost by mid September anymore, but I wonder endlessly what is the real reason or reasons for the absurdity of what is going on. I know in time it will affect the health of the flora, if it hasn’t already, but as you say they share this nest too so killing everything I hope isn’t the main agenda.

    Looking forward to saturday, noon eastern standard time! In regards to what Luke said about the sacrificing, perhaps you might go into that a bit? I just don’t get it. I get that sacrificing of animals and people has been going on a long time, but I’ve never been able to understand why. I might be answering my own question, but no kind and loving god would ask for a sacrifice of anything. What a perverse way to show love and devotion to something. What does it serve to keep taking the lives of these high profile people and do they have any idea when it’s their turn? For damons sake I hope you two aren’t right:)

    Thank you for offering up your time this weekend to shake some more cobwebs out of my head. See everyone then, Nathalie

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      The Vostok ice cores from Antarctica right? Supreme Bullshit in my opinion. I saw a post today too on Facebook of an article where they “discovered” the remains of a little person there. My goodness such BS! Because there ARE little people at the North Pole. You see the Antarctic Ice ring cannot support life. Only fish and water mammals (seals) live there. There is ZERO vegetation!!!! They make shit up so people will focus over THERE when the true answers lie over HERE (in the North).

      I didn’t really want to share that opinion publicly (ahem Luke). But the bottom line is that they (the Luciferian elite) know how to manipulate energy. So they GIVE energy towards their kind and divert energy from our kind. That’s why they do these rituals. Kill off the “good” one giving energy to the “bad” one. (David Grohl is Grail as in Holy Grail but has an O (Omega) instead of A (Alpha). Omega is Luciferian energy.) And not all of the “deaths” are real. You have Master Magicians in the bunch Master Masons like David Bowie.

  6. nathalie guiraudet

    Yes, very interesting. As I sat thinking about the ice cores, in one respect it made sense and in another very obvious level it made no sense as ice melts and water will move away anything that was trapped in the ice. But I though perhaps it might work to give a sense of a “bigger picture”, but since I trust nothing, there it is. If they are supreme bullshit than are those using it as a form of education also bullshit? For example greg Braden. He doesn’t appear to be working for the dark side? Should we just assume all modern science no matter what form it is presented to us is bullshit?

    Thank you for making the uncomfortable public to us, it is very helpful.

    Oh and about that little person found in the ice. My mother forwarded me the article from the NY times, uhgg. When she asked it I had read it because it was so fascinating I finally said no because I believe it is a made up story. Ouchy dead silence on the phone, but it’s time to start pushing back instead of just avoiding an uncomfortable interaction. Then she said that some basketball star said the earth is flat and I probably believe that too! Well, I said I can’t prove anything but the evidence is extremely compelling and worth looking at. Then she went to the moon landing, which I added was also a lie and the sun definitely wasn’t 93 million miles away. Heck if it was logic tells use we wouldn’t be able to see the darn thing. Oh my poor mother, she thinks her daughter is a nut:) And on a another note here, I’m not sure why they would have a high ranking sports guy say that. We know they don’t speak unless told to do so, so their must be a reason. Take care Rosette

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Well good for you! If you can’t share your truth with your family who can you share it with? Planting seeds with your mom may eventually make flowers. 🙂
      Yes the basketball player, two actually, one lesser known, the other Shaq, also a comedian Dave Chapelle, and a wrestler BJ Penn. So what they are doing is called Controlled Opposition. They know people are waking up to it. So know their NASA deception is falling like a house of cards. So they have to move closer to the truth. So have their stooges put the info out there, but control it. They will give truth, but watch, ESPECIALLY SHAQ, he’s a MAJOR MASON and proud of it, sprinkled with lies. Or some will use these guys to make themselves look legit like I saw Mathew Boylan (The NASA Channel) do recently. I’ll look to see if he made a vid. Math is just as much a Mason as Shaq is but he is using Shaq to make it look like Shaq is a shill and Math is exposing him, when in reality they are BOTH shills. Here, I found the vid. I haven’t even bothered to watch it because I KNOW THEY ARE BOTH SHILLS.
      Regarding Greg Braden. I watched his stuff a long long time ago. So I would have to watch his work again to say for sure but my gut tells me he is one of them as well. MOST ARE. They are controlled opposition and there are a ton of them. You have to look at everything case by case. There are going to be truths in there of course. But they will lie in areas that promote THEIR AGENDA. So anything that promotes EVOLUTION, NO GOD, MAN BECOMING GOD is where they put their money and propaganda.

  7. nathalie guiraudet

    Wow that dude Mathew Boylan is some obnoxious fellow! Never heard of him. His energy is yuck. Says he worked for NASA but left due to worries about threats to him life after turning FE. Hard to believe he is that worried since he keeps spewing the same noise, Their whole approach is to just fuc….. with our heads as much as possible. Again, not happy to say it but I think a giant EMP to wipe out all electrical usage is the only think that will save the masses.

    Here is the Greg braden video i watched. Hadn’t watched any of him for some time. But just getting the link I see it begins with a giant fuc…….eyeball! UHGG

    Sorry about the language

  8. Luke Aspen

    Hey Nathalie!
    It piqued my interest when I saw the name Gregg Braden. NOT a good guy! He is linked tightly to many New Age gurus! In 1987 he & other New Age celebrities met at the Masonic Temple in Sedona, AZ. It was for a conference for their mind-controlled agenda that they called “The Harmonic Convergence”. Others present for the conference included Jean Houston, James Twyman & Shirley MacLaine. Braden is also connected to Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Oprah Winfrey, Neale Donald Walsh, Eckhardt Tolle, Doreen Virtue, Elizabeth Claire Prophet, Louise Hay, Sylvia Brown. And that’s just the short list! Do you happen to recognize any of those names? Let me tell you I have spent long hours vetting & researching each & every one of them! They are ALL quite corrupt!
    Braden is especially close to Deepak Chopra. Better known as “Deep Pockets Choker!” He is a 33rd Mason! He & Braden put out a book called Magical Prayer. Over hyped New Age stuff! Chopra was also the chief head honcho for the Club of Rome. Very nefarious org! They are the offshoot of the Bilderbergs!
    Braden was also very close to Wayne Dyer. Another 33rd Mason! Braden put on his FB page a loving tribute to the late Dyer. And Dyer for years went on PBS stations to heavily push all his New Age books. Dyer & Chopra were 2 little Satanic peas in a pod! And thousands of people still buy all their books for their “spiritual healing!”
    Anyway just thought you would appreciate knowing about it all.

  9. Luke Aspen

    Also forgot to add that Braden preaches heavily about aliens & how they built the pyramids!! He’s a great match for Shirley MacLaine! She’s 82 & still rambles on about her own contact with aliens!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Thank you for all the info on Braden and company Luke! Luke knew much more on him than I Nathalie so I asked him if he wouldn’t mind filling you in. And I agree wholeheartedly with Luke. New Age guru. Nathalie you saw the one eye symbol right at the beginning of that one vid! It reminds me of that vid that was put out awhile back called Thrive. Did you see that one? The symbolism doesn’t lie. Dead give away.

  10. nathalie guiraudet

    Hello Luke and Rosette, thank you for the feedback, good feedback but hard to integrate quickly… I gave myself a day! Gosh, perception is changing sooooo quickly for me, I can’t keep up with myself at times. It wasn’t necessarily that I followed Greg Braden, it’s just that I had watched some of his videos and read a book of his over time and never imagined he was leading me down an evil road. He is dam good at playing his game. They all are so dam good at playing this evil game. Sometimes I wish I could scream loud enough to make them all stop! But Luke, thanks for all the work you do flushing these shmoo’s out. My grandmother moved to Arizona when I was very young for her arthritis, in the early 70’s I would visit every summer, had the best time of my life with her. We would hang out in Sedona and Jerome before all the New Agers came in and ruined it. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity.

    Luke do you have any info on Thomas Campbell, the physicist who wrote the book My Big Toe? I was listening to an older talk of his, 2011, and in the beginning he used the ball earth as an example of accepted thought. I tend to stay clear of the FE/ball earth subject as I don’t want to argue with people about it, but I was thinking as Rosette said they will give some truth in between forcing their agenda of no god, evolution and man becoming a machine/god. Is he another of those scientists giving a little info and getting you to look to the right when you should be looking to the left? I just can’t find much on him except how much people like what he has to say.

    Rosette I do not believe I watched the thrive video you mentioned but I have watched so many over the years I might have, but I’m new to understanding the symbolism. But that eye, I am so tired of seeing that eye. I found two braden books I own, one I have read. I am going to burn them both and let them go where they need to. This is how fed up I am:) I thought about donating them to the library but then it continues……..

    Rosette, sorry this weekend didn’t work out. Will come up with some questions and look forward to the next live video chat. Bye Mr. Luke, have a good week!

    Oh, I had a thought the other day, having grown up on broadway musicals, Brigadoon popped into my head the other day. Do you think it has anything to do with your 5 piece opus? I think it’s interesting that it takes place in Scottish Highlands.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Hi Nathalie,
      Can’t say on Brigadoon since I have never watched it but quite possibly. I wouldn’t be surprised if they hide symbolism in musicals as well.

  11. Luke Aspen

    More good questions Nathalie!
    Yes I do know about Thomas Campbell! And he’s NOT good either! So in his 2011 talk he speaks of the ball earth? Well that would only make sense because he has worked for NASA! So right there is a major red flag! Rosette has mentioned NASA & their astro-nots. More programming! Even the NASA logo is satanic! Have you noticed? So I did some more digging around on Campbell & I found out I’m not alone! There are others doing their own background checks on him. Saying they are unable to access his records of employment on the NASA website. And exactly what was his involvement?Nor able to confirm his degree in physics. And this is from the guy who claims he can unify general relativity, quantum mechanics & metaphysics along with the origins of consciousness?
    Also in 2013 he came here to Atlanta as a guest speaker at the New Age Unity Church. Another red flag! And just whom did he bring with him? The mighty 3 metaphysical minions: Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer & Oprah Winfrey! Campbell said he likes to travel in great spiritual company! In other words he came with 2 Masons and 1 Boule!
    So you now know about Chopra & Dyer, be aware of Winfrey too! She’s considered as being the Queen Bee of them all! And she got her start in the Black Boule. Did you look that up? Quick backgound reference on her: She came out of Chicago as the talk show host & It was at the same time she was selected by Spielberg & Quincy Jones to star in her very 1st film The Color Purple. She had never acted in her life & many wondered how did she get that role over hundreds of other more professional actresses? The key to knowing that is with Quincy Jones, He too is in the Boule & has great control in Hollywood. He is deeply involved with the sodomy rituals. In fact, he himself started out in the music industry producing some music albums for top names like Whitney Houston (mentioned here in Rosette’s article, covering her right eye) & Michael Jackson. And it was Jones that gave Jackson his sodomy ritual! You see what I mean?
    So Thomas Campbell is one of many in a long list of those who claim to possess great metaphysical insight to help change the planet for good. Another minion & close buddy to Campbell is Bruce Lipton. He claims we all have the power to alter our DNA just by using positive thinking. Thus we can become powerful beings much like God! He preaches the very same thing as Chopra & Dyer. “It is not blasphemy but our birth right to become our own God!” Just like Rosette commented before that that is their agenda. And Gregg Braden is lumped in with Lipton & Campbell too. They all support each other!
    And so I looked at Braden’s website & FB pages. He has posted many videos of adorable kittens of all things. On the outside he would seem like such a nice & trustworthy guy! Notice the spelling of his name GreGG. Two G’s at the end. He was told by a numerologist to add the extra G. So GG=77 and the 1st G that his name begins with = 3 G’s !!

    And Nathalie another good question was about Brigadoon! That also caught my attention! I had not thought about that show in many years but it’s a good one! So you got me to mulling over the Scottish setting in the show. I did some digging around & discovered some key things. First of all Brigadoon was the creation by Lerner & Lowe. They are very iconic Broadway composers noted for having created other great shows like My Fair Lady & Camelot! And as you know Camelot has the legend of King Arthur! They also did the muscial score for the film The Little Prince. (That should make Rosette smile!). So I found some synbolism hidden by Lerner & Lowe in Brigadoon! The story involves 2 American tourists (from New YORK) who stumble upon Brigadoon, a mysterious SCOTtish village that appears for only one day every 100 years. It was later revealed that Lerner’s book for Brigadoon was based on a much older German story by Friedrich Gerstacker about the mythical village of Germelshausen that fell under a magic curse! But Lerner denied he had based the show’s book on an older story. And that in his subsequent research, he found many other legends of disappearing towns in various countries’ folklore, and he pronounced their similarities as “unconscious coincidence”.
    Lerner’s name for his imaginary locale was probably based on a well known Scottish landmark, the Brig o’ Doon (Bridge of Doon). Other sources suggest that the fictional village’s name was constructed from the Celtic word briga, which means “town”. The name may also refer to the Celtic goddess Brigid (also pronounced Brigit, Brigid or Brig).
    So looking more closely at Alan Jay Lerner & Frederick Lowe I found that they first met & became friends by way of their membership in the Lambs Club.. The club is a turn of the century members only thespian society which is located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, NY.. And wouldn’t you know it, It’s a private club for MASONS! Even the original 1869 Lambs Club logo (which began in London) has the number 33 attached! And notice the 2 letter L’s in Lerner & Lowe = 33!
    Some of the older famous Lambs/Masons include Dwight Eisenhower, Cecil B. DeMille (film director of the 10 Commandments), Bert Lahr (friendly lion in Wizard of Oz), Fred Astaire, Charlie Chaplin, John Wayne, Rogers & Hammerstein (composers of Oklahoma & The Sound of Music), John & Ethel Barrymore (Drew Barrymore is their granddaughter & wears the butterfly tattoo as being another Hollywood Monarch!)

    So thanks Nathalie, you’re always helping me stay busy with the research!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Great stuff as always Luke! And my you pick up on all the little subtleties! New YORK and yes, spot (ha ha) on with the GGG! GGG is code for 777 of course, which is the number of the Process Church and one of Crowley’s favorite numbers and title to one if his Kabbalistic books. Oprah Winfrey got her name from Orpah in the Bible. She said her parents misspelled the name and that’s how she got Oprah. If you are familiar with the story Orpah turned her back on her people!!! And Oprah’s network is called OWN. In those three letters we have so much! Switch them around and we have NWO- New World Order of course. Also NOW and WON. So she is saying WE OWN the NWO and we have WON NOW. WON is also phonetically the same as ONE- ONE ONE World order. And ONE is also in reference to the ONE- the UN- another name for Lucifer. And the world government in place to rule through? The UN, the United Nations of course.

  12. Nathalie guiraudet

    Dang Luke you sure know how to investigate! And oh my NOT Bruce Lipton! Another book I don’t have to finish reading and can add to the burn pile. And please pardon me if I am being a bit dramatic about all this:)

    Thank you for all the information about BrigaDoon and Lerner and Lowe. And I finally figured out my failing in life……..I have never belonged to a secret society:) and their are SO MANY to choose from. Yet here I be all alone walking the streets, never to have access to a warm private room to participate in fun sodomy rituals! Rosette so sorry, perhaps in bad taste but I couldn’t help myself.

    I will read up on the Boule, I had forgotten. Never liked Oprah, hated talk shows even more. Never understood the fame of Ellen or Rosie O’ donald but I do now.

    Rosette thanks for the reading suggestions. I had never really looked at China in that context but you are right. A country turned into a giant slave factory. I can see more and more how these controlling slobs have perverted every inch of this world. Countries, boundaries, religious wars etc, everything in made up and forced to follow an
    unnatural course. Do you really believe their is a way out of this?

    You are both wonderful. I feel extremely honored to have found and be able to correspond with each of you!

  13. Nathalie guiraudet

    Morning Rosette, I know you are very busy and I’m not wanting to pry but for us who have become quite attached to you, do we need to be worried about you? It appears you have put an end to the live chat…….I will miss it. You really have amazing brainpower insight. No doubt very threatening to some but a true life giving force to me

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Aloha Nathalie,
      I’ve been getting heavily attacked lately and need a break from it. I don’t have a thick skin. It’s very hard on me. So give me a bit to regroup and I will do them again in the future. Thank you for your concern. It is really appreciated! <3

  14. Nathalie guiraudet

    Good to hear you are ok. We sure need to all stick together in some way shape or form, it’s dam nasty out there. You are stronger than I.

  15. lidy

    Aloha Rosette, when you are attacked then a break is the wisest thing to do. I should say: take your time. Your body and soul will tell you when the time has come to start again. Probably you hit the jackpot with these articles. You’ve got them trolls dancing and jumping like Rumpelstiltskin round the fire, Rosette. 🙂

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Thank you so much Lidy. I will keep writing no worries. I can’t stop. Stuff floats around in my brain and won’t let me rest until I get it on paper. 911 has been on my brain lately. Will be posting on it soon. <3

  16. Louisa Suzanna Young

    Aloha Rosette, Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge. I keep coming back and reading this one again and finding something new. I am missing your posts on facebook now, not sure if you are on there still. Will keep checking in on here.
    Keep up the excellent work ~ Louisa <3

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Hi lovely Louisa, I deactivated because I am getting attacked on there. I can’t handle it anymore. I don’t attack others. I just want to be left alone, yet they won’t leave me alone. But I will still be active here. Much appreciated for your concern. Take Care. <3

  17. lidy

    Hee Rosette,
    things go so fast I felt a little lost in all this new information. But hear what happened: I have a bible and I just opened it and what I read made me think of you and the North Pole being the true location of Eden

    I found the following text in Zacharia 2:6-13

    “Up! Up! Flee from the land of the north, declares the LORD. For I have spread you abroad as the four winds of the heavens, declares the LORD.”

    Isn’t that something?

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Yes that is! Have you been listening to our simulation talks Lidy? There is more to all of this. More to figure out and I might have to correct some of my thoughts. That’s the thing with the info. They are so good at hiding truth mixed in with their lies. It’s almost an art, picking out the truth from the rest. We will be doing a live chat tomorrow, 9 am Hawaiian time. Would be great if you could join us.

      1. lidy

        No I didn’t yet. We have a twelve hour difference, so when it is 9 am in Hawaii then it is here 9 pm.

        I know myself at that time in the evening there is not much energie left to concentrate on a conversation, in a different language, to be honest. Reading en writing is for me the easiest way, although I don’t like to dissapoint you.

        I appreciate it that you take the task upon your shoulders of being some/many steps ahead. If you have to go back a step or two :), don’t worry I go with you. And when I read all the other comments I think it is no problem at all. You give so much!…

        I read that bible interpreters have difficulties with this book of Zachariah , because it is so different from the rest of the bible. I think that is because the focus was always on the middle east.

        Now with what you found out so far I hope it becomes clearer that they were hiding the north, where it all started and it will end. That is what Zachariah writes about. The end times.

        I am going to read this book of Zachariah. It is so interesting.
        And I feel very happy that I could make a contribution to your thinkingproces. We keep on going, keep thinking and keep in touch, Rosette!

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