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Flat Earth Decoded (Part 4) North Pole, The Badlands and the Red Rose

When looking at the connection of The Wizard of Oz and the North Pole I came across many more connections. The main connections being between The Wizard of Oz, the North Pole, Eden, King Arthur and the Red Rose, which is connected to Christ. Why are they showing all these “truths” now? Or are we just more “adept” in seeing them?

Let’s start where we left off in Part Three. If we look at Mercator’s map we can see the North Pole has a Mountain or Tower at the middle.

Which is shown on The Wizard of Oz’s map as well. Only difference here is the “oceans” are sand instead of water.

Now look, here the Tower is in The Dark Tower series too. Above it, it says “End World”. End is an anagram for Eden. Switch the “d” and “n” around and you have Edn or Eden. Notice the red roses ringing it. Notice too the mountains just before.

Remember on Mercator’s map there is a ring of mountains encircling the Pole.

Also notice the Badlands. The main character has to cross the Badlands to get to the Tower. There is another story where the main character has to cross the Badlands to get to the Tower. Only in this other story the Tower is called Azra.  Now we’ll get to that connection in a few minutes.

First, let’s take a closer look at the Tower on The Dark Tower’s map. We have twelve “beams” coming out from the center. The beams are named after animals.

Which is very similar to the Chinese Zodiac with twelve animals, circling a central point. And we have a Yin Yang symbol or a Whirlpool in the middle. Remember Mercator mentioned that the four inland drawing seas met at a magnetic tower which they swirled around in a great Whirlpool.

Do you think the appliance company Whirlpool, knows the significance of their logo? I’m sure they do.

The Whirlpool, swirling around the magnetic Tower at the North Pole.

Now we know that the Zodiac or Zoo de Arc, Zoo of the Arch, also is made up mostly of animals. And what is really Noah’s Ark, the arc of the Zodiac.

And is also related to time, to our clock. And some people say our world was by chance? Look how everything amazingly fits together! It just really impresses me to no end.

So we see how the Tower is reflected in the constellations above, how it is actually the macro version of our clock, how we tell time. Now let’s look at the roses. They are red for a reason.

They are connected to King Arthur and his twelve knights of the Round Table. What do we see in the middle? Why the Red Rose. Notice Arthur is meant to be in the MIDDLE. He holds the 13th position. The one in the center, the one represented by the Red Rose.

Which reminds us of Jesus and his twelve disciples, which are ACTUALLY seated at a Round Table as well. Notice the circular cutout right in front of Jesus? They hide this in plain sight. And Jesus is in the center. Again, he holds the 13th position. The disciples represent the 12 months and are broken into groups of three, representing the four seasons.


And CHRIST is associated with the Red Rose. The Red Rose is placed in the center of the cross. The center of the cross, like the center of our bodies where the HEART is located. Notice the cross is yellow, like the SUN. Jesus is the sun/son of God. Also Rose is an anagram for Eros- the God of LOVE. And the center of our Earth is the North Pole.

Don’t forget Earth is an anagram for Heart.


Now back to The Dark Tower. For those not familiar with this series, it is based on books by Stephen King. King says that The Dark Tower series is his Magnum Opus or Great Work. The Great Work is the Work of the Masons. So King would be a Mason.

He tells us that the main character, the Gunslinger, is actually based on a Knight, of King Arthur’s Round Table. From the Wiki, “In the story, Roland Deschain (An anagram for “Land of the Chained”) is the last living member of a knightly order known as gunslingers and the last of the line of “Arthur Eld”, his world’s analogue of King Arthur.”

And just as Arthur carried a sword, Roland carries a gun. So this Gunslinger, this Knight, is on a quest to find The Man in Black, who he has some reckoning with. The Gunslinger is King Arthur, or Christ and The Man in Black is King Coel, or Lucifer. (Note that Coel is Coal- as in Black).

They are playing out The War of the Roses.

Which is a war that has been playing out since the beginning of time. When Lucifer fell. Lucifer represents the White Rose, Christ, the Red. This was played out in The War of the Roses in Britain, a series of battles to take over the throne of England. Before that by King Arthur and King Coel. And is being played out today. The Red Rose stands for Red Blooded like Christ, while the White Rose stands for the Blue Bloods, or the Elite, the followers of Lucifer.


The Arctic or the Center, the Christ, in which the constellation Arthur is directly above, is represented by the Red Rose.

Antarctica or Anti-arctic, Anti-Christ, is the outer ring, as far from Christ as you can go and is represented by the White Rose.


And remember Katniss in The Hunger Games held a Red Rose as well. She was on the side of Christ.


And Coriolanus Snow, who represented the elite, held a White Rose in his lapel. He was on the side of Lucifer.


Now Stephen King said he got the inspiration for his Dark Tower series from Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came, a poem by Robert Browning, and is a line from Shakespeare’s play King Lear.

Child Rowland to the dark tower came,
His word was still ‘Fie, foh, and fum
I smell the blood of a British man.
King Lear, Act 3, scene 4

Notice how the painting for the poem looks familiar. What is that yonder we see?

Could it be a tower? Which looks an awful lot like this tower? This tower is also known as Devil’s Tower. And could quite possibly be a giant tree- cut. Fie, foh and fum? I smell the blood of a British man. And who was this British man? The King of the Brits, Arthur of course.

The Dark Tower…

Notice how it spirals…

Like the Tower of Babel….cut.

Like the Tower nicknamed The Gherkin, in London… do you think the owners of this building know the connection to the North Pole? I would say absolutely.

So we have The Badlands on The Dark Tower map.

And we have a new show on AMC called Into the Badlands. The main character of The Dark Tower has to cross the Badlands to get to the Tower. The main character of Into the Badlands has to cross the Badlands to get to the Tower. Only in this other story the Tower is called Azra.

In it we have a boy whose stage name is Aramis KNIGHT (Aramis is an anagram for A Mars, as in A Knight of Mars. Mars is symbolic of King Arthur. King Arthur’s father was named Emperor Marcian or Martian.) So he is an Arthurian Knight, like Roland in The Dark Tower. He plays the boy, who is the equivalent of Jake in The Dark Tower.

Aramis’ name on the show is MK. Yes, MK as in MK Ultra Program. He has amnesia. From being mind controlled? He can’t remember home but wears a pendant of home around his neck. He also possess mutant abilities.

Sunny is the Roland character in this series. He is a bad ass with a sword. Sunny as in the Sun. The Sun card is 19 in the Tarot deck.

Stephen King’s favorite number is 19 and pops up in many of his stories. In The Dark Tower it pops up.

Now MK is a mutant. Just like the Wolverine is. In the last installment of the Wolverine series called Logan, we have not only the mutant connection to MK but also the story line is connected.

In Logan, we have an eleven year old girl named Laura that Logan is trying to save. She is a mutant like MK. She is seeking sanctuary as well in a place called EDEN in NORTH Dakota. Notice the key words, EDEN and NORTH.

Remember Eden is an anagram for Ende too or End. Here it even gives us this clue. It says, “Eden or the end?” How about Eden IS the End. Eden is also an anagram for Need. We Need ~ Eden. And look at the Tower in the background- Devil’s Tower.

Now we mentioned that the story line is very similar between The Dark Tower and Into the Badlands, however instead of seeking the Tower, they are seeking a place called Azra. Look at the compass and pendant. What do you see?

You see that Azra is Asgard. In Norse mythology Asgard is Heaven, and is located directly above Earth, or Midgard, at the North Pole. Notice how Asgard looks like a tower, with a moat and a draw bridge.

Now what else did that pendant remind you of? Didn’t it look just like Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz?

Let’s look at the pendant again. Yep. It even has rays coming off of the tower like it is glowing.

Now MK finds a book on Azra. Look at this character, it looks like he has the sun behind him. He is the sun/son or Christ. And he is located at the center of our world. And this figure “holds the key” the key in this case being a compass.

When the compass is placed into the book it activates it, making it point in a particular direction. Remember that all compasses point to magnetic north. To the magnetic mountain at the NORTH pole, home of EDEN.

Now if we weren’t quite sure that this is what the series is trying to portray, they give us this random shot. One of the “butterfly” girls that MK likes, holds up a snow globe. The snow globe shows the shape of our world, flat, with a glass dome above, but look whats on the side. They make sure to show us the HIBISCUS flower.

Now if you’ve watched my Flat Earth Decoded Part 2, you would know of the significance. The Hibiscus flower is symbolic of the North Pole. The petals represent the four islands separated by the four inland drawing seas, with the stamen representing the Tower in the middle, the dark portion at its base is where the seas are drawn in by a great Whirlpool.

Catherine the Second, of Russia, was aware of this symbolic connection as shown by the Hibiscus flower pinned to her dress in this portrait of her. Notice she is pointing to it. Saying symbolically that she knows the meaning behind it.

Remember too that the Hibiscus is found in Hawaii, also known as The PARADISE Isles. So connecting the flower with Paradise and Eden. The Hawaiian Hibiscus is the tropical version of? Why the Red Rose of course.

“A rose is a rose is a rose.” ~Gertrude Stein

“What’s in a name? By any other name would smell as sweet.” ~Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

Now who did Catherine learn the secret from? Why the Masons of course. They are an integral part of this cover up. Notice here in Into The Badlands, the checkered floor, which of course is symbolic of them.

The main opposing Baron in this story is called The Widow, as in the Black Widow. She has red hair and dresses in black. Notice here her holding the book on Azra.

Her’s is the House of Butterflies. MK Ultra Monarch butterflies. Their color is blue. Blue and silver.

The colors of the Moon. The colors of the Left Hand Path. The colors of Lillith or Lucifer.

And in the book of Azra there is a depiction of the 24 symbol of Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet for the sign of Sagittarius. Remember Sagittarius is Latin for Archer. And the image looks like a bow, and also a Tree of Life symbol. The Tree of Life is also supposed to be the Tower. Notice the line coming in from the top and zigzagging back and forth until it reaches the 24. Remember that MK represents Arthur, who is the Archer.

In The Hunger Games we had Katniss and Gale, who were both Archers. They came from District 12. The twelfth month, December, is the month that holds Sagittarius, the Archer. Gale put his name in for the Reaping 42 times.

Flip the 42 and you have 24 the symbol of Jupiter. The symbol of the Archer.



Now in the second installment called Catching Fire, Katniss had to play another tournament under a new dome. This one was set up like the North Pole. Notice the “tower” in the middle sectioned off into 12 “beams”.

Here is a closer look. They figured out that it worked like a clock. That an event would happen on the hour in a different section. If they could figure out which section was affected next, they could avoid the calamities that fell.

Katniss figured out that the enclosure had a honeycombed dome that was electrified above them. She shot an arrow straight into the center above and shorted it out.

You can see the honeycombed pattern of the dome here. Is this similar to the structure of our dome?

Now before I leave you I wanted to show some connections to the Tower in our real world. Notice the long lean shape of the tower here. Which is in the shape of an obelisk.

What’s probably the most famous obelisk or pole? The Washington Monument. And notice too that it is connected to water, like the tower at the North Pole.

The owner of Tower Records knows the importance of the Tower. Russell Solomon, what an occultic name. Russell, one of the thirteen bloodline families and Solomon, King Solomon, a human king who sinned, committing idolatry and was a magician and exorcist who ultimately betrayed God. Solomon is an anagram for Sol Moon or Sun and Moon.

Here is the original store in Sacrament-O.

And another store. Not sure where this one is though.

And remember the red and white barber pole going to the magnetic mountain? What does it remind you of?

And on Baum’s map we had the Yellow Brick Road in the same location. What does it remind you of?

How about this…. a castle with a draw bridge! A tower, surrounded by a moat, with a draw bridge.

A tower, surrounded by a moat, with a draw bridge.

A tower, surrounded by a moat with a draw bridge.

And what are these castles made of? Stone. Made by stone masons. Mason’s hiding the secret in plain sight all over the world. Castle is B-u-r-g in German, with Mountain being spelled B-e-r-g.

The annual BilderBERG meeting. Does it have that name for a reason? I would say yes, these are the elite who know the hidden secrets about the North Pole. Look at their map. What does it look like? Like a Dark Tower in the center?

And what’s the most famous castle with a moat and a draw bridge? Why Disney’s castle of course. We see it every time before we watch one of their movies. Disney was a 33rd degree Mason. He knew. Now we do too.

And even Asgard has a draw bridge. To get there you are supposed to go over the Rainbow (draw) Bridge.

Remember the rainBOW is connected to the Archer. It bends at 42 degrees. Flip it and you have 24, which is the symbol of Jupiter, which is the planet of Sagittarius, which means Archer in Latin. Christ is the Archer or the Arthur. The rainbow is the covenant of God with Man promising there will never be another flood. The rainbow is symbolic of Christ.

So I hope I have opened your eyes to the true nature of our world. That the Adepts know. That they hide through their symbolism the Truth about our World. That Eden IS in the center, at the North Pole. That God’s throne is directly above in Heaven, Asgard. That the Red Rose is symbolic of Arthur, who was symbolic of Christ.

Learning the truth makes me MORE spiritual not less. It shows to me, that their is a GOD and He loves us and has a plan for us. That no matter how base our world is becoming, it is temporary, that God will always make it Right in the End ~ Eden.

Here is a link to the YouTube presentation:

And here on some Wiki links:

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6 responses on “Flat Earth Decoded (Part 4) North Pole, The Badlands and the Red Rose

  1. Cy

    Add a few things- A dominate theme seems to be women wearing blue clothing, and a red item. Men red clothing with a blue item
    Dorthy has a BLUE Dress and wears ruby red slippers.
    The S. King movie Rose Red- Notice the cover? A girls in a blue dress, holding a doll with red hair and the dolls hair is just as a rose.
    Snow White 1939- Again blue dress, and she wears a red crown.. All these women wearing blue clothing! And portraying red in other items.
    Cinderella -There is that Blue dress again!
    Gulliver- Red clothing
    Sleeping Beauty- Girl in blue man in red.
    Almost all the old pre-50s films by Disney this is the theme..I can go on and on..

  2. LK Spring

    Hey Rosie, I’ve really enjoyed reading your work. I especially appreciate the fact I can read it, and I don’t have to watch the video. I am a graduate student in God’s University, for the last twelve years, twelve is, of course, the number of Divine Government. Please allow me to suggest a topic for your decoding talents; the fall of Mystery Babylon, which is, the fast approaching mile marker leading to the second coming of Christ, and The Kingdom of Heaven, fixed unmoving in the very center of our lovely level plane. God bless you! Lou

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