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Flat Earth Decoded (Part 3) North Pole and Wizard of Oz Connection

So I recently discovered Mercator’s map and it’s connections to the North Pole. I discuss these connections in my Flat Earth Decoded (Part 2) North Pole the Biggest Secret, Proof of Eden presentation. Since then, I have come across more info that shows the significance of the North Pole as hidden in the esoteric classic The Wizard of Oz. Remember, all these secret societies that horde the hidden knowledge about our world, communicate in symbolism. They put the truth out there in a way that their Adepts know the meaning, but the Profane have no clue. But the more we uncover, the more we know too. Knowledge IS power as the saying goes, let’s take the power back by learning what they know.

So let’s start by taking a look at Mercator’s map of the Arctic, which was first printed in 1595, with this edition printed in 1623.

In Mercator’s letter to John Dee, he describes the land at the North Pole. He says that it is surrounded on all sides, except for the North, with very tall mountains that reach the clouds and are free from vegetation. The land is divided by four rivers that flow with a very strong current northwards.

Now The Wonderful Wizard of Oz first came out as a book by L. Frank Baum in 1900, just over three hundred years after Mercator’s map. Baum’s is supposed to be fictional but let’s take a look.

If we look at his map we notice it is very similar! We have land on the outer perimeter, encircling land on the inner perimeter, composed of four islands, separated by four borders that look similar to the four inland drawing seas, coming to a point at a “mountain” in the center.

Is this hiding of the truth in plain sight? Was Baum an Adept?

In the text on the map, Mercator explains that the waters of the oceans rush inward, between the islands, to the pole, where they plunge deep into the Earth. At the pole is a black island thirty-three leagues in circumference. A magnetic island lies just north of the Streto de Anian (Bering Straits).

Before we move on I’m sure you have taken note of the number 33. Thirty three is the number of the degree where ice melts. It is the degree where the Adept learns the hidden truth about our world.

The black mountain in the center of Mercator’s map is represented as a green mountain on Baum’s map. Was the black mountain green at one time? Does green represent when it was alive and black when it turned to ash?

Notice the straight yellow line through Munchkin country, called the Yellow Brick Road.

This yellow brick road is in the same location as the red and white barber pole line going to the center of Mercator’s map. Are they telling us something here? To get to the center you must follow this path? From the west isle of the four isles, is there a route?

Here we get a better look at Emerald City. Notice how the green mountain is composed of horizontal hexagonal columns.

And even a better look here, in this depiction. Isn’t that an odd way to draw a city? Notice the mountains on the right. High steep walls, like the mountains encircling the North Pole.

Here is another depiction. With a rainbow over head. A rainbow arched at 42 degrees in the shape of the dome that it is reflecting off of. Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high and the dreams that you dreamed of, once in a lullaby.


Now recently a YouTube vid came out called No Forests on Flat Earth, where the presenter tells us that Devil’s Tower in Idaho, is actually a giant tree- cut.

And if we look closer at the sides of the “mountain” we see it is comprised of horizontal hexagonal columns. Which is just like the depiction of Emerald City, except this “mountain” is no longer green. WAS it a tree that was cut? And turned to black, like the “mountain” in the center? At the North Pole?

Look how enormous Devil’s Tower is. Can you see the tiny images of people climbing it?

8-5-16 231

Are they showing us this black mountain in the film of today? Like in the show The 100?

Like in Stephen King’s series called The Gunslinger? Here the black mountain is called The Tower. Devil’s Tower?

Like in Lord of the Rings? Here the black mountain is called Mount Doom. Notice the base of Mount Doom. Doesn’t it look like Devil’s Tower before the “trunk” was cut?

Is this the North Pole the true location of the Tower of Babel? Is the tower- cut, now Devil’s Tower? Is Devil’s Tower just a replica of the real Tower of Babel in the center of our world cut down. Is that why it was once green and now is black?

On the cover of The Economist for 2017 they show this same Devil’s Tower. So they are hiding the black mountain at the North Pole in many places, from film to print.

Notice how the people on the card make a yellow brick road to the mountain.

This yellow brick road is also connected to King Arthur.

In 1364 AD, eight people came to the King’s court in Norway saying they came from the lands of the North Pole. One, a priest, mentioned that King Arthur sailed there May 3, of 531 AD with 12 ships. Five of the twelve were smashed against rocks and were shipwrecked, but the other seven made it there. Arthur peopled the North lands of Scotland and Iceland. Arthur’s journey is written about in the Gestai Arthuria.


Baram Blackett and Alan Wilson write, in their book Artorius Rex Discovered, that “Camelot” can be broken down into ‘Ca’ for Caer- fortress and ‘Melot’ which is a corruption of the Welsh word ‘Melyn’ for yellow. So Camelot means Yellow Fort. Wilson states, “Up in Lisvane, close to our Yellow Fort, we find an old road name as Pen-yr-helo-felyn, which is quite literally- Head of the Road Yellow. It reminds us of The Wizard of Oz with the song and tale of following the Yellow Brick Road.”

So we have Arthur and Dorothy following a yellow brick road. What are the chances? And if the Yellow Brick Road leads to Caer Melon or the Yellow Fort, otherwise known as Camelot, is Camelot the true Emerald City?

The Yellow Brick Road ends in a spiral. Remember that Mercator mentions that at the Black Mountain is a whirlpool that encircles the mountain. A spiral is a whirlpool. More hidden truth. 


The whirlpool encircling the black mountain. And what is directly above the black mountain? The constellation known as Arthur. King Arthur, directly above in the sky.


And like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz who gets to the center of the maze called Emerald City, we have Dolores in WestWorld seeking the center of the maze in her world as well. Dorothy, Dolores, the names are very similar.

In the SyFy series called The Magicians they show Arthur’s Round Table prominently behind the Master Magicians. Or Master Wizards…the wizards of Oz.

Notice too in The Magicians they have a magical place called Fillory. And is located at the Northern Marsh. So in the North and looks similar to Emerald City.

Another interesting note is that Mercator wrote of little people who inhabited the North Pole. On one of the large islands he mentions that “here live Pygmies, at most 4 feet tall, who are like those called Scraelings in Greenland.” Reminds me of the Munchkins in The Wizard of Oz! Notice the red, green and blue of their clothing.

Now notice these three Pygmy’s clothing. One wears a green skirt, one red and one blue. Is this photo staged? Is this man an Adept? I wouldn’t be surprised.

So how does knowing the true layout, function and history of our world help us in the grand scheme of things? It grounds us. It puts us on an even par with the Adepts. It makes it much harder for them to pull off some event. To trick us into giving up our power to them. If we have a good sense of what happened, of who created our world, of our place in it, we are less likely to become slaves. We are less likely to follow the wrong path. And when the time comes, we are more likely to follow the yellow brick road to our rightful place in Eden.

Here is a link to Mercator’s letter to John Dee.

Here is a link to my YouTube presentation:

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24 responses on “Flat Earth Decoded (Part 3) North Pole and Wizard of Oz Connection

  1. Amy K

    I really appreciate you work! But it also leaves me asking many questions. For example,
    seeing that the ‘No Trees on Flat Earth’ video and the Economist cover with the tarot cards came out within months of each other, I can’t help but wonder if it’s all a psy-op. The timing and ‘coincidence’ seems too much. What are you thoughts?

    Also, could you post some resources (books) one could look into—you certainly have an interesting and fresh take on things, which makes sense, but it’s hard to know where you’re getting this information from to make such connections—would you mind sharing with your readers how you came to understand the red-white rose symbolism with the left-right path and so on? I haven’t come across anyone in the so-called ‘alt media’ world share your unique understanding and interpretation.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      The ones that are not awake will not pick up on any of it. The majority of “awakened” ones will probably think it’s all a psyop. You have to have good discernment. Look for clues in other areas. See what fits what doesn’t fit. Many said the same thing about Flat Earth, that it’s a psyop, when clearly if you research FE yourself you can see Baal Earth is the psyop.
      Getting my information from books is saying that the only way I can get my information is from other people. Can you trust those books? other people? I get my information from ME. I trust my intuition. I keep an open mind and I discover connections. I have a knack for it. One connection leads me to the other. I’ve been doing this for years. The red-rose, white-rose symbolism I just see. Like in The Hunger Games. I made the connection BEFORE I decoding The Hunger Games. As I was watching it I saw I was correct! That is very exciting when your gut instinct matches your findings. What I find I find for ME. I want the truth of our world and I seek. I share what I find for people that are interested but as you can see I don’t make money off of this. I just try to help like minded people on the same path of truth. People that like my work give me encouragement to keep sharing. I get a lot of trolls too. Some days I think, fuck it, I will just keep this all to myself, but then I’ll get someone thanking me and so I keep posting. So no, I don’t take notes, I don’t have books that I get the info from. I get connections from all over the place. Things just pop up.

  2. Lola

    Hello Dear Rosie!
    I am re-reading your article here for more clarity! So let me ask you about the three munchkins and the different colors they wear. The red, green and blue. So that was fully planned and not by mistake? And then again the same colors with the photo of the pygmies? And just why those chosen colors? Do please forgive me Rosie for not fully understanding!
    Let me also add that I realize you do get the negative people attacking your information from time to time. I call them the ugly naysayers! Well my dear child Rosie please do not let them get you down! Your website has given me great insight and true joy! And what a shame it would be if you should ever stop sharing! And big heaping hugs for the videos you added for me!
    Love, Lola

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Aloha Dear Lola!
      Those three are the primary colors. People think they are red, blue and yellow but if you look it up they are red, blue and green. So somehow symbolizing their control over all by using the three colors that incorporates all color. Not fully sure. I think of Michael Aquino and his talk on the primary colors in his book MindWars and I know they manipulate them to control us.
      You are most welcome on the vids Lola! And if it wasn’t for people like you I would have stopped making them a long time ago.So thank you for your support.
      Love, Rosette

  3. Lilly

    Thank you Rosette,
    I really enjoy your articles. There was an article last week in the DailyMail about how Mercantor’s map was to be replaced in public schools in the US. Their reasoning was that Mercantor’s country sizes were not accurate, to one another.
    Hmmmm! Would love to hear what you all think.

      1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

        Hi Lilly!
        And welcome! Feel free to comment any time. The more the merrier! 🙂
        Regarding the school maps, even the Mercator map used wasn’t accurate. The accurate version they use is their United Nations logo! They KNOW what it SHOULD look like, but they won’t share that with the masses. They are doing everything they can to dumb us down.
        Best regards, Rosette

  4. Cy

    I have been pondering on some of this stuff. Think of TPTB. They set up 3 men. The Strawman- this is the 1st augments they use to lead you astray. Then the Tinman-Tinfoil augments. Then if you pass those the cowardly lion- more less they destroy you and make you into a coward when in fact you really have a lions heart..this will explain why pilots, engineers , Scientist, geologist Nasa people don’t go flat earth because they are cowards. They fear loss of job, mockery, etc..Then after you pass these 3 you have to deal with the Wicked Witch… she identifies as evil, murder, do what ever it takes to destroy the truth, ie place armed soldiers at the poles, google photoshop the maps to show no poles or real pictures, Consider one crazy for believing in myths and fairtales, when in fact one has the TRUTH. Once you pass those the last man is Wizard he really has little power but portrays much and fools the entire mass of people through trickery. Think of the tricks he uses today. NASA, fake CGI pictures, Hollywood, fake google maps, Science, The Education System, The Media, The Politicians the list goes on these are all tricks used by the Wizard of Oz. Once ones eyes are open like yours Rosetta you can see the Wizard is just a foolish man naked behind the curtain pulling the strings. After you make it past the Wizard you can go home. How does Dorthy go home? In a non-magnetic hot air balloon the only thing that can get her home. That’s just a few of my thoughts to maybe add to your Oz decode.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Very nice Cy! Yes there is much hidden symbolism in the actual story for sure and your analysis of the characters in the journey sure do fit. They are masters of manipulation and it does appear as a blue print for it as you most clearly point out. Since making these Flat Earth decodes (through Part 5) I have come across new info that it appears we are in a simulation and the shape of our earth isn’t quite what the popular FE model looks like. The North Pole is still in the same spot and is still the special spot IMO, but other areas have changed. Take the path of the sun and moon. It is not quite as the popular FE models shows either. These guys are on to something.

      1. Cy

        I watched that clip. I dont think anyone has the real answers on the suns movement . One thing i do know is the helio model we were taught in school is complete rubbish.

  5. Cy

    On the Hot-air balloon that was the real intent on going home, Not clicking her heals. No ship can get near the poles due to iron in them..only a non magnetic object can get there in 1897..And got there a year or two before this book was released in 1900.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Great point! yes non-magnetic is the key. Even wooden ships had trouble though because of the in-drawing seas. So yes, a hot-air balloon is probably best! But wow, that would be scary!

  6. Cy

    Oh and one more thing.. Most people never make it past the Strawman on their truth journey.. The Strawman was brainless…more less brainwashed! When I read post on flat earth comments on youtube the people who attack flat earth use words like’ your retarded’ idiot’ fool… depicting Flat earthers as brainless loons..they use no logic to prove Round Ball, If they due they have to resort to pathetic math formulas “Just like the Strawman does when he gets his fake diploma’ so they go to name calling Truthers as brainless idiots and setting up strawman arguments that are easy to debunk ie Nasa moon landings..easy to debunk.. once one thoroughly debunks it they just resort to ‘your brainless.’ FEers are retards etc.. When in fact the brainless or brainwashed one are them.
    Also about the strawman what did the ‘Wizard give him?’ A diploma! Yup your ‘smart in the eyes of the wizard when he got that. When in fact he just became more brainwashed by the wizard,,, and he uses Math to prove his theories. Astrophysics-Math to prove theories. The Strawman never got any any brains he just got more deceived by the wizard, He thinks he is smart when in fact he just got more brainwashed by a fake diploma and uses math to prove everything. Go look at the 200 proofs to prove ball earth..they use Strawman math fake diploma to debunk it.
    Most people never make it past the Scarecrow.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Yep! Well said Cy! I agree 100%! To complete the path to truth we need all- brains, heart and courage. And at the end- faith.

  7. Cy

    A few more Points I’d like to add about Oz-
    1.How did Dorthy get to the land of OZ? Via a tornado- What did Mercado say is around the North pole ? A cyclone. Tornado is a cyclone.
    2.In the 2013 OZ Great and Powerful he got to the land via a hot air balloon. This is really the same as how Dorthy was to get home.
    3.Dorthy’s home was Kansas.. look at the Mercado map of the North pole follow his barber shop pole..what is there before the 4 islands? A land called Ameria and CaePars- Kansas=Caepars
    4. Dorthy lands in Munchkin Land. Pygmi Land on the Mercado map.Notice this land is off base for the barber pole-The Yellow Brick road- Thus she is instructed to find the road and travel that road to reach the center. She travels the 4 lands around the pole. There on each land encountering Characters- Scarecrow- Tinman Lion and Witch. On the 4th land she gets on the final road to the Emerald city.
    5. You keep cringing up a point about Blue and Red colors- How did you not miss this in Oz? Dorthy blue dress and Red Slippers!!!She displays these two colors the entire movie.. After seeing your videos I was surprised you didnt bring this up!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      I didn’t watch the movie and do a decode on it. My presentation was based mainly on the map. I’m sure I would find a ton of stuff too if I did a decode on it. Suffice to say, your findings are top notch. So thank you for sharing Cy.

  8. Jeremiah Sturk

    One thing you forgot to mention is that the northern lights are usually green, the color of the emerald city in the Wizard of Oz! Also Revelations 12 indicates that the woman, the Church would be taken into the wilderness actually Eden to be protected = Elect on the wings of a great eagle most likely a 747-400 jet.
    Also the intention of the New World Order is to fight against God and dethrone God (s) as you can read in the Book of Joseph chapter 3
    It even says these evil nations would try to make war with God in the Heart of the Earth…
    3:1 And it came to pass, Rachel did bring forth a son. And she called his name Joseph.(Gen 30:24)
    3:2 And the Angel of the Lord appeared unto Jacob in a dream saying, Joseph shall be two great and mighty nations in the hand of the Lord.
    3:3 These nations shall be greater than any nations upon the face of the earth. Howbeit, only a remnant shall see my face and live.
    3:4 Behold, wisdom shall increase in the latter time. And men shall make weapons of war; yea, even terrible weapons which shall touch the power of the Most High.
    3:5 And the seed of Joseph shall believe a lie, wherein the terrible weapons shall be for the protection of their lands. And wo unto them, for the people shall be deceived.
    3:6 And the Lord showed Jacob a vision, and said: behold, the mighty men of the earth shall lay an awful scheme by the word of their god, that they should destroy the Lord when he shall visit men at the appointed time when he shall reward the sons of men according to their works.
    3:7 And all nations shall gather together in the heart of the earth to make war with the Lord, even the almighty king of heaven and earth. Wo, wo, wo unto the chief princes of the earth, even unto the seed of Dan, who hath made gold their god and a lie their refuge:
    3:8 Who have said among themselves: the Lord is no god wherein we should fear him, for by our mighty power have we become gods ourselves and have spread abroad ourselves over all the earth. Yet shall they be judged and cut off from among the sons of Jacob.
    3:9 Thus sayeth the Lord: The wicked plot in vain. And they shall drink from the cup of vanity which they have grasped: for the Lord himself shall utterly destroy them all by the brightness of his terrible presence.
    3:10 And lo, those who plot in vain have over them a king; even he whose name is the liar from the beginning, even Azaziel, he who was a guardian of the presence
    3:11 Yea, Azaziel shall be bound; even he who hath granted them their great authority and their seat and who hath whispered lies into their ears like a cunning serpent which lieth in the dust. The Lord himself shall come and bind him with cords which cannot be loosed, and seal him up with a seal which cannot be broken.
    3:12 For Azaziel hath led them astray by his corrupted wisdom which hath become folly in the sight of heaven. Wo unto him for he hath laid waste the cities of the garden of God and made the inhabitants of the earth stumble exceedingly, causing them to be drunk from the cup of blindness, yea, even to feast from the table of rebellion.
    3:13 Comfort thyself with these words, thou beloved Jacob. For verily, the Lord reigns supreme over all the gods and shall swiftly mete out justice which cannot be overthrown. Amen.
    3:14 And Jacob was astonished at all the Lord had shown him: for weak was his understanding, and without strength was his soul in the presence of the Lord.

    Jeremiah Sturk

      1. Verum

        Because you’re on a path that is very close to mine, I’ll share this with you; there isn’t just one sun object, although they want you to believe so, it’s not the answer. Some of the sun objects operate high depending how bright it’s light source, and some are lower with low light settings. You never see them together due to being spaced hundreds of miles apart, or if the clouds cover a great distance, then several low light sun objects will operate just above the clouds but still stay low key, dipping in and out of low cloud cover. One thing is for sure, they all start from the east, and make their way west, giving the illusion it’s just one sun. The air traffic control is not only aware, but route air craft away from low altitude sun objects, because they can see the objects. Regular traffic controllers are unaware, but there is a station that are allowed to see the objects on radar screen in private, away from those who’re not higher up, if you know what I mean. If you pay close attention in an airplane, if you’re lucky, you can catch the plane being higher than at least one of the local sun objects if they didn’t forget to route the plane too far from one of many.

  9. Debbie

    So much information where do you start?…Father destroyed this earth at the overthrow that is why in the opening verses in Genesis the earth is void…Father does not create things void they become that way. Why the incoming asteroids? What is the correlation between Noah and the Zodiac? Is Father God still here on earth? Do you ever consider other dimensions? Those are written of in the Bible . Where are we in a lab of sorts if not in a universe? What is beyond our dome? Why are we having weather war weapons now…how do earthquakes fit into a flat earth?
    What does the knowledge of FE do for us to know? What do we do with it in our daily life where is all this going? Why would they hide it all?
    Thanks in advance,

    1. rosette delacroix Post author

      Aloha debbie,

      I’ll attach a good short clip explaining WHY it is important to know the true makeup of our world. Why they hide it is because they get us so backwards and inverted on everything that we can’t know the truth even if it hit us in the face. It’s a MIND war. If they get you to think the way THEY want then THEY control YOU. The best thing you can do with it in your daily life is stand in your truth. If people ask you about it, tell them the truth. The truth WILL set us free. When enough people know the truth about everything then THEY lose ALL control over US. Then we stop participating in their satanic system and do what God intended for us. We can then make the world a beautiful place where everyone can live in peace.
      The Father creates and destroys as he sees fit. He gave us free will to make our own choices down here FOR A TIME. Once the time is up He will separate the wheat from the tares. What incoming asteroids? They would just be falling stars. Noah and the Zodiac shows the as above so below. Waters above, waters below. God is above the earth looking down from the North Star. What passages in the Bible mention other dimensions? Please give me some examples.
      Mahalo, rosette

      And here’s the link on WHY Flat Earth is important:

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