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Men In Rubber Masks Decoded

So before I begin I just want to say that I find this “fetish” highly disturbing and it was hard for me to watch. I can just feel the underlying current of what is really going on here. Think Bohemian Grove, think Masonic initiation parties. This isn’t as innocent as they would like you to believe.

Make no mistake- they deliberately dress like women to go against God. They are Luciferians. Deuteronomy 22:5 says, “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.”

So let’s take a look…

So the title is Men In Rubber Masks. Shot during the day, in normal neighborhoods. They tell us they are upstanding citizens, living ordinary lives with their families. The narrator is a female, so we don’t get that creepy feel we would get if a man was narrating about men dressing as women. With a woman narrating, we subconsciously feel it must be okay. That mom approves, so why don’t we.

The narrator tells us, “This is a documentary about men who transform themselves into real live dolls. A hidden community of ordinary family men.”

They cut right to the chase and show us what they wear underneath. Skin colored rubber that they pull up like a wet suit.

Except with a vagina. Make sure to touch there for the camera.

And very real looking breasts. Again don’t forget to touch.

Top it off with a nice facial mask and wig…

and voila! You have a ….scary life size rubber doll.

I wonder who is behind this documentary? They always give us clues in plain sight. Notice the 33 right next to them on the jersey. Also we get the masonic black and white. Are they holding hands? Wait. I thought these were all just regular straight men.

“There is still a lot of social pressure to conform.” So this one is a family man.

Here we have a twenty-eight year old Masker with his girlfriend.

And a newly divorced seventy year-old real estate developer.

The company that they buy the rubber body suits from is family owned and produced. How whole some. The owner says, “They’re just like you and me.”

I think that they are deliberately showing us the light end of the spectrum of the rubber doll world. To get our buy in. Notice the purple hue in the background.

Strive to become their own fantasy women. This one reminds me of Jane Fonda.

Jane Fonda…notice the exposed breast (in gold) and the finger to the chin hand sign. Masonic initiation ritual? Barbarella, the kinkiest film of the year. And came out when this guy was young. Is this where he got his idea?

Fantasy women… this one reminds me of…

Jigsaw. Just as scary.

Or Michael Meyers without the makeup.

So we are told they are every day people. Every day people that wear skin like we would a change of clothes. It is just a step further in the extreme. First it is dressing like girls, then it is wearing girl parts.

They are old…

And they are young. This guy is ready to come out and show two of his best mates.

They take it rather well.

So our first guy highlighted lives in Orange County. Orange is 33 in numerology.

He lives in a normal house on a normal street.

Notice the mask. A man in a mask behind a female. Art imitating life?

At the “bottom” of the spiral staircase. And notice how dark the image is. Representing the abyss.

Wearing sunglasses to hide? Is he ashamed?

He even used his own pubic hairs to make it more real. Because???

Now this is what the torso looks like on and I do believe this is what Bruce Jenner (Gender) wears when he is playing dress up as Caitlyn.

Just fake boobs on a guy. Not a transgender. Just a guy in drag. Notice he is wearing red to represent the Whore of Babylon. He’s doing the masonic M hand sign with his left hand. And there is a reflection of a checkered flag on the side of the car. Remember that Bruce grew up in the satanic community of Sandy Hook.

So back to our ordinary 70 year-old male…with his many masks.

That looks like a female down to her pubic hair…

“What do you see when you look in the mirror?” asks the cameraman.

“A very exciting female,” he replies.

One better than blow up dolls.

Although the Trump version might be exciting for some.

“I’m in a DON’T ASK, DON’T TELL situation. I dressed IN THE CLOSET for 12 years. Never CAME OUT. No body saw me,” he says.

So subconsciously by telling us “don’t ask, don’t tell” they want us to think authority is okay with it so we should be too; the government, the military so why not the public.

And he also says the phrase about “coming out of the closet” which is what gay people use. So is he? Are they? There is definitely something more to it and if you notice all the ones dressing up are men.

Next we go to Wild Wood, Florida. Wild Wood. Way Ward. West World. Water World. Notice the WW alliteration in all of these shows. WW is another way to hide the Masonic 33. Just turn the W’s one turn to the right and they make 3’s.

The very next scene is of this church. Showing us that even in the Bible Belt there are maskers. Notice the 116 on the church. 116 is the inverse and reverse of 911. They love to do everything backwards and upside down. Revelation 9:11 says, “And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.” Apollyon is another name for Lucifer.

“A lot of men have fun pretending to be women,” he says.

“Child Protective Service was called. They said what I was doing was fine. They certified that it was not dangerous to them.” Um…okay maybe not physically, but mentally I would say there is some damage there.

A lot of men have fun pretending to be women….

like Cillian Murphy…

Matt Damon…

Clint Eastwood…

Johnny Depp…

Shia Lebeouf…

Jon Luc Picard…

Daniel Craig and Jim Carrey…

Trey Parker and Matt Stone. A “stone” is code for Mason and Parker is 33 in numerology.

The Wayan Brothers…

And we can’t leave the women out. They have to have fun dressing like men…. it’s all part of the Masonic initiation ritual… here we have Anne Hathaway and James Franco.

Julie Andrews and Mayor Rudy Guliani.

And Rudy with Donald Trump. Has Donald dressed in drag behind closed doors? I would bet my money on it.

A “cherry” associated with women’s virginity. A pyramid in the back.

Essex is an anagram for Sexes. Subconsciously making you associate the mixing of the sexes.

“My mom was very old fashioned.” Don’t be like her. She’s a prude. If you want to be cool you will accept this. All the kids are doing it.

Notice how Jim Carrey is wearing a similar flesh colored body suit.

Thousands of maskers come from every corner of the planet. This one appears to be from Jersey.

Notice the doll in a box. The box looks like a coffin. A lot of the rituals involve putting people in coffins to “rebirth”. Skull and Bones does this ritual.

“What happens at the rendezvous stays at the rendezvous.” Notice the S&M person in the reflection- looks like on the TV. Also the X and bondage gear to our left. They SHOW us these images without saying a word.

2203 on the wall to the left. Reversed you have 322, the number for Skull and Bones.

“These vaginas always get blown out. I don’t know what you shove up those vaginas. They can’t take it. I’m telling you.” Yes, so it’s not so innocent after all is it?

Also notice the showing of the left breast like they do in masonic initiation rituals. And the one exposing the breast is in masonic black and white.

Like Pink in her masonic initiation ritual.

Beta sex kittens. In Masonic black and white.

Cat women.

Cat women- Michelle Pfeiffer and Anne Hathaway.

Cat woman Halle Berry.

Notice the MK butterflies on her pants and the five pointed star on her arm.

A night out on the town… you would think this is New York. But no, it’s downtown Minneapolis- the heartland of America. Soon coming to a club near you.

“All the clubbers were very accepting.” Sure they were. The ones that they paid to say that. A total of three.

Tell me this face wouldn’t give you nightmares if you walked down a dark alley and was confronted by him?

But it’s all good. They only like to play dress up and have tea time. Right…

Our divorced real estate developer decides to make a visit to his home turf.

“Weird in a cool weird way,” says the lady on the bike. That’s what they want YOU to think- weird but cool. We are okay with that.

“Suddenly the world changing on you UPSIDE DOWN. It’s exciting,” says Sherry. Remember, backwards and upside down.

Notice the purple hue for the sky. Purple is the color of the Abyss. The color of Lucifer’s realm.

“They have all been supportive” and so should YOU. They are implying.

So you can see they are trying to normalize the obscene. This whole documentary is a propaganda tool to get the public to accept men dressed as women. To blend the sexes into he/she’s, into a Baphomet like their god, with breasts and a penis. To take God’s original creation of man and woman and pervert them. To turn the public into Luciferian’s without them even realizing (real eyes). In everything but the name. For those with eyes to see.

Here’s a link to the YouTube version:

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5 responses on “Men In Rubber Masks Decoded

  1. miranda

    thanx once more rosette for bringing so much information to our attention….you just can’t make this shit up….the plot is really thickening now….makes me want to live on my own in the woods even more….keep exposing the truth many thanx

  2. lidy

    Hello Rosette, I have been thinking about this gender issue lately and your decoding is again a great help in understanding what is going on in this world. Thank you for that.

    I came across a youtubefilm with a choir in Singapore praising Adonai as the Lord. You mention Abadon as being Apollion and Lucifer, but who represents Adonai? I read that it was used as an alternative for god, but witch one?

    The lyrics are quite interesting. It’s about a battle and winners and losers. For me it doesn’t feel good at all. I don’t know exactly why.
    I hope you will give your thoughts on it.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Adonai means Lord in Hebrew. So can it be applied to any god that they determine is their Lord? It is a title not an actual name, so I would say it could be for Lucifer as well. Just like they use “I am” which is a term connected with God but taken over by them as well. The coloring in the video was interesting. Purple was the only “color” which is the color of Lucifer’s realm, the color of the Abyss and associated with the Luciferian Elite- Royal families etc. Then we have the Masonic black and white on all the singers. They had them seated to make a white cross. The white cross on black is symbolic of the Teutonic Knights. Which are connected to the Templar Knights, which are connected to the Mason’s. Also note that China is a communist country and highly controlled and censored. Would the Chinese government allow this performance to be broadcast praising the Prime Creator? Hardly. But they would if it praises Lucifer.

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