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The Truth is in the Code.

The Magicians Decoded

The Magicians aren’t really the actors in this series. The Magicians are the ones who created this series and control its content. It is basically a social engineering tool used to cast a spell on us.

Mayakovsky says, “There is only one question, are you the controller or the controlled?”

They mock us by telling us right in the story what they are doing to us. They are the controllers and we are the controlled. They are controlling us to break the Ten Commandments. To accept lying. cheating, stealing, raping, murdering, pedophilia, infidelity, sodomy, homosexuality, bisexuality, pansexuality, bestiality, you name it. There are no legal consequences to any actions, there are no courts for murder, there is no judgement from God. There is never even mention of the Prime Creator.

We are fed other propaganda as well, the Transgender Agenda, Ball Earth programming and even that Reptilians are among us. Crowley would be proud.

The Magicians, from the root Magi. Traditionally associated with the three wise men and baby Jesus. They usurp the good symbols and use them for bad. So the three “wise” men, Magi, become Magicians, the Magus- Master Magicians, MM for 33, the number of the Masons.

And notice the similarity to Harry Potter and Hogwarts, a secret school for magic. It even has an arch villain character similar to Voldemort called the Beast. The only difference is this one takes place in the US instead of the UK and the “kids” are college aged instead of school aged.

Notice the left eye symbolism here. Also the use of the number seven. Seven is a good number traditionally associated with Jesus. It is a combination of 3 (Heaven or Hu) and 4 (Earth or Man) so HU-MAN, the spirit and matter connection. However, they take it and use it for the opposite of Jesus. The anti-Jesus or anti-Christ.

The author of Harry Potter is JK Rowling. J Krowling. J Crowling. J Crowley. She has Crowley coded in her name. A single mother on welfare had this great idea for a book series and is now a billionaire? Hardly. More likely a team of writers put the story together and made her the front person. Similar to this Magician series. Notice her doing the 666 Omega hand sign.

Episode 1- Unauthorized Magic

Right off the bat they let us know there is a Masonic connection in this series. They show us the Masonic game of Chess with the black and white chessboard which represents duality.

A pole with snow around the base- representing the North Pole- in the center or our world. Nothing is by accident. They purposely show this pole with snow at the base and place it in the center.

The series takes place in New YORK. York as in the York Rite of Freemasonry.

Like in The OA, the statue of Liberty- Colombia, Isis. Their god, Colombia is symbolic of Lilith the feminine side of Lucifer. Prairie and Homer are held captive somewhere in New YORK.

“You thought the feeling of not belonging anywhere was quite overwhelming,” says the doctor to Quentin. Like many awakened feel.

They medicate him just like they did to Prairie in The OA.

Quentin COLDWater. Like the OA, drowning in cold water. Water is the element of the Moon and cold is what it gives off. It is hotter in the shadows than under direct moonlight, the opposite from the Sun. The Moon is a symbol of Lucifer.

The water hand sign. The Masons especially like to do this one. Here is Trump doing it. Notice the picture next to him from one of Aleister Crowley’s books, showing the proper technique.

And here is the water symbol used by the Vatican in the cross of Jesus.

So this series connects a fictional world called Fillory with Earth. The author’s name is Christopher Plover. His last name is coded. Plover is P Lover. P is the number 7 in numerology. And 7 is being usurped again here as the number for Lucifer. So P Lover is  “7 Lover” or Lucifer Lover.

When they enter Fillory, they pop out of a portal. Trees are often used as portals. The Big Tree is symbolic of the Tree of Life at the center of our world- where Mount Meru is located.

To get there, they open the door to this clock and enter. Notice the two headed goat or Baphomet at the top. Like the two headed Janus. (They kind of look like Thing 1 and Thing 2 to me as well.)

Like Ford in WestWorld. Doing the Janus with his reflection. A Master Magician never reveals all his cards.

Just like the two headed Janus Eagle of the Masons.

They show the Freedom Tower in New York, later changed to One World Trade Center. ONE WORLD. And the Tower is 1,776 feet tall. 1776 as in Spirit of ’76. Basically a ritual tearing down the two towers of duality world on 9/11 and rebuilding as ONE WORLD, a new world order.

“OMG, my girl, my friend, have you no decency?” says Julia’s boyfriend when he sees her laying with Quentin. “Not even a little,” Quentin replies. “Excellent!” he responds. Infidelity.

Julia is doing the 666 Omega hand sign.

Notice the mural is on Adams street.

Which makes us think of the Addams family. A lovely bunch. Notice the masonic black and white clothing.

Like Hogwarts, they go to a magic school. This one is called Brake Bills. Brake bills. Stop mouths. Stifle speech. And we have the BB alliteration. BB = 22.

Brake bills… shhhhh….

Goat heads on the wall behind Quentin.

And here behind the Dean is the school symbol. A key with a bee….

Notice it is very similar to the Merovingian Bee. The bee is representative of the bee hive. We are the bees in the hive. The hive is our domed Earth. We need to “be have” in the “bee hive”. The ruler over the bees is the Queen. It is the Queen energy of Lucifer that they are trying to instill at the top of our world, our bee hive.

Now they want the Queen energy to rule, yet they show us a connection with the King energy. They have an exact replica of King Arthur and his Round Table from Winchester Hall on the back wall behind the administration.

Associating Quentin with King Arthur.

Here is the actual mural from Winchester Hall in the UK. Notice the War of the Roses. With the Red Rose, symbolized by King Arthur and Christ, controlling the White Rose, the York Rose. They want to change this. From King energy to Queen energy.

“Quick dicking around! Do some G-d damn magic!” says the Dean. Blasphemy.

Magic comes from pain or anger they tell us. Notice Quentin makes an uncapped pyramid. This is representative of the Great Work not being completed…yet.

“Do you want to go back to Columbia? That miasmic march to death you call life?” says the Dean. Columbia is a reference to Isis or Lilith the feminine side of Lucifer.

Notice the orange juice in the glass in front of the Dean. Orange equals 33 in numerology, a number tied to the Masons.

“So… being a magician? You guys trying to take over the world?” asks Quentin.

“This school exists for a single and timeless purpose. To hone your innate abilities and hone them to the HIGHEST DEGREE. (Masonic Reference) Now what you do with that afterward is entirely up to you. Take over the world? We don’t teach that but give it a go.” says the Dean. (But he’s lying there, because they do teach taking over the world, it even has a name, its called the Great Work.)

Notice the horns behind Quentin.

Overkill on the globes wouldn’t you say? Twelve or more? This is to instill Ball Earth programming. People figure its everywhere, how can it be wrong? So they put it in everything, everywhere they can, to enforce this thinking.

The hand gestures to do the magic spells look eerily similar to the hand gestures done by the angels in THE OA.

Is this one supposed to look like a young Bill Gates? Look at him closely…

then look here. Totally Bill Gates! It’s like a shout out to him.

So the hand signals the “angels” do are similar to the ones “magicians” do. Same movement, different flavor. Remember in The OA, Scott says to Prairie, “are you trying to be a co-median?” He says it like that, not comedian. If you look up Magician you will see that it derives from the Median Tribe. So Co- Medians are Magicians!!! They cast spells on us through humor. AND it tells us the moves that the angels are doing are no less than spells that magicians cast.

Notice here the Pagan Magicians are conjuring up a cloud. Can they conjure up chemtrails as well?

Enochian magic. If we look it up in the Wiki we find that it is a system of magic that was primarily the work of four men: John Dee, Edward Kelley, MacGregor Mathers and Aleister Crowley.

The raw material for the Enochian magical system was “dictated” through a series of Angelic communications which lasted from 1582-1589. Dee and Kelley claimed they received these instructions from angels.

Instructions from angels… another connection to The OA. And another connection to Crowley.

“What does it mean?” asks Quentin. “Contacting the other side,” says Alice.

Casting spells at the midnight hour I can feel your power, as Madonna sings.  Mirrors used.

Right before the Beast comes out of the mirror and wreaks havoc a smiley face appears. The smiley face is a way of saying I will do what I like, even murder, and I don’t care how it affects you. A series of unsolved murders in the late ’70’s were known as the Smiley Face Murders and followed the path of the Process Church during their move from New YORK to Utah, where they are still based today.

The Beast puts a freezing spell on the students, walks up to the Dean…

and rips out his eyeballs. He places them on a table and makes a smiley face out of them. I don’t care. I do what I please and you can’t stop me.

The Beast is a Mothman- a version of the butterfly. Monarch mind control- controlling the subjects.

And we can’t forget the most notorious Beast- Aleister Crowley. He was known as The Beast. Could this character be an ode to Crowley? I would say….Yes.

Episode 2- Source of Magic

“I know you want to understand. We live in a world that is one world of many,” says the teacher. Really? or is this propaganda similar to Ball Earth? Where we are just one world of many.

Notice she is wearing the downward triangle on her necklace, otherwise known as the water sign, which we showed earlier.

Here’s a closer look at her pendant. Yes, it’s Crowley’s Abracadabra pendant.

Abracadabra means I create what I speak. So as if we are like gods.

“I’m going to tell you something dark and deep and personal. Ready? Good. I killed someone. I was 14. He was… he beat me up. There was a bus coming… I barely had the thought. The bus came and…my nose literally started bleeding,” Eliot shares with Quentin. So this is a form of moral relativism they are pushing. The guy deserved it. No accountability. No one going to jail here.

And he mentions the nose bleed….

just like the OA’s nose.

“Quentin I’m pleased. You’re a much better liar than I thought you were.” See? To be a good Magician you have to be a good LIAR.

Notice the Goat head lamp stand representing Baphomet.

I found this picture very interesting. If you look closely at the “spots” of the cow mural you will notice it looks like a Flat Earth map. On the trash bin it says “Nuked” and it is painted red, like blood. And the cow even has a CROWLEY CROW on it. Are they trying to tell us something?

Behind the Dean here you can see the Black Hole Sun eclipses in the framed picture on the mantle. As well as more globes. The Luciferians want the Sun to be blacked out. They use Anno Lucis for their dating system. The A.L. date is based on a calendar created by an Isis cult from ancient Egypt. In the year 4000 the star Vela went supernova, and for months, if you were located near in the lattitudes of Egypt, you would have seen two suns. They believe that the blazing star that had exploded within the triangle would again be seen by man in 6000 years. According to the Freemason’s calendar it will occur in the year 2000, so off schedule a bit but still anticipated. So appear and block out our sun.

Quentin and Alice Quinn. So they are both Q’s for the Q energy.

We have Alice and Quentin…

Dorothy and Teddy…

and Prairie and Homer. So each couple playing the same role.

Also remember that Dorothy is the Original Host and Prairie is the Original Angel. A Host is synonymous with an Angel. And Dorothy of WestWorld was connected to Alice of Alice in Wonderland. Notice they even dressed them the same. Now we have “Alice” in The Magicians. All three ladies are playing the same role.

Another smiley face. Foreshadowing another murder done but this time by Eliot.

Alice looking through the peep hole. Like Alice in Wonderland, looking through the looking glass. She sees with her RIGHT eye.

Episode 3- Consequences of Advanced Spell Casting

“It’s supposedly bottomless- suicide fountain,” Alice tells Quentin. The Abyss, bottomless pit.

The fountain depicts Romulus and Remus- twin brothers and the Founders of ROME. The Roman Empire never went away. The Roman Catholic church. Ruling today, covertly.

“He was the kind of guy that always wanted to fix things around him,” Alice says of her brother Charlie. Here he is possessed by a demon spirit. Demons are thought to be Nephilim who lose their bodies since they are immortal, and thus become disembodied, entering willing hosts.

“‘Where are you going kitty cat?” asks Margeaux.

Twenty-two twice on the dumpster right behind Quentin. Associating him with the 22.

Twenty-two is the number of the Fool of the Tarot deck. We will see other connections between Quentin and the Fool shortly. They tell us again to reinforce this connection.

Episode 4- The World in the Walls (Fillory and Further Book No. 1)

“Jesus!” says Quentin. Associating him with Jesus.

The moths are similar to locusts. Like a plague is being released.

“Music is a way to express what we feel that is safe and fun and sometimes ILLUMINATING,” says the therapist. I wouldn’t say “safe and fun”. It is a way they cast spells on us. Ones that have a good HOOK are even more powerful. The ones that we can’t get out of our heads.

Like this Taylor Swift song. Quentin uses the hook to his advantage to get Penny to help him. “It’s like I got this music in my mind saying it’s going to be all right.”

Notice the Masonic checker board floor.

“A magician can drive every other magician insane. He is called the Madness Maker.” Madness Maker, MM alliteration. The MM stands for the Masonic 33.

Notice he is going DOWN the staircase. Symbolic of going to Hell. And also notice the bowling pin, ball, and pin up by the ceiling. They represent LOL. Laugh out Loud or Lucifer our Lord.

Episode 5- Mendings, Major and Minor

They participate in a tournament called Weltors. It reminds me of the tournaments in Harry Potter, but they used sports instead and played a game called Quidditch. Notice Quidditch starts with the Q as well. Quidditch, Quentin, Quinn.

Quentin rolls the ball onto the most difficult sigil.

Like a Master Magician he conjures up a Black Hole Sun. Notice how it looks like an all seeing eye. Black hole sun, black hole sun, won’t you come and wash away the rain?

Alice and Quentin working together.

Osiris statue on the right in the window. Osiris being a ancient God of Egypt. And  Egypt was called the land of Khem. Khem means Black. The Black nobility are the ruling elite today.

Episode 6- Impractical Applications

Eyes Wide Shut- sex ritual masks.

as they showed in the movie….

“Ow! You guys the Pine Needles are hurting my feet,” says Quentin as they take him to the ritual site. Pines is an anagram for Penis. Sex rituals, part of the Trials.

Notice here they have Alice using a bow. She is an Archer. Just like Katniss in The Hunger Games.

And they have Quentin rope a white horse associating him with the unicorn.

So Alice and Quentin and Penny and Kady have to get naked and tie ropes around each others wrists to do a sex magic spell. When successful they turn into geese at midnight and fly to Antarctica.

Episode 7- The Mayakovsky Circumstance

So they fly to Brake Bills South we are told. It reminds me of the place the children were kept in The Golden Compass.

A Hogwarts of the South.

Notice the “King Arthur wheel” behind them. They are telling us they are really at the North Pole by showing the wheel. Because there is no such thing as a South POLE. The South is the outer ring of ice that encircles Earth.

Quentin gets mad and makes the nails spell the word DICK. He meant this as what he thinks of his teacher figuratively, but the teacher takes it for its literal meaning of PENIS. Remember PENIS is PINES and also refers to the third eye or Pineal gland. “Possibly your first intelligent communique,” says Mayakovsky.

“Everywhere we make one choice. Are you the Controller or the Controlled?” Remember this quote at the beginning? It is the most profound statement in the whole series, mentioned by Mayakovsky.

So which are we?

He makes Quentin and Alice get naked and forces them out into the snow. They become like Foxes and mate. He then tells them, “The FOX is in you now- both of you.” Fox is 666 in numerology. It is the number of man. I wouldn’t say they become the Beast. The Beast is their arch enemy. Another dual meaning of symbols.

Back at Break Bills Eliot meets Mike and becomes his lover. Notice the blue “moth” (butterfly) behind him. Showing Mike is a Monarch and is controlled.

Before Quentin and Alice leave their Russian teacher he says, “That which you hate and fear will motivate you to enslave it.” Profound words.

They hate us. They fear us. Therefore they are motivated to enslave us. We are many. They are few.

Another clue to their proper location is shown to us. The Northern lights. They can only be seen at the Arctic or North Pole,  NOT the Antarctic. But the Arctic represents Christ and the Antarctic or the Anti- arctic represents the Anti-Christ, therefore they say they are at the Antarctic.

Episode 8- The Strangled Heart

Mike is doing the Kali tongue. The goddess of destruction.

One of Miley’s favorite facial expressions…..

Here they are making a point of showing the Purple and the double V’s. Purple is symbolic of the Abyss – the lowest color of the rainbow spectrum, the one closest to Hell, closest to Lucifer and used by the ruling elite. The downward triangle is the water sign again and the V’s are for 22, usurping the number of the Fool.

Rainbow chakras being used with the V behind Quentin, associating him with 22 again.

The Voodoo doll, another form of magic being applied here.

Episode 9- The Writing Room

Jane is an archer as well. She is on the same team with Quentin and Alice.

Butterfly collection on the wall. Tying the Beast to the Mothman and to the blue moth possessed guy named Mike. He is a collector of mind controlled subjects.

We do have the Mothman as well, as in the Mothman Prophecies, although this Mothman was one giant moth, not a head with hundreds of little moths. But still related to give the character that sinister otherworldly feel.

“I care about you Martin,” says the pedophile C. Plover. Remember Plover is P Lover, Lover of Lucifer. Luciferianism is the sex arm of the Process Church.

“Trousers too darling. All of it.”

Episode 10- The Homecoming

Annubis in the Neitherlands. Notice how close Neitherlands is to Netherlands. The Netherlands, just south of the North Pole. Annubis, watcher of the gates to the Underworld. Another Egyptian deity.

They have Quentin dream about Alice in a toga and Julia dressed as Princess Leia. This really holds no place in this series except, in my opinion, as a shout out to fellow Luciferian, George Lucas.

Alice takes Quentin to her parents house where they are throwing a party. Her father tells us it is Veneralia- the Roman festival of Venus. Which is on April 1, otherwise known as April Fool’s Day, another connection to Quentin being The Fool or Christ.

“Really hope you can come back for the Saturnalia- much less tame than this old thing. We celebrate all the Roman holidays,” says Alice’s dad to Quentin. The Luciferian’s celebrate all of the Roman holidays.

Notice the two suns, like in 4000 B.C., the year of Light, that marks the beginning of the calendar for the Masons.

AL instead of AD. They add 4000 years to our dating system. AL = Anno Lucis.

Butterflies in Alice’s room. She is a product of Monarch mind control as well.

Quentin stands near the picture of the Unicorn. Associating him with it. Like when they had him hold the white horse. Also in the opening scene, Quentin was watching a girl dance at a party. The girl wore a Unicorn on her t-shirt.

We also have the hybrids. Made through genetic manipulation in the days of Atlantis. Coming around again?

We hear much talk these days about clones as well. Clones would be Gollums. Creatures that are made NOT alive- no souls. Margeaux meets her Gollum.

Episode 11- Remedial Battle Magic

Five is needed for a spell to be effective.

Just like in The OA. Tell me again they weren’t doing spells in The OA?

Notice the image in the mirror. Two C’s back to back. C is 3 in numerology, so we have 33 again and back to back, again like the two headed Janus.

The Hedge Witch group that works outside of the school is trying to seek help from the gods. They seek out the Black Madonna. Mary worship is idolatry as well, connected to Roman Catholicism- worshipping the mother instead of the Prime Creator. Basically worshipping the feminine aspect of Lucifer, otherwise known as Lilith.

Lilith appears raining milk and money instead of milk and honey.

More masonic connections with the checkerboard floor at the special library in the Neitherlands. Letting us know they are the keeper of knowledge- held in the Vatican library basically.

And another smiley face appears on the chalkboard right after the Beast kills again for fun.

One of the witches in Julia’s outcast group is a Transgender. Remember in The OA they had a transgender too. “God is dead seems to be the consensus,” she says. No need to worry about sinning then right?

Episode 12- Thirty-nine Graves

Now 39 is a significant number. It is Crowley’s number. It represents the three realms and nine worlds of Yggdrasil.

A mystery novel was written called The 39 Steps and made into a movie by none other than Alfred Hitchcock.

Quentin is told he has attempted to beat the Beast 39 times. That he died 39 times, 39 reincarnations, that this is his last chance.

The Black Madonna, or Lilith, is a trickster. She rips the heart out of the counselor and then enters him. His eyes turn into reptilian eyes. She says, “You may address me as Reynard the FOX. Trickster of the faithful, the pure of heart, the very stupid.”

As Reynard, she anally rapes Julia, giving her his seed. Her eyes light up. She becomes part God. Like the Nephilim perhaps?

Episode 13- Have You Brought Me Little Cakes?

The last episode of the season. Ends on 13 on purpose. Thirteen is Jesus’ number. Lucifer loves to mimic him. Jesus and his 12 disciples, Arthur and his 12 knights, Lucifer and his 12 bloodline families.

Book Seven. Remember seven is also a number for Christ usurped by Lucifer.

And with all the Ball Earth symbolism they show us, finally a bit of truth. They show us the Flat Earth, however, it is shown without the dome.

Chapter 1- The Journey of the Witch and the Fool. Quentin asks Julia, which one she thinks Jane means is the Witch and which is the Fool? Well we know Quentin is the Fool. So Julia must be the Witch.

The Unicorn in Fillory. Also connected to Quentin.

To get there they enter a portal like in Dr. Who.

Fillory used to be a beautiful place. A beautiful garden, similar to Earth- Midgard, Middle Garden.

Chapter 4- Everything Sucks Now and Why

But when they visit just a few short years later it is dreary and dying. Similar to Midgard now?

Chapter 10- Helpless

We find out that Plover enters Fillory but the boy who he molested, Martin, captures him. We discover that Martin is the Beast. Created by Plover unintentionally by the trauma he inflicted?

Quentin and company learn that if they get a Florian steel blade they can kill the Beast. This reminds me of Valerian Steel from Game of Thrones used to kill the Nighwalkers.

But they find out that having the blade is not enough. “Have you brought me little cakes?” Pan asks.

It can only be used by one with divine seed. So they seek out Pan. Yes Pan, who is the Devil. And he gives them some of his seed to ingest.

Here is Pan on the Devil Tarot card.

And Alice drinks it so she can kill the Beast.

When he appears he overtakes everyone. Alice goes to draw the Florian blade but it is not there. Then Julia appears and brings it to Martin’s throat. She wants to make a deal with him in exchange for his life. She wants revenge on Reynard the Fox.

And this is where the season ends.

So did I convince you that there ARE Magicians pulling the strings? That THEY are the controllers and WE are the controlled? That there IS an agenda and to me it is very clear. We are the Terminal generation. The Godless generation. It’s time to pick your path. Now. Before it’s too late. Yes, there are two paths you can go by, But in the long run, There’s NO time to change the road you’re on.

Here is a link to the YouTube version:

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6 responses on “The Magicians Decoded

  1. Downtown Julie Brown

    The 2nd photo at the very beginning of your decoding has on the left side the poster that says Thurston Magician. I found another perfect anagram for THURSTON = NO TRUTHS. So is that another way of them letting us know that there are no truths coming from the left side?
    Also Rosette you have now quite a growing body of work! Have you ever thought of putting it all together into a book? I believe It would reach more people that way!
    I mean you obviously put so much time and energy into your work it would be great if more people knew about it. And if folks do not post comments here, then how do you know your stuff is even being read? Anyway please know that I do love all your stuff and fully support you!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Great catch Julie! I knew that poster had some significance because they kept showing it throughout the series. The guy has little demons on him as well. Which I do believe are behind magicians, actors, singers etc. They call them their muses, like Eminem has Slim Shady and Nikki Minaj has Roman, and Beyoncé with Sasha Fierce. One of the big Magicians, Magician Mike, calls his Desmond, which of course has DEMON in the name. And Master Illusionist Hans Klok did a performance for Mondea which is A DEMON. Here’s a link to that one: All in plain sight.
      I also have a YouTube channel and I post on Facebook so my information is getting out there. Maybe a book one day. We’ll see. I do appreciate your support Julie! I think YouTube had the greatest potential to increase my audience. I’m not in it for the money but to awaken as many people as possible to their deceptions.

  2. Amore

    Hi Rosette,

    Could you do a decoding on Harry Potter? I never read the books, but after watching the movies, I felt deenergized, and didn’t even notice all the symbolism before.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Aloha Amore,
      After getting through a few things I’m in the middle of, I was planning on reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. So when I read that I’m sure I will feel obliged to share and possibly reference the earlier books. I did read them when they first came out, but that was before I was awake. So we’ll see. Most likely I’ll be doing one on the Potter subject.
      Cheers, Rosette

  3. Luke Aspen

    Here’s another perfect anagram: THE MAGICIANS = A SHAMING CITE
    Also I see the phonetics in SHAMING -or- SHAMAN -or- A SHAMAN’S SIGHT !
    Anyway, thanks again, to you dear friend Rosette!
    Can’t go a day without an anagram!

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