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The Truth is in the Code.

The OA Decoded

So before we begin I want to point out a few things. You’ll see that there is a certain formula going on. Certain colors, certain symbols, certain numbers, certain letters are being used in many of these series that have an Armageddon or Afterlife theme. There is a philosophy being played out as well. One of man being in control. Being his own God. Through Force of Will he can do anything. This is the exact philosophy taught by Nimrod. A man, who through his force of will, ruled over the postdiluvian world. He became so powerful he was able to control the giants and have them build the Tower of Babel. He is the first Grand Master of the Masons. It is his philosophy being pushed. It is this world that the ones in control now are trying to set up again. So you will see the color purple, one eye symbolism, success through individual will, and you will also see the OMISSION of God, the Prime Creator. When these characters die, they never see God, they see a gypsy, or other things, but there is never God, they make sure of that.

So let’s have a look.

Episode One- Homecoming

The OA. A very intriguing title. It draws us in. It starts with a girl wandering the highway. Between cars. On a bridge. She walks over to the side. Turns. A quick look. Then jumps.

She somehow survives. Her parents come to see her in her hospital room. And we find out she’s been gone a long time.

“Seven years ago she went missing. She was blind,” says her dad. And now she sees. Seven is the divine number. Three is Heaven and four is Earth, so 3 + 4 =7, which makes up HU-MAN. Hu is the Spirit and Man is the Matter.

Notice the purple tones in the room.

They drive through the neighborhood on the way to their house. They see a crowd formed with signs. Saying “Welcome Home Prairie.”

“That is not your name. Prairie is not your name,” says Prairie. She is reinforcing this by wearing the sheet.

She was named Prairie by her adoptive mother. “Prairie” after the blue skies of the prairie, like the color of her eyes. Prairie is also phonetically very close to Prayer. Prairie- Prayer. But she doesn’t want Prayer. She doesn’t want to be Prairie.

Prayer would be something you would do when you are asking for God’s help. She doesn’t want God’s help. Omission of God.

Also notice the purple hue again.

Notice the one eye symbolism on the sign. “Of Bl(ue) Will Eye Open”. WILLING the eye to open. Force of Will.

The OA. We find out OA stands for Original Angel. OA is also the opposite of God. God is known as the Alpha and Omega, or the AO. OA would be the Omega and Alpha. The inverse.

OA is also short for Oannes, the Fish God, God of Wisdom, also known as the Fisher King. The Fisher King comes from the Water. We will see water playing an important part in this story.

Original also reminds us of Dolores in WestWorld. Dolores was the Original Host of the Park. Prairie is the Original Angel. A Host is another name for Angel. So Original Host- Original Angel. Dolores and Prairie are playing the same role.

That would make Homer and Teddy the equivalent of each other as well. Homer or “Our Home”. Teddy, like a Teddy Bear, reminds us of Home.

Alfred Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train is mentioned by Steve suggesting to Prairie that they could help each other out (commit small crimes for personal gain).

Notice the purple hue.

Two perfect strangers, meet, to commit the perfect crime. Hitchcock’s version would be an extreme example, committing the most heinous act, murder, again for personal gain for each.

Now both examples are forms of Moral Relativism. Again the philosophy of the Left Hand Path. Do what thou will is the whole of the law. Crowley-ism. Steve’s suggestion is mild compared to the Hitchcock story, however, they fall under the same law, the “Do as thou Will” law.

Purple hue…

The OA mentions the play “Cast of Two” and says its set in many dimensions over time. This is true. They show us in many stories. The hero and heroine. Working together to save the day. Furiosa and Mad Max. One is furious, the other mad.

Tris and Four in Divergent.

Katniss and Gale in The Hunger Games.

Dolores and Teddy in WestWorld.

Kate and Ethan in WayWard (pines).

And of course Prairie and Homer.

“This dimension is crumbling under pettiness, violence and greed. Steve is sensitive enough to feel it,” says the OA. The end of an age, otherwise known as the Kali-yuga or the Iron Age.

And are we seeing the purple theme yet? Purple is the color of the Abyss. Connected to the elite- Queen Elizabeth (Purple Reign), Prince (Purple Rain), in movies Oprah’s (The Color Purple). It is the lowest color on the Rainbow spectrum. Furthest from God. It is the color of Lucifer.


More purple….violet…

The Transgender movement is taking a prominent role in society these days. Being pushed by Hollywood and the media. Whereas just a few years back, we never even discussed this issue, the transgender population being less than 1/3 of 1 %, but today, they make it seem like it’s more like 50%. And so, they are placing people, where the identity is hard to figure out, in screen roles. Remember when they were referred to as actors for men and actresses for women? Then they just decided to call them all actors, like it was a bad thing to call a female actor an actress. Like somehow that was derogatory. Now they are pushing the asexual person on society. This is part of their agenda. Get rid of gender identity all together. Turn everyone into he/she’s into Baphomets- willingly, through social engineering.

Now why would they show a Google search for Pi? Remember nothing is by chance. Everything that they put in this series they put on purpose. Well Pi is 3.14 or 22/7 in fractional form.

Prince George was born on 22/7 of 2013. By chance? Hardly.

Check out his dad’s uniform patch. Pi on the Cross of the Knight’s Templar.

So what is the significance of Pi? In the Process Church, they worship what they call the Four Pi’s. They are Jehovah, Jesus, Satan and above all Lucifer.

(Jesus would be the “Quagmire”, the embarrassing situation, the one they demote to Messenger status). Notice the shape of their symbol. It is the Nazi swastika.

Which they are doing here in The Big Short. Four men, each representing one of the Four Pi’s. Notice Bale is in the PURPLE arrow pointing down, down to the Abyss.



Now remember how we mentioned that The OA also stands for Oannes, the Sea King.

Prince William with his Westland (WestWorld?) Sea King (Oannes) 115 helicopter training course patch. Prince William worships Oannes.

 “I need help,” says The OA, making a plea on the web through YouTube.

Now they DO mix things up because OA is for Oannes, yet Prairie is the Original Angel. Oannes would be represented by the LEFT eye, the Moon eye. The eye of Lucifer. But we see here Prairie shows her RIGHT eye.

One eye symbolism.But the Right Eye is the God Eye, the Good Eye.

Zechariah 11:17, Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! the sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened.

Just like in WestWorld. Right eye.

Just like in WayWard (pines). Right eye.

At the end of the episode we learn the story about Prairie. How she was born Nina, in Russia, and had a Near Death Experience when her school bus drove into a lake and she drowned.

Notice it looks like she is in water, yet she is in the sky, with the stars. If we look closely at the stars we see they ARE like this. Like luminous orbs of water. Are they telling us something here?

She goes to a place that is dark. There is a gypsy lady there. Gypsy is one from eGYPt. Gypsies are also said to be from Romania. They are ROMAN. The ones in control now, Roman Catholics, Roman Empire. Notice it is a Woman too and not GOD that Nina sees.

“Kitun am I like you?” asks the OA. “No. You are the Original.” answers Kitun. Again like in WestWorld. Dolores was the Original. And also notice the purple hue once more.

We find out the series was made by Brit Marling (who plays The OA) and Zal Batmanglij. Now what is interesting about Batmanglij is that he also directed WayWard Pines, and we see WayWard Pines has a lot of Crowley symbolism in it. (Watch my WayWard Pines Decoded for more on this.)

BATMANglij is in a band called Vampire Weekend. Batman is a BAT man, a vampire. BATMAN is also Baphomet Man and Bad Man. He represents Lucifer. Bruce Wayne is seeped in Matter. He is very rich. He lives in Gotham City. Gotham means Goat city. Goat is representative of the Baphomet. Goat is also an abbreviation for Greatest of All Time. Batman represents MAN, Force of Will, which is in opposition to Superman, who has a divine connection. Superman would be the HU-Man, while Batman is Man.

So we have Batmanglij’s other series, WayWard Pines, similar to WestWorld and also to WaterWorld. All W Worlds. All connected. WW is code for 33. Just turn them once to the right and they look like 3’s. Thirty-three is code for the Masons.

Purple hue, and left eye symbolism.

Episode Two- New Colossus

More purple….

“She believes her dreams are premonitions. Hers are tales of grandeur that she believes are reality. Myths that make her special. Signs of Mental Illness,” he says. But are they? Or are our dreams there to help us? They don’t want us to trust our instincts. It is our sixth sense. They want us to rely only on the first five. The sixth is where you trust your gut. It is your first impression. It is your intuition.

“Normal dreams don’t make your nose bleed,” says her mom.

“The face of a Giantess surrounded by water,” is how the OA describes the Statue of Liberty. A Giantess, a Nephilim.

Which brings us to the name of this episode, The New Colossus, referring to Lady Liberty.

The New Colossus

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
“Keep ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

By Emma Lazarus (Lazarus, raised from the dead, like Christ) But this is a female Emma. Raised from the dead like Prairie.

Notice the 33 on the wall. Also the pyramid by Prairie.


Notice the Flat Earth symbolism. The dome over them. Lit up like the sun and stars. Its like they show us in symbolism the truth, but in words will tell us the lie.

The O… Omega…

Episode Three- Champion

Now I found this shot most intriguing! Nothing is by chance. They show Prairie with Mars in the window behind her. So one, they are associating Prairie with Mars, not Venus. Venus is the symbol for Lucifer.

And two, they show Mars in its true form as a luminous orb in the  “waters above”. If you watch this video you’ll see how Venus and Mars move as if under water. We can see that the object in Prairie’s window is definitely that of Mars.

Flat Earth Truth #27- The Stars are Inside of “the Waters Above”. Here’s the link:

And here’s a closer shot of it. Doesn’t look very solid. More like a luminous body. So they are showing truth.

Prairie is brought back to Hap’s home, where she is imprisoned along with Homer and two others. She asks Homer where he would like to go if he ever got out.

“Take my son to places I’v never been- like the Pyramids or the Northern Lights,” says Homer. Interesting that out of all the places Homer could mention, he mentions, the pyramids, built by the giants on the orders of Nimrod, and the Northern Lights, home of God, the Garden of Eden and Paradise.

Notice the Vetruvian Man above Hap, the Angel Hunter’s head.

Which came up in WestWorld as well.

Prairie makes her escape, runs through the forest and stops when she senses a gaping hole in front of her. A quarry site.

Quarry’s have come up a lot lately. In the No Forests on Flat Earth Vid on YouTube.

And in WestWorld…

and also in Avatar… are they trying to tell us something?

Episode Four- Away- Notice the Milk…or MK…Mind Control…

sleep… or amnesia…like in WestWorld as well…

When she was little Prairie had the nose bleeds as well. Notice the purple, but also the orange. Orange is 33 in numerology and is associated with the Masons.

“We’re angels,” says The OA. “How do you know?” asks Homer. “Because your eyes are green, clear, as honest as you are,” she replies.

“Are you a regular co-median? Why don’t you take a bow for your fans?” says Scott. Notice how he says co- median, not comedian. Co median implies a medium or psychic. So one with psychic abilities is implied. Also with her seemingly asleep but doing everything he says, they soon discover that the drug given was not to put them to sleep, but to make them forget and to be compliant. It is called Scopolamine. also known as Devil’s Breath.

Notice the peace sign on the house. The peace sign is really the death sign or the death rune. It is the broken cross, the roots of the Tree of Life, of Yggdrasil, located in the realm known as Hel, where our modern day term Hell comes from.

And the FBI character looks very similar to Zal Batmanglij. Notice too the purple hue again and also that she has an upside down man on her shirt.

So the co-creators Brit and Zal here.

And the upside down stick man from her shirt reminds me of the Man in the Maze from WestWorld.

Purple. The color of the Abyss. Remember that they have to go DOWN a spiral staircase to get to their prison cells.

What does the place where they do the experiments remind you of?

Does it remind you of this?

This is the Hadron Collider at CERN. Remember Prairie mentioning the “crumbling age”? The reason for Steve being so sensitive? The crumbling age, the KALI-yuga. CERN has a statue of KALI out front of its complex.

And the Angels die over and over again. Reincarnation cycle.

When Homer dies he sees purple. Notice the Fish tank, Fisher King, King over the “fishes” or us, Age of Pisces.

Episode Five- Paradise


Remember Homer mentioning the Northern Lights, the location of Paradise. Now we have Hap going UP the spiral staircase. Stairway to Heaven.

Propaganda Alert- Ready?

Hap is listening to an interview on the radio. He hears, “Our universe is just one of many in a grand multiverse…. And you are on the verge of a scientific revolution. A revolution that would complete a revolution that’s been in the making for five centuries! (That’s 500 years! And yeah, it’s called The Great Work by the Masons). You know, a long time ago we thought the Earth was the center of everything. Copernicus comes along and we learn the Sun is one of many stars in our galaxy, hundreds of billions of stars in our galaxy. Then we learn our galaxy is not the only galaxy.” Cough cough BULLSHIT. And don’t forget Copper Nick was a JESUIT priest. They push this theory so we feel insignificant, instead of the special place we are in- in the center.

More purple…

Now this image is very profound. Complete MOCKERY OF CHRIST. Hap throws Scott’s body downstairs. You can see how he is dressed, laying there, with his arms out with blood all over him that he is meant to symbolize Christ after the crucifixion. So if you were in any doubt about the creators of this series “philosophy” before seeing this, I hope I put that doubt to rest.

Purple again! And he is doing a weird dance along with Prairie to raise Christ (Scott) from the dead. So they are showing through their Force of Will they can do anything. Even bring someone back to life.

Episode Six- Forking Paths

Makes me think of Forked Tongues. Like they are doing in this series with the Copernicus BS.

“Homer has the second and fourth movement on his back I have first and third. Every movement we received the Angel Hunter has received as well,” says the OA.

Branding on her back.

“How do you not get attached?” says the Angel Hunter. “I enforce turnover.” says his buddy the Mad Scientist.

Propaganda alert number two: “I realize our work is not a paradigm shift. Like Copernicus’ revelations, that Earth is not in the center of our solar system. That life is not at the center of human existence. I can’t help to wonder if Copernicus’ work, if he experimented on human beings,” contemplates HAP.

Now we KNOW life IS in the center of HU-man experience. We are part spirit and part matter. And Earth IS in the center. It is the HEART. Earth~ Heart. In the center of our chests as well as the world we live in.

“There is no line between good and evil. Only what a man can stand.” says the Mad Scientist.

He is preaching the philosophy of Do As Thou Will.

“I’m on the brink of proving an after life. Nothing spiritual.(Of course not spiritual! That would be “of God”!) More like another reality. Another dimension.” says Hap.

Well the Scientist didn’t like what he heard and decided to try and kill Hap because… moral relativism. Do as Thou Will. Lucky for Hap he didn’t succeed.

When Hap gets back he does another NDE experiment on the OA. We see her floating in a ball of water, star?

Propaganda alert number three: “The rings of Saturn. They sing. That’s where you were.” says the Angel Hunter. Notice it says “Reposted by NASA”. How convenient to say that we just go to another planet and not to Heaven when we die? Then we don’t have to worry about God and sin right?

And the pesky purple keeps showing up… funny how NASA can record the rings of Saturn so clearly and I just have to drive up the mountain and I get a dropped call. Amazing.

Episode Seven- Empire of Light

Propaganda alert number four: “In your place, in your NDE, do you think that was Purgatory? I believe in Heaven and Angels, but the darkness….” says the teacher. “I don’t think it was Purgatory but we don’t understand,” says the OA. Of course not. If it was PURGATORY we would be responsible for our sins. We can’t have that in an “anything goes” Luciferian world can we?

Episode Eight- Invisible Self

Hap gets caught by the cop who comes by to check on him. Hap tries to talk him out of arresting him. “You’ve got a silver tongue,” says the cop. Police is 33 in numerology. Tied to the Masons as well. And Silver? The color of the Moon.

“You know as well as I do there is no such thing as good and evil. There is only gray. Only what a man can stand.” says the Angel Hunter. Where did we hear that before? Oh yes, from the Mad Scientist, Hap’s buddy. Moral relativism once again.

But alas, the silver tongue worked, the cop brings his wife to see if the Angels can cure her, instead of rescuing them.  Again we have the purple hues.

“A white moth flew into mine and I swallowed it. The fifth move.” She tells them she has the magical fifth move. Notice it is a V that she pulls DOWN her face. The Water symbol, Lucifer’s element, pulling it down to the Abyss.

“It’s a matter of WILL. It’s always a matter of will. Only a person of great determination can swing to the other side.” say the OA. Spewing the Luciferian Force of Will.

Nimrod, the first Grand Master of the Mason’s, from the line of Ham, NOT a Nephilim but a MAN, taught his people to believe in themselves and in their own works and accomplishments and this would procure their own future and happiness SANS God, the Prime Creator. Force of Will.

One of the boys finds Prairie’s books on Oligarchs, NDE, Angels and Homer. So they think she is lying.

Propaganda alert number five: Perpetuating the School Shooting Myth. A staged Hollywood production using paid crisis actors. To instill fear into the general public to push for the banning of guns.

The OA is shot in the Heart. Notice how her wound looks like a Heart. Heart~Earth.

“You did it! Don’t you see! I have the WILL,” says the OA. Ugh, pushing the Force of Will BS. Trying to make us believe that man can become like God. No sign of the actual God. No need for the actual God.

He hears the WOOSH.

“They say it will be like an invisible current that takes you away.”

So we can see that they used a mixture of truth and propaganda in making this series. They are masters at manipulating us by our emotions. They use love against us. Steering us towards their agenda. They show us the truth about our world at the same time spewing bullshit about it. We need to stay centered, in the heart. We need to trust our moral compass. Good and bad ARE real. It is NOT shades of gray. We have to pick our path. God gave us Free Will to make a choice. The good path is the RIGHT path- that is WHY it is called the RIGHT. Choose wisely.

Here’s a link to the YouTube version:


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7 responses on “The OA Decoded

  1. Amore

    What would represent the divine feminine, Earth?? Also, you said something about dragons, are they good or they represent something bad?

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Hi Amore,
      The Earth is one representation of the divine feminine. She receives the rays from the sun, the rain etc. to germinate life. Earth is like the womb of the mother where life grows.
      Dragons symbolize blood lines. There is the human bloodline and the nephilim blood line. The red bloods and the blue bloods. King Arthur is symbolized by the Red Dragon and is the symbol on flag of Wales. The red dragon is the Christ line. The white dragon is the Lucifer line. Same with the Red Rose and the White Rose. Red Rose = Christ and White Rose = Lucifer.

  2. patrick

    I watched OA within a day or two of it popping up on netflix – really enjoyed your breakdown of it but if i may, i’d like to add some color of my own…

    dont disagree about the force of will – i too tried my hand at it before surrendering and accepting the higher will into me – things flow much more smoothly…masons are using the will power, a lower power(law) in fact, but in greater coherence than “us” who can see the sea, as we know at least 70-80% dont/wont/cant…the only way the “bad” dudes can rule over the coherent “good” is to disrupt it/divide it to limit coherence…

    the purple – while an intriguing claim – i dont see it – a rainbow, on earth, is only half of it – close the circle/loop and purple will be in the center, closest to the void which is the true source of both personified faces of father-mother of good-evil…its a dual folded trinity…if one can imagine…

    all seven colors are of white light (the higher law/power) – remember – lucifer “bears/bare(hugs)” it, per the script…the light – has a will of its own…that light is asserting its will through those of us tuning into those broadcasts…we’re becoming more coherent with a spontaneity that increasingly can’t be “modeled”…

    good dig on pro-cess(pool) church…

    eye symbolism might be missing the three heavenly forms of it as left/right misses a higher point (look up, not left/right which is the dialectic) – i/eye/ay…

    sixth sense could be considered gut instincts yet that is the body’s gut instincts, not the heart-minds (sole/soul/spirit depending on percept) as the hearts intuition is much stronger (seventh sense?) if the body’s gut instinct/intuition is brought in alignment with heart-mind perhaps we could call that the eighth sense…(English is THE magickal language so IN-STINKS – words hide the truer phonetic meanings)…

    side note – “stars” in the original un-corrupted hebrew language they are called locators, not stars btw…they were to be used to orient self within the realm…esp w/o day light which is much easier to navigate with…

    amazing catch re: co-median…i’ve found a cosmic humor in all this of late…def need that to thrive down here…(i’ve had an odd urge to do stand up for the last few years – now i get the message much clearer! – thank you!)

    the Crucifixion (CREW-SI-FICTION)/death scene symbolism/dance – i would only ask one question hoping to take that further than where it is – how do you propose the dance sequences were given to them? some kind of inner process that externalized on their backs…what is the symbolism/message there?

    so there IS a line, between good and evil – the man standing IN IT 🙂 instead of getting into moral relativism though perhaps lets juxtapose morals vs ethics and the relativism collapses like waving particles…

    water re: lucifer owns – pretty sure the water came before lucifer so not quite “his”….but the force of will they keep repeating – now stop and think about this world – where is a WILL necessary?

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Hi Patrick,
      You make some interesting points. Regarding purple, keep watching for it. It is the color of the Phoenicians which are the Venicians which are the Venusians which are the Luciferians. THEY use that color to represent themselves- the Blue Bloods. You will notice too the use of purple in many of the staged shooting events. At night in those everything somehow has a purple hue when stories at night never did before.
      Regarding Good and Evil, man standing IN IT is NOT good enough. Man standing in it makes for a slippery slope- a survival of the fittest deciding what is right and what is wrong. It is God’s Law versus Man’s Law. Right versus Left. I will link you to a great presentation on Luciferianism and how insidious it is- How many don’t realize they practice it without even knowing it.
      Cheers, Rosette

  3. pete shea

    thank you for you efforts delacroix.
    i want to bring your attention to ‘the creation of adam’ by michaelangelo on the sistine chapel ceiling. many have claimed that the human brain can be superimposed over God and his troupe in order for the work of art to be decoded.
    what i have to say now is rather shocking, but i am convinced it is the case. instead of a human brain, what we are viewing is a cross-section of a snake or reptile head.

    compare to;

    the reaching hand of LORD GOD is a poisonous fang extended! all the other aspects align also.
    to satisfy yourself that this is the case, zoom in on LORD GOD to see the reptile left eye and the protruding bone structure associated with reptiles. notice also the other un-natural looking index finger and get a feel for the overall sinister atmosphere of expectation within the BRAIN of LORD GOD.
    genesis 1 and genesis 2 are 2 different stories. the north pole is where heaven is located and genesis 1 is still in play. we live in genesis 2 where LORD GOD has assumed the position of God. the giant tree of life is still located at the north while all the rest of the trees were destroyed, a new controller took temporary command of the rest.
    our false divided bodies were designed by this LORD GOD while our true nature are whole,, ‘male and female He created them’, the ‘them’ here refers to the male and female natures contained within the one vessel. look at the character (mother earth) below adam in the painting. She/He is androgynous. that is what we have to get back to,, to bridge the gap within.
    ever wonder why we have a crown, limbs, a pineal gland, a brain stem etc. etc.? we are trees,, we are part and parcel of the tree of life. the saline waters above are an intrusion and came when the other giant trees were destroyed and the dome/electromagnetic barrier retreated with the loss of support. the barrier was once flat and level and the projection of the sun,stars and planets was full in all it’s power and magnificence. the projecting remains but the screen collapsed into a circus-top type covering. the pure fresh waters from below were encroached upon and now we find ourselves here and now. oil is the lifeblood of the giant trees.
    remember, we have power beyond measure and love beyond containment.
    please contact me if you wish to have my views on anything. thank you.

    p.s. if you read this account of a near death experience, the difference between God and LORD GOD is well noted imo.

  4. Amore

    For the 8 episodes, Brad Pitt was an executive producer and the person who choreographed the 5 dance movements is the same person who choreographs Sia’s videos.

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