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Flat Earth Decoded (Part 2) North Pole the Biggest Secret, Proof of Eden

Just a year ago I thought the biggest secret being kept from humanity was that the Earth is Flat.

Six months later I learned of the Giant Trees that once inhabited our world and thought THAT was the biggest secret.

But then I discovered there is one even greater! And of course this might not be the last. And each breakthrough compliments the last. Each breakthrough resonates with the last and therefore, to me, we are on the right path. So, what is the next biggest secret? That the North Pole is the True Location of Eden.

So let’s prove this.


Let’s start with the Macro and work our way down to the Micro. So if you’ve watched my first Flat Earth Decoded vid you will notice I was getting warm, very warm, but not quite red hot. I mentioned how The North Star, also called Arthur, is the one immovable star in our night’s sky. How all the other stars revolve around it.


That King Arthur and his twelve knights of the Round Table symbolize this.

The Round Table is the Zodiac or zoo de arc, zoo of the arch, twelve constellations, twelve knights of the Round Table.


The Round Table, is exactly that, a flat round table, a flat round Earth, our Earth. King Arthur is in the center, represented by POLARIS above and a POLE below. The pole being the Black Mountain also known as Mount Meru.


Then we have JESUS with his twelve disciples. If you look at the picture of the Last Supper they hide the fact that the table is actually ROUND. (See the arch in the center?) It is a ROUND TABLE. Again, Arthur/Jesus, in the middle with his twelve disciples revolving around him. Notice too that the twelve disciples are broken into groups of three, representing the four seasons.


Now we have the Chinese Zodiac doing the same thing. The animals of the Zoo circle the center.


And we also have TIME with twelve hours in the day, revolving around the center or pole as well.

The center is the point of magnetism- the Magnetic North. The four seasons are represented in the As Below as well- four islands- four races- four seasons. You can see on the Hopi Flat Earth model the four colors for the four races being depicted, black, white, yellow and red. And the four islands make up the land of Eden, which I will explain in a bit.

Heaven is at the North Star. The true All Seeing Eye of God. Always lit, always open, where God sits seeing all. So the All Seeing Eye is a good symbol but usurped by the Luciferians as well.

Now Gerard Mercator, Geographer and Cartographer, made a trip to the North Pole and wrote a letter about it to his friend John Dee, the Adviser to Queen Elizabeth in the mid 1500’s. (Notice Dee’s beard doing the downward triangle. The downward triangle is the water element. Water is a symbol of Lucifer, associated with the Moon. He is also in a big O. O represents Omega, again, the energy of the Moon.)

In Mercator’s letter he describes the land at the North Pole. He says that it is surrounded on all sides, except for the North, with very tall mountains that reach the clouds and are free from vegetation. On the North side the land is skirted by the ocean. Now the land is divided by four rivers that flow with a very strong current northwards. When looking at the map we can see that it resembles a flower. That each island is shaped like a petal and the mountain in the middle would be the stigma.

Map of the Arctic by Gerardus Mercator. First print 1595, this edition 1623.


It reminds me of the HIBISCUS which is very close to HYPERBISCUS, HYPERBorea. Notice how the petals are lighter going towards the center and resemble water entering a whirlpool at the “pole”.

So the stigma of the Hibiscus is the obelisk and represents the male portion and the petals would represent the female.

It reminds me of the Bulls-eye symbol. Now isn’t that an interesting name? How in the world does it resemble a Bull’s eye? It doesn’t.

BUT it is a clever way to disguise that it has a TORUS in the middle because Taurus is the BULL constellation. Torus is how the energy flows in our enclosed system. The water gets drawn to the center to the magnetic tower (black mountain) and drawn into a whirlpool that leads to the center of the Earth. It keeps going and eventually gets drawn back out at the perimeter or ice ring otherwise known as Antarctica.


TOR-US would be the Bull, the male, and LOT-US would be the flower or the female.

They also use the Lily and the Rose in their symbolism and is reflected on the Tarot cards. The Lily would be the Tower or Mountain and the Rose would be the islands surrounding it.

Interesting that Johnny Depp named his daughter Lily Rose. Was he aware of this connection? And as a side note, notice the 22 on her friend’s shirt. Twenty-two is Christ’s number in the Tarot Deck. It is the Fool card and shows Christ’s completed journey in this world. The Mason’s usurp this good number as well. Mason equals 22 in numerology.

Johnny Depp’s daughter Lily Rose Melody Depp


And we can’t forget that the HEART, which is an anagram for EARTH, has FOUR chambers and looks an awful lot like Eden as well. Salt water flows INTO the Heart of the Earth just as blood flows into the Heart of our Bodies. If a human has experienced loss of blood and no blood is available for a transfusion, what do hospitals use instead? Salt water. As above, so below.

Notice they even color the heart red and blue, although the right should be red and the left blue.

Just like on Jesus’s robe. It’s all about the positive and negative charge and the magnetic pole at the center. Right, red and positive, left, blue and negative.


Remember too that the Mason’s worship the East, South and West and consider the North evil!!!! Because they know that the North is the Throne of God! Throne is an anagram for North and is phonetically similar to the Norse, as in the people of the North. And who is known as the King of the North? Jesus of course.

Now we know Santa resides at the North Pole. And Santa is how they usurp Jesus. Santa of course is an anagram of Satan. Look. He’s even doing the “shhhhhh of Horus.”

The Christmas Tree as we know it has been usurped as well and is really symbolic of the Tree of Life, a good symbol.

Hyperborea means Hyper (beyond) and Borea (north wind). And then we have the Aurora Borealis, which means Aurora (lights) and Borealis (northern). So “beyond north wind” and “lights of the north”.

Notice Aurora Borealis is very similar to Ouroboros. And Ouro means (ring) and Boros (northern) – so “northern ring”. The Northern Ring would be the mountains that encircle the North Pole. Notice here it is encircling the Tree of Life, or the World Tree, found in the Garden of Eden at the North Pole.

game of thrones 2

I always thought it represented the ice wall known as Antarctica like they show in Game of Thrones, however, now I think this too is a diversion. For the ones awake they try to get us to focus on the rim of our world when in fact the special place is in the center.

game of thrones

I mentioned in my original Flat Earth Decoded vid that Edinburgh in Scotland means “Eden home”. So home of Eden. And Scotland was on the outer border of the North Pole lands. If we look at Edinburgh we can see how green and lush it is. Like a garden.


And is very similar to the modern green and lush environment nicknamed the Paradise Isles known as Hawaii.


Now before the Fall of Adam and Eve, living in the Garden of Eden was considered the Golden Age, with perpetual spring. This was due to the path of the Sun and Moon being tighter then. Over the years it has slowly widened to where it is now between the Tropic of Cancer in the North and the Tropic of Capricorn in the South. When the sun is closest to the Tropic of Cancer the countries above the equator are in summer and the ones below the equator feel “summer” as winter. When the sun is on its path at the Tropic of Capricorn the opposite is true, above the equator it is considered winter and below would feel like “summer”.  So when the Sun first circuited the Earth’s plane, it had a much tighter path and must have traveled a path nearer to the Tropic of Cancer throughout the year to cause eternal spring in the Garden.

Now Eden goes by other names as well; Mount Meru, Mariah, Mount Olympus for the Greeks, and Sumeru. Remember that Sumeria is supposed to be the first recorded civilization. So could Sumeru be connected to Sumeria? I would say absolutely. Then we have Thrace, which is a civilization supposedly 2000 years older than Sumeria, that is another name for Eden.

And Thule. Notice how Hitler was a part of the Thule Society and was heavily into the occulted knowledge. Doesn’t it appear they are worshiping the center here? Or taking energy from it for their god. I don’t get a good vibe from this picture.

The Nazi’s supposedly went to Antarctica and set up a base there called Neu Schwabenland. Nearby is an island named Thule. Now was this to divert our attention from the real location of Thule? Being at the North Pole?

Notice too that Antarctica means opposite of the Arctic. Ant as in Anti. So if the Arctic is the seat of Christ, that would make the Ant-arctic the seat of the Anti-Christ. So the rim would be as far away from God as you can go on the Earth plane.

Now there is speculation also that Atlantis , the lost civilization, was really Eden as well! The description of Atlantis, having rings of land with water between them leading to a central city is very similar to the description of the lands at the North Pole from Mercator’s notes.

The most common location given for the possible location of Atlantis is in the Atlantic Ocean just north of the coast of Africa, however, if we step back and look at the shape of the continents, the Americas do look like they could fit like a puzzle into the continents of Europe and Africa. So that would leave no room for Atlantis to be in between them. But if Atlantis was actually at the North Pole that would make perfect sense. I think the land masses possibly drifted outwards with the widening path of the sun.

Now we have a hidden connection to Atlantis with the Mormons. First, if we look at the word Mormon, we have an anagram for Mr. Moon. And Mr. Moon would be Lucifer. Lucifer is represented by the Moon and also Venus.

The Mormons are also known as The Church of Latter Day Saints. Lat Saints is a perfect anagram for Atlantis. You can’t make this stuff up!

And we’re not done. Latter day is phonetically similar to Ladder day, as in the ladder that goes to heaven, otherwise known as The Stairway to Heaven.

So it appears they are hiding in plain sight the secrets of our world.

Here’s another example, Magic Mountain at Disneyland. Remember that M is a 3 on it’s side. So MM equals 33. The “magic mountain” would be the magnetic mountain, the obelisk at the center of the park. Mount Meru. Magic Mountain.

We learn from Mercator’s letter that the Magic Mountain is 33 miles in circumference. Now the Sun and the Moon are ALSO 33 miles in circumference. How amazing is that? Do you think the Mason’s are hiding info from us?

The United Nations use the Flat Earth map as their symbol and what is the number in the middle? 33 of course. Also note that Un, the abbreviation for the United Nations, is an ancient name for Lucifer. Un is also a prefix that means “against” or “anti” so we have against Christ, or Anti-Christ. They worship the Un, the Anti-Christ, and are trying to usurp God’s throne.

Back to Walt’s World we find that Walt Disney was a 33rd degree Mason. And Disneyland is home to Club 33. Notice the Merovingian Fleur De Lis at the top. Yes Mero, from Merovingian, as in Mount Mero~Meru.

Now the land surrounding Mount Meru is lush like a Garden and in Norse Mythology we have Asgard and Midgard. Asgard is the name for the Home of the Gods, or Heaven, and is the Garden above. As- Gard, As Garden. Midgard is the name for Earth. Mid- gard or Middle Garden, the Garden below, or Eden. In Norse Mythology there are nine realms, but only two, Asgard and Midgard, have “garden” in their names.

And in the Garden of Midgard we had Giant Trees. They depict these Giant Trees in film. Like in Avatar.

Here the main Giant Tree, or the World Tree, Yggdrasil, The Tree of Life, is shown being threatened.


They show a different version of it in Game of Thrones. Notice the Tree is in the far north.

Now the ocean that surrounds and flows into the Garden is called Oceana. It flows into the Earth where there is subterranean land. The land is divided into the Place of Righteous and the Place of Wicked. These are places where souls go waiting for judgement, otherwise known as Purgatory. The Archurian Gulf divides them and keeps them separated.

Back to Eden we see that the main river that flows into the center is called Eridanus. This river is lined by AMBER bearing Poplar trees.

Now in the recent series called WestWorld, Dolores remarks,”They say great beasts once roamed this world. As big as mountains yet all that’s left of them is bone and amber.” Isn’t that a strange thing to say? Bone and AMBER? Paradise is “lined with Amber bearing Poplar trees.” Again hiding the truth in plain sight.

And the water of the Eridanus is inhabited by flocks of white SWANS. Now Swans are also used in symbolism to represent 2’s. White swans represent Christ and Black swans, Lucifer. 222  is a Master number. Three Black Swans (222) released in a Lake for Diana’s funeral.

Now Atlantis might NOT have been destroyed by the Great Flood. Maybe that is part of the deception as well. If Atlantis really is Eden, then is it The First Continent. And the First Continent is the sacred and imperishable land. The most mysterious of the seven continents. And which it didn’t share the same fate as the other continents because its destiny is to last from Beginning to End. From Alpha to Omega. It was the Cradle of the First Man and will be the Dwelling of the Last Divine Mortal.

It is the place where NEW Jerusalem will descend. Jerus meaning Truth and Salem meaning Peace. So IS the true Jerusalem in the Desert? Or is that another diversion, just like Atlantis, just like Thule, to keep us from looking where the real Throne of God is, the real Jerusalem at the North Pole?

Not only is Eden NOT destroyed by The Great Flood, but it is DIVINELY protected. Eden is  the Garden right below the Throne of God. When Adam and Eve were cast out Cherubim were put to guard Eden and the Gateway to Heaven. These Cherubim are represented by the Eagle, Ox, Man and Lion.

Which is represented in the Tarot cards as well on the World Card.

And remember how Arthur was represented in the Heavens? In the constellation with Arthur as the Pole star. Well we have an As Below for Arthur as well. He made a trip to the North. In 1364 AD, eight people came to the King’s court in Norway saying they came from the lands of the North Pole. One, a priest, mentioned that King Arthur sailed there May 3, of 531 AD with 12 ships. Five of the twelve were smashed against rocks and were shipwrecked, but the other seven made it there. Arthur peopled the North lands of Scotland and Iceland. Arthur’s journey is written about in the Gestai Arthuria.

A few centuries later, Catherine the Second, of Russia, heard about the land of the North by the Masons. She organized two expeditions, the first of which sailed on May 4, 1764 to find the Elixir of Life. From what she was told, the people of  Hyperborea lived to be a 1000 years old.

(I would say that is an Hibiscus flower on her dress. And what did we say the Hibiscus flower represented? Well Eden of course.)

If we look to the Bible we will recall that  Adam through Noah lived expansive life spans as well. Adam lived to 930 years old, Methuselah 969 years, and Noah 950 years old. In fact, the first ten generations of Adam lived for almost a 1000 years each. More evidence that Hyperborea could be Eden.

And don’t forget Noah’s Ark. Noah’s ark is Noah’s arc. As in his Arch. As in the zoo in the sky, again the constellations that encircle our Earth, the zoo de arc, Zodiac.

And King Arthur’s son was named? Nowi, which is the Welsh version of? Noah.

So have I opened your eyes to the possibility that the North Pole is the most special place, above all, in our world? That if it is the place of Eden, then the Bible is true? That Atlantis is a real place. That it is protected. That God is just above it seated on His Throne, the true All Seeing Eye, watching over His people. That we really are on a World Stage, playing out our parts. That in the End everything will be okay. It is divinely controlled. Lucifer is only given a finite amount of time to do as he will in our world due to his fall along with Adam and Eve’s. We ARE at a time of great revealing. For those with eyes to see will see.

Corinthians 3:16 – 17 ~Do you not know that you are a temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? If any man destroys the temple of God, God will destroy him, for the temple of God is holy, and that is what you are.

The temple is within us, the heart. Heart ~ Earth, as above, so below. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Here is a link to Mercator’s letter to John Dee.


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11 responses on “Flat Earth Decoded (Part 2) North Pole the Biggest Secret, Proof of Eden

  1. Khalif Foster

    Ok, since you decode alot of info from mason and real life and combine into one, that make sense. So, can ya invest Mudfossil at youtube, about Stone as Giant. It makes sense to be true, so it is bigger Giant than though. I am not sure, so no closed caption for me to watch, manually CC. So, ya can update new secret about Giant and stone, and Giant Trees. Because stone can be two way, either a tree and/or giant that was fossil, thick fossil, so it is like a rock. So, God do create life with minerals and things that is important to life, that is Sun, Salt, Water. But not rock, because rock do not provide life. So, there is minerals in different way that is not connect to rock. The process of minerals before Great Flood might be different, or there is no minerals need from rock, since there is enough minerals in past, as higher density, I am just saying as logically make sense, like what you say make sense. So, what complete in whole thing on earth is Giant human, animals, and giant tree, with smaller animals, tree, and human, that is all. And there is magnet at center with high energy, to low energy at edge, so it loops around. Can ya found out about water, what current is water, if there is current, there is true answer on earth depends on current. From what you say about water that go in center to out from inside at ocean to edge that up, then back to center. So, If we go south, the current is always opposite of south? No south-way water, just north-way water. At ocean, there is south-way water. It is a logically theory base what you type. The most center is the most energy that absorbs directions, so directions will go toward the center. So, north pole is warm, not cold because of energy is high that give energy as part of it or because of sun is closer. So, north pole is block because of not just of mountain, but because of not cold? To know for sure, can measure how far the sun give before it gets cold and how long the sun gives.

  2. Fiona

    I tried to leave message on your You Tube video, but the did not post. Do you screen the comments?

    From and including: Friday, 14 May 1948 (Israel Became Nation)
    To and including: Friday, 30 October 1981 (Ivanka Trump birthday)
    Result: 12,223 days
    It is 12,223 days from the start date to the end date,
    end date included Or 33 years, 5 months, 17 days including the end date

    Does this mean anything to you?
    She changed her name in 2010 to Yael,
    Yael (Hebrew: יעל‎‎, pronounced [jaˈʔel]; also spelled Jael) is a female given name, from the Hebrew word for the Nubian ibex (mountain goat in Israel region)
    Sound like Yah El
    Nubian reminds me of Nibiru

    YHWH bless you in the Name of Yahushua the Messiah

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Greetings Fiona,
      I do screen for spammers and trolls but I didn’t see your message come through? I would have approved it. YouTube does strange things. Many times I will try to reply to comments people post on my vids and YouTube won’t let me. It is really frustrating at times. Also it will say I have more comments than I can see so I don’t know if YouTube are blocking some from getting to me.
      Regarding dates between things, I don’t really work with those, so not sure. It is interesting that Ivanka’s birthday is on the eve of Halloween, one of the two highest holidays for the Satanists/Luciferians. And October being the Mason’s favorite month. October equals 33. So her being 33, in October which is 33, and on Hallow’s Eve would be special to them. Probably did a ritual that night.
      I didn’t know she changed her name to Yael? And yes very interesting that it is the name for a Female Mountain Goat. GOAT is an anagram for “Greatest of all Time” which is a nickname for Lucifer. So a tribute to their god through the name change.
      Blessings to you,

  3. Fiona

    Hi Rosette,
    I was so happy to see your reply, I knew you would have useful information for me.
    Her birthday being on the eve of Halloween is very interesting, and I had no idea about the goat anagram. Amazing.
    I was hoping you could do more research about her. You are so clued in, I know you would find things that I would never see.
    Not telling you what to do, only if you feel led by the Rauch.
    I think she is more important to the end of days than any of us could imagine.

    YHWH bless you, in the name of Yahushua the Messiah

  4. Gwen

    I could not find any information regarding Mercator, himself, traveling to the North Pole/Arctic Circle. However, in my quest to verify this, I came across a lot of interesting information about mapmaking and the liberties taken in describing what was assumed to be at the North Pole. It appears those descriptions changed over time also. One thing I did find regarding Mercator and the description of the North Pole is this from Wikipedia:

    The Inventio Fortunata, a lost book said to be a description of travels in the North Atlantic by an unknown Friar, describes, in a summary written by Jacobus Cnoyen but only found in a letter from Gerardus Mercator, voyages as far as the North Pole.[3] One widely disputed claim is that two brothers from Venice, Niccolo and Antonio Zeno, allegedly made a map of their journeys to that region, which were published by their descendants in 1558.[4]

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Hi Gwen,
      I’m sure that the Jesuits scrubbed as many of the writings as possible from public view. I bet there is a collection on the subject in the Vatican library.

  5. Emma

    Thank you for all your information. I have spent the last few nights reading through your site. I really appreciate the optimism at the end of this post… What a breath of fresh air in all the darkness we are exposed to. I have been feeling quite down about everything I have come across in the last year and it is inspiring to see someone who has gone as deep as you have still feeling hope and faith. Blessings.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Thank you Emma. There is lots of good still in the world. Lots of good people. It’s the bad ones that make all the noise so they give the illusion that they are the many, but they are not. The more you search the more you will see that the few at the top are having a hard time keeping their charade together and eventually it will come tumbling down. Blessings to you and your family.

  6. daran lee

    hi, in the beginning was the word, no in the beginning was land, we are land. come down and land. no word worship. the word mother comes from moththe meaning moth. a night butterfly. the butterfly collectors collect us. the moththe is kidnapped.
    we are moon, we are silver.

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