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The Economist 2017 Cover Decoded

As many others are, I too am intrigued by The Economist’s 2017 Cover and wanted to share some things with you that I saw.

For starters, it is really interesting that they use Tarot cards. Tarot cards are traditionally used for fortune telling. They are trying through “force of will” to make a certain outcome come true. Let’s see what they are forecasting. Forecasting- casting a spell for the future.

Notice that Taro is three words in one. They are:

Rota(h) a list of things that have to be done and the people doing them, in circular form, a round, a rotation.

Tora(h) the law of God

Taro(t) the story of Christ in compact form (similar to poetry)


So let’s look at The Tower card on the cover.

Notice the Tower looks like a tree. The black billowy smoke looks like a canopy of leaves and the brown “flames” look like branches. The Tower is split into a V symbol. With the lightning bolt above. We know the lightning bolt is symbolic of Lucifer who came down like “lighting from heaven”. (Coincidentally Barack means “lightning” and Obama means “high place”, so his name literally means “lightning from heaven”).

The V is 22 in numerology and is symbolic of the Fool card in the Tarot deck. The Fool is Christ’s journey through the deck from 0 to 21, which is The World card, and then he repeats the cycle over. Hence the Fool. So they want Lucifer to usurp Christ in this journey .

V stands for Victory. V also stands for Vagina. The negative feminine energy. The Lillith energy, that they want to replace the positive masculine energy in which Christ represents with.

The card also depicts Communism which has an atheist philosophy and Christianity… or science versus faith, showing them united under their one world religion- with Lucifer at the top. The writing on the door- by decree.


Now they keep the Tower image in our subconscious by putting it on film. We have Mount Doom in Lord of the Rings.


In the AMC series called The 100.


and in the Stephen King series called The Dark Tower.


Now let’s look at the Hermit card on the cover, But first, look at the traditional version of The Hermit card. He’s looking down. Solitary.


Here he is looking up. With  a mass of people below, as if going through a gauntlet. The Hermit is standing on the Tower, the Tower of Babel. It is cut now. He is ruled over by the Moon. (feminine negative). He is wearing red like fire and is holding a lantern. On the bottom right we see that the lightning bolt has struck North America.


The Tower of Babel cut, was just recently revealed in the popular YouTube vid called No Forests on Flat Earth, which just came out a few months ago. The main focus on this vid was a “stump” called Devil’s Tower. Devil’s Tower is another name for Tower of Babel or The Tower, like on the Tarot card.


Which makes us think back where we have seen other “stumps” and reminds us of Close Encounters of the Third Kind and the Devil’s Tower. Which looks to be cut with a giant saw blade.

8-5-16 234

The main focus of the movie Avatar was in saving the Giant Tree of Life from getting cut.


Remember the Tower looked like a tree.


We see from the Wizard of Oz, this same tree having been cut symbolism….notice its green like a tree.


and has columns similar to Devil’s Tower.

8-5-16 231

They even show us Giant Tools possibly used to cut the trees in Avatar.


Giant sized tools, used by Giant sized men perhaps? Known as the Nephilim.


Which show up in the new HBO series called WestWorld. Here’s Ford, the creator of WestWorld overseeing his creation. Ford would by synonymous with Lucifer. He is ruler over this Dominion.


Notice the edges look like the columns of Devil’s Tower and the Emerald City of the Wizard of Oz.


And here, also in WestWorld they show us a “Devil’s Tower”, a cut platform. Also notice the sun almost directly over it, implying it’s in the center. Tower of Babel, Devil’s Tower, would be in the center. Center of the maze, center of the Park, center of our World.


The painting by Brueghel looks like an organic version of a Tower. Like it could be a Tower, cut.

babel 7

Planet Trump- Not USA Trump. Planet implies World Domination.


Trompe in French means “Deceived” and when combined with Trump’s running mate you get “Trump/Pence”. Which is Trump-Pets as in The Trumpets blowing. The Seven Trumpets of the Apocalypse.


So if we go back to the cover, let’s see if we can match each Trumpet to a card.


Trumpets 1 and 5- Fire destroys 1/3 of the Earth, Locusts plague the vegetation.We see what looks like a nuclear bomb going off. Notice the water is all dried up. There is only a dead fish lying in the stream.


Trumpet 2- The seas turn blood red. Notice the ground below the Wheel of Fortune is blood red. Interesting too that it looks like Germany, France and Italy will be affected. Rain and lighting on the horizon.


Trumpet 3-  Comet called Wormwood falls from the skies. With pictures of people on each star. I wish we could get a close up of each and figure out who these players are.


A version of The Star card came up in WestWorld too by the way.


Trumpet 4- 1/3 of the Sun and Stars darkened. This one is stretching it a bit, but this could possibly be the sun with a third darkened, hence it looks like the moon. Because if it was the moon then the whole sky would be black, not just he 1/3 blackened, so I do think it is the sun. Notice the yellow stars from The Star card are now missing (darkened).


Trumpet 6- An Army is unleashed. Notice these look like missiles about to be unleashed by the button. The “magician” is wearing a virtual reality device to decide where each should go. Homes one by one, getting destroyed.

sTrumpet 7- United under Lucifer. Religion, Law, Arts, Finance… all under one all seeing eye lit up, THE new WORLD order..


So the Trump/Pence are sounding. The Trump card has been put into play- the one that changes the game.


Reigning in 2017. 2017 is a ten in numerology, which is the number for completion. Nine is the final battle just before victory, 2016.  2017 would be their celebration year. We shall see.

But the Final Judgment will be done by God.

God Trumps All. Even Trump.



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5 responses on “The Economist 2017 Cover Decoded

  1. C. Zornes

    Hi Rosette,
    I too was intrigued about the use of a version of tarot cards for the 2017 cover of The Economist. The card that fascinated me the most was The Magician card. You seem to interpret it as a foretelling of destruction. May I offer an alternative thought? The first thing I noticed was the machine with the button. Did you notice that it says 3D? I think it looks like a 3D printer. Did you know that in China they can construct 10 small houses in 24 hours using 3D printing technology? I think this could actually be a card that foretells the release of technology that has been in the background for a while. I was so captivated by the 3D printer on the card, I hadn’t noticed the VR device on the magician’s head. Have you heard of holoportation? Again, this is some technology that is just getting out into the public view. And you know, if it’s getting out into the public view, they’re way more advanced with it than what they are saying. Anyway, here’s a couple of links. Thanks for your interpretation!

    China houses:
    Microsoft holoportation:

    Thought you might enjoy another perspective. Enjoy!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Hi Carol,
      Wow amazing what they can do with these printers now! And most pay a mortgage (death deed) for a house for 30 years! When they KNOW that they can be built cheaply and in a day! My goodness. Just shows another level of our enslavement. I do agree with you regarding the printer and virtual reality technology is showing how they can do this, but I still see it in a sinister light because TRUMP is one of them and his role has been planned out for a long time. Probably since his birth. Same with Obama. And of course same with Hillary, since we know they are ALL related and of the right bloodline. I see it as more of a mockery. Showing us in plain sight what they have that can FREE the world but that they won’t provide for us. OR they might dangle this in front of us like a carrot if we let them be in charge. Lucifer is the trickster. There will always be some kind of trick when it comes to them.
      But thank you for sharing, you are spot on on the 3d aspect.

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