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The Truth is in the Code.

WestWorld Decoded S1 E7 (Trompe L’Oiel)

So this was a very EYE OPENING episode to say the least! We learn of a great revelation at the end of it. But before we get there let’s look at the title. Eye opening yes…. Trompe L’Oiel means “Deceived Eye”, deceived perception.  So before we look at the deceived perception in WestWorld, let’s look at the bigger picture. Remember the last episode, Contrapasso, was released at the same time as the Day of the Dead celebration, which was portrayed in the episode.

Now notice that Trompe L’Oiel also had a timely release. Trompe is very close to TRUMP and was released right after Trump became the President elect. Coincidence? Never. And this episode was made months before its release. So what does that tell us? The ones behind the show, at the top, KNEW Trump was going to be the President Elect. Trump (Deceived) Eye. He IS a deceiver. Just like Hillary. Both Mason’s. Both part of the Club. Both handpicked for their roles.


Now in WestWorld we see one who gets deceived- Theresa Cullen. The joke is on her. Cullen is culled. We will discuss further what happened to her as we go through the episode. Just know the point being, everyone is expendable when it comes to Lucifer, even Trump, even Hillary, even Theresa, even Charlotte.


We visit the book Alice in Wonderland again. Remember Dolores is Alice. Notice the similarity. The hair. The blue dress.


Lowe reads to his son, “The Mad Hatter says, If I had a world of my own everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is. Because everything would be what it isn’t!”

This truly is Hatter’s world isn’t it? Where everything nowadays is getting flipped on its head.


I saw Bono yesterday accepting an award for Glamour Women of the Year. What does that tell you? When men are considered women and women men. How more, “everything would be what it isn’t” can you get than that?


We switch to the scene with William and Dolores riding the train to the outer lands. Notice the skulls impaled on spikes…


just like the notorious vampire Vlad the Impaler, Prince Charles’ relation, did.


Their camouflaged building inside the mountain. Where else are they doing this? Many quarry sites ARE where thy dug into mountains and plateaus to watch US from- in secret.


Places like Mount Weather….


“This place. The people who work here are nothing. Our interest is entirely in the Intellectual Property- the CODE.”


“I don’t give a rat’s ass about the Hosts. It’s our little research project that Delos cares about. That’s where the real value is,” says Charlotte.

Because what is the CODE? Like I say, the truth is in the CODE. The CODE is the key to this world.


Maeve is so awake now it’s scary. Nothing is hidden from her. When the other Hosts freeze it has no affect on her. And we know that FORD and the employees are not on to Maeve because they take Clementine NOT her. Maeve would be the big threat wouldn’t she? So if they don’t know about her, who really is the Adversary?


And who is really in control of Charlotte Hale from the Board? We see Ford’s reflection in the glass letting us know.


A big show, that Teresa thinks SHE is putting on….


Using poor Clementine….oh my darling, oh my darling, oh my darling Clementine, she is gone and lost forever, dreadful sorry Clementine….


Notice the “spider” web in the glass directly on Charlotte. Charlotte’s web….


And the real puppet master, lurking in the shadow….Ford.

” I will let you get a handle on this situation. But the GODS they require a BLOOD sacrifice,” exclaims Charlotte.


Notice the GODS actually require TWO blood sacrifices. One blood splatter is next to Theresa and one is next to Charlotte. Foreshadowing more to come…

And what is THE BOARD? There IS a board in the New World Order. Charlotte calls them GODS. This Board is above the Mason’s, above the Rosicrucian’s. It is the Council of 13. The 13 bloodline families who control everything behind the scenes. And we know for ones that want to get ahead must sell their souls, to this Board basically. And we know that they require blood sacrifices. We see this done in Hollywood every day. The percentage of family members coming to untimely deaths of Hollywood celebrities compared to the general public is astronomical. They ALL have to make a blood sacrifice.


Theresa trusts Bernard. She takes an elevator ride with him. The elevator is a symbol of the ride to Hell. Prince was afraid of elevators. And then he died in one. Teresa shouldn’t have taken this ride.


“All my life I prided myself on being a survivor. But surviving is just another loop,” says Maeve.

Remember Ford discussing Dolores’ loop? The last thing our Controllers want is for us to break out of OUR little loops.

“I’m getting out of here,” she tells them.


“At first I thought you and the others were GODS. And then I realized you were just MEN. And I knew MEN.”

And now that she has the perception upgrade, she is truly an Adversary.


“The longer I work here the more I understand the Hosts. It’s the Human Beings that confuse me,” says Bernard. Which is quite ironic isn’t it? Since Bernard IS a Host.


“What is it Bernard?” asks Theresa.


“It doesn’t look like anything to me.”

Eek! Those magical little words.


“They cannot see the things that will happen. I’ve spared them that.” How kind of Ford.


“You’re a fucking monster. Do you really think the Board will stand for this?” exclaims Theresa.


Ford chuckles. “I think they enjoy the SPORT of it. This time they sent YOU. Sadly, to restore things, the situation requires a BLOOD SACRIFICE.”



When Ford mentions SPORT I can’t help to think of The Most Dangerous Game. Where men hunt men for sport. This is just another variation on their “game”. They even did a spoof of it on The Simpson’s.


“For in that sleep of death, what dreams may come,” says Ford.

A quote from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Where Hamlet is reflecting on life after death, as in the afterlife. He says, “To sleep, perchance to dream. Ay. There’s the rub. For in that sleep of death what dreams may come.”

Theresa gets the sleep of death… from Bernard… that trusted companion of Ford….like a Saint Bernard dog.


So WAS Theresa the Adversary? I think not….


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20 responses on “WestWorld Decoded S1 E7 (Trompe L’Oiel)

  1. lidy

    Goodmorning Rosette,
    although I don’t know this program Westworld, your decoding is very interesting for me.

    Now I have a question: Maybe you remember the murder of Theo van Gogh in the Netherlands? Even Bush talked about it and used it in his ‘war against terror.’

    There was this commemoration the other day, 2-11-2016, and there was this picture placed with a story. Now since I’m trying to figure out some things about this symbolism and these numbers in the stories that are presented to us, here in the Netherlands, I’m more observant. Now that you mention the number 22 I remembered that this number comes back in this story and in the picture.

    I’ll send you the picture by mail. I would be very happy if you could tell me what you think of that picture and what the meaning could be of the number 22 in this story.

    I’m especially interested in the man in black who is standing right under the number 22. I have this feeling that it is not coincidental.

  2. lidy

    You make me think a lot Rosette.

    What amazes me the most is that these people, these deceivers, are so obsessed by Codes.
    You write:
    “Because what is the CODE? Like I say, the truth is in the CODE. The CODE is the key to this world.”

    As far as I can see they didn’t crack the code yet.

    I don’t think these deceivers are capable of cracking the code, or creating life, nor are they capable of enjoying life. Their creations are so ugly. These people really live on a very low level. The only thing they are capable of is ugliness, destruction and rules. I suppose one needs rules to rule the world. The world of their rules. And that is an artificial world. That’s why I like to go and walk around in the woods and along the see and talk to people that I meet on my way. To keep in touch with the real thing.

  3. Itchy Lizardflanks

    Hi again, Rosette!

    I’m enjoying watching each epsiode of WestWorld as it emerges from Central Command and then reading your insightful analysis. This show feels like a big deal, like there’s some major Revelation of the Method under way. (Revelation of the Method = ROTM = Rot ‘Em.) Good catch on “Trompe” and “Trump.”

    Reading your decoding of this latest episode — with blood sacrifice coming to the fore — I couldn’t help but think of “The Cabin in the Woods.” Have you seen it? It was written by Joss Whedon, the creative mind behind “Firefly” and “Dollhouse,” two canceled TV shows that heavily featured mind control. In one episode of “Dollhouse” for no apparent reason the camera zooms in on the Ram Trucks logo so that it fills the screen. The Ram’s head clearly contains a goat’s head: Baphomet.

    Anyway, if you haven’t seen “Cabin,” you might enjoy it. Maybe you’d consider it for an article one of these days. That would be a fun read.

    Ciao for now.


    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Thanks Itchy. I’m glad you are enjoying the WestWorld decodes. Revelations in real time with that show. Only two more episodes this season. Should be interesting! Working on Episode 8 as we speak.
      I did watch The Cabin in the Woods. It was some time ago though. Would have to do a re-watch. Yeah if I recall correctly had stuff with a fence and underground story line. We’ll see.
      Take care.

  4. Luke Aspen

    Here’s what I wanted to share about the ’73 film WestWorld:
    The movie was produced by MGM studio heads Marcus Lowe, Louis B. Mayer & Sam Goldwyn. And they ALL were Masons. They were looking for the perfect actor to play the robot gunslinger. So they offered it to their good friend & fellow Mason, Yul Brynner. Who was really born under the name Yully Borisovich. He loved stretching the truth by claiming he was “Tadje Khan” of part-Mongol parentage.
    On occasion he would also refer to himself as Julius Briner, Jules Briner or Youl Bryner. The ’89 biography by his son Rock Brynner clarifies many of the lies Yul would tell. As he fell into acting his most famous role was on the NY stage playing King Mongkut in The King and I. He initiated that role in 1951 & continued to play it off & on all the way thru the 80’s. He received 2 Tonys, 1 for his acting & the other for having performed the role 4,625 times on stage. He later did the 1956 film version & won the Oscar.
    In 1951 he shaved his head for the role giving him an exotic look which he never wanted to give up. So he remained bald for the rest of his life. Though that became a problem later when he wanted to do other movie roles requiring his character to have a full head of hair. He refused to wear a wig. He got around that in WestWorld by wearing the cowboy hat.
    He was so enmeshed in his Freemasonry, which led him to becoming a member of Bohemian Grove. There he met another famous Mason, Orson Welles. They did the movie The Battle of Neretva together. Brynner later also met another famous fellow Mason & Bohemian Grove member, Charlton Heston! (You were so right about him!). Together they were chosen by Cecil B. DeMille, yet another Mason, to do the film The Ten Commandments. Heston was promoted to the Masonic level of “Sovereign Grand Master” due to his ties with DeMille. In the movie, the Pharaoh, played by Yul Brynner, during the Red Sea crossing was NOT Ramses II. That was 200 years too late. (Google): So if truth be told, Brynner would have been Hatshepsut, a FEMALE Pharaoh, who actually dressed as a man. Who was led by or related to the Hykos who were Amalekite/Edomite.
    Brynner actually loved playing the female role & was cast in full female drag in the ’69 film The Magic Christian, starring Ringo Starr & Peter Sellers. That movie was written by Terry Southern, who later hooked up with Stanley Kubrick & wrote the screenplay for Dr. Strangelove. Also starring Peter Sellers. He too was a Mason.
    Sellers & Brynner became extremely close friends. Sharing some truly sick debauchery. They knew each other’s sexual secrets. Brynner was married to 4 different women but he also kept a male lover on the side. Hurd Hatfield, who was an actor, most noted for his role in The Picture of Dorian Gray.
    He kept Brynner busy playing the role of his female lover. So Hatfield, Brynner & Sellers were all part of an underground porno film club in LA. They were also involved with so many others in Laurel Canyon. Orson Welles lived there. With the porno club they would film their own sex tapes & then exchange them with other famous names in Hollywood. Treated much like a lending library.
    When the LAPD raided Roman Polanski’s closet they found many of those tapes. The LAPD, being rather corrupt, blackmailed for serious $$$ all of those they found on tape.
    Including not only Brynner & Sellers, but Brian Wilson, Warren Beatty & Jack Nicholson.
    In 1976 Brynner was offered the lead role in Logan’s Run. It depicts a dystopian future in which both population & the consumption of resources must be maintained equally by requiring the death of everyone reaching the age of 21. The euthanasia in the film actually refers to a kind of Cremation of Care ala Bohemian Grove.
    Brynner turned down the role which went to Michael York. He had just become well known for the ’72 film Cabaret with Liza Minelli. And she, much like her Mother, is one of the biggest Monarchs on the planet. She was married 4 times & had ongoing affairs with Peter Sellers, Rock Brynner, Desi Arnaz Jr., AND Martin Scorsese. Today she’s 70 & still suffers with MK dpression. And was she the one to have David Gest sacrificed??
    She also connects to so many celebs, even RuPaul, (I’m still to finish that long conx soon).
    So most interesting thing about Yul Brynner & Orson Welles, they both died on the very same day, Oct. 10, 1985. They both were noted for having played famous kings. Brynner as the King of Siam & Welles as King Lear.
    I found this remark, Twin Tricks: Regicide =The Killing of Divine Kings/The Name of a Masonic Ritual. So were they both killed as a sacrifice?? What is weird is the day before Welles died he appeared on the Merv Griifin show. He even performed a magic trick for the audience. And remember Griifin also attended Bohemian Grove.
    Also the guy who discovered Welles’ dead body the next morning in Welles’ home was the same actor who discovers Welles’ dead body in the film Citizen Kane. While Brynner died in a hospital to which the family refused to give details.
    So what is your take??
    In the early 80’s I did see Yul Brynner in Wash, DC in his very last revival of The King & I. It was so tired. He had milked every last bit of energy from the role & was just going thru the paces. Could have just as well phoned it in.

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Amazing research as always Luke! Your research CLEARLY shows the Masonic connections with the acting industry, MK Ultra mind control, Satanic rituals pornography, pedophilia, etc. The more I learn about these people through you, the more they absolutely disgust me! Yul Brynner bleh! The Killing of the King ritual- so spot on- where you found the Twin Tricks and tied it in to Welles and Brynner. Remember that John Adams and Thomas Jefferson did the SAME ritual. On July 4, 1826, at the age of 90, Adams lay on his deathbed while the country celebrated Independence Day. His last words were Thomas Jefferson still survives. He was mistaken: Jefferson had died five hours earlier at Monticello at the age of 82. There was another connection with a bald man I wanted to make but it just slipped my mind. When it comes back to me I’ll post.

      If you don’t mind I’d like to share this on my Facebook too? People would be very interested in your connections. Look me up if you ever go on there look. Would love to have you as a friend on there.

      1. Itchy Lizardflanks

        Luke & Rosette,

        Two of the twentieth century’s most influential intellectuals C.S. Lewis & Aldous Huxley both died on 11/22/63, the same die as the Killing of the King rite in Dealey Plaza (which just might’ve been a hoax).

        A researcher named Miles Mathis has been churning out some of the more thought-provoking articles of late, including one on Lewis and one on Kennedy: &

        Basically, Miles Mathis does photo analysis and exhaustive genealogy to conclude (a) that many, if not most, of the sensational trials, murders and assassinations in American history (including Salem, Lizzie Borden and Abe Lincoln) are fakes that were scripted by intel and sold as real by the media; (b) that all the major players in these productions, as well as anyone who’s anyone in public life, are related to each other — what Jim Morrison, the admiral’s son, called the “Giant Family” (Miles’s research actually leads him to believe that Jim Morrison and Val Kilmer, who played The Doors’ frontman in the Oliver Stone movie, are related).

        For one quick example, Aldous “Brave New World” Huxley was the grandson of Thomas Huxley, who was known as “Darwin’s Bulldog” for his aggressive promotion of the theory of evolution, which most people today accept as scientific fact.

        Just like they do the ball Earth — spinning, tilting, wobbling and hurtling through endless space.

        Is anything we’re taught really real? Or are we sleepwalkers who only think we’re awake? I vote for the latter.

        1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

          “The Giant Family” Amazing he actually said that! And Val does look like a relation to Jim for sure. Same genetic makeup. All in the Family- the Giant Family. Kate Mara’s family owns both the New York Giants (Nephilim home base in the US) and the PITtsburgh Steelers.

          And I agree that the hoax could have been playing out that far back. Look at the Boston Bombing, there were pictures of someone that looked an awful lot like Stephen Spielberg on set. I would say that one was his production.

          And Abe Lincoln was killed in a THEATER. And lest we not forget, the connections between Kennedy and Lincoln cannot be by random chance. They had to MAKE the two life stories connect.
          Here’s the list:
          Both presidents were elected to the House of Representatives in ’46.
          Both were losing candidates for their party’s vice-presidential nomination in ’56.
          Both presidents were elected to the presidency in ’60, after a series of debates with their opponent.
          Lincoln defeated incumbent Vice President John C. Breckenridge for the presidency in 1860; Kennedy defeated incumbent Vice President Richard M. Nixon for the presidency in 1960.
          Both their predecessors were the last presidents to be born in their respective centuries.
          Both their predecessors left office in their seventies and retired to Pennsylvania. James Buchanan, whom Lincoln succeeded, retired to Lancaster Township; Dwight D. Eisenhower, whom Kennedy succeeded, retired to Gettysburg. They both then died before the end of the decade.
          Both their Vice Presidents and successors were Southern Democrats named Johnson (Andrew Johnson and Lyndon B. Johnson) who were born in ’08.
          Both presidents were concerned with the problems of black Americans and made their views strongly known in ’63. Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1862, which took effect in 1863. In 1963, Kennedy presented his reports to Congress on Civil Rights, and in June of that year delivered his Civil Rights Address on radio and television in which he proposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
          Both presidents, and their successors, conferred with a nationally known black leader about civil rights. Both Lincoln and Andrew Johnson conferred with Frederick Douglass. Both Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson conferred with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr..
          Both presidents were known for their wit and eloquence, and both frequently quoted Shakespeare and the Bible in their speeches.
          Both presidents had been captains of ships in their private lives: Lincoln on a river boat, and Kennedy on PT-109.
          Each president suffered from a genetic disease. Lincoln had Marfan’s syndrome. Kennedy had Addison’s disease.
          Both presidents were shot in the head on a Friday seated beside their wives. Both Fridays preceded a major holiday observed within the week.
          Both presidents were accompanied by another couple.
          The male companion of the other couple was wounded by the assassin.
          Both presidents fathered four children, and had a son die during his presidency.
          Both presidents had only one child survive into the next century. That child served another president by political appointment.
          Both presidents’ wives died in their sixties after an untimely decline in health, during the administration of a president who had seen their husbands in Washington, D.C. the same year as the assassination.
          Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth at Ford’s Theatre; Kennedy was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald in a Lincoln automobile, made by Ford.
          Both presidents’ last names have 7 letters.
          Both assassins’ full names have 15 letters.
          Each assassin committed his crime in the building where he was employed.
          Both presidents were purportedly smiling immediately before the assassination began.
          After shooting Lincoln, Booth ran from a theatre to a warehouse; after shooting Kennedy, Oswald ran from a warehouse to a theatre.
          Both assassins died in the same month as their victim in a state adjacent to the state of their birth.
          Both assassins were Southern white males born in the late ’30s, who were in their mid-20s.
          Both assassins were sympathetic to a government that opposed the United States, and both had once resided within that government’s borders.
          Both assassins were killed before being tried, by men who were reared in the North, changed their name as adults, and were bachelors.
          Both assassins suffered injuries during escape.
          Both assassins fled using modes of transportation they did not own. Booth rented a horse, Oswald rode a bus.
          Both had body guards named William, William H. Crook told Lincoln not to go to the assassination point, William Greer drove JFK to the assassination point.
          Both body guards named William died within 48 hours of being aged 75 years, 5 months.
          Presidential security was heavily criticized, after each assassination, for being too lax.
          Lincoln sat in box number 7 at Ford’s Theater; Kennedy sat in car number 7 in the motorcade.
          The doctors who primarily attended to each president were both named Charles. Dr. Charles Leale treated Lincoln. Dr. Charles Crenshaw treated Kennedy.
          Each president died in a place with the initials “P.H.” Lincoln died at the Petersen House and Kennedy died at Parkland Hospital.

          And also related to Kennedy as you have mentioned Itchy, great catch on the Killing of the King on 11/22 along with Lewis and Huxley, the two “Kings” of literature at the time.

          Great input Itchy, will definitely have to check out Miles’ work.

          1. Luke Aspen

            Itchy & Rosette,
            Wow! I will check out Miles Mathis. Such a Great Find on Lewis & Huxley!! Thanks Itchy!
            And Rosette, what you wrote, now has me Blown Away!! How in the world did you ever amass such intricate detail?? I’m going to go thru that piece by piece again to digest it all!!

          2. Rosette Delacroix Post author

            Luke I remember hearing about the connections awhile back and just did a Wiki on it and found they had a compiled list! Ha! I wish I could take credit for that! But isn’t it amazing? That shows us that this is all staged, all planned out. All the World is a Stage and we are merely Players is the literal truth.

          3. Itchy Lizardflanks


            The Doors were named, according to Jim Morrison, after Aldous Huxley’s book about his experiences with hallucinogens, “The Doors of Perception.” Just before Jim left for Paris he recorded himself reciting his poetry. Years after his alleged death the remaining members of the band put this recording to music. It was released as an album called “An American Prayer.” These are the concluding lines:

            No more money, no more fancy dress
            This other Kingdom seems by far the best
            Until its other jaw reveals incest
            & loose obedience to a vegetable law

            I will not go
            Prefer a Feast of Friends
            To the Giant Family

            I guess that makes us the Feast of Friends. Is the Giant Family/Occult Elite literally feasting on us? In this article you mention Mount Weather. A gentleman by the name of Richard Sauder has written a couple of books about the alleged DUMBs (deep underground/underwater military bases). Given what we’ve seen with WestWorld, much of which seems to (a) be subterranean and (b) extend for miles, you might be interested to read Dr, Sauder’s latest post at his blog Actually make that his last two posts, the less recent one of which mentions WestWorld specifically. (A quick note of explanation: As an antinuclear activist imprisoned several times in what he calls the USSA Dr, Sauder eventually sought politcal asylum in Ecuador.)

            Merry Mithras!!

    2. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      One of my Facebook friends, Jill Jordan, posted a pic of Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson and TRUMP hanging out and was wondering if the LAPD found a sex tape of Trump as well! I would say HIGHLY POSSIBLE!

    3. Old Hollywood Fan

      Wow Luke! That was quite an eye opener!

      I did read that Yul Brynner and Hurd Hatfield had some sort of affair from The Grand Surprise book, but it didn’t go into detail about it. I had no idea that Hatfield played as Brynner’s girlfriend at one point.

      Wow, now I’m really curious on where you read in detail about their relationship. I really want to read the whole spew too!

      Also, is there anyway to watch those dirty vids they made? LOL! That is, if they haven’t been destroyed yet.

      1. luke aspen

        Hey Old Hollywood Fan!
        You’re referring to Leo Lerman’s book The Grand Surprise. I couldn’t help but notice that on the book’s cover Lerman is wearing a very overly wide necktie with polka dots! And he was gay himself. Did you read my article on Connecting the Dots? That starts out with the stars of Old Hollywood & their dark past.
        I found out about Brynner & Hatfield through my good friend Carlos. He worked as a Hollywood casting agent for over 30 years. He’s now retired from the business & living in Mexico (He says Hola to you Rosette!) and he filled me in on the stuff about B. and H. They were into very sordid stuff for sure! I prefer not to say more here since Rosette has quite a respectable blog! But I’m sure you can only imagine.
        I can tell you though when the LAPD raided Roman Polanski’s closet & found those sex tapes with Brynner & others, just how did they get that tip to make the raid? That came from Ken Osmond. He played the character Eddie Haskell in the 60’s tv series Leave It to Beaver. Much later in the late 80’s he became a porn star & made his rounds in Hollywood. Then after that, an LAPD cop. And a very corrupt cop at that! So he was even one of the cops to make the raid on Polanski’s home & making off with the sex tapes. I believe Ken Osmond is still alive, and if so, just might have access to the said tapes?!

  5. Luke Aspen

    Hey Rosette,
    So, you too, can now see just EXACTLY what I see! By that I mean just how many famous celebs are total deviants! Yes, how they do disgust me I can’t say. And how they are still adored by so many CLUELESS people just wanting to emulate them!
    I forgot about the Adams-Jefferson connection, yes, thanks! That’s important! And I hope you will post the thing about the bald man too!
    You can also post anything of mine you want on FB, it just might help more people become more aware! Snowden has always said if you can stay off FB. As I said before, I got off there 3 yrs. ago & occasionally look things up there. It can be sooo addictive being on it that’s for sure.
    And I can’t believe your friend Jill mentioned Beatty, Nicholson & Trump! I have more stuff coming soon about ALL three! You will not believe what I dug up!!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      I appreciate you letting me share Luke. I let everyone know it is from you. And that you post on here. So if they have specific questions they can always ask you on here and you can interact with them as well. Yes Facebook is addictive! But the lovely like kind people make worth the infringement and lurking by them. Can’t wait to hear more from you my friend. So glad to have you here. Take care ~Rosette

  6. Luke Aspen

    Also wanted to add that yes, Most Highly Possible, the Donald is on some sex tape too!!
    Remember earlier, I started out researching the Trump-Cosby-Hefner connection but got side-tracked when I read what your friend Lola wrote about the Galli. So that put me on the search with RuPaul. And I will finish that one soon. More brain-blowers! Then the T-C-H conx has Donald raping a 13 yr. old girl AND Beatty & Nicholson & others all at the PlayBoy Mansion. Plus I have the Hillary Healthcare stuff, more things she’s hiding. She just announced today she wants to run AGAIN in 2020! I doubt her physical body will even last another year!

  7. Downtown Julie Brown

    Hello Rosette,
    Bono as a woman while Chasity Bono becomes a man! Complete reverse!
    Also I found an anagram for TRACE DECAYS = DATA SECRECY
    So do anagrams have to have the exact number of letters?
    I just happen to find this one where all letters match up, my first anagram!

    1. Rosette Delacroix Post author

      Nice connection Julie! Yes Bono and Bono ha! Bono~ Boon. Boon- 2. (archaic) a favour; request: he asked a boon of the king. C12: from Old Norse bōn request; related to Old English bēn prayer.
      So a PRAYER. Just like a prayer, let me take you there- Madonna.
      Bono and Chasity Bono are prayers to Lucifer. Odes to him. Changlings. Baphomets to emulate.
      Data Secrecy- yes! good one too! Definitely what they are doing right? Keep all the true knowledge of our world from us.
      No anagrams don’t have to have the exact number of letters. But when they do- a perfect anagram- then we know for sure the hidden meaning is tied to the word. Don’t forget too that vowels are interchangeable. In the old Hebrew they didn’t use vowels. They were added later. So the consonants are what are the most important.
      Also when you are looking for hidden meaning LISTEN to the word. Sometimes the meaning is hidden in the sound- in the phonetics. Those pesky PHOENICIANS made PHONETICS. Like PHOENICIAN we know PH can sound like V like in Stephen sounding like Steven. So Phoenician is Voenician or Venician or Venusian. They are Venus worshippers. Venice is Venus. you see?
      Here is one I figured out last night. Trump’s slogan is Enough is Enough. Now sound it out, eee nuff eee nuff right? so now write that backwards… ffun eee…. funny!!!! THEY are MOCKING us with the slogan Enough is Enough! They are telling us it is very FUNNY.

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