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WestWorld Decoded S1 E6 (The Adversary)

So in this episode the main character featured is Maeve. Maeve is MA EVE- Mother Eve, so connected to Dolores as well, Dolores being the “first woman in the park”. Being the first woman would make Dolores Eve, but Maeve clearly has mothering instincts. She dreams about her “daughter”.


Now Maeve is clearly awakened to how the Reincarnation Cycle works. She has a “customer” kill her so she can get right back to the “butchers” to figure out more of what is going on.


In the mean time, Bernard is also trying to figure out what is going on, but with the stray Hosts. He goes downstairs to use the original computer to get info on the original Hosts.

The first thing we see is the original Man in Black from the 1973 movie, played by Yul Brynner, lurking in the shadows. Will he be the “worthy adversary” the current Man in Black (Ed Harris) is waiting for? What irony. If we have two Men in Black as opponents! So one possible ADVERSARY.


Now what’s also Interesting is that in Stephen King’s Dark Tower series there was a Man in Black also. The Man in Black is the nemesis of The Gunslinger. And we have a western theme as well. The Gunslinger is on the quest to find the Dark Tower. Is there a “dark tower” in the center of WestWorld’s maze? The dark tower reminds me of Mount Meru. And Mount Meru reminds me of the Tree of Life. Now Stephen King called his Dark Tower series his magnum opus. Magnum Opus means “great work”, which is the work of the Mason’s to bring in the New World Order. King based his book The Stand on J RR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, it seems Nolan is basing his work on this series in part on King’s opus.


Notice the Tower… and the Crow… did it fly there from Pariah?


Notice the RED Roses. Red Roses are symbolic of Christ.


The Gunslinger with the RED Roses again. Traveling towards the center of the Maze. And this tower looks eerily similar….


to this tower…. which is in a totally different series. This tower is in the series called…


The 100… which has a female heroine… called Clark (Clark Kent-Superman)…. which would be the Dolores of The 100 Series. So what are the chances that our “gunslinger” Teddy and our Man in Black, will end up at a tower in the center of the Maze?


“Look at that. Science,” remarks Bernard, in his quest to figure out the mystery. Science- the religion of the left. Of the left hand pathers- of the Mason’s.


Now why would they make a point of showing the maze and four black domino’s or rectangles? The rectangles remind me of the black monolith’s that we have seen in so many movies.


Like here in The Giver… notice it is on a round flat map. Very similar to the Park of WestWorld….


And on the border of it? Those black dominoes… black monoliths….


Just like good ol’ Stanley put in his movie 2001 A Space Odyssey…


Which is eerily similar to the Kaaba Stone in Mecca… even using the same coloring as Stanley’s movie…


Which is similar to the NOAA building in Antarctica where the outer wall (ring) of our plane would be located….


Which has the same coloring as on The Truman Show where True Man is the Christ character, putting his arms out in the sign of the cross with the ‘door’ or black monolith behind him.


And back to Ford we see a tree on his desk. Is this the “dark tower”, the Tree of Life under our dome? Was that what it looked like before the huge excavating machines were put into play at the park?


Why does that look like a “tower” to me? A tower with an antenna…. in the center….


“Not much to say. The maze was an old native myth. The maze itself is the sum of a man’s life. The choices he makes, the dreams he hangs onto, and there in the center is a legendary man killed over and over again- countless times. Who always clawed his way back to life. In return for the last time vanquished all of his oppressors and retired with fury. Built a house and made a maze so complicated only he could get through it,” says Teddy.

Teddy would be… The Gunslinger


If we go back to Maeve we see she is learning much more about who she is.

“I was born. You were made,” says Lutz.


He continues, “We are the same. One big difference though. The processor in here is way more powerful then we have. There is one drawback though.”

“What’s that?” questions Maeve.


He replies, “You are under our control. Their control. They can make you forget. I don’t understand, How you awakened your self up when everything in your head they put in there.”

Like US. Under THEIR control. Under Amnesia until we wake up.

“Bullshit,” she says.


She has Lutz give her a tour. So she can see it all.


Understand it all.


Before they are to go back down Maeve sees the TV screen. It says, “Discover your TRUE calling.” And that is exactly what she IS discovering.


And shows her with her daughter.


“How do you have my dreams?” asks Maeve.

“The little girl? That wasn’t a dream. That was a previous build,” Lutz replies. Build equals “Life”.


Back at the Operations Center. Sizemore says, “Your favorite narrative. The Final Burial of Salvation.” This is the burial of Christ.


He was buried for three days and went down to Hell. And was resurrected on the third day. Will WE see this narrative playing out? Teddy would be the one to die then. Rise again and get HIS justice.


Bernard investigates the anomalies at the outer ring of the park.


He discovers five First Generations. And he discovers he cannot control them by voice command.


But Ford can and does just in time before one hurts Lowe.


“Turn the other cheek,” says Ford. And the boys face opens up.


The boy is made in Ford’s image of when he was a young boy.


Back to Teddy tied up to a wagon wheel. They want to BRAND him.


With the Mark of Cain? Is the Maze the Mark? Well we know from the O’odham people that the Man in the Maze is the mischievous creator god-Lucifer, so to be branded with this mark would be with HIS mark wouldn’t it?


“You think you know someone,” says The Man in Black.

“You don’t know me at all,” replies Teddy.


Notice the room that Elsie discovers. It looks like a stage with a ritual bed on it.


And right behind her… a Satanic looking character with horns… a Baphomet.


Maeve tells the butchers to “Bulk up Perception- all the way to the top.”


“You boys, we’re going to have some fun with,” she says. THE ADVERSARY as well…



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  1. Noel

    Thank you again Rossette,

    Did u notice that when Maeve has her “bulk perception” setting improved, the camera focuses on her spine? Do you think that this is speaking to chakras and (or) kundalini?


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