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WestWorld Decoded S1 E3 (The Stray)

So I noticed a few things in this episode I would like to share.

It starts out with Lowe having Dolores read a passage from Alice in Wonderland.


She reads, “Dear, dear! How queer everything is to-day! And yesterday things went on just as usual. I wonder if I’ve been changed in the night? Let me think: was I the same when I got up this morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different. But if I’m not the same, the next question is, Who in the world am I?”


Because a metamorphosis IS going on within Dolores. She has WOKEN UP. Like so many of us. Notice that Alice in Wonderland could be Dolores in Wonderland. Dolores in WestWorld. Both are fantasy worlds in which a young female has to struggle through.

Alice changes. Dolores changes.

Lowe- “I guess people like to read things that they want the most but experience the least.”

Lowe WANTS to see a metamorphosis of his creation. His Dolores.

He is the one that likes to read things that he wants the most but experiences the least.


She finds the gun that she was led to by the voice and had tucked away in a drawer.


She is concerned and looks at herself in the mirror. Notice that the mirror is a REFLECTION of her, so her RIGHT eye is STILL lit.


Confirmation when they pan back to her. She contemplates what the gun means to her.


Meanwhile a “white hat” Will kills a man to defend another. So we have Will “new with a gun” just like Dolores.


Logan- “Holy shit! You popped your cherry!”

Meaning Will had his first kill. While Logan popped his cherry in the traditional meaning.


He thought he couldn’t get hurt. But he could.


Notice how they have the Hosts naked when they work on them. Ford tells us they don’t feel hot or cold, they don’t have any emotions unless they give them emotions and they don’t feel pain. Innocent- like in the Garden.


But there IS an awareness going on because Lowe talks to Dolores clothed. Now that she has “woken up” and is remembering.

It’s similar to Eve eating from the Garden, from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Eve “wakes up” to her nakedness. In the same way Dolores “wakes up” to Good and Evil.

Now remember that Dolores was the FIRST HOST in the Park. That Dolores IS Eve.

Dolores is Alice.

Dolores is Eve.


“Some day I’ll take you.”

“I have some RECKONING I have to do before I deserve a woman like you.”


Reckoning- Jesus’ day of Final Judgement. Notice the good go to the right and the bad to the left.

Ford thinks he programmed in Teddy’s “Reckoning” story but I assure you that in the end the surprise will be on Ford.


Ford- “No you never will. Your job is to keep her here. Has it ever occurred to you to run off with her?”

Teddy’s right eye is lit. He has.


Ford- “Fiction, like all great stories, rooted in truth.”


Notice Ford’s LEFT eye is lit.


Teddy- “I’m going to come back for you someday soon.”


Notice the Sun directly over the “plateau”. Remember they show everything on purpose. They show us this plateau with the sun directly over head because it represents the mountain in the center, Mount Meru, The Tree of Life, cut.


They show Orion and the Bear. The Hebrew word for Orion is “Keseel” which means “Fool”. The Fool in the Tarot Deck is symbolic of Christ.


Then we have the Bear. The Bear is representative of the constellation which has Polaris (Polar Bear) in it. This constellation is also known as Arthur. Arthur and Polar Bear are also symbolic of Christ. (Watch my King Arthur Decoded vid for more on this.)


Teddy- “They don’t fear death. They RECKON they already died and gone to hell. And this is it.” Because
“Demons” are disembodied spirits of the Nephilim who can’t die. And for them this IS it.


Teddy- “Wyatt came back with strange ideas. He claimed this land didn’t belong to the old natives and didn’t belong to the new settlers but belonged to something that had yet to come. That it belonged to HIM.” Now the HIM they are referring to is not Wyatt, it’s LUCIFER.


Notice Ford’s pyramid. “Memory, Improvisation, Self Interest, …consciousness” Ford says the Hosts never realized the top of the pyramid, consciousness. He warns Lowe not to think they have. Like his old partner Arnold.


That they are really only like “cattle”. Mindless animals that can easily be led astray. Like this guy….


Dolores- “There aren’t two versions of me. There is only one and I think when I discover who I am I’ll be free.”

Lowe- “Evolution forged life on this planet with one tool- mistake. It appears you are in good company.”

Now again perpetuating the Theory of Evolution and that we are all here by mistake- Scientism. When in actuality we are very special. Made by God.


Dolores HAS changed. She can finally shoot. She can finally defend herself. She can finally see that there IS evil out there. (Good and Evil) She shoots with her RIGHT hand in self defense.


“Jesus I can’t believe I let you talk me into this shit.”

Thinking Teddy’s dead and needing help she goes to the one she resonates with, a fellow White Hat, Will.


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